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tv   [untitled]    May 11, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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now with the palm of your. machine. the un's observer mission in syria comes under attack in damascus we're live with the news crew who are following the monitors for a firsthand account of the incident. all the illegal arms trafficking and facing twenty five years in a maximum security u.s. jail but russian businessman big to boot calls a case against a witch hunt in an exclusive interview with. economic tension erupts across the political deadlock in greece once again threatens to rival fragile eurozone stability. plus hopes of finding survivors from the plane crash in indonesia fade as a rescue team discovers the first victims from the demonstration flight by new
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russian superjet. screen this is from moscow with twenty four hours a day a convoy of u.n. observers in syria has been attacked in a suburb of the capital damascus it was witnessed by news crew that it's not believe that anyone's been badly hurt this comes less than a day after the city was rocked by blasts in front of the country's intelligence services h.q. which killed fifty five people. or a first joins us live now from damascus with the latest sara must have been a frightening incident tell us more about what you saw. well everyone came out of the uninjured but this happened today as the u.n. mission travelled to a suburb of damascus out there and as we dented there they'd done the usual stuff
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and check with the security and the armed forces who were there and they told us they hadn't got control of the area that it was in a secure area so we sort of followed them in very very slowly and you saw hundreds of people as you entered this town coming out and flanking the calls really we've seen this before a number of times in the visit these towns and villages people absolutely desperate to speak and we had the same thing the t. un calls it just up ahead of us and alcohol was surrounded by people who were speaking to him and filming through the window days and we had people putting in shell casings one point a man handed us a more and he told us to show this case in and say i mean it was a very distressing situation because you've got a very high emotions tensions are running high to a lot of people who are around us were crying telling us these stories of those a lot of anger and that's really what you're seeing in some of these places you know these people
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a fifteen months into the conflict that they haven't seen and i was going to say far and they're very very desperate very very angry and it's a very volatile mix and there was an undercurrent of tension the u.n. cars went off up ahead and went down tool city center and was completely surrounded and we managed to maneuver all way out of that town had quite an anxious wait for them because we weren't too sure what exactly was going on inside there and as we said we've still you know large numbers and quite a volatile situation but they did come out when they when they came out we saw the damage that was done to one of the wing mirrors and the back of the car looked like it was bullet holes but actually on closer inspection there's it's heavy lead glass and the second layers weren't broken so we think it was probably more likely to be the u.n. speak. i've actually been talking to you just recently and he said they're not commenting on this incident specifically and he also reminded me that the observer mission today is how their numbers bolstered it's around one hundred seventy at the
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moment i think that number is going to increase and they're also going to be tomorrow receiving and more armored vehicles and more equipment so i think really the sense from speaking to them is you know to focus on the task at hand here and that's to get on with their job to oversee the implementation of this peace plan which is so vital to this i had reports today the security forces have stopped another six other suicide bombing attempts in aleppo really goes to highlight on the back of yesterday's explosion just how volatile the situation here is and how it also and this exerting mission is the by many as the best and why probably last chance to bring stability to this area before you see the situation deteriorating even more and we've been visiting some of these areas where in the other day and as we saw there you know the observer mission actually vital because even now fierce fighting is continuing. the sound of gunfire and heavy artillery
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brings out in it live skyline with the u.n. observers in it live in there's been some pretty heavy gunfire. throughout the night. now wolf to go from the scene and he has for a tighter control of the century area in the areas of it live and the fierce fighting is continuing there's no ceasefire here both sides we're told are violating the peace plan we've followed the u.n. observers into it on the way passing through homs and hama other areas monitors that based and areas that has seen some of the most destructive fighting as we passed through homes we have a brief an emotional conversation with the residents of. safety. we would want people who are still about the fighting the. war but it's clear. that he tries hard not to show perfectly encapsulate the level of
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devastation that has been wreaks on people's lives here throughout the course of the conflict is on to it live on a stretch of road this names are being extremely dangerous it's a journey that would have been near impossible without the u.n. presence and with the volatile situation criminal gangs thoughts operate in this area. we find it live under siege like conditions a quiet and intimidated city i don't know since a year and a half ago no one knows what's happening we go to sleep and wake up with fear some say it's the government and other states armed groups we don't know who's doing that you know just to get a chance to be today it's governor and ask him about the situation here. even if there is a little unrest in some areas here in a few spots it's due to people who are breaking the. checkpoint after checkpoint then we enter into an area outside of government control and it's
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a unique chance to see the u.n. monitors in action almost a month into the peace plan and your monitors on making small steps on the ground it is going to be a slow process throughout the course of the conflict it's been hard to come to some of the areas where the fiercest fighting is happening and get a gauge of exactly what the situation is on the ground the u.n. observers traveling to some of these areas have given some access to what we see is a frightened population and the city the symbol is the olive branch the symbol of peace right now a city at civil war sara for. it larry. r.t. live here in moscow with the twenty four hours a day still plenty more ahead for you this hour including not. very. young children in latvia get a lesson from men in s.s. uniform in a country already in the tories for it's problems with glorifying not. that
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still to come first russian businessman victor boot has compared the american justice system to a medieval inquisition he gave a rare exclusive interview to r.t. after being convicted of arms trafficking in the u.s. it's the first time he's spoken to an english speaking channel since being detained in thailand the federal bureau of prisons ruled he will serve his twenty five year term in a super maximum security jail in colorado boots lawyer has filed an appeal and the russian is awaiting a decision in his new york prison on his honesty. as the details. this was victor boots first interview to an english language t.v. news outlet not only since his sentencing but also since his extradition and speaking in one in six languages he's fluent in english he seemed quite candid generally we know that victor boot is quite positive considering the circumstances with personally seen him winking at his wife inside the courtroom today too he was quite calm and really shared his personal take on his case and kind of corona.
