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tv   [untitled]    May 4, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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the top story egypt erupts protesting cairo against the ruling generals turned into fierce clashes with security forces but the military council refuses to leave into the new president's elected these are the latest pictures this is what's happening right now in the egyptian capital much more about to come this half hour also in terror attacks killed at least eleven in russia's north caucasus and what police say the hallmarks of al qaida suicide bombings. the pentagon draws of endgame plans for iran both you could crush to run its forces in just three weeks. and three days before the meeting with head of leaves russia's top job we assess his presidential legacy and look at what's ahead when he becomes prime minister.
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two steps back for russian stocks. percent in friday's trade and the market now with one percent lower than the beginning of the year more than twenty minutes. it's now seven pm here in moscow i'm kevin now in our top story then friday mass rallies in egypt's capital have descended into violent clashes with security forces using water cannons to disperse crowds of thousands of the last few hours the violence is taking place in front of the country's defense ministry headquarters these are the latest pictures in fact just a clarification whether he's alive or not you know they're not that govern these are the latest but this is basically the way it's been looking over the last couple of hours these are very recent pictures reports suggest at least four people have been. today in clashes so far these are now live clashes well what we're seeing
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actually is that things are looking a bit quieter but they're on the protesters are demanding the country's ruling generals immediately resign and give power to civil authorities the army for its part saying that's only going to happen after a new president elected later this month earlier on we were seeing pictures of angry crowds hurling rocks at police riot offices responding with water cannons protest is waving placards saying down with military rule and most demonstrators supporters of the islamist parties there on the streets today many protesters believing the violence is being stoked by the military hired thugs again these recent pictures over the last couple of hours we switch back to him again personally gives you a very good flavor of what's been going on in cairo the start a new. sport a revolution. he said egyptians disillusioned with what their uprising is achieved so far i'm not seeing any civil government coming
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the government with. guns already. they are just the same as the government from the beginning of the revolution till now and the coming government is just will be like them. i can't i cannot see any evidence of that will handed the power to a civilian. to civilians any time soon because. as i said before they are afraid of anyone who is not giving them the safe exit. check back in with those live pictures we got a couple of cameras trained on you see smoke going up in the. square you can see on the left hand side the crowds it's looking pretty quiet compared to the pictures that we saw a little bit earlier on where you through his music we can and those crowds and
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that is the latest flavor of what's happening there were of course very much across this throughout the course of the afternoon friday rally turning as you can see there on the screen into violence as the water cannon used to disperse the angry crowd they were recent pictures when it was at its height just an hour or so ago. suicide bombers a sort of carried out the two blasts that killed at least eleven and wounded scores of others in russia's southern doug stan republic the terror attacks took place within twenty minutes of each other at a police checkpoint. in the north caucuses. and so continuing with what happened in the republican thursday has already been classified by local authorities as a terror attack so five least eleven people have been killed and eighteen more injured there were two explosions the first occurred when police stopped the car at one of the checkpoints in the capital city of mecca the driver was a suicide bomber police important later medically after the fire began and
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emergency teams and real and says doctors five brigades have started coming to the scene as well as look people trying to help those injured and this is when the second blast happens killing and injuring even more people than the first one and the scenario of the attack designed to kill as many people as possible is known in the war as the iraqi one it's not new even to denniston last year two similar attacks in september in march score the caucasus region in russia itself have been suffering attacks by islamist terrorist groups for years and russian officials have linked many of them to international cells like and canada and this is actually as and go in fact on the robertsons from both sides in a statement is continued it's too early to say who is behind this particular attack here and dug a star no one so far claimed any responsibility for that when north caucasus terrorism is more than just a battle for russia with the country's key militants no watch by the world
