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lol. tens of thousands of spaniards take to the streets at the start of a four day series of protests against the government's assertive program spending cuts and tax hikes. a euro zone exit looms or for greece as talks on forming a coalition government failed the party leaders now true to me but the president in a final attempt to settle their differences. dryly believes arrest hundreds strike demonstrators including children during a demonstration in solidarity with palestinian prisoners. and a u.s. students bogged down in that facing a lifetime of loan payments while struggling to find jobs now comping the true cost of the education.
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on line and on screen twenty four hours a day seven days a week this is r t with me to bomb with a welcome to the program let's take a look at the main stories tens of thousands have gathered in the streets of spanish cities to vent their anger over the government's relentless austerity drive the schedule for day protest are marking the first anniversary of the formation of the indignance movement protests are being staged in as many as eighty spanish cities supporting demonstrations across europe the people are demanding an end to cuts that have left public services from health to education badly underfunded spain's experiencing its deepest economic crisis in decades with unemployment at record highs leaving one in four out of work because i'm a professor of political communication believes it's the system of government itself that's the problem. we're here in the quarter that surely must read which is the main a square for the for in march use our gallery here. there's our meeting which
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trains to commemorate. one year ago the society just expressed how much fed up they were with things and how much they wanted the political landscape and also the economic reform. the crisis how much they wanted it to revert these people want to take part in politics and they won't they cannot take part in politics because they have reached the conclusion that voting. is not i mean it is worth it is does not reflect. the public opinion. because only two main parties can government and actually it's a bipartisan system they factor. in both main parties coincide fully
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in their economic measures meanwhile in athens political party leaders have failed to reconcile their differences and form a coalition government there now scheduled to meet with the president in a last ditch effort to avoid a new election one that could result in greece's exit from the eurozone the e.u. is also deeply worried over the possible consequences that maintains greece's exit or one be fatal for the euro political analyst dr alessandro politi says the issue shouldn't be about preserving the single currency but helping the people. already. you know the bottom and very soon other countries will do the say because it's not just working class it's really middle middle class which will be squeezed without any picture for the sake of these financial interests and this is something which goes against the grain of democracy and against a grain of dignity and freedom we are starting to actually to you know a number of shoes. which are very similar to the ones that we.
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watched just saying. official statistics and statistics office well the number is in line with the past years i'm sure the same thing has been said to be stuck to stations but that is not the point it's not about numbers it is about politics and political perception so i think search for the situation at least in some countries is really ready for. something very similar to an arab revolution. across the e.u. anger is growing with many feeling that they are painful the price for bailing out they may because some private german investors most of them pensioners are furious saying they were duped into investing in doomed to greek bonds from hamburg i t z got a piece going up sent this report. imagine most of your retirement savings gone with the stroke of
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a pen and this man certainly knows how it feels peter moritz invested his savings into greek silver and bonds after being guaranteed his money was protected by the government but soon the retired banker realized he was and played in his own game they are looking for people like me. re dired not a little bit gracie in short of the hospital maybe here then here you have no risk peter is among hundreds of german investors who were advised to invest money into greek ones to secure some cash for retirement but greece's recent debt swap which cut the country's financial burden by more than one hundred billion euros swallowed their money despite guarantees in other words private german investors are being forced to pay greek bills now they're getting ready to sue the banks for what they claim was fraudulent advice and the governments of both greece and germany for not fulfilling their obligations if. there's an agreement between
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greece and germany that this money is secure from political risks it's really unclear why private investors should be responsible for political gains brussels is aiming to reduce greece's debt from one hundred sixty to one hundred twenty percent of g.d.p. by two thousand and twenty and the long term plan is supposed to attract over ninety five percent of private investors like peter moritz who bought greek bonds. these investments are usually money for retirement family support or medical treatment in many cases these people are very dependent on it. in greece constant austerity measures and hard hearted banking policies are already pushing some ordinary citizens to go to the most extreme forms of protest in turn to keep greece from completely going under brussels is also willing to shock through its actions which are. in the pockets of europeans outside the greek state putting money into
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severing bonds is supposed to be one of the safest ways of an investment but a pearl we want to go to greece as the bond holders that we invested in using what was supposed to be celebrates but as it turned out for me they would have been no better off than if they had just. the waters gone off or to germany. over doesn't activists including one youngster have been brutally arrested during a palestinian hunger strike in protest against detention without charge in israeli jails mass rallies are pitting their supporters against israeli soldiers every day and young children often end up bearing the brunt of their crackdowns as policy or reports. the scenes are all too familiar children throwing stones soldiers brandishing rifles major confusion very often it's very difficult for the army to determine who throw stones but a message has to be sent to the local population but that won't be tolerated and
