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u.s. officials come clean about washington aiding the syrian rebels as unnamed sources say weapons are flowing in to battle the assad regime. a euro dilemma greece's new election could see the country take a leave of the currency union which would send shock waves across the region. and a family walden and left in isolation israel's security barriers are separating people who refuse to leave learns pounced down through generations. thank you for joining our team here with me karen tara seats eight o'clock here in
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moscow and unknown american officials have confirmed washington is helping to coordinate arms to the syrian opposition though arab gulf allies qatar and saudi arabia the rebels say they've recently seen an influx of arms from abroad to fight the regime in syria anti-war activist brian becker says the u.s. and nato want to destabilize the country further to overthrow president assad. sony arabia qatar they have their own interests in terms of reorganizing the middle east principally of weakening syria weakening iran changing the relationship of forces in lebanon but behind qatar and saudi arabia and even turkey which has its own regional ambitions is the united states is the nato countries the former colonizers of syria and the region who are committed to overthrowing the assad government and who i believe have crossed the rubicon now in terms of preparing for the all out
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intervention including military intervention by nato forces and remember turkey will be the gateway for nato as a nato power for the efforts by the west as they did in libya to use ultimately military power to overthrow a government and independent government that they want to replace with a proxy regime in this important region assad government was hoping against hope that some sort of a. mission such as the observer mission with kofi annan might be enough to keep the dogs at bay but i think it's quite clear that when the united states and its allies saudi arabia qatar are pumping in huge quantities hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons right into the middle of damascus and other areas their intention is not to have a negotiated settlement but an all out civil war or as a precursor as i said earlier to a nato intervention i think the united states is scripted it in a way that peace is impossible it says pieces demean but the united states and nato wanted to do because they're using have decided to use military force to overthrow
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this independent government. more than a month into the ceasefire in syria still suffering from violence that's casting serious doubt on the un backed peace plan president assad insists his country is fighting foreign mercenaries who are masking themselves us the syrian free army and trying to overthrow the government his comments came in the interview to russia's that us twenty four channel has first in nearly six months because they have all the first of all it's not an army and it's not free they get arms and money from abroad from different countries that is why they are not free they are a bunch of criminals that have violated laws for years and it be given the number of charges they usually consist of religious extremists with ties to al qaida i don't just mean the organization itself but their extreme and terrorist approach they also have for nurse neris some were killed in action some we have captured and they're alive and will soon reveal them to the world we can do it earlier because we did not have the documents so we couldn't offer proof of their identity they
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look for him but that would not serve as proof as for those fighters detained they are all foreign mostly from arab states is that it's the u.s. troops are providing targeting data for yemeni air strikes which some see as an escalation of america's clandestine war in the country government forces used heavy artillery and warplanes to pound al-qaeda positions in the south of the country telling at least twenty nine militants al qaeda linked fighters have taken over several towns in the past year forcing out troops and establishing their own rule anti-war activist susan lindauer believes american help will do more harm than good hurting u.s. interests in the region. the united states has played right into the hands of al qaida it's been a long term ambition of al qaeda to manipulate the united states into putting sanctions on yemen so that they can alienate the very impoverished yemeni people
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from the central. government yemeni of course is the emmen is a scrabble poor country desperately poor they're running out of water they have no food they have limited hospitals limited educational opportunities and al qaeda yemen's sits right next door to saudi arabia for the ever since the bombing of the u.s.s. cole al qaeda has made it clear that it wants to establish a base inside yemen to attack the saudi oil fields right next door and anything that they can do to alienate the yemeni people from the central authority and the west this is the united states caused this and this is a this is a this is a great victory for them it's a very bad decision by the united states coming up on our a life apart one palestinian family cut off by the israeli barrier separating them from their community that community and a lot of the hood. for the first time in decades mexican immigrants no longer
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wish to go to the united states may be something many americans have wanted for a long time but soon they may start regretting it we'll tell you one. thing these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day. all right at six minutes past the hour and the euro's on shaky ground as greece assembles a caretaker government to last until next month's reelection fears of afghans quitting the single currency have exacerbated by a frantic cash withdrawals from the country's banks but you have the weights are still hoping to safeguard the euro by keeping the greeks in as artie's peter oliver
