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tv   [untitled]    May 12, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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a eurozone exit looms for greece irreconcilable differences torpedo the latest coalition talks the president now leading a final charge for unity. rallies in support of hundreds of palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in israeli jails face brutal crackdowns by the israeli military but the youngest protesters often bearing the brunt plus have twenty. forty thousand dollars from one hundred fifty pairs of the u.s. students facing a lifetime of loan repayments while struggling to find jobs now counting the true cost of their education.
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it is a pleasure to have you with us here on r t today on rule receive live in moscow it is end game today in athens where political party leaders a beginning a last ditch effort to form a coalition if they fail greece would have to stage a new election one predicted to bolster the bailout factions even more. certainty grips the greece. thinkable exit from the eurozone is now looking increasingly likely in the country itself banks have reportedly begun to prepare for a switch to the former currency the drachma the e.u. is also deeply worried over the possible consequences but maintains greece's exit won't be fatal for more on the blocks predicament let's not talk to political and strategic analyst talk to us on the low quality joining us live today good to see you thanks for coming on the program the greek predicament is an enviable it could
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leave the eurozone maybe default or in the very beginning start all over again or try and stick it out for more than a decade of austerity which direction should it go. well there is a third which is the europe which means the main european states should show this which is incorporated in the treaty of lisbon and twitch we have seen very little pressure sort of buried here around in the past months it is very clear that this financial assault is like an artichoke first you start with the weakest states and then you go to the hocks and the heart is from germany and the other aaa and all these countries have been already threatened or down all like france have been already downgraded by one fifty or as as you say it almost seems that you're describing some sort of avalanche effect or a chain reaction originating from athens and so are you forecasting some sort of or
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something if any risk a scary prospect for the entire eurozone you're saying that other countries after greece could also be next in line. well if they march divided it into the speculation or the speculators attack you know caught in a tit way this is inevitable this precisely what the european countries and the e.c.b. should avoid but for the moment everyone says no i'm not breeze no i am different no response and then the rest will see this isn't a good idea. ok so it's not a good idea but what would you have share with us what might be a good idea if you were looking a greece portugal spain italy certainly there are fundamental members of the eurozone that are flailing right now or is there a solution david don't tell us austerity further down the line. the first thing is
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to negotiate collectively debts each country has been left alone to his own devices this is not a good idea when you face a full fledged financial. salt this isn't just a crisis and secondly there must be a ditch for getting we are lumping together different types of debts and we don't know what are the serious and really guaranteed and transparent debts and water shadow financing operations for which i don't know why we should collectively as europeans well let's say let's address that one simple fact here that certainly a lot of the networks are seem to ignore when it comes to the end of the day with the as these austerity measures are the one the one area that feels the pinch the feels the pain is the people now how much longer are the public and the working middle class expected to take the brunt of these austerities when they're losing money and their pensions their retirements their health care you name it where
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where where where is the outrage that's the question. reese has already hit you know the bottom and very shouldn't other countries will do the same because it's not just working class it's really middle middle class which will be squeezed without any pity for the sake of these financial interests and this is something which goes against the grain of democracy and against the grain of dignity and freedom so i think that the situation at least in some countries is really ready for. something very similar to an arab revolution. what don't you think don't you think are the public's messages fairly clear spain you've got mass austerity protests italy more clashes with riot police and demonstrators in greece what we all know about what's happening there greece and certainly a few weeks ago that one man shooting himself in the head committing suicide on the steps of parliament do you think the public message has been clear at this point
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yes but unfortunately there is a political class and also an intrapreneur class which has been educated by more than thirty years. as of during your nation and think just numbers and not people so they see the facts but they really don't take seriously the message we are stuck in italy to have you know a number of suicides which are very similar to the ones that we had in tunisia and watch just say our official statistics and statistics office world the number is in line with the past years i'm sure the same thing has been said to ben ali of a sense that decisions but that is not the point it's not about numbers it is about politics and political perception in stock just you know spinning the news oh i see how you take some political political perspective i'm so sorry to interrupt you here i do apologize but you know when the whole idea of the eurozone was dreamed up
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by politicians and certainly must have seemed like a good idea on their watch is it a case now of politicians whether it's euro kratz in brussels or politicians in other flailing eurozone countries they don't want to see it go down the toilet on their watch. not heard it but also politicians in the apparently more secure countries don't want to see go down the toilet also because their own balance generally fall with toxic assets and this is something which is not really to all their own but which is true it's not only a problem of countries whose do it has been singled out by speculators because also other countries have a rather worrying. composition of the debt and they still apparently are in good health that look just that the united kingdom they have introduced austerity measures they still you know have reputedly economy despite knowing fairly well
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that the debt is very high look at the united states who are saying well we don't want to be touched by you problems when it was originated this world crisis by the scandals in united states where so it certainly may seem to some it certainly may seem to some that we are truly begin to see the beginning the start of an avalanche here a knock on effect that certainly seems to be rippling across members of the eurozone i don't alexandro are polytone i'm so sorry we don't have any more time a feed today but a political and strategic analyst thank you for coming on our team thanks to you. as uncertainly builds in athens are so as i get mounting across the you private german investors many of them pensioners are especially furious they claim they were intentionally do put into investing into doomed greek bonds all in the name of agenda driven politics. because going off reports now from germany.
