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tv   [untitled]    May 16, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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greece on the brink of collapse another election next month but the scramble to create a terror caretaker government to steer a country paralyzed by anger over cuts. trial begins a former bosnian serb general ride home a lot of for alleged genocide and war crimes but back home in serbia is still seen by some as their defender. plus changing the children who are taught to hate how a school in israel's of standing out in class by teaching jewish and arab kids of both sides of the story.
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six pm in moscow why matras a good to have you with us here on r t our top story a month of uncertainty ahead for europe with greece facing another election june seventeenth which could decide its euro fate markets and banks already on edge with athens running out of cash while patience runs out over cuts but france's new anti austerity president francois hollande and germany's angela merkel are pledging to help greece stay in the euro at their first meeting in berlin artie's peter all over is live for us there he joins us now with the latest so peter where is greece at the moment. well despite cooperation being announced between germany and france at a meeting here in berlin a lot depends on what's going on in athens at the moment now it's just been announced that this pick of armed men all supreme court judge will be taking over as the prime minister of a caretaker government will be in charge until fresh elections can be held on the
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seventeenth of june now that after. the country's politicians were able to come to terms on a coalition government following elections earlier this month now some of those political parties that would be involved in not want to see an end in those elections want to see an end to a stir it is now this comes ahead of the next load of bailout money from the eurozone that should be going to greece now basically they've been told that if you don't agree to all sturdy measures then there will be no bailout money now this is led to the greek central bank announcing that well the banking system in greek is greece is weak however they're trying to tell people not to panic now since the elections we saw at the beginning of may we've seen around one billion euros being taken out of greek banks now this is by people who fear that the country could pull
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out of the euro return to the drachma and they could lose their savings so people how be removing taking their savings out of greek banks as it stands at the moment i say around a billion euro since the elections earlier this month and so peter is no honeymoon phase so to speak for the french leader and germany's chancellor one of the initial indications as to whether or not they can work together effectively on this. well it would seem from their meeting that they held here on tuesday night that they are willing to cooperate with each other when it comes to tackling the crisis in the eurozone now both of them have very differing opinions on how the crisis should be tackled we're seeing the socialist francois hollande who believes that it's only through investing in growth that we can see the countries of the euro pull themselves out of the maya where angle where is angle of merkel has always been the drumbeat for stir and belt tightening now they've not papered over any cracks in
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their relationship that they don't see eye to eye on every issue however they are willing to cooperate now in terms of greece pulling out of the euro greece greece being kicked out of the euro as it may be it seems to be an incredibly polarizing issue now we've heard from john claude juncker the head of the e.u. finance ministers the. finance minister saying that any talks of greece leaving the euro at basically propaganda we're also hearing similar things from charles de lehrer who's from the institute of international finance he says that it's certainly not inevitable that greece will be leaving and says that he hopes that compromise can be found however on the other side of the argument. people who don't believe that it would be such a problem if greece left the the eurozone or people like the italian industry minister who says that it really things could just continue as normal without
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greece should they pull out or should they be removed from the eurozone and revert back to the drachma now all of this is going to continue to be discussed over the coming weeks and there is a large meeting taking place on the thirty first of may in around two week's time of e.u. finance ministers of course not in that caretaker government in charge in athens at the moment they were. he can't do too much they can't do anything at all really when it comes to making decisions it's all leading up to those elections that are going to take place on the seventeenth of june but the e.u. finance minister meeting could prove critical to deciding what happens with greece next and what happens with the future regarding the eurozone all right our hero of our reporting from berlin thanks very much for that update. reaction now from greece let's talk with geo political and economic expert alexandra's who faces. thanks for joining us so you think greece's troubles are largely
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a byproduct of corruption and its poor military and defense policy of the one nine hundred ninety s. why don't you blame the global economic crisis well i never actually said that i wrote an article about caste. putting the blames on as well this is more a geopolitical monitor but everyone everyone knows how how anyone what we global crises that shifted to from from an american. perspective to the european one in order for germany to choir economic but if you really give money over the south obviously. a whole being to make a large industrial. zone so that it can have cheap forced labor. i mean do you think the new political couple in greece will help greece get out of the mess that it's in do you think our staring could cause more hardship for the
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country well this is almost like a joke because i've read in financial times on the thirty first of october two thousand and eleven that the rating agencies fall under today you jurisdiction so i mean if france tries something i mean to to question their very for a leg a money of germany they will lose their double a at the moment and. enjoying the other countries of the south it's not like a negotiation suddenly. decides to do the measures in america will follow and merkel is not the real problem it's a german national is behind all that now there may six election if you agree photos are far from decided over how to solve those what do you expect them to do in a vote. well the political situation is bit of a lot of turmoil here. there is
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a reason why you cannot mix go hunt to hunt with politics we need a strong political hand in order to renegotiate some things the best thing we could do is negotiate. the currency devaluation if there's going to be a euro to for example it's it's going to have to be in a legal framework which will protect our political and economic interests along with our national sovereignty above all. greece alone before. this seems to be a different story now if greece leaves do you think there are people who would be subject to inflation more unemployment and a more deeply devalued currency isn't that worse well that's inevitable because as i said earlier we need this very strong and very firm political hand the in order to do regulated the valuation of the of the currency we can.
