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tv   [untitled]    May 8, 2012 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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changes at the top in russia's vladimir putin outlined his new presidential policies. coals for unity under reforms as dmitri medvedev could be applying his modernization strategy as prime minister. is no everyone's clear he says protests continue with so clutches and arrests made all the details just ahead. setting out to germany zero dominance and ending foreign wars france's newly elected socialist leader is facing tough pressure to leave a sarkozy era behind. and it's a vote for stability for a man in syria after people made their choice in the country's first multi-party
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elections and half century. is eight am in the russian capital you're watching r t with me arena josh welcome to the program now we forms are on the way for russia vladimir putin back at the helm for a third term he's already busy setting out his strategy for the next six years while parliament is set to vote on former president vs canada c s a new prime minister well to explain what changes are in store for russia let's now talk to our tease peter oliver. good morning to you peter now what are the main challenges put in has already focused on is new but the milieu row. president putin's already signed a series of strategic orders to to put in place policies. changes now these include
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seeing a wage increase for teachers and doctors a wage increase of around one and a half times also put in place a system to try and make it to make housing more affordable he wants to cut the price of apartments so more people can own their own homes in russia now there's also army reform is being on the table as well putin saying that seventy percent of the the weapons in the armed forces must be replaced with modern arms by twenty twenty now it's also in the sphere of federal and local government that he's put forward reforms in changes now these changes. to try and make the systems that are in place more accessible to the people of russia now these include things like cutting the much sometimes anybody will wait in a queue in a government office two to fifteen minutes also using the internet to try and make the government more transparent and to increase transparency of the of the
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political systems in place also in dealing with bureaucrats not to be a putin wanting to see the qualifications that bureaucrats have increased also join root out any kratz not doing their job correctly and to remove them from their positions staying with those bureaucrats they're also going to have their their incomes looked at they'll bureaucrats going to have to declare everything they can to try and stamp out corruption in all levels of government now we're also going to see a online system of feedback with regards to police and security forces so that anybody who has a particular grievance can now be able to put forward that grievance on an online forum on the court system here in russia also up for a change to be made more accessible both physically on did an online medium webcams
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to be placed in courtrooms so that trials could be streamed on the internet. well here what about the new prime minister then what kind of leadership can we expect if meter maid of takes the post. well to me he made yet his candidacy is going to be put to the parliament later on tuesday it's widely expected that he will be approved as the the next prime minister now made yet of as president was always the most nice he always looked to try and use technology to try and open up russia's political system as we've heard that vladimir putin is wanting to push forward with using the internet to try and make russia's government more transparent well that was a system that was first put forward by to meet you may get even it's expected that if he takes the role as prime minister we're going to see more of that modernizing more of us use of technology to try and open up russia's political system and make it more accessible to the people it's there to work for all right peter thanks very much indeed for bringing us the something here all of our reporting there. however
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it's not all been plain sailing for a lot of important despite a majority vote in the presidential election opposition activists to to the streets on inauguration day was protests continuing overnight and some groups clashed with police and arrests were made at artie's jacob green cross the latest for us so jacob how did these latest protests come about. she organized by someone who's played a very prominent part when it comes this protest movement so far alexei and an anti corruption blogger he uses twitter accounts called people to come out for a better future people out numbering in the conjurer's to attend here in central moscow now they stayed here throughout the course of the evening some of them including alexei navalny and so you know the prominent member of this opposition movement a leader of the left front they tried to move about and see where they met some
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clashes with police now a few to be detained among them alexina found me and. as well as three others and yesterday we also saw a number of these protesters being arrested of to. about over one hundred throughout the course of the day and the early hours of this morning largely because a lot of these demonstrations at the moment officially un sanctions. as. well you know we've seen far bigger protests following the parliamentary and presidential election so who has been leading the action there. already is a bit of an umbrella organization is being characterized as symbolized by these white ribbons that's why they've been quit for the free and fair elections comes on the back of course of the parliamentary elections allegations of that soul food is on the key two figures have been those such as i like saying that down and he's being attacked by some for having slightly more radical and unsavory use this really symbolizes the biggest split when it comes to this protest movement and all
