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tv   [untitled]    May 8, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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tonight r t it's a bird it's a plane no it's a blimp but this one isn't dropping t. shirts and free food coupons on people at sporting events it's government sanctioned surveillance and it could be collecting information on you in the near future. and the times they are a change in michael moore's vocals give occupy wall street a big boost and now these protesters are producing an album all speak with an artist and music exactly who are advocating change through saw twenty three percent of all children of them from the children are one hundred percent of the future
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what kind of future will we really talking about. bullets and to six like that it's hard to ignore the ugly truth america's youth is falling into the growing wealth gap one in five now considered poor in the us really stay on top when so many are struggling to keep their heads above water. it's tuesday may seventh am here in washington d.c. i'm liz wall and you're watching r t. no wiretapping the internet that's the f.b.i.'s new mission traditionally they've been able to war to get a warrant to tap into telephones but today more people are communicating through the internet by e-mail skype social media and instant messaging and this poses a challenge for the f.b.i. they're finding a harder to wiretap websites and they're now taking action to change this an
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article on scene at reveals the f.b.i.'s push to force internet giants like google facebook and yahoo to alter their code to ensure law enforcement can easily wiretap the sites the f.b.i.'s plan would amend a nineteen ninety four law that applies to wiretapping phones they want expand that power to web companies so is this another attack on your online freedoms or is it necessary to ensure national security earlier i spoke with david seaman journalist and host of the d.l. show and asked him should people people be concerned about this. people should be concerned i want to choose my words very carefully here. the legislation we've seen over the past few months including sister and now this f.b.i. requests to have backdoor access to people's facebook activity we're talking about american citizens not people in afghanistan in a cave they aren't the ones sending out friend requests and talking on facebook we're talking about you and me the government wants intimate intimate access to
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what we're doing online and through six but they would know five the fourth amendment. like i said i want to be careful of what i say here but i do believe if jefferson and washington were alive today they would be calling for regime change this is absolutely ludicrous and i'm not some peacenik or hippie you know i'm aware that there are some people out there who want to cause the united states of america harm and i'm all for spying on those people read and listen to every single word they say and go get them you know turn their little neck of the woods into a parking lot for all i care so i'm not opposed to spying on our enemies i'm opposed to spying on hundreds of thousands perhaps even millions of americans who have committed no crime and are just trying to use the internet to communicate now traditionally david at the f.b.i. and they have had the ability to wiretap phones but now more people are communicating other ways so it doesn't make sense that they would be able to wiretap these newer forms of communication. well is it absolutely makes sense that
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they would want to update some of this language because as you pointed out people are not using phones predominately anymore they use the internet to communicate and we use text messages and that sort of thing the problem here is i see all these things now is connected and i'm not a conspiracy theorist i'm not some weirdo my background is in personal finance and financial journalism but it's hard to disregard what is happening over the past few months we had sopa which is really a career killer to push something that radical and ludicrous that could kill the career of any politician who supported it and then they turn around and they push cisco which is even worse and it's backed by these extremely powerful tech companies affiliated with the pentagon tech companies that most people don't even know about and never heard of these are not well known companies but they have tremendous lobbying power and i think there's this this weird gray area where they're collecting this information and it's clearly not related to terrorism to investigations how many people in the u.s.
