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tv   [untitled]    May 4, 2012 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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it's technology innovation all the it's developments around russia we've got this huge earth harbored. point tara times had the russian north caucuses as two powerful blasts in the republic of dagestan leave at least to seventeen dead and over one hundred twenty injured. washington returns to war rhetoric against iran as the u.s. military claims it can destroy towns armed forces of less than a month. later this hour japan is giving up nuclear power for the first time in fifty years shutting down a glass working reactor but some say it's only a matter of time before that switch back on one of the world's top industrial nations. the reset in russia u.s. relations the push for it seems and what isolation and the rise of the protest movement across the country look at the negative nature made that it's presidency as his term of office told to.
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twenty four hour news line for moscow this is us he was me thanks for joining us first at least says people have been killed and more than one hundred twenty injured after two powerful bomb blasts in russia's republic of dagestan the terrorist attacks took place near a police checkpoint in the capital much carla thomas has more for us. at this point it is being called officially a terrorist attack let me run through the course of events late thursday night car that was stopped at a police checkpoint in the russian republic of dagestan in fact the capital. detonated itself and then in the ensuing chaos as emergency crews and firefighters came to fight the blaze that ensued a second bomb went off about twenty minutes later it is believed that bomb could
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have been hidden in a parked car near the same at checkpoint and this is not new to the area in fact this is an ongoing battle in the russian caucuses in the region has been suffering attacks by islamist terrorist groups international cells that russian officials have linked to groups like al qaeda in fact in mid february group of terrorists or militants were killed in a gun battle with russian security forces that happened in mid february and then also in the past two months march and april there than blasts in. as well as doug just on and in two thousand and eleven a terrorist leader with possible links to al qaeda in fact officials saying that it was linked to al qaeda was killed but we know at this point is thirteen people have been killed and more than one hundred twenty people have been injured in this particularly attack and of course we'll keep you updated as more information becomes available terrorism in the north caucuses has long been considered
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a domestic issue but back in twenty ten the u.s. included russia's top terrorist fugitive doc morrow and its own most wanted list and up to when it harass a counterterrorism advisor to the u.s. congress explains why and why did he is now being taken. first of all more information is coming both to congress and the administration about the connections between those you hardly networks in chechnya dagestan on the one hand and those present in north africa and in the middle number two because the evidence we're getting from captured individuals in afghanistan for example or other places where by they do admit to be have worked with the caucus based your heart is on the one hand and what you see on the website that this information is available for all these reasons that gather the united states decided to put them on the international routes which is a good thing because they're supporting broad brush marks between russia and united states we do not see eye to eye on many things but at least on that one it's in the interest of everybody that great powers come together against terrorists let's move
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on now the rhetoric from washington towards iran is again being run top just ahead of this second round of high level international talks on the country's nuclear program u.s. military top brass claim they would need just three weeks to defeat iran's armed forces and he's going to count looks at whether it's just more tough talk or preparation for real action. the pentagon says they're just doing some contingency planning in case you were in attempts to close the strait of hormuz or attacks u.s. ships in the persian gulf but analysts say it's the kind of planning that drives the tensions to a whole new level now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that iran is encircled militarily here is the iran and here are the countries in red where the u.s. has military presence we've tried to put on the map those u.s. bases which have been reported about in the flashing blue here here you have the friendly arab countries right next to qatar bahrain which hosts the u.s.
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fifth fleet that's forty ships sixteen thousand personnel two huge aircraft carriers kuwait which right after the drawdown in iraq the u.s. there has increased the size of standby combat force america's air force army navy and marines are boldly positioned in oman and the united arab emirates the sounds of the iran and. turkey and israel to the west and afghanistan and pakistan in the east most recently the u.s. air force has this batch the number of f. twenty two raptor strike fighters to a base in the united arab emirates and here it is the brand new penetrating strike fighter the move has caused backlash from tehran in addition to the hardware the u.s. central command says there are about one hundred twenty five thousand u.s. troops in close proximity to iran not to mention new drone bases in undisclosed locations also in the region u.s.
