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tv   [untitled]    May 17, 2012 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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there with our teeth have past the hour and karen tara these are your headlines u.s. officials conkling about washington aiding the syrian rebel hands on name sources saying what happened are. the rebels claim they were recently seen an influx of arms from abroad to fight the regime in syria. heroes on shaky ground zero as greece's new election could see the country take a leave of the currency union that would talk waves across the region with heavy weights still helping to keep the greeks. and the family walled in and loved an isolation and barriers are separating people really plans passed down generation
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but israel says the wall are essential for its security. it's trying times for the eurozone and next we talk to id to out chakraborty be economics leader writer for the guardian newspaper about what worst hit greece and what the entire region can do to get it back on track. today i'm talking to. you who's an economics leader writer for the guardian newspaper we're talking as politicians increasingly start to discuss an exit for greece from the euro zone as easy chakraborty thinks that orderly or disorderly that exit will see disorder on the streets of greece thank you very much for talking to us today and we've recently seen these elections in greece which appear to have shown that the greek people reject or see how long do you think that rebellion is going to go on for. i think it's already been going on for the best
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part of two years ever since the european union and the i.m.f. impose a really severe program of spending cuts and form of welfare on greece you've basically seen a country which is dissin very quickly into the realms of young governable what you saw simply in the last election this was about getting on the internet for a vote against austerity that is a party that was against austerity now whether that means that they're against spending cuts well that means they're against reforming labor laws would that mean they're against changing the welfare system where they simply privatizing whole swathes of national assets i don't know but what you do see very clearly from greece these elections and i think you've seen for the best past years is a kind of wholesale rejection of the program that's been imposed upon greece and we've seen germany's finance minister will crank schauble make it very clear that i do agree stick to this austerity all it quits the euro what's in greece's interest
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would you say. what's best for them i think we can start with the most obvious thing is to stop this austerity what happens next well that's a that's a more vexed question if you want to talk about whether it's a good idea for greece stay within europe. or i think either way it can be a very painful decision for greece if it stays within the euro. it will be forced to stick to some kind of program imposed from outside for a long time to come and it won't have a great safety valve that's normally given countries in distress or been able to devalue the currency that's a problem staying in the euro leaving on the other hand or the kind of volatility and turbulence which may well may or may well make the general strikes to rights all the rest of it look like walking a pole compared to what happens next so that's from greece's point of view but what about the point of view of the rest of the year is the german chancellor angela
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merkel and new french president francois hollande says both say that they want greece to stay in the is greece essential for keeping the euro zone together really . it's not but the big question that will come up as soon as any country walks out of the door is which i was going to follow after it so greece is a very small economy greece is also it's pretty clear an exceptional case within the euro zone economy because it's had the biggest crisis of the lot it's had the biggest bust of the lot it's got of course you know it's got a whole series of. specific to greece but if it goes then what's to stop portugal from going to and talking about sort of house of cards and this is being this is being the big question ever since it became clear that southern europe was in trouble was it was never about one country in particular and it was particular not about greece assumes the questions of arise about greece in question actually the big questions get raised what about spain what about italy and these are these are
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the really big economies even some europe and within the euro zone and so when i go merkel said if the euro collapses europe itself will collapse do you think that sort of prophecy almost coming true. it's very funny statement for the german chance to make because the euro the euro is the union the seventeen countries the european union is a union of twenty seven countries and growing and so for her to ally one with the other is a is a very curious thing to do. it may be rhetorical overstretch but it may also be that she sees the euro zone affecting without that what happens in the european union the problem is she's got she says the euro equals european union but she also says austerity equals zero so what you've got or very clearly not just in greece but across the euro zone now you've got electorates and governments collapsing because they cannot impose austerity on their on their voters so even in
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neverland government government collapses because economy posen sturdy belgium hasn't had a government for the best part of a year. if the if the european equal just thirty and if the year if you're going unique with the euro and if the year equals austerity then voters don't want us thirty so what does that mean about the rest of the rest of the european union i think you've got to come up with a better story for europe is for than simply it's about the euro what about a potential exit for greece politicians are now really for the first time talking about an actual situation where greece might excess and they're talking about an orderly or a disorderly exit what do those terms mean and what real difference do you think it would make the really really odd thing when people who are all the or disorderly is all you are disorderly for whom because i can assure you that any sort of situation however well managed for the group for the ordinary greek it's going to be very disorderly indeed it's going to be very very turbulent. people have been modeling
