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tv   [untitled]    May 8, 2012 8:31am-9:01am EDT

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one of president putin's first acts in office was to order the foreign ministry to obtain clear guarantees that america's missile defense shield is not a threat to russia next we talked to nato his deputy secretary general on the future of cooperation between moscow and the alliance. alexander vershbow deputy secretary general great to have you with us sir good to be here so i want to start with something you probably never heard before russia is greatly concerned about nato anti-missile defense system will be able to shoot down its nuclear missiles that's upsetting the balance in the region but then you go on this topic has started two years ago in two thousand and ten why do you think that is that the united states still isn't haven't been able to personally rochelle's the opposite well it's not something that is very satisfying and we want to
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continue to work on this dialogue with russia. but it is a serious difference of opinion that we have to overcome because it's really about the facts about the science about the capabilities of the system that nato is developing with the strong contribution from the united states we remain convinced that there is no danger to the russian strategic nuclear force not today not ten years from now and that the russian analysis is based on a series of worst case to some sions and and unrealistic assumptions that creates an image of a threat which really doesn't exist there's so much to be gained from cooperating. there's a threat out there that's significant today and will be growing by the end of this decade. more and more of europe including european russia will be within range of ballistic missiles possibly equipped with nuclear weapons or chemical weapons so if
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we can cooperate if we can link our systems plan together. that have our experts working together twenty four hours a day i think that russia can overcome its concerns and become a real full partner of nato on missile defense but russia is still doubtful and you're absolutely right when you say not allow but it is worried that maybe five six seven years time the european anti missile defense system will be able to shoot down for example specifically its concern about the modifications of the s. and three interceptor that can travel fast enough to actually shoot down russia's new cells and sent a key issue it's a very technical issue but it's a very fundamental issue is that nato system can't fire and that's today system in the system we might have ten years from now it cannot fire until the road till the i.c.b.m. that it's targeting has finished its powered flight until the engine burns out and only then is it going in a ballistic trajectory by the time that happens. if this we're talking about
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a russian system it'll be too far to the north nato will it might fire but it will be chasing the tail that missile all the way to crashes into the arctic sea so what you're saying completely makes sense and you're not the first one to answer these questions but then here's the big question that i ask everyone and no one really can answer that question in that case why can't america when they took you legally bound and guarantees that's a complicated question relating in part to politics and in part to the nature of the problem the cooperation itself we think is the best guarantees come inside the structures participate in the planning learn more about the system we could agree to exchange information about what we're going to have not just tomorrow but five years from now ten years from now there's lots of ways to increase predictability which is really what russia is looking for
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a guarantee as we saw with the a.b.m. treaty it's just a piece of paper can be torn up and abandoned just took six months for president george w. bush to abandon the a.b.m. treaty so that didn't didn't serve as a barrier but co-operation predictability a full understanding of what the system can do looking out five ten years that's what we're prepared to provide and i think a solution can be found now i mention politics president obama when he sought the ratification of the new start treaty made some very specific commitments to the senate to get that treaty through he said that the united states will accept no limits on its ballistic missile capabilities i know president veggie have had to make similar deals to get it through the duma. but political leaders need to. i understand that no one has the ability to override the will of their of their parliaments i understand but in this case in this particular case america needs
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this defense system much more than russia because it's. it's a topic of concern for russia so if the only thing that's coming in the way of sealing the deal is the legal legal guarantee why not just give it because it would because of the commitments that have been made it would be rejected by our senate are we in a worse situation so i just don't think that's the answer i think political guarantees transparency predictability. and the benefits that come from cooperation in which nato would be helping russia protect its territory just as much as russia would be helping nato i think all that leads to the kind of confidence that. both necessary and sufficient to move forward well from what we're told they say european missile defense system is really directed against the iranian threat and it will be fully operational in two thousand and eighteen there are numerous ways right now to contain iran u.s.
