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tv   [untitled]    May 9, 2012 8:31pm-9:01pm EDT

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it's europe day happy europe day at a time when many of the political parties are gaining steam and multiple countries are those who want less euro or want to reject it altogether will speak to euro skeptic member of european parliament leader of the u.k. independence party nigel farage he's making headlines after his party recently saw it the best ever local election result and he told european parliament today the e.u. is done take a listen. because now we always say to the european unity zero zero zero you could always tell us. and on that note is greece the poster child for what happens when the price mechanism of democracy which has been suppressed by techno prosy finally unleashed is itself or will technocrats bureaucrat central bankers and big money succeed in manipulating it on a much lighter note you may have seen celebrity ventures like this. russell simmons
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successful entrepreneur or draw interest he thinks everyone should be financially empowered sure he developed a rush card. a prepaid debit card is this the kind of quote unquote innovation that too big to fail banks are flocking to now to pass on the cost of regulations right back to consumers we'll talk about it let's get to today's capital account. so as you know if you've been watching this show for several months since the show began we've interviewed u.k. and european parliament politician nigel farah a number of times about the crisis in europe he's talked about the lack of democracy in europe the rise of tech not prosy and predicted
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a country like greece was headed toward some kind of revolution thirty years ago since the early one nine hundred ninety s. when pharaoh's was a founding member of the u.k. independence party he has been a skeptic pushing for the u.k. to pull out of the e.u. altogether for years he was a lone voice in european parliament calling the eurozone project a disaster and people laughed at him now he says not so many people are laughing and the numbers support that they're raj's party did the best it's ever done in recent u.k. local elections seeing a major rise in support and what we've seen in greece looks a kinda some kind of revolt against incumbent mainstream politicians at least at the polls with an increase support of french parties opposed to e.u. prescribe austerity now this is increased the prospects that a real government won't be able to form at all and greece will be sent back to the elections which we've talked about all week seraj in
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a speech to european parliament today talked about his view of what could possibly be a much more dire consequence. to greece but we still last sunday was rather reminiscent of the job at election night. we saw the status quo said collapse of the extremes of right and left rise you know this project could even cause the rebirth of national socialism in europe. it's a bold statement we asked him about it and needless to say that aside greece has become the poster child for the e.u.'s political and fiscal medicine but the recent election results and the subsequent rhetoric from new political leaders would seem to indicate the patient is finally spitting up this so-called cure we'll talk to nigel farage today again he's a leader of the u.k. independence party fresh off of a europe day speech in european parliament where he is also an m.e.p. i asked if he thinks this is an important turning point for
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a country like greece and for the e.u. or if he thinks euro kratz in brussels will just find another way some way working alongside their vice whereas in deficit countries to keep greece under their thumb here's what he said. a democratic rebellion has begun we saw last year in finland a small and do your own policy getting twenty percent of the vote but it's spreading southwards now what you saw in greece on sunday was truly extraordinary because it's not a forty five greek politics has been dominated by a conservative policy and a socialist policy those two policies that have run the country since the war were reduced to less than the of the vote what we saw were voters opting for the extremes of right and left that in some cases very extreme as of right and left i want to do something i was reminded of the german election of the audience thirty two where the communists have a national socialists had fifty one percent between them now there is no prospect
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of a government being formed to greece there will be another election in june my money says that the that the more extreme passes will do even better second so it doesn't matter what i do the buckle says it doesn't matter what the commission say people are rebelling they do not want to be part of the euro zone they do not want grinding austerity they g.d.p. these are declining hugely ok i want to get into a number of the things you just touched upon first i want to put this a little bit in an economic terms because we often talk about interest rates on this show because we believe that they are one of the most basic signals in a market economy yet they are constantly manipulated by policy at our various central banks in the us and europe all over the results are always a distortion of the free market price mechanism and it seems that the same has been holding true with respect to democracy and europe the price mechanism of the electoral process of the vote has increasingly been dominated by technocrats or