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what a greek exit from the euro zone would look like for the best part of a year politically and economically politically even those who are in favor of greece leaving the euro zone. they would accept that it would involve beyond me being on the street to keep order it would mean the banks would have to shell out for to be sure that the a.t.m.'s would not be working it would mean that people would stop from leaving the country especially with disproves of bureaus in their back pocket because the country would then need to stop all capital from the country and to maintain a very high level. so it would feel affected like a countryman of marshall vote. the question all in the saudis really for the rest of the euro zone if the euro zone can say to the rest of the markets look greece is leaving but we all know it greece is a special case you know behind our hands will say it's a bit of a basket case and actually its problems are not the rest of the euro zone that's what they really mean by an orderly exit if they can convince everyone that greece
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is leaving because of greece not because of the euro i don't think the markets would buy that because the rot has gone so far. financial markets i'm willing to lend to spain or to italy that i don't think people any longer see is a problem confined to just one or two small countries and what about the situation with the banking sector in greece at the moment you talk about sort of disorder on the streets we've seen in the region of a billion euro as i think withdrawing from greek banks just in the last ten days how significant is that how close do you think that is to panic withdrawing a run on the banks essentially i was i went into one being spanx in greece in the capital athens in syntagma square last summer and one of the two most popular financial products and pulled out a safe box. to what people are doing now. they are renting from us in which they put their money so they no longer keep their money in the count's in the bank they
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keep it in a safe box in the vaults below almost under the mattress exactly like twenty first century of keep it on the pillow. so actually a bank run has a very slow motion bank run has been evident in greece for the better part of a year what you see in the past ten days is that sped up dramatically. the banking system in greece to intensive purposes in a zombie five banking system for the best party is because most of the debts that greece holds has been written on so much and a portion of those debts held by the greek government are held by the greek banks system so effectively sat on a pile of worthless loans and that's before you get on to the loans they've made to businesses and households which also not worth half what they were if that. so it's pretty clear that whatever you would have to do to greece stays in euro where it does then you're aware victims of austerity work doesn't it in your authority it need to do something to restructure and to bring back to life its banking system
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but it doesn't have the money to do up and no one in the rest of europe is willing to give it a money to do that. and all over europe there's a growing popular opposition to the political and economic union how of european bureaucrats failed to convince the people that the european union as a whole and the euro particularly are a good idea. i'll turn a question around you have to say it's the most it's an it's the crowning achievement of brussels it's managed to take a largely pro european continent and turn it so wholesale a against europe and the euro we're talking in britain where if you look at the popular press and even sections our political party system there are a whole variety of people who would see brussels being on some kind of conspiracy plot to turn all banal as straight and this is always been part of the british public discourse what's been really interesting from this odd channel is actually more and more the continent is turning against the euro and turn against europe and i think that's largely goes back to what angela merkel says about if the your affair with europe fails she has made europe about the euro and she's made europe
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about making vicious spending cuts even in germany which is seen as being the strongest and most successful economy of the past decade even in germany the average german worker has seen his or her wages for over the past decade take out inflation the median german wages fall and four percent over the past decade so even you are rich german workers the person in the most successful strongest economy in all of europe is worse off now than they were when since the euro launched and how far do you think politicians in brussels are willing to go to save the union and what you've seen in a past two and a half years is effectively a whole series of blame games going on soon as it became clear that greece was in trouble people in brussels and. that's greece you know we need a relation really been part of the year in the first place then oil and says hang on we're in trouble to wow you know the irish they can never control this their
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property market in portugal well ways portugal for heaven's sake then spain italy and so on so forth always becomes the fault of these individual countries and no point until very recently didn't say hang on there is a systemic problem here because you see whole swathes of europe now effectively going bankrupt or as close to bankrupt as you can get. and so the very belatedly realize that actually this is not just about countries been for but about an extension crisis for the euro. having only just recognize that they know when they put in a policy in place that might save you or. thank you very much. older
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olympic gold a. little. reluctant . to speak. to. her. her will. ultimately her long misleading good. her. her. interests. and in the. mind of
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a little. world of the true science technology innovation all the latest developments from around russia we've got the future covered.
