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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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today on our team once again good prevails over evil our wonderful boys in blue save the day by stopping a terror plot in its tracks but wait a minute here knights in shining armor don't have such a sterling reputation after all we'll tell you why. as the republican establishment circles its wagons around mitt romney the race isn't over yet ron paul is still racking up delegates and then as the r. and c. worried we'll tell you how this texas congressman is working the system in his favor and take teaching the g.o.p. a few lessons along the way. plus you know the old saying ignorance is bliss well apparently that the new policy for sex education for the department of health and human services coming up we'll uncover the truth about abstinence only education in the u.s. . it's
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thursday may third eight pm in washington d.c. i'm abby martin you're watching our t.v. . starting off this hour the f.b.i. is calling it a victory against homegrown terrorism five self described anarchists were arrested after allegedly plotting to blow up a bridge near cleveland the bombing of the post take place on occupy wall street huge mayday action but the good guys rush to the rescue stop the men in their tracks and save civilians from danger right it turns out the government agency was actually instrumental in helping the craven five planets terrorist bridge plot the entire event was provoked and orchestrated by agent provocateurs who supplied the motive and the means to carry out the plot now f.b.i. entrapment in terrorism cases is nothing new the agent currently has fifteen thousand undercover operatives in their ranks who get paid as much as one hundred thousand dollars per sign meant at least half of the latest five hundred
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prosecutions related to terrorism have involved f.b.i. entrapment so the question remains when the f.b.i. foils its own terrorist plots are they preventing terrorism or they just creating security theater to for further join me in this case i was joined by steven webster senior editor for raw story he explained whether or not these sting operations are even necessary are they necessary among quite sure but i think the f.b.i. would argue that they are. it is your right to say that this is a pattern in their history throughout their history they often gotten close to the bad guys and let them believe they were going teria and the terrorists want only to pull lives can write the last moment and reveal that their former to running the show. is it's tough to say it with a broad brush it's right or not some drugs are you'd imagine more severe than others as who are these occupiers. well it's really about his guesses as to whether
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they would have gone through with doing that they would have had the means to carry it out with effort without the f.b.i. involvement i mean you see that the f.b.i. supplied the transportation the bombs and pretty much everything else do you think that they would have had the means to do it and well it's really impossible to say but it is quite uncomfortable to know how close the f.b.i. was informed of these guys. one of them i believe was even employed at this person's roofing company for a while so you see there's a very cozy relationship with law enforcement and security curators who you know may or may not have the impetus to do this regardless of the appearance of be sort of sympathetic to occupiers blackwater which for occupiers is really like a cancer right. lot of people have said that the black bloc is the cancer of the movement. you know stephen i just want to ask you some would say that the
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recruitment methods that the f.b.i. provocateurs use against him would be terrorists is similar to a suicide bomber recruiters in the middle east i mean they prey upon the emotional need to range financially down and out people and convince them to conduct terror plots i mean is this moral. i don't know if you can say whether it's moral or there's a lot of one percent that is moral but many would say is necessary i don't think the f.b.i. is right one hundred percent this time i don't think they're wrong one hundred percent this time either and without seeing all the individual case the two it's really impossible to say this is a very great area was it wrong that. the white supremacist radio host that was arrested several years back how how something i don't recall his name at the moment he was one of the forms was it right the american government was the most
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vocal white supremacists in the country to draw these. i don't know what to what do you think about taxpayers funding this i mean here we are there's figures of one hundred thousand dollars and over paying these people to work on cases that take sometimes a year or more i mean do you think that this is a proper way to spend taxpayer resources to weed out domestic would be terrorists i really don't know on that either but i think a lot of people especially progressive liberals will have a problem with that maybe even some conservatives who are really concerned about you know actual conservation. but as far as i mean i i really don't know i'm more of a reporter i don't have much of an opinion on it but i do think some of the facts are alarming and people will be very surprised to find out even up until this point at least i haven't seen it's been mostly preying on muslim communities what do you think and talk a little bit about the cleveland five as it's coined do you think that this is