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those slightly more radical cooling fool revolution there all of those who just want to rerun when it comes to december parliamentary elections and the recent presidential elections and we have seen a course of what he saw as mass demonstrations taking place since december with tens of thousands of people gathering in central moscow go in the back of the presidential elections that's occurred in march well then support started for the window they didn't really manage to get just as many numbers out on the streets as only really very recently on sunday just ahead of me putin's presidential inauguration boy saw those clashes with police taking place. ok jacob thanks very much indeed for bringing us the latest artist jacob graves reporting there from central moscow. well why would he was sworn in as the new head of state on monday
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at an opulent ceremony in moscow and we've got all the highlights online activity dot com so watch the president arriving at the kremlin taking an oath on the constitution and being welcomed by thirty one gun. salut the grand ceremony was followed by an exquisite lunch. while those lucky enough to get an invitation to rub shoulders with russian and foreign v.i.p.'s enjoy caviar and champagne but was a party over of life were put in as a country to rule so find out what's in store for him as he makes a comeback russia's top job falls out a much more it's available on our website r t v dot com. there is a new leader in france to where francois hollande snatched victory from nicolas sarkozy on sunday but as he's getting ready to move into the elysee palace the country is waiting for a change as tests are silly reports alond will have to find answers fast. out with the old. in with
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a new. trust was a lot to ask a victory in the french presidential elections the people here are saying that france is once again peaceful event here they had voted for change but the question is how soon are they going to see that change and what kind of threats are they really going to have and the world is asking precisely the same question. is is that people rejected because it would then france would also like france for many reasons one of them was his personal arrogance so we can hope that in foreign policy is going to move in the right direction that is less arrogant. be it arrogance or something else there was no hiding the eagerness to lead the libyan intervention sending french warplanes in first he of course betrayed himself along as deliberate of libya but he kept that extremely quiet. allegations kept
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coming out about his relationship with gadhafi the result tonight or it's clear they wanted to stop that kind of policy and that's going about. receive it in night it's the night of the hope of getting you know the march the circles he has created an awful image of friends we don't want divisions within the french society we don't want the bombing of arab countries where friends of the arabs. a lot is being branded france's new hope or gadget one task ahead of him to sort through the euro crisis and clean up an image which many think is no longer in line with what's to additional the french while foreign policy took a backseat during the campaign did throw out two moves one go head to head with germany's angela merkel on really go shading the e.u. fiscal pact believe me she will experience in the coming months the power of the good i mean the negotiation power of america because. we
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face an election in one year and she will not be willing to compromise we said was a french president and to withdraw french troops from afghanistan a year earlier than planned it's a sign that i think you want to scale down the foreign policy but i would guess that is going to be. considerate of what is happening in the in the rest of the world and will focus on economic issues within europe at the end of the day all the french really want are jobs and leadership that truly represents them both at home and abroad. tesser cilia our team partners. so i have for this hour here in our fueling debate hillary clinton's visit to india hoping to ramp up pressure on to ride over its nuclear program find out whether the second biggest consumer of iranian crude is happy to make concessions. also more victims of police brutality
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in the u.s. leave manny questioning just who isn't forcing the law enforcers. syrians have voted in the country's first multi-party elections in five decades the government hailed the ballot as a major step towards reform but it was boycotted by the opposition which helped protest instead as artists are a further reports mannie in the country are aware of the months old conflict and made their choice so as not to see the vote as a missed opportunity. it didn't get the stamp of approval from the opposition who had called for a boycott the people did turn out to vote in syria's parliament to elections the elections taking place against the backdrop of instability in the country and the credibility of the very it's being called into question with the opposition boycotting the vote so that their participation the real question is just how serious a change will this election bring to the political landscape in syria and that's what we've been finding out. cause we have some disturbance and some of this is.
