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you're live with us here on our team let's take a recap of the headlines tens of thousands of spaniards began a four day series of n.t.l. serry to protest all targeted against the government's program of spending cuts and tax hikes. a euro zone exit looms for greece as major differences peter the latest coalition talks with the president are now leading a final challenge for unity. is why you police arrest hunger strike demonstrators including children during a demonstration in solidarity with palestinian prisoners it's estimated that in the last decade is right the forces have killed almost one in the hall thousand palestinian children. students in the us all facing
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a lifetime of loan repayments and bleak job prospects bumped on any nominees dead they now come to the true cost of their education. more news in just fifteen minutes in the mean time walk around the kremlin in the latest moscow out. hello and welcome the sun is shining and it's a beautiful day on this week's program we're taking a look at cultural outlaws around the kremlin with a history dating back centuries the whole area is a walking open and museum and the capital has certainly see that small truest times over the past few hundred years and from stories to legends google every area and corner here is full of interesting facts and figures there are
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a few cities worldwide that resonates with history and culture the way moscow does whether you find yourself and my ring st basil's cathedral or the ancient walls of the kremlin you can spend hours gazing at the various sites here delve a little deeper away from the typical tourist spots and you'll be amazed at the stories that each building an area of the city has. the. first of the bolshoi it must go on its keep bridge it's a concrete bridge that spans the most river and can expose shadow i think a street with red square immediately east of the kremlin built in one hundred thirty seven the bridge has a total width of forty meters aids car lanes and its total length with approach ramps is five hundred and fifty four meters. is pretty extreme or quaint on the left of the some of the best views in russia and it's the point so used by all russian and international television channels. looking
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up and we now past the department store good the building built between eighty nine hundred ninety three features an interesting combination of elements of russian medieval architecture and a steel framework and glass roof a similar style to the great nineteenth century train stations of london. today the two hundred forty two metre long building boasts a luxurious shopping arcade although it's not cheap so maybe it's best to stick to cultural excursions instead. passing the reconstructed orthodox cathedral of our lady of khazan at the bottom of red square we passed through the resurrection gates is here next to the tacky tourist stalls and just in front of the iberian chapel but you can find a bronze plaque on the cobbled floor that gets lots of attention from locals and tourists one thing here is a small coin. ok and here we have it the famous spot so close my eyes make
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us afraid the korean. ferry or i hope it comes true as the spot from where all distances from moscow are measured apparently it's good luck to throw a coin over your shoulder. so far everything is beautiful. i'm still trying to figure out exactly where things are and where i have to see people have been friendly it doesn't seem to have a really small center like a really big area with a big crowds. and by beautiful the buildings are amazing is my first day in the city and i already love it moscow is beautiful splendid and grand. proving all angus needmore translates as guest house is a large buildings to couple of minutes walk from the kremlin from the fourteenth century the area was the epicenter of trade in moscow with merchants around the world arriving to the spot the building we see now is a result of a major research ration that took place in the one nine hundred ninety s.
