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tv   [untitled]    May 15, 2012 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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well with the. technology innovation all these developments from around russia we've got the future covered. the top stories from our team from says newly inaugurated president. crisis talks with chancellor angela merkel only a few hours after being sworn in he's our latest pictures to go through tonight of the two leaders together in the german capital. backlash activists and human rights groups spent their anger at the u.s. for resuming arms sales to the bahraini regime despite its continued crackdown on dissent the gulf state hosts america's middle east naval fleet and is a key ally. clashes between israeli police and arab protesters during rallies by palestinians marking the anniversary of that or catastrophe day. let's go back to our studios in washington d.c. for the second part of tonight's alone a show i'll see again in half. hi
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guys it's time for you said it i read it right take time to respond to our brilliant and engaging viewer comments from facebook twitter and you too because we've got some to say i listen now on friday's show we spoke about a new prison facility in georgia that was devoted to veterans and j.k. sonny said on you tube if that ten to fifteen percent stat is accurate this doesn't seem to warrant extra expense i'm all for providing veterans with post service assistance but in my opinion there needs to these need to be addressed before the people leave the service not after their civilians now the ten to fifteen percent to ten stick was one that the sheriff gave us of what percentage of their inmates were veterans but this was an interesting story it actually got a lot of you guys talking some of our comments came from veterans themselves and what this really shows us is a two pronged problem we have to ask ourselves why we don't do a better job of helping our veterans once they return how we're failing so many
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people that they're committing suicide in record numbers at ning up in jail why they have to wait to have treatment programs until the behind bars but it's also a reflection of our entire prison system the largest known incarceration system in the world the entire thing needs to focus on rehabilitation and lowering recidivism rates for the whole prison population are also one of the next one last week we had a glimmer of hope out of illinois when in chicago officials announced that during the nato summit they would not be enforcing an old eavesdropping law they keep people from filming cops and bamboo for teams to geary's or even as that upset on you do good news that is so rare these days and yeah i know it is a bit of a rarity but we've feel like it's important to have our glimmer of hope to highlight some of the wins for the fight for transparency for your civil liberties least going to comes to getting them back because these days unfortunately we're usually on the losing side and in response to my fireside friday about
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a boom rocket put on youtube. halo i love that necklace where did you get it thank you for keeping them honest we are committing an act of war on those people and it's shameful once again thank you nicole well hey nicole thanks for the compliments and the comments on the actual topic of civilian deaths and you haven't but since you asked that necklace that i was wearing on friday that i want to macy's all right that's my ranting so i really back with more as usual later in that week. now if the biggest internet company and the biggest surveillance agency work together do you think that we the public have a right to know well so far the courts do not on friday a federal appeals court upheld the n.s.a.'s decision to withhold documents confirming or denying any relationship that it has with google and the saga all started after a cyber attack on google in january of two thousand and ten and which g. mail accounts of human rights activists in china were targeted and at that point the washington post the wall street journal they reported the google had admitted
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that it turned us off already to help build up their defenses there was even an op ed in the post at that time from former n.s.a. chief mike mcconnell and he said that a collaboration between google and n.s.a. was quote inevitable so all of that led to electronic privacy information center to file a formal request which the n.s.a. tried to shut down by handing them a global our response now a global our response well it's based on a historic case but basically what it is it's the refusal to either confirm or deny the existence of the records of the four requests to seek it as you can imagine this thing is a favorite amongst government agencies so what happened next was epic responded by filing a lawsuit using the reports in the post to say that the existence of this partnership had already been confirmed but the court didn't buy it and on friday the appeal by epic was also shut down of the court even said that the n.s.a. could simply not respond to this request because even a rejection could reveal certain details of the n.s.a. claims are national security secrets this was what was written in the ruling so
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that if the n.s.a. disclosed whether there are or are not records of a partnership or communications between google and i say regarding google security that disclosure might reveal whether n.s.a. investigated the threat d.m. the threat of concern to the security of u.s. government information systems or took any measures in response to the threat as any information pertaining to the relationship. between google and at say would reveal protected information about n.s.a.'s implementation of its information assurance mission like i said this has turned into quite a saga but it's worth seeing how the process works to understand the many ways in which government agencies fight transparency buying voting invoking national security and how the courts respond so now they are enlightened on why are being kept in the dark let's get into why this matters join me to discuss a treasure ten activists at the elektra monica frontier foundation trevor thanks for joining us tonight and. basically what i want to do is i think that some people