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imagine most of your retirement savings gone with the stroke of a pen and this man certainly knows how it feels peter moritz invested his savings into greek sovereign bonds after being guaranteed his money was protected by the government but soon the retired banker realized he was and played in his own game they are looking for people like me. re dired not a little bit grey say in short of the hospital maybe here then here you have no risk peter is among hundreds of german investors who were advised to invest money into greek bonds to secure some cash for retirement but greece's recent debt swap which cut the country's financial burden by more than one hundred billion euros swallowed their money despite guarantees in other words private german investors are being forced to pay greek bills now they're getting ready to sue the
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banks for what they claim was fraudulent advice and the governments of both greece and germany for not fulfilling their obligations if. there is an agreement between greece and germany that this money is secure from political risks it's really unclear why private investors should be responsible for political gains brussels is aiming to reduce greece is that from one hundred sixty to one hundred twenty percent of g.d.p. by two thousand and twenty and the long term plan is supposed to attract over ninety five percent of private investors like peter moritz who bought greek bonds. these investments are usually money for retirement family support or medical treatment in many cases these people are very dependent on it. in greece constant austerity measures and hard hearted banking policies are already pushing some ordinary citizens to go to the most extreme forms of protest in turn to keep greece
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from completely going under brussels is also willing to shock through its actions which are. in the pockets of europeans outside the greek state putting money into seven bonds is supposed to be one of the safest ways of an investment but apparently not when it comes to greece since the bondholders start using what was supposed to be sound advice but as it turned out for many they would have been nor better off than if they had just rolled the dice. you got us going off r.t. germany. well ever vigilant for financial misdeeds max keiser and stacy have but also weigh in on the state of the eurozone i thought of it coming in about twenty minutes time here on our tier the kaiser report looking at the problems of financial hardship. little by little the e.u. commission is taking on the role of legal guardian of the economic affairs of the member states yeah the girl with the dragon tattoo i remember that film she was awarded this date and what you're saying is that that the the wards are being
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abused like the character in that film the girl the dragon tattoo and we see this all over the world so this argument that well the greek people brought this upon themselves or even the american homeowner brought this upon themselves by taking out mortgages is a false argument because everyone has become the ward of the various states and then this state or their caretaker is unmercifully beating them in some kind of drag kurien you know poor house scenario and this is being played out around the world. are the cars report in about twenty minutes time here on r.t. for now though over fifty and one hundred palestinian prisoners are stepping up their month long hunger strike in protest against attention without charging israeli jails mass rallies of putting their supporters against israeli soldiers
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every day and young children often end up bearing the brunt of their crackdowns societies point to slip reports. the scenes are all too familiar children throwing stones soldiers brandishing rifles major confusion very often it's very difficult for the army to determine who throws stones but a message has to be sent to the local population but that won't be tolerated and the message is delivered brutally these children were playing in a side street in east jerusalem when undercover israeli soldiers attacked them and forced them into the vehicle i would want them stressful. he caught me by the neck and started choking me he drug me to the current through me inside i told him i was hurting me but they said it's not their problem i report issued by defense for children international found that in most cases children are arrested in the middle of the night they were blindfolded their hands are tied and they taken in
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a military vehicle to an interrogation center by the time a child arrives here at off a prison he will have been detained for up to eight days in the end because of pressure almost all plead guilty but it's far from clear they really are relative going in and they told me the best way to get out is to confess they said they had four soldiers testimonies and it's testimony as one month in prison so i confessed i eventually said i did it. but the truth says it by him is that he was at his grandparents' house for the festival of ied they'd been clashes between army and palestinian youths and the soldiers had started going from house to house rounding up youngsters. they wanted to take anyone they didn't care who i told them i wasn't throwing stones but they kept hitting me and saying we know it was you. aside from the arrests and illegal detentions in the last decade israeli forces have killed almost one and a half thousand palestinian children but the i.d.f.
