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dozens are killed and hundreds injured in the syrian capital by two bomb blasts the deadliest attack since the conflict in the country began more than a year ago. monday a few hundred meters separate rescue teams from the crash site of a russian airliner in indonesia as authorities say it's unlikely any survivors will be found we get a live update from there shortly. the story baracoa just too busy to be a person says you can join the party next week hosted by the u.s.g.s. demanding workload. on line on the screen this is r.t. live from moscow with you twenty four hours
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a day two massive bomb blasts of ripped through the syrian capital during rush hour killing at least fifty five people and wounding nearly four hundred others the government and the opposition to being quick to blame each other for the attacks and russia says there could be a foreign hand in the bombings. the latest from damascus. condemnation from the u.n. observer mission here and. they went straight to the scene of these two explosions it was a huge huge explosion they really shook the entire city everyone here felt it and we've been speaking to people today we've just been down at the. devastation is cause is just and then the moment the cleanup operations are underway. and with the people there because there were a lot of civilian homes that were also destroyed a lot of civilian lives have been lost this is the largest explosions that have happened in recent times because you see in this space recently these types of
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attacks in damascus as it was the capital was launched for a long while as having remained relatively sheltered from the ongoing conflict throughout the rest of the country but we've seen these types of attacks really cranking up in recent times and a huge amount of damage has been done so you know. it is operating in our country conducting terrorist attacks and these acts cannot be carried out without funding and weapons from abroad we have a list of foreign terrorists killed in syria including one french citizen one british citizen and one belgian citizen some arab countries are also supporting these acts of terrorism weapons are being smuggled into the country every day the u.n. security council must act to put an end to all of this. from the beginning of the conflict the very strong rhetoric from both sides playing the blame game and that's really sort of confused enough that because the situation here is much more calm complex than other people really feeling very very much like they're caught in the
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middle of speaking to the people down at the bomb sites and you know there's really a sense of the u.n. observer mission to try and bring peace that this could be just the beginning of this type of progress and you know this is really a major dilemma for the syrians the actions of the regime over the past year and a half. of have left the country now in the situation that's why they put in the sort of interference to these sort of acts to be carried out and so really i mean there's a huge sense amongst the people and a huge fear that if something isn't done that you could see this getting worse the russian foreign minister commented on the events today saying that foreign interference in syria is unacceptable now it is widely acknowledged that there are foreign nationals operating in the ground that are coming on. the horses anyone saying the u.n. observer mission the serious doing to phil is only making things worse unfortunately some of our international partners are doing even more than that it's they're taking steps to ignite the situation both figuratively and very directly as
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the latest explosions demonstrate this you know serve mission really viewed as the best chance that this country has right now getting stability back and what the u.n. observers have been asking for is for people the different sides the different groups different factions to give the syrian people a chance to guess the vanity in this country and this to crook the right to the ngo conflicts forum thinks the u.n. peace effort is being undermined by foreign meddling in syria. having militarily experienced witnesses on the ground who can tell what is a mortar shell and what is a burning tar being fired on the top of the roof more than an ordinary journalist can does help but please bring this thing and maybe possibly will contribute to stabilizing it of course military observers any sort of a con of a few determined saboteurs who wish to infiltrate the country and place explosives
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in the middle of a time the head of american intelligence assessment james clapper himself said that americans believe that the earlier bombings were done by groups infiltrating from iraq into syria to places who is behind them we are not quite sure but it's most likely those that are sponsoring these groups will be in the gulf states will be gulf states who will be by the funding it or stimulating these sort of attacks i think it's fairly plain the reason why it doesn't take a great deal of investigation to work out. for both sides. the peace process is not what they're wanting to see they want to see the violent overthrow of the assad regime. indonesian rescuers say there's no hope of finding survivors after a russian airliner crashed into a mountain the teams are now trying to tackle challenging terrain to reach the wreckage of the sukhoi superjet one hundred which went down on wednesday well let's
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now of course live tortilla she's in jakarta tell us what is the latest on this recovery operation. that's right bill it's early morning on a friday here in jakarta i was just at the domestic airport where the russians do quite superjet one hundred took off on wednesday for a thirty minute demonstration flight as part of an asian tour are made it already done one demonstration flight that day but it went off the radars about twenty minutes into the flight and no one was able to track it down on the last that anyone heard from the plane was that the crew wanted to descend and then no one was able to hear from that plane for a day and then early this morning many people's worst fears here in jakarta did come true when four helicopters that were filled with indonesian air force found the plane on top of the mountain near a dormant volcano now this region that the airplane actually crashed in is very
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treacherous it's very it's almost considered a vertical track to go to reach that is this racket site so actually no rescue teams have actually been able to make it to the site so while authorities are saying that there are no signs of survivors they actually haven't even the many able to recover any of the bodies yet and there's just been mass chaos here in jakarta many families gathering at the airport hoping for is down word on their loved ones and hoping to find some bodies but this search is really not able to happen at night time so it will resume once again in the morning and many people are hoping that the rescue teams will actually be able to reach the site where the plane crashed. was equipped with take a look so what is known about the potential causes over the crash. at first bill hijacking had not been ruled out because although it was
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a very mountainous area there was no emergency beacon that when awful are just supposed to go out if a plane were to crash into a mountain still many people thought maybe perhaps it went off the radars and was going to take an emergency landing but obviously that turned out to not be the case and the plane obviously was found to have crashed into the mountain and most aviation experts that we've spoken to have said that this is a very treacherous terrain as i pointed out so they're thinking that visibility. rain or probably factors that caused human error. to basically caused the plane to crash into the mountain but obviously you know we have no official word yet we're waiting for crews to get to the scene and for authorities to determine the official cause just. performing a presentation flood what is this tragedy mean for the company's future.
