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tv   [untitled]    May 9, 2012 3:30pm-4:00pm EDT

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if you just joined us for a welcome on t. live here most of the top stories not exactly hoff poss the out of brand new russian passenger plane hit one hundred goes missing during a sales demonstration flight in indonesia with fifty people on board of radio on wednesday. a spectacular display of fireworks is enjoyed here in moscow victory day russia's defeat of nazi germany in the great patriotic war celebrations included the grand parade in red square to the red epic efforts sixty seven years ago.
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cranes former prime minister yulia timoshenko has moved to hospital from a prison in a bid to address concerns over her treatment. more news stories for you in half an hour from now in the meantime the second part of the onion a show from washington. today the two police officers charged with the death of kelly thomas a thirty seven year old gets a frantic homeless man were in court for it in california officers manual ramos and corporal jason nelly have pleaded not guilty and this is a story we first told you about last july when i went this is came forward after seeing firsthand the brutal beating of thomas outside of a bus station but today new evidence is brought forward in the case against these officers and this provides more audio and visual details about what exactly happened that night now if you remember ramos was first encounter with thomas was after he suspected the homeless man a vandalizing cars but things quickly as collated between the two of them. never.
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you just. now the video confirms the initial claims that ramos put on his latex gloves in a menacing manner before announcing to thomas that he was going to quote him up but he also confirms the rest of the encounter this is a thirty minute video clip that was captured on surveillance cameras and combined with audio recordings worn by the police officers now we've shortened the video but here you'll see where thomas was pinned to the ground sat on beaten and taste repeatedly.
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well. we count of the taser being used for at least thirty seconds straight during this incident while there were six full grown men on top of thomas now prosecutors claim that cinelli told paramedics we ran out of options so i got the end of my taser and i just smashed his face to help thomas' body left a pool of blood before he was taken to the hospital and doctors reports show that he suffered brain injuries and a shattered nose and cheek bones broken ribs and internal bleeding but the official cause of death is from a crushed windpipe and you can clearly hear in this video where thomas is begging the cops to stop because he couldn't breathe and the video only shows up until the paramedics a lot of arrive but prosecutors told the courtroom that ramos sought medical
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attention immediately after the incident for his scuffed up elbow and meanwhile this is what kelly thomas looked like when he arrived at the hospital obviously this video play an important part of the case against the officers but one of the toughest moments is when you hear thomas calling out for his father ron a retired sheriff's deputy in the courtroom ron thomas said that the cries were too hard to watch and he's spoken out against the brutality ever since his son's death and he's organized several protests seeking justice for kelly he's also trying to make sure that the other officers in this video face the consequences of their actions. what i'm going to insist that happens is that the other four officers. face are administrative actions through the police department through the city and it's my goal my personal goal. if it warrants it to have them at least fired to start with. now the accused cops are only appearing for this preliminary hearing
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but the evidence against ramos and facinelli is definitely stacking up i don't see how anybody could argue that these officers did not use excessive force against thomas and a lot of people out there wondering why the rest of the cops in the video weren't charged as well something i've wondered myself in the meantime we'll keep you posted on the latest from this hearing and if the officer is seen as video beating thomas to death will be held accountable for their actions. although gas prices have gone down since last month i think it's still be hard pressed to meet anybody out there are things that they're not paying enough every time they fill up now where the real debate comes in is when you ask who's to blame every president gets their fair share of fingers pointed out that when prices go up and the cable networks continue on with it for some reason despite admitting sometimes that it's not actually within this one man or woman's ability to determine how much you pay at the pump but the truth is speculation does go a long way in affecting the price you pay and the even bigger truth is that lobbyists help keep it that way so let's find out who's behind the corruption that
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accounts through as much as fourteen dollars in hidden premiums every time the you pay for gas earlier i caught up with lee following investigative reporter for the republic report i first asked him to tell us where this fourteen dollars figure is coming from. well this fourteen dollars figure comes from border children he's one of the commissioners at the commodities futures trading commission the regulating body that oversees commodity speculation including oil speculation and he's basically said that about twenty five percent or so of the price you pay. the pump is a premium that's basically a result of oil speculation from wall street speculators so if you have a small car you're paying almost seven dollars if you fill up your gas. filled your gas tank straight to wall street if you've a large car like an s.u.v. it can be as much as fourteen dollars and that is
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a pretty you know hefty penny there but so if the f.t.c. already can pinpoint a bribe they can actually put a dollar figure on it why don't they do more about it isn't this what they're supposed to do. this is the entire problem are stories about corruption. the big bank lobbyists the speculating industry all of these interest groups that benefit from oil speculation have been an enormous lobbying. game basically that they hire hundreds of lobbyists on capitol hill they pressure the sea of t.c. they block regulations that would empower the c. of d.c. to take more action and even. work with their allies in congress to decrease the funding levels to the c a t c others actually a great story in the new york times about two years ago about how the city of t.c. barely has enough money to even pay for its own paper clips and for its own
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transportation to go up and visit new york city oh great so the regulators that are supposed to have teens can't even afford their own paper clips i think that's definitely a problem there but who are you know when you wrote about this today you actually chose to pinpoint some specific lobbyist some of them include a former lawmaker so can you tell us the names. sure well one name that sticks out is richard baker is a former congressman from louisiana now he's a lobbyist for the hedge fund industry now the manage funds association is a collection of hedge funds some of the biggest in the country that organizes together and hires dozens and dozens of lobbyists to prevent organizations like the cia to see from taking action also it tax congress and fights back proposals that would encourage action on clamping down on excessive speculation. there are other interest groups for example the c.m.e.