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reports from berlin. the attention of those who are looking to find a solution to the ongoing debt crisis in the euro zone is focused only on athens fresh elections being called for the seventeenth of june now this is following the failure of the political parties that so you form a coalition government following early elections this month now those fresh elections are essentially elections that greece a country which is suffering severe financial problems can ill afford to be hosting . and of course the people who will be taking part in those elections will essentially be the same people who have failed to form a coalition government following the last round of ballots some of those people of course as well and those some of those political parties want to see an end to austerity measures which were laid down as part of a joint e.u. i.m.f. bailout greece was set to receive in june is it risky basically the message is no
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will stare at the no money now in recent times we've seen around a billion dollars taken out of greek banks by investors who have become worried should greece leave the single currency leave the eurozone all of the five be kicked out of the eurozone would have to refer back to the drachma their savings would be essentially stripped of some value the president of the european central bank mario draghi has said that the e.c.b. will not keep greece in the euro zone it any cost in fact that the it's not a matter for the e.c.b. to move the goalposts as it were to allow greece to remain within the single currency here in germany we've heard from chancellor angela merkel who is said alongside french counterpart newly sworn in french president francois hollande said
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that they want to see greece remain within the. and said that they're willing to try and help greece along with through its financial troubles however they said that they will also respect the of the results of a ballot should greece decide to elect people who want to pull them out of the eurozone. finance ministers in the we'll be meeting on the thirty first of may to talk more about the ongoing crisis throughout europe throughout the eurozone and the future of the single currency what happens if greece pulls out well it's it's unprecedented there would have to be a huge change. in treaties across europe so all i hear in germany as well as across europe focused of firmly on athens the find out what's going to happen next as this story unfolds money has been flowing out of greece for more than two and a half years now ever since its financial troubles hit economist alberto mingora
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the says if athens quits the eurozone it will see cash draining from smaller economies into the hands of bigger ones the stary is dead osteria he is a very confusing warts by use tyranny you can mean to very different things which is why. expanding in the taxation the going to precedent your d.c.b. mo you as talking about two different kind of good one in a bad one britain one is the one by raising taxes to good one isn't one made by catholic bardic expenditure is the. better kind of austerity he's also the easier one to be pursued politically speaking but the gloomy mused in these days everything views about x. the key issue. and he looks in front of the markets in tunisia now have you got greece exiting the euro. where to go following suit. and money
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basically being to leave in a way out of the talian in spanish banks to german banks and into austrian banks very savers believe their savings will be safer and this can bring to any northern italy action starting with this fact of capital control in this country of course if you have defacto capital controls basically you are saying goodbye not just to europe but to the entire dream of a unified common market. orderly or disorderly a chorus of analysts have been predicting in greek a default later we ask chuck aboard the car economics leader writer for the guardian newspaper what he sees next for athens. people have been modeling what a greek exit from the euro zone would look like for the best part of a year politically and economically politically even those who are in favor of greece leaving so. they would accept that it would involve beyond being states
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people though it would mean going to. the a.t.m. would not be working it would mean that people stop from the country especially with this the bureaus in their back pocket because the country would then need to stop all copper for the country and to maintain a very high level move so it would feel affected like a country move more to. the question are all in the saudis really for the rest of the euro zone if the euro zone can say to the rest and to financial markets look greece is leaving but we all know greece is a special case you know behind our hands will say it's a bit of a basket case and actually its problems and not the rest of the euro zone that's what they really mean by naughty exhibit if they can convince everyone that greece is leaving because of greece not because of the euro i don't think the markets would buy that. watch the full
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interview with chakraborty the economics leader writer for the guardian newspaper in just about twenty minutes here on r t. well europe's mired in its own financial woes and public discontent it still pledging cash abroad germany's chancellor merkel serves berlin will give afghanistan one hundred fifty million euros a year to support its military after the nato withdrawal in twenty fourteen but activist ryan. ron says there is a hidden agenda behind this. the problem is that the drug not to withdraw totally from not going to the german troops staying and fighting in afghanistan but our main concern is that the german troops and the nato troops not to leave the country to the other twenty four plus do a coffee new was staying there the second point which is highly interesting and underlying are the arguments of what is the german news really. getting good of the
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natural resources in afghanistan this means we will get the cash or sources from the country this is not a peace process this is a process of continuing occupying the country and continuing being interventional all the countries in nato will have to give money for paying the reparation for the country which they have destroyed the maid who will get the money if there were a democracy elected government in afghanistan it is a typical psyche which you can support is always there are totally corrupted muscular system where we spend the money and we are totally against giving money to cover because this is not money for the people. that r t dot com never runs out of stories for you to explore here's a quick taste of what's there. but you are scared going to sit or transferring convicted arms dealer viktor book two of his native russia which has been vying for the return of the man dubbed by some of the lord of war. fans