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a new front to kind of focusing on what you think the tie is talking by wall street if they those like a plan to do this on made a i mean what are your thoughts on focusing now on people who are muslim trying to really get in and entrap them into terrorist plots. no f.b.i. has been running counter intelligence operations like this for a very long time it goes back to the sixty's it goes back to richard nixon. it's that occupies been targeted is unfortunate but not surprising. but i wouldn't be surprised to hear the tea party's been through as well i mean they look at right wing fundamentalists just as much as they look at some. very left wing critics of this government. i think that these individuals in ohio were fortunately. mean if if the colts. commissioner. talk
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a little bit about the timing of this foiled plot on the big may day action you think that that was strategic you know kind of tainted a lot of the headlines for occupy wall street yeah yeah it was it was definitely a very media and i do think that the f.b.i. probably had some rule in fostering that date being selected unfortunately. and do you think this is do you think the f.b.i. is just grasping at straws here to justify the war on terror is domestic front i mean i know you said counter intelligence has been happening a lot and spying and these methods have been going on since the sixty's but it just seems like they're ramped up so much after nine eleven and we see time and time again recently especially in the past recent years of these four year old plots that were orchestrated by the f.b.i. well i wouldn't say they were orchestrated by the f.b.i. very certainly it was so untainted facilitated i mean is this just grasping at
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straws to justify the domestic front of the war on terror. so somebody probably behind the scenes i'm sure that there's a lot of. you'll be doing things with a broad brush their words make it sound more dramatic than it really is. one hundred three there are legitimate domestic terrorism threats and they're pretty much the only source out there are a little who are really actively policing those so again without going into the details of individual cases some are more valid than others and in some cases the f.b.i. has really grasped strong. will definitely follow in these cases as manifold that was stephen webster senior editor for raw story here in our team we love to shed light on some of the stories that don't usually make their way on primetime seems that a story we've been reporting on for a while is finally gaining steam ron paul's quest for the white house using an
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unorthodox delegate strategy is finally getting noticed and the r. and c. is getting very nervous according to a report in the las vegas sun a letter was delivered to nevada's g.o.p. chair they are in seize chief counsel said that of ron paul delegates get too many seats the entire state may not be represented at the convention this summer in tampa paul supporters are racking up victories left and right that could complicate romney's anticipated inauguration he's already won the majority the delegates in iowa minnesota and now washington now his campaign is also organizing victories and louisiana and alaska or one of paul's supporters was just a left elected as alaska's republican party chair so ron paul cause enough of a stir that could upset the entire convention earlier i was joined by mary wilson a volunteer organizer and ron paul supporter i asked her what was finally like to meet dr paul. i did yeah there was a rally at the cal state fullerton in. southern california i guess it's
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nearer anaheim and orange county and it was a beautiful turnout and we helped volunteer and registered thousands of new republicans into the party to vote for ron paul in the june fifth primary because we have a closed primary here in california so you have to be registered by may twenty first deadline in order to vote in that primary and ron paul's support is growing the momentum is incredible and he's having these town halls all over the country and day after day tens of thousands of people thousands of people are showing up all over to support him and hear what he has to say and the media is still not covering it most of it because what he tells you in his town hall vents is the truth and that stuff you're not going to get on television and what do you think about the fear mongering coming from the r. and c. saying you know if ron paul wins these delegates than don't show up i mean that's pretty interesting oh the they've been making bold statements all along and in
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a lot of different states the g.o.p. officials have been up in arms against the ron paul supporters who are just abiding by the rules and following through and just you know there's the rules have been set up not by paul supporters but we're getting elected to the positions that do make the rules so that's pretty exciting almost playing a game of chess here and romney is kind of you could tell he's getting scared to talk about what happened in massachusetts where romney was governor. while in massachusetts a portion of the delegates will go proportionate to the popular vote but another portion of the delegates do not and also i mean as far as i know the people who showed up who acts to actively participate and want to make a positive change are in general mostly ron paul supporters i think romney the people who support romney support romney because he's there they're told to whereas
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the people who support ron paul do it because the man is a patriot and he's really standing up for the american people and fighting for us and has a track record of thirty forty years doing that and you can look back and you can see that so the support is really authentic and it's also very organic and i don't i don't even know if you know the ron paul campaign even knows how much support they actually have at the grassroots ground level it's amazing as it stands right now mary romney has eight hundred forty seven delegates and ron paul has eighty one what do you think how many dogs you think he expects to gain out of the states that are left and do you think that he really has a chance at the convention to pull through. i mean you does have a chance there's still a long way to go a lot of the primaries and things that happened straw polls and stuff were