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are actively plotting terrorist attacks certainly not hundreds of thousands and yet hundreds of thousands of national security letters are n.s.l.s have been issued over the past few years according to some some experts on this issue so what's going to happen when they have backdoor access to facebook and twitter and google plus could be tens of millions of people who could have their information compromised in a number of people in the government would have access to your most intimate communications dirty messages you send to your girlfriend health conditions that you search for on google to find out about things like that but what if they need a warrant david america tend to get this information or are to spy on people. under six but they would not need a warrant if cisco passes that already passed the house now it's headed to a senate vote and obama's administration has threatened to veto it but they did the same thing with the n.d.a. and then he went ahead and signed it anyway. if that becomes a wall then it changes the game then the f.b.i. has backdoor access and they can go in without
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a warrant as it stands you know if they want to monitor somebody's facebook activity and they have a legitimate warrant i'm all for that i'm aware that there is crime out there there are bad guys and we should keep an eye on them but i'm opposed to spying on millions of americans and i feel like the government is already doing these things and is now looking for the legal justification to basically cover themselves why do i think they're doing these things because they're building a two billion dollars data center and wired magazine as reported on this you guys have reported on it two billion dollars data center and the utah desert to analyze logs and go through our communications you in the american citizens not people in afghanistan so it sounds david like you're worried that at the at the eye as that granted that's power there is this capacity to abuse that. i'm absolutely worried the problem i mean governments throughout history have always tried to collect more and more power that's really just the nature of things and you even accept a certain level of corruption right because that's what governments do is they gain
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more power and more resources over time the problem is for the first time in human history we actually have technology at a level and this is just over the past few years we have technology at a level where it's cheap enough and easy enough for government to actually monitor and analyze everything we do online and offline with close close cameras it's really weird it's like we're now in this state where and former n.s.a. officials have said this we're like this close to being in a totalitarian state we have the technology they're passing the legislation to make it possible and the thing that scares me most is that when you turn on most news networks you turn on c.n.n. or m s n b c they don't talk about this just the other day the co-founder of read it was on c.n.n. and he mentioned six but he said he doesn't plan to invest in facebook because of their pro sister policy and of the anchor was just like like a deer in headlights right she didn't want to address that none of the other people on the panel wanted to address it and so they just move on and it's the same thing with ron paul is talking in there covering one of his campaign speeches he talks
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about this but he talks about and he talks about warrantless wiretapping of american citizens and then they just cut away and they're like that was ron paul everyone and they don't actually put these things into context and these are huge issues so that's what scares me i know something's going on because it's not being covered in the news well we hear it our t.v. ads than a good amount of time covering an n.d.a. and some of these these issues david this plan would require big companies google and facebook for face offs for example to alter their code so the f.b.i. can wiretap their sites do you think the big companies will be on board with this. i think they will i wish that the c.e.o.'s and executives of these companies were patriotic but i think at the end of the day they just care about the bottom line and particularly with cisco and with this backdoor access also if the government says to them look you're safe give us this information and you get litigation munity nobody can come after you we're not going to come after you we're not going to overregulate you or drive you out of business these companies just go along with
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it they don't care about you and they don't care about our privacy they care about their shareholders that was david seaman journalist and host of the d.l. show. well you've seen them in the sky blips usually hovering high above advertising something at sporting events goodyear used mass uses that method to capture your attention but what happens when blimp merges with the drone air force spy balloons have been used overseas in iraq and afghanistan they're able to hover twenty thousand feet for up to a week at a time and they can come with all kinds of nifty little devices like cameras radars even missiles but with cutbacks in defense spending and the winding down of the wars companies are looking to bring these super blends to the u.s. so could this potentially be a new gadget for companies and local police forces here at home and could they soon be hovering over
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a backyard near you literally or spoke to marcy wheeler author and blogger mc we'll done that and ask just what are these blimps capable of. well there are big slim they are capable i mean i think one of the big concerns about them is they're capable of staying up in the air for five days at a time probably for less money to run than the drones that police station police stations around the country are already buying and that means they might be more popular there and they can be outfitted just like drones can i mean they can be outfitted with all of the high level sensors that we're seeing with drones overseas and that we probably are seeing beginning to the. operating in civilian air space just starting this year reportedly as training. we also just today got information from the air force that they can't target you and i personally but