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is building bases around it israel has kept abilities international sanctions are in place it really doesn't look like in the nearest future for another five six years iran will be representing a real threat to nato so why so what is the purpose of this whole european anti-missile system if iran is contained well there's a i think a legitimate debate that we could have maybe if we had more time about can iran a regime that has a radical ideology that has pledged to wipe country not far from its borders off the map whether it could really be contained. but yes the threat today is not. as bad as we think it will be five ten years ago ten ten years from now so we do have time to work this out right now the threat is concentrated mainly in the southeastern part of europe and southern part of russia if you look at the circles on the map. but we've also seen iran conduct tests of new generation missiles that
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are even longer range that can begin to threaten central europe by the end of the decade they'll be threatening northern europe will they actually attack who knows but having the missile defense capability would change their calculus they would know that they couldn't blackmail us they couldn't successfully carry out preemptive strikes. so that's so missile defense ultimately is part of deterrence at the regional level and we don't think it affects the turns at strategic level as you see what's to future up to european missile defense system taking into consideration the financial problems surrounding the u.s. so i think the system is still on course because it's in visits to be implemented in stages over many years. we have time to demonstrate to the skeptics that the systems are capable. that they can be produced within the budget constraints that
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are that are set by our congress and by nato this is a gradual process phase two doesn't begin till two thousand and fifteen that's three years from now the next phase is three years later twenty eighteen so. i think we can work out arrangements with russia. that would strengthen the security of nato and russia together say from the russian perspective the whole missile defense is break or make as far as they do as far as russian nature relations go in present advance of has stated more than one step at a new arms race could be in place if the two sides don't come to agreement but is it really as important to nato as it is to russia i would hope that at the end of the day it would be equally important to both parties because we're talking about our security and security of our people security of our territory. you know nothing more important than that. at the same time we take the russian concerns very
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seriously so we we have to address the concerns about strategic stability i think we can. and you know then i think we're going to really be thinking about nato russia relations in a totally new way. we're still not yet free of the. hostility in the suspicions of the cold war which is disappointing sort of been a long time since the berlin wall came down and the map of europe was changed irrevocably but those suspicions still linger and. it's our mutual obligation to try to work together to overcome how do you think the whole thing will play out with putting back in office he also has openly criticized the u.s. anti-missile defense plans as undermining trust between two nations i think that he's very familiar with the subject matter this issue has been with us for a long time he was discussing it with the previous hadley us administration when
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the last time he was president so. clearly there's a. maybe some. residual suspicion in distrust going back to some of those negotiations before the obama administration came into office but different topic nato has made a major contribution to the success of the libyan uprising kilby as current government install stability in the country without foreign military aid well we certainly hope so. it was never. our intention it was never the mandate to. to engage in a long term stability operation in libya the libyans are a proud people who you know want to take control of their their own future they're trying to. prepare for elections this spring. but. you know i think i accept the implicit part of your question that things are a bit confused right now inside libya and there's problems of control over some of
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the weapons that were. liberated from the from gadhafi as arsenals there's a very weak institutions whether one talks about the militias that are still operating or lack of a fully developed judicial system so they need they need help and hopefully the united nations can help in coordinating the kinds of assistance they need to build stronger institutions. no one seems to be calling for any international military involvement i think that what they need is help from both their arab friends from europe from the from the e.u. and any any individual actor who can share expertise that can help them put their house in order. no was planning to kill some very onset of the operation that wasn't nato has mission it wasn't nato responsibility. even though i think
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for the people of libya. it might have been done and through a more orderly process but. i think they have a brighter future today than they did one year ago alexander of first both nato deputy secretary thank you very much for this and it's a pleasure. admission free credit cation free in-store charges free arrangement free. three stooges free. old free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free media down to r.t. dot com. site fifty two meters.
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weight more than eight thousand tons. skin thickness thirty centimeters the guinness record holder. commemorating the battle of stalingrad. the motherland called. on our team.