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placed in the hands of technocrats who in the case of greece are also not coincidentally central bankers could we say that the greek elections which you say are a rebellion or are the equivalent of market forces overtaking the price fixing of democracy. yup i would agree and don't forget that just ten months ago the elected prime minister of greece mr pattern suggested there should be a referendum in greece to decide whether they stayed in or left the euro now so the billy boy's in brussels that was like blasphemy and amazing isn't it that an elected prime minister was removed by the european commission of my old friend point where they put a puppet government in place is it easy any wonder that the peoples of greece are rebelling so then you know we're hearing already mr ferris reports the eurozone officials are debating delaying or withholding the bailout money that is due to greece on thursday because of the political turmoil does this mean that these the
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rats are becoming more and more insignificant. my guess is that the short term bailout money will be provided by the of stations in brussels listen you've got to understand one thing i'm angela merkel last november and i said to the chancellor wouldn't it be better for the people of greece to leave the euro get the drachma back i would it be kind for your taxpayers who have already spent twenty years paying for the reintegration of eastern germany it's a western germany you know let's call it quits let's say the whole thing's been a terrible mistake let's divorce the two countries economically and she said but mr farage you must understand that if greece leaves the euro other countries will leave too and that will be the end of our european project. that's what it's about this is about the maintenance of a political dream and even though it's out of date even though the economics are failing that is what they determined to do so there's this real battle going on my
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guess is for the moment they will get the bailout funds but at some point in time this rebellion will go further what will that's my question because when you're talking about the market suppression of democracy and the name of what you just said was the dream of the euro project. is the result when the free market takes over what we're seeing in greece the radicalization and the balkanization of a country which you pointed to where mainstream parties the support for them is reduced and fringe parties see larger support and you just have a total fracturing of support for political parties across the spectrum. yes i think that's right you know at some point a bit too distant future we are going to get a government in greece who are going to absolutely reject austerity in a way that will make the break between the two happen the differences will become irreconcilable greece is going to leave the euro i can't tell you when that's going to be my guess is it will be in twenty twelve and i would think if we come back in
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two or three years and have this conversation the eurozone will look completely different it will it will in effect become a northern europe. wow and you say you do believe greece will exit the euro zone but you don't have a timeline is there anything that you would pinpoint that you think would be a turning point or are we seeing now. listen if i had a timeline of when greece leaves the euro i wouldn't be talking to you local bookmakers putting my body you know you could never predict what these things are going to be sorry. i mean it was obvious that the burley would fold but who could tell which day it would happen this eurozone project is a total. disaster it is coming to an end i know it's coming to and i was on my own saying that this problem of four or five years ago i tell you what there are so many people laughing at me though and you know i do want to get to the rising support you've seen within the u.k. too but first you mentioned the berlin wall earlier you talked about german
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elections in one nine hundred thirty two you compare these greek elections to those now of course in german elections in one nine hundred thirty two the nazi party that was the first time that they gained the largest amounts they became the largest party. and parliament in your speech today you said in the european parliament you also said that in this interview that we could see the rebirth of national socialism in europe now is this because you're concerned about the vote that we've seen go to the neo nazi golden dawn party winning them seats for the first time ever in greek parliament they got twenty one out of the three hundred seats. yeah yeah i mean look there is an upside to voters rejecting the failed policies that have given them europe that have given them the eurozone is that there is a huge upside to it but the downside i mean this golden dome policy that have got all these votes in greece frankly that there's no avoiding it this is
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a policy and a very dangerous policy of one of the artist of the european project is that the project that was sent up to make us all love each other is actually beginning to make as i use each other and the greeks now slag off the germans they have coliseums of angela merkel wearing swastikas on the german tabloid newspapers like built say the greeks of all lazy feckless and useless and far from europe coming together europe is being told apart we are risking stirring up the very kind of nationalism is that the project was supposed to stop in the first place i mean look communism was like this as it was supposed to make the world a fairer a place you finished up with a brand new class system it's obvious russia where the party members that even greater rights that they are stuck recy that have gone before them it is the law of unintended consequences. more with nigel farage after the break also still ahead celebrities have put their names behind prepaid debit cards now the u.s.
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is the biggest bank by assets is getting into the business to give your new our three cents on why the first or closing market numbers.