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justifies its actions by saying many of them are used by adults as pawns one incident that's been publicized a lot was when a fourteen year old palestinian boy was quarter to checkpoint with a suicide belt attached to him since june one thousand nine hundred sixty seven more than three quarters of a million palestinian men women and children have been through the israeli military courts a statistic that underscores the perpetual palestinian search for justice policy r.t. katon a village. it is good to have you with us here today still to come in the program here traffic chaos in india claims hundreds of lives every day so we braved the roads to find out why the country has such controversial safety laws. the american dream is a symbol of education and success but many are finding themselves left with a lifetime of debt trying to achieve it u.s. graduates can end up owing tens of thousands of dollars off to college and an economy where they then struggle to find
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a job now they're questioning whether it's all worth it so it is more important i reports. it's the heaviest investment a young american can make now becoming a trillion dollar ticking time bomb for the nation i have twenty thousand dollars or forty thousand dollars and one hundred fifty thousand and the u.s. student loan bubble has inflated larger than car or credit card debt in this ballooning crisis graduates now have financial deficits that rival home mortgages. and in new york many have taken to the streets protesting against the on affordable cost of higher education we're already seeing a large increase in the number of student loan defaults across the country and that's coming at a rate that is similar to the rate when the when the mortgage your mortgage loans started to default as well and like i said this has a cumulative effect and it's a downward spiral according to reports more than fifty percent of recent college graduates are unemployed or working. that don't even require
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a degree now on work either with that student that cannot be dismissed for bankruptcy this means loans that u.s. students and account for higher education for decades or possibly the rest of their lives mike friedman has a ph d. in biology and works as a part time teacher because he can't find a full time position it's the option of getting an education and being. in a state of financial or economic insecurity for the rest of your life according to the federal reserve bank of new york americans sixty years or older still owe thirty eight billion dollars in student debt and ten percent of that group is past due on payments senior citizens can even have their social security checks taken away the money reportedly redirected to banks waiting to collect. as the investment of a degree morphs from security to risk more americans are reportedly turning to
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online colleges to save money while others are suing for a refund dozens of lawyers have filed class action lawsuits against their own law schools accusing the colleges of fraud and inflating employment figures. it was an american dream when qualification equated to security but now the once cherished degree. appears to be no more than a gamble marina port r.t. new york. and i do head over to our website for the latest news videos any stories you may have missed. the ground breaking discovery. this recently leaked video supposedly. for the droid here. taken by a russian. it shows
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a very different way. to the human. we will get to the. thousands of supporters of libya's former dictator. locked up and allegedly tortured in secret detention centers across the country that's according to a u.n. report which also claims several detainees have been tortured to death by revolutionary militias lawrence freeman from the executive intelligence review magazine says there's no sign libya is getting any closer to democracy. this is a major disaster which was caused by the west and the asian
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regime change policy under the guise of humanitarian intervention the responsibility to protect and i think the country is in terrible shape some people tell me in africa that the country may be on the verge of splitting up and was so it's created massive instability of course all over the sun hill in northern africa you have a tribal society you don't have a nationalistic clear direction mission for the country so once you overthrew khadafi who was no good no question about it but you did it in the way that the west did including the killing of. then you are setting up various tribal groups to vie for control and right now those tribal groups or from their own competing with one another including attacks on the national transitional government itself. america is lifting restrictions on military sales to bahrain they were imposed back
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in october due to a bloody crackdown on anti regime protests in the arab state that's despite the fact clashes there are still ongoing as riot police used tear gas and stun grenades to disperse an opposition rally near the capital on friday some u.s. analysts say this shows washington's two faced approach to arab uprisings. one of the frustrations of the people in bahrain is this is one of the most organized this consistently nonviolent. pro-democracy struggle fight in terms of portion of the population and the heart of the really it was the largest all the arab spring pro-democracy protests in the country and the united states the stood by while the bomb bahraini regime in support of the saudis and other u.s. allies really crush this regime not just not just of persecuting the protesters but even sitting journalists to jail for daring to cover their protest and doctors and nurses to jail for daring to. heal to try to help the wounded i don't.