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out there are going to play devil's advocate would say that who cares if google has a security problem why wouldn't they turn to the n.s.a. and have them help them fix it they're the biggest internet company in the world but why should we know about this well i think it goes back to the history of the n.s.a. the last decade and how they've actually been working way more extensively with telecommunications providers internet service providers than we ever knew i mean the most famous example is the n.s.a.'s warrantless wiretapping program which was running for years before we found out about it in two thousand and five where the n.s.a. was basically siphoning off huge masses of american e-mails and telephone records and at the time the telecom com companies denied even involvement but eventually they started to admit it and this all culminated with the passage of a huge immunity bill in congress in two thousand and eight which allowed these companies to you know escape prosecution or lawsuits because they were handing over this information to the n.s.a. so google is the next step in this and obviously there's no evidence that they're
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doing anything malicious but we should at least be able to know their the extent of their relationship with the n.s.a. to make sure that our handing anything over an appropriately like has been going on for so many years and so in that sense what do you think of the way that the courts react and this happens very often this is definitely not the only case where they hear national security and they say ok. exactly unfortunately the courts have been a little too deferential to the national security claim that the government makes pretty much and all these cases these days same thing goes with our n.s.a. suit with the warrantless wiretapping program they use the state secrets privilege in that suit claiming that they can't even if the allegations are true that they don't have to fight them in court because it's a state secrets national security actually the a.c.l.u. just complained about the well my response to another case about drones in the end in the new york times the other day saying that essentially what we were what you were saying in the opening that this is been reported by major news outlets it's
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common knowledge everybody admits it but in court for some reason we're not allowed to talk about it so it is a global response it's become kind of this shield that the government uses to prevent any sort of release of information that could potentially put pertain to national security and it's really caused secrecy to explode and i think it's not just google and then i say right at the moment we see a lot of cyber security bills that are working their way through congress and i've spoken about this the some of the ones working their way through the senate but there's a kind of give you an idea that let's say if it's the passes then we're not going to have a whole lot of transparency a lot of accountability when it comes to just how much information private companies are going to be sharing with government agencies. yes this was tough on in two directions because first it gives pretty much full immunity to companies to hand over so much information as it wants as long as it can claim cyber security purposes and even that even if it's you know on the fence munity so broad that would be almost impossible for users to prove anything in court and the same goes
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for the other side of the government the bills authors claim that oh well you can sue the government we get that cause of action in the bill but again they can just raise national security like they have in all these other cases to essentially stamp down suits and you know we've been suing the n.s.a. for six years now in the case isn't even close to over so you can imagine if individual users tried to sue the government over misuse of their cybersecurity information it's just an endless rabbit hole and then what about what we're hearing now which is that the pentagon had a pilot program that they have just recently decided it's going to be permanent where it was private defense companies were sharing information with the government and the white house said go ahead and make it permanent which is interesting because the white house has come out against this because they're supposedly concerned about privacy concerns and so it becomes a whole tangled mess but it pretty much sounds like maybe you can you know going to argue for the audience here like we don't even need any of these bills to be passed because they're doing it anyway. yeah it's exactly what they're doing this program
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was expanded to over a thousand companies it was just announced the other day and they involve defense contractors but they also apparently involve internet service providers and at least in this program the information is only going one way so the government giving them classified information and we don't have necessarily a problem with that but it does raise the question of why this bill is needed in the first place there's actually another program going on within the f.b.i. that was reported by forbes about a month ago i think actually we talked about it on the show before where actually companies are handing information to a nonprofit who is then handing it to the government now in this situation where the privacy concerns really come out because it's the company handing over personal information and in the nonprofits case they actually anonymize the data and take out names and addresses before handing it over to the government for more privacy protections than are allowed under suspicious but just destroys that so the government can get basically the contents of your identity everything when it's