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a feminist blast at the cannes film festival a french group demands filmmakers explain the lack of female talent on show all the details at our team dot com. israel's work to wall itself in is back on track after pausing for the palestinian but day the so-called catastrophe which sought thousands displaced when israel was founded the country is building walls on most of its borders saying it needs to protect itself from attacks but the barrier it's constructing within palestinian territories are seeing families separated as are trees poles slayer reports. a lonely house on a hilltop tells the whole story of palestinian plots of land passed on through the generations now under threat i don't buy the number i don't want money i want my gun and for his insistence almost paying the price is small property is on the
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wrong side of the wall tel aviv is building between israel and the palestinians and what was once omar was part of one larger village he'll soon be cut off from it and alone on the other side from this during a few media and the israeli tractors have already for eight months been building the prison or refuse to digging up the ground around his house the plan will see his home cut off by a five meter high electrified fence and a tunnel monitored by security cameras will connect him with a larger village. after. the experience for. go for this this this rod and go for in the. gold the mr little go the village. she's got all this done two hundred fifty meter. this. ball for this five million on eight hundred thousand one hundred
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million dollars just to build this town for just only one family. for a decade already it's all been building a wall that cuts through the west bank these raby states for security but palestinians complain it saves them from their land and communities the leadership of israel is going crazy and they have no real plan there have no really vision no real vision of a very long term answer because walls will not and will never ever provide security for this one is a good neighbor is actually provide security and we do not have good neighbors eventually the village of larger will also be completely closed in by the wall the only way in and out will be through this entrance that israelis will control here too the israelis are building another tunnel this one is so that omar's neighbors can reach a small family cemetery will be an electrified fence and the local joke is that not only are the israelis separating palestinians from their land they're separating the living from the dead but with each tilt of the soil most families connection to
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the land is threatened to be even more polluted for much of. what they can do or just our. future in. this. this for you and this for my father and my grandfather. don't live in the future it's. like a future times against him and with every new brick it goes up the families isolation is cemented policy r.t. the larger village. a quick look at some other international headlines now. gunmen have raided an historic town on the libya algeria border known as the pearl of the desert seven people died and dozens were injured in ga dahmus which is a unesco world heritage site locals clashed with the attackers over a can over control of a checkpoint on a desert route often used for smuggling libya's interim rulers have struggled to
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impose their will on the country's tribal groups most of whom fought for gadhafi in last year's uprising. a student demonstration until it has turned violent after hundreds of people poured onto the streets of santiago demanding free education and sweeping school reforms protesters threw rocks at riot police who responded with water cannons fires were also started in many parts of the city mass protests happen staged repeatedly since last year but so far little's been achieved. the trial of former bosnian serb general article in law there charles opened in the hake he is charged with eleven counts of genocide and crimes against humanity during the nineteen ninety s. yugoslav war among them the city benito massacre when eight thousand muslim boys and men were slaughtered is also legit to have commanded the seizure of so able or
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in which more than ten thousand civilians died if convicted he faces life imprisonment. the occupy movement is continuing to press the us government protesting against the corrupt global economic system and corporate and justice the department of homeland security is now working with local law enforcement agencies to conduct massive surveillance activists says it's already become a habit for washington to spy on its own people in the fall of last year when it was clear that there was a cord move of the salton attack on the occupy movement all over the country. we have filed a series of for your demands with various federal law enforcement agencies as well as local municipal police agencies and what we're trying to expose right now and get our hands on is the communications the documents that show the nature of federal and local involvement in the occupy crackdown now i don't think it comes as a surprise to anyone that the u.s. government is keenly aware and paying a lot of attention to
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a movement that's really inspired the country particular time of great social and economic injustice where people are standing up for themselves and as we've demanded the documents we've received waves of documents most recently a series from the department of homeland security now what we've seen so far is that the federal government is clearly monitoring and spying on the occupy movement across the united states we have documents showing that they were entering into a federal databases basically fusion center collection databases information like the names of people who were arrested demonstrators the bank of america in dallas now why is that going to be important to the federal government shouldn't be a nation because like tim information apparently that is not focused on what one would reasonably consider to be suspicious which would be something looking like criminal or threatening or violent terrorist activity it's people engage in political protest. the american dream has been shattered for thousands of mexicans who have become disillusioned with life in the u.s.
