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greek eof threatens the euro as soft and forming a new government failed to reach agreement after last weekend's election with international bailout of spirity conditions proving to be a hurdle for the country's political parties. ongoing demonstrations in support of a mass hunger strike by palestinian prisoners in the forefront with a brutal response from the israeli military. and a loaded student loans become a ticking time bomb for the u.s. economy with more american college graduates and the gap unemployed and indebted for life.
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and am in the russian capital you are watching r t with me marina joshie greece starts another day without government after wrangling politicians continue to fail to agree a coalition after last sunday's elections the leader of the second largest party has refused to join any administration which pledges to stick to the country's bailout agreement with the e.u. and i.m.f. last ditch attempt to form a national unity government fails new elections will fall greeks are deeply divided over harsh budget cuts which came as a prize of international cash injections the e.u. has already warned that money will continue to flow only if athens sticks to lead us to any measures but german finance minister says the eurozone will deal with a greek exit from the single currency should it happen marburger if partner with crisis management firm a.c.m. partner says the blog is now trying to save face as turmoil is unavoidable. well you're basically trying to tell the world the markets generally is that look it greece doesn't agree to these are scared measures or continue to fill them that you
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know the. austerity measures that we quit in place for the second bailout then we are we're going comfortable allowing greece to pay all i think what's really interesting about the three collections and i do think that there will be a second round of elections is that there really reflecting the complete did each or so greece both wanted to benefit from the membership of the euro and also doesn't want to pay the price for not playing by the your own rules and finally if you look at the as all in john i think it's really interesting that recent also isolating itself from europe so i think honestly in the past few weeks and months germany taking a look at both the political and economic situation in greece and really helped to create a plan that would allow the euro to say goodbye to the european union which is a fantastic and idealistic idea and so i think brussels that definitely approaching us from an economic point of view that defaulting riess will ripple across the euro
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zone and the global economy i think it's also a tempting just hope that it glee to save this mass anger has for a long when amounting in other e.u. countries over the chaos stemming from greece's financial woes but it's now reaching new levels of fury where the german private investors claiming they have been forced into a fraudulent scheme after being advised to by a greek sovereign bonds investment turn out to be unsafe after the latest move to save the country from default or does a person off reports from germany. imagine most of your retirement savings gone with the stroke of a pen and this man certainly knows how to feels peter moritz invested his savings into greek sovereign bonds after being guaranteed his money was protected by the government but soon the retired banker realized he was played in his own game they are looking for people like me. ray dyer not a little bit gracie short of the hospital maybe here then here you have
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no risk peter is among hundreds of german investors who were advised to invest money into greek bonds to secure some cash for return meant but greece's recent debt swap which cut the country's financial burden by more than one hundred billion euros swallowed their money despite guarantees in other words private german investors are being forced to pay greek bills now they're getting ready to sue the banks for what they claim was fraudulent advice and the governments of both greece and germany for not fulfilling their obligations if. there is an agreement between greece and germany that this money is secure from political risks it's really unclear why private investors should be responsible for political gains brussels is aiming to reduce greece's debt from one hundred sixty to one hundred twenty percent of g.d.p. by two thousand and twenty and the long term plan is supposed to attract over ninety five percent of private investors like peter moritz who bought greek bonds.
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these investments are usually money for retirement family support or medical treatment in many cases these people are very dependent on it. in greece constant austerity measures and hard hearted banking policies are already pushing some ordinary citizens to go to the most extreme forms of protest in turn to keep greece from completely going under brussels is also willing to shock through its actions which are. in the pockets if you abuse outside the greek state putting money into sobering bonds is supposed to be one of the safest ways of an investment but apparently not when it comes to greece since the bond holders thought we invested using what was supposed to be sound advice but as it turned out for me they would have been nor better off than if they had just rolled the dice. you bought is going to. germany. france is also worrying the champions of stary as newly elected
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president francois hollande plans to renegotiate the fiscal path driven by german chancellor angela merkel that's up for debate in today's kaiser report full program is coming up later today. shows a new president will the euro krauts let him do anything in france doesn't matter who the president is they are simply being taken care of by the bureaucrats in brussels who in turn are being taken care of by the technocrats in some other country who would journey to being taken care of by the kleptocrats in washington on wall street in the city of london they're all being taken care of by the fabulous banking cartel and they're doing such a bang up job on it. sounds of supporters of former dictator moammar gadhafi are still being held in libyan
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prisons with many of them tortured according to a u.n. report many jails are a secret and under the control of armed rebels who refuse to comply with the country's new government lawrence freeman from the executive intelligence review magazine says that there's no sign levy is getting closer to democracy. this is a major disaster which was caused by the west and the new regime change policy under the guise of humanitarian intervention the responsibility to protect and i think the country is in terrible shape and some people tell me in africa that the country may be on the verge of splitting up and was so it's created massive instability of course all over the site here in northern africa you have a tribal society you don't have a nationalistic clear direction misuse of a country so once you overthrew gadhafi who was no good no question about it but you did it in the way that the west did including the killing of the game you are
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setting up various tribal groups to vie for control and where you now those tribal groups or from the room competing with one another including attacks on the national transitional government itself. now the u.s. is partly resuming weapons sales to bahrain despite human rights concerns washington froze arms deliveries to its key gulf ally following a bloody crackdown on anti-government protests demanding more democracy which began last year well let's get more reaction now from even a professor of politics and international studies at the university of san francisco stephen thanks very much for being with us here in the program first up u.s. decision has already infuriated human rights activists but the white house says the weapons it's shipping to operate are not used for crowd control so how do you assess the sort of. well but the kinds of things there are possible that indeed.
