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tv   [untitled]    May 10, 2012 1:00am-1:30am EDT

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latest reports say there are no survivors from the crash of a flagship next generation russian airliner the wreckage of which was found on the side of a hole in indonesia. greece is left hanging as politicians failed to form a coalition government with a far left leader giving a resounding no to go out. and continued bombing in syria are undermining the united nations peace plan the u.n. envoy warns the blasts are putting the entire observers mission in jeopardy. now i am in the russian capital you're watching r t i'm marina joshie no survivors
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have been reported from the crash of a russian jet airliner a rescue helicopter has discovered the wreckage of a plane on the side of a dormant volcano in an area where the jab had last been seen on raiders talk to sean thomas our correspondent has more on this show what is the rescue operations focusing on now well very intense road operation that has been underway through the majority of the night and into the morning in fact indonesian president bang bang you do you know personally overseeing this operation himself now what we do know is that the plane is located or the wreckage of the plane is located at an elevation of fifty five hundred feet on the mountain that is south of bogor which is in an area south of. jakarta now this mountain is range is very difficult to get to in fact the only way for people to get to the site of the crash itself is to repel down to the side from a helicopter so very difficult. to get to at this moment in time now one thing that
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we do very very important information that is coming in is that from the time the plane disappeared from the radar until the actual distance to where the wreckage has been found the clock that at one point four hours which is a distance of about eight seconds of flight time so not much time and a lot of focus and attention is going to be spent on what happened of course immediately before that which caused that plane to descend from ten thousand to six thousand feet and then immediately following in that aftermath in that second to what caused that plane to crash into that mountainside as you mentioned before unfortunately at this moment time believing there are no survivors. right well going on to the next question now as we know the super. flagship for russian every nation and a lot of hopes were invested in it as well as that i will do well in international markets now this accident of course will be a huge blow to the brand. that is true the. super jet one hundred is the
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first jet built for commercial aviation in russia entirely designed and built since or post the soviet union era it was meant to revitalize the russian aviation industry which took a serious hit during the recession this plane that was already committed to several different air carriers already being used are you being used by aeroflot as well and indonesia was one of its most. potential successful clients in fact there were a lot of companies in indonesia that were interested in purchasing this jet for use for domestic carriers and flights. highly technical plane and there is a lot riding on this investigation at this moment in time about the future of the plane. thanks very much indeed for the subject and of course we are keeping our eyes on the wires coming out of indonesia for. the latest and we'll keep our
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viewers posted thanks very much indeed for this for now. two other stories now here in our all accounts to form a coalition have so far failed in greece thus far left leader alex is to press rejected proposals by the pro bailout party's this comes after sunday's parliamentary elections in which no party managed to secure an overall majority without the deal greece will be forced to hold a new election in june german chancellor angela merkel said any new greek government must stick to the hysteria the plan agreed upon in exchange for the bailout economics experts warn her demands are on realistic. this is america is speaking as if. the implementation of the fiscal adjustment program that these agreed to between a good government and the european union. is a matter of will. want to implement it then you will be able to do to do it.
