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tv   [untitled]    May 16, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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we never got the word shows they're going to keep you safe get ready because you give them your freedom. very good. luck and they alone and so we'll get the real headline with none of them are the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back to t.v. . you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else hears you some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry is
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a big issue. our guys time for you said it i read it right take time to respond to our brilliance are engaging viewer comments on facebook twitter and you tube because when you've got something to say i listen now i've i've
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a lot of them really quick up there and. the whole lot i'll get to i'll get to them in a minute. all right so our first person was talking about our little experiment that we did yesterday talking about school lunches where you have nice having quite a few snacks and so this commenter said if someone tells me pizza is a vegetable i'll tell them to come back once they grow one who ever came up with that deserves being pointed and laughed at when ever they're seen in public do it it's free now we had a couple of responses when it came to this topic so the next person said what in your idiot mind makes pork rind protein any less valid as protein you effing idiot very nice thanks a lot and then our last comment on the matter said i love pizza schools always serve pizza as far as it being classified vegetable. and so i think the basically i pretty much agree with that last comment right there makes the most sense right nothing that pizza isn't delicious it is great when it's eaten in moderation even
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but i'm just saying that it's not a vegetable very clearly it isn't a vegetable so let's call this civil vegetables and let's call pizza pizza and then call it a day right the point here is to figure out to make kids' school lunches more healthy and how to trick them now to respond to that one comment about the guy they called idiots for saying that pork rinds probably are the best option for kids to meet their protein quotas in schools and to say there's no need to call names right again all i'm saying is that we should actually want our kids to eat healthy meals lead meals and wall skins may actually provide kids with some protein they're not the best option right so next let's move on to last night's tool time award one of our viewers actually had a problem with this we gave it to bill o'reilly for saying the inequality is bowl and so k. bit bit comment on you tube you tube and said i'm very disappointed in hearing this stuff from this show he's a regular guy that just happens to be very well paid it's no more complicated than
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that you're just pushing the class warfare stuff like those in the mainstream media you're as bad as the ones you criticize think about it. thing is i actually am thinking about it and no i don't think that well saying that bill o'reilly is on the same levels of those people makes me on the same levels him i have no problem with bill o'reilly being wealthy i have no problem with anybody having money and i'm sure that he works hard and i believe that but what i do have a problem with is bill o'reilly saying that just because he works hard and makes millions and somebody who doesn't make as much as he does is somehow lazy or just on to in the right things i have a problem people like bill o'reilly who actually stand up and claim that there's no such thing as inequality in america because the truth is that the numbers prove that that is not true inequality is bad and it's growing and finally we have an interesting idea from you she fair and he tweeted out the loan to show keeping the good news going would you consider doing a non tool time segment occasionally so when we could add my or cool time or add to
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it i like it cool time has a really nice ring to it we all have a cool time get we do have a glimmer of hope and that's a story about someone something that we can admire something we can be happy about so check that out in the meantime that's of my rantings for now but i'll be back with more when i get back next week. all right well today we have an update on the scheduled execution of mentally ill texas inmate steven staley a texas court of criminal appeals agreed to stay his execution until he decided on the next appropriate step of action as we said yesterday the case surrounding the texas death row inmate as a rare and important one and two thousand and six despite his well documented history of paranoid schizophrenia the district attorney petitioned the court to have staley forcibly medicated so that he could regain his competency and make him eligible for execution staley's lawyers have been in a constant legal battle with the state over this decision arguing that it's not only unconstitutional for the state to force staley to take medication solely for
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the purpose of execution but it's clearly unethical not to this day was issued defense attorney john stickles said that a psychologist spent three hours with staley and determine the after two weeks without meds he was no longer competent so i'll still leave life hangs in limbo the courts still need to weigh in on whether or not a death row inmate who is not mentally fit to be executed can be forcibly medicated and or there for the state to end his life that is a truly gruesome prospect and like we said yesterday appeals courts even the supreme court they've all weighed in on similar cases in the past when it comes to forcibly medicating an inmate but none of these have ever dealt with a case where the inmate was scheduled to death while the state of texas has it ruled on the issue other states like louisiana and south carolina they have already ruled in their state supreme courts that forcibly medicating a prisoner for the sake of execution is a violation of their state constitutions so i wouldn't be surprised if this issue and up on the scope is docket down the line because the fact that we're even debating whether or not those taken drugs someone only to kill them that's