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nonbinding so it is the delegate process which has been ron paul strategy all along was to promote the delegate processing get the grassroots get the ron paul supporters out there becoming active getting elected and things like that. i think that that eight hundred forty four whatever delegate tally that they're giving you is completely false as specially since so many of those states haven't had their conventions yet so associated press which is the media pyramid scheme you know they report and expected to trickle down everybody else reports the same thing they're not accurate and we've been lied to by them before and unfortunately there's a monopoly on the majority of our media here and you know you can just trace it back and find out that the same people manipulate other industries and monopolize a lot of our industries here and especially banking which is one of the rain main reasons why so many people support ron paul is because he's exposing the whole system the whole banking system that's bankrupting so many millions of americans it
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is interesting mary that the you know the press that you're talking about likes to call those are kooks and ron paul supporters are playing these games that are upset in the election when you as you said he's just playing by the rules that are laid out. could you talk a little bit about what the role of superdelegates here. stars i can tell superdelegates are usually spots filled by people who've been in the party for a long time maybe their chairperson a central committee member or a local g.o.p. official elected republican or something so those spots are usually it's like a ron paul supporter may not be able to get that position because it's an establishment g.o.p. needs a seat that's going to get it i don't know if they have any strength in their vote i don't think their voting power has any more strength than the others and i think that ron paul's people are getting elected to those positions so soon they'll be the superdelegates it is interesting that ron paul guy just got to the head of the
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alaska chair. and it and i are in the all across the board talk about gingrich gingrich just dropped out officially where do you think that his delegates will go have you heard anything about that. well i think i mentioned it before that the thing about these delegates are that they are people so and one thing i can tell you about most of these people these delegates is that they're pretty tired of being taken for granted so we don't even know where they're going to go or who who these people are but i think that the people who get involved in this whole delegate process are patriotic people who care about making a positive change for our nation and like i said we're going to fight it out on the floor of that aren't see and people will be. you know that when they see the strength and the numbers of ron paul supporters and that he really does have a chance and if people would just you know turn off tune out of some of the
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television and tune in a little bit to the internet and understand why it's under attack right now why we've got so many laws and legislation is trying to be written to limit us and to to limit our internet freedom people would say there's a whole lot of information out there and like i said ron paul's strength this growing and they're completely trying to black that out but he came he really can win and he's i think that romney is absolutely no threat to obama like i said they they had there is no contrast between the two of them romney is you can call him a moderate but i would say as a liberal it was he has the same views he supported all of the same things that obama has done while he's been in office things including he you know i'm the national defense authorization act he said he would have signed it as it is he supports the federal reserve banking system he supported the bailouts everything he's done mary let me name a part of the solution ask you one question about last time your honor i asked you
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you know would you support ron paul if you chose to run the retiring if by chance you didn't get the nomination at the convention and you know in the ron paul group a lot of people that i've talked to denounce the two party some group called a two party dictatorship or this corporate controlled party system that we see so why why would anybody anyone be opposed to branching out of that and running third party as a last kind of herat and the game. well it's funny you say that because i think that the whole two party paradigm the left right paradigm has been fractured and there's a crack and people are seeing right through it and for a lot of people it's been shattered and i don't think ron paul needs a party i don't think any party has to make him their official nominee or whatever i think the support for ron paul is exponential and whatever it takes if he wants to run third party i don't think that that's in his agenda i think that we have a very strong chance of winning the republican party and i believe that the whole
