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why from moscow this is the weekly with me kevin owen is a roundup of the top stories of the last seven days and of course today and the big story we're covering right now for you developing in central moscow as you can see there these are the latest live pictures protesters throwing smoke grenades and fireworks in clashes with riot police in moscow right now government rally with a number of opposition leaders arrested after apparently inciting crowds of police orders to move in the last few minutes you can see there alexina the. taken off by the police out there really they were trying to encourage them to sit in
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there until quote putin goes we're going. to elaborate on that little bit later he's a correspondent on the scene other stories we're following incumbent nicolas sarkozy and rival from swallowing face off in from says presidential election the end of a bitter battle that could redefine the country's role on the world stage other stories are leading human rights activists from bahrain is arrested days before he is to where is interview with julian assange to which he spoke of the violent crackdown on protesters in his home country you can keep abreast of everything that's happening in moscow of course as i mentioned there we go there live feed of what's happening now a square at r.t. dot com we're continuing to feature those pictures from that camera that vantage point ok no next we explore the connection between big bucks and the revolutionary drive across the globe as we talk to author war correspondent chris hedges for the next few minutes.
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chris hedges is an american author journalist former war correspondent and respected expert on middle east politics the pulitzer prize winner is also a man who is suing the us president and secretary of defense will be talking about that and a range of other issues as mr hedges joins me now for a one on one interview thank you very much for sitting down with r.t. sure we have seen a lot of violence and instability over the past couple of years the arab spring foreign intervention in libya uncontrollable debt problems and riots in the u.s. and throughout europe threats of global recession how do you think these political and economic crises feed off of one another and keep that momentum going well it's all the same crisis which is the collapse of globalization it doesn't work anymore and it manifests itself through the rise of commodity prices forty seven million americans live in poverty they're not spending half of their income on food but
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they're now spending about thirty five percent. when you see a rise in gasoline prices. which are going up words in the united states and in oil projections will continue to rise up words above four dollars a gallon maybe five dollars a gallon so. we have created a kind of global oligarchy elite which is super national it owes no loyalty to any particular country it has reduced the working class within the united states within the developing world. to a level of almost subsistence existence it tells workers that they have to be competitive on a global marketplace which means they have to be competitive with sweatshop workers in bangladesh or prison labor in china so we are it's a reconfiguration by corporations of a global economy where the working and and. beleaguered middle class are
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increasingly caught in a vise. in which there is no escape the system of globalization of unfettered unregulated corporate capitalism doesn't work for the ordinary citizen and that we are seen ignite popular protests and i think that's the main reason why occupy wall street began in new york emplaced not just the nation but the world what does the occupy movement lack to become a real politic factor in the us and throughout the world right i mean the other thing about the occupy movement is that it had the right target which is wall street at this point washington is an appendage of wall street well street is where power lies both economic and political and so it it it was a powerful movement because it articulated these two truths. you know the idea of the one percent the economic inequality coupled with a targeting of where actual power lies the occupy movement has now. felt the
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full wrath of the state they've been their encampments have been physically eradicated. without question they have been heavily infiltrated the power of the occupy movement was that it spoke for the mainstream and the state's goal is to sever the occupy movement from the mainstream so the occupy movement has got to build walls it's got to develop a kind of self-discipline it's got to set standards which do not allow internal movements within the occupy. organization to sever itself from the mainstream and the threat of the occupy movement in zuccotti park and you were there was that on weekends you had mothers from new jersey with their kids with strollers this terrified so the occupy movement they have to form agreements by which they can operate and the second thing is that they have to begin to organize around very
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specific issues i think if the occupy movement organizes around raising the minimum wage from seven dollars twenty five cents an hour which is the federal minimum wage to ten dollars an hour. it can galvanize around an issue seventy percent of americans by the way support a rise of the minimum wage in order to keep labor with it it has to latch on to issues such as the raising the minimum wage that will bring labor out into the street and keep the main stream keep it as the kind of vanguard movement of the mainstream whether it can do that or not i don't know we'll have to see what role do you see for u.s. banks and u.s. corporations how else if not through them can the economy get. overcovered well the the not only are we not in a recovery i mean the the the banks are playing some very dirty game the fact that we've not regulated the banks the fact that we bailed out firms like goldman sachs and are in essence lending them free money what's the big zero one percent interest
