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tim's mission to teach creation why you should care about humans in. this is why you should care only on the. breeze on the brink of collapse another election next month put the scramble to create a terror cake or a caretaker government to steer a country power wise by anger overcomes. what happens in athens as b. walks like a hole. should greece choose it on. leadership and it could be showing the euro exit poll joining me in germany in a few moments for the latest in the trial starts a former bosnian serb general ratko mulattoes for alleged genocide and war crimes but back home in serbia some still see him as their defender. changing the children who are taught to hate how a school in israel standing out in class by teaching jewish and arab kids both sides of the story.
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five pm in moscow. good to have you with us here on r.t. our top story our month of uncertainty lying ahead for europe with greece facing another election june seventeenth that could decide its euro fate markets and banks already on edge as athens runs out of cash while patience runs out over cuts but france's new president francois hollande and germany's chancellor angela merkel are pledging to help greece stay in the euro for more we've got our teams peter all over in berlin. what we're seeing though at the moment is the new french president francois hollande and german chancellor angela merkel have both vow to put their political differences behind them and try and work to sort out the problems in the eurozone namely those problems with greece now that came following the much anticipated meeting here in lin now the greek president is be meeting with the
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country's political leaders as they try and shouts a caretaker government this comes after they were unable to form a coalition government following recent elections they'll have to hold fresh elections next month in order to try and establish a government in the country after a meeting with the heads of the greek central bank the greek president has said that the banking system in greece is weak however he has warned against panic but this comes after almost a billion u.s. dollars has been removed from greek banks in recent recent hours over the past twenty four hours or so now in terms of what's been going on from here in angle of merkel the german chancellor has said that greece should remain within the euro zone now that sentiment is being backed up by francois hollande the new french president until the merkel saying no that it will be a long process and it's going to have to be taken step by step to try and get greece back on its feet we've heard from the italian industry minister on wednesday
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saying that it is far as he's concerned as far as italy is concerned they believe that the eurozone and you wrote a single currency could continue without greece however the sentiment isn't really backed up by analysts if greece goes then it sets a precedent that well if a not the country falls into a similar situation do they then use the euro and where does that leave the single currency so if greece goes one of the other nations that economies are in trouble say one of the larger economies like spain or italy they're not could completely destroy the single currency. it would results in a whole host of treaties across europe having to be re-evaluated in many cases really written to go back to what i'm saying during a meeting with francois hollande she referred to the euro the single currency as a political. system not just a monetary system something that these countries together not just to pile finance
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but also through their political systems as well so if greece was to leave that would sets a well perhaps dangerous precedent for the future of the euro let's get some reaction now from southern europe and alive to milan italy where economists alberto minke are standing by to give us his take on this so the e.u. has narrowly avoided near recession thanks mainly to germany and now france's president alond is in the game do you think he alone can push for growth in europe or do you think that will lead to just continent wide paralysis well this year and basically believe that the way to achieve growth is increasing public spending and going back to deficit spending nowadays well that's going to be very complicated because you putin countries have signed that fiscal compact that basically the current system balestier budget but a little top of that is actually not only. can spin its way out to the push. now austerity for many has become a dirty word in europe and it's forcing people to seek answers on the political
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left why do you think people are so disenchanted with their governments in this crisis. the studios are in charge of people are very disenchanted we do have governments because clearly we are under severe pressure it's a very bad situation the economy is performing badly so it's just natural that people resent this stuff to school. level we osteria it used to be is a very confusing warts. you can mean two very different things which is one. problem spending in the other is higher taxation the going to press it in your. b.c.b. minute live you as talking about two different kind of hours staring a good one in a bad one ben one is the one may by raising taxes the good one is the one made by capek bhaumik expenditure the problem is the unforeseen and the bad kind of austerity he's also the easy one to be who sued politically speaking. when boosting
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the european investment bank which is what i don't recall what to do help ease europe's financial woes i don't think so i don't think we need a dead kind of ball is what you love needs from the point of view of you know more integration is actually opening up it's into a little market achieving get a better unification of the service market teach it at least in finding a way you know to create a google earth by konami configuration now greece or right now is here of some bleeding worn so to speak brussels are saying accept arbeloa with austerity on top of this or risk getting out altogether do you think that's the right approach to take do you think of greece can find a way to improve economically and stay within the euro zone given its current situation when i think the government situation in greece is desperate also because their management of the crisis has been terrible i mean the european oath already have tried to push osteria in greece and men like you know how many but at the very
