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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2012 8:01pm-8:31pm EDT

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first let's bring you what we know of the breaking news here at our team there have been too powerful explosions close in the capital of dagestan in russia's north caucuses at least a fifteen people are now four to have died with scores of others injured near the city of my house collapse more on this from a top ten. now told what details do you have about these attacks. dozens of casualties have been recorded after the twin suicide car bomb attacks in dagestan's capital markets collide in russia's north caucuses the first bomber detonated his explosives after being stopped at a checkpoint on the outskirts of the city twenty minutes later a second bomber blew up his car in the middle of
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a traffic jam which had piled up next to the first explosion site twenty cars caught fire and metal projectiles packed around the explosives caused many injuries many police and firefighters who had arrived at the scene became casualties themselves. now it is of course a region of intense security risk isn't it. the region has seen frequent islam missed terror attacks and government anti terror operations for years now in some recent examples in mid february a terrorist cell with suspected links to al qaeda international terrorist network the members of that were killed in a gun battle with security forces in mid march five police officers were killed in an explosion in mid april a federal security officer was targeted in a car bomb. other explosions also happened that day and also in april
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a local militant leader who had been wanted for years was tracked down and killed this attack is just the latest in many attacks that have happened across russia's volatile north caucasus region tom thank you so much for that update on at the train pass in that digest i'm holding you more developments as they unfold on the tragedy into stand here on r.t. . still to come in the program a revolt that's reaching through the ages the ancient city of aleppo largely untouched by the conflict that's tearing syria apart becomes the site of the latest bloody episode between the pro and anti assad factions. and moscow warns it reserves the right to strike back if nato has planned a missile defense system in europe breaches its security that still to come this
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hour. now to other news america's chief diplomat is urging china to help rein in tensions over iran and north korea's nuclear activities hillary clinton's in beijing right now and said both the u.s. and china should work together to restrain pyongyang from further provocation and prevent a to run from developing a nuclear weapon clinton's visit comes at an extremely delicate time in their relations beijing accuses the u.s. of meddling in its intent all affairs after the u.s. embassy briefly sheltered a chinese dissident activist it's also irritated over washington's military buildup in the asia pacific in an apparent effort to contain china's growing regional clout dr khan hullin an from the foreign policy in focus the think tank believes american policy towards china is very close to called war rhetorical. by whole group.
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ship because in many ways our china is our number one trading partner. and they hold trillions of dollars in u.s. bonds we are all kind of locked into an international market so on the one level the cooperation is kind of forced on us by the fact that we're so interlinked at the same time you get this. growing military tension and chinese are also very uncomfortable about the fact that about eighty percent of their energy supplies are arrive by sea generally through the yellow sea those true to the energy supplies are basically controlled those waters are controlled by the u.s. fifth fleet and the u.s. seventh fleet and that makes the chinese nervous i.e. saying neither side would actually like to move to a point where there might be a potential more but the problem is if you have this military buildup sometimes
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mistakes happen and in this world where we're talking about nuclear weapons except mistakes can be can be very major so this concerns me i would be concerned about the arms buildup not just between china and the united states but other asian powers as well and that kind of growing feel that this looks a lot like the cold war of the one nine hundred fifty s. and the one nine hundred sixty s. with their sense of trying to kind of enclosed and contain china as the united states trying to contain russia. john nice beard he set up his own institute in china to study social and economic developments they seize a new kind of cold war on the horizon has some of what we'll hear later this hour. heard a lot of talk about multiple polar world but last century it was the soviet union and the u.s. this tree to be very simple minded about this century is the us and china that
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bipolar that world is going to be dominated by the bipolar connection of china and the us and people will make countries will make decisions in calibrate their their actions against what they perceive will be the response of the u.s. and or china that there will be a bipolar world replacing the soviet union the u.s. but on a very different basis so no more no i guess a cold war but sort of a cold war but with the soviet union on an ideological basis with china on economic. two of egypt's leading presidential candidates are suspending their campaigning they blame the ruling military council for wednesday's brutal attack on protesters up to twenty people were killed and more than one hundred injured by on known attackers sparking for the clashes the rally was supporting a disqualified also