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group this large privately run exchange or a lot of this oil speculation takes place they have many lobbyists there some of the biggest campaign contributors in the country rahm emanuel who's now the mayor of chicago was once on the board of the c.m.e. group so it's a very politically connected company and if you look down the list actually senator bernie sanders leaked a list of some of the largest oil speculators from two thousand and eight if you take that list and cross-reference that with some of the biggest lobbying spenders you'll see a lot of correlation but i feel like you know every time we have conversations like this do we end up falling into that hall of chess playing the lobbyists and thinking that the lobbyists are all bad i mean what about the members of congress should they take the responsibility here it's not like if a lobbyist comes that you then you have to listen. well sure but the way that congress is set up. you know the house of representatives under democratic
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control actually passed many measures to crack down against oil speculation the problem was always in the senate in two thousand and eight a bill easily cleared the house it went to the set it a majority of senators even voted to pass the measure to crack down or the speculators but because of the broken rules of the senate a minority of republican senators and some democrats working with oil speculation lobbyist blocked the proposal so that's why we've never had any movement of whatever you think one strong proposal moves through the lobbyist find another place in government to block it and get another other member of congress that's going to be susceptible and influenced by the amount of money if they're throwing around but one of the interesting things i thought that you pointed out to was that you know one of these trade associations actually tried to sue the sea over rules that they tried to put over oil speculation and so what's you know it's one thing
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if you're bribing political officials a little with the legal argument to say no you can't impose rules on us. well first the speculation industry sued and said the idea of oil speculation limits is unconstitutional that was struck down by a federal court now there's filing a lawsuit that says that any time you want to impose these types of speculative limits and by the way the limits that are talked about right now what did go into effect until next year and they're still very porous they have a lot of loopholes but these watered down limits they're filing the lawsuit saying but before they can be implemented there has to be basically a cost estimate study done on every single one of them and that would delay these regulations which by the way they would go into effect until next year until even
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wandered so it would push these rules down to maybe even another couple of years so there's all kinds of different strategies that these lobbyists employ whether it's bribing lawmakers or peddling influence in private letters now they're using the judiciary to block these rules. unbelievable right and yet if you drive around you to see people and things that they blame obama blame whoever is in office at the time the one man that's president but you know it's important that taxpayers drivers in america actually know that stephanie thanks so much for joining us tonight thank you so much i want to. try to time for one last break but we think that we're going to give out our tool time of war past two time winner well it had another pastoral time when his radio show and of course that's something to do with full time where i think i don't have the hours safety regulations aren't expanding but let's raise bans certainly not.
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wealthy british style sun it's time to. market. can the. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on. the world with. science technology innovation all the list of melamine from around russia we've got the future covered.