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well. science technology innovation all the moves developments around russia we've got the future covered. welcome back we're talking to nigel farrow today leader of the u.k. independent party who saw a lot of what's happening in europe coming he believes the recent election results we've seen marked a democratic rebellion and countries like greece so we talked about what this means for other countries that are heavily indebted indebted and europe and have also seen their borrowing costs rise take a listen. to spain and italy and countries that have seen their borrowing costs rise do you think that you'll see then that we'll see them put more of their vote behind parties that are anti austerity that are opposed to the euro zone solutions
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. the tragedy of the eurozone it was this if you look at historic long time when you look at portuguese spanish and greek interest rates i look at deutsche book rates what you see through the seventy's and i just. nine's is is a big gap german rates rose of the low and rates in the mediterranean countries relatively high as they approached joining the euro. they converged and so what you had in these countries and then on to effectively you had interest rates that were three or four percent lower than they should have been for seven years it was like being at a party where your glass is being topped up all the time free mostly it led to the most incredible speculative boom in property it led in greece to governments using this money to pay the public sector more to allow people to retire earlier it was a completely false totally false economy that have been set up by totally
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artificial interest rates and now of course what is happening is the spread having narrowed has widened out again as the markets say these governments are effectively bankrupt and we're not going to get our money back so that's the tragedy of the euro it should never have happened those of us that warned about this over ten years ago were written off as being we were told that economics have been reinvented as no. people that have been warning about this as you said you have have been gaining more and more popularity in the u.k. local elections you saw a lot of success your party the u.k. independence party the euro skeptic party which wants the u.k. to leave the e.u. saw its best ever local election result averaging about fourteen percent of the vote where you had candidate stand candidate standing reportedly at the expense of conservatives so to what extent do you think the increase in your party support is based on its stance on europe versus other aspects of for example your domestic platform. well i think the debate on europe in the united kingdom used to be about
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something called sovereignty it used to be about who governs britain and necessarily as a policy in the early days we talked about these things we warned how bad the european union would be for british democracy. much as that was a very important argument it didn't necessarily always appeal to them out in the street but now what we talk about is not just who governs britain but how britain should be governed because out there across the united kingdom the remove the ins of people who now realise that the laws that are made in europe directly impact their lives we've got over four million small businesses who are drowning in employment regulations and health and safety regulations and environmental regulations we've got an open door immigration policy a total open door to the whole of eastern europe anybody that wants to come to britain from poland can and into the bargain if they fill in the right forms they qualify for housing benefit within two weeks you know people are getting very angry
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we ourselves have got economic problems we've got you thought employment running at twenty one percent all the while we have this open door immigration policy so you keep is not seen anymore to be a policy talking about some sort of you know high faluting intellectual idea we're a party addressing the everyday concerns of ordinary people and we're a party now offering solutions we're not just saying europe's awful said to protest we're now saying vote for ukip because we're putting together a plan of how an independent britain could and should be run so then are these for example a conservative m.p. was quoted in a british paper saying that they gained their party is seen aren't just about europe which sounds like what you're saying suggesting that this was a protest vote against conservatives so are those all of the issues there that they're protesting against if his this and he's damon is true to an extent. whatever a new force of politics emerges the mainstream or hold the mainstream at that
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moment in time will always try and write off that surge in support as it being a protest vote well the risk quite a lot in britain to protest about at the moment so i wouldn't blame people for voting you give us a protest vote but just look at our manifesto. you know where the people saying we don't want to pay fifty billion pounds a day to be a member of this club we're the people saying we want britain to be a self-governing democracy we're the people saying we want to stop open door immigration we're the party saying we want to reopen the links that we used to have with a couple well in the english speaking world with a party saying we want children who come from poor backgrounds to get the best possible educational opportunities about used to be afforded by the grammar school system that we have and above all with a party saying we are a party that believes in enterprise we're a party that believes in hard work we're a party that believes that you college have schools and hospitals and the good things of life unless you've got people out there working making profits and paying
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taxes and so i think really to write off the rise in the ukip vote it would up about ten percent since the last general election on these recent local governments goes to write it off as simply being a protest vote frankly smacks of people in the establishment of the moment sticking their heads into just not recognizing that there is a massive massive political change that is taking place in the united kingdom and i would add across the rest of europe today fair enough i hear your point it sounds like it's also part of a broader european trend now i also want to note that you are the party mr for raj opposed to non wine i suppose at least you had a non wine party today this is tasting of a fruit derived nonalcoholic beverage from one of the u.k.'s leading wine producers sounds a little odd but tell us what this is about and why this is a political issue for your party. let me give you the story in my home county of
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kent we have a wine producer called chappell down and they make very good sparkling wines of white wines and they want a war to be doing terribly well they were contacted by an argentinian company who said the seventeenth of april is world bank day what if we ship you across i can tell you know of argentinian melbourne. grapes and you turn that into wine but we do a joint venture we sell that product in england and the chapel there winery said yeah that's absolutely fine no problem we're told until. the mad bureaucrats from the commission in brussels intervened and they all of the company that they could not sell this product as why they had to sell it as a fruit derived alcoholic drink made from produce imported from outside the european union i think it is just about the most bubbly absolutely in such a piece of meddling from bureaucrats i've ever seen in my life and today the ninth of april sorry not the bay is europe day where we're all supposed to celebrate how
