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tv   [untitled]    May 20, 2012 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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world leaders arrive in chicago for the nato summit and the city welcoming them with thousand strong protests and reports of heavy handed police reaction. and the g. eight nations are throw their weight behind greece as staying in the euro zone and speculation mounts that this is simply damage control and that a very different fate is being mapped out what happened. last at the u.s. resumes arms sales to bahrain and despite concerns of the weapons could strengthen the regime's crackdown and growing demonstrations fueled by the ruling families plans for the unity with saudi arabia.
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you're watching the weekly here on r.t.m. to bomb would say let's take a look at the stories streets are flooded with protesters and that's how she called her is greeting world leaders congregating there for the nato summit thousands are rallying against the bluffs costly and deadly wars demonstrations that have already received a harsh response from police our g.'s our nastasia should keep the has the details . throughout the last couple of days we have seen groups of protesters taking the streets of chicago different actions taking place we've seen about a thousand protesters walk the streets of the city they were chanting there were in fact clashes with police police took out with tongs we are hearing that one activist was run over by a police van we saw a woman protester with her face bleeding definitely clashes it was quite an intense several hours of marching and protesting and at least a thousand people walking through the city hundreds of police officers everywhere
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people coming out on the streets of all walks of life to protest the nato summit taking place they disagree with the policies being implemented by the u.s. government and nato when it comes to afghanistan and the wars that the united states is fighting the protesters believe that money could be could be put to much better use especially in a difficult economic situation in the united states for more details on what went on on the streets of chicago earlier today take a look at our report. just being down and. handling this is an anti-capitalist murder everybody against the economic system in the united states the one real changes. her testers now breaking through police barricades on literally the entire crowd hundreds of people running through the area that's being barricaded off by the police. right
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now the protesters are in the very heart of chicago they look like they have no intention of stopping and this really looks like a preview of things to come because this sunday march is actually expected to be the biggest one the biggest anti nato action that will be played. on the ground. of course we'll keep you updated on events in chicago throughout the day plus later this hour we look closely at the ngo rocking the u.s. as we examine the timeline of the occupy movement and a special report. but . we have to begin to identify those goals to. push. the cat just.
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as a group are people in similar bad marriage is a bunch of losers but i have a very good job. people have jobs here that's all nonsense they read jobs are losers. i. am. dead stricken greece should stay in the eurozone that's a united message from leaders of the world's most powerful economies after a day of crisis talks in the u.s. as has some aid to the g eight gathering amid fears it may be headed for a chaotic and i'm president said exit from the single currency bloc however some believe that talks behind closed doors suggested a different agenda for the troubled nation artes and he said now has more on this camp david was invaded by the europeans over the weekend or at least it seemed that
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way with almost all ga talk touching the eurozone. there were new faces but all focus was on a not so new and ever growing crisis and the million dollar question of could greece be corrupt loose and leave the euro zone practically every financial analyst things that greece will leave it has to be an orderly withdrawal from the euro anything else would be a disaster the official mantra. room a new door to where we must do everything so the groups are able to stay in the euro zone. when he's. young and that was once again the united stance is this camp david summit wrapped up but plan b. is already in place officials in brussels have a back up just in case and germany has been hinting a referendum on a new euro exit could be greece's best bet to believe the smiles and handshakes are
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just damage control i think this is just trying to put it put a pretty face on it is hope tim is so when the markets open monday they can have some good news to report but the media are more concerned with who was not a camp david then what was president putin says he's busy with his cabinet this weekend others think he's steamed over the street protests lots of speculation as to why putin skipped this g. eight but very little based on logic president putin couldn't really contribute anything. to a solution he could say right you have to solve your debt problem germany perhaps shouldn't extend more danger to other members of the european union and so on but basically he'd be a bystander not the case for obama who in an election year can't afford to but euro zone fallout worsened the u.s. economy russia sees this summit as a stop on the way to june g. twenty where putin and obama will sit down for talks but the g twenty focuses on