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handed over to the company so it's really a question of both ways why this bill is even needed if they're doing it already oh that's just lovely but i wonder if you know everything that we're hearing when it comes to drumming up the cyber war threat out there is actually working i mean just throw a quick study out there. and this comes from unisys they did a phone survey they asked americans how important it was for a candidate to emphasize certain issues and the upcoming election seventy four percent said protecting government computer systems against hackers and criminals seventy three protecting our electric power grid only sixty eight percent said homeland security issues like terrorism what do you think of that. well yeah but this is been a campaign going on in congress for a couple months now they actually just had a hearing on the national security homeland security committee where they had five as experts come up and use the scariest language possible to describe cyber armageddon cyber pearl harbor and this is the next. big threat to american national
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security or anybody's personal information unfortunately they don't really have a lot of evidence to back this up there was a story in the new york times a couple weeks ago talking about the cyber crime wave that wasn't a foreign policy is published similar articles explaining that this is being way overblown and the funny thing is even if cybersecurity is a problem which obviously we've seen you know or at least that's been alleged that chinese hackers have gotten into a lot of fortune five hundred companies this whole information sharing business that they have going on with this budget shows that they don't really aren't even attacking the problem they're just trying to lower our privacy laws so information can go back quicker but it does nothing to really strengthen the networks of the government or these companies so it's really a wonder for a lot of reasons why this bill is needed and why they're going to direction that they are apparently some out there other influencing public opinion with it trevor
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thanks so much for joining us tonight thanks a lot. well coming up next one columnist says the democrats are shredding the n.y.p.d. with reputations ready to challenge that statement and i will final word as i don't have the hours you might get in trouble for texting while walking and director george lucas is causing a ruckus i'm sorry to say thank you. the the. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else can hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm. our welcome is a big issue a. few. females.
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to to if it's to. keep the six o'clock i'm going to shoot if he was sick i was. my grandmother did not like we're going to become. his afraid. and she was very cool. she filled. our lives frankenstein's monster. we don't have the problem. every time and effort is made. on the
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palestinian or on the european side to negotiate an end to the violent attacks against israel which i have no fear of war call the cowards so long as you have no fear calling the leader of the state of israel one of the main terrorists in the world i am. we are supposed to be seriously examining history but you mention a few words about jewish culture labyrinth and people get so upset this is i'm sorry to say it's a form of emotional blackmail. emission
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free cretaceous free transport charges free arrangement free risk free. to tide free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects and a free video dog to our teeth on top. our guys it's time for tonight's tools of award and tonight the honor goes to new york post columnist michael goodwin the last week democratic congressman rush holt introduced an amendment to a justice department's appropriations bill that would have withdrawn federal funds from law enforcement agencies that violate the bill of rights that seemed sensible enough considering that violating the constitution is you know unconstitutional but
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the amendment failed well the republicans a largely voting against it and democrats largely voting for it and so that prompted go in to throw a hissy fit on fox and friends take a look in his floor speech hold. tore absolute shred of the n.y.p.d. has a reputation accused of sloppiness laziness said it profiles doesn't you know doesn't do its job well for the national democrats to be tearing apart a city police department that has done such a good job in root now if the terror before it happens that's extraordinary right. it's a good when it's crying about democrats shredding the new york the n.y.p.d. is reputation sorry guys the n.y.p.d. the need any help with that is warrantless surveillance of muslim communities solely based on their religion was shocking blatantly illegal had to be specially because a lot of the surveillance took place outside of new york city then you can add it to the madness goodwin and host fox and friends are fox and friends host steve doocy then praise these profiling programs as if they actually stopped terrorism