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if they incidentally collect information on you and i they don't they get rid of that so once you add these sensors and these high level cameras on to blimps or drones that information is going to find its way into the databases whether it's true air force to f.b.i. and ultimately to the national counterterrorism center and so they will be able to use this information they just can't go out and seek information on you unless as of right now unless the secretary of defense gives them permission to now we do talk a lot about drones and how they can be used for surveillance purpose as they are these your own bland's kind of take it a step further so i think it's a matter i mean i think what we're going to see is people trading off how how long you can keep lamps up there without having to keep somebody watching them without i mean one of the things that's happening domestically with these drones is that people are buying them and they're finding out it costs too much to operate them so the limbs can bring that cost down then i think you're going to see the same kind
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of surveillance you know high level you're not necessarily aware of it. but you're going to see it operating locally in a way. that you otherwise but you know drones might be too expensive to run so is there a real possibility that local police forces could get ahold of these drones and if so what could they use them for. well the drones and the blimp i mean i think one of the one of the reasons why companies are even trying to sell these to local police police departments is because there's always homeland security money available so in other words there's there's slush money out there they're the ones who have money to spend they can go and sell them as some kind of application and some of the applications make sense i mean both drones and whims would make sense for example for e.p.a. monitoring so either from for monitoring industrial farms or for monitoring bills
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or for monitoring the environment that all makes sense but the blimp in particular was selling itself as one of the applications as crowd control so they are inches the painting where they're at least claiming to anticipate using these in things like monitoring protests. and we did see the crack at the occupy wall street protests sometimes it was a very brutal crackdown you saw police in riot gear wearing pepper using pepper spray some say that the police reaction seems more like a military reaction so could drone blends be used and circumstances like that. yeah i mean i think at this point you're talking surveillance and frankly drones and limbs that far as i know are both better you know they're they're more programs for more rural areas but they're certainly being sold for those purposes and you know who knows what a local police chief is going to feel obliged to do or feel empowered to do once
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they've spent all this money on a new toy that they can use i mean the other thing where we're clearly going to see this rolled out is on the borders but we're already seeing drones on the border so well so ultimately look at this mean for everyday citizens i mean things these things were used to monitor possible terrorists with these kinds of devices being used to track citizens. they were once used to track terrorists now we're going to be used on citizens. again rate now the way the air forces is dealing with this is they can't go out and say here's joe terrorist i'm going to i'm going to hunt him down without high level approval but they can incidentally pick stuff up they may be flying over you know i eighty and they find your car and they find interest in your car for some reason they can get and i mean that kind of data can and i
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suspect will get sucked up into ultimately the national counterterrorism center which has access to all of these databases at this point and used to kind of cross-reference with other data and then again you know i don't think we know the full capability of some of the sensors they're putting on the military drones and so i don't think we know you know we know for example the drones being used in iran have the ability to monitor for nuclear energy but we know what else are they use and what other kind of fancy sensors are they using and are we going to see these domestically that's i think a really important question to start asking because it's not just visual that drones and limbs are doing is it's also other kinds of data collection how soon could we expect to see them here on u.s. soil or in our skies well i think a blimp is going to take a little longer because the air force isn't really pushing blimp development you know as a military tory and therefore it's going to take little i mean unless unless the
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companies get really desperate to sell it to somebody but i mean we're already seeing drones you know the f.c.c. sorry the f.a.a. has been has been mandated to roll out guidelines for drones in civilian or space that here the defense authorization with mandated to roll out up to six test sites so that defense. sites would have drones operating in civilian airspace so we're beginning to see that we're beginning to test this out and there really hasn't been a discussion about what appropriate protections on this data collection should be there hasn't been really enough discussion about the safety i think i think domestic pilots have a real good reason to be concerned here and we haven't really even i mean we just we just talked about this we don't know what the sensors are collecting so i don't think we have a really good sense of what we need what civil libertarians domestically need to be concerned about but the potential is certainly there all right very interesting mary thank you for coming on the show that was marcy wheeler author and blogger mc
