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welcome back here with our team here is a look at the top stories the u.n. security council condemns deadly terrorist attacks near a military intelligence complex in the syrian capital damascus which killed fifty five syria is demanding measures against foreign powers supporting terrorism. russian businessmen and arms dealers sentenced to twenty five years behind bars in the us speaks to our teeth as he prepares to be sent to supermax security prison holding some of america's most dangerous criminals that's against their recommendation his trial judge asked for medium security confinement. and rescuers have found twelve bodies while battling dreadful weather conditions and treacherous
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terrain to reach the scene of the suit boy superjet crash in indonesia they are metres from the main disaster zone with little hope of survivors being found. next hour mosque while next our team takes you to all the spectacular locations near the kremlin in the heart of the russian capital. hello and welcome the sun is shining and it's a beautiful day on this week's program we're taking a look at cultural outlaws around the kremlin with a history dating back centuries the whole area is a walking open at museum and the capital has certainly see that small truest times over the past few hundred years and from stories to legends google every area and corner here is full of interesting facts and figures there are
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a few cities worldwide that resonates with history and culture the way moscow does whether you find yourself and meiring say basil's cathedral or the ancient walls of the kremlin you can spend hours gazing at the various sites here delve a little deeper away from the typical tourist spots and you'll be amazed at the stories that each building an area of the city has. been the. first of the bolshoi it must go on its keep bridge is a concrete bridge that spans the most river and can expose shadow i think a street with red square immediately east of the kremlin built in one hundred thirty seven the bridge has a total width of forty meters eight colleen's and its total length with approach ramps is five hundred and fifty four meters. is pretty extreme or the way on the left of the some of the best views in russia and its be points are used by all russian and international television channels. looking
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up and we now past the department store good the building built between eighty nine hundred eighty ninety three features an interesting combination of elements of russian medieval architecture and a steel framework and glass roof a similar style to the great nineteenth century train stations of london. today this. hundred forty two metre long building boasts a luxurious shopping arcade although it's not cheap so maybe it's best to stick to cultural excursions instead. passing the reconstructed orthodox cathedral of our lady of khazan at the bottom of red square we passed through the resurrection gates is here next to the tacky tourist stalls and just in front of the iberian chapel but you can find a bronze plaque on the cobbled floor that gets lots of attention from locals and tourists one thing here is a small coin. ok and here we have it the famous spots are closed my eyes make
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us afraid the korean. ferry or i hope it comes true as the spot from where all distances from moscow are measured apparently it's good luck to throw a coin over your shoulder. so far everything is beautiful. i'm still trying to figure out exactly where things are and where i have to see people have been friendly it doesn't seem to have a really small center like a really big area with being a big crowds. and by beautiful the buildings are amazing is my first day in the city and i already love it moscow is beautiful splendid in grand. proving all angus needmore translates as guest house is a large buildings to couple of minutes walk from the kremlin from the fourteenth century the area was the epicenter of trade in moscow with merchants around the world arriving to the spot the building we see now is a result of
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a major research ration that took place in the one nine hundred ninety s. making it a large business trade and cultural center to host numerous offense each month. next up we take a brief what's the top left hand side of the kremlin for many years the splendid palace of white stone the stands on the bike of ski hill has amazed people and is. considered to be one of the most peaceful buildings in the russian capital the situation of the building is rather unorthodox two says the main entrance is from a side street and not from the facade which you can see here move ring around the corner take a look at this pretty courtyard this building was erected between seventy eighty four and seven hundred eighty six by the russian nobleman short rapacious coffin interesting enough it was also used as a meeting place for various charities of course famous novel and margarita very striking building a man to reality it was once moscow's first public library in the nineteenth century and today the palaces current owner is the russian state library i wonder