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absolutely wonderful leader opinion it is so i just wrote a passing to celebrate the total absurdity of this european project and it's rather like the people that run this project you know they're in the temple the walls are crashing down all around them and all they can do is telephone been kept that they cannot set a product they've made is why it is total house and old since i did it and really is a serious point here because it gets to the hans much of what is happening across the west the world the real battle that is going on here is a battle of democracy versus bureaucracy and what we want to do with ukip is get back to living in a democracy we may well vote for governments that are absolutely useless but at least once every four or five years we'll get to turf the laws out and to replace them with somebody else but to think that here we are paying in juice to fully fifty million pounds a day so that a bureaucrat can tell a kentish one producer that his product is not wired it absolutely beautifully from the order of sums up for europe day sums up what
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a complete nonsense this whole thing is. you are entitled to elections and calling your mine why i obviously missed this if you didn't catch it when i called it and nonalcoholic beverage i obviously meant an alcoholic when as now i don't care as much more eloquently explain why that was fair i he's leader of the u.k. independent party. all right let's wrap up with loose change dimitri and shannon let's talk about executive compensation at banks because what's going on well bank of america had their shareholder meeting ninety two percent of shareholders approved the executive
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pay package it's interesting because this went on amidst protests both inside and outside the shareholders conference meanwhile you may recall that last month citi voted down their executive pay package the shareholders did on the say and pay vote only want one it was nonbinding it's not binding according to dog craig meanwhile and consequently there was no big city bank group open trailer though possibly in the u.k. where shareholders are actually revolting against executive pay in the case. which is an insurance company take a look investors were billing in london against the c.e.o. of insurance giant of iraq they don't like his play so today they force c.e.o. andrew moss out. so force him out by resignation about a week after the vote mosque resigned and a veba didn't give any explanation but he resigned so is this. is there anything to
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pull from this that the too big to fail banks of shareholders vote against their pay it doesn't matter in the u.k. maybe in different countries or with different industries that it does matter i think this is a case where in the u.k. and in europe there's still some cultural and moral integrity left because regulations wise you know i'm a global one through london so i was just going to say regulations wise there is a huge gray area that allows for shadow they will have worked on london profits off in the us we try to regulate morality because there's a moral decay so we need to kind of put the clamp on with everything we've got and the kitchen sink and sort of put these bankers in shackles and prevent them from running wild in the economy when you get in there ok so you're saying regulation is the attempt to legislate morality with bankers right because and because they're going to us for exactly i mean in the u.k. they've got some drug kone and police laws and yet if you go there the cops are really nice it's only here that like there's been
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a cultural shift and there's been a wholesale looting whether it is the military of the or there's the police for the bankers so i think that's an interesting and i do more of the i think it's interesting that they're willing ok say this is kind of p.r. where are some of these big c.e.o.'s that catch a lot of bad press where they actually do get taken down or get their knighthood taken away but yet these regulations that allow these horrible practices do continue and this is kind of this p.r. thing or this sham at least the big guys that maybe you know are untouchable in the u.s. get taken down and that's something satisfying about that and shaming to have your money taken away but in the u.s. get a little shame this god there is no show like let's lose i mean you lose speaking of looting guess what j.p. morgan chase is doing they may be taking a cue first of all for muscle semmens reportedly get off to offset the cost of new regulations take a look. russell simmons successful entrepreneur and full interest he thinks everyone should be financially empowered so he developed a rush card to prepaid freezer card to critique everyone he said which will decide
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do you really need a bank account. so prepaid debit cards russell simmons is doing it has done it now chase will start doing it selling them more than five thousand branches and what's reportedly a push to generate revenue with new fee based consumer products these are typically ones in this case that target people that can't afford checking accounts to offset the regulations that make them not overcharge people so much for overdraft protection don't allow them to overcharge merchants for using debit card this is another way to lower i like remember i like this i like this you know you know i'm sure right time on it's never going to court it's a debit card ok it's prepaid basically this prevents people from getting racked up and turning to serve their put their preparing to a card so basically all the service that you need you need now you know right before i think this is a no this i think is just another way to for banks to rat rack up fees to have a bit of this regulator write it up and spreading rumors that ok they're still issuing credit cards so that hasn't gone away but that's all we have time for let's wrap it up sorry shannon we'll hear from you tomorrow thanks so much for tuning in
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don't forget to come back tomorrow from everyone here thanks for watching and have a great night.
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rescue helicopters have been dispatched to the last known location of the sukhoi superjet which went missing on wednesday morning and into these it dimitri medvedev has launched a special commission to investigate the incident after the new crop disappeared from the radio on a demonstration flight with fifty passengers on board. also a spectacular display of fireworks enjoyed most victory day marking russia's defeat of nazi germany in the great country music hall celebrations included a bronze parade in red square only the red on these epic efforts six to seven days ago a. few grains axed prime minister. has been moved from public prison to hospital for treatment has been on hunger strike for nineteen days claiming interest suffered abuse while the train. is overhead like the south coming out delayed has foiled airline plot raised concerns over governmental secrecy bosses.


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