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it was a modern weapons that are only for legitimate self-defense and and not to for crowd control but the problem is when the state of arms spokesman were confronted by reporters on this issue earlier today they were under the age of the declined to say what it was so if we want to exceptions want specific weapons they were in their shipping earlier when the initial arms of transfer proposal came in october it included one of these which they were here goals which were very much using crime control operation and also raises the bigger question if you if a government is engaging in these gruesome systematic human rights not only simply one united states is on record opposing those why don't we use this aid as a lever why don't we say oh he was just were you know so different we're still going to withhold from you until you live up to your international legal obligations and stop the repression but you know i'm astonished that he you know he
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wasn't in also claims that delivering our weapons to behind us critical for providing security in the region but how critical is it really at the moment our innocent problem titles were not only weapons and send them you know they cannot defend themselves against iran or saudi arabia or anybody else who they want to take take them over this is i really do not see the self defense argued. this is about recruiting american arms manufacturers this is about extending the we influence of united states in the reason i really don't see see much of a case here you know we're we're we're result with lance what sort of repercussion why this cooperation have to those railing in bahrain the streets. well i mean these were discouraging. i mean one of the frustrations of the people in him bahrain is this is one of the most organized most consistently nonviolent.
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pro-democracy strong in fact in terms of course in the population and the heart of the really it was the largest of all the arab spring pro-democracy protests and any country and yet the united states the stood by while the baba ringy regime and support of the saudis and other u.s. allies really crush this regime not just not just in persecuting the protesters but even assuming journalists to jail for daring to cover their protest and doctors and nurses to jail for daring to. you know that he'll try to help they had to wounded this is this hundred million dollars so he was very well you know to say that and for the u.s. to human rights or democracy is going to he's going to have again the recently seen as is totally hypocritical and all that until just just very briefly i'm sorry to tell ban like this i just want to ask you one more question before we like to go well you know the u.s. has also come under fire for its muted response to bahrain's crackdown contrasted
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with strong u.s. public support for protest in the aged and syria so how would you explain such a difference i mean are we seeing double standards apply here. oh it was certainly the same so what was done was seen a lot america africa southeast asia and dictators we supported like you know mentally and mubarak and you know and and so well in yemen we were willing to to a support rebellions against. dictatorship we don't like like a good bit off even in syria and we are willing to support those of those risings i think for the problem of course and course you know it was too late for us to stop what happened. in tunisia egypt and yemen but thanks to the range of the small size of the intervention by saudi troops that pro-democracy strong will unfortunately i would squeeze crush but i really think that as we've seen elsewhere is going to take global civil society you know human rights
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activists around the world to to to work consistently for human rights whatever the country is regardless of their relations with the with the united states or russia or britain or anybody else in and be consistent all right when i say. are no differences on the government question all right stephen since professor of politics and international studies of the universe of san francisco thanks very much indeed for sharing your thoughts with us here on i took. one just this week behind me authorities arrested the country's leading human rights activist and foremost critic of the ruling family on charges of inciting protests through social networks now b. or a job was detained just days after featuring on julian assange to show here on our team well and that program the whistleblower gets inside from her job into the uprisings in arab states so go to a special section on our website. to watch that interview. now to other stories a mass hunger strike by palestinian prisoners over their detention without charge
