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on a knife edge political turmoil in greece threatens to crash the hopes of a united euro zone despite the heavyweights vowing to fight the crisis together. saving some cash at the cost of public safety a massive number of you pay police officers set to get the boot critics say the leave the streets unprotected. and as the hague war tribunal takes up the case of former bosnian serb general right. is sung by the defense doesn't think the trials impartial. three pm in moscow. good to have you with us here on r t our top story as greece's
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financial woes threaten to push it out of the currency union the country's president is trying to appoint a caretaker government athens now readying for a new election after debates on austerity so all attempts to form a coalition fail peter all over is live for us in berlin with all the latest so it's back to square one for greece. well yes what we're seeing though at the moment is the new french president francois hollande and german chancellor angela merkel have both vowed to put their political differences behind them and try and work to sort out the problems in the eurozone namely those problems with greece now that came following their much anticipated meeting here lin now currently in athens the greek president is set to meet with the heads of political parties to try and form a caretaker government now that comes after all attempts to form a coalition government failed we're going to have to see new elections fresh
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elections taking place in greece next month now some of those political parties are opposed to the austerity measures that are written into the eurozone fiscal pact now after a meeting with the heads of the greek central bank the greek president has said that the banking system in greece is weak however he has warned against panic but this comes after almost a billion u.s. dollars has been removed from greek banks in recent recent hours over the past twenty four hours or so now in terms of what's been going on from here in. the german chancellor has said that greece should remain within the euro zone now that sentiment is being backed up by francois hollande the new french president. saying no that it will be a long process and it's going to have to be taken step by step to try and get greece back on its feet now peter how dangerous are analysts saying the greek exit could be for the eurozone. well we've heard from the italian industry
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minister on wednesday saying that there is far as he's concerned as far as italy's consent they believe that the euro zone and you wrote a single currency could continue without greece however the sentiment isn't really backed up by analysts we've been hearing something that's called the week until open scenario that if greece goes then it sets a precedent that it's well if another country falls into a similar situation does they then leave the euro and where does not leave the single currency so if greece goes one of the other nations that economies are in trouble say one of the larger economies like spain or italy then not could completely destroy the single currency. now also i think it's unprecedented for one of these nations to leave the the eurozone the single currency there it would result in a whole host of treaties across europe having to be reevaluated in many cases
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really written to go back to what i'm saying during a meeting with francoise rolonda you referred to the the euro the single currency is a political. system not just a monetary system something that these countries together not just to pine finance but also through their political systems as well so if greece was to leave that would set a well perhaps dangerous precedent for the future of the euro all right thanks very much artie's peter all of our ally for us in berlin thank you for that update. francois hollande has voiced support for the idea of joining euro zone on something that's already been rejected by germany portugal as a portuguese m.e.p. of arias thinks growth could come if the whole current scene takes on the debt of its members the problems are to create growth you need a certain amount of debt. and whether the amount of debt and the question in europe is whether you placed at the depths of my view is that you believe that theft on
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iraq itself on the e.u. which is next on that or the euro zone which us next in order. of course the germans feel that this is like wasting that of the germans well it's not it's putting that on the europeans the germans are also europeans as the greeks are on peahens in the portuguese are it's either you see the euro zone as a curacy area that goes or else the political will to a great girls or and you see it just as a guru see with seventeen different national debts which will put you in the kind of trap where where you are not. strong enough to do it in your very small zyuganov india we have ten years ago but it's not strong enough to endure the kind of financial crises that we are moving faster to something that and they'd. penny pinching efforts in the u.k. or putting the public at risk that's the claim of critics who say drastic cuts to
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police will leave people water of all artes over better reports from london. the protest policing itself is a rare sight especially one this big that's because these protesters are the police thirty five thousand officers from across england and wales demonstrating against government cuts they call criminal never before so many bodies on one beat the problem is never again these black caps represent the number of police officers who lose their jobs in the carts sixteen thousand over the next four years which cuts they say that could seriously threaten public safety it will have an impact on the executive not just that section of the police it is people will see if you that this is on the street and at the end of the day people see police the police and this is on the street they feel safe presence and that's just not going to happen in egypt it was known as the baxter police force in the will and with these it's
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simply it will continue like that the police will be hit hard by a government desperate to get more for less over five thousand officers have already been booted off frontline policing in the past year alone police pay and pensions will also be slashed in a sweeping twenty percent cuts the thin blue lines about to get much thinner we will be able to provide a service that's efficient it is. almost it was committed to be able to. direct his orders of course it's not just police probation officers are up for the chopper too the government wants to replace them with machines expected to look like this removing yet another barrier protecting the public they're supposed to stop criminals re offending with nothing but a series of yes no questions they'll be trialed first in parts of london but without