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concept has changed for a lot of people and they're willing to get in there and become a republican just because ron paul is a liberty republican and like i told you before there's a lot of people running in support of dr paul policies and that are going to you know liberate so many americans that is going to make us financially free individual personal liberty things like that matter he definitely has made america great he definitely has put an interesting twist in the election will definitely be following that thanks for coming on mary that was mary wilson volunteer organizer and ron paul supporter another arms race a scary thought but one that might be looming on the horizon if a compromise is made between the u.s. and russia about a u.s. nato led plan to build a missile defense shield in eastern europe russia's defense minister said that talks between moscow and washington are coming close to a dead end so what's next are to them in an isa not mccoy has more from moscow. well missile defense has been in
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a deadlock for some time now but certainly no secret between the u.s. russia and nato and once again russian officials today reiterated the stance that in fact deadlock and you need to end or else russia is going to take response of action if you heard the phrase preemptive strike this is pretty harsh rhetoric we're hearing from russia they're very serious about their their concerns their national security concerns team of taking into consideration by nato and the u.s. we also heard from officials that if some kind of compromise isn't made that they're warning of in fact another arms race so very strong words coming from russia what they're hoping to come out of this two day summit is first of all to prove that these so-called rogue states like iran and south korea which the u.s. and nato say this missile defense system which is well underway in eastern europe in actually in romania even as far as turkey that russia has research and is giving
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basically officials details on why they believe those two countries certainly don't have the missile capabilities to reach europe so a lot of questions surrounding the goals behind this defense system so close to russia's border and also showing a computer model of why exactly this in the style system as a threat to russia's national security indeed how this is something moscow has been trying to convince that you are through dialogue for years now washington continues to stress that the system is not against russia like i said that it's against iran and north korea but russia just isn't convinced oh let's not forget that hot mike that we heard in south korea where obama told medvedev hang in there i'll be ready to compromise after the election and of course it's an election year in a lot of countries across the poles in twenty twelve and officials certainly understand not so what we're going to hear most likely as this two day summit wraps up is baby steps we're ready for dialogue but how far both sides are willing to
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compromise is still very unclear and i was r.t. correspondent unless and now we. abstinence only education about something only peddled by the live religious right and g.o.p. in this country right not exactly an abstinence only program has been added to the obama administration's list of evidence based programs for per pregnancy prevention it's called the heritage keepers abstinence education program and it promotes heterosexual marriage as the only happy and healthy life plan but why do all the nearly half of all marriages end in divorce is this really effective earlier i spoke to katie helper comedian blogger and filmmaker and i asked her what she thought of the program take a listen. i think it's very creative it's very takes a lot of liberties with the truth of what scariest about is that it's the suggestion that it's evidence based there's no evidence that it actually works and you know it's just not based in reality because forty percent of high schoolers have had sex and the fact that people think that absence only education is
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appropriate when it's really actually in danger and people is really disturbing i think that they think if they just don't mention sex then people will stop having it i'm not i'm not quite sure how they're right but even a question i'm going to do biology here and according to congressional reports the actually has no effect on. the activity. right again i mean to me the best metaphor best symbol for abstinence only education is. bristol palin and she is actually she goes around talks about she is and she's literally a spokeswoman for it doesn't realize that she makes a much better cautionary tale and spokesperson for something like planned parenthood but i think all the hypocrisy in inconsistency of having this woman who had an unplanned pregnancy which i don't care about but the groups that she's trying to connect to say sees it as a sin she had an unplanned premarital pregnancy which means she actually had premarital sex and yet she somehow has
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a voice for abstinence only when it just proves that what a failure it is like her entire biography cricket was about it was conception is only maybe it was god and i would be surprise her because i feel like god would choose a pail and if he had to choose to do another medical conception it would be a palin based on kitty kitty talking about hypocrisy a little bit what do you what do you think about you know we have the religious right of fronting this whole movement i am surprised that obama has actually inserted this in the education program in the health department but what do you think about the people who tell pro-life as one of the you know the front political agenda but then they support war. oh i mean moving away from absence only just more speaking generally yeah i mean the war on sex or. just war in general i mean people who are not life but support you know war red people who are yes so i think that when you're when you're pro-life which i call anti choice but