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the people of the united states and our friends and allies will not live at the mercy of an outlaw regime that threatens the peace with weapons of mass murder his regime as an active program to acquire and develop nuclear weapons and let there be no doubt about we know for a fact there are let there. this work is being carried out into the direction of dr david kay respected scientist and former u.n. inspector was leading the weapons search in iraq we are determined to take this apart you have a tremendous a group of dedicated american men and women involved in this with the best assets of the intelligence community can provide. data cheney is not going to be done with this for quite some time david kay wants more time and he says it could take another six to nine months to make a definitive finding ministration is asking congress for hundreds of millions more to convert a million dollars to fund a continuing search you have not yet shiny pointy things that i would call a weapon before we can draw from conclusions we need to let the iraq survey group
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complete its work. we were all wrong probably in my judgment and that is most disturbing. sometimes the true patriot takes the unpopular course but helps the country avoid mistakes and even if they come persuade others to try patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels and i think these are scoundrels. they have no argument now they have no defense for what they did the country is in a terrible international security situation but i think it's perilous so they're attacking the patriotism of other. guys it's time for tonight's tool time award and tonight goes to
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a man who is one of the four congressman allen west he is no stranger to making appallingly ignorant statements and yesterday was no different while the radio show a fellow is a lot of folk frank gaffney west spoke about president obama's policy in afghanistan i call these men try to get academic by giving a history like sure but when handed up sounding as smart as lindsay lohan after an all night bender take a listen i look at what happened between president obama and president karzai is a 1930's change lots of little moment there is not going to be peace in our time and when you know the president basically a speech he talks about to go shares with the taliban well as we said less than ninety minutes after his departure he got the response. yeah that's right congressman west boiled down obama meeting with karzai in negotiations with the taliban to appeasing hitler although i must say a little confused as to who hitler is and the scenario is that karzai is the taliban either way let's not forget that we put karzai into power and the majority
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of afghans actually favor negotiating with the taliban or about the fact of the taliban didn't actually attack the united states on nine eleven never mind the fact of the taliban's popularity can not be understood by simple minded models derived from european history and of course for get the fact that neither cars i nor the taliban not even under the looses interpretations of history have ever tried to impose their will on the united states west and west forget we're occupying afghanistan now the other way around karzai he says taking advantage of it in more ways than one but still congressman west to compare obama meeting with karzai and potential to go sheehan's with the taliban to a regime bent on racial domination and global empire why well because the war in afghanistan is now the longest this country's ever fought its increasingly unpopular and a growing number of americans see it as pointless benefiting neither the american nor the afghan people so congressman west desperately tried to invoke imagery of
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hitler blitzkrieg goosestepping gas chambers all in a bid to advance his twisted hawkish policy goals and it's not for the first time that he's actually trying to do that either and he's also not alone especially when talking about iran another geopolitical flashpoint republicans love playing the old appeasement card on that one it's the only thing they really can do when their policy is based on fear mongering and lies to listen. i think that now comes a time when we cannot be sore never will chamberlain and trust independent there will be peace in our times he gave iran the luxury of time he met with them with no preconditions at the doctrine of it he's meant that's what's happening in iran the president has as communicated weakness his policy tends to be appeasement and accommodation at every single turn the president has appeased those who would do us harm our president intelligence is that the iranians have not yet decided to build a bomb to me these words are reminiscent of those of neville chamberlain. so
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according to republicans like congressman west or mitt romney if you enter negotiations to avoid war and uncover evidence suggesting massive devastation might not be the way forward well then you just might as well hold hands with hitler and dance around the maple one of his three books do these guys read mein seriously i want to know because if i've ever given one i'll be sure to use it as a coaster but in all seriousness it is frightening and observe the allen west and his friends refer to every one of america's potential adversaries in the framing of world war two the fine the cold war is also a popular relic but guess what guys we know what you're getting at obama is an appeaser and everyone you want to attack is just like hitler it's funny right it's almost like appeaser is a bigger insult the nazi these days and it's even funnier that it's thrown around by politicians with a fascist like the all for military action and so because congress in west is usually at the forefront of the law i would say rather as clamor to use the term something he demonstrated yesterday the zany representative from florida is
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tonight's top time winner. oh ok it's time for happy hour joining me this evening is lauren lyster host of the capital account on r t and jake brewer chief strategy officer at vision strategy hey guys i love happy to say i was going to write and i'm now no joke i'm the first. let's start with this first story which is you know a lot of the time you just think of the stupid stuff that kids do in days and like kids these days this is more like principles these days take a look. generally lynn blad says you think she's former principal under an alias name suzy harrison tried to friend him but the profile picture was suspicious it was penguin straight at me and i declined the feminist but he says more than three
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of the others did except before word got around susie harrison might really be principal louise losses. so turns out of the prince will actually have to had to resign after the allegations that she created this facebook fake facebook account to spy on her students i think that's absurd if human nature when you want to have a fake facebook page if you're from stumble to look at years to do what i want to only do that i should never marry her and her students are like nazis lying or is ok it's not fine because they would have to accept her friend request which is nice i know dave and i and he that is exactly so the smart kid was the one that rejected her also not so she's you know selling herself as someone else if i remember walking by the teacher's lounge and i was in middle school and hearing that teachers gossip about a student in my class that i remember thinking they're no better than i and they're a little universe not they love that's what they're up to the same tricks and
