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tv   [untitled]    May 19, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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all the developments around russia. over. the james amazing iraq stop with the leaders public voices talking of plans to keep greece and behold they sold the euro while talks behind closed doors suggest a different agenda will respond or else try. germany from visible to us turn still thousands of families plug this into in a bid to contain a misstep and to bank loans at. opposite sides the same pleading the loss of loved ones brings israelis and palestinians together in a unique organization in better understanding between conflict. international news live from moscow this is aussie with me thanks for joining us
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the group of eight meeting has ended europe's financial glue has cast its shadow over the great summit of the us presidential country retreat and washington leaders of the world's top industrialized nations expressed hope that debt stricken greece will remain in the eurozone despite widespread fears it could assume pull out any so now it is at camp david. some of the most pressing issues like iran nuclear program and syria were certainly taj president obama spoke about that earlier this morning that basically the g eight countries are pretty much united on most of those issues but this the euro crisis really did overshadow the summit some might even criticize it took away from some other issues perhaps of course that million dollar question will greece leave the euro zone now although in the communique we're going to hear about this united effort that's going to continue to try to make sure that doesn't happen there's not a lot of guessing going on behind closed doors we heard very frank conversations
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and also perhaps a lot more fear from these leaders that we see of course publicly. we have to keep greece in the euro zone that behind closed doors it could be a much different story but again coming out of this camp david summit will once again hearing from leaders that they're going to do all they can to try to make sure that they don't exit the euro zone of course experts say that that's almost impossible at this point the russian economy is ok at present the old. one hundred dollars a bow so the russian feel strong position so president putin couldn't really contribute . to his solution you could say right you have to program germany perhaps. extend to other members of european union and so on but. most of the discussions would be economic. interests of the european union and also president obama because who bomb has realized that if there's
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a you do fall out in europe he will affect his chances in america it will affect the u.s. economy skipping the g. eight summit has been really a big piece of focus for the media mostly most of the politicians here seem to not be very offended by it they know he's coming to the g twenty really a lot of the experts that we've been spoken to look at it quite logically it was pretty predictable that the euro crisis was. going to overtake this summit that's something that's not of grave concern to russia yes of course russia wants to help they want to be part of discussions but it's not something that russia sees that was as one of its most pressing issues that it should have to come out and deal with at a summit like this. and they struggling euro zone dominates the global elite plans for a better currency that the euro can according to international consultant and author . of the market lease so to speak because in a way it's good greece pulls out of the euro it would be
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a blessing in the way that a crisis affecting the euro would have gone away with a good disappearance but at the same time as a precedent it would be terrible because of greece were to resolve its problems by reverting back to its sovereign currency which i think they should then other countries will be tempted to do the same if you look at the very big picture what we are seeing is the gradual and perhaps controlled demise of the us dollar hyperinflation which will eventually have to face up with and of the euro through a fracture or a splitting up of the europe i think we have to look at what the global power elites embedded inside america in europe and the u.k. have a far as a we placement global currency is to think that in the next couple of years that's where we're growing and they're just biding their time to do it at the time they will be best for the bankers and definitely it will be best for the peoples of all these countries and as leaders drift away from they generate meeting in maryland police in chicago writing themselves for the upcoming nato summit. are you
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a chicago denies that nato. nato demonstrators want to plan a show of strength on the streets in the hope of grabbing that tension of not just those attending but the whole world. coming on and excited. that's what tens of thousands of protesters in the middle east are calling new arab union plans it comes after saudi arabia said it wants to form an alliance with bahrain paving the way point to a houston integration independent political analyst explains why he things the bahraini government is so keen on the. bahrain's government is enthusiastic for the very reason that the bahraini people are an enthusiastic because it's going to legitimize and systematize the saudi involvement in crushing the bahraini revolution drowning the bahraini revolution in in blood seventy percent of the
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population are sheer and increasingly actually systematically excluded from any positions of influence power effectively disenfranchised always have been in this regime and you know we have to ask why what's in it for saudi arabia and answering that is crucial to remember saudi arabia doesn't have an independent foreign policy never has done its foreign policy like those of the other gulf states is formulated in washington and london so we really have to ask why the colonial powers britain france and of course now the us why are they pursuing this course and i think we have to understand this in terms of the preparations which are been underway for several years now for an aerial strike against iran which is still on the on the table the crushing of the bahraini resistance is crucial to the war plans against iran because it was the biggest deterrent to an attack on iran is of course the fear amongst the western elites in israel that actually the sheer population in other countries all rise up. and start to resist that attack on iran so actually