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when you're pro-life and you're against the death penalty and then there's at least i disagree with you but there's at least some consistency there but you have people who are so-called pro-life people who are for war who are for the death penalty and it really is much more about controlling people's bodies and sexuality than it is anything else and also it's always you know the expression it's always the quiet ones are it's always the ones who are like the most homophobic or the most sex phobic who are the ones who get caught in the bathroom like toe tapping like senator larry craig or david vitter right the louisiana senator who goes to prostitutes and apparently incidentally has a diapers fetish but it's always coming from those people i feel like it's they just dealt with their own issues and went to see a therapist we'd have a lot better of a country why do you think people are so scared of sexual freedom i mean here we are twenty first century i mean how many years since roe v wade and this is still an issue being brought up at every election. i mean i think people are some people
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are resentful and jealous i think they're they have on happy and satisfying sex lives our love lives so they don't want anyone else to enjoy them and i do think that there's a sad case like there was an article in the times of the day about you it was called homophobic you might be gay right i mean there is i think some self loathing i think there are people out there again larry craig is a perfect example he's very homophobic legislative history but turns out he's gay it's a really sad case he hears that you have a senator who asked to have sex in an airport bathrooms right it makes sense in some ways that he is so uncomfortable and then kind of conflicted about being a sinner according to him not according to me that he would try to legislate other people's sexuality right i mean those are the people who maybe have the deepest issues are the ones who probably care the most. it is interesting when those cases come out time and time again. but do you think that handing out abstinence
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committment cards will prevent kids from having sex that they just pledge to not have it i think that the combination of a purity bear on and if you've seen. that i think that's their best shot i think of purity bear combined with maybe a purity ball where you pledge your absence to your father which is really weird freud and i mean we could get into that whole other discussion but you know they have these four year old girl standing on chairs so they can look into their father's eyes and pledge their virginity to them until the next male takes them. like their little doll getting transferred from their father to their husband but it's becoming harder and we see with the jonas brothers i mean taking their abstinence plus seems like it's being pushed into society right now yeah i mean again it's just it's interesting how things that are so. based and fantasy are accepted as truth right i mean again you're going to go against all of human
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history and think that finally we're going to get people to stop having sex like reinventing the wheel what do you what do you think about you know we expect this from the religious right we expected from the g.o.p. time and time again it doesn't surprise you at all that the obama administration has adopted this kind of a lucidly that it really is a press release about it right and just was discovered i mean i'm assuming that they there was some political gain from it like i don't know which is more disturbing the fact that i know a bomb it doesn't believe in this. i don't know which would be more disturbing because i know he's he's a smart guy who believes in science he believes in that controversial theory called evolution. which is reassuring but i don't know why he would kind of tacitly endorse something like this. to give him credit he's been good on the war on women i mean he's been calling out the war and women. you know he's much better obviously on women rights women's rights and reproductive freedoms than the republicans i
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mean there's they're like from a different century they when you watch those debates i feel like it's time travel it's science fiction more than a political presidential debate when you put it on to spectrum and yet it seems you know it does seem like he's a lot more progressive is true that there have been a lot of limitations since he got into office course limits you know contraception and a lot of things that would be surprising to a lot of progressives who support him. i wanted to mention one thing in this pamphlet from this organization that. i have some quotes. i love. and line and it tells it is very enlightening i learned a lot from reading it i learned to not wear anything because i would expect to be raped or be sexually assaulted to do. yes so they have some great advice like you have to not invite lust so you have to be careful of what you wear like you mentioned because the girls will be thinking fast and the boy will be thinking sex
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i like that i like that the economy that they set up then they have this really fun game where you roll a you roll die and you roll the dice and the options are like if you land on one that's herpes if you land on two that's hiv if you land on three that's infertility so that's a really great way to get people to feel comfortable with their own sex game of china the game of chance kate in taking it. out is katie however we should not be a comedian in analog or in a filmmaker you can find her katie helper dot com that does it for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r t america or check out our website or to dot com slash usa you can also follow me on twitter at abby martin the big picture is coming up at the top of the hour there are three million guns in the u.s. only one in five america owns one so why are americans so gung ho about the second amendment when the majority of us don't have a gun tonight.


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