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faced with a fragile economy and weekend job market emigrants no longer want to work there are versing a decades old trent. has the story three inhospitable terrain to trigger happy border guards crossing illegally from mexico into the united states is a person is journey which for many desperate for a new life was always thought to be worth the risk the times and more importantly condominiums have certainly changed if what i was so i was working even two jobs i mean what do you have to that some day i mean it was easy but now it's. sort of thought so that if you go you can leave it you're going to spend the money to find a good job. ten years ago gustavo like many other mexicans came to california illegally to earn money provide for his family and enjoy a harsh standard of living than at home but now he has joined the rapidly swelling ranks of those thinking it's time to pack their bags and had back south because of
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the poverty that was in the united states even people before maybe even middle class mexicans now they're falling into the lower class and now even below so a lot of people are saying what i want to report here i might as well go back home and be or at least with my family thanks again whether want it or not in the past mexico has provided the largest wave of immigration from a single country into the united states but now that's bigger just like america's economy has come to a grinding halt crippling unemployment and housing construction market lying idle and a sharp rise in deprecation charcoal combining to put people off seeking the good life in america during the five year period from two thousand and five to twenty ten a total net of one point four million mexicans immigrated to the united states down by more than half from the three million who had done so and the five year period nine hundred ninety five to two thousand mexicans that come here to the u.s.
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in take jobs far worse than labor it is a widespread belief that the mexicans do the jobs that americans receive still so this trusted name in the way she raises the question just who will sell and without ron gotcha's a teacher and a community organizer believes that this sharp don't worry trend can lead to more drastic consequences if they leave they crisis in the u.s. is going to be far greater than it is now because you know mexico have to go to the grocery store they have to buy the bike they can. yes so that's a lot of buying power we're talking about billions of dollars of buying power that the american economy cannot afford to lose and their kids have complained for decades that they want to laugh immigration from mexico that if chores started going on done and prices started rising the may soon start complaining that they won more you know which now i t.v. reporting from los angeles california. dimitris here with the business news and
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finally some positive data coming out in asia tell us all about it well g.d.p. coming out of japan has showed the growth of one percent in the first quarter compared to the fourth quarter of the previous year or an annualized four point one percent which was unexpectedly positive and therefore actually seeing a positive reaction more and hong kong rather than in japan but japanese stocks are take your breathing pause now this is better than expected g.d.p. data is based on investment coming into japan as a result of reconstruction after the disaster last year now over in the united states we've seen yet another negative session but it was moderate as you can see there within point seven percent losses on the nasdaq and on the dow j.p. morgan was down more than two percent now there's a report in new york times that it's trading loss might be not two billion dollars but another billion dollars more now that there's been some kind of some kind of. a
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snowball effect given that traders are dumping j.p. morgan story. now let's move over to currencies and the euro is regaining as you can see there thirty points versus the dollar has been losing massively the past couple of sessions due to the political uncertainty in greece whereas the russian ruble was losing a massively against both currencies in wednesday's session the new session will begin in one half hour's time i'll tell you all about that of course as it begins. and the russian market posted their losses yet again with the as declining two percent m i six point seven percent much better than in the middle of the day when we saw two and a half and two percent respectively and boyle was of course not supporting the russian market it was coming down right now we're seeing a bit of a recovery all based on the g.d.p.
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data all together oil's been coming down massively the past couple of weeks since the whole close to six month lows this is because of rising u.s. stockpiles and because of worries about the state of demand in the u.s. well citibank strategist climb and says this is the supply base is changing which might cause oil to lose a quarter in value in the next five years. will is only stayed over one hundred dollars for an annual average basis once ever it was last year so i think it's a little rash for the number of countries including russia and a good chunk of the middle east that have gotten addicted to hundred dollar plus oil when we think over the next five years oil is heading down south of one hundred dollars towards about eighty five dollars simply because if you look at the amount of supply coming from sherry loyal coming from deep water which is a mature technology that has gone international sharia will will go international right now it's just a north america phenomenon but you look down the road those volumes are coming in
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it's significant and it significantly change is the outlook. well that's an area of himself climbing from citibank is probably not something the russian government would want to happen because russia is so much of course dependent on oil and gas care all right many thanks for that update. more on money in a few minutes as we discuss the future of greece and the eurozone but first i'll bring you the headlines.
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secret lover a jury to mccurry was able to build on its most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything.


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