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this is a very profound. piece cannot implement this plan because this plan could not be implemented by anyone it flies in the face of economic activity. if greece doesn't try to implement it as it has been doing over the last year and a half or so all that will happen is that the debt is going to get worse that the session is going to deepen and there's often gone he's going to enter more into its kind of coma so what mrs merkel is asking the greeks to do is mission impossible. later the winner of the nobel prize for economics get this joseph arrow tells r t how a stare it is not the way forward for greece or the entire eurozone. i'm disturbed about the tendency which is partly through the united states but much more true in some parts of europe of too much austerity when we have. a condition of the fish and demand massive unemployment i think rio the idea that you want to
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stimulate the economy. through government spending or some other group. is pretty clear he was interesting had not been in the euro they probably would have been able to borrow the money. that was going to lead to drachmas because. nobody but the demand i think we've made a mistake by not the forty year old. said that they have got themselves into a bit trouble. overspread that was no. course they ran up with a deficit that was. during times of prosperity that was. not sustainable. i can watch the interview with nobel economics prize winner ken is joseph arrow in just over an hour here on our team and still i have for you this hour an interceptor threat. to washington plans to give the go
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ahead to its missile defense system in europe but russia still hasn't gotten any confirmation plans not aimed against. the financial crisis and budget cuts in the u.s. forced people to leave their homes and even seek lethal solutions to find out more in just a few minutes here on our team. of the u.n. chief says bomb attacks in syria including the most recent one which exploded near a monetarist convoy on wednesday casts doubt on the future of the observer mission in the country a roadside bomb blast left several soldiers injured the u.n. envoy to syria warned his peace plan is the last chance to avoid the civil war brian backer from anti-war coalition says until rebels stop receiving weapons from abroad the violence will continue. you have to look at the bombing and see who is the material beneficiary from the continued lation of violence and i would have to say it's not the syrian government but those who are for mental and civil war in
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syria that would be parts of the armed opposition and armed opposition. getting arms from turkey from other arab regimes in particular saudi arabia and the gulf states and of course the backing of the nato powers they're not seeking reconciliation they're not seeking a brokered peace every effort by the syrian government to enforce a cease fire or to make concessions is met with armed opposition groups who are having weapons funneled to them from the outside we know this not only from the syrian ambassador but even from kofi annan the u.n. delegation which is acknowledging the flow of arms from outside into syria who would do that and why well the only ones who would do it would be those who don't want to settlement don't want to negotiated peace want in fact the civil war leading to the eventual overthrow of this current independent government in syria. now you can go deeper into our stories that are easy to calm her online you can find out how ukraine's jailed expert mir is no longer on hunger strike she's been
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moved from prison to hospital after ending her nine hundred a protest after claims of abuse from prison guards. and thousands of troops impressive military hardware and cali copters russia honored its veterans celebrating sixty seven years of victory over the nazis in the world war two with a spectacular parade and that's where i watch the action on our you tube channel. well i report in has an expectantly pulled out from the g eight summit in the u.s. state of maryland that starts next week instead he's sending prime minister dmitry medvedev have put in explained his decision to president obama over the phone saying he needed to stay in moscow to finalize the points to his new cabinet the two leaders had agreed to meet during june the g twenty meeting in mexico but important has been quiet critical over the u.s. foreign policy is during his campaign especially concerning the issue of america's
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planned and missile shield in europe well one of the first orders he gave after being sworn in as president was to get. washington to provide legal guarantees the system is not aimed against russia but. well that missile defense plan will be up for discussion by nato next week and the alliance is holding a summit in chicago in ten days that's expected to give the green light for the activation of interceptor missiles in poland but as i reports washington's reluctance to cooperate might force moscow to take action. scared distrustful and even hostile these are only some of the labels more sco has received in the west for expressing concerns over washington's controversial european anti-missile shield plans the u.s. wants to build european support for this missile defense system the russians on the other hand are very mistrustful of the u.s. global agenda and want to use this issue to just blow up to us you know why it's too few to do personally that we should respond. and i symmetrical for that.
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to make russia's position clear the defense ministry organized a special conference in moscow visualizing its warriors in a graphic clip experts say that by the year twenty twenty when the final phase of the shield will be ready nato bases in europe will be able to shoot down russian intercontinental missiles this moscow says violates the principles of nuclear containment and would dramatically shift the balance of global power. it would have no objections to the will of the us to strengthen security in europe but it cannot be done at the expense of our security security cannot be divided and that's one of the principles of the start treaty signed between moscow and washington the u.s. delegation again played down talks of a possible threat to russia now due respect. to. security. interest. here in.