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or something means they're all back to the speculative games and that's what they are games they don't produce anything they bet against things when one of the reasons the price of petrol is rising is because they're buying up futures and hoarding them which is what they do with commodity prices you know basic staples of food rice and everything else and we are headed for another implosion and some of our most respected financial reporters gretchen morgenson and others at the new york times walking around saying this we've done nothing to curb them we have permitted the largest transference of wealth upwards in american history the looting of the u.s. treasury or the tragedy is that the government when the banks were on its knees didn't step in instead of for instance creating taking ten billion dollars. or one hundred billion dollars in creating regional banks capitalizing those banks
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leveraging them ten to one loaning you know refinancing mortgages i mean there were all sorts of ways we could use this kind of money constructively we handed it off to a criminal class and speaking of government in the u.s. currently in an election year republican candidates are now battling one another for the opportunity to oppose for iraq obama come november however skeptics view both parties as more similar than different because we've seen military invasions corporate bailouts and breaks for the wealthiest under both democrats and republicans how can a new political force start to grow in america if it's sort of that the same type of cycle every four years well that's the problem and it's gotten worse because after citizens united in two thousand and ten with the creation of these super pacs and obama broke a campaign promise by. reaching out to a super pac of his own i mean in
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a way he has no choice because this money rules and it has a pernicious effect not only on elections but on the process of legislation because if you are an elected official and you do anything. that angers corporate lobbyists and corporate power then you know that the weight of that super pac will sweep you out of office and not only that but that when you are under attack you won't have a super pac to appeal to so it is essentially destroyed i mean it's all political theater i mean look at what the republican debate is what's it about the colonies supporting the newt gingrich and when thirteen thousand people live on the moon they can apply to be a state you know. the fact is the personal narratives and personal pinions of political candidates do not matter there is no way to vote in this country against the interests of goldman sachs obama is a more appealing political candidate because he's sane but our i mean look the
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obama administration has carried out the policies of the george w. bush administration whether in terms of wall street imperial projects a failure to address the suffering of the working class. address the long term unemployment crisis we have cities now filing for bankruptcy states that are talking about filing for bankruptcy and the federal government is doing nothing except squandering four trillion dollars on wars that we're going to lose we're losing and handing money over to a class on wall street that is complicitous in a centrally hollowing the country out from the inside the u.s. claims to promote democracy within america and throughout the world when it comes to syria the u.s. is calling essentially for regime change sovereign state the u.s. says that syrians deserve democratic transition but when you mention countries like
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iraq afghanistan and libya shouldn't the u.s. and in some ways learn some lessons before trying to teach more countries about well let's imagine how this so those in the middle east. where we were mubarak's great supporter. you know i don't think anyone in the muslim world thinks that we care much about human rights or democracy we have since the first gulf war planted military base some the size of small cities i think there is at this point absolutely no credibility i'm talking about within the middle east when the united states claims that it would like to bring liberty or democracy to syria. that said the assad regime and was there under is farther is a pretty repugnant and horrible regime my feeling on syria and i'm not on the ground and as a reporter you know i i think that finally for one to make those kinds of judgments
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have to be on the ground but my feeling is that everything should be pushed through to create some kind of a cease fire because in cities like cities like homes at this point aside from the murderous showing and everything else you really have a situation where who can eat and there's no water and and so rather than pass a resolution that calls for a removal or resolution. that you know calls for intervention or anything else i would rather see them work more incrementally if that doesn't happen do you think there's any chance of european military intervention i don't think so i think the u.s. is so overextended and i think that the situation in syria is so messy there is you know there's no real formal opposition. you know it's a sort of a mess and they just went through this in libya months and months of hard time
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believing they do it again and syria will have to leave it right there mr hedges thank you for your time and for speaking with r.t. thanks. the people of the united states and their friends and allies will not live at the mercy of an outlaw regime that threatens the peace with weapons of mass murder his regime as an active program to acquire and develop nuclear weapons and let there be no doubt about we know for a fact there are limits there. this were just being carried out into the direction of dr david kay a respected scientist and former u.n. inspector was leading the weapons search in iraq we are determined to take this apart you have a tremendous a group of dedicated american men and women involved in this with the best assets