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well i think it's a little bit too early to tell as of right now you know it's a very new plane it was the first commercial plane built by russia since the end of the soviet union the first plane was built in two thousand and seven and the first test of the plane was in two thousand and eight and the first commercial launch was in two thousand and eleven nothing like this is ever happened before there's already been one hundred seventy orders placed for this plane around the world and that's supposed to be fairly reasonable reasonably play priced at thirty five million dollars per plane internees actually made a deal to buy a three hundred eighty million dollars deal this past august to buy several of the aircraft which is one of the reasons that it was here doing this sort of task to determine its performance here in jakarta so it's a little bit too early to tell at this point how it's going to look back to the business aspect of the sukhoi superjet one hundred i think for now most people are concerned with recovering the bodies and finding out exactly what happened thanks
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very much indeed for that update. by the way you can get the latest developments the dates on the plane crash in indonesia on our website. what else for you right now a strange activity at a suspected nuclear site to find out just what iran is up to. going to work a woman she will not let europe loosen its belt one move she believes could tip the eurozone into an economic abyss. the sixty seven year anniversary of nazi germany's dumb fool watch spectacular victory parade dedicated to the event on a you tube channel and. the other videos that we have from. russian business and to boot he was sentenced to twenty five years behind bars for conspiring to sell weapons and kill americans. has spoken exclusively to be from
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his new york prison a correspondent on the star spoke to a little earlier and she joins me live now from new york and the start of this is certainly a rare opportunity to hear what he had to say since his recent trial what revelations did he share with you. well bill you know this is the first interview that victor boot gives to an english language t.v. news outlet not just since he was sentenced but also since his extradition two years ago to the united states and this was a rare opportunity like you say to get his personal take on his case that by now has definitely become the torrijos take a listen to what he said and character around the world where you know. you don't overreach. where you know your mom. but you know thanks mark you are truly showing you pictures of american
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democracy and real completion america's great comic. i'm not. sure. we'll speaking in one of the six languages that victor good speaks fluently in english there we also get a chance to discuss with him what it feels like to be sentenced to an entire quarter of a century whether or not there is something he would do differently if he knew he would be sentenced to twenty five years the answer to which was absolutely not victor boot continues to maintain his innocence and says he has never done anything wrong in his life we also got a chance to listen to his message to the united states president as well as the dea agents that framed him in a sting operation to go listen. well i have a message for you is president if you will keep using these fucks who will have a name of gay drug enforcement agents and they will then ran to crimes this will
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not only not help america to really solve the problem with a drug for sale anywhere but it's that of going to to a real problem and solve the real problem they just inventing the crime because look there is no danger for him go to somebody who would not hide provoke do the kind of the dirty tricks and the friendly people instead of going on to solve the real problem. well these and other topics our viewers will get a chance to see the film the full interview with victor boot who speaks for the course exclusively from his new york jail in the days to come just briefly and finally for those you haven't been following the case give us the background on one of the fairly complex and controversial case. bill buddhism russian businessman air cargo businessman in his forty's who was basically lured in by u.s. agents in thailand in two thousand and eight and later even though thai courts
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found him not guilty of international arms trafficking twice he would still extradited to the u.s. and the reason this case is controversial in the tory is because many say the united states basically arm twisted thailand into extraditing boot and of course he is at this point spent four years behind bars he is serving a twenty five year sentence the man has always maintained his innocence russia has called his extradition to the united states illegal and meanwhile in this operation conducted entirely by drug enforcement agency agents who believes that he is a victim of a political case and continues fighting for his release whether or not that's going to happen we're going to have to wait and see but he's definitely made it clear that he has no plans of giving up certainly interesting to give an interview and started chatting and thanks very much indeed for that reporting live from new york . going to be the g eight summit due to take place in the u.s.