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making it a large business trade and cultural center to host numerous offense each month. may stop take a brief pause the top left hand side of the kremlin for many years the splendid palace of white stone that stands on the concourse ski hill has. these people and it's considered to be one of the most peaceful buildings in the russian capital the situation of the building is rather unorthodox to this is the main entrance is from a side street and not from the facade which you can see here move ring around the corner take a look at this pretty courtyard this building was erected between seven hundred eighty four and seven hundred eighty six by the russian nobleman short rapacious coffin interesting enough it was also used as a meeting place for various charities of course famous novel and margarita very striking building and materiality it was once moscow's first public library in the nineteenth century and today the palaces current owner is the russian state library
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i wonder looks like inside let's find out. inside it's almost like going back in time because here is all bright historic and grand. just shook this room wow you can imagine the space being used for lovers parties instead it was used for bookworms although it looks like a bull when the space was actually used as a library for most of its time. and looking through the window in the second floor here i think this room might have one of the best views in russia. the building is believed to have been designed by famous russian architect of a city version of no documented evidence of his involvement with the house exists however as the records of question of projects were lost in a fire at the moscow town planning archives. two books now and that's a good look at one of the libraries here today the right wing of the past of house
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houses the manuscripts the palm and wallets left wing houses the music department and the maps apartments of the russian state library. it's rather strange to hold a book which is hundreds of years old. scrips he is in great condition i wonder what people held it before make. even more interesting is that the depths of the area underneath the passage of house is said to be one of the several possible locations of the legendary library of ivan the terrible now that is something i would like to see. moving on and the new. as it's known in russian is a contemporary central exhibition hall the venue houses dozens of various displays annually but interestingly enough the building was not meant as a cultural venue in the first place in eight hundred eighty eight the structure was
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erected as the first power plant in the center of moscow but it was abandoned shortly to become. vast gallery a century later. to our next location now and not all the museums around in the kremlin are dedicated to history and art for those who are interested in nature to need to travel further from the city center as well as moscow's oldest and largest is among school museum is located just a short walk from the red square this museum of the moscow state university was founded in seventy nine he won and since then gathered funds that make it in the first ten of such collections in the world she teaches display represents all kinds of animals like girl we inhabit our planet and it's easy and comprehensive to walk around the museum as the displays organized in a systematic order so that visitors can explore various species from single celled organisms to began a mess like the one behind my back. don't
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be surprised if you see many students who are walking around the kremlin as the building across the street from the midwest square is home to the faculty of journalism of the moscow state university. the university bears the name of the outstanding scientists of the eighteenth century the north off. known as the old university building the main complex was moved to the spring hills area in the middle of the twentieth century and now it's the future journalists who are lucky to study right in the heart of moscow. our final location on the edge square is the moscow logical museum. the physical changes between mediƦval moscow to the modern day capital are quite significant in the various models situated in the museum you can see buildings and street plans
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for the various stages in history all of the main differences is the existence of a river which once used to lie along. the top side of the kremlin when moscow was rebuilt after the fire of eighteen twelve the glyn i recall was confined to an underground tunnel several years later and the bridge was buried interesting stuff like a visual history book at the museum here you can see if yourselves how the city's changing cityscape came into effect the museum opened in ninety nine two seven i was located seven meters underground on the exact spot where a large archeological dig took place during the night the ninety's the main space is sensitive around this part reconstruction of the old seventeenth century bridge which you can see here and during the excavations a whole range of other items such as metal coins and household objects were also found many of which you can also see on display here inside the museum. the team
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involved in the project foundations of stone buildings from the eighteen month centuries they also discovered wooden streets as well as chambers and other structures. allowed to discover traces of the handicraft industry and to reconstruct the life of people who inhabited this district centuries ago as a small touring mannish square not many people realise that they are walking on top of a museum but nevertheless on venue is popular and there are even more visitors during weekends when we are experienced interactive educational events. whether it is through its beauty or grotesqueness may be up for debate but what can't be denied is that moscow inspires and has done for hundreds of years as a city almost eight hundred seventy years old moscow has many reminders of extra massive past and for visitors and even locals it's quite often the small and intricate sights and locations that make up the cultural thread work of the city.
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yes the kremlin might be the powerhouse and provide the fabulous photo opportunities but it's. also the areas around t.m.i. mogs which also called by two stories to the makeup of the city. well you'll sadly be impressed with the long lists of cultural ahmad's around the area of the kremlin about social well fortunately that so that's how we have left on this week's program i'll see you again at the same time next week i will be taking lots of various and stayman spots around here so until then for me and the rest of the team from allies square here and after. what.