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we'll ness. well it's music with a message a group called music for occupy is releasing its album today here it is it's called occupy this album a compilation of music by four and inspired by the occupy wall street movement and the ninety nine percent they're calling the new genre protest music and it's a compilation of artists you won't hear on the mainstream airwaves stuff more about the album and the efforts behind it we were joined by jason samel executive producer and founder for a music of occupy and george martinez new york congressional candidate and have up artists. song i contributed to the album was done with my wife shout out to my wife clara guerrero the song is called occupation freedom and it's basically a call for people to start to work for freedom when i check on my job applications
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i aspire to check what it says occupation freedom were and we're hoping to inspire the next generation of freedom workers. i believe we have a clip of at to share with everyone take a lesson. with . the way. to go the older. carriage tell us about the mass said in your lyrics well my wife and i wrote a song that again it was the inspired next generation of freedom workers but what we're really saying is that it's about work it's we describe an assault different ways that people can occupy we say occupy all airwaves and spaces in between but we also see a lyric that says. occupy our government we are the ones we've been waiting for and
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the chorus is especially important because we're singing about freedom and we're declaring that as free. people and as citizens of the great united states of america that we can and we must use our talents and we're the clarinet loud and free loud and clear on this song. and this question might be for. music often times can serve as a way to motivate and inspire people what do you ultimately hope to accomplish through this album. you know muscle on the arm is called stan it's called smile stand up and sing that's what i hope to accomplish to accomplish getting into the ears like i mentioned before of the baby boomers especially you know we have jackson browne crosby national party smith list goes on and on of baby boomers type music. we hope to get in there years again to motivate them to get up in and get
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out of their bankers c.e.o. chairs and say oh wow there is something wrong with this i remember when i was a kid and i was doing this this this and this in protest and and do whatever i was doing in these juge protests i need to be doing that again because there's something wrong with this world that i'm building for my children it's just not right so i'm hoping that that will get you know news it hits the soul it hits the heart it hits deep within every one of us every one of us who remembers what their favorite song is or what were a few of their favorite songs and why that's our favorite song that we could describe that we hope to hit home again with the baby boomers and in addition to that it's listen like i said it's every genre so we hope to you know hit home with everyone you know get everyone to smile stand up and say what you're feeling stop sitting on your couch stop watchin mainstream television and get out there if you're frustrated with something that's going on listen to this music it will invigorate you to get out of your house take a protest sign get out there in say how you feel talk to your neighbor about how
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you feel do it in whatever way you want to occupy like george was saying before you could occupy in any way from your computer you could occupy by going around the streets in protest and you could occupy go and have a conversation with somebody about the issues that's occupying to speak up and that's what we're hoping to accomplish and i find your website there describing this as protest music do you think that this is a budding genre of music. absolutely i mean we received. four to five hundred submissions from people from people all over the world and we have music on the album from all over the world so it's not just in this country we think i think that it also is it's doing two things it's connecting the historic connections that we have already to lots of these hours of music as they were used historically at forms of protest music and what we're saying with this album is that it's cool again to use your talent and use your art once again to reignite
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that what jason said out there like it has a better term movement music because that's really what it's about yes you are in a movement there used to be you know you used to have most protest music used to be folk music so now all of a sudden the protest music is no longer folk music protest music is simply real music music with a real voice not talking about. whatever boat or i got the diamonds and i got the girls and i got this we're talking about real real issues that affect every single person in this world and that is moving music that is protest music things that speak the truth now i understand that bad part of the purchasing that lee is the occupy movement how much of it exactly well go toward finding a movement. a pretty good amount one hundred percent one hundred percent of all proceeds above board of course are going to the movement when i say above board you got to take note that every single artist donated their track
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nobody's getting any world sees from any of the music that's going to be on this album and you know from the day to day one of production intil we actually manufacture the cd nobody got paid anything to do any work including producers including engineers editing mastering nobody got paid to do anything on this album said caroline it was not a motivator for you that. oh not at all no not at all it was absolutely about the opportunity to be a part of such a historic project store a collaboration of so many wonderful artist and again we wrote the song for the movement and we are about expanding the movement using our talents so there was no money motivation at all all right jason and where exactly how is that money going to go how will it be distributed sure. what we're going to be doing is you know first of all we want to people send us their idea is basically a grant applications to us from all over the world different occupations all over
