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tv   [untitled]    May 14, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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afghanistan's president tells me that security in the country is under control despite incessant violence and the plans of key nato members to pull out early the costly. syrian unrest bugs three days of deadly clashes in neighboring lebanon while in syria itself terror groups try to drive the opposition's point of the series of suicide bomb. on the latest installment of julian assange she shows almost here this time the focus is on the innocent casualties of america's war on terror including one man who managed to get out and play.
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at nine pm this is r.t. with me kevin now in this hour in our top story the latest outbreak of violence in afghanistan has claimed the lives of nine people in explosions rocked a market in the north of the country that attack comes ahead of the next transitional phase which will see control of three quarters of the country pass from nato hands to those of afghan security forces and all this is a lie and support for the war is hitting a new low as artie's test explained. afghanistan to over two thousand one nato led international military offensive in response to the september eleventh attacks in the u.s. largely backed by international partners more than a decade ago. now after tens of thousands of casualties and hundreds of billions of dollars later. this will not be quick nor easy so one thing that's not keeping pace is support over seventy percent of the population want our troops
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are the figure is rising in the u.s. sixty three percent last week want to see an end to the war and this is what it's come down to nations breaking ranks with nato by deciding to pull out troops earlier than planned france the fourth largest contributor of troops to the war saw a rise in added nato rhetoric in its presidential campaign season with most french in favor of early withdrawal will renegotiate the place of france in the integrated military command. expected from afghanistan and australia is the latest nation to make a surprise announcement raising the question of whether more will follow suit a potential sticking point at nato summit in chicago no not at all concerned should we stay or should we go that is a question several members of the alliance for france australia have been mulling over ten years into the war in afghanistan but for some of them the answer is already a foregone conclusion as it has become increasingly difficult to justify staying on
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board what some have already dubbed sinking ship. security in afghanistan is worse now than it was ten years ago when when the invasion began not to mention justifying cost of war to skeptical europeans who are already in over their heads with debt the afghan war after ten years is having a disaster effect on all the countries connected to it but the clearest way to bring not. the clearest way. to stop the war spilling over the borders into other countries is to end the occupation no the advice that should be given to all the major powers that. work in afghanistan is to get out as some appear to be rushing for the exit nation when the us may find themselves wondering who's going to be the last man standing as the water rises tesser cilia r.t. and despite the ongoing violence in afghanistan this president says he's got the
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country's security well under control hamid karzai is give an interview to us at which you can see in full just after seven thirty g.m.t. pm tonight. constantly in a strong did a good effort to do well with pakistan and with our other neighbors but at the same time with this it's the complicated relationship between the united states and islam about as world we call it after back for a reason is they do have an impact and afghanistan is affected by it both ways. from the from approx thirty perspective and from an american perspective but we have issues we don't see older nations with pakistan from an american perspective. we don't see or dilutions with iran from an american perspective we don't see the relations with russia with china from an american perspective afghanistan has been able in spite of all our needs if
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i could put it in short. in spite of all our dependence on the united states and nato we have developed independent foreign policy. let's talk more about this with lindsey german to stop the war coalition she joins us live now from london. hi there everybody thanks for taking the time we with this hamad karzai says he's got the security situation in afghanistan the control of but you know you look at the other way we hear these fresh and ongoing reports of violence all the time do you think this really is the case i think it is completely wrong for hamad karzai to claim that he has the situation under control he has to say that but everybody knows are a large part of the country which are not under his control and the left are rising the number of deaths of truth is also rising and the
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strategy of the west which is to train the police the afghan police and army to take over supposedly in twenty forty seems to me in tatters given that many of the deaths of british and american soldiers in recent months have been cause precisely by the police and members of the police and of the army so i think it is it is really whistling in the dark to pretend that this is the case and of course we'll have much more of this nato summit in chicago this weekend but nobody should be in any doubt that the war in afghanistan is not being won the government is not stable and the opposition the taliban and their allies are very very strong and you see the situation the security situation in the improving in two years' time when nato pulls out. not in the least i think this is a war which they are trying to manage public opinion in the west they say it is prout's human rights and democracy and all this kind of thing but actually what
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you're finding is in the united states and britain are more and more people opposed to what they are doing because i was recently had to do a deal with the barmah which talks about keeping american troops in bases for another ten years after the supposed. withdrawal date right up to twenty twenty four now this is an acknowledgement that they haven't been able to do a deal with the taliban it's also an acknowledgement exactly how dangerous the country is for the for the karzai government and therefore what you're talking about is years and years open ended occupation by the americans which it can't afford and i've selected or economic so who do you want to see keeping the peace and lindsey. well what i would like to happen is that the afghans are allowed for the first time in many many years to be able to decide their own future now that isn't going to really easy question but it cannot be the job of the americans or the british of the french or anybody else. to occupy the country and to continue to
