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tv   [untitled]    May 9, 2012 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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russia sixty seven years of victory of a nazi germany as traditional celebrations rolled out across the country to the. grand parade in red square and soon we'll be seeing live pictures of. in fact we're seeing them right now commemorating the end of this special day. the russian passenger plane the sukhoi superjet one hundred goes missing during a sales demonstration flight in indonesia with fifty people on board after going. on wednesday. also reporting the former prime minister yulia timoshenko is moved to hospital from the prison and have been to alleviate concern over treatment.
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and on screen this is live from moscow with twenty four hours a day millions of russians are marking victory day to commemorate russia's triumph during what it calls the great patriotic tradition we must go celebrate the anniversary throughout the day culminating in a massive fireworks display the park technique displays fourteen locations across the capital with seventy launches foreign off a total of one hundred thousand rockets some of which you can see right now in the skies over the russian capital as you can see perfect weather conditions for the works with. clear skies small temperatures this evening a lovely evening for those coming out to watch the display you can hear their cries in the background as a joy this great spectacle. many people out in the streets enjoying this on their
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last day of a four day bank holiday russia. and significantly we're seeing young and old alike joining together. special day in russia's history paying tribute to those who fought in the great war almost every family in the country was affected the conflict lasted three years ten months and eighteen days many battles before soviet flags were finally raised haven't been in may one hundred forty five and five percent all over moscow. and of course we're seeing similar scenes today. was interesting and. made the night that's because of the time difference with the day is on may the eighth. and today only sixty seven hundred distribute today you can see this beautiful farmer's display lighting up the skies right across the russian capital. you can join me is in central moscow various
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by the kremlin clearly it's always a special day not just for those here in moscow but throughout all of russia. absolutely bill it sounds a bit like a world war two bar arches going off all around me except that it's created by the cheers of all the people here are lots of locations across moscow this enormous fireworks display and also a minute's silence held earlier both of those are central to them the commemoration of the victory in the great patriotic war over nazi germany and it's not just here in moscow all over russia at eternal flame sites that have been burning for every day and every nights and war memorials all across russia in the former soviet union people have been marking this event those memorials bear the words urging people never to forget the great sacrifice that the soviet union went through to defeat
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nazi germany it's estimated about twenty six point six million people gave lives in that conflict when the nazi germany invaded in june one thousand nine hundred forty one they nearly destroyed the soviet union but over the next four years on the front ranging from the black sea to the baltic from the volga all the way to berlin the red army turned the tide and pushed them all the way back until an armistice was eventually signed and it's that the marking of that achievement and those sacrifices that this is all about tom as you're talking to us we're also showing scenes of those fireworks over the skies of the russian capital of course other events have been taking place to commemorate the day and this hour as display of course is marking the end of this very special day what else has been happening. yes indeed this is this is the finale as it were earlier on in the day here at red square there was a large military parade fourteen thousand troops marched through accompanied by
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more than tanks aircraft flying flags and nuclear missed. tiles which were paraded through the capitol also veterans came out as well obviously all of this is designed to try and mimic what was what was done in one nine hundred forty five in the victory parade then the veterans were there then and there is a dwindling number of them now those that remember those dark days firsthand and there was also the laying of a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier against the kremlin walls that this anniversary is clearly very important to the veterans but hell significant is it for russia's younger generation. but i don't know if you can see it here around me but there's an awful lot of young people joining in the celebrations and you also see a lawful lot of these around brush or in the days around victory day these redden
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of these orange and black ribbons have become synonymous with the celebrations they're hung on bags are flown from cars and and people wear them on their clothes and that's part of the central italy of celebrating this event it's also been victory day in europe the day yesterday the same reason the defeat of nazi germany but it must be said that in europe v.a.p. day doesn't really hold the weight anymore that victory day does in russia perhaps a mark of the immense sacrifices made by russia in recent polls by of of the younger generation russia it's been found that the memories of learning in the revolution are starting to slip from from their memory and the memories of stalin are starting to slip a bit as well but this day sticks the memory of victory day and that almighty victory is remembered by all and perhaps a final fitting gesture is the fact that a lot of young people in moscow carry flowers on this day and they give those
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flowers to the older generations those that remember the war but remember those dark days first hand and they give them saying thank you. thank you for all you've done to save our country and to win this duck victory. tom thanks very much indeed for that live report there in central moscow i'll leave you now to enjoy the rest of the fireworks display some love for a half thousand far works of. a few more still to come so enjoy it tom thanks very much indeed. well besides the soviet troops thousands of british soldiers second fizer lives during the war they went to see subzero temperatures in the arctic to deliver arms own food to the red army all in all four million tons of supplies were sent to the eastern front but as i have a bennett reports their epic effort has remained largely unrecognized until now. the worst journey in the world was how winston churchill described it ten day
