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tv   [untitled]    May 14, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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welcome back to our monday politics panel joining me now are neil munro white house correspondent of the daily caller and sam sax progressive writer and strategist let's get back to it now out of the presidential election president obama's reelection team is out with a new ad hammering mitt romney take a look. playing capitol walked away with a lot of money that they made off of this plan because they took all look the money we view mitt romney as a job destroyer to your opponent. and brag about making jobs when he has destroyed. thousands of people's careers. just destroying people. when it is a business model and when it is deliberate and when it is of thought out strategy and how to take the value out of a company in a reckless way and hurt others and you then become a proponent of that strategy and talk about it as if it's the soul of capitalism
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and literally of the soul of america i think nothing could be more offensive. so is mitt romney's corporate raider background going to hurt him in this election. and should say you know i think mitt romney wants to take these attacks and he kind of did this during the republican race but this is an attack on the free market well it's not an attack on the free market there's all sorts of different types of capitalism just so happens mitt romney subscribes to a form of in this words been thrown around but it's true vulture capitalism where he doesn't care about the greater economic security of most americans he cares about maximizing profits for shareholders of companies which means laying off workers well he's even it's even more than that i mean this is what what he what he did with bain was made possible by a rule change during the reagan administration he used to be that if you bought a company with borrowed money and then you said oh and by the way you company you know all of that money that's your debt my debt that used to be criminal. bain
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turned it into a business model yes being turned into a business model and if he's job was to create money for his investors he succeeded well and if and in the process he also created a lot of jobs so for this example of the closed down steel mill he has another steel mill that applies up to six thousand people and he's already running ads in his own rolling. mill he was in was the eighth of eight partners where a minority partner and they did not run that he actually ran this company that they stripped him of any this year but this this company they argue he was out fixing the olympics while this company was suffering through the worst of its competition with china yes life is complex so our factories his story is as good as president obama's and in fact in his ad today he used the same picture that he use that obama used in his ad of him sitting at his desk with a picture of boston in the background he seems to be confident that his message of job creation will work better as well as president obama there is no record of the
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original record of job creation here when he first started campaigning he said he created a hundred thousand jobs that's down to thousands of jobs it'll probably be down to dozens of jobs in the next few months he's forty seventh out of fiftieth in job creation in massachusetts and the guys record doesn't it doesn't qualify him to be president based on based on how he's touting his record i don't know where even if even if all that stuff was true he's still far better than president obama who has created far more jobs and jobs the number of people have left the workforce during president's term since two thousand and seven he's basically nine almost ten million just seven was two years before now you're going to. have left the job we have left four hundred thirty three thousand more people in it right now than it did in october yes the population is growing much faster more people have left the job market than have gotten jobs are going to mars are aging they're historic five in there are you going to work for that is only part and so and it's all democrats . demographic giant it's of rather going through the pipes are hardly true but many
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of the baby boomers would like to keep on working because their wages have been their wealth was destroyed oh reaganomics destroyed or not or generation after the clinton bush property bubble wiped out so much of their savings and within the first nine months of president obama's administration we're losing hundreds of thousands of jobs as a result of the bubble bust standard and these team you know he's he's made up every single private sector job that's been lost in this direction but he's lost a few public sector jobs from republicans cutting the size of government which is something you even if you made it possible even if you made up every job the population is growing faster than the number of jobs so we have more people as a percentage unemployed now than when he started really so terrible i'm not sure that we already know that thirty years or reaganomics is just devastated this country not at all turn to years of government interference after all the property bubble was crude was gone clinton inflated rapidly by bush has proved to be a colossal disaster of the chattering class who cheered on government experience in
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the house and the state we're now living through that particular. regulation you know that we're going to tell you it was created by government regulation and all talking heads should be gently hitting their heads on every corner in town because washington helped create that bubble only other people are living with the disaster . well there is there are several laws of greenwich bliley every a lot of laws that used to regulate these derivatives markets where this problem originated from how they were all taken out of housing bubble it is true. the great disaster was caused by the housing bubble taking down wall street wall street's importance was inflated by some of these bills you talk about graham reach. principle of government by alan greenspan that is also over the weekend more than two hundred thousand jobless americans were cut from crucial unemployment benefits . california florida illinois bunch of other states that hit the formula and in the last budget reconciliation deal with. the republicans the democrats came up with