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say that they have a role in it this simply shouldn't be the case in the twenty first century something which indeed is acknowledged by most governments even within nato and within the western alliance the french the newly elected french president francois hollande. campaigned on the places of withdrawing the troops by the end of this year withdrawing french troops by the end of this year the australians the canadians the germans have all made similar. announcements all are keen to do this kind of thing so this is a recognition really that this war is not being won lindsey graham would also love time afraid left as one quick question i wanted to ask you refer about that interview that hamid karzai gave you see confirm that international forces the americans in particular will be present in afghanistan after that official troop withdrawal of twenty fourteen for at least of the decade he said how different will be from nato as current mission begs a question i guess well i think this is
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a very big question you see the americans and the british and all the others have been saying yes of course we're going to go in twenty fourteen now they make these agreements i know the least the americans will be there for another ten years it seems to me this is still occupation this is still a war which they are not winning and they should really learn the lessons from previous wars particularly vietnam that this is going to be more and more unpopular more and more deadly and most importantly will not bring peace to the people of afghanistan or i lose you germany in london thanks ever so much for your thoughts much appreciated. this is r.t. still to come we have more on another state where nato has intervened as well the human rights group wants the alliance to be brought to justice it leaves a dozen civilians in libya with killed after the military campaign there of the load for you. coalition to greece drag on despite a total deadlock is e.u.
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establishment give voice to a future eurozone without the green zone board. target as well all the details twenty four seven if you know only a t.v. online dot com now after disheartening fairly yesterday the greek political parties are once again meeting for a new round of coalition talks in athens but the forecast is bleak but the second largest city faction refusing to even attend the meeting its leader alexis tsipras says the probe parties are perpetrating a crime that he wants no part in the crisis in greece is being viewed very differently by the rest of europe with more and more speculating now on its exit from the euro zone the e.u. is also said to be considering cutting bailout payments to greece as punishment for its bad behavior well from all the implications of possible greek euro exit let's talk of markets kirby has been very vocal about this professor of political economy at the berlin institute of technology dr kirby thanks be on the program the spoken to at length about this before very interesting developments now which i'm sure you
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want to comment on you fought long and hard didn't you to stop the second bailout for greece you even sued your government albeit unsuccessfully how do you feel now that greece is on what looks like to be the brink of euro x x and you upset your warnings were needed. well i think the governments who have been advocating the bailout the unconditional. euro savers they are now prisoners of their own misjudgments their errors of judgment turn out to be fatal because the crisis about the euro is on far more than just a currency it's about the future integration of europe and. what is almost astonishing is that some politicians even and mainly in germany continue to say that the future of greece is within the eurozone although factually the country is already opting out so we have come to a point where we can no longer solve the euro crisis by simply urging or pushing or requesting greece to opt out and to leave the eurozone because the problems are far
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beyond that we could have said this some two years ago when the the crisis was a very beginning but today it's too late because the countries are exposed to the risk to greece as a risk and for greece the greek government knows this or that even in a situation where the greek with cars wants to remain of the eurozone without the restructuring of the economy there will be have advantages in the economies which have landed so far lot of money to greece of course out of all the horror of this one positive looking at all beyond the economics of germany is the strongest your economy founded regional influence didn't has tremendously but the single currency wouldn't germany you risk losing that. i think there is a growing debate in germany and there is an infinite inflation of very serious proposals which have been made not simply to opt out and leave the eurozone but to weigh up the pros and cons of the euro for germany you shouldn't forget that
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germany has always had the problem of evaluating of the currency of the doj mark we have had more than twenty we will be asians since forty eight and germany has managed to remain a very competitive economy but today it's the gender is about how to dismantle the eurozone how to reform the european monkley order and i have presented the german public a proposal which is called more monetary. competition urging the current account surplus countries germany rather and. austria finland luxembourg not to opt out of the eurozone but to establish privately to the eurozone another currency apparel currency which of course the good and bad and you find all of these things in my book a more competition which is available in germany from now on so the discussion is no longer about greece the discussion is no longer about whether germany is