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a lie detector these machines aren't exactly the spanish and. so nonsense to suggest that a machine could do the job you think there's a real likelihood and the public protection in britain because if these machines are rolled up nationally. if you behave you'll be missed and those people will go and commit serious crimes against the public the government insists the machines to cut costs stating this is a misrepresentation the london probation trust is investigating a range of a normative approaches to law professionals to cut bureaucracy and spend their time more effectively with the offenders the supervise public protection will always be our priority not according to those charged with that role it's been four years since police officers lost. three london the next time sure to be sooner than that if the government continues its on the bennetts london. coming up in
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a few minutes lessons of hate history classes on different sides of the rally palestinian border serve as a source of conflict from a tender age although one school begs to differ. and syria's tourism industry dealt a major blow by the world well that business is on the verge of bankruptcy oh a handful of foreigners have managed to avoid the conflict. former bosnian serb general ratko melodic standing trial at the international hague tribunal he's charged with genocide during the yugoslav war in the one nine hundred ninety s. among the alleged crimes or the massacre in the town of srebrenica where eight thousand muslims were slaughtered and the deaths of more than ten thousand civilians during the siege of sarajevo the sixty nine year old was arrested by serb forces near belgrade last year his defense lawyers had asked for the trial to be postponed saying the prosecution failed to provide evidence on time they also accuse the judge of bias why did she is viewed as
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a national hero by some serbs and interview with r t his son darko told us why. proud of his role in the war not because i think that he's guilty of anything but because i think and know that he was doing his job to support and primarily objective all. our side was to protect our people from. being exposed to genocide and again. i think that the only point of support of my father and as is the media into so many people this saying there isn't for me is a. terrible attack on the truth because all we did is defending ourselves from being exposed to genocide and my father has succeeded in this task and i am proud of. the role of his in the war.
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and see the full exclusive interview with in one hour's time here on r.t. . rushes between israeli forces and palestinian demonstrators are right there during the annual not by day a marginal west bank it's a rally to mark the nine hundred forty displacement of hundreds of thousands of palestinians but while adults commemorate history children are either side of the divide are taught different versions of it as our case possibly reports but the answer to the israeli palestinian puzzle might lie in these pages we arab and jewish children who never meet in person get to know each other only through the written word usually they're not named they're called arabs or israel's arabs which is a racist label and then there are presented as their primitive farmers and no modes also always with the fia with a camel and with some kind of dress that nobody really wears in racist caricatures . and of course there is terrorist but it's not much better in the palestinian
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textbooks the stereotypes here also pretty alarming the israeli jews. are invaders from europe they have nothing to do with this land and they are basically criminals and therefore they are educated for a long term war against them much of the problem stems from the fact that in israel jews and arabs go to different schools they study a different curriculum and sit different exams what small because jewish schools are generally better funded the standard of education is higher but here is one school trying to get it right it is part of the oasis for peace village with an equal number of both jewish and arab learn is a sign from being an example of how both sides can learn together the most important lesson going toward here is understanding each other it's the first school of its kind in the country and receives no funding from the government in
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every classroom is an israeli and palestinian teacher and every lesson is taught in both he. and arabic some terms though is to ensure maybe according to what is going . there is. some of. the war and. some they are coming from home with. all kind of. do's and. in there talking them out in a particularly difficult lesson these teachers are preparing for israel's independence day because while for israelis it's a national holiday for palestinians it's a catastrophe when the two teachers are standing in front of the children the children are tense in there sometimes. just like i'm here and i'm not here we assure them it's ok to speak about it it's not something where this is history in we're supposed to speak about what happened and look for the future together but
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the challenge is big and the school use this israeli textbooks which it has translated into arabic there are sections that talk about a so-called palestinian demographic nightmare and there are maps that ignore each other's existence what these books do especially history books they teach the children not the historical discourse this is not the discourse of historians they teach them to hit this course of politicians and generals. and so until a different story is written and taught the lessons most israelis and palestinian children taken to the future for dismally short of a real education for peace policy r t the true. concern is rising in beijing over washington's wrapping up of its military presence near china's borders one of the most modern u.s. navy attack subs has adopted a philippine port close to the disputed territory where philippine and chinese ships are locked in a standoff peter simons from the world socialist web site thinks the u.s.