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disturbing and quite frankly if you ask me it's unconstitutional on a federal level don't forget the whole thing about no cruel and unusual punishment but in the meantime does look like the texas judicial system has done the right thing for now. all right now today we also have another update on the f. twenty two the stealth jets have been riddled with problems if you remember they're the planes that are linked to pilots feeling dizzy suffering symptoms of hypoxia basically choking the pilots while they're in the air and following a sixty minutes exposé defense secretary leon panetta is finally getting involved and he's ordering the air force to begin an expedited installation of a backup oxygen system for all f. twenty two and it's about time now according to the pentagon spokesman the new backup systems will be in start starting in installed starting in december averaging ten planes per month but in the meantime those planes will continue to fly that's what you heard me right the twenty two's are going to remain in the air
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their force says that it's necessary to keep them flying so they can continue their troubleshooting because they still don't know why their oxygen systems are failing that's right they still don't know the cause of this program's fatal flaw and while panetta agree the troubleshooting could actually continue he has restricted flights saying it's a fighter jets must now show a quote prudent amount of proximity to a landing strip so so much for using sonar most expensive jets to their full potential they have they're designed to travel over six hundred miles but for now these minimum hundred thirty seven million dollars per piece jets are basically just to test runs and then one more update for you remember when the f. twenty two pilots spoke out about the faulty system to sixty minutes. well the twenty two pilots the vast majority will be coughing a lot of times other things laying down for bed at night after flying and getting just spinning room feeling dizziness tumbling vertigo kind of stuff. or even after
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explaining how they fear for their safety the air force announced a day later and the pilots would be returning now we were skeptical at the time and it does turn out that one of the pilots was issued a letter of reprimand and lost his pilot's license but those two aren't the only ones who spoken out at least twelve pilots reported symptoms of hypoxia since two thousand and eight even a few members of the ground crews have reported similar symptoms now despite all the problems facing with bell's jets both physically and politically they are still scheduled to deploy a few of the twenty two's to u.s. air base near iran so if the air force just continuing business as usual well sadly in that way. we're taking a one more break but up next the commander in chief a way that himself back in the tool time spotlight and a man is suing an all you can eat buffet because it wasn't all he could eat.
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a quart of american power. by the time. the record books. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so poorly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry is a big issue. here is what i. like and they alone are so they'll get the real headlines with none of
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them are the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back in t.v. . welcome to the capital account i'm lauren lyster.
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our guys have time for tonight's tool time award and tonight the award goes to the big man himself president obama earlier this week his reelection campaign released ads attacking mitt romney's time as c.e.o. of bain capital the private equity firm isn't blasted for as leveraged buyouts and asset stripping controversial practices to say the least worth criticizing and obama's campaign took a chapter out of former presidential hopeful newt gingrich's book and they try to put a human face on a vampire capitalism take a look. i was a steel worker for thirty years we had a reputation for quality products it was something that was american made and we weren't rich but i was able to put my daughter through college that start with the sale of the plant to bank capital i know how business works i know why jobs come and why they go capital was the majority owner they were responsible mitt romney
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was deeply involved in the influence that he exercised over these companies they made as much money off it is they could and they closed down they file for bankruptcy without any concern for the families of. pretty heart wrenching stuff right it makes you think that president obama has no time for these sorts of parasitic financier's but just hours after releasing the ad his campaign lapped up two million adam one hat and fundraiser held by tony james president of the blackstone group one of the largest private equity firms in the world now to make the insincerity worse last month obama's campaign criticized one of james's colleagues they blasted blackstone partner paul sure for quote betting against america and being less than reputable in his dealings now why well you just haven't to be a romney donor but because tony james raised money for obama when he was sort of
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guy you'd want to thanksgiving dinner and it's not as james the obama campaign is welcoming wall street blood money with open arms by the end of january it raised two point two million from pacs and employees associated with securities and investment firms and february alone employees and pacs from j.p. morgan chase wells fargo and goldman sachs all topped the president's toners list analysts who just woke up from a coma you know these companies and come under fire for morally questionable business practices especially j.p. morgan the company revealed a two billion dollars trading loss last friday and they lost billions more in equity investors fled as investors what and now federal officials are looking into the company's practices whether or not c.e.o. jamie dimon deceived investors last month he dismissed concerns over the company's trading practices as a quote tempest in a teapot tell a tad misleading in hindsight doesn't it so how did j.p. morgan and diamond compare to romney and bain well in your own words mr president