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what's the crushing of the bahraini revolution is all to do with trying to preemptively destroy any potential resistance to the coming attack on iran and is germany's anti banking movement blocking its fourth day the country's banking capital frankfurt is in lockdown standing about a line things early morning thousands of police officers in bullet proof that entrenched themselves around this issue. these protesters have taken to the streets of frankfurt to voice their displeasure at what they see as unfair all sturdy measures that are being imposed on the eurozone at the moment now right now among these people as they march towards the headquarters of the european central bank it has really been a center full protest against the current debt crisis in the austerity measures
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that have been imposed across europe but today on saturday is the largest of the demonstrations as you can see this group behind me around fifteen thousand people we were hearing from the organizers on friday were expected to turn up they could actually be quite a few more here it's quite difficult to see from where i am but it certainly stretches back quite a long way now they're angry that it's the not the people who caused the debt crisis in europe that are having to foot the bill for it they blame the bankers they blame the. the people who risked the money in countries like greece in countries like spain that got people in got the countries in such trouble saying it's them should face the the brunt of it not people who are going to suffer at the hand of austerity measures it's worth noting that this is been a very peaceful protest movement but despite that on friday around four hundred people were to tamed by very heavily equipped police offices that have been
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essential a blocking off the whole of central front first the movement itself has called themselves bookie pipe and set of occupy is they attempted to block people from reaching the banking sectors or the banking services of europe's largest banking center in frankfurt this is the real hub of not just german banking but of european banking in general and as i say the court is of the european central bank located here. whoremonger protests also describe some of the police tactics she saw what she says go well beyond that in. the year resist. movement not allowed any mare any more to enter. this is something that this completely new in this country that not only remembers bullies can be seen around the demonstrators but also that individual people are picked out names are listed
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before. the manifestation starts they are not allowed any more to add that the city and this is going down business sort of your version of democratic rights what happened is that they controlled the brocaded to street and they controlled the everybody and to individual people they said. we want to see your passport so control. their database and said no you are not allowed to enter just square because we suppose you will do something illegal. come on grief is uniting israelis and palestinians who've lost their loved ones to their long lost in conflict between them it's a unique gathering of suffering parents who want to increase understanding and bring peace to so their goal is to reach their reports. to the my son miscue was a very hot day for me i remember grabbing my son trembling all over and running to the bomb shelter. two mothers two testimonies each different but in the end the
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same my son died in the line of duty death isn't a words it has a form and the form isn't pretty i've seen plenty of it so it takes a lot of courage to stay deaf in the face and then embrace one's enemy and yet for nearly twenty years this is what these israelis and palestinians who've lost family members have been doing they meet on a regular basis talk with one another and show that we conciliation is possible it's meaningful for me that the palestinians we hear about my brother brother will fall to the army and they can listen i can empathize with my story and understand the pain that i went through and yet it's brother was serving as a soldier when he was killed on the third day of the first lebanon war he was just nineteen people were put in a situation of a conflict and everybody served his side and who they think. this is their and he wanted to. hear through their nation through their belief. two
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uncles were killed by israelis one was shot dead while trying to enter israel the other was force fed while on a hunger strike in prison and his lungs collapsed. from the time i was born i was part of this conflict for me and is really was a soldier or a settler or an agent of the security services. and he had both heard and i have found their way to the parent circle where half the members of palestinian half are israeli but the parents circle is a minority voice the number of israelis and palestinians participating in dialogue has hit a low as many complain they see no point in the conciliation attempts while the peace process is at a stalemate because the legitimacy. of dialogue and coordination between the israeli and palestinian peace camp is eroding. because the legitimacy of negotiations is not a road if the all governments which are ready to pay the price they will find it
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very big support in their people so that is not. in the numbers but there is an erosion in the in the belief that something like this can happen in this is something that can easily be fixed but the hope lives on in these families who believe that through their pain and through their example change can come policy r t tel aviv. and our website home you can always find more news from the middle east including an israeli spy butterfly the countries develop the smallest surveillance drone in the world designed to make itself at home in anyone else. they planted and runs china pakistan raising around a significant threat to america's sila security find out what this could lead to.