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same time who would was accomplished in greece in terms of the leader of women liberalizing dili would market capping the size of government cabinet i'd thing was very late in doing this to me so basically the gig seat is an hour under the crash at the utopian union examining them and they see no result in real changes in politics i think at this point is highly probable that police will accede to you in the next few weeks and of course the coming with it as you pointed out before it is and it may cause a domino effect you know that would. rainin account is portugal and spain eventually to lead to. that is because of his other countries if greece leaves there or how do you think that will resound around the content do you think spain italy ireland portugal suffering economy have also been dragged down. well not only get to see it now legally because these are very different can't isn't in the situation in your region is much different in the situation of spain or portugal
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and italy is that much stronger can do you can only speak to each but the problem is deputy to even these days everything these about expectation in the waiting week to come and he looks in front of the markets internationally now it will may happen is stand you got greece exiting the you know where to go following suit and and money basically being believe in a way out of the italian and spanish banks to german banks and into austrian banks very savers believe their savings will be safer and this can bring to any northern italy auction starting with defacto capital darkroom to all in this country of course if you have defacto capital controls basically you are saying goodbye not just to the euro but to the entire dream of a unified common market. and briefly to sum up give us here take ghana think that europe has enough political will to keep itself together and grow with one. i think
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you abuse software you get a very strong lack of leadership in lack of. the quality of you do want to see in european countries no they just not very high they illegally mismanaged the crisis defused to see do you who would do you who will as we choose to monitor in a steady ruined it i mean basin to be used to be to toulouse or to wars to where it's utopian unification now we have exactly where deep below us in this point if you look need to see that since you have needs to evolve into some kind of transfer you you don't need moving money from the pockets of free chook peons it's basically to deploy because of political will is that a person in jumonville gers are not going to be alarmed at all right thank you for your insight economists alberto ming gardy live in milan thanks again thank you well stay with us here on r t still to come learn why bodies in britain think that
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cuts there are criminal charges of thousands of officers marching against the government they say is endangering the public by tightening the purse strings in the wrong places. find out why the u.s. military has been given a not so warm welcome to the south china sea all the details still ahead. but first the trial has began a former bosnian serb military commander in chief right coma wattage facing eleven charges of genocide and crimes against humanity during the yugoslav war in the ninety's was arrested by serb forces near belgrade a year ago he's accused of the deaths of more than ten thousand civilians during the siege of sarajevo and for the srebrenica massacre where more than seven thousand muslim men and boys were killed but some serbs still seem delighted as a hero later this hour his son darko tells our team where his father support is coming from. his role in the mosque now or not because i think that he's you know a friend i think. because i know that he was doing his job to
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support and primarily object to. our society was to protect our people from. being exposed to genocide and again. i think that the only france supporting my father and is moving to so many people this isn't for me is a. terrible attack on the truth because. defending ourselves from being exposed to genocide and my father succeeded in this task and i'm proud of. the role of his in the war. it's often hard to see the light at the end of the title for israelis and palestinians still deeply at odds over their history of the land what's worse is that the two peoples are taught to despise each other from an early age but artie's
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policy reports there's one place that's been true one school that's been trying to bridge the divide. the own city the israeli palestinian puzzle might lie in these pages where i would be jewish children who never meet in person get to know each other only through the written would usually they're not named they're called arabs or israel's arabs which is a racist label and then they're represented is their primitive farmers and no money it's also always with a cafe you know with a camel and with some kind of dress that nobody really wears in racist caricatures . and of course there is terrorist but it's not much better in the palestinian textbooks the stereotypes here are also pretty alarming the israeli jews. are invaders from europe they have nothing to do with this land and they are basically criminals and therefore they are educated for
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a long term war against them much of the problem stems from the fact that in israel jews and arabs go to different schools they study a different curriculum and sit different exams what's more because jewish schools are generally better funded the standard of education is higher but here is one school trying to get it right it is part of the oasis for peace village with an equal number of both jewish and arab learners a sign from being an example of how both sides can learn together the most important lesson going toward here is understanding each other it's the first school of its kind in the country and receives no funding from the government in every classroom is an israeli and palestinian teacher and every lesson is taught in both hebrew and arabic some terms though is to ensure they be according to what is going going gone there is. some. war the war and.
