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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2012 4:31pm-5:01pm EDT

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seeming to be the only ones to benefit. police crackdown on an anti-war rally in barcelona as major european central bank heads there to discuss the state of spain's spiraling dance. those are the top stories this hour up next the hidden purposes and secret strategies of the global u.s. military facilities and the risks for the countries hosting them that's in our special report. on. how they get the money to make them who's giving it to him or to protect us from. these are all questions somebody like obama should butt out. it just didn't happen the empire it was it was designed and those bases just came
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along like you know some terrible cancer. when you see how much money is at stake and in the operations that go on every day it's phenomenal the number of flights to take off from kadena air force base every single day involved just that one base in that one country on one day and have been fault thousands of gallons of jet fuel. repair and maintenance and parts for those aircraft the rationale for these bases is that they're continually practicing and training and using the equipment and running the personnel through their paces and and feeding them and and so on and that is an incredibly expensive operation this is what. president is in our it was warning against in his farewell address in
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one thousand nine hundred eighty one where he invented the phrase military industrial complex meaning hidden power power that was not really under the supervision of congress that. and that was often out of control represented private interests rather than the national interest i'm sorry to say that we in america did not pay attention to the warning he gave it gave to us and today it's close to out of control. the united states consumes one fourth of the world's oil every day more than any other country far more than any other country the u.s. department of defense alone consumes says much petroleum is sweden does on a daily basis that's a huge amount that it has to. be procured day in day out three hundred sixty five
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days a year to safeguard the oil the united states must have some capacity to protect it and in this country that job has been given to the military. and the military must have bases naval bases air force bases and army bases in the areas where the oil is located or along the supply routes. if you look at the map collectively there is an almost contiguous string. of u.s. military bases from poland to pakistan in this really strategic middle ground between the emerging economic competitors of the united states the european union on one hand and china and japan on the other the us has a formal policy of maintaining military dominance of the persian gulf
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area it's called a carta doctrine after president jimmy carter he said protection of the flow of persian gulf oil is of vital interests of the united states and to protect that flow will use any means necessary including military force to that end he said we will need military bases in the persian gulf area and he established military bases to support this policy of protecting the flow of persian gulf oil and then wars were fought as well in line with that policy and where are you on my pioneering a new front here of progress. serving the interest of the saudi arab. serving the interest of the united states. and demonstrating the high quality of the american system of free enterprise. system which from this new frontier
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is romping into the brain of the world oil. one of the material that is making the truly great contribution to our modern civilization. and. one of the reasons the reason for the primary one for the invasion of iraq is to ensure us control over the major energy resources of the world the embassy that's being built inside baghdad is a city like no other embassy in history or in the world they're not building the embassy. the city in the rank and the huge bases around with an intention to leave
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they're building them with an intention to maintain control. since two thousand and three the u.s. has built dozens of military bases in iraq in two thousand and eight the u.s. and iraqi governments signed an agreement that states that all foreign troops should leave the country by two thousand and eleven. the agreement also says that the u.s. will not seek permanent basis or a permanent military presence in iraq. obama secretary of defense robert gates though has stated that even after two thousand and eleven he expects to see several tens of thousands of american troops as part of a residual force in iraq hence many fear that iraq may be used as a launching pad for future wars in the region. that in fact bases created. response to an imminent threat have ended up becoming permanent jaeger garcia for example
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born in the context of the cold war is still operational and has played a crucial role in the iraq will be sede to. feasibility study you know the ins and outs say for the people to go if they are to return they are made the thing is americans are living they are paying to they have to follow they i and i and i you going ahead like the island. and i'm eric i know enjoying their life so they are why should we not have the right to go on now i don't and enjoy the same way they are doing. so by many as the navy's best kept secret because of its remote location diego garcia is actually home to about three thousand residents at any given time there's
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also a unique assortment of quality of life opportunities to take advantage of on diego garcia the island's athletic center is open round the clock with a wide range of workout equipment and a full sized gymnasium be sure to spend as much time as possible researching this informative website to help you prepare for what will certainly be a memorable assignment abroad. by hosting u.s. bases countries lose their software to in a number of ways you can do a very interesting kind of study in terms of the thickness of the sofa the status of forces agreement this is what's negotiated between the united states and so whole host nations and it determines. who can access the united states will have what kind of political powers what happens when u.s. soldiers. there's commit crimes in these countries and when you find is that the
