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tv   [untitled]    May 17, 2012 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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make up or break up britain's prime minister issues a stoke warning to the eurozone to take the urgent action or face collapse. david cameron thousand keep the u.k. safe whatever happens the year i've put in faith in branson best interests for the common currency countries that problems our. cereal are releases names of alleged foreign terrorists in their custody as the rebellion gets boosted by arms from abroad while suffering a split at the top box. is a league nites the palestinian conflict by sending gaza as it pushes ahead with efforts to barricade itself from its increasingly frustrated i would name as.
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five pm in moscow i met tries a good to have you with us here on r t our top story britain's prime minister says the eurozone must make up or break up david cameron tells business leaders the beleaguered single currency countries are at a crossroads demanding urgent action to avoid sparking global depression our correspondent in london laura smith has more. he used these words that the eurozone has to make up or break up essentially what he's saying is support greece or see the euro zone fail he's calling for years and states and institutions to step in and help greece to support those required me to not just greece spain and italy as well as i say these are stronger words than he's ever used before he explicitly said that germany must do more and he talked about the remorseless you know trick of the euro which is according to him a sort of rigid system that looks in any. ability in terms of
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a country like it would normally do if it had that same currency it would be too busy to value it but inside the realms of the euro that's just not a possible option for them so cameron is saying the struggle states must be help help the weaker ones and he also said that the logic of a monetary union urges more political cooperation so that it takes electric responsibility from all the countries to help out the weaker ones that this sort of fiscal burden sharing that he's talking about and also a supportive monetary policy amongst all the countries in this people are very quick to say that of course the u.k. is not a member of the eurozone sorry no been a sense what business is cover and have particularly to criticize countries like germany and france when when the u.k.'s economy isn't necessarily involved but cameron's message today was that that he wants to see the euro zone succeed because it's in every country's financial interests to have strong economic neighbors but david cameron sees really his job but in all this to keep britain safe is he says
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he says it's in the u.k. interest to have these stable neighbors david cameron's message really is that he doesn't want greece to drop out of the euro zone experts are now saying that if it does happen then it could cause ten years of global depression this sort of turmoil in the financial markets that will be got over quickly also of course he would be able to get the very you know it's the movement failing in europe is the same. so that he's pushing in britain and also trying to push the other european countries as well so it's a politically very difficult position for him to be and what we're seeing in greece at the moment is a new prime minister who's of course the kate's caretaker prime minister up until a new election can be held on the seventeenth of june and there are huge fear is that the greek people book ultimately you're staring government and if that happens it means that they won't have access to any more bailouts from euro zone countries we're seeing drooling from findings in greece and that's not just happening in
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greece we're hearing reports that it's happening in space too and it could possibly spread to italy there's been the recent nationalization of one of spain's biggest banks banks here and reports that spanish people have also withdrawn a total of around a billion euros just in the past few days from those banks so the fear isn't that without the without greece the euro zone and collapse the fear is that greece is leaving would create a sort of house of cards in fact whereby everything else would fall down after that and of course this is against the backdrop of huge political differences between the main players in this new french president francois loans is very real starting in fact he's going to says he's going to increase spending in front doesn't seem like that's the tools we've got a lot of political wrangling from these major players who according to what david cameron said today are the only once you could potentially sort this out. greece is caretaker government's been sworn in after repeated coalition talks fell apart another election next month likely to decide whether or not greece stays or leaves
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the euro economist alberto mcgarty says previous leaders failed to deliver real reforms to their people. the european health already have tried to push a stereotype in greece and like with a hammer but at the very same time he would was accomplished in greece in terms of the leader of men legalizing the legal market capping the size of government cutting thing was very late to do induced two weeks i think at this point it is highly probable that greece will exit the euro in the next few weeks and it may cause a domino effect you know the mediterranean counties or two girls being eventually to lead to europe is suffering a very strong lack of leadership in a lack of vision the quality you do all those in european countries know it's not very high and they really miss managed to crisis daily a few just to see the euro for when do you who was which is a monitor in a stead they wanted i mean basically you had to beat it george and of course to
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where it's utopian unification now we have exactly where it be for a lot of us at this point if you look need to save itself you have needs to evolve into some kind of a transfer you you know i mean moving money from the pockets of reach europeans germans basically to the pockets of poor european football is that of course i'm in germany voters are not going to be allowed to. economic journalist i detest chakraborty admits that greece cutting itself loose from the year award p.z. at athens may yet be in for worse here some of what will care in an hour's time. he fifteen modeling what a greek exit from the euro zone would look like the best part of a year politically and economically politically even those who are in favor of quickly so. they would accept that it would involve beyond the streets the people that it would mean the bank through the courts because the a.t.m.