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the message is delivered brutally these children were playing in a side street in east jerusalem when undercover israeli soldiers attacked them and forced them into their vehicle. he caught me by the neck and started choking me he dragged me to the current true me inside i told him i was hurting me but they said it's not their problem. i report issued by defense for children international found that in most cases children are rested in the middle of the night they were blindfolded their hands are tied and they taken in a military vehicle to an interrogation center by the time a child arrives here at off a prison he will have been detained for up to eight days in the end because of pressure almost all plead guilty but it's far from clear they really are relative good in that he told me the best way to get out is to confess they said they had four soldiers testimonies and it's testimony as one month in prison so i can first i eventually said i did it with war but the truth says it by him is that he was at
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his grandparents' house for the festival of ied they'd been clashes between army and palestinian youths and the soldiers had started going from house to house rounding up youngsters. so they wanted to take anyone they didn't care who i told them i wasn't throwing stones but they kept hitting me and saying we know it was you aside from the arrests and illegal detentions in the last decade israeli forces have killed almost one and a half thousand palestinian children but the i.d.f. justifies its actions by saying many of them are used by adults as pawns one incident that's been publicized a lot was when a fourteen year old palestinian boy was quarter to checkpoint with a suicide belt attached to him since june one thousand nine hundred sixty seven more than three quarters of a million palestinian men women and children have been through the israeli military courts a statistic that underscores the perpetual palestinian search for justice policy r.t. katana village still to come this hour the same end of the west or
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a big fat lie. but for the. peace of those should we not address the facts because it actually gets better though that's just a race of oil as a group of medical experts as say the word obese is offensive a resident of new york ask if that's politically incorrect or just stating fact a. right. and traffic chaos in india claims hundreds of lives every day so r t brave the road to find out why the country has such a controversial say to laws. the american dream is a symbol of education and success but many are finding themselves left with a lifetime of dead to trying to achieve it was graduates can end up owing tens of thousands of dollars after college in an economy where they then struggle to find a job now they're questioning whether it's all worth it as artie's marina explains . it's the heaviest investment a young american can make now becoming
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a trillion dollar ticking time bomb for the nation i have twenty thousand dollars or forty thousand dollars and one hundred fifty thousand and that the u.s. student loan bubble has inflated larger than car or credit card debt in this ballooning crisis graduates now have financial deficits that rival home mortgages. night in new york many have taken to the streets protesting against the an affordable cost of higher education we're already seeing a large increase in the number of student loan defaults across the country and that's coming at a rate that is similar to the rate when the when the mortgages mortgage loans started to default as well and like i said this has a cumulative effect and it's a downward spiral according to reports more than fifty percent of recent college graduates are unemployed or working wage jobs that don't even require a degree now on work either with that student that cannot be dismissed for
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bankruptcy this means loans that u.s. students and account for higher education policy for decades or possibly the rest of their lives mike freedman has a ph d. in biology and works as a part time teacher because he can't find a full time position it's the option of getting an education and being in a state of financial or economic insecurity for the rest of your life according to the federal reserve bank of new york americans sixty years or older still owe thirty eight billion dollars in student debt and ten percent of that group is past due on payments senior citizens can even have their social security checks taken away the money reportedly redirected to banks waiting to collect. as the investment of a degree morphs from security to risk more americans are reportedly turning to online colleges to save money while others are suing for. three front dozens of
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lawyers have filed class action lawsuits against their own law schools accusing the colleges of fraud and inflating employment figures. it was an american dream when qualification equated to security but now the once cherished degree. appears to be no more than a gamble marina porter r.t. new york head to our web site r t v dot com for the latest news a video is all the stories you may have missed here's a taste of what's lined up there for you find out how a dispute over the territorial waters between china and the for the news is intensifying with growing talk of war in the chinese media plus. no strings attached to a man instead magnets into his wrist to get a better grip of his favorite gadget that full story and much more is waiting for you at our t.v. dot com. america is lifting restrictions
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on military sales to bahrain they were imposed back in october due to a bloody crackdown an end to the regime protests that's despite the fact clashes they are still ongoing as ride police used tear gas and stun grenades to display as an opposition rally near the capital manama on friday some u.s. analysts say this shows washington's toothpaste approach to the arab uprisings. one of the frustrations of the people here in bahrain is this is one the most organized most consistently nonviolent. pro-democracy struggle fight in terms of portion of the population and the heart of the really it was the largest of all the arab spring pro-democracy protests in the country and the united states to stood by while the bomb bahraini regime in support of the saudis and other u.s. allies really crush this regime not just not just of persecuting the protesters but even serving journalists to jail for daring to cover their protests and doctors and nurses to jail for daring to. heal try to help the wounded.