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the republicans said they didn't want an employee benefits to continue out ninety nine weeks they only wanted to be seventy actually they wanted to be fifty three weeks the compromise was seventy nine weeks so thanks to this new republican law four hundred thousand americans are about to lose their unemployment two hundred thousand did last weekend meanwhile c.e.o. of j.p. morgan chase jamie diamond said something interesting this weekend on the value of the democratic party leaders of the of. your democrat still i would call myself a barely democrat this point doesn't mean i don't have their values i want jobs i want a more equal society i don't mind paying higher taxes i don't mind lifting up or you know i do think we're brother's keeper so diamond says he has values in line with the democratic party create jobs more equitable society pay taxes believe in the world our brother's keeper when did the republican party lose those values republican party never lost those values they just do know when why you should pour taxes into a gigantic utterly inefficient government republicans are surprisingly they are not
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libertarians it's a lot of social conservatives who believe in supporting transfer payments and taxes republicans however simply do not want to keep funding a gigantic progressive state such as the health care takeover would do and they have a right to argue it because they think the money is being wasted it's slowing growth and if i may prove this case that i can prove it but for example it is progressive policies that slash the median wealth of african-american families by sixty percent over the last fifteen years because of this housing bubble these are progressive policies that make if you cut those off just before the bush crash those numbers would be yes. if you cut them just at the right point you'll be ok but the policies that clinton started and bush want is the same things bad this was this was the reaganomics credit the value of a more equitable society we now have wealth inequality it's highest levels since before the great depression and i'm i mean i haven't heard one thing. conservatives
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would do to solve the problem of wealth inequality that in fact i've heard of in braces but it's actually a good thing it's the republicans who want to do far more than democrats they wish to promote things such as competitive education marriage child rearing within families laws minimal government government more capitalism so that companies compete against each other for prices those tools have far more effective then millions of clever people in washington decide what's best for us. well throughout american history one hundred twenty one and one hundred twenty nine zero nine hundred twenty one to twenty nine was a massive bubble and it burst and when it burst it was it was it was the result of deregulation drop the tax rate nine hundred twenty one and he deregulated business and. government and was this went on a bender and the state didn't and the nation didn't recover for twenty years to massive government spending part because president roosevelt tried to regulate the economy too much i can cite examples if you go further back it is so lack of
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regulation and we didn't recover until massive government spending no economy the economy didn't recover until massive government spending overwhelmed massive this event caused by massive government regulation this economy grew it is true we should be spending more at this because we don't have the money and we have no wish to go to hang over there are just like no nation in the world if we don't have every one of us over fifty thousand dollars to the future including our children that's just bonkers but how do we how do we generate more revenue in our economy perhaps we try something different other than having the government tell us how to do it is clearly this just decades centuries of experience clever people cannot run from washington has never been a time of prosperity in this country that is the result of no government and no you know straw man very what happens is you get the rash and so republicans know conservatives only only. libertarians believe in minimal government publicans
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conservatives are really quite when they favor a government roughly speaking eighteen percent of the economy not only the libertarians want minimal government and so if you've got to you've got to go to court for your last question it looks like bush cheney rumsfeld their legal team are officially war criminals on saturday a war tribunals in malaysia convicted bush and key officials and it is the ministration of war crimes and order reparations be given to the torture victims after hearing the testimony of victims who were tortured of the hands of u.s. soldiers and contractors in afghanistan and iraq the tribunal found that the united states violated international law and the principles of the nuremberg charter the malaysian tribunals plans to submit their findings and records to the hearing of the hearing to the chief prosecutor at the international criminal court and the un security council so the question is this is this conviction matter. of conviction by a bunch of political activists operating out of malaysia i well outside our rules of civil our rules of society and law shouldn't matter
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a rat shouldn't matter at all but the amusing part of this is will they apply the same rules to the democrats such as president obama when he moves out of office once they do that democrats are going to take this seriously except that he didn't start two wars. i mean it should matter likely nothing will come out of it but i think it is telling that bush really hasn't left the country since he left office i think he's afraid of going. someplace or is not protected from war crimes really those same sex thanks for both of you being released and i thank you. crazy alert no deaths allowed the village of faults no. go italy as a big problem it seems there's no space left in the village to build a cemetery so in a small village where space is hard to come by how do you solve such a pressing problem you've been. people from dying of course that's right mare julio
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shows are. issued a decree making it illegal for residents to die in the village his rationale behind the less the conventional idea was that it would force authorities to build a new cemetery for the village the elderly in the village are all in favor of the death defying to create mostly because they don't want to be buried in neighboring towns which has already been happening it's unclear whether or not authorities have taken notice of the villages cemetery woes and just how long marriage anti death policy will last rumor has it the mare has also created a committee to look into ways to avoid death including finding the fountain of youth in developing human superpowers. wealthy british style.