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for not be working it would mean that people be stopped from even a country specially with this forms of euros in a backpack. because the company but then the top cop to come and to maintain a very high level move so it would feel like a country. the question really for the rest of the year is if the euro zone can say to the rest and to financial markets look greece is leaving but we want to greece is a special case you know behind hands with a bit of a bulky case and its problems and not the rest of the eurozone that's what they really mean by an old yanks that if they can convince everyone that greece is leaving because of greece not because of the euro i don't think the markets would but i. will stay with us here at r.t. still to come this hour giving up ofter going for the good life we why mexican
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immigrants illegal immigrants choosing to leave the u.s. and what it could mean for the country's economy. but first syria's government is releasing names of alleged foreign terrorists it claims to have captured on its soil twenty said to be arabs who have confessed to working for al qaida the list also includes french and british citizens meanwhile washington denies being indirectly involved in smuggling arms to syrian rebels media sources that said the u.s. is coordinating support through qatar and saudi arabia rebels admit getting more weapons but have a leadership crisis to contend with the turkey base syrian national council been disavowed by the coordinate opposition coordination committees in syria the head of the s.n.c. says he's stepping down anti-war activists brian becker from the answer coalition says foreign powers are targeting damascus for regime change. sony arabia qatar they have their own interests in terms of reorganizing the middle east principally of weakening syria weakening iran changing the relationship of forces in lebanon
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but behind qatar and saudi arabia and even turkey which has its own regional ambitions it is the united states is the nato countries the former colonizers of syria and the region who are committed to overthrowing the assad government and who i believe have crossed the rubicon now in terms of preparing for the all out intervention including military intervention by nato forces and remember turkey will be the gateway for nato as a nato power for the efforts by the west as they did in libya to use ultimately military power to overthrow a government and independent government that they want to replace with a proxy regime in this important region assad government was hoping against hope that some sort of. mission such as the observer mission with kofi annan might be enough to keep the dogs at bay but i think it's quite clear that when the united states and its allies saudi arabia qatar are pumping in huge quantities hundreds of millions of dollars of weapons right into the middle of damascus and other areas
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their intention is not to have a negotiated settlement but an all out civil war or as a precursor as i said earlier to a nato intervention i think the united states is scripted it in a way that peace is impossible it says pieces demean but the united states and nato wanted to do because they're using have decided to use military force to overthrow this independent government and syria's president rounded on the un back peace plan for failing to stop civilian bloodshed more than a month into the cease fire of violence between both sides remains high in a rare television appearance president assad told russia's rossiya twenty four his country's fighting foreign mercenaries masking themselves as the free syrian army. it's not only with the fall in the west always tries to find puppets for it so syria has never backed down to that on any issue they've always done that's a new trying the same with this conflict the new e.u. sanctions a felt more by ordinary people in the economy when they talk of boycotting syria
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they mean a boycott only by western nations kofi annan plan is not only aimed at stopping the violence it must also help people to return back to their homes where they were forced out by terrorists this plan has to stop the smuggling of weapons and the funding of terrorists it must put pressure and hold accountable other states openly claiming that they will support tension in syria if they only talk about violence coming from the government sign and not a word about terrorists head over to r.t. dot com any time if you are more on today's top stories and here's what else is a click away moscow police play got yet another opposition have angering protesters find out where the activists are headed to next. hour while could spoil a priceless wonder of the world babylon threatened by iraq and plans to extend a major pipeline get the details on our website.
