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tv   [untitled]    May 17, 2012 8:30am-9:00am EDT

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four thirty pm in moscow these iraqi headlines make up or break up britain's prime minister issues are stark warning to the eurozone to take urgent action or face collapse david cameron vowing to protect the u.k. whatever happens to the euro but insists that it's in britain's interest for single currency countries to sort out their problems. syria releases names of alleged foreign terrorists and its custody is the rebellion gets listed by arms from abroad but there is a split at the top the exiled syrian national council slammed by opposition committees in syria with the s.n.c. chief said to be stepping down. and israel reignites the palestinian conflict by
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shelling gaza reportedly wounding seven people this is tell of you pushes ahead with efforts to barricade itself from its arab neighbors. up next an economics leader writer for britain's guardian newspaper about what's needed to get greece and the entire region back on track stay with us. today i'm talking to a reporter who's an economics leader reisa for the guardian newspaper we're talking as politicians increasingly start to discuss an exit for greece from the euro zone as he said chakraborty thinks that orderly or disorderly that exit will see disorder on the streets of greece you very much for talking to us today and we've recently seen these elections in greece which appear to have say that the greek people reject austerity how long do you think that rebellion is going to go on for i think it's already been going on for the best part of years ever since the
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european union and the i.m.f. imposed the really severe program of spending colleagues and former welfare greece you've basically seen a country which is the same very quickly. realms of the young governable what you saw simply in the last elections was about getting on for same percentage lettre voted against austerity that is for a party that was against austerity now whether that means that they're against all spending cuts that means they're against reforming labor laws would that mean they're against changing the welfare system or were they simply against privatizing whole swathes of national assets i don't know but what you do see very clearly from greece at these elections and i think you've seen for the best past few years is a kind of wholesale rejection of the program that's been imposed upon greece and we've seen germany's finance minister will crank schauble make it very clear that either greece sticks to this austerity or it quits the euro what's in greece's interest would you say what's best for them i think what we can stop the most
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obvious thing is to stop this austerity what happens next well that's a that's a more vexed question if you want to talk about whether it's a good idea for greece stay within the euro zone or i think either way it's can we have very painful decision for greece if it stays within the euro it will be forced to stick to some kind of program imposed on it from outside for a long time to come and it won't have a great safety that will be given countries in distress or been able to devalue the currency that's a problem for staying in the euro problems living on the other hand or the kind of volatility and turbulence which may well look may or may well make the general strikes to rights all the rest of it look like walking a pole compared to what happens next so that's from greece's point of view but what about the point of view of the rest of the euro zone german chancellor angela merkel and new french president francois hollande says both say that they want greece to stay in the euro zone is greece essential for keeping the year isn't together really. it's not but the big question that will come up as soon as any
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country walks out of the door is which i was going to follow after it so greece is a very small economy greece is also it's pretty clear an exceptional case within the euro zone economy because it's had the biggest crisis of the lot it's had the biggest bust of the lot it's got costs you know it's got a whole series of. specific to greece but if it goes then what's to stop portugal from going to and talking about sort of house of cards and this is being this is been the big question ever since it became clear that southern europe was in trouble it was never about one country particular and it was not about great assoon as the questions arise about greece then actually to big question is what about spain what about italy these are the really big economies within some europe and within the euro zone and so when i go merkel said if the euro collapses europe itself will collapse do you think that sort of prophecy almost coming true it's
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very funny statement for the german chance to make because the euro the euro is a union the seventeen countries the european union is a union of twenty seven countries and growing and so for her to ally one with the other is a very curious thing to do it may be rhetorical over straight but it may also be that she sees the euro zone of without that what happens with the european union the public she's got she says the euro equals the. austerity euro so what you've got or very clearly not just in greece but across the euro zone now you've got electorates and governments collapsing because they cannot impose austerity on their own the voters so even in neverland government government collapses because economy posen sturdy belgium hasn't had a government for the best part of a year. if the if the european equal just thirty and if the year if european week was the euro and if the year equals austerity then voters don't want us thirty so