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where looks like inside let's find out. moving inside it's almost like going back in time the interiors of bright historic and grand. just shook at this room wow you can imagine the space being used for lavish parties instead it was used for bookworms although it looks like a bull when the space was actually used as a library for most of its time. and looking through the window in the second floor here i think this room might have one of the best views in russia. the building is believed to have been designed by famous washed architect of a city bus and of no documented evidence of his involvement with the house exists however as the records of question of projects were lost in a fire at the moscow town planning archives. two books now and let's take
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a look at one of the libraries here today the right wing of the pasco house houses the my scripts apartment while it's left wing houses the music department and the maps apartments of the russian state library. it's rather strange to hold a book which is hundreds of years old this is called scripts he is in great condition i wonder why people held it before me. even more interesting is that the depths of the area underneath the passage of house is said to be one of the several possible locations of the legendary library of ivan the terrible now that is something i would like to see. moving on and the new. as it's known in russian is a contemporary central exhibition hall the venue houses dozens of various displays annually but interest only enough the building was not meant as a cultural venue in the first place in eight hundred eighty eight the structure was
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erected as the first power plant in the center of moscow but it was abandoned shortly to become. vast modern gallery a century later. to our next location now and not all the museums around in the kremlin are dedicated to history and art those who are interested in nature to need to travel further from the city center as well as moscow's oldest and largest bazaar moscow museum is located just a short walk from the red square this museum of the moscow state university was founded in seventy nine he won and since then gather funds that make it in the first ten of such collections in the world she teaches display represents all kinds of animals like girl we inhabit our planet and it's easy and comprehensive to walk around the museum as the displays organized in a systematic order so that visitors can explore various species from single celled organisms to began a mess like the one behind my back. don't
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be surprised if you see many students while walking around the kremlin as the building across the street from the midwest square is home to the faculty of journalism of the moscow state university. the university bears the name of the outstanding scientists of the eighteenth century the north off. known as the old university building the main complex was moved to the spring hills area in the middle of the twentieth century and now it's the future journalists who are lucky to study right in the heart of moscow. our final location square is the moscow aka logical museum. the physical changes between mediƦval moscow to the modern day capital are quite significant in the various models situated in the museum you can see buildings and street plans for
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the various stages in history all of the main differences is the existence of a river which once used to lie along. the top side of the kremlin where moscow was rebuilt after the fire of eighteen twelve glynn i recall was confined to an underground tunnel several years later and the prosecution's key bridge was buried interesting stuff like a visual history book at the museum here you can see for yourselves how the city's changing cityscape came into effect the museum opened in one hundred ninety seven and was located seven meters underground on the exact spot where a large archaeological digs took place during the mid ninety's ninety's the main space is sensitive around this part reconstruction of the old seventeenth century bridge which you can see here and during the excavations a whole range of other items such as metal coins and household objects were also found many of which you can also see on display here inside the museum. the team
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involved in the project militia late foundations of stone buildings from the eighteen months and centuries they also discovered wooden streets as well as chambers and other structures. allowed to discover traces of the handicraft industry and to reconstruct the life of people who inhabited this district centuries ago none of these small touring mannish square not many people realise that they are walking on top of the museum but nevertheless on venue is popular and there are even more visitors during weekends when we are experienced interactive education and events. whether it is through its beauty or grotesqueness may be up for debate but what can't be denied is that moscow inspires and has done for hundreds of years as a city almost eight hundred seventy years old moscow has many reminders of extra magic passed and for visitors and even locals it's quite often the small and intricate sights and locations that make up the cultural thread work of the city.