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israel is denying reports its army has shelled parts of gaza wounding several civilians claims come from palestinian doctors who say they're treating the wounded latest to our middle east correspondent paula sleeper. here we're being told that anything between four and seven gazans have been hurt in this latest israeli artillery fire in northern and eastern gaza two people have been taken to hospital but we've been told that ambulances as well as emergency vehicles are still in the area now according to palestinian sources there was somewhere between six to eight israeli tanks and bulldozers that entered gaza and according to eyewitnesses the soldiers started firing indiscriminately on farmers who were working their land also being told that the borders was started bulldozing those very same plots of
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land speaking to the israeli army vote they say that they have not heard of any injuries they say that the israeli army is nearly conducting routine operations inside gaza but certainly we do understand that the israeli army is still inside gaza while we speak now tensions in the area have been running high for several weeks now every few days one hears about rockets that are fired from gaza into southern israeli communities and every so often there is a flare up in rhetoric from the israeli signed in terms of warning the gazans that any israeli operation in the gaza strip might not be that far off in addition is all is building walls along its borders with its arab neighbors it's essentially barricading itself in according to what many critics say it's been building a wall along its southern border with the sinai and with egypt it's also recently began building a wall in the north along the israeli lebanese border and this is in addition to the wall it's building in the palestinian west bank. a lonely house on
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a hilltop tells the whole story of palestinian plots of land passed down through the generations now under threat i don't read a number i don't want. i want my gran and for his insistence almost paying the price is more proper she is on the wrong side of the wall tel aviv is building between israel and the palestinians and what was once on mars was part of a larger village he'll soon be cut off from it and alone on the other side from this i fear for me. is really tractors have already for eight months been building the prison or refers to digging up the ground around his house the plan will see his home cut off by a five meter high electrified fence and a tunnel monitored by security cameras will connect him with a larger village after. the experience for a around for this this this rod and go for in the tunnel go go downstairs the tunnel and go the village. she's got this tunnel two hundred fifty
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meter. this tunnel which is very very big ball for this tunnel five million hundred thousand jekyl one million dollars just to build this town for just only one family. for decades already israel's been building a wall that cuts through the west bank these raby seats for security but palestinians complain it saves them from their land and communities the leadership of israel is going crazy and they have no real plan their have no really vision no real vision of a very good long term answer because walls will not and will never ever provide security for this man is a good neighbor is actually provide security and we do not have good neighbors eventually the village of logic will also be completely closed in by the wall the only way in and out will be through this entrance that the israelis will control here too the israelis are building another tunnel this one is so that omar's
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neighbors can reach a small family cemetery they'll be electrified fence and the local joke is that not only are the israelis separating palestinians from their land they're separating the living from the dead but with each tilt of the soil almost families connection to the land is threatened to be even more polluted for merchants. what they can do just id term future in. this and this for you and this for my father. my grandfather. the future it's. like a future times against him and with every new brick it goes up the family's isolation is cemented policy r.t. will lodge a village. turning out of some other stories making headlines across the globe a group of suicide bombers attacked a government compound in western afghanistan killing at least several seven people
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wounding twelve one of the militants blooms of up at the gate of the governor's complex in the far a province three others pushed their way inside a two hour gun battle with police ensued killing the other attackers six officers and one civilian elsewhere in the country taliban forces struck a nato supply convoy overnight killing four. u.s. ambassador to israel says plans for a possible military strike on iran are ready and fully available statement just days before tara is due to resume talks with world powers over its controversial nuclear program the u.s. and its allies have been using sanctions to encourage iran to curb its uranium enrichment which they say is being used to make an atomic bomb tehran insists it's only developing a nuclear energy grid. the trial of former bosnian serb military commander ratko milad h. suspended indefinitely because of significant disclosure errors prosecutors failed to share all their evidence but the defense team which is demanding
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a six month delay a lot of faces multiple charges stemming from the one nine hundred ninety s. yugoslav war including the srebrenica massacre of more than seven thousand muslim men and boys and the siege of sarajevo that killed ten thousand civilians. north korea has detained three chinese fishing boats with twenty nine crew members aboard and demanding payment for the release they were seized more than a week ago by a korean gunboat in the yellow sea border area no word yet from pyongyang china and north korea are strong allies but the north is deeply reactive to what it sees as territorial infringements. finally in the news block thousands of mexicans packing for home after finding less opportunity in the united states than they'd hoped discovering a fragile economy in a weak job market many illegal immigrants are headed back south of the border reversing a decades long trend or he's medina coaching over reports from los angeles. three inhospitable terrain to trigger happy border guards crossing illegally from mexico
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into the united states is a pearl is journey which for many desperate for a new life was always thought to be worth the risk but times and more importantly condominiums have certainly changed if what i was so i was working even two jobs or three jobs or that some day i mean it was easy but now it's sort of so that if you go you can leave it you're going to spend the money to find a good job ten years ago gustavo like many other mexicans came to california illegally to earn money provide for his family and enjoy the harsh standard of living that at home but now he has joined the rapidly swelling ranks of those packed their bags. because of the poverty that was in the united states even people before maybe even middle class mexicans now they're falling into the lower class and now even below so a lot of people are saying well i want to be poured here i might as well go back