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a conservative islamist candidate seen as one of the frontrunners before he was banned various political forces and he was the ruling military for all to strengthen the blood shed surf earth looks into the chaos religious tensions have created in post-revolutionary egypt. taking phone in middle eastern news across this is the leading comic actor. and his satirical film the leader is just one of a number in which he's still heard that if you learned him in prison for offending islam it's a ruling that's in raging with the public but this revolution let's put things in quotes that was a gathering that ignites a case of i got really mad about the like the process was that it was this was bad i don't think the rest of the country was very very right but freedom of expression and. such convictions accosting a cloud
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a very artistic plans actions which the great and the good of the arab media industry a quick to condemn after being banned three years until the current hardline parties like the muslim brotherhood and the newly created select this new look i see have gained serious political clout having won the lion's share of seats in parliament and people here in egypt. has hope. to. be. roaches we will that new egypt look like the groups like i will it means increasing much strict muslim coing. i have no problem with. is this. islamic system so we have our culture out of this or culture content and out of it language and. society as we live in egypt so i think the system and the laws have to come from this culture and this culture
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means islamic world. and many of these fishing for implementing shari'a law in egypt at least publicly that it could still be a long way off but there are already signs that change is taking place a lot of people who are currently governmental come to this for president are being very cautious about the statements that they make with the got the policy everyone is preaching moderate islamists but the same time there's an undercurrent like for instance we're going to change that. likely we're not going to make schools but we're going to preach religion better at schools they matter how subtle the differences may be at the moment egypt's eric cheek restraint in meeting its each and there is still so what happens right now keep the ferals the generations serious. kyra. researchers so he riad from the car a center for human rights says the alarming similarities between the current unrest
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and that which egypt endured before the parliamentary election. there are serious doubts within the egyptian public. even before the clashes have started and currently as getting that the elections might be pushed forward the same the same concerns have been voiced recently by political different political groups and parliamentarians do it with even rumors seeing yesterday that scout has asked for it to postpone the elections due to the current unrest in front of a sea. cow for nonetheless it in a press conference today have said that this is a did these are rumors and the elections will happen in july it's important to mention in this context that during the previously before the parliamentary elections last november a similar clashes have started in mohamed mahmoud and so it's particularly interesting if we are to compare how certain clashes erupt immediately immediately before elections a couple of months or
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a couple of weeks before elections. now for more news head online to our to dot com where right now we're literally bringing you the widest of views calls its quality shocking shots thrill seekers in russia used to show the head for heights with these at dizzying pictures posted online of all the local police who weren't too thrilled. plus hunting faults of the early hacking scandal plaguing rupert murdoch's news corp sees high level calls for many of his american t.v. broadcasting licenses to be pooled. russia warns they could launch a preemptive strike against the nato led defense shield plan for europe if
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divisions between them over the project reach a critical point the country's military chiefs have been voicing their concern at an international conference on missile defense in moscow as any send now explains why missile defense has been in a deadlock for some time now but certainly no secret between the u.s. russia and nato and once again russian officials today reiterated the center that the bad deadlock needs to end or else russia is going to take response of action we heard the phrase preemptive strike this is pretty harsh rhetoric we're hearing from russia they're very serious about their their concerns their national security concerns being taken into consideration by nato and the u.s. we also heard from officials that if some kind of compromise isn't made that they're warning of in fact another arms race so very strong words coming from russia what they're hoping to come out of this today's summit is first of all to prove that these so-called rogue states like iran and south korea which the u.s.