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activity in the region could be a threat of china. the u.s. is basically asserting its its. military position in the south china sea the message it was obviously delivered to china the the us money time just military presence there and the corner good on. these so submarine operators is the life is to do this on the most sophisticated the. time it's the this is my inch and they're sent to these very sensitive areas it also has an economic component to it it's seeking to put pressure on china some might might you concessions in that sphere as well. remember to click on to r.t. dot com for many more stories free to check out first it's claimed police in the us are unsparing some illegal resources on occupy protesters the fact that they say they have been given drugs by police in the state of minnesota in exchange for
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information and both already is ordering an investigation plus. the region man sets himself on fire outside in oslo port where a mass killer anders breivik is apparently standing trial the badly injured man was taken to the hospital read more about this strange case at r t dot com. it's going. down the official altie hopefully cation to on the phone all i pod touch from the top story. on the go.
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video on demand. mind. or as in speeds with the palm of your. comb the police have cleared an opposition protest camp in the center of moscow that had been in existence for more than a week on tuesday a moscow court ordered the activists to clear out many with the police orders to disperse some twenty were detained most of them have now been released a group of about thirty people have moved to a different part of the russian capital looking for a new place to demonstrate activists arrange sit in protests after vladimir putin's inauguration angry at his return to power. taking you now around the world for some other top stories this hour a bomb targeting a hardline former colombian interior minister killed two of his bodyguards in the capital bogota thirty nine others were injured in the attack that struck a busy district filled with people the former minister suffered minor wounds in the
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blast no one's immediately claimed responsibility but police blame the country's main leftist rebel group the fark. ne ne and indonesian search team has found one of the two flight recorders of doing the russian sukhoi superjet one hundred about the voice and data box was badly damaged which could hinder the probe of the plane flew into a clip of the government volcano last week during a demonstration flight killing all forty five aboard the plane's manufacturers blame the accident on difficult mountainous terrain which is also greatly been hampering the search and recovery efforts. dominic strauss kahn has made a million dollar counter claim against the new york hotel maid who accused him of sexual assault the former i.m.f. chief said the woman lied about the alleged attack a year ago which seriously damaged his reputation in the criminal case against khan was dropped off after prosecutors said the housekeeper had lost her credibility
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after the frenchman's arrest he resigned from the i.m.f. and was unable to take part in the presidential race as a leading socialist candidate in france. and. finally in the news blog for years syria was able to capitalize on its rich history and ancient cities to build a thriving tourist industry but after months of conflict this vital source of income has all but dried up on a boy who reports many in the country feel robbed by the revolution. he wanted to see the world but became a touring sensation himself martin at twenty eight year old boss driver from germany was on a year long by journey when he entered syria about two weeks ago and aware of the clashes he wrote all the way to homs and even managed to take pictures of it when two homes have entered hama but the word of many here take four is that they even let me into the city center. it was quite a strange feeling you know nobody was in the world you could see what happened before but i never feared danger near dangerous for myself martin barely knows
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a few phrases in arabic but he's open smile and boyish curiosity out loud him to connect with the locals even those whose job presupposes some suspicion of foreign there's. a point to it because i'm going to the white house across an office of like. such a bitch when they figure out what. it was it was never so much make so it's saved me a lot of habeas corpus while his home country of germany has kept a fairly low profile in the diplomatic spat over the fate of syria he says he often hears locals complain about the western meddling in serious internal affairs i think the problem is that new is trying to tell you sometimes i'm singing and you believe it but the news hour bored to tell you different stories in the news instead of the country so i always thought it's just a problem that inside of syria right now many syrian people same year the