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through hell the arctic convoys were a vital lifeline of supplies to the soviet union with britain's east an ally in the grip of a nazi onslaught that just nineteen john c. is was a gunner on board one ship braving fierce seas bitter cold and a treacherous route infested by german u. boats and never been spirited in the can you just imagine. wives come in that. there's a block of flats you just passed the wife say just picked us up picked us up just market or i just. bought perry bond we were fourteen thousand pretty heavy clark and you know we've been lifted out because you could hear the screws turn in at the wall. below and in the water this is the very ship john says his job was to man the end of the guns against the heavy enemy fire from above but the onslaught
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came from the sea to the huge icy waves with the warmth even a ship this size just over eight hundred ships were dispatched in total in the convoys but one in eight never made it back britain lost three thousand men in what was known as the most hostile of world war two the waters so cold that falling in meant almost certain death yet those behind the mission never on an the minute sent john received medals for other campaigns he fourteen but he's still missing the one that matters most a lot felt disgusted while being trained in a minute only a few of us left now. a more well interactive. not frightened now and i mean come on we i know. we did i didn't say i got. pacific defense medal i've got the order came pies the
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campaigns are been in a pair of them only fired. one of an english. medal for the russian congress but that could soon change prime minister david cameron's finally ordered the medals review after years of campaigning from veterans they haven't been honored so far because of bureaucratic red tape limiting war heroes to one medal per campaign medal rules also mean a stint on the convoys wasn't long enough to make the six month minimum an impossible targets given the extreme conditions of the arctic it's disgusting and to my mind that the fact that it's been it's taken so long is really heartbreaking because over the years we've been campaigning for this medal many many of these veterans have and have now passed away and the absolute tragedy if this would be if we did get to a situation where the medal really removes the barriers and the outcome with actions are allowed the medal and there are none of them alive to receive any of
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the sixty six and a half thousand men who sailed on the arctic convoys just two hundred remain like john they've just been offered another medal by russian government for ever in debt to their service on top of the two it's already awarded to john will find out in september if he is to finally receive what he really wants but for other aging war heroes like him it could be too little too late either bennett r.t. london. or to live here in the russian capital with twenty four hours a day in indonesia the search for a missing russian plane is continued into the night there's been no communication with the aircraft since contact was last minute journey jury assails demonstration flight earlier on wednesday r.t. shaun thomas has the latest. it certainly is a mystery at this point what we do know is the plane was on
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a routine flight taking people up to test the jet out as it were people who could be buying this plane for their own companies and it was supposed to be a thirty minute flight then we do know that the pilot requested to descend from tel ten thousand feet to six thousand feet and then it disappeared from radar at that point they decided to send out search crews but they had to call those crews back because of night time hours and poor weather conditions there are reports of fog in that area at this point in time they're waiting to see when they can go back out to the search for that airplane again but one thing that they're not ruling out is they're not ruling out the possibility of a hijacking they also know that the plane was low on fuel in fact by the time the plane was supposed to land back at the airport in jakarta the fuel was supposed to be spent so there could be a problem with that as well the mountains south of jakarta are volcanic some of them are very high and surrounding those mountains are hills valleys rocky terrain there are some plantations in the area lots of rivers but even those rivers aren't what you might expect as a river valley they are rocky type areas that aren't really easy to
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navigate now the good news is is that it is a densely populated island there are people everywhere so if something did happen to this plane there will be someone who has seen it and authorities are hoping that they can get in touch with those people some time when the search resumes in the morning this is actually a brand new airplane it is russia's first sojourn into the commercial aviation industry since the soviet union in fact it was meant to revitalize the commercial aviation industry in russia it is a highly technical and highly advanced piece of equipment in fact it was also equipped with equipment that could detect abnormalities in the terrain is so at this point in time no abnormalities this is an anomaly. sean thomas talking to be a little earlier many in the aviation industry is saying the incident is more likely due to human error than mechanical malfunction that's according to operations and safety editor for online magazine flight global david limit on what i think i think the most helpful way of trying to understand what might have
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happened here is to remember exactly what it's doing in indonesia it's on indonesia on a demonstration tour of the world showing off to potential customers just what a good airplane this is and just how clever it is and how far you can take it sometimes the pilots or the crews deliberately take the aircraft right to their limits and they do that sometimes when the aircraft is quite close to the ground that's what a demonstration flight is often like sometimes they push the limits just too far and that might happen we're talking about highly professional test pilots on board this aircraft people like that don't just let an airplane run out of fuel so i think you can rule that one out hijack like like who why what's the motivation of being on that's not a commercial flight this one's a demo flight no i think you can rule that one out mountainous terrain well yes
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if there are mountains there a pilot isn't going to run into them if you can see them if the mountains are in cloud the pilot still knows they're there and this aircraft has to rain warning system on it using the high terrain is an excuse for an accident in an aircraft as well equipped as that i think is a bit farfetched but just because the demonstration flights have come to grief so often in the past if i were to put my money on this the cause of this one that's where i'd put it does turn out to be the fact that the crews simply were pushing their luck too far and then sukhoi will regain face. and of course we'll keep you updated on the developments in the news here where the search continues for a brand new russian passenger plane the sukhoi superjet one hundred it's gone missing during a demonstration flight with fifty people on board. you're watching or two still ahead for you this hour ukraine's former prime minister yulia timoshenko was moved