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community but the wall of fire as a counterterrorism advisor to congress in washington explains why a wider approach is vital. all and more information is coming both to congress and good nutrition about the connections between those you harvey networks in chechnya dagestan on the one hand and those present in north africa and in the middle east and i would go because the evidence we're getting from captured individuals in afghanistan for example places where by the do it needs to be have worked with the caucus base to harness on the one hand and with what we see on the web site this information is available for all these reasons together this is the site and forget if you want to get to the bits which is a good thing because at the point of between russia and united states we do not see eye to eye on many things but at least on that one it's in the interest of everybody that great powers come together against terrorists. this is our to coming up old terror camps for a new generation syrian rebels to be training
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a woman you and recognize this is a form of terrorism. we'll look at just what it is and what they're planning to learn there about five minutes or so of the program. also to power the purpose of the off switch on its final atomic reactor a year after the fukushima disaster to the country to the brink devastation. but next germany's foreign ministers labeled a rans nuclear energy program as an enormous danger adding that an atomic the rand will never be accepted despite that berlin's just sold israel a fourth nuclear missile capable submarine this count the key concern now is whether that submarine could be used in a strike on iran an attack that the pentagon claims would be one in three weeks as artie's garniture can reports. the pentagon says they're just doing some contingency planning in case you were in attempts to close the strait of hormuz or attacks u.s. ships in the persian gulf but analysts say it's the kind of planning that drives
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the tensions to a whole new level now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that iran is encircled militarily here is the iran and here are the countries in red where the u.s. has military presence we've tried to put on the map those u.s. bases which have been reported about they are in flashing blue here here you have the friendly arab countries right next to qatar bahrain which hosts the u.s. fifth fleet that's forty ships sixteen thousand personnel two huge aircraft carriers kuwait which right after the drawdown in iraq the u.s. there has increased the size of standby combat force america's air force army navy and marines are boldly positioned dana oman and the united arab emirates the sounds of the iran. turkey and israel to the west and afghanistan and pakistan in the east most recently the u.s. air force has this batch the number of f.
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twenty two raptor strike fighters to a base in the united arab emirates and here it is the brand new penetrating strike fighter the move has caused backlash from tehran in addition to the hardware the u.s. central command says there are about one hundred twenty five thousand u.s. troops in close proximity to iran not to mention new drone bases in undisclosed locations also in the region u.s. officials say an enhanced presence in the gulf is meant to serve as a quote quick reaction contingency force not simply as a prelude to war but the buildup seems to exacerbate the hostile talk which may one point turn into an all out confrontation the military is of course no match to the american military might after all. we're talking about the country that spends on its military more than the next ten top defense spending countries combined so crushing iran is in america's power but analysts most analysts agree but also in
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its power is producing the kind of instability in the region that would be far worse than what came out of iraq and afghanistan so washington correspondent iran also featured heavily in hillary clinton's visit to china and the secretary of state urged the reluctant beijing to help pressure on to iran as well as north korea she called the current sign of american relations the strongest they've ever been but they played well but even put to the test beijing accusing the u.s. of meddling in its internal affairs also feeling tension as america's growing military presence in asia as an attempt to could take china's regional influence. a professor of international politics the spirit of the first person says the u.s. is making up for lost time yes i think we need to probably produce the. sense that obviously the united states leaves in the last three years of the eleven it isn't in the leg. to stand and therefore its interests probably has
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been. affected in some way therefore it wants to come back and play a leadership role in the region one of the key problems of both sides are where else is of course deeply. distrusts and that's why we have seen this kind of. military maneuver in the chinese navy in particular has been deployed and discarded . aerial. ability and a weapon system that's just. trying to. destroy us this is the most probably formidable challenge. syrian rebels are reportedly going to undergo guerrilla warfare training in kosovo alleged to be using the same training camps built for the kosovo liberation army a group previously designated as a terrorist organization by the united states and even the un as for the surge a critic of it she said foreign affairs editor for the u.s.