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what does that mean about the rest of the western european union i think you've got to come up with a better story for europe is for than simply it's about the euro what about a potential exit for greece politicians are now really for the first time talking about an actual situation where greece might accept and they're talking about an orderly or a disorderly exit what do those terms mean and what real difference do you think it would make the really the really odd thing when people who are orderly or disorderly is all you disorderly for whom because i can assure you that any sort of situation however well managed for the group for the ordinary greek it's going to be very disorderly indeed it's going to be very very turbulent. people have been modeling what a greek exit from the euro zone would look like for the best part of a year politically and economically politically even those who are in favor of greece leaving the euro zone it would involve the army being on the street to keep order it would mean the banks would. be sure that the a teams would not be working
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it would mean that people be stopped from leaving the country especially with the schools of bureaus in their back pocket because the country would then need to stop all capital from the country and to maintain a very high level move so it would feel affected like a country in the market the question all in the saudis really could rest of the euro zone if the euro zone can say to the rest of the financial markets look greece is leaving but we all know greece is a special case you know behind our hands will say it's a bit of a basket case and actually its problems are not the rest of the euro zone that's what they really mean by an orderly exit if they can convince everyone that greece is leaving because of greece not because of the euro i don't think markets would buy that because the rot has gone so far. financial markets i'm willing to lend to spain or to italy that i don't think people any longer see is a problem confined to just one or two small countries and what about the situation with the banking sector in greece at the moment you talk about sort of disorder on
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the streets we've seen in the region of a billion euro is i think withdrawn from greek banks just in the last ten days how significant is that how close do you think that is to panic withdrawing a run on the banks essentially i was i went into one big spanx in greece in the capital athens in syntagma square last summer and i asked one of the cashiers what's your most popular financial product and he pulled out a safe box and he said what people are doing now is they are going to. take the money they no longer keep their money in the count in the bank they keep it in a safe in the box below almost under the mattress exactly like twenty first century of keep it on the pillow. so actually a bank run has a very slow motion bank run has been evident in greece for the better part of a year what you see in the past ten days is that sped up dramatically the banking system in greece told him for purposes in a zombie five banking system for the best party years because most of the debts
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that greece holds has been written on so much and a portion of those debts held by the greek government are held by the greek banks system so effectively a certain apollo worth with loans and that's before you get on to the loans are made to businesses and households which also not worth half what they were if that . so it's pretty clear that whatever you would have to do to greece stays in europe where it does then you're aware victims was thirty were doesn't mean a thirty in need to do something to restructure and bring back to life its banking system but it doesn't have the money to do up and no one in the rest of europe is willing to give it money to do that and all over europe there's a growing popular opposition to the political and economic union how of european bureaucrats failed to convince the people that the european union as a whole and the euro particularly are a good idea. i'll turn a question around you'd have to say it's the most it's an it's the crowning achievement of brussels it's managed to take a largely pro european continent and turn it so wholesale you against europe and
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the euro we're talking in britain where if you look at the popular press and even sections our political party system there are a whole variety people who would see brussels being on some kind of conspiracy plot to turn all banal as straight and this is always been part of the british public discourse what's been really interesting from this odd channel is actually more and more the continent is turning against the euro and turn against europe and i think that's largely goes back to what angela merkel says about if the your affair with europe fails she has made europe about the euro and she's made about making spending cuts even in germany which is seen as being the strongest and most successful economy of the past decade even in germany are we to work his or her way to a poll of likely take out inflation median wages fall and four percent over the past decade so even you average german workers the person in the most successful strongest economy in all of europe is worse off now than they were when since the
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euro launched and how far do you think politicians in brussels are willing to go to save the union and what you've seen of past two and a half years is effectively a horse series of blame games going on soon as it became clear that greece was in trouble people in brussels and cross normally would say well that's greece you know we need a relation really been part of the year in the first place then oil and says hang on we're in trouble too wow you know the irish they can never control this their property market in portugal well ways portugal for heaven's sake then spain italy and so on so forth always becomes the fault of these individual countries and no point until very recently didn't say hang on there is a systemic problem here because you see whole swathes of europe now effectively going bankrupt or as close to bankrupt as you can get. and so the very belatedly they realize actually this is not just about country's been at fault but about an extension crisis bureau. having only just recognize that they're nowhere near