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departments are coming out from the outside of the country or home visits or is like martin would be very welcome guests in syria these days but there are very few and far between the countries tourism industry was devastated by the revolution but the number of visitors slumping by more than ninety percent in the lap of the country's largest city and home to countless you know ask a heritage sites. the ten percent occupancy rate is now considered a stroke of luck you know this is one of the sixty five rooms you are talking about . out of the sixty five how many in the uk but not more than five rooms and it's not just about lost profit in aleppo which some claim is the oldest continuously inhabited settlement on earth tourism has helped feed vital landmarks such as roomy martinis boutique hotel and you gave in new ways of live to the four centuries old building especially if. you spend
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a lot every year to keep such buildings alive from my experience i can tell you that about seven to ten percent of my whole income i spend it on maintenance ramy martini's not shy in criticizing the assad government for the slow pace of economic reforms yet he believes that's no reason to bring the whole country to the point of self-destruction nobody could imagine that could. get to such situation like now at the beginning everybody was looking for freedom but afterwards when it comes to clashes and fire and killing and killing for nothing just only that you're with the government or against the government and kidnapping people really we are sorry for syria to come like this what's made things even worse is that two thousand and ten the last year before the syrian uprising was the
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most successful on record for serious tourism industry revenues jump by sixty percent prompting many to take out investment loans they're no longer able to repay no wonder many now feel bankrupted by their revolution in times of crisis tourism is always the first to fall and the last to recover and sarah learned the hard way what's ironic. because that in order to rise from the ashes this country desperately needs visitors from the same nations that contributed to the current crisis actually work our see syria. retreat is next with business and greece still in the political deadlock how are the markets taking it. elections of the parliament means that investors are basically ditching ditching their assets and stocks and what we're seeing right now in europe is the footsie other dikes declining almost one percent pretty much the only
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a market which is gaining right now is the the french market the cac forty is up for almost a half of percent on the back of news that france managed to sell eleven point six billion euros worth of the stable and successfully over here in russia pretty much the same picture the markets are dropping even further actually more intense than in europe with the down two point six percent of my sixty one point eight percent but russia is commonly hits harder than european markets at a time that times of selloffs and bear markets the ones that we're seeing right now now among stocks bucking the trend is ross near the sell by just a notch while the rest of the market is of course balding gazprom in line with the market down one and a half percent financials are here badly with the t.v. losing two point six percent now this is also in the background of capital flight remaining one of the key challenges for russia's economy forty two billion dollars
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of private capital of left the country in the first four months of this year now that's close to the crisis level c. four years ago but the government says the capital runaway is about to drain and therefore indices are close to two year lows now in the other markets let's take a look at first currencies and the euro continues its job versus the greenback the dollar has become somewhat of a safe haven and of course there's the factor of investors cashing out globally and notably cashing out into the dollars of demand for it is much higher and the russian ruble is lost massively versus the currency busk it at one point it was falling into the one and a half percent versus the dollar forty five thirty six going. thirty seven copecks we're seeing right now that others boil is not providing any support to the russian pair and see light sweet is down the list so is brand new at dave
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from the flats on the reasons behind the drop the news in europe right now it's got the oil markets very much fixated on what could happen to will demand in western europe and you know we have to remember that in the oil market for much of the year we saw a lot of strong news coming out of the supply side there was concern about iran for example and what might happen with the supply side of the market but there's been nothing new on that for a number of weeks now the markets going very quiet about supply side concern so boil the traders are now turning their attention to the demand side and there's real concern that if greece withdraws from the euro and inflates its way out of problems potentially lead to western europe itself might move into recession and that's a real problem for the oil markets. so really the old saying is sell in may and go away is working perfectly well so this year at least thanks very much for dimitri and if you minutes when peter lavelle's cross talk that's coming up after the headlines stay with us here on r.t. .
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culture is that so much me is going to make me in a lot of people carrying a burden for me. is this what is mean for american summations to me american jews may indeed be more liberal.
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the limits. it's just so. please. if.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harvey welcome to the big picture.


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