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brussels a euro to. sort of all the south can benefit from that along with germany and france of course but i don't think there's political leadership who can do that and finally briefly greeks are now withdrawing their euro savings from the banks and larger and larger numbers but with a lot of political paralysis up ahead how can i or anyone really stop this financial bleeding so-to speak. well it's two and a half years of political paralysis it's not the first time the greeks are withdrawing their deposits from banks it's happening all the time this is a disgrace a political disgrace i'm not referring to the people of greece that will of course now are are more awakened and more mature to take more mature political choices it's no doubt about that but the leaders will have to prove themselves in the future. outside from that context that i mean we are not facing
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something that we haven't faced before during the two and a half years of george papandreou prime minister. alex and faces geo political and here economic expert thanks for your time thanks for having me. so tell us whether you think the greek economy will sound the death knell for the eurozone. here is how the votes stack up now at r.t. dot com so far almost half of you convinced that euro destruction is inevitable in any case a quarter say yes it will be the catalyst for collapse eighteen per cent think the eurozone will survive if greece is finally kicked out while the rest say not a merkel type is all on the belt tell us what you think on archie dot com. still on the way we learn why bobbies in britain think that cuts there are criminal tens of thousands of police officers marched against the government they say is endangering the public by tightening the purse strings in the wrong places.
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but first the trial started a former serb bosnia bosnian serb military commander in chief. who faces eleven charges of genocide and crimes against humanity during the yugoslavia war in the ninety's a lot of it was arrested by serb forces near belgrade a year ago he's accused of the deaths of more than ten thousand civilians during the siege of sarajevo and for this robbery needs a massacre where more than seven thousand muslim men and boys were killed but some serbs still be watch as a national hero later this hour his son darko tells r t where his father's public support is coming from. i am proud of his role in the most non war not because i think that he's guilty of anything but because of. that he was doing his job to support and primarily our objective or.
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was to protect our people from. being exposed to genocide and again. i think that the only person supporting my father and has is me doing the side of your people these betters and for me is a. dark room for them. because. this indigo selves from being are very exposed to genocide and my father succeeded in this task of. in the war. it's often hard to see a way out for israelis and palestinians still deeply divided over their history and the land what's worse is that the two peoples are taught to despise each other from an early age because art is taught policy reports she's been to one school trying to bridge the gap in the answer to the israeli palestinian puzzle might lie in these pages we arab and jewish children who never meet in person get to know each
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other only through the written would usually they're not named they're called arabs or israel's arabs which is a racist label and then there are presented as their primitive farmers and no modes also always with a coffee or with a camel and with some kind of dress that nobody really wears in racist caricatures . and of course as terrorist but it's not much better in the palestinian textbooks the stereotypes here are also pretty alarming the israeli jews. are invaders from europe they have nothing to do with this land and they are basically criminals and therefore they are educated for a long term war against them much of the problem stems from the fact that in israel jews and arabs go to different schools they study a different curriculum and sit different exams what's more because jewish schools
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are generally better funded the standard of education is higher but here is one school trying to get it right it is part of i o. s. s. for peace rallies with an equal number of both jewish and arab learners a sign from being an example of how both sides can learn together the most important lesson going toward here is understanding each other it's the first school of its kind in the country and receives no funding from the government in every classroom is an israeli and palestinian teacher and every lesson is taught in both hebrew and arabic some terms though is to ensure maybe according to what is going going on there is. some of. the war and. some there are coming from home with all kind of. ideas and. in there talking about in a particularly difficult place and these teachers are preparing for israel's
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independence day because while for israelis it's a national holiday for palestinians it's a catastrophe when the two teachers are standing for the children the children are tense in their sometimes. they just it's like i'm here and i'm not here we assure them it's ok to speak about it it's not something where this is history in we're supposed to speak about what happened and look for the future together but the challenge is big and the school uses his way to text books which it has translated into arabic there are sections there talk about a so-called palestinian demographic nightmare and there are maps that ignore each other's existence what these books do especially history books they teach the children not to story discourse this is not the discourse of historians they pitch them to hit this course of politicians and generals and so until a different story is written and taught the lessons most israelis and palestinian