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putting the policies in place that might save you or. thank you very much. it's life and. we have to begin to identify those goals to. push to see people still. love again just say. i can't. please to come to peace. as i get by people in similar bed that is a bunch of losers but i have a very good job. people have jobs here that's all nonsense and they don't have jobs
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they're losers. caught. my. eye. i live on. the street. i wish i. was
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misled good. luck. very little. illegal. couldn't take three days for charges. three. three. three. old
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freeboard video for your media projects a free media don carty dot com. breakup britain's prime minister issues a stark warning to be euro zone to take urgent action or face collapse david cameron of the island to protect the u.k. whatever happens to the euro but insisting it's in britain's interests for the single currency countries to sort out their issues please syria releasing names of alleged foreign terrorists in its custody as the rebellion gets boosted by arms for a broad now there is a split at the top as exiled syrian national council has been slammed by the opposition committees in syria with the syrian national council chief said he stepped into it israel reignites the palestinian conflict by shell are reportedly shelling gaza wounding seven people this is television pushes ahead with efforts to barricade itself against its arab neighborhoods. union joins us now with all the
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way to spoil the biggest day of the year for russian ice hockey fans is upon us it certainly is not there's been one shock already today at the world championships russia will be hoping norway can't record another one more not in just the second. this is for today this thursday afternoon and such a moscow plenty had including. continental time to take a look at the republic of ireland today in our continuing series on euro twelve hopeful. stage wins from four this year at the tour of california the united states most prestigious cycling event. on the ice breaker we catch up with the swedish coach to do what's never been done before when russia curling. we begin with
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ice hockey where team russia just began their quest to reach a six string of ice hockey world championship semifinal the red machine taking on norway in stockholm. in the global arena and it remains scoreless big favorites to progress in the quarterfinals one team already into the semi. the underdogs fighting back to be the limping champions fourth following an epic encounter later team usa and coos finland meet us to sweden on the czech republic. football on liverpool are on the lookout for a new manager after sucking kenny dalglish on wednesday the decision comes after the club's worst premier league finish an eighteen years though dog leashes former reds teammate alan hansen believes it's clear where improvement is needed. they always say that will bring the cups carling cup final and final relatively poorly for the shinies with the. employer no really good news the absolute homma deal
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position will be. nothing but. you know if you look at the top twenty. premier league there's no limit to clear amongst them. then manager roy hodgson meanwhile has been explaining his reasons for leaving for captain rio ferdinand audit of his euro two thousand and twelve squad the thirty three year old manchester united defender was a minute from hodgson's list of twenty three of the expense of john terry two players at the center of a racism right during the english premier league season place purely a football decision though you know i was a man that i both respect as a player but as a person i don't know it will personally but of course like everyone in the room i've seen enough of him over the years to realise what a fine is and what a good person he is but to make a fulfilling decision i had to destroy it on the basis basically of what i've seen in recent months and in particular influenced also to some extent by the fact that
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we hasn't played so much since the world cup and has only played once for england in the last year meanwhile republic of ireland manager giovanni trapattoni says this summer's tournament is quote a great opportunity for the country the green or may have been qualified for a european championship since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight with the world cup in two thousand and two being their last major tournament but despite being in a group with older spain two thousand and six world champions italy on korea share the italian believes his men can reach the knockout stages because the ninety minutes never say never. or you must believe these boys he would also have to go over the first group. in order. basketball on to the n.b.a. were boston have secured a two on lead in their best of seven series against philadelphia in the eastern conference semifinals so they see the seventy six years one hundred seventy ninety
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one and game three over in the west oklahoma taken a two zero series lead over the l.a. lakers following a seventy seven seventy five when the chesapeake energy arena but despite the deficit the lakers say they're still all the thanks. but still. they did what they were supposed to do they protected their home court they got two wins now we are going to say. but i feel like there's still a lot about the ball left in our team to go off for englishman in poulter is seeking to defend his world title this weekend with the ryder cup on the horizon it's the perfect opportunity for the thirty six year old to get his knock i play the stretch for the games and she. recovered nicely after having the money in the year so i feel you know my best golf to come this summer and you know very much looking forward to playing much by this week and then obviously getting to north from the torments for u.s.