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now it's true the number of plots have been foiled in new york many of them are created by federal local law enforcement looked a lot more like entrapment but the important thing here is that racial profiling is not really the best way to get the muslim community on your side especially considering they're supposed to be your best ally when it comes to stopping real plots but such reality based complaints they're of no concern to goodwin and his friends who fail to even recognize that the profiling exists take a look we want to defund would take away all the federal money from the new york police department because some media organizations and some liberal activist have accused it of profiling muslims which is absolutely has not done it's follow the law it's been upheld and every time it's been tried and yet there is this persistent narrative that the police are trampling on civil liberties. to notice more big time fails here for starters the d.o.j. recently launched an investigation after the a.p.'s extensive reporting but it
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hasn't actually been tried yet in court and if you're a regular viewer you would have noticed much more because we've covered how the n.y.p.d. has recently come under fire for profiling more than just muslims they are so targeted liberal activist groups and through so-called stop and frisks and the clean halls program innocent black and latino residents and that's only getting worse last year the n.y.p.d. only detained over six hundred eighty thousand people in stop and frisks in the first three months of this year alone the new york times reported that the department is already detained two hundred thousand people using that tactic their own pace to nearly double the number detained last year and a stress the injustice here last year over eighty five percent of those were black and latino ninety percent of them were also then released immediately and up to ten percent the were arrested some of them also did nothing wrong take staten island resident kenrick ray for example seen here with his lawyer he claims to have been tamed to claim to have been detained and arrested without probable cause by officer michael jodhi an officer who was later recorded using
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a racial slur to describe gray when federal investigators wiretapped him and an unrelated extortion probe well gray's going to have a chance to prove that and he hasn't followed all the laws like that one is claiming he's suing the department of federal court and the department is facing other legal challenges from civil rights activists and defense lawyers like those representing. ronnie is being charged with terrorism but his attorneys argue that he was targeted by new york police because he's mentally ill and an easy target for entrapment so tomorrow his court case is set to proceed and his attorneys will try to have the case dismissed on the grounds of the n.y.p.d. violated the constitution but are the legal maneuvers the sort the good one would describe as being politically motivated is that just liberal al qaeda sympathizing activists who have a problem with the n.y.p.d. here but what do you think republican party goes star and new jersey governor chris christie. my concern is this kind of. obsession that you know the n.y.p.d. seems to have that you know they're the masters of the universe. rising stars that
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i met anyway that's right what he said anybody who has any desire to stop the n.y.p.d. from totally pissing on the floor of the memmott has been speaking out against its iron fisted tactics but don't tell that to michael goodwin or elles how he be able to scare you into believing everything that the fear mongers want you to believe about terrorism and over doing that tonight goodwin joins the other day very post-tax who've been introduced into the two all time hall of shame. are at it's over happy hour and joining me this evening show producer jenny churchill and michelle's the lefty communications director of gopac hello ladies thank you for joining me and. let's start with something that's going on in new jersey i can have mixed mixed feelings about this but apparently texting and
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walking is a really big problem and they're going to they're going to clamp down. it's gotten so bad police in fort lee new jersey say they have had enough because watching with it was not aware after more than twenty pradesh mean accidents this year they're cracking down on dangerous walkers with an eighty five dollar fine. now i agree sometimes people can be really annoying because they're not paying attention to where they're going and they run into you but you can be distracted by a million different things that really could make people pay eighty five dollars for texting while walking while it's interesting because i found out right after the show started that they actually the town is claiming this is untrue and they're just giving out jaywalking citations to people who are texting while jaywalking however i have a problem with that story because you're not giving out tickets to people who are jew walking and texting you're giving out she walking tickets to people who are jay walking it's already legal so then what are they letting all the other jail workers
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go if they're not texting i don't get it it doesn't make any sense to me yes interesting i mean one of the first things you learn you're growing up is to look both ways before you cross the street you know so clearly you know people today either they're texting and twitter and stuff and walking around but i guess they've had a lot of incidents of the police chief took it into his own hands helped save the public but i guess if they have a problem go talk to him about it you know but like you said people are listening to music maybe reading a book crossing the street so maybe you should just pay more attention and you know and then if something happens you learned your lesson and that story too there was this app i didn't even know existed where it turns your camera on so wall texting you can see the street in front of you probably does that you're going to actually i like that i had on and i like to text and walk but this is why i'm so good at this and. let's move on ron paul so we've been doing stories a lot of people out there have been talking about the strategy that is using to rack up some delegates here some last week promise of. doors mitt romney.