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of the intelligence community can provide. data cheney is not going to be done with this for quite some time david kay wants more time and he says it could take another six to nine months to make a definitive finding ministration is asking congress for hundreds of millions more six hundred million dollars to fund the continuing search have not yet found shiny pointy things that i would call a weapon before we can draw from conclusions we need to let the iraq survey group complete its work. we were all wrong probably in my judgment. and that is most disturbing. sometimes the true patriot takes the unpopular course but helps their country of origin stakes and even if they come this way at least they track patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels and i think these are scoundrels they have no argument now they have no defense for what they did the country is in
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a terrible international security situation and i think it's perilous so they're attacking the patriotism of other. breaking news this protesters throw smoke grenades and fireworks in clashes with riot police in moscow government rally with a number of opposition leaders the rest of the last hour after apparently inciting crowds of five plain soldiers to move day you see. two gentlemen the next see me. off being arrested who bit earlier on the. other top stories today come with nicolas sarkozy and rival francois alarm face off in france's presidential election the end of a particular could redefine the country's role in the world stage. and a leading human rights activists from bahrain was arrested just days before he is to where is an interview with julian assange which he spoke of
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a violent crackdown on protesters in his home country more details of all those stories include the breaking news of course we'll bring you the latest on what's happening in moscow in fifteen minutes time for the sport with kate next. a lot of thank you for joining me for the latest on the action packed sunday the top story is. the europhiles ten months apart sucking rain runs in these parades as the russian champion loses three two in st petersburg well there's not much to do with the party in the final battle for european football. while looking at manchester city now one hundred the english premier league trophy after winning. chasing a new console manchester united are about to kick off i just want to say. under the ring back glory not going to cause
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a grand sixty six it. remains on course to overhaul the absent donald to regain the world number one spot. but that's kick off with russian premier league football where ten month spot at moscow spoiled the celebrations of newly crowned champions and after they won three to incent petersburg to go second into the last champions league spot well it is a need look to finish that doesn't count pain in spoiled when top scorer alexander goes you go off to put them in front of twenty three minutes but the game turned on its head in the final twenty minutes first the not levels the sponsor then is it needs were awarded a penalty and that is to not just beat the goalkeeper to make it to one but to just two minutes later emmanuel every kneecap put sponsor level again and then immediately saw red for an obscene gesture however despite that last rafael trujillo timespan talks went off in the eighty ninth minute to ensure they leap frog has got into second loss and it still celebrated retaining that title when you
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want and she all facing routine with both targeting you work for these places and at the bottom and vulgar i'll back in to avoid the relegation play offs that you take on i'm come. where did i must go miss. the chance to go second despite snatching a last gasp two two draw at home to lokomotiv. opened for locker off a twenty seven minutes twenty one meeting has made premier league go but kevin karami levelled straight after the end for a cracking and a kick out the germans formica however with ten minutes to go denise you should go for it because it will be instant cross to put the visitors back in front. range strike in for some of it in the last minute it ended to all and i'm on our trail so prices down by a point but have one game left to play the army men have to.
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be all over england leaders manchester city have moved one step closer to their first top flight cranston's nine hundred sixty eight after winning two nil at newcastle in the premier league you out or a scored twice in the last twenty minutes to ensure if you go top by three points ahead of much of the ninety's are about to kick off and i'm just wondering well elsewhere in the dying minutes talking could leave for gasol into third with a win at struggling aston villa that they had danny rose sent off in the forty ninth minute and at the other end of the table third bottom bolton and fourth bottom q.p.r. both need to histories that relegation fears a discourse on your screen there. and in the meantime chelsea captain john terry says his team deserved to lift the f.a. cup for the seventh time after they beat liverpool two one in the final at wembley ramirez open for the players after eleven minutes beating goalkeeper pepe reina has never post and then in the second half didier drogba who's always scored when he played at wembley made it to no however andy carroll came off the bench for the
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reds and called a goal back in the sixty fourth minute and then seven minutes from time the striker thought he'd had a little pull level but the goal wasn't given with replay showing the board didn't appear to fully cross the line and chelsea hung on to change their first piece of silverware for two years. i don't like the philosopher so for that was the agreement that was around become one of those no it wasn't supposed to be made a great side actually to keep him out but for most of the gramophone we don't know why because of the wind however the job is only hoff done as far as chelsea are concerned in a fortnight travel to buy in munich for the champions league final now in the hope of winning a unique double. there are two crucial week for us we want to first find out. for fifteen if you've been there you have been a good turn to him i know to do the most important in europe. and we are all looking forward to play this game. it's going to ice hockey and after coming back