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countries that have less power or leverage in relationship to united states have much thinner so for us in these cases these countries you'll find that when u.s. soldiers commit crimes they're not held accountable the not and they're not tried under the law of the host nation other not put into prisons in the host nation often they're just brought out of the country back into the united states were deployed to war zone because as they say boys will be boys nice guys been trained to to be more aggressive and so they were aggressive. if. you like your like shot up which steroids you know i mean you're working out every
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day and you've got guns you've got stuff man and so when you leave off the base man i mean you're feeling pretty good about yourself you know i mean you're feeling like you're a tough guy you could get anybody you know but so coming into town with that sort of attitude and getting kind of drunk and in some i'm looking at you the wrong way you know you did not you know when you know you were told your marine i mean they like that stuff the military likes that stuff they may say well we don't want our guys breaking local borders and causing problems for the local people. as does garbage i mean if that's the case then you don't let us off the base you let us off the base there's going to be issues. i heard on the news one day about
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a okinawan girl had been raped by united states military men and i was really upset over this because. i remember how we treat sort of treated d.-o. can only people when i was here as a set as an eighteen year old and eventually some of peace activists got in touch with me and they had a contact here in okinawa and when they found out that i had been stationed here they let the people here know that there was an exploration who was stationed here who's doing piecework now in america and so they invited me to come back to do so a week of lectures so that was one nine hundred ninety six and that's when i came back and as we moved around the island and i saw the bases was still here i i just couldn't believe it. it's almost like a cancer here for these people since the end of world war two these spaces have been here.
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this is something americans should know what happens when we open bases in other people's countries what kind of problems does it stop or does it cause more problems and i think it does i think people. i think people get really angry you know at the this idea that we are policing the world we have a right to put bases anywhere we want we don't have foreign bases in america we don't have any british base we don't have any korean base we don't have any french bases or you know we just all american bases in for us bases are fine or the noise is our noise it doesn't bother us at all because they're our bases but for other people it's a real problem. where they know me i don't know now this is a list of the crimes and accidents caused by the u.s.
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military in okinawa because it's the accidents are very frequent distributed along. these are just a few minutes and i just didn't have time to write the mode down. on a. little secret. here is a map of the base as you can see and it's right to the middle of the city. i
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. see this elementary school stands only three hundred yards away from the base. here we are inside the so-called clear zone where the planes take off and land this group opening for that's why the aircraft fly solo and even the helicopters little problem you guys sometimes they are so close we can see the pilots face.
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fighting the noise is terrible they fly old a lot like nonstop. some crying in the middle of the night. and some even stops coming to school. that. we're here to say they have a chance so won't accept any more military bases better and won't accept any more
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warm. sheens on it slams therefore we say no to all military facilities to get beyond it to those that come in arms we say. in two thousand and seven the us revealed its plans for a new military base and be chained. just a few miles away from the city's historical center. already hosts a u.s. military base. home to the southern european task force and one of ten major u.s. bases in italy area designated for the new base is the ex of indian put. the plans for the new base include forty eight buildings over twenty acres of land i couldn't give a damn about the chance of because it's been said you have four people. three of whom are over the age of ninety and the base is a nothing of a base it doesn't generate smoke noise there are no planes landing so anybody
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a complacent bitch from my point of view is a dirty commie ok but why because the italian government to reach and the authorities have decided yes and they want to make a noise even though these are entirely harmless people it's like having tourists they don't have tanks they don't have the helicopters they don't cry share a place on your head so it's purely ideological and negativism by a bunch of zero people who don't do anything in a worthless. in april two thousand and eleven he had his elected mayor of beach and so the promise of holding a referendum on the new base. it is said to be held on october fifth but just a few days before the italian supreme court blocks the referendum. despite
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the court's decision the citizens of the chance to decide to hold an autonomous referendum and on october fifth ninety five percent of the participants photo against in a place that. i mean yeah i don't want the americans in my town and this is a chance to say it out loud but it's been almost seventy years since the end of the war and we still have occupying troops in our city i despite the clear opposition of the people of the chance of though the italian government gives the us the green light to go ahead with a new base. it's not unusual for the normal democratic process to be subverted when it comes to military bases most bases are in fact covered by secret treaties between the us and host nations in italy's case this is the one nine hundred fifty four us it's the bilateral agreement never made public nor ratified by the italian
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parliament. i i think another truck is arriving let's try to stay together i know that. i. think it was i. don't know that i. open the gate moved you're breaking the special law on us. basis.