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my married mother did not like when you come. through the fray. and she was very cool. she filled. our lives frankenstein's monster. we don't have the problem. every time and effort is made. on the palestinian or in the european side to negotiate an end to the violent attacks against israel which i have no fear of war call the. song goes you have no fear calling the leader of the state of israel one of the main terrorists in the world. we are supposed to be seriously examining the history you mention
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a few words about jewish culture happening and people get so upset this is an. sorry to say it's a form of emotional blackmail. tens
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of thousands of spaniards begin a four day series of n.t.r. start to protest all targeted against the government's program of spending cuts and tax hikes. a euro zone exit looms for greece as major differences so peter the latest coalition talks with the president now meeting a final charge for unity. is riot police arrest hunger strike demonstrators including children during a demonstration in solidarity with palestinian prisoners it's estimated that in the last decade is why the forces have killed almost one in the hundred thousand palestinian children. students in the u.s. are facing a lifetime of loan repayments and bleak job prospects bogged down in enormous debt and they're now counting the true cost of their education. up next kate and with
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the latest sports news. hello welcome to the latest sports and here are the headlines. there were lining domestic winners it's an eight hour set to discover who we join you live in the champions league next season as four teams go all out to finish second on the final day of the russian premier league. while going for top spot to lewis hamilton grabs pole position for the spanish born prix as the briton aims to unseat f one champion sebastian vettel at the top of the standings. and spanish spectacle world number one the tory beats go once again to line up a meeting with serena williams in the grid open final. the first of four ball and it has all gone down to the wire in the russian premier league as four teams are
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vying to take the second and last champions league spot on the final day of this long transitional season does the most out of the best placed side of the army man are eight points clear of the rest of the pack and must prevail at recent russian cup winners from being ensure their european fate is in their own talents but i want to go on and will be without batting top scorer emmanuel and we need to get in there and that city rivals luck or teeth in our eight points behind spar time and trouble to. also have an outside chance of claiming second spot proceedings made welcome champions meet and the st petersburg slide will be without some of their key men including a top scorer alexander because golf goalkeeper to get a start another favorite. so with one game to play here's the top of the table is an eight on a salable at the summit but it's really packed behind them with disgust spot i can do now that i'm done she all assured of european football next season the only issue being that is in the champions league or the europa league. while there is
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a fight to survival as the bottom of our staff go to already relegated top of the can to escape. the playoffs rostock the need to win and also rely on that you can clearly assert off and elsewhere and can't entertain boger who will go into the playoffs and a rock bottom spot i cannot take on class that i'm so traumatic are already relegated to more sides well into those playoffs and place the third and fourth place finishers from the second tier. crawl over in england to the title european places and third relegation spots will all be decided on the final day of the season this sunday manchester city lead manchester united on goal difference so victory over it would give city the title for the first time in forty four years while fourth bottom rangers must draw to stay off and united realistically in a must win at sunderland and city three up from where chelsea host relegated blackburn asked nor will finish third if they win it west brom talking and are aiming for a top four spot against full and so a new castle at everton then
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a fall guy to swanzy bolton must win at stoke to have any chance of staying up north face aston villa and we can already safe take on and do. so to the table city lead united by an eight goal difference just two points separate asked not taught them the newcastle in the battle the third place which guarantee champions league football and for spots which could do the same things but it won't if chelsea win the champions league final in newark next week while one point separates everton and liverpool to decide the masters of merseyside. also the wolves and blackburn are already down bolton are two points and nine goals adrift and realistically must when it started keeping our fate is in their own hands but our titles hunting manchester city and aston villa but mathematically safe. to formula one and lewis hamilton is aiming to leapfrog sebastian vettel and retain top spot in the standings after the mclaren driver clinched his third pole of the season at spanish
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grown prix all of britain was in imperious form of the barcelona track but waited until a told to. this post of last pastor maldonado from williams his maiden poll the venezuelan surprise package was more than half a second behind ferrari's fernando alonso and roma grows your form will start in the second row while champion vettel how prevailed in the final practice but will start from a lonely after opting to spend his tires in the spanish heat germany's the overall standings after winning the previous race in bahrain from paul however his cushion is just four points ahead of hamilton has yet to win four races so far this is a. fantastic organization for me really very very very happy with the way that i think it's one of the best ones i've ever had. enjoyed by the guys in the gary. thanks to all the guys back at the factory for bringing us the upgrades which worked fantastically. tennis and world number one victoria azarenka will place