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some there are coming from home with all kind of. ideas and. they're talking about in a particularly difficult place and these teachers are preparing for israel's independence day because while for israelis it's a national holiday for palestinians it's a catastrophe when the two teachers are standing in front of the till the children are tense in their sometimes. they just it's like i'm here and i'm not here we assure them it's ok to speak about it it's not something bad this is history in we're supposed to speak about what happened and look for the future together but the challenges be underscored uses his way he takes books which it has translated into arabic there are sections that talk about a so-called palestinian demographic nightmare and there are maps that ignore each other's existence what these books do especially history books they teach the
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children not the story called discourse this is not the discourse of historians they teach them to hit this course of politicians and generals. and so until a different story is written and taught the lessons most israelis and palestinian children taken to the future for disney short of a real education for peace police here are the true. increased u.s. military presence near the south china sea is leading to tension between washington and beijing an american nuclear powered sub has docked in a philippine port close to where chinese and filipino ships have been a locked in a month long standoff the deadlock started after a philippine authorities accuse chinese boats of fishing illegally in their waters both countries savior area is there china's concern the u.s. presence in the region could mean washington is ready to get involved in the dispute just a month after annual war games strengthen the ties between the u.s. and the philippines peter simons from the world socialist web site thinks that america's naval positioning could be aimed at putting pressure on china. on your
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suit is basically asserting its. military position in the south china sea i think this is going to want a number of different visits or more compliance not just to the philippines but also to. the gym and right up and down the coast on messages. obviously delivered to china to the us one time just military presence there and quite a good one. submarine operators the life is the design the most sophisticated the. one time gets the iss is my goal each and the center to these very sensitive areas it also has an economic compartments that were seeking to put pressure on china to my major concessions in that sphere as well
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one group that's going to be hard to lure back to the turbulent arab world are tourists visitor numbers in places like tunisia in egypt plummeted when they're up risings wired fear is syria capitalized on its rich history and ancient cities but as artie's oksana boyko reports there's a vital source of income has all but dried up. he wanted to see the world but became a touring sensation himself martin at twenty eight year old boss driver from germany was on a year long by journey when he entered syria about two weeks ago and aware of the clashes he wrote all the way to homs and even managed to take pictures of it when two homes enter hama but there were a lot of money here take point but even let me into the city center. it was quite a strange feeling you know nobody was in the world you could see what happened before but i never feared danger here dangerous for my safety while his home country of germany has kept a fairly low profile in the diplomatic spat over the fate of syria he says he often
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hears locals complain about the western meddling in serious internal affairs i think the problem is that new is trying to tell you sometimes from seeing and you believe it at the news hour board to tell you different stories in the news inside of the country so i always thought it's just a problem that inside of syria but now many syrian people came here their problems are coming out from the outside of the country this it sure is like martin would be very welcome guests in syria these days but there are very few and far between the country's tourism industry was devastated by the revolution but the number of visitors slumping by more than ninety percent in the lap of the country's largest city and home to countless you know ask a heritage sites the ten percent occupancy rate is now considered a stroke of luck you know this is one of the sixty five. an hour out of
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the sixty five how many in the uk for more than five rooms and it's not just about loss profit in aleppo which some claim is the oldest continuously inhabited settlement on earth tourism has helped save vital landmarks such as remain martini's. we gave a new lease of life to the four centuries old building remey martini's not shy in criticizing the assad government for the slow pace of economic reforms yet he believes that's no reason to bring the whole country to the point of self-destruction nobody could imagine that could. get to such a situation like now at the beginning everybody was looking for freedom but afterwards when it comes to clashes and fire and killing and killing for nothing just only that you're with the government or against the government and kidnapping people really we are sorry for syria to come like this what's made things even worse is
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that two thousand and ten the last year before the syrian uprising was the most successful on record for serious tourism industry revenues jump by sixty percent prompting many to take out investment loans they're no longer able to repay no wonder many now feel bankrupted by their revolution in times of crisis tourism is always the first to fall and the last to recover and syria learned the hard way what's ironic is that in order to rise from the ashes this country desperately needs visitors from the same nations that contributed to the current crisis actually work our sea syria turning out of some other stories making headlines across the globe lebanese troops support for the city of tripoli after days of clashes of left at least six dead more than seventy others were injured in the yard riots clashes were linked to unrest in neighboring syria and broke up a few supporters of the assad regime and sunni muslims who backed the rebels
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tripoli has recently become home to thousands of syrian refugees fleeing the violence back home. former i.m.f. chief dominique strauss kahn has filed a million dollar counter suit against a new york hotel maid would give them of so. actual solved it claims the lawsuit ruined his chances of standing for the french presidency and wants compensation for losing his job serving jail time and damage to his reputation as a solid case was dropped last year after prosecutors questioned the maid's credibility. of the british government's efforts to slash thousands of police jobs is putting the public in the firing line according to a senior officer the head of the police chief association says crime will rise nationwide with fewer bodies on the beat artie's ivor bennett has been gauging their grievances. a protest policing itself is a rare sight especially one this big that's because these protesters are the police thirty five thousand officers from across england and wales demonstrating against