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but if you're not going to do it i don't. want to knock you out of any walk i don't do you know why we struggle like this treasure have over the economy you understand how we feel free we are because the originator of the cure we're not even if the american and japanese governments have believed us for years for addiction to have we ever killed an american i haven't i would rather go. with your various girls have been raped of other planes and helicopters have repeatedly crashed. on this is what these bases have brought us they have oppressed us for sixty two better years son of pride that they will never grow up and we realize you're only doing your job well i don't know but ours is a historical today. we will pass this legacy on to future generations. goodell metra school you're taught the declaration of independence and if you're paying attention on the day it is taught you'll be taught that it says that. the
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king george the third kept among us standing armies in times of peace that committed abuses and usurpations of missiles and i was a him make up that this was a reason to declare independence from britain even to a war i was. i was about his election was hailed by many. as the beginning of a political phase radically different from that of the bush administration and in many ways it has been. but the ever growing military budget the escalation of the war in afghanistan the uncertainty surrounding the fate of the us bases in iraq and
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the plans for new military bases in a number of countries show how hard it is for this or any other president to challenge those policies that benefit the military industrial complex and perpetuate us hegemony over the rest of the world. the us must now choose when it destine the country's dwindling resources to strengthen social and democratic institutions or will it continue to fuel this parasitical complex that by definition can only produce new weapons and new wars. you know at us about smile and over their prejudice get it i'm all. so not a chill i hope to get it back one day. in the net i do use the land to go lots of white radish take on what we don't want in us so that i could grow millions
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of them in that little space more knowledge i can let you work it out all good and i would then distribute them freely to the people of okinawa in the name of peace cannot touch your idea as you are. there there are many throughout iraq at their. own as we all stay united in the struggle more and i'm confident we can prevail. you know can i work together or if we don't speak out against the fast of our loans we will never be able to change the world. our data to what it will come of it you're here. with me to buy we have to keep our camp and. that's the only way we can prevail but they was the. biggest strength. heidi in our past as one of resistance if not terrorism.
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we're here to provide a safe and secure environment for everybody regardless of what if that group they are in to make sure that people have the freedom of movement that kids can go to school that people go to work and people can sleep safely and we would like to see kosovo develop and continue to grow and there will be a point where k. four is no longer needed and we look forward to that day. the questions any of thing else just get everything you needed.
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to the.
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wealthy british style. sometimes. markets finance scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds
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a report on our.
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marty house breaking news this hour two powerful deadly blasts hit one of the major cities in russia's north caucasus at least twelve people are thought to be dead and dozens of others are wounded. hillary clinton pitches for china's support on north korea and iran but the u.s. military is asia pacific the build up and support for chinese dissidents who leave beijing where. the cracks grow wider in egypt's troubled election violence the swells over a band of religious candidates with the ruling military seeming to be the only ones to benefit. police crackdown on then anton all stare at a rally in virus alona as major european central bank heads need there to discuss the state of spain's spiraling debts.


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