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based chronicles magazine he said he sees little good coming from this well first of all i don't think they can learn much from the care only that through. because the charolais was singularly unsuccessful in its rebellion against a serbian security forces until the meter bombing and even then they were not engaging in can but they were not going to get as many orders and quickly cleansing not be any less so the first point is that there is nothing to learn in terms of conduct of visions and in terms of actually organizing a successful guerrilla war as i understand. it. one of the syrian opposition leaders who came to the united actually spoke to an a.p. reporter we are here to alert now this should be a huge wake up call for those syrians who are not supportive of the opposition
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especially in the minorities the syrian rebels. from the jail that means there will be a bloodbath part of the of the fall of assad and there will be no room for anyone but the majority group which should describe. its extremist credo whether it is there to greater albania in kosovo or. muslim brotherhood not shoot in syria. let's check out a few stories online at r.t. dot com that you may well be interested in the harrowing tale of a young man thrown in an american cell and forgotten and forced to drink his own urine to survive who got his story after he's left without food or water for five days. and russia's anti-gay propaganda law gets his first conviction a fine for a prominent gay activist who says that his sentence will help him to get that controversial legislation cancelled and find out more r.t. .
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a massive liberal drive a reset in russia u.s. for a push for internal reforms but also some of the largest protests in russia's modern history as president of better prepares to leave the kremlin before vladimir putin takes over and this is now it takes a look back at his term at the top. it really sees. you. one term in the kremlin was it too little time to make a dent in mr medvedev is going to be remembered as someone who had genuine reform intentions who was impeded on achieving all of those reforms through the political process through the structure of the political system.
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at the dawn of his presidency georgia attacked south or said the media and much of the world community blamed russia destroy. that only but he did the actions on the georgian side led to deaths among them a russian peacekeepers children women the elderly a dying in south of setting it most of them are citizens of the russian federation so those responsible for the deaths of our citizens will be punished. them right the misconception that russia attacked georgia put serious strain on international ties into an independent council of europe report up held that georgia launched the attack for months madrid of foreign policy was overshadowed by the war but it wasn't long before a warming in u.s. relations something many argue is his foreign policy legacy the words of the russian president the reset. press the u.s.
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and russian relations devoutly and for over the next few years by twenty ten medvedev and obama signed a new start and cut both country's nuclear arsenals by a third. as a result of hard work we've created a treaty that fully complies with the interests of both russia and the us back home medvedev wants reforms focusing on the justice system and rule of law you wanted less people behind bars. this persecution. business people. just justified persecution. corruption and i think that he has managed to start some cases to jump start the process. but little changed on high profile cases like me. precious former richest man still
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serving his sentence for economic crimes madrid has pushed for modernization and diversification could have been a highlight of his presidency and he still has a chance to if he presses on as prime minister and we can be sure that without modernization the russian economy has no future it may be based on vast natural resources but we cannot rely only on them the job swap with putin was the last straw for medvedev supporters who hoped he would run for a second term but the secrecy and surprise of the smart added to the negative sentiment prior to the biggest protests russia has seen in years. in december after claims of vote fraud in the parliamentary election madrid it came back on line in laid out changes but his response was too little too late yet but if i propose complex reforms to our political system. i
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don't discuss that i hear the people who are demanding changes and i understand it can. be outlined a series of measures including the easy registration for political parties and direct polls for regional leaders maybe it is administration continues to strasse how much work is left as he prepares to step aside as president and take over as prime minister i have. all initiatives. discussed. hume here he proved all the things here the government was key we called to implement all the initiatives put forward by the by president medvedev but critics aren't convinced debates are buzzing over what made it looks like it could be and how his policies might be implemented with putin back in the kremlin but
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made it made its move this president would have only seen real results during or even after a second term in office if the question of problem i mean what they did as president what he might do. and he's now a party. and as for diem a poet in returns to russia's top job in three days we will bring your special coverage of his inauguration and we can join us at some point for the live broadcast from the spread of the kremlin holes or starts at seven thirty am g.m.t. on monday with me and the rest of the take. you.