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officials say an enhanced presence in the gulf is meant to serve as a quote quick reaction contingency force not simply as a prelude to war but the buildup seems to exacerbate the hostile talk which may at one point turn into an all out confrontation the iranian military is of course no match to the american military might after all. we're talking about the country that spends on its military more than the next ten top defense spending countries combined so crushing new rand is in america's power but analysts most analysts agree but also in its power is producing the kind of instability in the region that would be far worse than what came out of iraq and afghanistan you're with and here's some of what's ahead for you in the program accusing the us of interfering in its internal affairs and continuing to grow out of a chinese activist sheltered briefly by the american embassy dominating hillary clinton's visit to the country. plus a long journey to justice the seizing of the assets of the fine don't file sharing
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website mega upload is deemed illegal but he still faces extradition to the u.s. there's growing concern among some in the u.s. who believe he's prosecution is all about big completion cashing in on the side closure. president made a bit of prepares to leave the kremlin as he finishes he's an on monday of his office handing over to lead to a position also credited for liberal views and a push for reforms as well as steering a reset in relations with the u.s. but about his presidency also saw some of the largest protests in modern russian history and she's a nice an hour takes a look at what the legacy he leaves for russia. receives. not believe. one term in the kremlin was it too little time to make a dent mr medvedev is going to be remembered as someone who had genuine reform
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intentions and who was impeded on achieving all of those reforms through the political process through the structure of the political system. at the dawn of his presidency georgia attacked south he said here by the media and much of the world community blamed russia destroy those in this case that only but he did the actions on the georgian side led to deficit among them a russian peacekeepers children women the elderly a dying in south a settler most of them are citizens of the russian federation so those responsible for the deaths of our citizens will be punished mr. because i'm right in the misconception that russia attacked georgia put serious strain on international ties into an independent council of europe report up held that georgia launched the attack for months medvedev spahn policy was overshadowed by the war but it wasn't
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long before a warming in u.s. relations something many argue is his foreign policy legacy he was the russian president at the time the reset button press and u.s. and russian relations dramatically improved over the next few years by twenty ten medvedev and obama signed a new start and cut both country's nuclear arsenals by a third. as a result of hard work we've created a treaty that fully complies with the interests of both russia and the u.s. back home medvedev wants reforms focusing on the justice system and rule of law you want the less people behind bars. less persecution or businesspeople or just special justified persecution.
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less corruption and i think that he has managed to start some cases jump start the process. but little change from high profile cases like me skeet rushes former richest man still serving his sentence for economic crimes madrid has pushed for modernization and diversification could have been a highlight of his presidency and he still has a chance to if he presses on as prime minister and we can be sure that without modernization the russian economy has no future it may be based on vast natural resources but we cannot rely only on them the job swap with putin was the last straw for medvedev supporters to cope he would run for a second term but the secrecy and surprise of the smart added to the negative sentiment prior to the biggest protest russia has seen hears. word yet in december after claims of vote fraud in the parliamentary election
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medvedev came back on line and laid out changes but his response was too little too late yet but if i propose complex reforms to our political system. i don't discuss that i hear the people who are demanding changes and i understand i can. be outlined a series of measures including the easy registration for political parties and direct polls for regional leaders maybe it is administration continues to strasse how much work is left as he prepares to step aside as president and take over as prime minister i have not. failed to continue the president all initiatives all have been discussed. hume here you proved all the things the government was a key vehicle to implement all the initiatives put forth by by present need to be
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different the good acts aren't convinced debates are buzzing over what medvedev is like is it will be and how his policies might be implemented with blue chip back in the family but the fact remains with it it's moved as president would have only seen it real results during or even after a second term in office even the question of how do you draw the line between what i did as president what you might do as i'm. used to now a our chief of staff. and later today for you an exclusive peek behind the kremlin walls with all she's a selfish are not it's amazing some of those who do you need unusual jobs and russia's center of power. join me on a journey to the heart of the kremlin to a place is hidden from the tourists you're going to meet some real kremlin insiders although they may not be the usual news makers you see on t.v. .