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children taken to the future for dismally short of a real education for peace policy r t the true. one group that's going to be tough to lure back to the turbulent arab world or tourists visitor numbers in places like tunisia and egypt plummeted when there are prizes for for areas syria capitalized on its rich history and ancient cities but now as art is oksana boyko reports there's a vital source of income has all but dried up. he wanted to see the world but became a touring sensation himself martin at twenty eight year old boss driver from germany was on a year long by journey when he entered syria about two weeks ago and aware of the clashes he wrote all the way to homs and even managed to take pictures of it went to homs and entered hama but the word of me has a point but they even let me into the city center. it was quite a strange feeling you know nobody was in the world you could see what happened
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before but i never feared danger new dangers for myself while his home country of germany has kept a fairly low profile in the diplomatic spat over the fate of syria he says he often hears locals complain about the western meddling in serious internal affairs i think the problem is that new is trying to tell you sometimes from seeing and you believe it at the news hour board to tell you different stories in the news inside of the country so i always thought it's just a problem that inside of syria but now many syrian people came here their problems are coming out from outside of the country or home this interest like martin would be very welcome guests in syria these days but there are very few and far between the country's tourism industry was devastated by the revolution that the number of visitors slumping by more than ninety percent in the lap of the country's largest city and home to countless you know ask
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a heritage site the ten percent occupancy rate is now considered a stroke of luck you know this is one of the sixty five rooms. an hour out of the sixty five how many in the uk for more than five rooms and it's not just about lost profit in aleppo which some claim is the oldest continuously inhabited settlement on earth tourism has helped save vital landmarks such as remain more to . he gave a new lease of lives to the four centuries old building ramy money team is not shy in criticizing their side government for the slow pace of economic reforms yet he believes that's no reason to bring the whole country to the point of self-destruction nobody could imagine that syria could. get to such a situation like now at the beginning everybody was looking for freedom but afterwards
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when it comes to clashes and fire and killing and killing for nothing just only that you're with the government or against the government and kidnapping people really we are sorry for syria to come like this what's made things even worse is that two thousand and ten the last year before the syrian uprising was the most successful on record for serious tourism industry revenues jump by sixty percent prompting many to take out investment loans they're no longer able to repay no wonder many now feel bankrupted by their revolution in times of crisis tourism is always the first to fall and the last to recover and syria learned the hard way what's ironic is that in order to rise from the ashes this country desperately needs visitors from the same nations that contributed to the current crisis actually work our sea syria. turn out of some other stories making headlines across
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the globe clashes between government troops and al qaeda forces have killed nineteen people in southern yemen thirteen militants two tribal volition men were killed in the town of lauder just a day after the area was seized by the government for soldiers also died during clashes in ginger bar there is currently a government crackdown on al qaeda strongholds in the south. lebanese troops patrolling tripoli after days of clashes left six people dead more than seventy others were. injured in armed riots clashes were linked to an arrest in neighboring syria and broke out between supporters of the assad regime and sunni muslims who backed the rebels tripoli's recently become home to thousands of syrian refugees fleeing the violence back home. and former i.m.f. chief dominique strauss kahn has filed a million dollar counter suit against the new york hotel maid who accused him of sexual assault it claims the lawsuit ruined his chances for a stance as standing for france's presidency he also wants compensation for losing
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his job serving time in jail and damage to his reputation and strauss kahn's assault case was dropped last year after prosecutors questioned the maid's credibility with the british government's efforts to slash thousands of police jobs putting the public in the firing line according to a senior officer the head of the police chief association says crime will rise in the nation with fewer bobbies on the beat bet it has been gauging grievances. a protest policing itself is a rare sight especially one this big that's because these protesters are the police thirty five thousand officers from across england and wales demonstrating against government cuts they call criminal never before so many bodies on one beat the problem is never again these black caps represent the number of police officers who lose their jobs in the carts sixteen thousand over the next four years cuts they say that could seriously threaten public safety it will have an impact on the
