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markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines. cause a report on r g. four thirty pm in moscow these iraqi headlines afghanistan's president tells artie's peter lavelle security in the country is under control despite incessant violence and the plans of key nato members to withdraw early from the costly war. syrian arrest sparks three days of deadly clashes in neighboring lebanon and syria itself a terror groups try to drive the opposition's point home with a series of suicide bombings. latest installment of giuliana saunders show almost here this time the focus is on the innocent casualties of the u.s. war on terror including one man who was released from guantanamo bay. difficulties
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in establishing truth in troubled arab nations the focus next as we get insight from media monitor sharif nashashibi stay with us. today i'm talking to sherry nashashibi he's the chairman and co-founder of an organization called arab media watch it's an independent nonprofit stolk which works towards the independent and objective coverage of arab issues in the media sharif nashashibi thank you very much for talking to us today now let's start by talking about the arab spring in general how much diversity have you seen in media reporting of what's going on. well i think for the for me the major issue has been the difficulties which the media face and reporting the arab spring. in all the countries where there have been protests and regime change the. very strict kind of
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attempts to stifle media coverage to stop journalists getting in. to stop them doing their work once they're in. i think that's been that's been the kind of overriding factor the commonality between all these countries is that it's been very difficult for the media to cover and that has meant a reliance on citizen journalism on opposition movements and things are but the problem with all that is that it's difficult to verify all these things so a lot of a lot of what's going on is based on hearsay on sources whose. you know news and opinions you connoisseur to verify. and this is a real problem and i it's ironic because the the governments that are. experiencing these protests constantly complain that the media are relying on opposition movements to get their news but that's because the government stopping the media from going in and doing the job themselves but that does presumably mean that it
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has been very diverse in terms of who is reporting and what their reporting has it presented a range of the point yes it has i mean just like in any conflict there you know you are witnessing a propaganda war between the various opposition movements and the governments that are fighting. both doing their utmost governments have really stepped up i mean the media freedom record has always been very bad in that region but is really going up and not doing these the arab spring. but also the opposition movements have been very adept at using social media. to get their point across. certainly there has been misinformation on all sides and again this is not something. new and conflict but the social media has played an incredibly important role because the mainstream media has been unable to do the job probably because of all the restrictions and the physical dangers that they face so this is really kind
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of star kind of facebook and twitter wars that you know if you look at the populations of these countries a lot of them are very young they're quite good at using these social media outlets and the much more difficult for the government to control so in a way the governments at times of strife in the media is actually shooting themselves in the foot because they are they are giving opposition movements the ability to use other means which are more difficult for the government to control and yet there have been a lot of underreported issues haven't there is these conflicts of progress racism in libya the feeding of the syrian armed opposition by by foreign governments the entire revolution in bahrain really yeah the problem is is that media due to budget constraints and other factors that really they are a kind of one story machine so you'll have you'll have a flashpoint somewhere in the media will focus on the flashpoint and everything else kind of falls off the radar and then when that incidents over they'll move on to something else so this is necessarily any conspiracy the media's.
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enabling but it's you know they're just unable to cover more than one big story at a time. so yes you know but her name has been has been overlooked until now the grand prix has been happening and then once that was being worked out something else was was not being worked out so this is a problem and because there is so much happening in the arab world right now in the spring is just has affected so many countries it's impossible for the media to give all these incidents the coverage they deserve and they do all deserve the same amount of coverage and we seem to get the picture in the western media of the uprising as the opposition always being right and the government always being wrong but isn't the situation actually much more complex than that. well i mean i am not a spokesman for the government or the opposition i think if you look at various countries i think opposition movements have gotten things wrong i mean the you know
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there have been credible ickes oceans of misleading. and propaganda but likewise the governments have done exactly the same thing i think if you look at the on balance it is the governments that are wrong because these springs these revolutions wouldn't have happened. you know people have gotten fed up with the fact that they cannot express themselves freely they cannot live in democratic systems they don't have the basic human rights and this has been going on for so many decades of people who just simply had enough to the point that governments proposing reforms was too little too late. violent ways in which the governments put down these protests meant that you know any talk reform was was pointless this revolution by its very definition a not gain as an impetus all of its way into the even if the governments in these countries are offering credible reforms that this sort of this revolution continues nonetheless yeah but this happens when when governments are either do not react in
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a new way to the revolutions they don't listen to them or you know what we see in these countries is governments trying to propose enough reforms to try and placate the revolutions without actually meaning that those regimes will give up power and people now see through this and they're like these are just cosmetic steps i think this is a problem if the if the demands of these revolutions were met early on and in the sufficient way it wouldn't maintain the kind of momentum and there's been a lot of talk about democracy but recently you wrote about an electoral law which has been introduced in. egypt and libya a law which says that anyone who's been involved with the old regimes in those countries can't run for election now is that democracy no it's not a. i mean i was very vocally against this because i think what these electoral laws are doing in a way just the same as what those regimes that was barring candidates from running and that that is inherently antidemocratic. you should give people the choice.
