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tv   [untitled]    May 19, 2012 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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leaders of some of the world's most influential states take another shot at stemming the fiscal crisis in europe g. eight efficiency and relevancy is put to the test. germany's a financial hub of frankfurt is brought to a standstill as thousands of police flood the city in a bid to contain a fourth day of protests. opposing sides the same plea the loss of loved ones brings israelis and palestinians together in a unique organisation seeking better understanding between conflicting sides. on air and online this is r.t.
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live from moscow with me rory sushi the european financial gloom is casting its shadow over the g eight summit at the u.s. presidential retreat near washington as official talks begin on saturday for the leaders of the world's top industrialized nations are set to discuss greece's possible exit from the eurozone but some key states are already saying this would be a very bad idea. as more and what else is in store. by a lot of people it's seen as sort of a last chance for the jihad as a form it to prove itself it's been under heavy criticism in recent years over it's a factor of this with that said a lot of the world's most pressing issues are at center stage including the situation in syria and across the mideast and the euro crisis that's an issue that has been heavily focused on of course host president obama has already met with the new french president francois hollande there he's trying to get other european leaders to sort of convince the socialist president about these heavy all staring
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the measures that a lot of the leaders are pushing in terms of trying to deal with the euro crisis and it's being said that if obama can get the european leaders on that on the same page this summit will be in some way a sort of a success another issue that's going to be discussed is the european embargo on iranian oil the u.s. sees it as something that's threatening oil prices sending them up or at least could imagine seen as a threat to obama's reelection president obama in a way he has his hands tied with an election coming up you have to be able to continue to try to please the voters and also find a balance between domestic and foreign policy and reassure these global leaders but it's going to be very difficult especially on the situation with iran when you're running for election you can't seem weak on defense of the same time the white house understands that if this european embargo goes ahead it's going to send oil prices up in the u.s. and that is certainly going to affect the way voters look at their president and
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whether or not to relax him so this is something that's really weighing down the fact that it's an election year and how is that going to play on the policies that are or are not made at this camp david summit reporting from washington and you say no way. in the meantime it martin mccauley russian expert from the university of london believes that the g eight achieves very little and its larger more inclusive cousin the g twenty is far more effective at tackling world problems i think that the g eight summit of course is only the industrialized nations the heavily industrialized nations but also remember that president hu jintao of china is not the world. so therefore the g. twenty is arguably more important the g. eight basically talks a lot of human rights democracy and so on the g twenty doesn't really talk about human rights and democracy because there are dictatorships in saudi arabia so therefore the g twenty format is easier for russia and they could have more
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influence their. leaders of the g eight meeting in maryland police in chicago are readying themselves for the upcoming nato. occupation denies any demand for nato disband and nato demonstrators plan a show of strength on the streets in the hope of grabbing the attention of not just those attending but the entire world. meanwhile demonstrations on the other side of the atlantic mean germany's banking capital frankfurt is in a state of lockdown standing in battle lines since early morning thousands of police officers in bulletproof vests have entrenched themselves around the city and they are there to guard against fresh protests by the country's block your pie and banking movement in frankfurt is artie's petero. these protesters have taken to the streets of frankfurt to voice their displeasure at what they see
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as unfair all sturdy measures that are being imposed on the eurozone at the moment now here in frankfurt we have the the largest financial center in europe and also the headquarters of the european central bank now right now amongst these people as they march towards the headquarters of the european central bank it has really been a center full protest against the current debt crisis in the austerity measures that have been imposed across europe a camp was established outside of the in october of last year just this last week that can was actually cleared out of the way ahead of these protests that are taking place right now the pain take place of the past few days now that count will be reestablished again own sunday but today on saturday is the largest of the demonstrations as you can see this group behind me around fifteen thousand people we were hearing from the organizers on friday were expected to turn up they could
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actually be quite a few more here it's quite difficult to see from where i am but it certainly stretches back quite a long way now. they're going to march towards the european central bank as they try to make their point which is that they want to see socialist fiscal plan put in place across europe they're angry that it's the not the people who caused the debt crisis in europe that are having to foot the bill for it they blame the bankers they blame the. the people who risked the money in countries like greece in countries like as spain that got people in it got the countries in such trouble saying it's them should face the the brunt of it not people who are going to suffer at the hand of austerity measures now they're expected to make do as they say towards the european central bank it's worth noting that this is been a very peaceful protest movement. but despite that on friday a round four hundred people were detained by police now that was because it was