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we have to approve that we can move forward and we can overcome this obstacle here . for people who are like people who support shia people who say yes for syria no for to no for holding yes could be used for developing because there were no international observers here something some felt should have been an option authorities say the people overseeing the voting would doing so objectively and the monitor at this poll told us or been levi elations so far. everything has been going smoothly people are taking part in the motions with alz violations more than seven thousand candidates have been vying for public support fourteen million people allowed to vote in syria and they've been trying to gain the support to win one of the two hundred fifty seats that are going to be available in the new parliament fourteen million people were eligible to vote but amongst those not
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participating will be the tens of thousands of political prisoners and the huge chunks of the population who are now refugees having fled their homes from the violence this is led to serious questions about the legitimacy of the ballot but as international opinion surrounds the political developments in syria one analyst stressed that this vote is a vote for syrians and by syrians. this is to. comes from the people one. president goes. to most. of this for him probably sees. the one who can declare the president asserted is illegitimate illegitimate. lost his legitimacy who is used to receive the syrians. who are the rights that is
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a right that they've been exercising whether it's turning out to cast the ballot or attempting to demonstrate in the streets even among those voting there was something he said they felt the elections were unlikely to bring about any theories change but they said they believe that after fifteen months of unrest they had to at least try. to syria. bahrain's main human rights activists remains behind bars in the country on charges of an siding protest and bill or job as one of the leaders of the popular uprising and an outspoken critic of the state's royal family was detained late saturday on his arrival from lebanon the arrest occurred just days before his appearance on joining us on the show here on our team for a job that posted on his twitter feed that he was going to be interviewed by the famous whistleblower asar into the cell believes that is precisely what provoked his arrest on the show that we can lead her quizzed him along with an egyptian activist over the revolutions in the arab states won them based azer and journalist
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. believes the bill rajab and his fellow activists have a mountain of challenge to face in the future where there is no case against him the case is against the british and american and european governments that are backing bahrain i don't know i don't know how long julian assange has been under house arrest here in this country without charge but they obviously seem to think that they're going to arrest his interviewees very disturbing what's happened to the bra. stint of the bahrain center for human rights is not just him more worryingly of course is. no longer strike i understand his daughter who is also being in custody case not coming up till later in the week you know they are killing people fifty dead in a country that small equates to a lot of people this is an apartheid state being backed by the obama administration in the years two thousand and nine two thousand and ten as if seeing what was about to happen in bahrain the obama administration stepped up sales which include
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equipment used by the authorities in bahrain to suppress the protests and to this is ongoing and they know journalists that are covering. the next episode of join us on the show featuring to be our job is on air today at eleven thirty g.m.t. so don't miss it. speaks to two leading revolutionaries one from bahrain where the revolution once an egypt where the revolution is now in turmoil what makes a revolution and where is the arab spring going to go. and he is attempting to avoid a showdown with the u.s. so words continue dealings with iran the american secretary of state hillary clinton is in new delhi for high level talks and she's so far persuaded the authorities to sharply drop imports of rain oil in an attempt to pressure the islamic state over its controversial nuclear program well for more on clinton's visit and i'm joined by artist british ritter is in new delhi for us priya so delhi
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has made significant cuts but clinton still once more at a refusal mainland india with sanctions so what's any a stance now because it's such a rapidly growing economy and need to fuel obviously. that's right marina obviously as you mentioned india is actually against sanctions on iran they believe that there are different ways to deal with the iran issue and as of right now india is the second biggest customer. right sorry about. korea japan. and here is. i can hear you guys you know what i was just saying is that india china japan and south korea together actually account for sixty percent of the customers of iranian oil and actually it's very interesting the timing of secretary of state hillary clinton's visit here to delhi because it actually coincides with a trade delegation that's here from iran the president of the chamber of commerce
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from iran is here in delhi trying to court delhi and get delhi to continue buying oil from iran obviously the united states and the e.u. has placed an oil embargo on iran over its controversial nuclear program they believe that iran is developing nuclear weapons iran has maintained this entire time that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes now many people are saying that it's very interesting because these things sions or this oil embargo on iran is not going to work without the help of asian countries because they make such they make up such a significant percentage of the customers of iranian oil and the e.u. actually only accounts for eighteen percent of the customers for iranian oil so actually hillary clinton's trip she came to india from china and a lot of people are saying that. because she's courting the brics countries brazil russia india china and south africa because they're not going to be able to push
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their agenda on iran without the help of those countries on india is waiting to see if washington would actually go through with putting same chins on their country because president obama said at the end of the year last year that any country that was going to continue doing business with iran would be punished those companies that do continue to do business with iran and so iran seems to be the very hot button issue here in delhi and it's causing some strange but strain i should say between the india u.s. relations well you just mentioned what other interest is hillary clinton pursuing in the region. well a lot of people are saying that you know india has been a very strategic ally to the united states because of the geopolitical interests in this region you know one of india's big neighbors that the united states seems to