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where you know. where you know your mom. and if you. fancy markers actually showing them to completion of american justice and. american comic. and nonfunctional dictatorship of course his case has been like a hollywood blockbuster picture buddhas a russian air cargo businessman in his forty's he's been dubbed the merchant of death in the united states the u.s. has spent years and tens of millions of dollars in an operation to hunt this man down of course we know that u.s. agents posing as far camembert has met with viktor boot and then arrested him in thailand in two thousand and eight two years later regardless of the fact that thai courts found him not guilty twice in what was called arm twisting by the united
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states victor boot was extradited into u.s. territory to face charges of international arms trafficking victim but himself has always maintained his innocence and believes his case to be political theatricals also asked him if he has a message for the president of the united states as well as a u.s. official in general who are behind the operation in luring in victor boot well. which will use. these products. for some of their. and there were people gram to crime this rule not only not to help america really solve the problem of the drug and you were convicted of going through the real problem for the real problem they just invent the drug for growth there's no danger for him to go through somebody who goes for a walk through the. creek the inference that people are the corner people the real
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problem now which of loot is appealing his twenty five year sentence behind bars and says he continues to keep on fighting until he gets a chance to return back home to russia we know that he has filed an official request for the russian state duma to file a complaint against the united states and thailand victor boot himself says because he knows he's innocent he's hoping that he will not end up serving the entire twenty five years that he's been sentenced to but whether or not that's going to be the case we're going to have to wait and see. and you can watch the full interview with vick to boot he's given us here in our t. this sunday and you can watch full.
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violent austerity protests have erupted in the italian city of naples after enraged demonstrators attempted to storm a local tax office protesters threw paint and rocks at police who then charged crowds and beat them with batons the demonstration began in the wake of a man suicide apparently the result of a visit by tax collectors this is europe experiences new tensions stemming from a deadlocked government in greece germany though is already guarding against any possible fallout saying the euro could survive with or without greece but some including financial writer peter build a skeptical of apparent confidence. i'm not so sure that germany is really that confident i mean mr show is perhaps whistling in the wind or seeing in the rain but above all he's daring greece to go ahead and try and reopen. the terms of the bailout deal and that is what the germans at the moment are saying i'm
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sorry you can't do that if you prefer to leave rather than to accept the terms of already been agreed then although we regret it we can't stop you but the real problem is that nobody actually knows how much debt is if you like dependent on greece staying in the in the eurozone and therefore greek debts that are interlinked with other european counterparts. to what extent that debt is repayable nobody actually knows and that is the real danger it's not a question of whether you're in or out but it's a question of getting out that is the danger. the greek crisis and the total wave of worry that's causing for europe are up for discussion and piece of those crosstalk the two solid saw of the single currency debate make cases that's coming up at nineteen thirty g.m.t. . i think the french people for example already tired of paying for the problems in greece and i think that's the general concept of the eurozone is now
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everybody's frustrating for everyone else as mismanagement the euro was founded on a pie in the sky idea that ended up being an economic straight jacket and nobody can escape at this point that's the problem and working against the economy for political reasons just because everyone has a great political will i'm not sure how long that can last when people aren't working they're going hungry you know i think we're seeing it already with some of the election results that the people have just we don't we don't have people going hungry in europe in big numbers no no come on that's not there times are hard people are unable to find jobs or the mean there's nobody there's nobody research issues there's no e-mail really if you're willing to tell these to believe that there's nobody going hungry you're saying there's nobody and really this use but we're not back into the 1930's no no let. me just say no it was the reason that greece is the very room where any trouble if the euro were in trouble it would be trading lower than the dollar.