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j.p. morgan is one of the best managed banks there is jamie dimon the head of it is one of the smartest bankers will go this is the best or one of the best made of bricks or you could have a bank that is in a strong business profitable making those same bets and we might have had to strip them. now according to influence explorer dot com diamond is given nine dollars to democrats for every dollar donated to republicans since one thousand nine hundred one and he's donated almost a half a million dollars to democrats in that time so forget obama's praise especially considering future bailouts will be less likely if too big to fail banks like j.p. morgan are broken up what obama is really saying all things considered is that morally bankrupt financial elites are ok as long as they're on his side so what's even worse about that well as chuck todd pointed out yesterday it's sort of lacking in the accuracy department take a look is this story though it still is it really fair reflection of mitt romney's
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leadership since he was not running day to day operations of the well back to was there was a man by the name of jonathan the boy. who is not running for president who works for bain a managing director and is the work you see a donor to example to help raise and we love john of those i. yeah that's right the guy running by the time referenced by obama's campaign is actually an obama donor now the obama campaign has valid points right romney wasn't a job creator in the private sector he shouldn't pretend that he is but the white house clearly has no problem embracing these vampire capitalists who by the way have not fared too poorly in the current president i know it's how the game works but in that case let's not be the pot the called the kettle black so for falsely portraying himself as a tough regulator of private equity just to attack mitt romney president obama when tonight's poll time award.
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hi guys it's time for happy hour and joining me this evening r.t. web producer andrew blake and soren dayton republican senior strategist with new media strategies. i'm going to cut off all the strategies next time i introduce you hey guys thanks for joining me let's start i just really like this story because i just think that it's so funny and just i don't know if you want to call it a sign of the times or it's one of those things we say only in america but check out what happened to this guy and all you can eat buffet. it's. bill was it has a beef with the all you can eat fish fry it chucks place in beans bill he was there friday when the restaurant cut him off after he ate a dozen pieces with us for more fish and they refused to give us any more fish the restaurant says it was running out of fish and patients. and it just makes me laugh. a lot of it this is a perfect example of life imitating art this was a promise for
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a simpsons episode like twenty years ago and like most that this is they were way ahead of their times and you know clearly it was bound to happen sooner or later i understand is this what happens to all you can eat buffets and you can do it all in times a million times of like recession is like suddenly they start taking people out of the like anybody i grew up in chicago i went to more than my fair share of fish fries it was constant there is a lot of butter there is a lot of food the idea of eating even like five of those things is pretty gross i just don't know how they got this burst and like keel over and good for him then right you know be able to keep on going maybe we'll try to set a record like in watching weight of the nation the. obesity in america you know now saying come over the sequel watch you know all right all right i have to the next one. this is messed up too so this woman is being sued by a church in oregon because she posted a negative review on google where she used some words that they didn't like here's
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a news story that gives a little bit i thought i'm just going to post a review with restaurants and hotels and whatnot and i thought why not do it with this church never did she think beaverton grace bible church pastor charles o'neal would slap her with a five hundred thousand dollars lawsuit her words creepy coal control tactics and spiritual abuse the pastor claims in this lawsuit are defamation. and they sued her first. they like five hundred thousand dollars to they really can you do that people write some somatic negative reviews out there that's how the internet works god fearing money loving bastards. tom cruise in the scientologists do it too you know. i mean let's see this is the most absurd thing that i've ever heard oh you think that's absurd i'm i'm very scared because that's what i do want to sing at that desk all day i get out and yelp and him long john silver's i don't like your
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fish today honestly i didn't even know that people write reviews of churches. here the washington city paper does does reviews of churches and i know several pastors there in terror of the washington city paper farming they specially trashed the cleanliness of bathrooms in the bad food well you know i think that's kind of good it's a good out time that the church is being held up to some standards right how do you how do you decide where you will do your worshipping you don't check out my i do not go to church oh oh oh gee how controversial all right. i'm sorry but i think there's actually a fly by marty. completely serious frank frank that's why my martini it's ok. all right sorry. i'm not going to eat it no hell no place for you right here all right this story works perfectly for you you might be kind of like the next guy and when i. necessarily handle their booze.