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a un sanctioned meeting what's happening on saturday right now this was sanctioned this was planned to say to be the the largest of the protests. a very peaceful meeting very peaceful demonstration is taking place but it's being watched over by around five thousand police officers they are very five thousand very heavily equipped police officers that have been century blocking off the whole of central front first the movement itself is called themselves blocky pipes and set of occupy is they attempted to block people from reaching the the banking sectors or the banking services of europe's largest banking center in frankfurt this is the the real hope of not just german banking but of european banking in general and as they say the court is of the european central bank located here but the police forces say out in the police out in force to try and keep the peace at this meeting but as they so far everything going on very peaceful as people march towards the european
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central bank headquarters parties peter all right there well for more on the demonstrations and what the protesters are hoping to achieve let's now talk to one of them return home and it's from the workers association for the reestablishment of the communist party joins us live here on tape program good to see you today what exactly is it that you're protesting against is it just the banks or the government or is there something more to it. well at the whole movement is rather breadth and there are as a whole range of opinions different opinions however one count see from the demonstrating people that i've been grazing number is saying that the target is really our own country that is our own government and this is what we have to do all star what we have to demand from them that politics is changing though we are. sort of sorts interrupt you are just interested if you could just please go on
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for a bit while you say that politics saw the changing it's not just about the banks but perhaps more about the government. that's right it's not just about the blanks for example we say what we did mom to ease the bankruptcy of the chairman's state and that will lead to a situation where no more deaths are paid to any sort of buying and then a discussion would start in a whole society what to do not always adepts on the money and this on our opinion would give the opportunity to the people to establish a society first really verse to live in and this is our demand why we do so. we are not just communists we have a group movement on this infusing including trade unionists social democrats and others. as as we all know when it comes to the ongoing euro crisis germany is having to help an all full law with bailing out members of the eurozone who are
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having a tough time it is some of the anger among you block you by activist is it about germany having to support the troubled eurozone. sorry i haven't got your question is it the eurozone those having problems on germany's responsibility that is holding up a lot of it financially is that among the blockage by activists the eurozone and germany's role to keep on supporting it. i understood you asked me whether somebody who wants to continue austerity no well in a matter of yes. well of course the whole movement wants a stereotypical it takes to stop and you have to consider that even in germany they always are supposed to be rather rich official numbers are saying and put on a prime of money aren't employment is going down in fact it's not really because
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people are hired for chumps for they earn four hundred euros a month but they cannot live for all so even in germany if you do have these sort of austerity politiques also it's not cold cold like that. you know besides that are together which there's also a lot of democratic rights are going down so now for example here we see this. movement people are not allowed any man anymore to enter that in their city yet this is something that this completely new in this country that not only remember so police can be seen around the demonstrators but also that that individual people are picked out names are listed before the manifestation starts they are not allowed anymore to and that the city and this is that going down business sort of your version of democratic rights but if i can just jump in for just for a moment here i was you were saying that there's an erosion of democratic rights
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you're talking about some of the measures being taken by the police but as far as we understand from speaking to some of the activists the police there in frankfurt have been rather aggressive. what happened is that already before the start of the activities people got even if the letters. got told you are not allowed to enter the city or they controlled the street and then they controlled everybody and you did you know people said. we want to see your passport so they control. their database and said no you are not allowed to enter just square because we suppose you will do something illegal what was approved by actually really no thing just here people also who. have been active and i very democratic level all right. thank you very much for coming on
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to today. see you. and as both german protesters and austerity stricken greeks march in solidarity against banking irresponsibility and greed among their national leaders they are widening with the greek leadership is up in arms over an apparent comment by german chancellor angela merkel suggesting athens should hold a referendum on exiting the euro but that after previously decrying greek calls for a public vote in favor of some of the most grueling austerity seen in decades of more on this latest fallout and where it's heading let's go to our website. it is good to have you with us here on what's he today. that's what tens of thousands of protesters in the middle east are calling new arab union plans it comes off to saudi arabia said it wants to form an alliance with bahrain paving the
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way for an e.u. style of integration by the regional powerhouse iran also strongly objects the plan where thousands of taken to the streets the u.s. independent research and poor alric believes the so-called unity is simply a saudi power grab. the bahraini people and the iranian people have an affinity that dates back not just historically and whatever happens to bahrain the cigar society or even in the ninety's when bahrain was demonstrated to get more reformulate democracy and human why is there no willing to stand by and how saudi arabia occupies them and saudi arabia has been doing this in fact in two thousand and nine the bahrain center for human rights protested the very fact that the political elites in bahrain were allowing the nationalize ation of sonia's from saudi arabia yemen and other places to marginalize the residents bahrain this