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because i'm still working very hard to maximize the number of you all of you go to the you watch the news every week and we seem to do a lot better. so today he came out and said that he is not going to try to compete anymore primaries in any of the states that haven't voted yet they're still going to try to do what they can to get delegates where they have voted but no more than you and how does does that change things at all. not necessarily i mean ron paul has a very enthusiastic very loyal group of people who will probably show anyway whether he's running or not and whether you support him or if you don't he's been out there for a cause he's very committed to his values to get into the fed and things like that so despite winning the nomination or winning a number of delegates i think he's out there to prove a point which will still do and his supporters are still do and i actually find something interesting from that clip we played they asked him when he was going to
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endorse mitt romney i would be really shocked if he endorsed mitt romney i kind of see him indorsing gary johnson instead but maybe i'm wrong there is a whole thing as to whether he and mitt romney had some kind of unspoken to range moment because they were really lashing out at each other i think those kind of questions are going to keep being asked the whole thing would be very very disappointed if he came out and endorsed mitt romney i just find but he was running on the republican ticket as you know i was actually in your study buddy yeah i think i think that's probably the more likely case true move on to peter king peter king peter peter king. basically he you know he's the homeland security chairman he decided to have all the muslim radicalization hearings on the hill and now he's also looking into the secret service scandal but apparently he turned down meeting with the colombian prostitute who was in the middle of it this is her. friend.
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who was an over. the bar where they shot i thought asking for sex or were they very direct about very going to. act did any of them say that they had done this before or not. know what they were you approached it seems obvious that they were. i don't buy it but he wouldn't really want me there but here's his reasoning he said that while such a meeting and the inevitable circus atmosphere surrounding it would no doubt be of great interest to the media covering this story a meeting with her is simply not necessary at this time for the committee to conduct a serious and thorough investigation then actually blows my mind i mean i understand it would be sensational and you know she's a prostitute what ever this is the one person who was there she can tell you exactly what happened and you want to do an investigation about this and not talk to her that seals are doing is doing that to gauge as to whether this is a more widespread problem within the service i don't think that this one story is
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going to be the whole issue for and he's courting with her attorney but like you said in his statement he said you want to avoid a circus it's become a story that he's not meeting with or if he did decide to meet with her would be that much more of a story and so he's coordinating with his attorneys she's been out doing a media circuit on the today show she's doing radio shows she's talking about a book deal so it's not necessarily that it would be the best thing for this investigation but you know we can leave that to him to decide oh it doesn't really have any to do with homeland security for the homeland security chairman to have to be with her let's be honest but i think that the kind of very kind of that is done to. get her out of it thank you for joining me this evening that is it for tonight's show thanks for tuning in and make sure you come back tomorrow preview foundations derrick rose going to be on the show to talk about a court ruling a former auburn great detainees who say they were tortured at the hands of contractors have the right to tell their stories in court and meantime don't forget to become a fan of a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of tonight's show or any other nights you can always catch the you tube dot com slash
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the a lot of show and coming up next is the news. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. china operations are all day.
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