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you should be able to gauge the level of support that the officials from the former regime has had if they don't have any support then let them fail electorally rather than make them political martyrs and if they do have significant support then it is unwise and dangerous to alienate sections of the populations that that support those candidates so you know democracy is not a case of you know. you know only allowing people to be elected who you want to be elected you have to listen to the will of the people and i think it is you know it is you know this is a whole mark of the performer jeems to say well these people are not allowed to run you have to vote for the for the people that we have that we let you vote for so i don't think i think this is very dangerous. since i wrote that article i see libya has passed another law that parties based on religion are not allowed to run which
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i find very strange because libya is almost unanimously sunni muslim so i i find this is a very odd thing to parties to run on the only just basis people should have the choice if they want to vote for parties or that then fine the danger again here is that you're going to make political martyrs out of these movements that feel that they should. have parties represented by religion and they're going to be driven on the ground and this could create the kind of instability. and extremism that wouldn't occur if there if people are allowed to express themselves the only way for these transitions to go smoothly is if you have as much of the population as possible the feel that they are in franchised if you disenfranchise them even a small section of population it can be really dangerous if you look at iraq i mean . the wholesale exclusion of a section of the population led to catastrophic what happened in iraq lessons and all being well and you talk about the will of the people and let's talk specifically about syria for a moment there's sort of movements in some international news networks where
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experts are claiming that syria the syrian people do want an international intervention have you seen any proof of that. well there's different forms of international intervention i think there is there is a consensus that you know they don't want foreign troops in syria where you have disagreements now is whether whether the opposition should be armed or not or whether there should be safe passages in corridors and syria that's where the debate is i don't think i don't think anyone wants foreign troops on the ground it's mainly about arming the opposition and i think the the problem i see i understand the concerns of people have with arming the opposition because there isn't that kind of accountability you know you don't know what how those weapons will be used who will use them against who you who they'll use and you don't really know who these people are right particularly in syria no but the problem i feel
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with with not arming them is at the moment you have a government army that is not on the any arms embargo it is allowed to bring as much weapons as it wants and into the country and we've seen shipments of weapons coming in and you have an opposition that is you know if they are armed they are very lightly armed so what i fear is that those who are against arming the opposition kind of almost fueling the imbalance because the government can only if it wants to can only get stronger militarily and the opposition will only have a finite amount of weapons to fight with isn't the solution not then an international blanket international arms embargo for both sides i would think this would be a better option it's a less dangerous than the militarized further militarization of the revolution but unfortunately given the viewpoints of various parties and security council i don't think that will ever happen russia and china will not agree to an arms embargo on syria not just because they're allies but they are suppliers of arms to the syrian government so that what happened. this is my worry is that the disagreements on the
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security council you know they are emboldening the government to act in the way that it's acting and this is i think will only. fuel increasing desperation among the opposition movements in syria and now you're seeing you know car bombs and things i bet you want seeing before all right what's the future particularly for reporting in north africa in the middle east particularly with islam escaping power as a result of these uprisings it has improved i don't think the rise of islamic parties in those countries necessarily has a bearing on levels of press freedom it's only to tell because you know a lot of these countries because they're never been press freedoms it's this is a process that's going to take some time to build institutions to try to train journalists properly you know to to allow just journalism to function in the way that it should and it never has in those countries so it's difficult. where things will stand but i think i think it's it's harder than the right direction whether
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the little so that was a different matter but i think the important thing now is that people on this are acutely aware of their rights and how long they've been denied them and i think it will be much more difficult now that the genie is out of the bottle to put it i can't. thank you very much. steve.