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yes the kremlin might be the powerhouse and provide the fabulous photo opportunities but it's. the areas around team member mugs which also holds like the stories to the makeup of the city. well you'll certainly be impressed with the long lists of cultural ahmad's around the area of the kremlin that's in the shore well fortunately that's what it's all we have left on this week's program i'll see you again at the same time next week i will be taking a look i various and stayman spots around here so until then for me and the rest the same from a nice square here about an hour. the
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people of the united states and their friends and allies will not live at the mercy of an outlaw regime that threatens the peace with weapons of mass murder is regime as an active program to acquire and develop nuclear weapons and let there be no doubt about we know for a fact there are limits there. this we're just being carried out into the direction of dr david kay respected scientist and former u.n. inspector was leading the weapons search in iraq we are determined to take this apart you have a tremendous a group of dedicated american men and women involved in this with the best assets of the intelligence community and provide. david cheney is not going to be done with this for quite some time david kay wants more time and he says it could take another six to nine months to make a definitive finding ministration is asking congress for hundreds of millions more six hundred million dollars to fund a continuing search you have not yet found shiny pointy things that i would call
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a weapon before we can draw from conclusions we need to let the iraq survey group complete its work. we were all wrong probably in my judgment and that is most disturbing. sometimes the true patriots takes the unpopular course but helps the country avoid mistakes and even if they come this way if these three term patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels and i think these are scoundrels they have no argument now they have no defense for what they did the country is in a terrible international security situation that i think is perilous so they're attacking the patriotism of others. well. science technology innovation all the latest developments
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around russia we've got this huge earth covered. the u.n. security council condemns deadly terrorist attacks near a military intelligence complex in the syrian capital damascus which killed fifty five syria demanding measures against foreign powers supporting terrorism. a russian businessman and arms dealer sentenced to twenty five years behind bars in the west makes to our team as he prepares to be sent to supermax security prison holding some of america's most dangerous criminals and that's against the recommendation of his trial judge but asked for medium security compound. and rescuers have found twelve bodies while battling dreadful weather conditions and the treacherous terrain to reach the scene of the sigmoid over jet crash in indonesia the are meters from the main disaster zone but little hope of survivors being found. those like out lines and sports next with paul scott.
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well i welcome along to the world of sports here is what we've got coming up. clay complaints rafael nadal threatens not to return to the madrid masters unless there are changes to the pool slinks off a surprise three set the thing to compare trip from david asco. prize assets to martin ledley way after the first round of the players' championship assured ross as the world's best back laid out for the biggest prize pot go. to checkmate moscow prepares to host the chess world championship as reigning champion is one of the takes on challenger college young fun here in the russian capital. the first to control the sea on the tennis courts and while number two rafael nadal has
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threatened not to return to the madrid masters in twelve months time after complaining about the quality of the courts play specialist nidal suffered a surprise round of fate compared to a fernando verdasco going down six three three six seven five the world number nineteen had never beaten his fellow countryman in thirty years making his mark parts and looks set to continue. leading five two however strong to get the five consecutive games to take it seven five it was the girls early at six years and afterwards he said if things continue as they are they would be one less tournament in his calendar next year the spaniard is one of many players unhappy with the new blue clay thank you very much credit card decision. however roger federer eased into the quarter finals with a comfortable straight sets win over france as are sure to ask a six three six two to come from the school on this question after a sparring coverage for a late friday. now football it's been confirmed that dick advocaat will. join
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former club p.s.v. eindhoven when he leaves his post as russia manager after this summer's european championship the sixty four year old has already signed a one year agreement with the additive it's the side of the cart will join the dutch club straight after euro two thousand and twelve in poland and. the dutchman h.g. to name the russian squad for that competition later friday. now let's move to the ice where russia still unbeaten at the world championship in sweden and finland this times in a. man beat denmark three one in green bay and have guaranteed themselves a playoff spot in the process gold for me again and medvedev you have got an e-mail came down dimitri to secure the win for the russians malkin is now the top of its top scorer with three goals in four states is a real tough test for them tonight against co-hosts we did the other group big game in the czech republic saw flavia by the same school life. elsewhere in group a
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defending champions finland thrust from seven one but the usa playing to five three when i could tell right. now the golf season is just beginning here in russia the sport not quite as popular as in other parts of the world but there's a dedicated bunch of people aiming to change all of that we're on course or have has more from the country's most prestigious course the moscow city club. this club located a short ride from the country's kremlin and red square to launch to russia's first it sounds at finding a place on the international golf map twenty five years ago back then only a chosen few could appreciate this game which was recently welcome to the olympic family the history of golf in russia began as any other conference did so it was the private very expensive clubs for very wealthy people but now we are in the moment when i expect that number of go first will grow dramatically in the nearest future quarter of