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the. missiles come clean about washington aiding the syrian rebels that's on they sources say weapons are flowing in rebels claim they have recently seen an influx of arms from overall to fight the syrian regime and syria. for your own long shaky ground as greece's new election could see the country take a leave of the currency union it would send shock waves across the region with new heavyweights still hoping to keep the greek said. and a family of men left in isolation as real barriers are separating people who refuse to leave plans passed down through generations but israel says the walls are essential for its security. sports is next with paul.
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hello welcome along to the world of sport here is what's coming up. many cops it liverpool sox manager kenny dalglish after just one full season in charge after their worst premier league finish in the. wonderful williams of bytes arena i'm venus despite russian opposition and their way to round three of the italian open tennis. on truck the head of the international paralympic committee says he's impressed with sochi is progress to years before the winter games begin. but we start with football where a fee for delegation is in moscow as the group tours the country before announcing the final shortlist of eleven venues for the two thousand and eighteen world cup the delegation arrived fresh from
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a year catherine but fact finding mission on monday a total of thirteen cities are vying to become world cup venue's two will have to accept defeat this autumn when the list is announced trips to. god. and volgograd a still on the itinerary for the faithful representatives delegation head isn't giving much away. as night with my i'm constantly be asked which cities will make the final shortlist everywhere i go in russia it reminds me of my daughter who always wants to open a christmas presents while it's still summer we're currently in the process of gathering information about each location and the fief executive committee will announce the definitive list in september. meanwhile over in england liverpool have parted company with manager kenny dalglish after just one full season in charge the reds finished eighth in the premier league the lowest since one thousand nine hundred four they did however it's the f.a. cup final where they went down to one to chelsea and won the league cup former
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teammate alan hansen says it was a lack of goals which cost police's job. always say they will bring the cups carling cup final and final relatively poor league position either with the. employee in a really good news or the opposition will be in. that i think. you know if you look at the top twenty. when was the premier league there's no love who played amongst them meanwhile new england manager roy hodgson has been explaining his reasons for leaving former captain we're ferdinand out of his euro two thousand and twelve squad the thirty three year old manchester united defender was a message from options list of twenty three who will be going to poland and ukraine but it's purely a football decision the over man that i both respect as a player as a person i don't know it well personally but of course like everyone in the room i've said enough of him over the years to realise what a fine film is and what a good person is but i had to make
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a fulfilling decision to destroyed on the basis basically of what i've seen in recent months and in particular influenced also to some extent by the fact that we have played so much since the world cup and has only played once things in the last year meanwhile republic of ireland manager giovanni trapattoni says this summer's tournament is a great opportunity for the country ireland haven't qualified for the european championship since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and haven't been in any major tournament since the world cup in two thousand and two but despite being in a group with holders spain two thousand and six world champions italy and croatia the italian believes his men can reach the knockout stages. because in ninety minutes never say never possible. or you must believe. it's possible also to go over the first group. in the order. now we've reached the knockout stage of the ice hockey world
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championship in finland in sweden all four quarter final marches take place later on thursday reigning olympic champions canada and slovakia first up then russia will take on norway co-host and defending champions finland take on usa finally last year's runners up sweden play the czech republic. now up to the hardwood and in the n.b.a. boston have taken a two one lead in their best of seven series against philadelphia in the eastern conference semifinals so after an away one hundred seven ninety one win over the seventy six is in game three who plays was top score for the celtics with twenty four points meanwhile in the west oklahoma have taken a tilt series made over the l.a. lakers with a seventy seven seventy five win in game two. to tennis where both serena and venus williams have beaten the russian opposition to reach the third round of the italian open in rome serenus or if not a throw over in three sets four six six two six three the russian had never lost to