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it's so good. just so. that i come out. well into the. science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered. mission creep couldn't take three. more charges. arrangement three. three. two three. three blown
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in video for your media project a free media dog r t v dot com. afghanistan's president tells our t.v. security in the country is under control despite incessant violence and the plans of key nato members to pull out early from a costly war. syrian under arrest parks three days of deadly clashes in neighboring lebanon was syria itself terror groups try to drive the opposition's point home with a series of suicide bombings. the latest installment of giuliana saunders show almost here this time it focuses on the innocent casualties of u.s. born terror including one man who managed to get released from guantanamo bay. up next we'll have the latest sports news stay with us here on our to.
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allow them to the latest poll this monday on another big day of football news and here are the headlines not my thoughts russia stick out the top blames russia of football chief for his decision to put off this summer's european championships plus an old change from what they have also futile and worry becomes the new sponsor at last i managed off a political thing by going to next season's champions league. and all me crushed. as the moscow side loses boss he pulls you in final by a single point in the last second the greek side cost. at the first a catholic out has blamed the russian football union for his decision to use. the summer of sixty four all that force says they were all house we're told on a deal that would have still raucous live until twenty forty all but of all corporate reports. the media packed the headquarters of the russian football union
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waiting for undercount to spill the beans on his shock departure and the dutchman certainly didn't pull any punches explaining he was bitterly disappointed to stand down after the euros and accused the russian football union of going back on their word by not offering him an extension to his contract before the european championships first. i'm very disappointed about the way it went ahead of him pros were signed of four years due to close to. conduct was article death in april those bars as to say yes or no and i respected that but the federation one still wanted to do a deal after the tournament and again they can do that by an experienced coach the nerves are not by a girl to prove themselves more levels however he will guide russia for the euros and in terms of his squad selection the media talking point was his decision not to include do not believe dino the russian has been an ever present for the national
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team over the last five years however the twenty seven year old didn't do enough to convince the dutchman to pick him because all respect for billy do you know. he didn't play well there didn't he didn't he didn't even play even most part was not always a regular going to have to choose between on the left side. between ourselves we can go green or the deal of no for me is quite simple one of the major surprises was brickell of monitors my love the twenty nine year old has been put on a russia shirt in eight years however advocates say is the sporting lisbon forwards excellent club form convinced him to pick him up see the four or five times you reckon are biased by sporting playing high level and he's playing the last couple of months of every game. despite they're just going to be a. player and a good player with the russian season just finishing the players will have
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a week off before the squad gets together to stop their preparations for the euros on the twenty first of may undercut believes but germany spain and benevolence of a main favorites this convince russia has potential to spring a surprise the dow think we can become a very. interesting outsider reconned played where we can play then we can beat everybody russia have a vastly experienced squad which is already been together for a number of years and advocate will be determined to wendy's rain on the high notes by trying to at least repeat the country success of the previous european championships four years ago when they got to the semifinals rich of importantly dancey in moscow. well meanwhile in the russian premier league despite leading spartak moscow to runners up spot and therefore champions league football manager valerie coppin will step down as planned and form a balance here boss emery taking charge with immediate effect the forty year old span has appointment was confirmed just after spot talk one to nail it in the
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moscow dog. and secure european top flight football well during the four years at emory guided the spanish team to third place in the league got three times in a row and he was also a player suss it out along with culkin do not move up stairs and take over as general director at sponsor distinct all the transfers while a change at the helm is also being concerned what if croatia coach subban village has signed a three year deal with the railway man who will only take over after the euros in july the forty three year old was in charge of croatia at the two thousand and eight sort of runs where his team famously beat england three two in a qualifier at wembley two hundred a place in the finals places outgoing manager jessica sarah to become force coach in four years. so spots like a lot more to face each other on the last day of the season with spotlight running out to no winners which as we said change second place behind sinitta and