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government cuts they call criminal never before so many bodies on one beat the problem is never again these black caps represent the number of police officers who lose their jobs in the carts sixteen thousand over the next four years cuts they say that could seriously threaten public safety it will have an impact on the executive not just that section of the police it is people will see if you will this is on the street and at the end of the day people see police the police help is on the street they feel safe bitingly a presence and that's just not going to happen in egypt it was known as the baxter release false in the will and with these cuts it simply it will continue like that the police will be hit hard by government desperate to get more for less over five thousand officers have already been booted off frontline policing in the past year alone police pay and pensions will also be slashed in
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a sweeping twenty percent cuts the thin blue lines about to get much thinner we will be able to provide a service that's efficient as it is it. feels. like almost. to be able to. direct it's always a little bit shaky most of it's not just police probation officers are up for the chopper to the government wants to replace them with machines expected to look like this removing yet another barrier protecting the public they're supposed to stop criminals re offending with nothing but a series of yes no questions they'll be trialed first in parts of london but without a lie detector these machines aren't exactly the spanish and. ization nonsense to suggest that a machine could do the job of human being there's a real likelihood and the public protection in britain will be compromised if these
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machines are rolled up nationally. reviewed if you deteriorate you behave you will be missed and those people will go and commit serious crimes against the public the government insists the machines to cut costs stating this is a misrepresentation the london probation trust is investigating a range of a knowledge of approaches to law professionals to cut bureaucracy and spend their time more effectively with the offenders they supervise public protection will always be our priority not according to those charged with that role it's been four years since police officers last marched on mass three london the next time sure to be sooner than that if the government continues its squeeze on the bennett r.t. london. time now to check in with katie at the business desk. markets under pressure for another consecutive day tell us more you're absolutely right them out the global stock markets are indeed heading for yet another session of losses and
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that's all to do with the political turmoil and grace of the uncertainty is triggered by a run of perceived safe haven invest that such as the u.s. dollar that's where investors are heading out the moment now to discuss a she i'm joined by our correspondent daniel but. for thrust in moscow to tell us the new why are investors so fixated with this greece situation right now. fresh elections have been called in greece for june seventeenth that means another months of indecision and an interim government markets can take good news and bad what they stone seem to like is uncertainty it does seem greeks don't like it either there are reports of a bank run which sent athens markets to a twenty year low yesterday hundreds of millions of viewers have been withdrawn from greek banks since the last election two weeks ago some bookmakers are no longer taking bets on greece quitting the euro they've already taken it for granted a question now seems to be where this will end the bank of england says the eurozone is tearing itself apart and we're seeing these fears really infect europe
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and beyond to russia for instance and how this will affect the russian market. trading volatility here is high higher than usual trade is a get in the money oh this is very but i've just been speaking with merge with you at the main o.t.s. my six exchange there's a sense of fear among investors over what's happening in the euro zone most democracies already lost a fifth of the value this year in the world to get into heating trade in other extreme measures the hope for when there's a peak for these luggage applies when the world economy is doing well. but when the world's in a rut will should those even worse that's what seems to be happening here at the moment daniel thanks very much indeed want to get straight to the numbers now if we may and see how it fits in the dots are performing at this hour as we can see by the footsie on the dots are indeed declining that's because of all the turmoil that don has been telling us about just that we've got the election now set to take place in gray's on the seventeenth of june also
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a pretty great for withdrawing seven hundred million euros worth from the banks and to surprisingly tends to drive my case get on and see how the exchange rates are getting on the common currency has managed to regain some strength that we may well look at the exchange rates if you're getting some strength as i say just that one twenty seven a fifty five as to the ruble though it's a losing against both the u.s. and the year i did mention as well investors tend to stay clear of risk movements of the russian markets and we see that they are indeed still declining this are heading towards a to begin to lie on to the start to have a quick snapshot of some of the biggest blue chips here in moscow b t v just still managing its decline nine tenths of a percent gas from a tenth of a percent we got worse not bucking the trend two point three percent they found oil prices are not offering any kind of support that was so whether we'll go to the lowest level in six months as prices on your screen cause us stockpiles are increasing as well and all of that turmoil in greece is also affecting them on that
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so we've got time for phenomena i'll be back with the u.s. figures but stock futures are pointing upwards all right thanks very much for that update katie and still to come here a high octane dose of a u.s. academic who's incendiary views on israel and palestine have landed him in more than a little hot water over the years but first a recap of the headlines stay with us.
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well for the finance technology innovation all the news developments from around russia we've got the future covered. zip zip grid laboratory here mukherjee was able to build a new its most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a dog.


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