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profiting or benefiting less or more from the you from the eurozone the question is how we can. get the problem solved as quickly as possible without damaging the european integration process or i have made the proposal to get out of the dead and between those who want to abolish the euro and those who want to defend it hide the cost by understand so that in your mind that the discussion is no longer about greece or completely we are coming from of course if you live in greece is it different this different kettle of fish i mean the bailout payments are all that are kept alive so far the second tranche which you didn't want to see happen if they are cut now what's going to happen the greece is going to implode isn't it. anyway greece sooner or later will implode because it's because greece has no political class which is able and willing to run the country or to govern the country so greece is a is a country without state at least the state is not governed and a country where you don't have a government at least not something which is worth being called the government can
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no longer receive funds apart from that i would like to remind you of the fact that the the greek banking sector only lives on what we call in tech new terms. emergency liquidity sources that is to say the greek national bank gives money to lend some money liquidity to the greek banks in order to hand out the money to the consumers and the corporations because most of the greek banks are under the cap of last and kono can not go any longer if any at any time in any case of the us system and the e.c.b. board will with a two thirds majority no longer authorize the greek national bank to hand out emergency liquidity assistance because this will finally have repercussions on the risk for all taxpayers of the e.u. system that the country will actually implode and then the the show is really over and we have a run because there will be no bank on the markets kerner
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a grim picture you paint professor of political economy at the berlin institute of technology thank you for your thoughts. you foreign ministers a slap new economic sanctions on the syrian regime for the fifteenth time since the uprising there began and they're urging damascus to implement a un backed peace plan which is so far failed to provide a stability meantime violence in syria has been spilling across the border to lebanon now to its artie's policy. the clashes broke out between those who support the syrian presidency of bashar assad and those who are opposed to it it comes in the light of observers in this region expressing concern for quite some time now that the violence and instability in syria will spill over into the rest of the region lebannon is a close neighbor and it shares political and sectarian ties as well as rivalries with syria now out of concern that the violence would spread further into lebanon the lebanese army has deployed three more units the violence started on saturday
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when an islamist by the name of malawi was a wristed he was accused of having links with terrorist organizations but his wrist did cause his numbers to go to the streets of the city of tripoli they close the entrances to the north and the south they also staged a sit in and they held up the syrian a flag of independence for some time now damascus has been warning that arms as well as fighters are being smuggled into lebanon and being used to assist the rebels in syria fight and take on the syrian regime of bashar assad just on thursday we saw the deadliest string of suicide bombings with some fifty five people killed in this syria and what we're hearing from the syrian regime is that it is being targeted by a terrorist alliance of al qaida and other elements that are backed by regional powers but as my colleague sara firth reports there's also a growing sense that
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a third player is involved let's take a look. it was a little known terror group at the l. ners for a front that claimed responsibility for last week's massive bombing in syria the blast carried out in a busy residential area designed to cause maximum damage damascus which the solong had been through and they sheltered from the conflict throughout the rest of the country as in recent months found. the target of an increased bombing campaign this latest explosion considered the largest one you can just see the devastation that is caused. at the scene angry crowds at a quite them as terrorist acts shouting blame at saudi arabia and qatar is playing that many analysts saying these countries actions are undermining the peace process if you. stopped supporting of united states of america.
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supporting. everything will be finished within two months but if they want to continue supporting them they want to be in the region treading amongst the rubble as people show us the ruins. and what is one of damascus is poorest neighborhoods there's a real sense of a revolution spinning out of control was there is uprising began as a peaceful pro-democracy movement that is splintered into a confusing mix of various groups political a non political. and the continued instability here left the country wide open to attacks like this taking place. it's a problem it's invaluable for the syrians that their policy a very she provided the chance for everyone to in the world
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to interfere and this you know. either by providing arms or providing funds providing fighters and soldiers and troops as people are left to bury their dead and with the hospitals full syrian people are once again trying to rebuild their homes and their lives and the focus has once again turned the on going peace which is looking more and more by the day a wall is now in place around the blast site a stark reminder that terror has served only as yet another barrier to peace here sara for. an expose of the cruel reality of life inside guantanamo bay on choose day we're bringing in the latest installment of julian assange and his new show on this channel featuring a former inmate from the controversial prison a london correspondent laura smith has more on that interview know what it reveals on the workings of the war on terror. it's the fifth episode of the world tomorrow
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and. speak to people who have had firsthand experience of the effects of the war on terror one of them is who is used to be a corporate lawyer but now campaigns for detainees of the war on terror through an organization called kate prisoners the second interviewee here is a man called begg he himself spent is in guantanamo bay before being released without charge during his detention actually signed a confession which said that he had been prepared to fight alongside al qaida he provided assistance to al qaida members knowing that they could commit terrorist attacks against the u.s. during the program he talks about how he came to sign that confession let's hear him. walk me to the point where i would sign something like this was being tied up with. my legs with a hood placed over my head being punched kicked listing to the sound of