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to a hospital from her prison cell as international concerns grow over her treatment. that's still to come but first in syria a roadside bomb has hit a military truck injuring six soldiers the vehicle was part of a convoy carrying the head of the united nations observer mission this comes a day after the u.n. envoy to syria kofi you know what his peace plan is the last chance for the country to avoid civil war sort of first she's in damascus so a lot is at stake here and it's the teen in damascus that traveled down thought that they're out today and they've gone as is normal with a team of journalists and security escort from the journalists and the people who were that when that happened it sounds like it was some sort of car bomb went off just as the observer to driven past one of the military checkpoints. they were very very close to it and injured some of the security personnel who were schooling that
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is still six people were injured we can tell you that from what we've seen and we've been with the observers every day for the past couple of days is that more or less the observers themselves that they are being welcomed facilitated by both sides where there is a concern. a lot of people here is that there is going to be elements trying to undermine this mission and i was speaking to the head of the national coordinator council at the insight opposition here in syria the other day i asked him that question whether he was concerned about the mission being undermined and take a listen to what he had to say we're afraid that and his plan. it is really threatened by those who are. providing. funds. and affecting minds even against the plan but it's start of the very very first moment when this plan was declared they said. it's
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a failure it want to be better than the arab league learning so let's kill the hope that's what they're saying and if the hope is killed what will happen as if the u.s. mission thingy being welcomed by both sides but taking full step that is progress they're going to need to build on that expectations are very very high remember there is a huge amount riding on that we're not going to want to think is that this affecting the mission and anyway. the joad you create an opposition leader unit to machine has been moved from prison to a hospital for treatment the former prime minister had been on hunger strike for nineteen days claiming abuse in an earlier attempt to move the tories are hoping this would refuse a growing diplomatic crisis threatening to overshadow the euro twenty twelve championship on his alexia show ski has this from. now we haven't officially confirmed that ukraine's former prime minister yulia timoshenko has been delivered
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to a hospital in her reported spinal hemorrhage will be treated it is interesting that it will be treated slowly by a german doctor now has insisted that no ukrainian doctor has access to her treatment it's unclear whether she is just mistrustful or she is afraid of her life something her daughter has been reporting now there's been lots of control over c. preceding this transportation of the hospital now for several weeks she had been claiming that she will not be treated in ukraine and asked the permission to be relocated abroad for her spinal damage to be treated there but the authorities have been adamant that she would not leave the korean soil before that there was an attempt to transfer you to one of the hospitals. on april the twenty of in fact she back then claimed that prison guards physically abused her during the transportation and recently photos of her bruises were made public on the internet causing a lot of fuss here in ukraine and internationally and now there has been a very harsh reaction following the
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a legit. physical abuse by the prison guards domestically with thousands of supporters of you protesting in the prison building and in the near the court building and also very harsh reactions coming internationally now several leaders of european states said that they would boy called you were twenty two well football championship in ukraine and poland because of the way had allegedly been treated by prison guards in the list of the officials included the german chancellor angela merkel the government of the netherlands the president of the czech republic and the german president as well as several other top officials in europe now ukraine even had to cancel the european states summit in the crimea in this city or because of so many officials from europe deciding to boy call this summit and certainly the fact that she will be treated in a hospital by a german doctor is definitely a move forward we are certainly waiting for any more developments in this rather
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turbulent on the rollercoaster story. there are some other news making headlines around the world this hour the leader of greece's left wing silesia party's attention to form a new government after sunday's election left no party with enough voters to really learn alexis tsipras says he wants to form a coalition government based on tearing up the terms of the international bailout deal which is described as barbaric he's meeting with the two main. parties today if the two sides fails or agree greece will be forced to hold another election next month. on a bomb plot was reportedly a double agent a cia operative is said to have infiltrated al qaeda in yemen and expose the planned a bomb hidden in underwear was meant to blow a u.s. airliner from the skies on the first anniversary of osama bin laden's death a similar scheme was used three years ago but failed when the explosives didn't detonate properly. sudan has resumed its aerial bombardment on south sudan according to a military official in the south
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a spokesman said sudanese warplanes have attacked three southern states over the past two days it's unknown how many bombs were dropped or how many people were killed in the attacks the un security council approved a resolution last month threatening sanctions against both countries if they did not cease fire ants on the border and return to negotiations. a reminder of one of our top stories this hour here in r.t. russia is celebrating the sixty seventh anniversary a victory over nazi germany in the second world war the traditional annual parade rolled across red square on wednesday and here are some of the highlights for you. now.
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wow. oh my.
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scenes from red square today here in moscow twenty six minutes past the hour now in the russian capital i'll be back with a recap of our top stories in just a few moments.
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wealthy british style is something. that's not on the type of things. that. markets succumb to find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to name to cause a report on our to. move them is. just so.
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the be. if the book. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images go forward and seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are on the day.
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