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state of maryland next friday russia's president says he's too busy appointing his new cabinet to even if he's now prime minister will be sent to america to cover for him. has more. being a very busy week for vladimir putin on monday he was sworn in as president on tuesday how to deal with the election of a new prime minister in the palm and until wednesday he was poss of the annual victory day parade here in moscow so the president called the rock a bomber and explained that he couldn't get attend the g. eight next week he had to remain in moscow to finalize key cabinet appointments while the two leaders will instead meet next month in mexico at the g twenty meeting dmitri medvedev the prime minister who will be attending the g. eight representing russia instead though the white house issued a statement saying that they understood the position of president putin in welcoming the prime minister made yet of to camp david so the issue of key cabinet
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appointments being listed as the reason for putin's nonattendance at the g eight however it has left some wondering if there could be another motive for i'm not going but to me of prudence never really being the biggest fan of the g. eight in fact he's said that he finds it somewhat outdated much prefer in the g. twenty which includes more of the a mooching economies in the world countries like brazil china india that russia does an awful lot of trade with no also the president has said that he is committed to continuing the restart of relations with between russia and the united states that was begun under the presidency of dmitri medvedev during his campaigning for the presidency flooded me a putin was very critical of some aspects of u.s. foreign policy in particular the united states's stance on syria washington's treatment of tehran and the uranium nuclear program as well as the american antti
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missile defense shield that's proposed to eastern europe. over and dmitri trenin director of the moscow carnegie center says that the g eight inside the main problems between russia and america will be solved by the presents themselves. obama will still be handled by putin he may send medvedev to that diplomatic john barry and i believe that in the future mr putin will be sending to be added to a lot of diplomatic diplomatic functions around the world where he would not want to go where he could where he could not go for different reasons you can talk about the interests the tensions and the issues and i think that the biggest issue weighing in on the u.s. russian relations in the next couple of years will be the issue of ballistic missile defense in europe if putin and obama find
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a way that would. leave the united states where the system that is capable against ukrainian missiles and yet assuredly harmless toward the russian in the continental ballistic missiles then we'll have a deal and then we'll have. a brighter future for the relationship if that deal for whatever reason is not reached and i think we can expect a period of progress of alienation and money between moscow and washington the u.s. has tested a rocket in hawaii intended to nato use future missile defense shield in europe he announces holding a summit in chicago later this month expected to give the green light for interceptor missiles in poland but as he reports washington's reluctance to
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cooperate could force moscow to take action. scared distrustful and even hostile these are only some of the labels moscow has received in the west for expressing concerns over washington's controversial european anti-missile shield plans the u.s. wants to build european support for this missile defense system the russians on the other hand are very mistrustful of the u.s. global agenda and want to use this issue to disrupt the u.s. european alliance if you. wish to respond. as a medical threat. to make russia's position clear the defense ministry organized a special conference in moscow visualizing its warriors in a graphic clip experts say that by the year twenty twenty when the final phase of the shield will be ready nato bases in europe will be able to shoot down russian intercontinental missiles this moscow says violates the principles of nuclear containment and would dramatically shift the balance of global power. that it would
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have no objections to the will of the u.s. to strengthen security in europe but it cannot be done at the expense of our security and security cannot be divided and that's one of the principles of the start treaty signed between moscow and washington that the u.s. delegation again played down talks of a possible threat to russia now do you understand. after russia's actions here. would be interested to see if there is. a channel for streaming. but words do not match actions according to moscow with washington unwilling to rubber stamp those promises in a legal document until it does russia defense ministry says it will continue to grow military potential on its borders ready to act against america's a.m.d. ambitions even brienne tivoli sujoy them just a breeze you wish you could taking into account the destabilizing the nature of the
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missile defense system and in particular creating an illusion of a non punishable strike the decision about a preemptive use of force will be made in a period of heightened tension the deployment of new offensive on is in the southern and north western russia including its kind of missiles in the callinan grab region provides for the destruction of the european missile defense infrastructure. the border this scenario is clearly seen as a last resort however moscow is standing strong in its position sending the ball firmly into washington's court. conference happened just two weeks before the nato summit in chicago where the alliance is expected to officially launch the first phase of the year m d and while nobody has any doubts that the points made here will not change the summit's agenda they may eventually urge washington to provide legal guarantees that this system will never be used against russia something moscow has been demanding for the past several years let's see russia. reporting