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hear hear . when i hear. i there is a rat that. researchers at yale university are basically coming up with the next college wonder drug it's a pill that if you take it will can stop you from getting as drunk the effects of alcohol like it makes them break down a little bit so you can stay sober for longer. which means you can drink more which means you're more effective way out partying longer with your friend assuming that probably if this was something that was out there for everyone to have the college kids if it was the stories i wrote about this this is like a great way to get people off alcohol that's not going to work right this is
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admitting to being. you know six months from now we're going to be standing here and we're going to have for these martinis and we'll have to look back and realize that maybe this wasn't the best idea or maybe it is maybe it is right now it's just a pilot study but the drug is called the. in that group hey guys you see both on you you're going to drink a lot but not get drunk it's the study group to possibly be here and these poor guys well you know some people can't handle their alcohol and so it might actually help them out in social situations where. the the town where people drink a lot right it's a very social thing to do it's part of networking it's part of how you meet people that i don't know but it's always interesting to me how much people actually drink here in this town and you know i think that some people might actually they should be the republican democratic national convention. going to surprise you or. are you going to california enabler so. whatever. end of the
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next video that's been put out this is a spoof right supposed to remind you of seinfeld a little bit of chris christie and cory booker. you guys got any problems you would have like a fire anywhere people trapped. you know. like a battle mobile actually ready to help the folks. here the cat the tree and i think we're also here. to for what we got mary thank you for coming first two alarm fire down on state street we do have a car broken down on route one and yes a little girl has lost her cat in a tree. so they put this up on chris christie's web site they're supposed to be like seinfeld and. but but it was not funny i mean it kind of liked it no not funny you know i mean people you know i did fisa medline that i didn't bother reading into that they thought that this could spoil the chances for
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a christie's be. chances you know or dreams but who cares that's a funny video it is a funny video it's also a reminder of i mean not to not to get serious all of a sudden but it's a reminder of democrats or republicans working together here you have cory booker one of the most talented mayors in the country a democrat working together on this spoof video that. you cut before you have cory booker answering the phone for mitt romney talking about running for vice president and and of course it turns around and chris christie says no no no i got this one and you know i think it really points to the strange charisma of both of those people and their successes working across across party lines and things like that i mean but they're funny funny but do they hear they hear as cory booker who is the one it's actually saving people from burning houses very well it was not on their faces chris christie's web site chris christie is making fun of himself and that's appealing most of these politicians take themselves way too seriously. i
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will give you that as with most things from new jersey just watching this just maybe uncomfortable i don't know what i just didn't know what to do there's one part where there's a baby that you think there's like a baby it's about to die. at my desk doesn't die i read it i read it. this is terrible there's a scene from new jersey because i'm uncomfortable listening to you know i like what yeah ok now we have so there's this new film basically it's a burger movie it claims that obama's father was not a kenyan goat herder but a communist journalist for decades older than his mother and so what's happening is it's actually splitting the burger in community because some people think that just take a look at how ridiculous that is. americans often wonder why am i so comfortable with anti-american extremists i mean i'm
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what's known as a red diaper baby i have my mom's chin but many features are from my real father my eyes and my smile. these people also try to say that obama had a nose job but for his two thousand and four run for senate they've done a lot of ensuring its job. do a lot of politicians get nose jobs you know it's actually something they don't think about often because in hollywood everyone is getting they are buying and they often run lots of botox before they will that's. that's for sure this kind of pissed because i had a very similar screener a screenplay already written where it turns out that my father wasn't a kenyan goat herder but was instead a communist journalist but i wasn't a president in the story so i guess i can't really pursue legal action but not as much fun a coincidence though my favorite part about this is that his grandfather done
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through his first name is according to this telling a cia agent who comes up with the story about mary being married to barack hussein obama sr to cover for the pregnancy with frank marshall and i think who comes up with this is really surreal. complicated a way to make that stuff up you just can't you know. all right one of the things to disagree with the man there's no reason to go here. no no no i mean the nobody's got there are you guys thank you for joining me this evening that is it for tonight's show and thank you for tuning in and make sure you can make tomorrow i will not be here but don't you worry because christina for is out is going to be filling in for me doing a fabulous job but only back next tuesday but tomorrow lawrence wilkerson retired u.s. colonel and former chief of staff to colin powell is going to be on the show and meantime don't forget to become a fan of the launch show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any
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of tonight's show or any other nights you can always catch it on youtube dot com slash the eleven show coming up next. culture is that so much and i'm afraid we're going to be made into a lot of people over here in our blog unfolding. is this what is happening to american jews and the nations you american jews may indeed be more liberal. the. there hasn't been anything good on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact.
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before source material is what helps keep journalism honest we. we want to present. something else.


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