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see the seams but was sort of seen a lot of america africa southeast asia and dictators we support like you know mentally ill and then mubarak and i think for the problem of course of course you know it was too late us to stop what happened. in tunisia egypt and yemen but thanks to bahrain dreams of the small size of the intervention by saudi troops and that pro-democracy story will unfortunately i would screw was crushed. i just last weekend bahrain's leading human rights activist timed outspoken critic of the ruling family was detained in the country and charged with inciting protests through social networks and i feel that our job something comes just after he was interviewed on julian assange just shown here on out see if you go to the special i saw section on our website on so called you can watch that interview.
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and speak to two leading revolutionaries one from the right where the revolution failed once in egypt where the revolution is now in turmoil what makes a revolution and where is the arab spring going to come. this is odds he by the remains of those killed in the sukhoi superjet crash in indonesia have been flown to jakarta for identification police experts say full recognition may take weeks because of how badly damaged the bodies are the plane crashed during a demonstration flight for potential buyers on wednesday there were forty five people on board all of them now feared to be dead so rescue teams have found at least thirty two bodies near the wreckage but difficult to rain hinders their efforts the airline is manufacturers says there was no evidence of technical problems before the crash. twenty two people in our die in indian traffic it's
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a country believed to have the worst and most dangerous roads in the world despite this on wanted image india still lacks even basic safety laws. found out some of the causes of the shocking death statistics. to outsiders it's complete chaos i think it's quite scary they need to do something about it and to stop following the rules i think it's quite stupid really to. somebody for that. nor the of the rules and regulations that please but to indians it's every day life. so it just grows with our mind we're just riveted that. it's quite funny the streets of new delhi are the deadliest in india some estimate that at least five people die every day in collisions but while men are required to wear helmets
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when riding two wheelers which dominate the roads in delhi the city's high court hasn't been able to make mandatory helmet wearing a rule for women the issue has been particularly divisive in india's large sikh population think men are required by religion to wear a turban and since you can't wear a helmet on top of a turban all sikhs were exempt from this safety measure but since sikh women don't you see where it's terrible i made it hard for law enforcement to identify the woman from a nonstick woman so in the name of fairness to all women are exempt from the rule sale. but indian women's issues over the helmets extends beyond just the sikh community women of all backgrounds in delhi opt not to wear a helmet but this isn't about religious duty this is about plain old vanity. i don't like wearing a helmet because when i go for part is it spoils my makeup and my hair. experts say indian women routinely don't make safety
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a priority to men. to neglecting them so it's we who have been a programmed to make themselves so if there is a. if there is any health crisis it rich and the woman of the house then the man is taken to a doctor the woman is not. for now all the havoc over the home it will be put on hold and women will continue to commute hard hat free regardless of the risks preassure either r t new delhi india. and straight to pakistan for the r.t. world out there now some other global news in brief and at least four people have been killed in what would say is a car bomb attack on a police prison convoy in the north west of pakistan at least one officer died in the blast which destroyed the police vehicle and caught extensive damage near by at this point nobody has claimed responsibility however it does come in the area that
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has witnessed several recent islamist militant attacks. public transport workers are going on strike in bolivia protesting against stricter regulations coming into force and follows a spate of demonstrations by health workers during the last month demanding better pay and working conditions clashes erupted on friday between medical students and riot police in the bolivian capital public opinion has turned against the country's president evo morales since his reelection three years ago. you know just a moment here on artsy it will be. going off of the cars report on the latest financial. drama.
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wealthy british style. type of. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our.
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