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the street. but words do not match actions according to moscow with washington unwilling to rubber stamp of those promises in a legal document until it does russia defense ministry says it will continue to grow military potential on its borders ready to act against america's a.m.d. ambitions even preemptively. sujoy of them is the reason taking into account the destabilizing nature of the missile defense system and in particular creating an illusion on punishable strike the decision about a preemptive use of force will be made in a period of heightened tension the deployment of new offensive ons in southern i'm northwestern russia including its canned missiles in the callinan grab region provided to the destruction of the european missile defense infrastructure. this scenario is clearly seen as
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a last resort however moscow is standing strong in its position sending the ball firmly into washington's court the most goes conference happened just two weeks before the nato summit in chicago where the alliance is expected to officially launch the first phase of the euro m d and while nobody has any doubts that the points made here will not change the summits agenda they may eventually urge washington to provide legal guarantees that the system will never be used against russia something moscow has been demanding for the past several years let's see russia see reporting from moscow. violence in syria iran's nuclear program will dominate talks as russia's foreign minister of business china the two countries generally see eye to eye when it comes to global matters well let's now get more on this visit from joshua chan from making university take very much for being with us here in the program sir first off we know that the foreign minister is due to discuss issues such as syria and iran and the two countries generally i mean russia and china see eye to eye on this so tell us
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a bit more about the mutually advantageous talks there and ties in other words who needs who more. right now both russia china and the united states every major global power really benefits from this little stability and right now the two major threats to publish that civility are syria and iran. control the short of or where a lot of big global trade goes through. a war broke out in iran then you could have a contagion throughout the middle east and possibly into asia as well so both countries and i just both countries but entire world stands to benefit so a peaceful resolution through the crises in syria and what's happening right now between israel and riyadh so both countries benefits from each other i would say if you were to say who but it's more simple was to go to china because you could argue that russia the russian economy is so sufficient where china very much is its
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economic growth it's very much dependent on global stability and global economic growth and it imports raw commodities from around the world and export just meant that your goods store china stands to benefit greatly from a peaceful resolution to your global. crises all right well russia's visit to china comes hot on the heels of hillary clinton's visit there as well. hillary clinton is trying to drum up support for its policies on north korea and iran so what do you read into this visit i mean does the u.s. fear in other words it's losing its dominance globally. well i mean you could argue that after the fall of the berlin wall the united states started to retain this. portion it really under reasonable and ultimately unsustainable amount of global wealth and power and now what we're seeing basically is that we don't see where russia china and the brics countries are slowly rising in influence and i think
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that's the way it ought to be for too long we've been to you to pull the world and that has great a lot of issues more slowly moving towards a multi color world which i think is all to me more reason more and more sensible. well let's go back now to the situation in syria or russia and china have repeatedly called for dialogue and vetoed any resolutions that called for harsher action so can we expect this to continue and. well i mean the issue right now is that what's happening in syria. that's no one if it's no country it's terrible what what's happening in syria the number of deaths we have you know hundreds of deaths a day it's a really unstable area but then the question is what can you do about it and the real question is what happens if the regime is toppled what comes next and right now there are no clear answers to any of these questions so i think that if there are no clear answers and i think that if. any action is predictable
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if any action agrees comfortable consequences and i think if you can do is actually sit down and just discuss it further i know this is not a ideal solution but you look at a situation where there were no solutions whatsoever. while finally the for yes or here is a question on the state of. moral economy we know that china and russia are part of the brics block so these two emerging economies can help the world out of the economic crisis in your opinion well i mean we fortunately we're going to cracy crisis where really referring to two areas of the world we're referring to america when we return referring to europe and both of these areas america and and europe some of selves in economic crisis because for many years day war they had irresponsible fiscal policies they were spending too much. a lot of their fiscal management was unsustainable and we're seeing now is a sort of restructuring of their economies now both areas are using different
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approaches america thinks it can spend itself. it's recession germany in europe is calling for more austerity more fiscal austerity so the question really isn't you know how can the world how can the brics help the world out of taking a crisis because of what really is an economic crisis brics countries are going well i think that into. countries continues to grow it is but it's markets are going to expand as there are more middle class citizens in these countries then they'll have more need for goods and so it's always work it's on trade and as long as there's more more mutual and equal trade in the world we're going to trust her and that's that's really the question how can the world continue to trade peacefully and that's why syria and iran are such hot topics right now all right mr johnson a chain from the university thanks very much indeed for sharing your thoughts with us here on r t. thank you. well we now go back to our top
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story it's been reported there are no survivors from the crash of a russian so why superjet and indonesia at artie's place leader has just arrived in jakarta we can get the latest from her now. korea so why do we know so far what's the latest. korea can you hear me. continued today four helicopters actually went out and were able to see the wreckage of the russians your project that went missing yesterday here in jakarta they were able to see the debris of the airplane on mount solich which is actually a dormant volcano. and. already is there in saying that there are no signs of survivor. on that airplane were staying overnight in the airport waiting first on news and it's being reported that they broke in to cheer.