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and nato say this missile defense system which is well underway in eastern europe in poland romania even as far as turkey that russia has research and is giving basically officials details on why they believe those two countries certainly don't have the missile capabilities to reach europe so a lot of questions surrounding the goals behind this defense system so close to russia's border and also showing a computer model of why exactly this missile system poses a threat to russia's national security in detail this is something moscow has been trying to convince the two of us through dialogue for years now washington continues to stress that the system is not against russia like i said that it's against iran and north korea but russia just isn't convinced oh let's not forget that hot mike that we heard in south korea where obama told medvedev hang. in there i'll be ready to compromise after the election and of course it's an election year in a lot of countries across the globe in twenty twelve and we're still certainly understand
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that but so what we're going to hear most likely as this two day summit wraps up is baby steps we're ready for a dialogue but how far both sides are willing to compromise is still very unclear. nato says the missile shield and poses no threat to russia because moscow's intercontinental ballistic missiles are too fast and too sophisticated for the plane system to intercept but paris based political analysts john laughland says it's not convincing enough i find it pretty rich actually that the american should be saying this about their missile systems when they refuse to listen to the iranians who say that their civil civilian nuclear program poses no threat whatsoever to anybody earth threats are a matter of perception but also a reality and the fact is that as far as we know iran has no nuclear.
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weapons capability and doesn't plan one while the americans are planning a missile shield which although it may not be they may be telling the truth when they say it's not directed against russia the fact is it's a new weapon system and it can be presumably directed against russia in a matter of seconds. spanish police have made a number of arrests at a protest in barcelona where european central bank chiefs are meeting security precautions ahead of the talks have been heavily ramped up spain even going so far as to reinstate checkpoints along its border with france to try and limit the number of demonstrators arriving from within europe the fear was that a potentially massive protests could turn violent thousands of riot police were deployed with reinforcements on standby the e.c.b. chiva resisted calls to begin buying up spanish bonds as investors abandon the country's debt auctions instead they are urging patience over sterrett saying it
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needs time to work that as pain reels from disaster as the unemployment levels and millions of strong austerity demonstrations business experts johan van that filled the editor in chief of trends magazine believes cuts will only cause more problems in the short term and even medium term results of these kinds of policies just as we have seen in greece is that a recession gets worse and employment problems budget problems also get worse and they are absolutely not thinking in terms of larger budget deficits to stimulate the economy now what the european central bank and mr drug are thinking of is much more in terms of liberalization. constraint. deregulation in a lot of markets that's the way they are thinking but of course the e.c.b. can not solve the structural problems which are characteristic of this monetary
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european monetary union. and apparent protests against president assad at syria's aleppo university met a bloody end today leaving four dead and two hundred arrested and very five video from the clashes showed troops and students together attacking the demonstrators. be a senior columnist at the. newspaper in neighboring lebanon blames much of the violence on arms proliferation let's look at the situation in a realistic way there are some many that are all around syrian cities major syrian cities there are gunmen you know and it's very difficult they're not very well organized so there are different groups of armed men on the streets and it's very difficult for the army the syrian official army to withdraw from the cities and leave the ground for the governments or that's also in making things more complicated what is required is that the government would actually back down and
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the syrian army would withdraw the tanks from the cities and that's very difficult to implement and there are weapons being smuggled into syria last week there was a shipment of weapons that were stopped by the lebanese army on the lebanese coast and there was a huge shipment of some some heavy some some high caliber. weapons and this could create a lot of damage and i think that the countries surrounding syria should actually make put more pressure on stopping the smuggling of weapons to syria because smuggling weapons to syria will only increase the violence and violence will lead to more violence and this is a vicious circle now here's a reminder of our breaking news twin deadly blasts are thought to have killed at least thirteen people and injured more than eighty near the capital of dagestan in russia's north caucuses police say a suicide bomber detonated his car at a police traffic checkpoint and as officers attended the resulting fire a second blast went off twenty minutes later we'll bring you more details on the
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fatal bombings in dark is done as they come in. in the meantime here on our t.v. china's a booming economy is just one of the factors which of the raised it up to the global influence rankings indecent decade up next we take a look at what else is behind beijing's a swift success. thank