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open i'm a maiden in the open championship ok let's stay on the greens but move to south korean our local favorite kim bio is hoping to make it two titles in as many weeks the twenty one year old claiming a one shot lead after the opening round of the s.k. telecom open bio had been enjoying a great run of form when he screwed their mate open last sunday and showed the full sign of slowing down this time the asian sensation carting six birds on the day wrapping up a run of four straight here on the i'm richard came to see one of them crawford sit one stroke back and second while the events biggest star k.j. choi some work to do the time p.g.a. tour champion lies won over par five shots behind the leader. red bulls mark webber has been reflecting on the start of the formula one season the thirty five year old australian currently sits fifth in the driver standings after what he describes as a quote really open beginning to the campaign in which there have been five
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different winners in this many races i think for the fans it's quite interesting for them but also i don't know if they will get sick of seeing so many different winners it's nice to have lots of different winners but also we want to have i think the rivalry is always always good to have rivals you know we always have people fighting for the for the championship and to have lots of different people always fighting you know it is and goes on maybe there will be some rivals that that come in the. switching to cycling there are peter sagen is continuing his dominance of the united states most high profile race the slovak winning all four stages of the tour of california to increase his overall lead to a hefty sixteen seconds the twenty two year old evidently with enough in the time to take the longest stage of the event on wednesday the riders that were unable to whether the two hundred ten kilometer distance between thirty five and make their green heats rolling out of the race and then watch t.v. as a brisk make a break from like glory
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a little fear for our big slow road back into the peloton with heinrich hostler and she were up to saga the story take another stroll in michael matthews claim the last will be spotted next up an individual time trial on thursday in the davis. and finally there aren't too many winter sports that russia has and won a medal in but curling is one of them new women's team coach under scrub presuming to put that right at sochi twenty fourteen richard from port fake or top of the suite to quiz him on the task that lies ahead. he's only just taking the jump but undescribed already has big plans he's aiming to break russia's limpid curling medal duck at the sochi olympics and says be young but talented women scored has the potential to do this. well i've seen quite a lot about the world curling in size among their worth and i would say there definitely are and capability to take the medals and hopefully the highest medals and with
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a lot of work if they've got it perfect talent which i hope to have and of course they can win and since the russians still put in great effort in this i think we have really good chances actually because look what i've seen over the last couple of years is disposition talents but russia really isn't able to get to that final stand and try to compete podium finishes and we saw the last olympics cup stages curling is if you see a round how curlers are you will find they were pretty old and you need a lot of experience and sometimes it's strong to find short cuts and curling in front you have to be there for a number of years and just kept experience and that might be one of my greatest toss his kind of keep them these experience in very short telling them and they will go very far away by good technique. and still we have to work a lot to beat us this tactic mental part also undescribed comes from
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a curling family bullies children playing the sports and there's a real chance that he could go up against his door to some dean who competes to sweden at the sochi games live a bit we would be pretty sure he would be one medal in the family at least. but a move did you have any fords about taking up this role with the russian team given that your daughter is a successful column of course i have both of them and told me about it and it wasn't a good feeling on my phone and said i'm not sure i like this idea. ladies say it's ok if you work with the men i'm not that happy still you know when you're working in the curling you know your feeling on many shared. and. i mean the caller but i'm also work here and when i'm here in russia i will be the worker and i always try to do my best work and my daughter's. one hundred percent and i also feel
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on the mobile and about the situation and she and she said just go for it this is a very nice life if they don't get you they will get another one so for me i don't care go for it get out of and that is all your sport whether it's next.
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the limited. to shoot. coming. to. the man. was. the man. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for life you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.


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