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projects a free media oh god r t dot com. welcome back this is the headline a moving all right the thousands of protests that have flooded chicago ahead of the nato summit on sunday a huge showdown is expected later with police already on high alert at around a dozen ox of its who are arrested on the evil the gathering three what charged with conspiracy to cause tara. can reports. the windy city of chicago turned sunny turned paranoid the hometown of the u.s. president plays host to this year's nato summit nato is a u.s. commanded military alliance responsible for wars and war crimes on a global basis already the most watched city in the u.s. . as thousands of protesters begin to descend on chicago the city is in security
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overkill mode you got a bunch of peaceful protesters here they spent millions and millions of dollars for this week alone i mean by absolutely absurd police have reportedly preemptively raided the homes of protest organizers they battered down a door and made several arrests and we believe these are politically based arrests millions of dollars spent on new police gear trucks ready to function as rolling barricades businesses too are taking no chances what looks like a foreclosed building is actually a hotel in the heart of chicago plywood was put up in order to avoid windows being smashed by demonstrators flooding into town office workers have been advised to dress like protesters in order to not be targeted mustaches. are likely meanwhile activists there to express their outrage at nato is aggressive policies are blocked off and kept as far away from world leaders as possible we're talking about a peaceful protest and peaceful people but peaceful people dedicated to the cause
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of peace against a military block the mightiest in human history and they are being portrayed as the force that needs to be protected while officials brace for riots know your rights trainings for demonstrators and their money you know your brain meetings and street action against the military block kick off nato is organization no longer has a mandate to occupy chicago denies and demands that nato disband they have no more purpose they're spending our taxpayer dollars on wars. and to bomb and destroy and murder civilians all over the world where the ghana stand top of the leaders agenda protesters say it's time to put an end to the warfare at once the only reason we're still in afghanistan is for rare earth minerals in opec the same reason the only reason we went into iraq was to secure oil fields for american oil companies these are purely economic words that are sold to the american public purely on propaganda it's garbage the demonstrators want the money pumped into the summit and it
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security to be spent on real needs there is no peace majority in the united states we oppose war we oppose the war in the world's preeminent war making organization nato and we have a human agenda and a humane agenda that has no place for war but fences separating politicians from the people that human agenda is no more than a nuisance to be cordoned off and r.t.e. chicago illinois. time to have a look at some other news from around the world this hour as a side bomb has placed thirty two and two hundred six at a police checkpoint in eastern afghanistan on saturday amar approached the checkpoint on a motorcycle and didn't age with an explosive about her children are three police officers were among those who died in that hog violence in afghanistan has increased ahead of the nato summit that's currently underway in chicago. a school in southern italy has been rocked by an explosion killing at least one teenager. up
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to a dozen the bomb went off outside of the building's entrance when pupils were driving from morning classes no one has claimed responsibility for the time the show's been in this it is not the behind it. the first rifle cargo flight that was expected to deliver supplies to the international space station has been aborted just seconds before blast off the california based space x. company blames technical problems with a drug and rocket engine and has now are shared the launch for may twenty second the u.s. government has given the contract to keep the i says stocked with food and development . so advanced courses in the uars teach people to protect themselves by punching killing kicking and even a killing but true these tactics really be talk to everyone he's a resident of new york i had the streets of the big apple to gauge a pinata. former
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u.s. navy seal tim larkin teaches people how to kill and maim in the name of self defense how much is too much when it comes to protecting yourself this week let's talk about that do you think it would be ok to kill someone if your life is being threatened. absolutely has your life ever been threatened. now by a person what are the chances that your life will be threatened that you would need to know how to kill. one in ten to the twenty you're familiar with to mark and do you support his philosophy i completely support his philosophy he does he's not anything about trying to kill people he wants to help people be able to protect themselves but he does teach moves that are lethal yes the police teach moves that are lethal as well great but those people are in a job that's defending the public exactly you know what when you're in the military
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sometimes those guys come out and they're a little bit you know world still do you want them sharing their knowledge with common citizens walking around. you know that would come in citizens just people that maybe. are in the job situations where they're in dangerous positions in the world if you think you'd be able to kill someone if someone was threatening your life. it's tough to say until you there right yes but you probably happy you knew those moves that. well you know maybe but then if you hurt someone or kill someone no mother in what situation you can live you have to live with the forest of your life and that's the option each person has to make whether or not you think self-defense can go too far the bottom line is the world can be a crazy place whether you choose to prepare yourself for violence or not.