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to pan is said to turn off its last working nuclear reactor leaving one of the world's largest industrial powers without atomic energy for the first time in over forty years it heavily relied on the source but the government bowed to immense public protests in the wake of the fukushima disaster physics professor dr howard hayden think this is just a matter of time before tokyo goes nuclear again. they have fifty four reactors and they have one of them operating but it will be down for refueling as it is what they're doing is burning a lot of residual oil and the the pact on the price of residual oil has been felt awful as far away as whole y. e where the price for electricity now is very very high because of that that
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decision to shut the nukes and but it's costing them very dearly they haven't got nearly ill enough electricity and they have actually called on some factories to cut back their operations quite a bit they will probably go back to nuclear in due time that's because money talks. and it was world news in brief twenty one minutes past seven o'clock moscow time crowds of protesters in jordan's capital are calling on the government to end an eighteen year street with. their demanding the new prime minister expel israel's ambassador to jordan the new leader was sworn in this week after the country's former prime minister resigned but his appointment has stirred controversy because of his involvement in the go sating the original peace treaty back in one thousand nine hundred four. horses that attack on a pakistani market has left at least twenty people dead including one who received
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a bravery of gold for fighting islam is militants both the other victims of bystanders as the bomber blew himself up while heading where. people were heading to work or on the school run on thursday the u.s. released letters from osama bin ladin but surely fretted about the level of civilian deaths at the hands of al qaeda. the big clashes in the west bank injuring four palestinians and four israeli soldiers dozens of gathered in support of jailed palestinians who current hunger strike in a prison six miles north of jerusalem some of the demonstrators threw stones at israeli forces of them responded with tear gas rubber bullets more than thirteen hundred palestinian prisoners recently went on hunger strike over israel's policy of indefinite detention without trial. keep abreast of all the latest news online of course twenty four seventh's r.t. dot com good place for the business as well but we've got it live right now dimitri's there are business dimitri looking bad on the stock exchange today about
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how you look at it. tell us more it is true the russian market is doing a very very badly it's back to square one pretty much even lower than the beginning of the year and this is all because of what's happening in the united states the secular to what's going on there. the nasdaq also least one percent in the red on a slowing the jobs market of course we've had the non-farm payrolls that just one hundred fifteen thousand jobs one hundred sixty three thousand are expected and therefore despite the fact that the unemployment rate has gone down the again to eight point one percent over in europe same jitters but also coupled with caution ahead of the elections in france and greece so we're seeing the fear of attacks of mining on the two percent the south well market is showing a dramatic jump look at the dramatic slump look at that in just a second post currencies the euro is once again losing versus the dollar with
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traders now cashing out mainly into the greenback we're seeing the latter course grow the ruble is on a three week low against the basket for both currencies commodities as promised you can see there four dollars a barrel a loss to forty one even of course worries about global demand with the slowdown of recovery in the united states and that problems in europe this is causing investors to to dump stock and over in russia with these declining oil prices i'm afraid that this bearish trend might continue into next week although next week will only start on thursday the tenth of may. one of the worst. sessions this year they went down as i said point eight percent since the beginning of the year right now. and among the stocks because energy shares are losing on those low prices and is
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burbank was actually doing better than the rest so that most of them was present. now new governments will take office next week after the inauguration of putin and business as he caught up with the current presidential aide. and i asked him about the challenges that the new government is facing and how to keep up the economy growth rates the main challenge is to continue and there is speculation in modernization of the russian economy this challenge is under threat given unstable demographic station we were able to achieve our goal to stabilize relations last year we need to continue same pace also we'll have to reform health sector education sector. pension prices and finally computing and protection of property rights creating comfortable investment climate. or the top of the joined. presidential because you have
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a cause which then you can catch is full interview on monday on r.t. kevin that's all i have for you absolutely thanks for bringing some today that dimitri appreciate it now looking ahead in just a few minutes time facebook theory people of ellen is guest debate the new timeline that's been introduced by the social network the public outraged about it and the risks it may entail what do you think about it it's an interesting program coming up just for the round up our top stories of the day you are watching are from moscow.
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culture is that so much of a moment taxpayers' money meant ization it means a lot of people at ariel many people are turning to facebook's timeline to share all kinds of experiences and moments others are concerned about the security and safety of this new. download the official ante up location to i phone the i pod touch from the jumps to
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