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seem assume that was saddam hussein a lot of america africa southeast asia and dictators we support like mentally and mubarak and i think that for the problem of course of course you know it was too late us to stop what happened. in tunisia egypt and yemen but thanks to our angels of the small size of the intervention by saudi troops and pro-democracy story will unfortunately you know what was chris crushed just last weekend bahrain's leading human rights activists an outspoken critic of the ruling family was detained in the country and charged with inciting protests three social networks now bill ridge odds are as comes just after he was interviewed on joining the sun just here on our team go to the specialist on just section on our website i t dot com to watch that interview.
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i speak to two leading revolutionaries one from the right where the revolution failed once an egypt where the list is now in turmoil what makes a revolution and where is the arab spring going to come. at least six militants have been killed in a counter-terror up aeration in russia's north caucasus among them a wanted international terrorist security forces have reported one of the dead to be shake up to salam a turkish national heading extremist group with links to al qaeda it's believed he had to charge of the group after authorities killed its previous leader he was allegedly trained in turkey in camps for mercenaries operating in libya and syria and is considered to have been the last mystery militant in the region to police officers were also killed in the ongoing operation. the remains of the pilots have been found at the sukhoi superjet crash site in indonesia they'll be sent to
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jakarta to identification along with the thirty two bodies already found police say identification may take weeks because of how badly damaged the bodies are the plane crashed during a demonstration flight for potential buyers on wednesday there were forty five people on board all of them now feared dead difficult montaner strain is hindering the search teams efforts the airliner's many fractures says there was no evidence of technical problems before the crash. twenty two people in the indian traffic a country that's believed to have the world's most dangerous roads despite the sun want to image india still likes even basic safety rules. some of the causes of the shocking statistics. to outsiders it's complete chaos i think it's quite scary they need to do something about it to stop following the rules i think it's quite stupid really scale to. some belief that
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it's. your idea of the rules and regulations that please but to indians it's every day life. to. treat people writing about. it just grows with our mind we're just riveted that. it's quite funny. the streets of new delhi are the deadliest in india some as to me that at least five people die every day in collisions but while men are required to wear helmets when riding two wheelers which dominate the roads in delhi the city's high court hasn't been able to make mandatory helmet wearing a rule for women the issue has been particularly divisive in india's large sikh population think men are required by religion to wear a turban and since you can't wear a helmet on top of a turban all sikhs were exempt from the safety measure but since seat women don't
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you see where it's terrible i made it hard for a law enforcement to identify a woman from a non sikh woman so in the name of fairness to all women for except for the rules here. but indian women's issues over the helmets extends beyond just the sikh community women of all backgrounds in delhi opt not to wear a helmet but this isn't about religious duty this is about plain old vanity on the me and i don't like wearing a helmet because when i go for part is it spoils my makeup and my hair. experts say indian women routinely don't make safety a priority to men used to neglecting themselves it's that we were in a program to neglect themselves so if there is a problem. if there isn't a health crisis with the man and the woman of the house then the man is taken to a doctor the woman is not. free now all the havoc over the home it will be put on
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hold and women will continue to commute hard hat free regardless of the risks preassure either party new delhi india iran three thousand opposition supporters have gathered in the heart of the ukrainian capital kiev many of them demanding the release of jailed ex prime minister yulia timoshenko the country's leadership is facing accusations at home and abroad that the former premier has been jailed for political reasons lithuania's president has warned evil of a growing crisis of trust with the e.u. over the case after visiting to michelle in hospital where she is recovering following almost three weeks on hunger strike she's currently serving a seven years for abuse of power in office and is also being treated by doctors for chronic back pain to hunger strike began after she said she'd been beaten by prison staff which is denied by the authorities her critics have questioned whether her claims of physical abuse and poor health an attempt to play political games.