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a spot in next season's champions league checks defendant matic suki noted in spots like first midway through the first half and doubled their lead five minutes before the break aiden mcgeady with the assist the post going. well finished second spot that also needed to scout to lose it twice former champions and the young men played into their hands as they squandered a one goal lead to go down three one in his yuki honda quit the visitors in front right before the interval but it was a routine off to the restart nelson the others came off the bench to need to grab the equaliser. and go for these out of the lease was first to the rebound to keep the home side to one lead with a nice to go. going to be then probably turn provider to set up the line at the moment the new one. when is really just denying to start champions league football next season. and this guy will be doing the right play by angie despite
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a two nil home defeat at the hands of champions an eight first that is on the volley did shannon's cross right after the break and then because of assisted and somewhat first is late go is this a petersburg side to their title defense on a high. while a last gasp goal by inform the miss him of it helped fourth placed on a draw one won it people on the who sized explosive exploit after ten minutes i quote on to that lead to the end but that salvaged the draw to do you can to injury time the balls the average fielder was first denied by the woodwork and then kept his calm to find the back of the cabin next. so this is how the top of the table finished as the needs were already champions for the second year running and joined in the champions league by spot talk while you were a fleet bases go to to sky and i'm out of course hitting allergy and russians help win us ruby. while over in england much of the city are the champions for the first time in forty four years on a thrilling final day they scored two stoppage time goals to win three to it and
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ten months to snatch the title for rivals manchester united on the goal difference well city were waiting to watch ninety minutes gone despite keeping on having captain joey barton sent off early in the second half but in the dying seconds to find them and inject the aguado great city and amazing victory grabbing the title for longer than i was of manchester united at sunderland possible they finished third of the three to win it west brom tottenham beat following two knelt and finished fourth dalton were relegated after drawing two two at stoke and joint moves and want to put in the championship next season but the day belonged to sixty . days to grab the. final like these. i'm very proud for my players because i think that they wanted that when. they walked out of for these they wanted to be. on the rise again. on to
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basketball now and there was heartbreak that says guy in istanbul as the moscow side missed out on a sudden title after losing the final by a single point to unpeel cause while the army men have led to much of the game three points up i mean they have us each night from the score twenty five thirteen in the middle of the second quarter and decide we're nineteen points clear in the third shots olympiacos to their way back and i wrote that lock to stop missed a golden chance to pinch the day someone else shift past us failed to score twice for a free throw line in the dying seconds and the young men along twenty one point lead pots with less than a second left on the clock they were hit by a sucker punch george contests is racing down the other end to sink the winning baskets to give the greek side a stunning sixty two points to sixty one victory tesco stuff for them but i can lanka said this team had only themselves to blame parties among cos were told to
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the tournament most valuable player. disappointed was. it played a great game in the first the fourth one of jordan overs when there was that very lax you know where we start saving ourselves a fourth quarter but there's no fourth quarter you know what we do remember one way and that's why we lose the game. if you were to find the one i don't think we have a problem with us today we'll probably would often say you know we're. in the first half everything was falling in our hands you know very great difference going back to the no offense. very second have which is what it's going to boils. down to formula one and pastore mall the motto clinched his maiden victory at the spanish grand prix although the win for his williams team was mauled by a fire in their carriage after the race nine people were hurt in the accident near the track one meeting hospital treatment for bones well the race itself saw maldonado start on pole but he was overtaken on the first lap by fernando alonso could started second but the venezuelan story. back into the lead after the second
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pitstop seven time former champion michael schumacher crashed that yet again after running into the back of bruno senna's car but maldonado hit top form at the bottle over a track beating alongside by just over three seconds to give williams their first victory since two thousand and four can be right in and took third the latest. and finally american after shot has won golds riches tournament's the players' championship after a two shot victory over scotland's martin lead at sawgrass gave himself a three shot cushion after rolling in this body part on the sixteenth and this even though he did the next the american was cool and collected at the last sinking a regulation path of victory and a prize of one point seven million dollars the winner also moves to sixth in the world rankings while the donald missed the chance to reclaim the number one spot for rory mcilroy after finishing outside the top four in six.
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and that's all sports news by from. technology innovation all the developments around russia we've done a few jerks harbored.
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