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shiite residents and pretty clear and basically. die you turned that they used in their protest so it's of course in line is concerned when neighborhood that has so many links with the country it's being occupied is pushed down and it's being absorbed in eliminated in reality you're watching r t thank you for joining us today still ahead for you in this hour that have been deadly defense sometimes those guys go out and they're a little bit wild bill do you want them sharing their knowledge with comment that at the flocking around. you know that would come in service and we asked people in new york whether skills of the u.s. navy seals should really be shared with the public. plus a gardening by the click of a mouse muscovites not going far without even having to meet their own home by simply giving come online. common grief
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is uniting israelis and palestinians who have lost loved ones to the long lasting conflict between them it's a unique gathering of suffering parents who want to increase understanding and bring peace closer but their goal is all but out of reach as artist paula slip reports. that the my son must cute was a very hot tea for me i remember grabbing my son trembling all over and running to the bomb shelter. to mothers to testimonies each different but in the end the same. my son died in the line of duty death isn't our words it has a form and the form isn't pretty i've seen plenty of it so it takes a lot of courage to stay deaf in the face and then embrace one's enemy and yet for nearly twenty years this is what these israelis and palestinians who have lost family members have been doing they meet on a regular basis talk with one another and show that we conciliation is possible
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it's meaningful for me that the palestinians we hear about my brother brother was a soldier in the army and they can listen they can empathize with my story and understand the pain that i went through i had it's brother was serving as a soldier when he was killed on the third day of the first lebanon war he was just nineteen people were put in a situation of a conflict thing everybody serves his side and who they think. this is their duty to do. here through their nation through their. belief. ahmed's two uncles were killed by israelis one was shot dead while trying to enter israel the other was force fed while on a hunger strike in prison and his lungs collapsed. from the time i was born i was part of this conflict for me and is really was a soldier or a settler or an agent of the security services. and yet both ahmed and i have found their way to the parent circle where half the members of palestinian half are
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israeli but the parents circle is a minority voice the number of israelis and palestinians participating in dialogue has hit a low in as many complain they see no point in the conciliation attempts while the peace process is at a stalemate because the legitimacy. of dialogue and coordination between the palestinians. is eroding. because the legitimacy of negotiations is not a road if the al governments which are ready to pay the price they will find it very big support in their people so there is no. in the numbers but there is an erosion in the in the belief that something like this can happen in this is something that can easily be fixed but the hope lives on in these families who believe that through their pain and through their example change can come
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policy r t tel of of. on our website on the top com you can find more news from the middle east including a new approach from israeli agents to protect their identity. superhero costumes to stage a protest hoping they'll find the power to push for new employment. the next lot a suicide bomber find out about the man who allegedly sold his own son. dreaming of a terrorist for him. thousands of protesters have flooded chicago ahead of a nato summit on sunday huge showdown is expected later with the police already on high alert around a dozen activists were arrested on the eve of the gathering three were charged with conspiracy to cause terror in chicago is ati's honest. the windy city of chicago turned sunny turned paranoid the hometown of the u.s.
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president plays host to this year's nato summit nato is a u.s. commanded military alliance responsible for wars and war crimes on a global basis already the most watched city in the u.s. . as thousands of protesters begin to descend on chicago the city is in security overkill mode you got a bunch of peaceful protesters here they spent millions and millions of dollars for this week alone i mean by absolutely absurd. police have reportedly preemptively raided the homes of protest organizers they battered down a door and made several arrests and we believe these are politically based arrests millions of dollars spent on new police gear trucks ready to function as rolling barricades businesses too are taking no chances what looks like a foreclosed building is actually a hotel in the heart of chicago plywood was put up in order to avoid windows being
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smashed by demonstrators flooding into town office workers have been advised to dress like protesters in order to not be targeted mustaches. are likely meanwhile activists there to express their outrage at nato is aggressive policies are blocked off and kept as far away from world leaders as possible we're talking about a peaceful protest and peaceful people but peaceful people dedicated to the cause of peace against a military bloc the mightiest in human history and they are being portrayed as the force that needs to be protected while officials brace for riots know your rights trainings for demonstrators in their mind you know your bank meetings and street action against the military block kick off nato is organization no longer has a mandate to occupy chicago denies and demands that nato disband they have no more purpose they're spending our taxpayer dollars on wars. to bomb and destroy and
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murder civilians all over the world with ghana stand top of the leaders agenda protesters say it's time to put an end to the warfare at once the only reason we're still in afghanistan is for rare earth minerals and open the same reason the only reason we went into iraq was secure oil fields for american oil companies these are purely economic wars that are sold to the american public purely on propaganda it's garbage the demonstrators want the money pumped into the summit and its security to be spent on real needs there is no peace majority in the united states we oppose war we oppose the war in the world's preeminent war making organization. and we have a human agenda and a humane agenda that has no place for war but fences separating politicians from the people that human agenda is no more than a nuisance to be cordoned off and if they are t. chicago illinois that in just a moment we'll get to the date but for now self-defense courses in the u.s.