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leave. so don't miss sophia later today now u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has told chinese president hu jintao that relations between their countries are stronger than ever her assurance appears an attempt to pacho the mounting serious differences during her visit as an extremely delicate time between the two beijing accuses the u.s. of meddling and if the internal affairs after the american embassy briefly sheltered a chinese dissident activity and it's also annoyed by washington's military buildup in the asia pacific an apparent effort to contain china is growing richard herman
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and dr kahn hallinan from the foreign policy in focus think turns believes american policy towards china is like all those like witches and it's very bipolar kind of relationship because in many ways one of china's our number one trading partner. and they hold trillions of dollars in u.s. bonds we are all kind of locked into an international market so on the one level the cooperation is kind of forced on us by the fact that we're so into a link at the same time you get this. growing military tension and chinese are also very uncomfortable about the fact that about eighty percent of their energy supplies are arrive by sea generally through the yellow sea those to the energy supplies are basically controlled those waters are controlled by the u.s. fifth fleet and the u.s.
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seventh fleet and that makes the chinese nervous. the timeline on hillary clinton's visit to china is also covered in our website on t. dot com and we've got plenty more in store there for you to go along with missiles and how the head of this year's summer olympics for the first time since the second world war find out why london is a concerned about the move on life. last potluck for athletes and well put some at any rate with the top of the new moves to leave the ban on mariana spots may discover why it r.t. dog. the founder of the popular file sharing website mega upload has started to get back his assets in new zealand after a local court ruled the confiscation of his fortune was illegal kim dotcom is
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currently facing extradition to the u.s. where he faces charges of money laundering racketeering and corporate infringement american authorities shut down mega upload in january while dot com and his fellow executives were arrested in new zealand at the u.s. request but horses are growing louder in america that the prosecution of the website and its owners is unlawful so a law professor eric goldman argues that the shutdown was simply a gift to the intertainment industry. there are very tight linkages between the government and the content industry so for example many of the people who were in the government worked in the content industry and many of the people in the government will get jobs in the content industry after they're done as a result they understand each other's issues very well they've been there first in addition the content industry contributes a significant amount of money to the administration and to other politicians who are decision makers as a result they get
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a great deal of influence over what the government and that's part of the reason why. we're wondering if the megaupload prosecution it's really the beginning of that content industry being able to tell the government to do its dirty work for it and so the battle be never content owners will always want more control but the battle without the turn out well for us because we have consumers will lose at least one if many of those other fora and next our security has over the new timeline on facebook. crossed. there's going to be a lot of unexpected ways in which that information which are being sort of encouraged to post is then used and it surprises you again new recent story which is that this is actually a russian company i free innovations created called girls around me which is polling publicly available information both from facebook and another company foursquare where you basically post your locations and created an app called girls
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around me where if someone was in a neighborhood they suddenly got a map showing them where young women are in bars and restaurants in their neighborhood right which is a kind of creepy right it's like well i see that you guys are you guys are smiling ok yeah yeah it's very much like regular. japan is set to turn off at last working reacts to this weekend in leaving one of the while the largest industrial powers without a source of nuclear power for the first time in almost fifty years the government has about to public pressure falling last his disaster edification a reactor out of the catastrophic have quake and tsunami and dr howard hayden professor of physics at the university of connecticut believes however it's just a matter of time before talk it turns the reactors back on if they have fifty four reactors and they have one of them operating but it will be down for refueling as it is what they're doing is burning
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a lot of residual oil and the the pact on the price of residual oil has been felt for as far away as hawaii where the price for electricity is very very high because of that that decision to shut the nukes and but it's costing them very dearly they have got nearly enough electricity and they have actually called on some factories to cut back their operations quite a bit there will probably go back to nuclear in due time it's because money talks. and in the wake of japan's crisis germany decided to scrap its atomic plants replacing them with the north sustainable and greener energy sources but the rush to scale back nuclear energy has had consequences to his ego cannot explain. green energy or bust in just eight years the german government plans for the nation to
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generate more than a third of its energy from renewable sources and powering up at least eighty percent in forty years germany. and restructure the whole energy to make a less. important well along with solar power and biofuel five thousand new winter bines in nearly three thousand miles of power lines are said to be built but the perceived eco friendly future is giving some here the shivers. up lives in a village that's right next to wind farm field he says the machines are so noisy many locals complain of sleep disorders in even heart problems and property prices have already plummeted between thirty and fifty percent of the low frequency sound waves are a big problem some may get a high blood pressure or high points many can sleep one man often drives five to ten kilometers away and sleeps in his car but what's more the turbines track record