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the headlines on our team and dmitri medvedev is expected to be voted in as prime minister by the country's lawmakers before forming a new government. and a hundreds of activists remain in central moscow protesting against putin's return to office some of them have been camping out of a knife after police made around. four hundred arrests following violent clashes on the eve of putin's inauguration. and france's newly elected leader francois hollande has little time to enjoy the taste of victory as he needs to get down to business to bring about the promised train journey leaving behind those stuck zero zero bring an end to aggressive foreign policies and tackling austerity are among the new president's first tasks. and he comes you know neal good to see you your world of sports now time for the longest of a russian football season reaching its final form long it certainly is rory
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a move from a twelve month to an eighteen month season this year to keep in line with other european seasons we know the champions needs in petersburg but we're just about to find out who could get that second champions league place in just a second. thanks for joining us this is sports today plenty to head over the next ten eleven minutes or so including the story simply. getting his state so in just hours after his russian presidential inauguration bloodier putin takes to the ice for a gala sporting event in moscow. let play command south for a five year bond by fifo over a head scarf usage iran's women footballers finally return to action taking on russia in a fight sell a. lot of horsing around in this early summer silly sport season takes to the
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racetrack for the annual mascots ground national. more not fascinating sport coming up in just a moment but let's kick off with football have the chance later today to all but a champions league place for next season the army man knowing a win would put them three points again above closest rivals currently second play . heading into the final day there's just one automatic champions league spot up for grabs in russia this year thoughts already gone to champions meets and petersburg while the second place team will enter the qualifying stages of the turn . to have been named as team of the decade at the international federation of football history and statistics event held in the capital city despite not winning the spanish league or qualifying for the champions league final this season or so won seven awards on the night including the best team of twenty eleven best european team all of the decade while i was going manager pep guardiola was named
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as were all football's top coach of last year. in the past four years truly played well and have want a lot of time as with everything else in life one has to evolve as time goes by opponents get to know you more and they study the way to win against you. from known highs to balls and that is what you manager to do the know what will have to do because otherwise the other teams improve more than you do. switching codes for russia will be seeking revenge against germany in their third match of the twenty twelve ice hockey world championships the german shock the red machine two zero in the group stages last year both sides have revamped the roster since then including in goal over seemed on. started both goals for the top ranked russian so far on the n.h.l. star will continue those net mining judi's later today still it will be up to russia's attack to do a field to do last year put some goals past the german rear guard russia have
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already beaten la and norway in the group stages. for his first ever armature ice hockey league is reaching its climax on to mark the occasion on monday night a gala much took place between a select of a mature players and a host of russian legends on does michael kravchenko reports there's also another very special guest. i soucie is huge in russia there's no question about it whether it's the iconic summit series from one nine hundred seventy two or the countless medals at the olympics ice hockey has always been at the heart of russia's sporting excellence and the newly created russian amateur i saw police aims to uphold that tradition russian hockey legends including two time olympic gold when the next level fifty seven took to the ice in an end of season gala match against the select lucky bunch of amateur players that's also visiting day was able to get out i think it will sap exists and of course they were all very sick of the
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russian federation's new president vladimir putin who might make a surprise appearance later on in true putin fashion he found the time not only to show up but also help his band of amateur players beat the legends team he scored almost as soon as he entered the fray and after setting up a vital last minute equaliser went on to secure his team's victory with a well taken penalty. i would like to say thank you to all of a trans i know how they admire the development of ice hockey how they found the time to support our russian beginners hockey league i'm constantly shocked at how many of our older generations follow and support ice hockey and i want to wish everyone good luck. and to cap off a successful night international icici federation president burning. down the time amidst the ongoing world championships to attend and say if you will words for. mr president i congratulate you. and dear