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from moscow. political parties in greece are struggling to come up with a power sharing coalition deal sending the crisis hit country into further. general elections on sunday failed to produce an outright winner with the leading parties so far failing to form a government but without an agreement fresh action would have to be held then on thursday athens is due to receive five point two billion euros in bailout funds but several eurozone countries were reluctant to forward this money because of the political instability as part of the bailout terms athens was past fourteen and a half billion euros worth of a storage images in june but financial chaos is left of public mistrust of approach a strategic partner economic analyst michael ross told me earlier that the eurozone has to break up in order to survive this crisis. what we see is a program to crisis it's very sad to see these things developing but it was more planned within the your because so different different countries like
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greece and germany are not fitting into one currency and it is a end of the day you will have this what we have now people go to the street this means that there is more violence more political insecurity. that the country also becomes impossible to govern the euro never could work everybody who. looks at it on an economical way knows that the eurozone just was not right the whole problem that we have in the eurozone cannot be solved by rescue packages cannot be solved by more debts cannot be solved anywhere it can only be solved by a break up of the euro that means that germany and the rest of the countries in the you do in the within eurozone will devalue their money. michael ross talking to me a little earlier well the economic and financial turmoil has not stopped greeks from honoring their ancient traditions as we reported our world update now the
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flame for the twenty twelve games has been literally birthplace of the olympics event took place in front of the temple of here next to the ancient stadium professional actors. dressed as heralds put on a display symbolize the athletic strength the flame will be taking to the u.k. no it's time for a seventy day relay around the country. and other news in a world update an air strike in yemen has killed five al qaeda militants in the country self the attack leveled the house in the town where the man was staying she has been held by al-qaeda militants for the past year the u.s. has been using drones to strike insurgents in yemen although it remains unclear who was behind the attack. police in mexico found eighteen mutilated bodies dumped into cars in the western state of clear this girl and left the body suggested they were victims of a gang killing mexican drug cartels often dismember their victims and place them in their cause around fifty thousand people have been killed in drug related violence
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since president felipe calderon came to power in two thousand and six. exactly twenty five minutes past the hour in the russian capital time the business says daniel daniel a fresh spending scandal has just broken out in brussels. all the billions of dollars of the twenty ten e.u. budget were misspent or unaccounted for today one of the parliament's biggest groupings the european conservatives and reform is refused to sign off on those accounts calling the situation a farce it palls pressure on the e.u.'s bid for a seven percent budget rise next year all while taxpayers are cutting back in the current crisis more pain for the e.u. member for portugal the vatican's hold talks with this government over listeners decision to suspend two religious holidays portugal says the euro crisis is so people call take that time off but traders say even this won't help more than hall for investors think at least one member will quit the single currency this year
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according to a new poll out today. and the attempt to form a coalition in greece have failed so far the eurozone rescue fund says it will transfer four billion euro to greece on thursday as part of its rescue package but that's one billion less than planned. the markets in europe troubles her bosses greece portugal spain all heavily down this year unlike the footsie and which had another good day madrid is a joint eighteen percent loss in january the euro's had a horrific run where it hit near three months lows it's just off that at the moment and the storm clouds really are gathering on the single currency project u.s. government jobless claims of down both so. america's trade deficit jumped again in march that's left new york struggling for direction here among the most six wins over fourteen hundred today a first day of gains in seven investors like the central bank called to keep the financing rates unchanged this is a major move was on the my six almost double digit growth. as the gold price grew
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today after a terrible twenty twelve for the gold price back in december business altie for coastal rates will fall this year probably could come to a twenty eleven profit co-producer mitchell also announcing that growth in experts say the super jets accident won't damage sales as long as the investigation is quick and transparent playmaker wants to sell eight hundred units by twenty twenty nine taking fifteen percent of the global regional jet market they have to create a very could be that it was pilot error could have been any number of other factors . which means there's no reason to believe something technically wrong with this product it's all about perception it's all about how the marketplace perceives it see quality so they can clear it out i don't think so damages result but as long as there's any question any over you
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know there's going to be a problem. today all the latest news is on a website ulti dot com slash business daniel thanks very much for that well in a few moments is j.p. morgan's chief stealing your money we continue with money matters here on our team has got the answer that will be off the headlines shortly.
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wealthy british style. that's not on the title of. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars a report on our you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lang you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.


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