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a woman screaming next all i'm told is led to believe is my wife my children's pictures being waved in front of me and being asked by these interrogators when do you think you're going to see them again what you think happened the night that we took you from the back during the show goes into great detail about the horrors of his detention in guantanamo bay the immense sense of injustice that he felt during his detention he was ultimately released without charge in two thousand and five he then when he got home to britain he sued the british government for complicity in his ordeal and he reached an out of court financial settlement with the government since then though he and i. have been actively trying to end this practice of detention without trial seem caressa during the program talks about what drives him to carry on with his fight scene guantanamo. charge in the u.k. tradition and all of these things common in time you will actually be abused. and
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for very specific purposes and all of them i mean convince me that i used to be involved something was working against these things policy isn't age prisoners it is this important voice for muslims assume power and they also talk about the future so both have their own visions about what's happened in the middle east and what the u.s. is achieved in its war on terror they say that they don't think that al qaida was ever powerful or as organized or the nature of the organization that it's been made out to be by western powers but they say terror is very much still thriving today that the united states didn't just attack or something like in the interest of trip they went after nations and they killed tens of thousands of people in the process so bin laden may have come and gone it's irrelevant because those symptoms that bin laden was addressing are still there that's just a little bit of the program you can see the whole thing which is being broadcast for the first time on r.t. tomorrow cheese day at eleven thirty g.m.t.
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don't miss it. as nato member states get ready for this summit in chicago later this week a report surfaced blaming the alliance for dozens of civilian killings during its military campaign in libya new york post human rights watch has called for a thorough investigation while for its part nato denies the accusations. from human rights watch says the alliance is trying to hide from its responsibility. well my colleagues went to eight sites and louis they knew the civilian deaths had. people died and there were no signs of any military presence so of course lots of questions asked to nato we found at least seventy two civilians have died without any connection to any military activity on the ground so we are asking nato to investigate the laws of nature sent us to the states the states and us back to
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nato so we have kind of trapped in a bureaucratic thing machinery there and they to really is obliged they need to investigate the killings they have to ask the transitional government in libya to get some people on the ground to do this that it can't be that difficult. time for spring without. me is there any other red red red. you got for us you got here right kevin it is exactly that we're going down where the red is just losses across the board pretty much we'll have a look at the u.s. markets and see that they're still posting rather disappointing figures today and they're very much following on from what happened in europe today there's also domestic news with j.p. morgan as well the fact that they have a two billion dollar trading loss such such a concern because it means regulations will once again the may be monitored and
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have to be perhaps altered so this doesn't happen again there's also been a lot of people being dismissed already this talk of the c.e.o. saying this was done with all the employees in london they could potentially be losing their jobs of this loss of the story to be followed as you can see the dow jones point six percent down and so is the nasdaq let's have a look at europe because that's where all started today and it is greece they are the main as far as all the concerns are today and the concern is very much the people are saying if they exit the euro zone they're saying when and it's all pretty much the thought that if greece do it is portugal spain italy ireland what happens is they follow suit that's a concern for investors today as you can see there but with but still they finished up nearly two percent down as did the dax moving over see how the euro dollar perform as i say low to sense but it's going on in europe today we also have the
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spanish italian bonds already rose having said that german bonds they were out of all time low and that's because investors are really heading for those safe havens talking about germany they. are the new french president francois meeting tomorrow i'd love. we're liable for that one we've got to close in vegas with a variable up on the screen at last against the euro dollar and the u.s. dollar. this may fall let's have a look at the oil prices and see that there are five month lows that might be a relief for some global leaders in the u.s. and europe for example but as far as the russian markets are concerned they're not very happy about that because that has a knock on effect on the stocks hailed the bourses as well as other russian markets are also taking a hit from the fact that risk aversion is being held from all those concerned in the euro zone we've got the r.t.s. . three point six percent down three point five percent down from the my senses
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have a look and see who really lost out today now we have got seven the continent is a food retailer here in russia there are a disappointing day considering they were posting gains earlier on that was because they decided not to give out dividends to their shareholders we've got over a percent down. to reveal the father they're going to merge with another company here in russia five point eight percent down are also about to dive in company the biggest producer of diamonds despite posting a fifty three percent net profit for the first quarter they finished up six percent down in the dumps and that. is a depressing job today i must say it's. the next hour of watch our next program yes what are the. kind hospitality you know across russia in a couple of minutes time we spent half an hour in the company of the. headlines
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from moscow. the. flying machine would be.


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