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to cruise paul's latvia russia looking to make it to him is fun too as they take on norway at the world championships while gold in the semi on by off is once again between the times for russia after producing twenty four saves five to one there where all the norwegians lost that much to sweden and the other big much of the day defending champions finland taking on slovakia. now to boxing in floyd mayweather jr has kept his unbeaten record intact but only just following one of the toughest fights of his career against miguel cotto in las vegas well it was billed as the fight of the year and mayweather had to work hard for his forty third overall victory holding off a tireless conflict before knocking him in the twelfth rounds to claim the w.p.a. light middleweight belt the judges made him the clear winner with a unanimous points decision and often it's my view that was full of respect for his opponent it was also a massive paid a fee for thirty five year old who picks up a thirty two million dollars before starting his three month jail sentence to
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mystic abuse. as a child compared to a new i dedicate myself by don't get this was going to be easy fight i don't look to look into going into this fight expected an easy fight like i said before to me . was an undefeated fighter he fought one guy and. he fought another guy who was cheat in the sport he brought his best and maybe bite down a fight or. well the match up that everyone can't wait to see is mayweather taking on money pacquiao as the filipino congressman was arrived in america but is preparing to defend his w b o welterweight title against lesser known opponent timothy bradley there's a month to go before the two square off balance by you guessed it the thirty three year old champion is already deep in preparation to take on a man who is five years his junior. but i have the green hearted book with a very difficult bit of fire because i'm fighting with the. younger guys
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i'm very hard doing. defending moto g.p. champion casey stone has claimed his second straight victory by winning the portuguese to go top of the overall standings historians started on paul on the storm to wait for him to block victory he held off the challenge of former champion holding the reins i would but over a second in estoril stone as on the team right down if the draw is ok with. the young at heart you are playing yourself and count prochoice so not now leaves the standings by a single point from the runs but american college had which is set to undergo surgery on monday after fracturing his left collarbone in qualifying. now into boscobel and defending n.b.a. champions the dallas mavericks have been knocked out of the playoffs in the first round they were swept four nil by oklahoma city to rally for a one hundred feet points to a ninety seven victory in dallas and elsewhere the los angeles clippers are two one
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up in their best of seven series against memphis a single point victory san antonio now needs just one more win against after that one hundred ninety to ninety eight trick and three no luck overall in the honor also on the brink of progressing on track to orlando to go three one up in that contest. very very proud of our guys. showing a great deal of resiliency in the face of a furious comeback by the magic obviously give credit to. all their players and coaching staff for just really fighting down the stretch and making it a heck of a basketball game. a lot of fun out there good good end up on the plus side of the game like that. let's turn to golf now where local man webb simpson has reclaimed the lead at the wells fargo championships the world number two rory mcilroy produced the most eye catching performance of the third round here is the twenty three year old on the far right in
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a bunker at the fifth the northern irishman could return to the top of the world rankings this week if he produces a top seven finish by a hollow body and find an alternate round of sixty six two shots off the lead tied in third along with american nick watney but it's simpson who's out in front his rival sixty nine sent him back to the top of the leaderboard and a shot ahead of the eight points and one more. house where sprinting you saying bolt has posted the fastest time of the season in the one hundred meters to slow down the gauntlet ahead of this summer's london olympics the world and olympic champion was running for the first time this year and in his native jamaica we have to endure a couple of false starts from his competitors watch the twenty five year old kept his cool to blow away the field in nine point eight two seconds a sterling effort but still slower than his own world record of nine point five eight seconds however bolt has said he's targeting an amazing nine point four in
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london so watch this space. and also beginning at the right time is he was the one hundred ten meters that is champion from the t.v. for lympics now since the chinese start these directory in japan and design of the top dog in london especially after failing to deliver its native beijing four years ago. that's all the support for this bill is an r.v. back in just under two hours with another update he's joining end there. well with. science technology innovation all the moves developments from around russia we've got the future covered. join me on a journey to the heart of the kremlin to place is hidden from the tourists he's going to meet some real kremlin insiders although they may not be the usual news
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makers you see on t.v. . looking. for ways to get.
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