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the world it has to be well thought out it has to be well planned out the has to be a viable project is there are a lot of projects out there that oh i have this great idea i want to do it but i'm not sure really how to do but i need money you know we're not going to give to those brothers were to give to the projects that are well thought out well planned and certainly embraces a culture of arts and music that's going to you know create this culture around the movement through arches through arts and culture and music. those days and samuel executive producer and founder of music for occupy and george martin as a new york congressional candidate and hip hop artist. well as occupy wall street has to bring attention to rising and equality in the us we want to turn out that face says most affected by it not just the ones that make up america today but those who are its future art is on a sassy
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a turk and looks at the gap between the rich and poor children in the u.s. . one in four faced with hunger a nightmare for any adult but a reality for american kids twenty three percent of all children living in poverty children are one hundred percent of the future what kind of future we really talking about in the big apple the gap between rich and poor children is all too visible inside this building is one of many organizations in new york working to help struggling mothers it operates twenty four seven almost every minute a family in need is walking in and out of its stores right now more than seventeen thousand homeless children are bedding down in the municipal shelter system every night that's the highest number ever recorded. one of them is this two year old who is in and out of shelters with her twenty six year old single pregnant mother of three very hard to see this through much like. food is
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a daily struggle they give them says the. economy is really messed up in another part of town this father has a seven hundred fifty dollar baby carriage which he calls a rolls royce suspension it's comfortable baby sleeps right away i mean the mclaren is going to be older but it's like you know it's bumpy he says kids come at a price you cannot more than two kids in new york that's for sure really like so expensive a mother of four maria spends fifty dollars a month on her children's clothes at thrift stores today she found a steal if them but then this story like that if we have a car chair and all the toys and the bubbles in the balloons and everything caters to the children at this salon children get the royal treatment we do the glamour parties where we do hair nails and make up this is about fantasy it's about fun and glitter and glamour and fun from what they wear to where they live their life
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styles differ like day and. it is just so convoluted way to. live and the living is too expensive and i want you to do too much just to get a home and then when you lose the home or the present is hard and the future bleak when people lose everything and have nothing left to lose they lose it and you can start seeing more and more people losing the prospect that should frighten americans no matter what their circumstances as a society that allows greater and greater gap between rich and poor particularly one that allows that to happen quickly is going to suffer extreme signs of the costs of that kind of inequality and that's a very dangerous situation in terms of sustaining any semblance of a democracy they could easily lead to an authoritarian or krypto fascist state until then one country moves to realities its future to be shaped by those who today are largely ignored. or to new york. all right well
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around the world and back home here here at home we've seen what happened during an economic crisis french president nicolas sarkozy lost his job over the ordeal and group prime minister george papandreou oh an italian prime minister silvio berlusconi suffered the same fate but no matter how you spin it people are growing unhappy with the current economic recovery but also many families are making tough choices and struggling to pay their bills numbers like this come out a recent study of two hundred eighty fortune five hundred companies found that a quarter of these companies paid less than ten percent federal income taxes between two thousand and eight and two thousand and ten and if you don't like that you only the sound of this thirty of these companies paid absolutely no income tax on their profits during those same years that's right not a penny in fact many actually got a significant amount of money back from the government check this out. this is
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a chart with ten of the companies that paid less than nothing in taxes you can see pepco got fifty seven percent of its taxes back general electric got over forty five percent back and p.g. and e. corp got over twenty one percent back now many of these companies didn't need those tax breaks to survive all of them were profitable their pretax profit totaled one point four trillion dollars many of these tax breaks were caused by the seemingly unending loopholes in the american tax code but while these so-called corporate tax dodgers find ways to avoid paying you and i are footing the bill so what will it take to fix the system all of the way the french italian and greek leaders were booted from office indicates anything about how the two thousand and twelve elections will turn out it could be a preview of what's in store for president obama.


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