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will come your way to later here. in indonesia a search team has found at least twelve bodies on the slopes of the volcano where a new russian airliner crashed on wednesday during a demonstration flight the risk to operation has been stopped overnight until saturday morning. that everyone on board might be dead. heard from the family and friends still holding out hope. chaos at jakarta's domestic airport where hundreds gathered after russian superjet sukhoi one hundred went missing from radars early thursday their worst fears were realized as air force helicopters found the remains of the plane on a mountainside thirty miles outside indonesia's capital city ever since the plane disappeared off the radar members of the media and family members of those who were on the plane have been gathering here at the crisis center hoping for any word as to what could have happened to their loved ones and what caused the plane to go
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down. did the mad has been at the airport since he found out that his wife was on board the missing plane she has been a flight attendant for twenty years and didn't think it was necessary to tell her husband about the quick thirty minute demo. she didn't tell me she was going on the plane i had no idea. the super jet was performing the demonstration for airline executives and potential buyers as part of an asian tore a plane billed as state of the art with cutting edge technology the multibillion dollar project involved investors from around the world and tuesday's flight was expected to show the super rich add in all its glory no one including blogger sergei doli who has been following the super jet during the tour could have predicted this outcome we couldn't believe because oprah winfrey's overload was. one of the best for the situation so we can believe anything having to. do with blue because we were absolutely called for the weekly most aviation experts believe
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that the treacherous terrain and poor visibility probably contributed to the plane going down on wednesday details that offer devastated relatives little comfort i'm wishing for a miracle to happen to good news about i think so far that new news means good news i still have hope to find my wife. preassure either or teach a car to indonesia. remember doughty dot com you can find all the details about this flight as well as more about russia's sukhoi superjet also online at the moment you can see photos of some of the crew cheering before that fatal flight taken less than an hour before the tragedy. plus gender politics while the russian blogosphere fuz over claims that police had beaten a pregnant woman latest videos reveal that the woman was actually a man. conversion
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video footage has surfaced showing men in s.s. uniform teaching children and a lot of in kindergarten this is a country which holds annual parades to all and nazi veterans which is widely seen as an attempt to twist the historical truth about the second world war correspondent in eastern europe. has more. we understand that this incident happened on the march the sixteenth in the law to be in kindergarten we see two men wearing s.s. uniforms waffen s.s. uniforms walking into a kindergarten to be for what they describe as apache or to bring in less than two three four year old kids they tell stories about the law to be an s.s. legion which was fighting back in the 1940's on the german side against the allied forces but not only they were wearing s.s. uniforms but they also brought weapons from the nine hundred forty s. the ones which were used by the s.s. legion a lot in the war those were machine guns and even grenades and they even let the kids play with these weapons this incident is not
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a one off for this baltic states certainly every year on march the sixteenth they are organizing marches of the former s.s. the s.s. veterans certainly this has been causing widespread condemnation in russia and in many post soviet states because of the attempts of the baltic states to rewrite history to glorify nazis and certainly this new incident adds new more fuel to this fire and it's interesting to see whether there will be any reaction coming from the european union which a lot of it is certainly a member of because just as in russia and in the post office space everything related to nazis and is outlawed in europe so interesting to see whether this incident in the kindergarten which has already outraged many critics and russia will cause some controversy across the european continent. and. the un says that thousands of former pro going to feed loyalists are still being held in secret prisons with some of them being tortured thirty one prisoners holding some three
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thousand people are now under the new government's control but up to four thousand more detainees remain in the hands of uncontrolled rebel forces will talk about the situation in libya and now i'm joined by lawrence freeman he's from the executive intelligence review magazine. well the u.n. finding say that despite these serious human rights abuses libya is on its way to democracy would you agree with that. no i don't think libya is on its way democracy i think this is a major disaster which was caused by the west and president obama's invasion or regime change policy under the guise of humanitarian intervention the responsibility to protect and i think the country is in terrible shape and some people tell me in africa that the country may be on the verge of splitting up and was so it's created massive instability across all of this i hail in northern africa so those people are not give you accurate information that this
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is a very dangerous situation for africa at the moment some would say this is the sort of situation you would expect after such op evil in the country and this is merely a transitional period and the future is supposed to be brighter than it is now and would you agree with that. i don't see that happening you have right now as if the people could have known in advance easily maybe and they did and that's why the invasion was carried our you have a tribal society you don't have an a nationalistic clear direction mission for the country so once you overthrew gadhafi who was no good no question about it but you did it in the way that the west did including the killing of gadhafi then you're setting up various tribal groups to vie for control and right now those tribal groups are all off on their own competing with one another including attacks on the national transitional government itself so i think people are making