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the thirteen time grand slam winner having won their previous two matings and things appear to be going to plan as patro over took the first set six four for the twenty nine year old then squandered three break points early in the second allow her american opponent to stay back and take the second set six before racing through the third and final set williams and beaten in fifteen matches on clay this season almost four head of the french open later this month. meanwhile her sister venus got the better. in straight sets although she was pushed all the way in the eventually winning set tie break nine seven the exertions of the first set to take it out of her russian opponent as williams eased to victory in the second taking. six one the unseated american will now face u.s. open champion sam stosur in round three. now there's less than two years to go
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before the start of the twenty fourteen winter olympic and paralympic games with authorities continuing to inspect venues and infrastructure in the russian host city of sochi international paralympic committee president craven visiting for the first time this week and almost two thousand venues will require access for people with disabilities the sixty one year old stating he was impressed by what he saw having organizes all right thing on that commitment to ensure all areas are accessible to less able as well as the athletes themselves. every citizen will have the right to call me spectator incriminated joy and that's what the paralympic movement is about and that is what i am convinced. sushi twenty four started with and now we see it is delivered you know we've seen it delivered we've seen we've seen the curling venue we've seen the main stadium and now we've seen the smaller venue. finally motor sport may still be dominated by the male sex
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despite not who sees appointment of a female test driver for this formula one season but villota isn't the only female making a noise in a man's world as which of import we found out when he met russia's natalia. blonde beautiful with a need for speed rushes natalia free to know it's causing a stir now we're going to motor racing world some are native who's been living in switzerland for the last eight years is currently the only woman competing on the f.i.f.a. g.t. senna kids and she says there is no coincidence that she got into sports. my father wanted a boy but i was born instead so i had no choice but to fulfill my downstream i wasn't really keen on a career in sport start but now i'm used to it when i'm really enjoying racing professionally she's currently driving an aston martin as she competes in the g.t. free competition which takes her around various circuits across europe however
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she's loving every minute of life in the fast lane and is learn to overcome the usual stereotypes about women drivers that are the first few strange people either saying wow that's great what you do here i still get jokes about being a blonde behind the wheel but i have just learned to take it in my stride however natalya's have a chance to learn the tricks of the trade for markedly one of russia's best ever races aleksey by senior the forty year old has competed at lemoore has been racing for almost a quarter of a century in the tally of heartless both on and off the track there's no doubting who's the better driver. of course when it comes to motor sport i'm on pole position but when we are talking about thinking things through logically then of course natalia is in front. now whether getting into the sport isn't she the top of the range i'm beginning or ferrari will set you back hundreds of thousands of euros
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but it's all it's a point sounds russian teams and drivers are getting a major boost from the country's top oil firms of a government has taken a particular interest into sports but nonetheless it still takes massive financial support just to get started. unlike athletics or swimming where you only need a pair of trainers or trunks motorsport is way more expensive and you need a top car which you have to maintain it's very expensive to buy the tires and spare parts especially for a ferrari. who is competing in the russian go karting championships it will set their parents back in the region of fifty to sixty thousand euros just for a season however competing professionally in a ferrari is much more expensive and who cost from two hundred thousand euros money oversleep plays a massive poncing getting started the talent also plays a very important role as well and both natalya nomic say he will be looking to go from strength to strength in all aspects a big reason which you've been told me tante. is all the sports
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news for now but i'll be back in a little under two hours time here and i'll take join me that. wealthy british science. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our.
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