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and treatment by israel is increasing on breasts across the west bank over fifteen hundred detainees have been refusing food for almost a month as their supporters clash with israeli forces almost daily outside youth is at the forefront of the protest being met with a brutal response from soldiers or disposal you're now reports. the scenes are all too familiar children throwing stones soldiers brandishing rifles major confusion very often it's very difficult for the army to determine who throws stones but a message has to be sent to the local population but that won't be tolerated and the message is delivered brutally these children were playing in a side street in east jerusalem when undercover israeli soldiers attacked them and forced them into their vehicle. he caught me by the neck and started choking me he dragged me to the car and to me inside i told him i was hurting me but they said
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it's not their problem. i report issued by defense for children international found that in most cases children are arrested in the middle of the night they were blindfolded their hands are tied and they taken in a military vehicle to an interrogation center by the time a child arrives here at off a prison he will have been detained for up to eight days in the end because of pressure almost all plead guilty but it's far from clear they really are. going in and he told me the best way to get out is to confess they said they had four soldiers testimonies and it's testimony as one month in prison so i confessed i eventually said i did. but the truth says it to him is that he was at his grandparents' house for the festival of ied they'd been clashes between army and palestinian youths and the soldiers had started going from house to house rounding up youngsters. they wanted to take anyone they didn't care who i told them i wasn't throwing stones but they kept hitting me and saying we know it was you know aside
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from the arrests and illegal detentions in the last decade israeli forces have killed almost one and a half thousand palestinian children but the i.d.f. justifies its actions by saying many of them are used by adults as pawns one incident that's been publicized a lot was when a fourteen year old palestinian boy was quarter to checkpoint with a suicide belt attached to him. since june one thousand nine hundred sixty seven more than three quarters of a million palestinian men women and children have been through the israeli military courts a statistic that underscores the perpetual palestinian search for justice. katon a village. what an hour to live from moscow still ahead of the program wobbly safety dodging death on india's roads we find out why the law makes helmets compulsory for man on motorcycles but not for women. plus a medical term used for years is now deemed too offensive by one western government
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but is it up to leaders to decide what's politically incorrect our president finds out that's coming up. graduate from high school graduates from high school go to college get a job and it's the conventional path for u.s. students towards the so-called american dream or rather it was for where the struggling economy and the rising cost of education the search for stability has become a roll of the dice explains. it's the heaviest investment a young american can make now becoming a trillion dollar ticking time bomb for the nation i have twenty thousand dollars or forty thousand dollars and one hundred fifty thousand and the u.s. student loan bubble has inflated larger than car or credit card debt in this ballooning crisis graduates now have financial deficit's that rival home mortgages . night in new york many have taken to the streets protesting against the an
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affordable cost of higher education we're already seeing a large increase in the number of student loan defaults across the country and that's coming at a rate that is similar to the rate when the when the mortgages mortgage loans started to default as well and like i said this has a cumulative effect and it's a downward spiral according to reports more than fifty percent of recent college graduates are unemployed or working. there on. that don't even require a degree now unlike either of that student that cannot be dismissed for bankruptcy this means loans that u.s. students and account for higher education policy for decades or possibly the rest of their lives i don't think i'm ever going to be able to deny this long as i live if you're out of jail and so you're creating a literal. class of indentured people it's basically mike freedman has a ph d. in biology and works as a part time teacher because he can't find a full time position it's the option of getting an education and being in
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a state of financial or economic insecurity for the rest of your life according to the federal reserve bank of new york americans sixty years or older still owe thirty eight billion dollars in student debt and ten percent of that group is past due on payments senior citizens can even have their social security checks taken away the money reportedly redirected to banks waiting to collect. as the investment of a degree morphs from security to risk more americans are reportedly turning to online colleges to save money while others are suing for a refund dozens of lawyers have filed class action lawsuits against their own law schools accusing the colleges of fraud and inflating employment figures. it was an american dream when qualification equated to security but now the once cherished degree. appears to be no more than a gamble marina porter r.t.