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a major mistake and i think the coup in mali is directly connected to the overthrow gadhafi because it allowed people to get very large amounts of weapons which previously had been under some control and then they were opening up for all kinds of various groups don cells in this including those who rebels in mali topple the doubling in the north so i think that people miss of the iranian situation very very wrong in their valuation great now but if that's what they think of the rebel groups who are battling against gadhafi but for the nato involvement some would say that the country could have ended up modern the revolution for years saying the alliance did the right thing and as you said earlier the whole guys was a humanitarian mission did it not prevent many more deaths in the long run. you know this the doctrine that obama and others a follower is called the responsibility to protect which shows that we ever right
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when we think there's a man here in that disaster we have the right in the president obama recently has made this part of the us government he established the atrocities prevention board which can make these determinations now the good news is that recently senator webb from virginia is entering a piece of legislation into the united states congress and senate that prohibits the president. on the humanitarian side if it does not get the approval of congress this move in libya was a violation of the united states constitution and a violation of powers and was the grounds actually for impeachment of president obama and briefly laurence musa and it was a disaster do you think the west has learned lessons then in libya and that's the reason we're not seeing that sort of intervention in syria now. well i think we're on the verge in syria and i think one of the one of the intentions in syria and
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possibly iran is to force a confrontation with russia and china over a military intervention i think they're on a very dangerous course right now with nato and the united states pushing to the limit pushing the envelope on a break been shared with russia and china and you're seeing that over right now the anti-ballistic missile defense system that the u.s. and nato are playing for or at least in europe in europe interesting perspective on all of this thank you very much your thoughts lawrence freeman from executive intelligence review magazine joining us live than the usa my pleasure. well time now to update you on some of the main stories making headlines around the world this hour algeria's national liberation front what to victory in the country's parliamentary elections they want to waste half of their four hundred sixty two seats in parliament with their sister party the national democratic relit winning sixty eight the three islamist parties making up the green alliance or the number of seats drawn despite widespread expectations they would do well there since
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secures authorises a widespread forty. the oslo trial of mass murder and as brave has been interrupted after the father of one of his victims threw a shoe at him the shoe missed the defendant and his lawyer instead people in the public can reply to the incident with the relative being the first to express feelings of anger towards bravery can the coroner self-confessed terrorist faces charges for last year's twenty attacks in norway that left seventy seven people dead and one hundred fifty one people injured. brings up to take the moment for the business with daniel and daniel traders in the big apple have digested that really awful news from j.p. morgan posted two billion dollar losses but wall street has swung into the black in the last few hours off the mays consumer sentiment index rose to the highest in four years. back to three thousand points.
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higher on the back of the u.s. in the final hour of trade. one percent on friday but not good news for greece could quit the euro but the single currency will survive according to germany's finance minister. it comes as greeks move ever closer to your exit they voted overwhelmingly against the e.u. bailout in recent elections but the country will go bust in july if the e.u. blocks its next aid package this choke moscow more because they lost some of yesterday's gains it's off the russians for two hundred fifty one billion dollars outflows in a week the biggest loss of the year so far still make a novel lympics says profit of in quarter one was closed sale of its shares to china's chain dog. s k may be taken over by the federal grid company they want to currencies the euro is higher to the dollar this hour and the ruble finished mixed against the main chorus it's lost to the greenback but gained a bit to the euro and russia's newly built guzzling europe bypassing transit states
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like ukraine may get a further capacity boost the shareholders of north stream say they will look at building one or even two additional lines to the project is already carrying gas through an existing line while another is complete and expected to be running by the end of the year and you're up to date more stories on our website at the dot com slash business daniel thanks very much indeed for that more from daniel a little later here on r.t. in the next hour well next we look at the hotspots the russian capital has to offer moscow out is coming your way very shortly that's after i recap you on our main stories this is r.t. live in moscow.
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height fifty two meters. weight more than eight thousand tons. skin thickness thirty centimeters the guinness record. commemorating the battle of stalingrad. the motherland called. on our team. down the official t. application to i phone i pod touch from the i.q. zaps to. geology his life on the. video on demand parties mind bold colors.


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