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imagine having your own garden where you can grow fruit and vege without ever taking up a spade or even leaving you does while that's a reality for most guys now who can remotely tend their crops and the fruits of their labor delivered to their doorstep and she's a gorgar old know how the story. this is farmville played by tens of millions in the game you have to plant water and harvest increasingly exotic but ultimately two dimensional and lean edible crops but now anyone can play the game for real the russian entrepreneur has bought a greenhouse and designed a website. plots of land from the comfort of their homes and offices. if you buy one of the plots you can choose what to grow on it then you can decide when to water it and how to fertilize it and real farmers will do the work for you you can control the lights and how often the ground is plowed we will keep
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statistics on how well you are doing and you can try to improve the or you can just leave it all to us and just get the harvest delivered when it's done. of says that his project isn't just about playing for fun but about their living people healthier forgot make food and it better be after all. the plot will set you back two hundred dollars a month we one city dwellers to have a connection with the countryside in the future we want every city dweller to have their own garden early adopter beat that says he's addicted to watching his plans grow through the web cam but i think being able to watch the plot at all times isn't just something of a past time but creates trust between me and the people looking after the farm i know they will do their job properly and not use any pesticides for example all good but truly it's all this not just some sort of post-modern perversion i decided
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to prove that city dwellers are scared to get their hands dirty by volunteering for an hour in the greenhouse. getting other people to be a god that's ridiculous actually this is quite exhausting much rather just click some buttons on the internet. you gurgled nerve to moscow. the spirit of the nineteenth century is hovering in the air of moscow with the annual uni's ball taking place in the capital or she is will say has just done how glad rags and will be bringing you a taste of the glitz and glamour. must does that splendid coming as it is the busiest setting for the town but be on the ball now this is where the end of the transformation for what to be in these marys ads this blend up all the while we're all here together in head to experience the very top of the longs.
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a quick recap of the top stories in just a couple of minutes and right after that mark's transit stay so hard at work that latest report and what they call and stay with us. here the reindeer is everything for the burgers. and when it suffers. people do their best to help go up. the distances are. on the roads are tough and unpredictable.
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blood means death to those who it's pointed cut back now. owns to those who can choose this winter. and their celebrates and they don't realize that stand looking at their own future can't so. this is just. it so sides. i have. leakage and i show you to the extent how much i have leakage. wealthy british style it's a pastime. market
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why not scandals find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on r g. welcome back to the journal guarino the wilds and it's currently a wide range of issues was covered by the eurozone crisis that jammed and russia's prime minister wants to have that attempt at the summit so price of president
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clinton is speaking to the president now so many of these units who will have to send you the truth to do it but we do is give money to. on the books on the most you are going to do to get them the physical atmosphere again can't stand it is this just in the very warm and friendly the bill is below or was a plus we discussed once again what we have achieved over the past few years you'll be my told him that it would you my coming to campus headed as the head of the russian delegation. to the middle and you know when our president is easy to do that too but i'm interested in the taking of those some of the right people into wars in new cabinets he is also a symbol of the continuity of russia's foreign policies and the policies all free said that president obama and myself dedicated so much time to do but little on the person.


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