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you very much for being with us today it's a pleasure sir thank you for everything to china has been a mystery for scholars throughout centuries why is it such a challenge for thinkers these days up till these days everything is revealed now it's now it's a challenge they were. still in charge well. you know first thousands of years there was such an insulated isolated place that others didn't come in and it's only been relatively in recent years that a lot of people tried to i myself have been going there for forty four years since nine hundred sixty seven. but that's new for westerners to spend so much time there were two did before but now they're all over the place although i think the west
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who reported is not very good about china but there are a lot of people there and my wife and i have been going there for the last ten years and but it's still kind of a mystery because because of their language it's because it's a country with no ideology and someone said the other day that history was the religion of china. and i think that's true in a sense that that's the only thing that really holds everything together now not the only thing but you know. they have that kind of reverence for their history which they know so well through through all of the dynasties and so on and which the west has always a zero information about and that's why it's a big mystery you know regardless all the credit with china does face some major problems like gender inequality income inequality corruption and by mental issues could that undermine the growth well you know all of these problems and these these are the problems of china are talked about and written about in newspapers and
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magazines and the speeches all over china all the time this is totally open china says that their biggest problem is their growing inequality the growing income gap between urban and rural. and the answer your question is no because it's so so openly talked about and we monitor it with our institute in india and we monitor all of the provinces and in newspapers and all the provinces the two biggest issues that are in the pages and the news pages are corruption and the environment and dealing dealing with both of those these are issues that are not hidden these are the most talked about face in china and the leadership the broad china in this for their leadership you have to imagine can and can continue to deal with those problems and can. do
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a little better job as it goes along now let's talk and parallelism as china is slowly growing ties with weaker asia and african countries the kind of the chinese to be everything to africa and to some other countries differs greatly from what the west or the west was give it here. it was government to government you know who knows what happened in the money the chinese make a deal they say here's the deal we will build you an airport we will be jewish sports stadiums and so forth and you agree to sell us oil and energy we need at market price. and it's the africans many africans describe as a win win. range meant versus what the west has been doing with their aid programs all these years so china is absolutely connected with africa as well as as well as asia because of how smart they've been in the arrangements they have to to create
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win win situations for those countries say its economy only and not their will to evolve into or encourage states to build an empire you know the china china it's never been an. acquisition or country to begin with but they're making their arrangements and their deals not to acquire anyone or to build an empire but to it's mostly on an economic basis to to to assure themselves of the resources that they need for the rapid growth they are experiencing and they are in our view will continue to experience so here's what also many people think that with this economic and military prowess china is poised to become the center of the new type pollo world it's an elephant lot of polar world and by the way there they have been building their military but it's still you know the u.s.
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has a military that's equal to all the other militaries of the world put together and i've heard of we've heard a lot of talk about multi i call the world but last century it was the soviet union and us this century to be very simple minded about this century is the u.s. and china that bipolar that world has spent. be dominated by the bipolar connection of china and the us and people will make countries will make decisions and calibrate their their actions against what they perceive will be the response of the us and or china the there will be a bipolar world replace thing they sold a year to us but on a very different basis so no knowledge of war yes a cold war but sort of a cold war with the soviet union on an ideological but basis with china on economic thinking very much thank you very much.
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breaking news from r t two powerful deadly blasts hit one of the major cities in russia's north caucuses at least fifteen people are believed dead and dozens of others are wounded police say a car driven by a suicide bomber was exploded at a traffic control post a second blast went off shortly after as officers struggled to put out the first wire. in other news hillary clinton pitches for china's support of north korea and iran but the u.s. military's asia pacific build up and support for china's dissidents if beijing wary . and egypt's a fledgling democracy looks increasingly vulnerable or head of the presidential election as violence flares over blacklisted candidates and the military accused of pulling the strings. coming up capital account with lauren list.


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