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sometimes even worse why and i always wonder what we do because it seems like they just sit in an office and when they don't teach they don't. i guess the same way it is just you know she lies she wants to be like the principal of ferris bueller's day off she wants to go on down on her own she was we were curious or she's just bored and that means the principals need more to do i don't know the penguins really mean why. that's where she was or if you probably thought that they seemed like innocent you know. they're just a little thing and i totally missed the whole penguin angle so i'm just going to. let you go. let's move on to other fun things to deal with these days which is that well everyone's getting fatter it's just happening in this country there even you know there are lawsuits over this this woman is suing southwest because they told her she was too fat to fly take a look. they want me to know how much i weighed i asked what the week when there was one gentleman actually said he wasn't aware i thought we were mad that we were
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just too fat to fly without an additional ticket. and. we're just going to mix this story with like thirty other statistics that came out today and these come out all the time but it's never less depressing so according to a new study in twenty thirty forty two percent of americans will be obese and about one quarter of that group will be severely obese at the same time i think the average weight of a man is one hundred ninety four pounds woman hundred sixty five pounds and so part of these airline stories too is that what they're saying are two five to five but it's actually not safe that the seats aren't created for people that weigh that much as we would any because you always have heard these arguments of should people have to pay for two tickets if they're fat enough and now the airlines are getting called out on the fact that it might be a safety issue a regular where you actually go out and they're like oh you need two tickets but before when it's impacting everybody else's customer experience you don't have to
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and i think good point on the airlines i think one of the things that's so. just about this is that like the debt the only time we talk about obesity in this country is about slowing the rate of growth we don't talk about ceasing it we don't talk about declining it actually getting fitter and healthier we talk about slowing down how fast we're getting fatter and everything is projections about how much could be saved if we don't grow fatter or don't grow the debt or whatever and it's all these hypotheticals we can never make it on your own and i have a little projection for you let me chime in on that if you cut the growth in rates of obesity by just one percent a year over the next two decades you will slice health care cost by eighty five whopping billion dollars so a growth rate will hold and the if you actually sorry if you have a growth rate the same if you just the growth rate if it actually increase at the same rate is already increasing you say five hundred fifty billion yeah hypothetically i think that this is paid for by like the insurance lobby they think
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that this is a great way to distract from the fact that health care costs are driven largely because of the monopolistic insurance companies how does a publicly traded insurance company beat profits every year all they can do is cut costs or raise the cost of health care sorry to the right that's a much bigger issue is that it's all the elements of it right but this is why people are calling for this entire conversation about obesity to be shifted to the actual problems that we have to deal with to try to counter obesity our health care costs whatever and not just make it about like shaming people and not making it about personal guilt and if you just cut down on your salt or your sugar intake you know then it's also going to be the problem any more if you try to shame someone into being more healthy they will absolutely not get more healthy it's psychologically proven it does not work you are doing it is not something you never were going to do this on out is going to be tough in our lifetimes we're going to have to do this one so mandatory beijing suits if you're going to fly on a plane there you go they mean if you're not you're up against that then revealing a change in your lifestyle where you get on you may get him up and you know learn.
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just melting it all together. this is something that i actually kind of wish existed when back when i was in school so this is the chinese school and so what they're saying that basically they're giving students an i.v. drip of amino acids that they can take there they're giving them to each graduating senior that will participate in the which is the national college and exam and so if you don't feel good you go to the infirmary they give you a little i.v. drip. and you can go back to a great place to go if you have a hangover that i passed because my firefighter friends tell me that is an instinct you or i think it's right that i was this story reminded me of one last week at the u.s. about the kind of professionalization of a little league how it's way more serious now than when i was deployed was just a much milder version there is on the pressures on to succeed and to become you
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know a college athlete all these different things and coaches for like eight year olds or five year olds even and that's we're focusing on sports united states and china they're giving you i.v.'s for your test taking well you know right and i may believe though the analogous thing in the u.s. ok so in china they're more obvious about it they have bags in their classrooms in the u.s. coincidence or on adderall oh yeah that's true but that's not being administered by the school in the same way i mean you're neuter and say hey can i get my dose adderall so i can write my paper no i agree i was just touching on that you know you go there is a little bit of you not less but i sure do stoop to ever increasing levels in order to get. there don't think it is interesting to you because you constantly have the conversation about the sense that the cation of our kids and how we just give everybody trophies these days i mean even if they're not really winners tenth place trophies like you. know we're doing it. so it goes both ways right like there is a lot of pressure but then at the same time everybody gets a prize when you're young. that it all and i really mean that his. good about
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yourself and obesity before we die. and plan for you bill and my own sense of it that's right so my number one are you guys we got to wrap but thanks for joining me tonight thank you tom thank you that is it but a night's show thank you for tuning in and make sure they come back tomorrow whistleblower at the bill as humans is going to be on the show to talk about the nearly a year long campaign by the f.b.i. to prevent the publication of her new book and i want to give a really quick shout out to the faithful viewers out there jeremy mole nerds happy thirty second birthday and then resigned over get to become a fan of you want to tell on facebook and follow us on twitter if you missed any of tonight's or any other night that's all of you tube dot com slash the ilona show and coming up next is the.
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