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new york. now remember our website provides plenty of coverage on all of our stories and there is so much more in store online including knox is in the nursery outraging lobby over this food showing two men dressed in their assets uniform conducting a rather unconventional lessingham so-called patriotic brain find out why many found the pound appalling at r.t. dot com. plus earth three d. check out more stunning multidimensional pictures taken with the help of a cutting address russian satellite. getting on a motorbike can be a life or death decision for some on india's roads where safety laws mean man must
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wear helmets but there is no requirement covering women exposing them to particular danger parties prius reader explains. to outsiders it's complete chaos i think it's quite scary they need to do something about it they need to start following the rules because quite stupid really scale to. some belief that it's and your idea of the rules and regulations does it please but to indians it's every day life you so you. do we've been orbiting and move. people are getting into. so it just grows with our mind we're just riveted to it. it's quite funny the streets of new delhi are the deadliest in india some as to mate that at least five people die every day in collisions but while men are required to wear helmets when riding two wheelers which dominate the
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roads in delhi the city's high court hasn't been able to make mandatory helmet wearing a rule for women in the. issue has been particularly divisive in india's large sikh population think men are required by religion to wear a turban and since you can't wear a helmet on top of a turban all speaks for itself from the safety minister but seriously if women don't usually wear turbans i made it hard for one fourth meant to identify the woman from a non sikh woman so in the name of fairness to all women or accept from the world say oh. but indian women's issues over the helmets extends beyond just the sikh community women of all backgrounds in delhi opt not to wear a helmet but this isn't about religious duty this is about plain old vanity. i don't like wearing a helmet because when i go for part is it spoils my makeup and my hair. experts say indian women routinely don't make safety a priority to men. to neglecting them so.
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women are programmed to neglect themselves so if there is a problem. if there is in the health crisis with the the woman of the host then the ma is taken to a doctor the woman is small. for now all the havoc over the home its will be put on hold and women will continue to commute hard hat free regardless of the risks preassure either r t new delhi india. and taking a look at other stories from around the world now there is no evidence of technical problems prior to the crash of a russian sukhoi superjet into the volcano the plane's benefactor has said the airliner crashed during a demonstration of potential buyers on wednesday with all forty five people aboard feared that search teams battling through highly difficult for meltdowns to rain have found at least twelve bodies near the wreckage some remains have been flown
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back to jakarta as their recovery operation continues. two people are missing but as many as ten thousand maybe now homeless after a blaze tore through its waters settlement in the philippines fire crews had to call in the coast guard to help by spraying water from manila bay on to the flames several concrete walls surrounding the makeshift buildings had to be knocked down so people could escape it follows another fire in the south of the country two days ago in which seventeen died in a department store blaze. hundreds of protesters have clashed with police guarding a tax collection office in italy throwing red paint and eggs at officers traders were angered one tax agency i can tell you refused to close in sympathy with the suicide of a person who'd just been served with a fourth of the papers by the organization at the record said it's unacceptable to blame tax office for the deaths of those suffering economically. but the city is a ballooning problem in the west but so do it appears is the very description what
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some claiming the word obese is offensive route is raging over whether use of a medical term is fine or falls foul of political correctness our residents went on the streets of new york to chew the fat people in the big apple. the u.k.'s national institute for health and clinical excellence has issued a guidance suggesting that the word obese might be too upsetting and derogatory to use is this a case of political correctness gone mad this week let's talk about that last forty films is that when you were still heavy and someone called you obese with that offend you. been called worse you know what's worse condom when obese or calling someone fat. the same thing over. the sofa so should we not address the facts because it actually you can dress up like that's just a race
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a toy or. just better things we don't but it's bad for people it caught at least the heart trouble and a diary because our choke. this week who is in charge of deciding what to wear to slag and when and where it is the proper term will i mean you don't really want the government to be in charge of that that's for sure you have anything yeah i mean the government shouldn't be in the in the in the game of policing what you say certainly of what you think you know what if someone called you whitey if somebody called me why do you have say the property accurate but if you're going to syria but you would you be offended no so why do people take offense to some words and not other words. probably because they care about what other people think it's an insecurity so we should just stop caring about what other people think and then the whole peacekeeping will go away it's not like you should start caring what other people think you should start caring more about what you think i think it's matters in the context that it's used like if you look at somebody and say damn they're
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obese that's there in that context i think it's derogatory i think the say the word obese or say obesity in general and when you talk about a condition is it would not be derogatory just a statement of of a problem in a society maybe if we. ever get this word to people to feel out ok maybe a little bigger than the usual regular people so there's no program and what if you would think about what to take exactly like what are we afraid to college drug user or a drug user exactly here this isn't big so why when we should escape from the promotion spread the problem the night that the escape for a bit whether or not you think the word obese is derogatory the bottom line is that it's also a medical condition and simply avoiding the word is not going to make the issue go away. and as we take a stroll around the power hub and the heart of the russian capital where the moscow
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team and the shadows of the crime and before that a reminder of our top stories. height
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