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has energy analysts in a spin you have to have all this backup capacity you have to have her station so you can easily switch on and off when the wind isn't blowing and that usually means coal fired power stations or gas fired power stations and of course having all that capacity just lying there waiting if the wind drops doesn't mean of course added costs the public appetite for atomic energy nosedived a year ago when japan was taken to the brink of nuclear catastrophe by the week's tragedy with a country still battling to stabilize its volatile reactors germany is investing to . hundred billion euros to replace its seventeen nuclear reactors but even some officials there agree counting on renewable energy could be too much of a high voltage risk for the economy with germany being the biggest energy consumer in the european union its renewable energy plans are truly among the most ambitious
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projects of the decade as long as the state of the art when forms don't end up bringing the country's economy to a grinding halt you've got risk of germany under less and take a look at some other stories from around the world this hour at least sixteen people are dead in northwestern pakistan after a suicide bomber at a police checkpoint that type in the bashar tribal region was beside a crowded street market one of the officers killed in the blast had received a presidential award for fighting the taliban no group has admitted responsibility or the islamist militants battling for control of the are going to border region are so expect suspected. also violent clashes between doctors and medical students and riot police have been tearing in believe year protests over the past month have demanded the resignation of the country's health minister has brought in longer working hours. pass and blocks traffic with police firing tear gas and rubber bullets to clear demonstrators. and prosecutors
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a former liberian president charles taylor it's a chance he should get eighty years in prison for war crimes during these here early on civil war the lawyers at the hague international court which found him guilty last month say the extreme magnitude of the offenses warrant such a long sentence tale about is he really on rebels who killed tens of thousands of people in return for diamonds and he was also convicted of rape and murder and will be sentenced in this month's. time to check what's happening in the world of business with marina them arena so the russian markets just opened what are the first figures that. the figures are actually all in their read the russian markets have failed servers thursday is losses and basically what we have here is inverse is reacting to comments made by the european central bank on thursday and also of course today investors are will be watching the west because we're expecting the monthly jobs report for the month of eight hundred so come out later today and of
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course if that falls those figures fall below expectations that it will be a sea of red across the board but for now we can see that the arts he has a shot in over half a percent why the ma states is dropping about a third of a person's right moving on to asia which is also trading right now the nikkei is closed because japan is celebrating a public holiday but when it comes to china we can see that the hand sign is still shedding no change whatsoever from the previous hour it's still dropping point seven percent this hour and that's after we got commodity prices as well as losses on wall street now when it comes to exchange rates with the euro has managed to bounce back from two week lows although this hour it's losing against the dollar ever so slightly now the boost in this really came from the european central bank saying that the euro zone's economy is likely to be over this year when it comes to the ruble updated figures they're losing against both major currencies and all the news we have more details about folks in this full public offering and the company
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has set the share price between twenty eight and thirty five dollars per share value in the entire company between eighty five and ninety five billion dollars this i.p.o. is of course said to be the largest ever for an engine that firm even bigger than google's back in two thousand and four and it's all expected to begin only eighteen of may. the united arab emirates has completed a new pipeline to pump oil bypassing the notorious strange up war moves the neurons will be able to supply around two thirds of the country's crude output and currently almost all of the u.a.e. is or oil and twenty percent of global deliveries transported through the straits of hormuz which is of course controlled by iran earlier the country threatened to block it as a reaction to the sanctions from western countries over its nuclear program. now going back to russia itself course as days before president like bottom your
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friends in takes over and there's been a lot of talk already about the new members of the government the current prize than we did in that video has already spoken of the goals you would like to see achieved and his new role as foreign minister and we spoke to the head of the russian school of economics and he outlined what should be done in order to make sure that those goals are fulfilled the recent speech by me was already quite specific instead of saying that we will be doing member musician or innovation this is how many jobs we want to create this is called being the middle class should be the high the life expectancy should be this is how much we want to grow the productivity of russian companies so he gave numbers but then the next question the is whether if a ministry or a minister fails to achieve the target will this mean it's going to be. fired and this is exactly where the culture of execution either works or it doesn't so i
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think in the year or two we'll see how serious move into the government is. for us on next hour the european markets will open so i have updated figures for that by now all right looking forward to it thanks for that update marina and coming up in a human is look at what's hot in the russian capital in moscow right i have to remind our top stories for you.
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