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friends i love you all the modern russia was and with that there is no doubt that the sports will have a staunch following for decades to come mark of genco r.t. moscow. carefully strike a puck out the orchard. hard to ignore with this new spurs have made it into the second round of the n.b.a. playoffs after winning their best of seven series against a huge challenge four zero the clean sweep completed on monday with tim duncan and co winning game for eighty seven eighty one wanted to know really top score with seventeen points for the spurs elsewhere the l.a. clippers they have taken a commanding three one lead in their series with memphis winning want to want to ninety seven in overtime chris paul taking over in the extra session to finish a twenty seven points clippers will now try to close out the series in tennessee on wednesday. we're looking. to move on so we have to do a good job in terms of handling the intensity of the game the physicality is going
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to be at a high which is great. and want to be ready for if we go in there just thinking you know we're just going to play a normal game that we're going to be in trouble we have to go with the intensity like you know our backs are against the wall ready to fly. back to football where the women's game in their run receive the must of boost in march fifth lifting their five year ban on players wearing headscarves uplift the international team free once again to playing global tournaments on which a pump or fleet went to watch as the country's food sell representatives took on russia right here in moscow. it's been a frustrating five years for female footballers from iran a ruling by fee for in two thousand and seven outlawed players wearing head scarves true to safety concerns women from iran are required to cover their head and neck due to the country's religious laws and the same applies to footballers with neither party willing to back down iran's women's olympic team were forced to pull
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out of a qualifier with jordan last am. however football's governing body finally overturned their ban on players wearing the he job out of the crew was used instead of metal pins to fasten the headscarf so overcoming feet a safety concern when it's football is always been very popular in iran however before the ban was overturned there were actually fears of the school could die until the country was top players were unable to appear in major competitions however through this new excitement and generation then are given opportunities for the criticises never heard of those players a certainly making the most of a new found freedom to play internationally though it was a long process to overturn peter's decision about him up with the move and it will spend a lot of time trying to convince the father there was no problem whatsoever in playing and he were really happy that they overturned the ban and that we can now play in headscarves and i can tell you that wearing the he job doesn't affect our player's performance and we're just so happy that we can now compete in international
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competitions and football is developing quickly in iran and there is now a frightening domestically with the number of competitions there are around fifty thousand women playing before bowl or window version of food sol in iran while there are also a number of rising stars which will hopefully continue to develop the sport in the country the weans foot solve team took on their russian counterparts and there were certainly some heavy challenges as both sides showed a lot of desire to win. unfortunately for iran despite going in early goal up they went on to eventually lose to one but the head coach says it's all part of a learning curve. russia was in iran two months ago and the results of the first two friendly matches there is was due to the one zero for russia but today actually. we really wanted to win this time but i think the. russian
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have more experience than os x. was over the run didn't manage to win the most important thing was very competing on the international stage once again and we're now free to play the sport can hopefully continue its rapid development in the country and worldwide richard wolffe we don't see moscow. finally neptune colognes me of one last month's a grand national indignant one of the most famous horse races in the world but this week a grand national with a difference was held at the annual moscow variety at kempton reus course forty six competitors representing professional and amateur sports clubs and or other organizations taking part in the one hundred meter dash with fences included it may look like just a bit of fun but one competitor was fun to be wearing spikes perhaps taking that just a little bit too seriously that is the winner there by a clear margin born of football clubs mr bumble he reiterated his dominance by
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retaining the title he won last here. busy as a baby well done to him and that is all your support i'll be back in just under two hours time with more. well into the. sun it's technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so horribly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm charged welcome to the big picture.
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soon which brightened. soon from phones to. me through stunts on t.v. dot com.
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dmitri medvedev is expected to be voted in as the prime minister by the country's lawmakers before forming a new government. and really inaugurated president putin has already ushered in his own corrections to russia's political goals join me in a few moments for all the latest. hundreds of activists remain in central moscow to protest against. the shortly. and france's newly elected leader. a little time to enjoy the fruits of victory as he needs to get down to business and bring about promised a change leaving behind the era of.
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