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arena williams in the final of the controversial madrid open after beating a national advantage in straight sets well the top ranked better russian went into the match having already been right about five times this year but she was made to work early in the national for two breaks in the two writing games from advance get to the third game to love to head. this was our go after that is the australian open champion also took a game to love to win the first set six two however it was a seesaw seconds that is breaks of ten thick and fast these are finally. two match points rather than decide if one of those but a pole failed to return a drop shot. thank you very much we. found out next is the former world number one serena williams the american is playing in her first tournament in a month and need to take time break to. qualify you see that's after the opening
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game or so however the starting time major winner took the second to last. an emphatic straight sets victory. in the second half second title of the afternoon chills to the last mark. i want a basketball test defending champions promise and i got sixty six points to sixty four in a stunning contest in istanbul to reach the euro league final well with two minutes to go the greek side led by four after a three point zero by shoving us if you can reach us but it's a let's see shed and then cut the deficit to one and thirty nine seconds left and we lost in situ nailed to the basket case the clear plan to get us from jonathan like us to sing one final shot was snuffed out by the russian side of the fence which held on for victory the army man will now face a limpy all cost in sunday's final. very much no great to play and there's no going to try this in the us what you saw was you know the great game still i would come
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out on top you know was there. you see it here they don't limp on and off on oh and you know go sit up again you know look at mission shots you know without losing some blood to come out of top of this or to do gardening that you did we're going to explode by difference we're going to go see them you know. we understood all of the first clues to what to do we're going to be in this game we go. we don't know if we get points and roland was sailing whether russian funded yacht estimates europa is preparing for the start of a new season the vessel is fast becoming a force in the sport despite only being launched two years ago from a total young reports. they have come together to become one of a kind the only yacht in the world to sail to victory under the european flag this immature robot two is one of the most advanced sailing boats in the world with the
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sports cream of the cool on board on top of that they are driven by a simple and elegant idea presenting the european continent at its best having grown out of project uniting still bennett and italy in one thousand nine hundred ninety five to pulp a symbol of common identity for europe in the present you know i mean i would meet . in the past and the best technology to misspeak in the baseball. hall of canning east timor how likely move the wheel. in this respect to zoom it has been flowing during its absence in every race it can fit in. the super max yacht consider the fastest manifold in the world first broke the waist in twenty town and claimed eleven consecutive wins breaking two course
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records in june this isn't. in next year or so a true legend of the sport lindy is in it who's the skipper. return olympic champion and to john and lotus cup winner john your consumer. and europe's both remained on biddable making one hundred thirty four one euro for that something you never had to face and the sport i think is a perfect ambassador oren into technology of teamwork just three percent of forth from it stronger and become more like being competitive. in other isn't dreamcast term and one of the. it's moved to agree to leave the gators in the discard and those who should race winner spaniard one below it join the team for the twenty eleven season and claims interaction within the multicultural group is not a problem but that makes it even stronger control for one one of the reasons why we're
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training just to make this possible difficulty from having a multinational program just not making a difficulty but benefit from it to different people on the boat brain different ideas for the systems but the actual parts systems and this is going to happen in brain but then it very much people driven through that there are people of. the machine essentially full of. new challenges for this immature up to par just around the corner with a twenty eight eleven season opener generally a rolex car getting underway on june the eighth the best sailors from seven european countries with one goal of fine tuning their skills and magnificent boat in spain near valencia nevertheless artie's crew was not only allowed to join them on board but to get a once in a lifetime chance. at becoming one of the greatest year of the my life and road to
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become the first they were the hold on to the steering wheel of probably the best boat in the world. bring the best in the world to expand into continental level of competition and get it seems she has a clear vision of the next level of his project establishing a new little dance with the rules best sailing boats representing continents further but in your own party colin says spain. has always forced knees by from. wealthy british style. is not on. markets why not scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy in these kinds of reports.
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