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on the latest development that obviously the plane had. plane was actually here doing a demonstration and i had already done one yesterday that everything that went to fine and in the last second tast of the plane went missing after twenty minutes into the demonstration and. it does appear to off the radar is in the last thing that the. an asked to decent and the weather conditions were not ideal yesterday it was a little bit foggy and drizzly and that's why the aerial search for the plant and hats paul resumed this morning in that when the authorities were amounts. were appraising from much for bringing us the very latest our correspondent priest who had just arrived and jakarta and chile bring us all the latest through the day thanks very much and. now you're watching r.t.
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coming to live from moscow was turned to the other stories that we're following for you here today opposition rallies are continuing into their fourth day in moscow with around one hundred people spending the night in one of the parks in the city center they have sanctioned most of the protests have been dispersed while several hundred people have been detained opposition leader of. a little toff have been sentenced to fifteen days imprisonment for. resisting police mass walks and sit ins across moscow started on monday that day while the reporter was sworn in as the new president on sunday the white ribbon movement called for a million man march which turned ugly when some protesters started throwing stones and trying to provoke police. and that was take a look at what else is making headlines elsewhere in the world football fans clashed with police in the spanish capital overnight thousands poured into the streets celebrating as a lot of hope and dreams victory in the europa league final violence erupted when a small group of fans started throwing bottles and stones at police who tried to
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push the crowds back several people were arrested after the confrontation. believe in riot police have fired tear gas at an anti-government demonstrators in the pas clashes broke out when thousands of workers protested over pay and work conditions the laborers were joined by union members united in their opposition to the president it was a very different scene in the city where people gather to show their support and solidarity with the government. brock obama has become the first american president to back same sex marriage he said gay couples should be able to wed legally thus ending months of dodging a direct answer of his position obama also mentioned it's important to him that all american troops are able to commit to marriage the remark follows a vote on a constitutional amendment in north carolina that makes it the twenty eight states to prohibit same sex marriage. well straight into the world of
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business natasha what's happening there any hopes for growth on the stock markets today well that really depends on what's happening in europe it seems like nowadays everything revolves around that issue and of course wall street really dropped overnight mainly on concerns about the healthy european economy and asia is losing value this hour mainly for the same reason let's now see those asian figures as you can see the nikkei in tokyo is seeing pretty choppy trade briefly drop below the psychologically important level of nine thousand points it's values about somewhat but tech stocks are still under pressure and the yen being relatively strong the exports are hurting as well and in hong kong the hang saying is losing almost one percent after a disappointing chinese trade data it showed that exports grew less than five percent in the month of april compared to the same period last year and that's one way below expectations on wall street overnight we saw some losses as i already
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mentioned using those figures there the dow jones industrial average saw the biggest loss since a las august and that's all let's all put that into context that's all happening as a result of worries about greece first of all it really worries investors after all attempts to form a coalition government have failed so far there are concerns that it might drop out of the euro zone in the near future on wednesday the eurozone rescue fund set all transfer four point two billion euro to greece on thursday that's part of its rescue package but that's one billion year old last them planned the european financial stability facility explained its decision by saying the remaining one billion is not needed before june and will be disbursed depending on the financial needs of greece and that obviously brings a lot of uncertainty and stay with the euro zone. spain has decided to partly nationalize it's forced a largest lender
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a bond to clean up its financial sector the deal will give the state a forty five percent in direct stake in the struggling bank which has more than thirty billion euro exposure to troubled loans the government is expected to a lend or to give bunky up to ten the billion euros but some analysts say it will need a lot more and that now brings us to the oil market and oil is obviously losing value on all about uncertainty over the health of the eurozone it's a see losses for a six straight trading session and when it comes to currencies the euro is gaining ever so slightly against the dollar but as a general trend all the investors are cautious investors are of course piling into the dollar and the euro as a result is trading near us three month old low the russian currency the ruble actually retreated against both the dollar and the euro on choose they last
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trading session and the russian markets will reopen in less than one hour we'll bring you all the latest figures let's now see the figures for the russian markets they were closed on wednesday as the countries celebrated the victory day but as you can see on tuesday there was absolutely no sign of the much anticipated putin and maggie ration rally as both of my sex and the r.t.s. posted a losses that's a latest from the business desk and i'll be back in about fifteen minutes or so you all right there thanks very much indeed for bringing us this update of course you next hour coming up in just a few minutes here on our team will be checkmates well check out our documentary chess traditions here on our team.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations are on the day.


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