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have an eye on is china obviously china has a huge growing economy the i.m.f. in the press has projected that its economy is going to surpass the united states in just a few years so a lot of people are saying that you know washington is courting delhi doing civilian nuclear deal is trying to increase trade and things like that in an attempt to have an ally strategically close to china i've even talked to many defense analysts about all of this india's trying to upgrade its military technology and the united states is trying to sell a lot of its military equipment to india perhaps to have some sort of partnership with india in the future in case the conflict arises that's what many defense analysts have told me another major issue that the two countries are expected to talk about hillary clinton and the prime minister are talking about afghanistan as well because obviously when the united states pulls out of afghanistan india will have to step in and make sure that this this region is stable or
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a prius ritter thanks very much indeed for bringing us the. daily word hillary clinton is visiting. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world here on r.t. the cia claims that war that al qaida flawed to bomb an airliner in the first anniversary of the killing of osama bin laden involve the bomb concealed in underwear that was to be detonated the board of passenger jet a similar scheme was used in december two thousand and nine but failed on the explosives didn't detonate properly no information has been released about the status or identity of the would be bomber. israeli prime minister and opposition have reached an agreement following all night and give to avoid snap elections they now plan to form a unity government with denham and netanyahu is party on monday netanyahu brought the date for the poll forward to september fourth accusing the opposition of and populism. president has said the recent nato killings of civilians could hinder
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a peace pact he signed with barack obama last week they remain covers the long term u.s. role in afghanistan after its planned withdrawal in twenty fourteen the move comes after an airstrike by coalition forces killed fourteen people and injured six others in the country's northwest doesn't have died in the past few days and nato airstrikes. two police officers have gone on trial in the u.s. accused of beating to death a homeless man as he cried out for help it's the latest in a spate of police brutality cases but as are his marine aboard now reports many in the u.s. feel justice is not being served. so you were two thousand and twelve shooting death of teenager trayvon martin when marley graham was shot and killed inside his home two on armed african-american teenagers in two separate states succumb to the same fate in florida trayvon martin was carrying candy when he was gunned down by neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman a bronze teenager bam pursued by police moments before he was killed in new york
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city where marley graham was standing in his bathroom when he was shot in the chest by a plainclothes narcotics officer who forced himself into the home without a warrant the eighteen year old was not in possession of a gun or drugs and according to n.y.p.d. officials the thirty year old cop who pulled the trigger lacked the proper training to work in his assigned unit two months have passed and there have been no charges in connection with the killing but it's a lack of training in these situations and a lack of respect for the community so you're patrolling that allows an officer to sort of act in the unauthorized and discipline outside the guidelines manner which in essence is acting like a cowboy you know we're not in the wild west the fatal police shooting of a sixty eight year old ex marine kenneth chamberlain sr was the u.s. war veteran who fell victim to unnecessary deadly police force last november the
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sixty eight year old was tasered and shot by officers who responded to a false alarm from a medical alert pendant chamberlain reportedly instructed the officers to leave before they broke his door down an investigation into his killing remains ongoing too often the police are putting themselves in situations where violence becomes a more likely outcome and this is the result often of overly aggressive policing policies the exact number of americans killed by overly aggressive policing remains unknown because the u.s. department of justice does not require police departments to report fatal shooting statistics meanwhile. the new york city police department the world's largest has refused to release internal reports on police shootings from one nine hundred ninety six through two thousand and six until you begin holding those officers accountable until when they commit certain acts they actually go to jail or they lose their pensions you're going to have
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a resistance because they feel sometimes that they can commit these acts with impunity meaning that they know that other than a few headaches or hiccups nothing is really going to happen to them which is why we bring cases and actions against the officers. persistent use of police tasers is also being blamed for the death of five hundred people in the u.s. since two thousand and one with your head according to amnesty international dozens of deaths can be traced to unnecessary force oh. policies for taser use vary from state to state. experts say it's time for washington to create strict national guidelines to protect the public bar. from police growing trigger happy with electric shock devices this would help clarify things both for police departments and also frankly would strengthen the hands of people who want to bring litigation against the police for civil rights violations because
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it would show it would provide a standard that they could use for challenging these local police practices critics claim that justice is rarely served when those who kill turn out to be u.s. police officers in many instances leaving the very people interested in forcing a law well protected when they violate marine upper nile artsy new york. law in just a few minutes here in r t was a down with nato deputy chief to talk anti-missile to fan systems in europe that's after the headlines.
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