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obesity has become a growing problem in the west but now a debate is raging over its very description with some claiming the word obese is offensive many are now questioning whether using the medical term is politically incorrect the new proposal is to use of the phrase unhealthy weight new york resident went to chew the fat on the issue with people in the big apple. the u.k.'s national institute for health and clinical excellence has issued a guidance suggesting that the word obese might be too upsetting and derogatory to use is a case of political correctness gone mad this week let's talk about that last forty films is that when you were still heavy and someone called you obese with that offend you. been called worse you know what's worse calling someone obese or kind
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someone fat. the same thing over. the sofa so should we not address the facts because it actually you can dress up like that's just a race of toilet. disparities we don't but it's bad for people it caught at least the heart trouble and a diary. covered. this week who is in charge of deciding what a word is slang and what and where it is the proper term will i mean you do you don't really want the government to be in charge of that that's for sure you have anything yeah i mean the government shouldn't be in the in the in the game of policing what you say certainly of what you think you know what if someone called you whitey if somebody called me why do you have so the property accurate but siri but you would you be offended no so why do people take offense to some words and not other words. probably because they care about what other people think it's an insecurity so we should just stop caring about what other people think and then the
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whole p.c. thing all the way it's not like you should stop caring what other people think you should start caring more about what you think i think it's matters in the context that it's used like if you look at somebody and say damn they're obese that's there in that context i think it's derogatory i think the say the word obese or say obesity in general and when you're talking about a condition is it would not be derogatory just a statement of of a problem in a society maybe if here. if we ever get this word to be rude feel ok maybe a little bigger than. regular people so there's no problem and work if you want to think about it exactly like what are we afraid to college drug user or drug user. this isn't being where we should escape from the problem to try the program tonight escape for a bit whether or not you think the word obese is derogatory the bottom line is that it's also a medical condition and simply avoiding the word is not going to make the issue go
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away. now i look at some other top stories from around the world a militant group with alleged links to al qaeda has claimed responsibility for double bombings in the syrian capital damascus which killed fifty five people in a video posted online the group called the news were front says the blossoms one of the intelligent complex came in response to what it sees as government attacks on residential areas your thought is however say they are fighting terrorists in armed militia backed by foreign powers funerals have been held for the victims of thursday's attacks which were the worst since the start of the syrian and dress last year. and entered the football super finals have ended in a massive riot after hundreds of fans of archie fans angry with the nil nil outcome of the match that gave this year's title to their os rivals stormed the pitch and
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started throwing flares and plastic chairs police used pepper spray to disperse the fans and they should move to protect the players as they led to the locker rooms outside the stadium writers clashed with police police cars and broke store windows at the several people were injured. thousands of israelis are protesting in the country's main cities against social issues with the high cost of living at the top of the agenda. later israeli's eye revival of last year's campaign that started with complaints about housing prices but they then turn to a new light on other issues such as food costs low wages and education a government comedies that have to address the issues has failed to bring about positive changes. now we're living in a time of huge protests all over the world right now but here's a news of one in russia which didn't have many people but did have
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a rather surprising visitor a farmer has brought his how to the bustling streets of central moscow it seems he's got some serious before with russia to join in the world trade organization local residents were shocked to see the animal taking a gentle stroll through the city but police confirmed that as long as it was on a leash no law was being broken after milking time in the spotlight both owner and headed home but have promised they'll be back. well look out for there but in the near future i'll be back with a recap of our top stories in just a few minutes because they change don't go away.
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friends. her wish her. luck. good luck misleading good luck with her mother her gifts and the money and in the company of her to come out of my mind i'm a little. sleepy . more news today violence is once again fled up the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada the first china operations are the day.


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