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teach people to protect themselves by punching kicking and even killing but should these type takes really be taught to everyone that a new yorker hit the streets of the big apple to gauge opinion. former u.s. navy seal tim larkin teaches people how to kill and maim in the name of self defense how much is too much when it comes to protecting yourself this week let's talk about that do you think it would be ok to kill someone if your life is being threatened. has your life ever been threatened. now by a person what are the chances that your life will be threatened that you would need to know how to kill. one in ten to the twenty you're familiar with to mark and do you support his philosophy i completely support his philosophy he does he's not anything about trying to kill people he wants to help people be able to protect
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themselves but he does teach moves that are lethal yes the police teach moves that are lethal as well right but those people are in a job that's defending the public exactly you know what when you're in the military sometimes those guys come out and they're a little bit you know world still do you want them sharing their knowledge with common citizens walking around. you know that would come in citizens just people that maybe. are in the job situations where they're in dangerous positions in the world if you think you'd be able to kill someone if someone was threatening your life. it's tough to say until you there right yes but you probably happy you knew those moves that. well you know maybe but then if you hurt someone or kill someone no mother in what situation you can live you have to live with the forest of your life and that's the option each
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person has to make whether or not you think self-defense can go too far the bottom line is the world can be a crazy place whether you choose to prepare yourself for violence or not. all right as a promise to a time now for the r.t. war debate will start with italy where a school in the south of the country has been rocked by an explosion killing two teenage girls and injuring up to a dozen other bomb went off just outside the building's entrance when pupils were arriving for morning classes no one has claimed responsibility though officials believe the city has mathy or could have been behind. the first commercial cargo flight that was expected to deliver supplies to the international space station has been aborted just seconds before blast off california's space x. company blamed technical problems with the engine of its dragon rocket and is now rechargeable the launch for may twenty second the u.s. government has given space x.
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and another organization contracts to keep the i assessed stocked with food and equipment. now imagine having your own garden where you can grow fruit and veggies without even picking up a shovel or even leaving your desk but that's a reality for some muscovites who can now remotely look after their crops and have the harvest delivered to their doorstep with a story artes you go. this is farmville played by tens of millions in the game you have to plant water and harvest increasingly exotic but ultimately two dimensional and lean edible crops but now anyone can play the game for real the russian entrepreneur has bought a greenhouse and designed a website to farm real plots of land from the comfort of their homes and offices. or. if you buy one of the plots you can choose what to grow on it then you can decide when to water it and how to fertilize it and real farmers will do the work
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for you you can control the lights and how often the ground is plowed we will keep statistics on how well you are doing and you can try to improve the eels or you can just leave it all to us and just get the harvest delivered when it's done then you'll shop a cynic of says that his project isn't just about playing for fun but about the living people healthier forgot make food and it better be after all a six the plot will set you back two hundred dollars a month we one city dwellers to have a connection with the countryside in the future we want every city dweller have their own garden early adopter beat that says he's addicted to watching his plan to grow through the web cam but i think being able to watch the plot at all times isn't just something of a past time but creates trust between me and the people looking after the farm i know they will do their job properly and not use any pesticides for example all
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good but truly it's all this not just some sort of post-modern perversion i decided to prove that city dwellers are scared to get their hands dirty by volunteering for an hour in the greenhouse. getting other people to be a god that's ridiculous actually this is quite exhausting much rather just click some buttons on the internet. you can. see. back in a moment with the headlines here on r.t. then we'll take you inside the kremlin on moscow out. and.
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see what makes it. ok though.


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