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so sometimes you know what you know and sometimes you know what you don't know and sometimes as the fire trying theory says everything you know is wrong. with you or your right. to make. sure. you go it is. the cover of last week's time magazine caused quite
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a stir across the country and around the world it featured twenty six year old jamie lynn grumet breastfeeding her three year old son he says heating up the debate on women breast feeding in public the cover and article sparked a new debate over what's called attachment parenting a salad parenting that promotes closeness and emotional availability with the child for the last week websites and message boards of lit up comments from parents who either endorse the technique or find it downright silly but if you think that attachment parenting is only about a mother breastfeeding your child as the cultural norm and everything you know about attachment parenting is wrong joining me now is dr jim sears board certified pediatrician and co-host of the t.v. show the doctors dr sears welcome john how do you do and i'm great thank you for thank you for joining us what is attachment parenting one of the parenting techniques. you know this is a you know it's a parenting technique and it's the way i was raised it's helped with the way i raised my kids and so it's the way a lot of parents raise their kids nowadays you know but you know twenty thirty
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years ago when this first started being a were people talked about it was you know considered really horrendous but now it's you know it's much more mainstream and in my practice many many parents. to simply some of the aspects of attachment parenting and it's generally it's you know listening to your baby instead of looking at the schedule it's you know trying to read your baby used to use respond when they're crying you pick them up breastfeeding instead instead of formula as much as possible and then sleeping close to your baby it's essentially forming a much greater attachment and having a much for greater bond with your kids with your babies and we found that. kids when they grow up in that kind of parenting situation they tend to just be healthier physically medically and mentally also we've seen those kids they just tend to be more well adjusted when they're older this is the exact opposite of b.f.
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skinner. crazy notion where he actually raised his daughter in a box. and said the parents should not interact with a but isn't it pretty much i mean the worldwide average the mean for the number of years that parents breastfeed their children is three and a half years and and in some countries forty or so that's it's apparently not that abnormal and it soon is like what you're describing is the way aboriginal people interact with their children indigenous people interact with their children probably the way humans interact with their children for the hundred sixty five thousand years we've been running around this planet why isn't controversy over exactly right time and i think you know a great way to define a pick attachment parenting is if you were somewhere isolated whether it's a desert. i landed in the middle of the jungle or desert somewhere and you didn't have grandparents and mother in law is telling you how to raise your kids you would probably do things by your instinct you know if your baby was crying that you would
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pick them up if they seem hungry you would breast feed them and and you know you would probably sleep very close to them if nothing else for just for safety but you know in this country we kind of gotten away from that and. and and we've seeing you know i think as a pediatrician a medically because american babies are press for nearly as long as the babies in the rest of the world i think that's one of the reasons why so many kids are growing into a lot of those chronic diseases higher. rates of asthma allergies g.i. problems i just have problems things like that because they're not getting that breast milk as long as it would be extraordinary if this could solve all those problems and then hopefully it can dr bill sears i'm sorry we're out of time but thank you for joining us through that thanks tom now everything you know about attachment parenting is right.