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executive not just that perception of the police it is we will see if you that this is on the street and at the end of the day people see police police help is on the street they feel safe bitingly presence and that's just not going to happen egypt it was known as the backs to police force in the will and with these cuts it simply it will continue like that the police will be hit hard by a government desperate to get more for less over five thousand officers have already been booted off frontline policing in the past year alone police pay and pensions will also be slashed in a sweeping twenty percent cuts the thin blue lines about to get much thinner we won't be able to provide a service that's the issue to the moment it. feels. like almost it would have to be able to provide that service for them as it has a direct it's always will. it's not just police probation officers are up for the
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chopper to the government wants to replace them with machines expected to look like this removing yet another barrier protecting the public they're supposed to stop criminals re offending with nothing but a series of yes no questions they'll be trialed first in parts of london but without a lie detector these machines aren't exactly the spanish and. ization nonsense to suggest that a machine could do the job with human beings there's a real likelihood and the public protection in britain because if these machines are rolled up nationally. reviewed review your behavior will be missed and those people will go and commit serious crimes against the public the government insists the machines to cut costs stating this is a misrepresentation the london probation trust is investigating a range of a knowledge of approaches to law professionals to cut bureaucracy and spend their
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time more effectively with the offenders they supervise public protection will always be our priority not according to those charged with that role it's been four years since police officers last marched on mass three london the next time sure to be sooner than that if the government continues its squeeze either bennett r.t. london. i would check in with katie at the business desk and global markets under pressure for another day tell us more now quite right now they're heading for another threshing of losses and as all today where the political turmoil in grace now the uncertainty is taking a run for perceived safe haven investment such as the us dollar now discuss the issue more i'm joined by our correspondent daniel bushell he's at the most of the exchange for us now daniel why is all the focus of investors on greece at the moment. well new elections are just being called in greece for june seventeenth that means another months of indecision and an interim government markets can say good news about what they can handle is uncertainty in greece there are reports of
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a buying run which sent athens markets to a twenty year low yesterday hundreds of millions of euro have been withdrawn from greek banks since the last election two weeks ago some big mike is no longer taking bets on greece quitting the euro they've already taken it for granted question seems to be where this will end the bank of england says the eurozone is tearing itself apart and we're seeing those fears now infect europe and beyond to russia and tell us how this all relates to the russian markets that. trading volatility of volume to home much more than usual traders are giving the money you know this very . speaking with merger with here at the main exchange l.t.s. more six there's a sense of fear among the business over what's happening in the euro zone most are more use of already lost a fifth of their value this year and the world wants to get into halting trade and the extreme measures that happen when there's a big fall the usual situation applies when the world economy is doing well russia
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but when the world struggle rushes those even worse seems to be what's happening here today daniel thanks very much daisy that going to get to the figures and see what's happening on the markets right now we're going to head to the u.s. markets and the first hour try and see how the figures are looking that seems of the moment they are brushing off those greece can see a lot in the first hour as i stand that's on the back of a report showing housing starts and industrial production was rising more than expected just take the heat off of the international pressures that are going on a sunny was talking about just the dow jones expensive that up just shortly behind that would go into the european market is down you mentioned all the sentiments going on we've got another action in greece happening on the seventeenth of june breaks polling out there your eyes from that bank accounts in the millions of your eyes who go first so the pressure's been taken off the side though that's really just five basis points down now if we want to exchange rates and see how the common currency is getting or as i mentioned grapes are pulling out the euro is so it's
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actually very in better perhaps that's why we've got one twenty seven fifty two for the traders favorite pair they've got the ruble as well is actually not performing too too well it's all actually in the trading session to be closing up shortly but it's losing the greenback as well as the euro about as investors stay clear of risk assets moving out of the russian markets we'll see it's a different color spectrum here we've got the markets down for the r.c.s. in the second percentage point there the myself half a percent down there heading toward. at their lowest point in maybe two years actually to see how the big blue chips are before make this the hour we can see that surprised me phoebe's concern like not to get themselves operatic or to represent up gas from a little bit better but still keeping their rad well served to a halt to send and that is indeed the figures for this hour we're going to have a quick look at the oil prices if we may there now the lowest level in six months and that's because stockpiles in the u.s. are surprisingly high that is the markets as i say i'll be back next hour with the
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closing figures for the russian markets thanks very much cady and i'll be back with a recap of today's headlines in a few moments stay with us your art. wealthy
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