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a century own and gold still large there remains beyond reach for everyday amateurs here in moscow the us alone russia where there is one obvious but certain amount of obstacle while the lack of necessary infrastructure which would make goal for the vailable for the masses is hampering the sport's ambitions to stake a claim to the market of the biggest country on earth that sometimes people say ok the climate in russia too cold to build their goal failed you see finland and they were using winter and they play bingo and i'm sure that we just have to change the mind to people to that it's not just. it's have to be sport for people and it's very healthy what i can see more healthy than many not a sports the capital's inner city golf course pioneered the sport for muscovites it's a private club but opens its doors to the public and the media once a year to stage the opening thirty minutes that will set the base for the remainder
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of a short russian season unfortunately in moscow and if i want season which is maybe short as in the world. you see the weather is nice big golf course is in the buffet is buffet condition you see the greens define the grass is finally caught so everything is fine so we're having russian professional golfers who would be surprised contestants. on any of the globe significant tours for now that is however the country is making small steps towards wider acceptance into the golfing arena and the russian open which will be held in june is a small testament to that room on cost revert see moscow well over on the p.g.a. tour the world's best are competing for the biggest prize pot in golf in poulter and martin laird to join leaders of the players championship at sawgrass after one round nearly ten million dollars worth of prize money is up for grabs this weekend england's poulter was top of the leaderboard for most of the opening day after a run of four birdies around the turn base difficult bunker shot setting up another
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one sixteenth he finished with a seven under sixty five u.s. based scott led to finish the day tied with poulter he was the only player not to register a bogey a sixteen and a half foot putt for birdie on the second set in the time for his day he carded eleven birdies in total however it wasn't such a good day for tiger woods who had a seventy four i mean tied in one hundred place the former world number one is in real danger of missing the cut for the right time in his career. i just didn't score you know hit. you know three decent shots in there and it's got some of the worst lies you know and the best shot i had all day was on three and up at a spot where i really couldn't play from so. it was frustrating as you know my good shots in bad spots and i was about shots end up in a war spots well in the n.b.a. the denver nuggets and force the seventh i'm deciding game in their playoff series with the los angeles lakers they won game six one hundred thirteen ninety six to
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level the series at three three boston it took their place in the semifinals after a faulty series win i've read a season high twenty eight points and fourteen rebounds from having gone at having them an eighty three eighty with a game six they are now facing philadelphia after the seventy six is wrapped up their series with chicago with a number of seventy nine seventy three with all a school the winning points with just two seconds to go to the delight of his country. and i got to tell you. i don't know how you could write a better script. getting a rebound driving mike to the floor struggled all year to line stepped up made two free throws to want to playoff series get stuck around for the first time. finally to chess where current world champion verse one off and on from india is preparing to defend his title against israeli challenger bodies gold found the twelve series will be held in moscow but it's the venue that has caught a lot of the attention as michael chaney go explains. that it's been
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a whole twenty seven years since moscow last played host to such a high caliber chess event it's also the first time that it's being held in one of the world's largest art museums that set it off gallery the organizers hope that with it they will raise just as awareness but also give people the chance to see some of russia's wonderful arts it's in the original twist on an otherwise already classic game what's more it's also being held in a country that's heralded many chess champions including the two famous k.'s and a totally karpov and get it caspar off but this is two eyes that will compete in israel's boris gelfand versus india's of this one i phone and they know each other well having played each other many times before. but many of raise the question of whether a man feels intimidated playing a player older than himself in a match of such importance i mean you go to my family or it's not really you was to
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be something like that. i would say it's just interesting to play someone completely from a good vision. we we started major. league and now many many of them playing live here so but when he said to the board you're just playing on the. bars play down the idea that the match up would be akin to the legendary carp of this is a spot of jewels and revealed how he's been preparing their push that would deal with what i won't be doing is beating any words but with regards to the match i hope it will be a spectacular one of course we all want to perform well but it will all depend on how it goes and we'll see a result in three weeks time for the events brought out a handful of prominent figures including former soviet union president mikhail gorbachev. chairman of the supervisory council of the russian chess federation stressed it was a good thing that the final was being held on neutral ground for the us just that
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ration the fact that we are organizing the world championship match there is no other information that. russia is reading patient and. a new participant of this particular match even if that. holding a world championship match in the bend to. place the pen from the citizenship before where's the importance think about the match will last twenty days and end on the thirty first of may by which time of the world will know who the new undisputed chess champion will be zero and the small matter of who gets the lion's share of the two point five five million dollar prize fund market. well what is all this poll for now i'll have more for you in a little under two hours time join us.
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