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home and be or at least with my family of mexico whether wanted or not in the past mexico has provided the largest wave of immigration from a single country into the united states but now that figure just like america's economy has come to a grinding halt crippling unemployment and housing construction market lying idle and the sharp rise in deprecation charcoal combining to put people off seeking the good life in america during the five year period from two thousand five to twenty ten a total net of one point four million mexicans immigrated to the united states down by more than half from the three million who had done so and the five year period nine hundred ninety five to two thousand mexicans that come here to be u.s. and take jobs as farmers and labor it is a widespread belief that ranks because of the jobs that americans are receiving still so those trying to limit the wage raises the question just who will sell and
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for that ron gotcha's a teacher and a community organizer believes this sharp don't worry trend can lead to more drastic consequences if they leave they crisis in the u.s. it's going to be far greater than it is now because you know mexico have to go to the grocery store they have to buy to buy like everybody else so that's a lot of buying power talk about billions of dollars of buying power that the american economy cannot afford to lose americans have complained for decades that they want last immigration from mexico but if choice started going on done and prices started rising they may soon start complaining that they won more my dinner which now are t.v. reporting from los angeles california. kitty pilgrim joining us now with all the latest business news hari kari so how are the merger or how are the russian markets taking a beating still lately they really are we're now looking at figures that are below
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a two year low down the russian markets are continuing to take a hit that's all because of the great crisis as just investors are taking their money out of risk yeah says got the figures on the screen for you right that is a snapshot of the movers and shakers and see who's really dropping behind at this hour here in a more sky as you can see the quotes by about eighty six percent down as we get some insight into the chaos in the russian markets i'm now joined by. head of international two thousand euro. well the russian markets are now fully behind their european peers with the extra pressure coming from. there are a number of reasons for that i mean the first and foremost russia is a so-called high above the market puzzle why sue no one thinks. russia here was and they think. that we're seeing a number of margin calls today and basically substantial selling coming from
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western funds i think it's a global risk aversion but the effect of this is stronger i can talk about worst case scenario them was the possible floor to the market at the bottom level by. well for the moment which things are possible floyd is around one thousand two hundred for the r.t.s. index currently were one thousand three hundred something so perhaps like a ten percent but you know if greg's its so-called gregg's if they exist of greece from the european union the euro star euro is going to be counted badly then pickups we might see even further as a decline in the r.t.s. index it's very difficult to predict but for the moment which means that and there's a ten percent and that's roughly where boredom is going to be. chief justice and try to delegate thing that russia is among the most risky outfits in the market at the moment the analysis. will do compel you can compare apples and oranges right so ritually was in greek
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universe russia has been one of the worst performing door with terms and pickups this on the performance would continue as long as people believe that we had santa of global cycle so cycle for commodity prices a whole price is going to come under pressure etc so but i wouldn't call russia's the most risky market in the root belief is a much riskier places globally i kind of go about you know you mentioned it yourself you said it's difficult to predict but what sort of impact would a grace even the hour have a mix of all cases. poor obviously very became packed again it all depends how it's handled he for european union manages to field fire wall around greece and for the moment the conviction it looks like. to you know essentially greece will be one of situation resin a domino effect affecting the rest of europe so if this scandal.
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successfully then pickups will have a deep and then the market would rebounds in a worse case if a scandal badly and will have repercussions for the banking system in europe for spain and italy who are going to see through the deterioration of the russian situation and so you know ruble might come under pressure but yes might have for as a declines until russia unfortunately is very much linked to europe more than anything in this sense you know european nation unlike say brazil which i know india which is essentially more european players i'm going to suggest a private investigator right now so we both know that wasn't just what you suggest . oh no i wouldn't so right now i think you know the situation is turn predictable we might have a rebound shortly i think essentially you know there is a chance that you might lose in the sea. but you know it's still a win situation when it's too early to sell too early to boy so probably will still
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sidelines do nothing for the time being watching the situation nothing depends on russia it all depends on the situation elsewhere first and foremost in your i came back. in two thousand many thanks indeed for me mosque i look at some more figures than in the markets to see how they perform i will have a look at europe and see that they are undoubtedly still to come on in this hour got the first three over a percent down on the debts around half a percent a losing that on the e.c.b. the european central bank has said that they're no longer going to lend me more money to help them out the put a lid on that right now let's go live to the current says and see how the euro dollar is performing then the traders favorite and see that it is indeed the coal mining we've got it down just a fraction i want twenty six m. tonight as you can see the ruble is really suffering against both of our prices the euro and the u.s. dollar. more important oil prices than which were really challenging the russian markets we've got a mixed picture that but the prices remain alive and i do believe that's what we've
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got time for today's session that is the markets that's how they're looking at the moment so it's a bit of a mixed picture but mostly down all right thanks very much kate we will check back in with you in the next hour for more wall shortly spotlight looks at which country could be first on president putin's last visit after his decision to skip the g. eight summit in the u.s. but first the headlines stay with us. the.
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