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just. yet but it's the good the bad of the very very sudden to go alania slowly oddly the good saudi arabia despite being the world's largest oil producer saudi arabia is making a huge strides in developing renewable energy country just revealed a plan to source forty one thousand megawatts million watts of solar projects over the next twenty years which create would create a domestic solar industry able to support one third of total electricity production by two thousand and thirty two saudi arabian oil minister said that quote societal expectations on climate change are real in our industry is expected to take a leadership role and maybe one day america's big oil executives will start to feel the same way. maybe the bad representative james lankford
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representative langford l g b t workers should not be protected from workplace discrimination because homosexuality is a choice and something that can be changed but marcus bachmann apparently langford is unaware that the american medical association the american psychological association and countless other accredited groups concluded that being gay is not a choice members of the community have just as much of a right to a respectful workplace as anyone else and representative langford needs to realize that and the very very ugly john derbyshire derby shire is the former national review contributor who was fired last month for publishing a racist article well he didn't learn his lesson in a column for a white nationalist website derbyshire phrase white supremacy and its contributions to the world he said were it's a promo see innocence of a society which key decisions are made by white europeans as one of a better arrangement history has come up with. i don't even want to continue with
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john derbyshire very very strong support for. what our founding fathers revolted against the king of england more than two centuries ago for the first time in two thousand years laws were written and passed by a process called democracy no longer did absolute monarchs alone hold the power to write laws or wealthy nobles or theocrats or warlords instead of we the people through our vote elected lawmakers who then represented our interests in writing and voting on legislation it was a fundamental power shift around the planet from the rich to the working people unfortunately as we know today democracy did not persist. with the rise of lobbying
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and the supreme court's obliteration of campaign finance laws with this is united ruling the process of writing laws is no longer democratic it's been privatized lobbying is now a six billion dollar a year industry corporations hiring politically savvy insiders many of whom are former hill staffers and members of congress themselves to write laws and then hand those laws off to current law makers to pass in exchange for campaign contributions this happens inside the washington beltway and outside as well as state capitals all around the country as corporate think tanks like alec gather mostly republican state lawmakers and corporate executives from all around the country to write legislation to be passed in state legislatures to everything from shoot first laws can tie collective bargaining laws to anti e.p.a. laws they all have alex fingerprints on them and are actually being written by corporations like wal-mart koch industries and the lobbyists working for them not
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the written by you or me the voter or by our elected representatives a recent study out of california show that the majority sixty percent of all the laws passed in that state were written by lobbyists so low writing has gone from being democratic to being a private enterprise and now it's getting worse going from privatized to monopolized the new york times is out with a new story today p.p. a london based corporation that's buying up most of the big lobbying shops here in washington d.c. the times refers to the company as quote a consolidating force in the influence peddling industry. p.-p. is a seventy two billion dollar foreign corporation running more than one hundred fifty public relations advertising and lobbying companies employing nearly one hundred sixty thousand people and k. street is getting devoured by w p p as more and more lobbying boteach join up with this massive one stop shop of influence as the times writes p.p.
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has become in effect a special special interest mega firm with offerings for conservatives and liberals environmentalist and polluters gun lovers and gun haters tea party diehards and public sector unions old guard media and their high tech competitors the entire gamut from left to right top to bottom so if you're a texas energy baron and you want to blow up e.p.a. regulations on toxic coal ash and reach out to d.p.p. where you'll have first access to the public relations team to promote your corporation and give it a good name in the community second access to their advertising team to run smears against the e.p.a. and job killing regulations and third access to a lobbyist to whip up support for your e.p.a. agenda on capitol hill and even write the law for you mitt romney's bain capital did just that in two thousand and eleven giving w p p three hundred twenty thousand dollars to monitor tax reform development and here's what's most troubling p.p. runs operations in one hundred seven different nations including the united states
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it's like an unofficial branch of government that knows no national boundaries this is a libertarians wet dream a one world corporate government that answers only to profits instead of principles and it shows that those of us who want to restore a true democracy represented by we the people and not corporations still have a lot of work left to do. throughout history democratic governments have always been a society's best defense against massive wealth and corporate power but now that democracy is being privatized and monopolized it's increasingly going to the highest bidder well done you p.-p. can run these operations in numerous countries the us is particularly vulnerable because our supreme court hatch this bizarre idea century ago that money isn't property like common sense would tell us it's actually a form of speech which the first amendment says can be regulated because of the supreme court created doctrine which no president and no congress has ever
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advocated in fact many of pushback against it because of this w p p in other big corporations can essentially by the laws they want this is not democracy in action it's the death of democracy at the hand of big corporations like bain financial and j.p. morgan chase we need our lawmakers to ban the practice of corporations writing laws giving those laws to legislators along with big campaign checks and running massive advertising and p.r. campaigns to ensure public acceptance of those laws should be illegal but for now it's illegal for our legislators to enact such a ban because the supreme court says they be trampling the free speech rights the use of money of the corporations that the supreme court recognizes as people you know it's time to put an end to the subversion of democracy in america by a british corporation but before that can be done we need to stop the supreme court from pushing their bizarre doctrine that corporations are people and money is
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speech for that go to move to amend to work and join the movement to amend the constitution to end this corruption of democracy by our supreme court. that's it for the big picture tonight for more information on the stories we covered visit our website to tom arba dot com free speech dot org in our two dot com you can also check out our two you tube channels there are links to tom hartman dot com also tom hartman dot com check out all the different ways you can send us your feedback and don't forget democracy begins when you show we'll get out there and get active tag you're it occupies a suitable. download
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