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a wider range of issues much more pressing to countries like russia and china who seem to have greater expectations from the broader format especially when it comes to financial turmoil and making sure all global issues make the cut reporting from the g. eight at camp david and he said now a party orderly or disorderly the many analysts who believe greece will default i'm not trying to predict how events will unfold later we talk about. economics writer for the guardian newspaper what he sees next for athens his interview coming your way next hour here's a quick look. people being modeling what a greek exit from the euro zone would look like for the best part of a year politically economically politically even those who are in favor of greece leaving. they would accept that it would involve being observed. it would mean going to. yank him not be working it would mean that people stop for
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me become specially with disproves the bureau's in their back pocket because the country would then need to stop capital come and to maintain a very high level move so it would be affected like a country with more. question all in the saudis really for the rest of the euro zone if the euro zone can say to the rest of the financial markets look greece is leaving but we want to greece is a special case behind our hands will say it's a bit of a basket case and actually its problems are not the rest of the euro zone that's what they really mean by an orderly exit if they can convince everyone that greece is leaving because of greece not because of the euro i don't think people in markets would buy that. at least nine people have been killed and another one hundred injured in a suicide bombing in eastern syria the latest in
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a series of blasts in recent months and targeting security hubs damascus claims it's being attacked by a terrorist alliance comprised of al qaida and elements backed by regional powers and sara first reports from syria there's a growing sense that a third force is creeping into the civil conflict with its own terrifying agenda. it was a little known terror group the al nusra front they claimed responsibility for last week's massive bombing in syria the blast carried out in a busy residential. designed to cause maximum damage damascus which the so long had been through and then sheltered from the conflict throughout the rest of the country has in recent months found itself the target of an increased bombing campaign this latest explosion that can fit the largest one you can just see the devastation that is caused. at the scene angry crowd to quiet them as terrorist acts shouting blame at saudi arabia
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and qatar is blame that many analysts are saying these countries actions are undermining the peace process if you. stopped supporting of united states of america and saudi arabia. supporting guns to the. everything will be finished within two months but if they want to continue supporting them they want to be in the region treading amongst the rubble as people show us the ruins of their homes and what is one of damascus is poorest neighborhoods there's a real sense of a revolution spinning out of control syria's uprising began as a peaceful pro-democracy movement that is splintered into a confusing mix of various groups political a nonpolitical and an armed and the continued instability here has left the country wide open to attacks like this taking place. it's a problem it's
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a dilemma for the syrians that their policy a very easy provided the chance for everyone to win the world to interfere and this you know. either by providing arms of providing five songs providing fighters and soldiers and troops as people are left to bury their dead and with the hospitals full the syrian people are once again trying to rebuild their homes and their lives and the focus has once again turned to the ongoing peace mission which is looking more and more fragile by the day a wall is now in place around the blast site stark reminder that terror has served only as yet another barrier to peace here. sara for syria. still ahead in the program london sees a protest policing itself as thousands of officers join the anti austerity rallies
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or serious over massive job losses and salary cuts also. we need a holocaust survivor that kept her story secret for seventeen years against the backdrop of israeli palestinian violence. and there's concern of further violence unrest in another country sucked into the arab spring bahrain this week the u.s. announces partially resuming on sales to the country despite international criticism over the ongoing crackdown on entering protesters them and as a tease guy in a teacher can explains the move demonstrates a washington's selective approach to popular uprisings in different parts of the region. amid bahrain's persistent crackdown on protesters journalists and human rights activists washington welcomes bahrain's crown prince. of the united.
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and pledges to resume arms supplies to a key ally in the gulf. the us had suspended weapon sales to bahrain in the light of massive human rights violations by the sword is there but now the state department has issued a statement saying that american weapons will soon be heading to bahrain again. we've made this decision i want to emphasize on national security grounds we've made this decision mindful of the fact that there remain a number of serious i'm resolved human rights issues in bahrain which we expect the government of bahrain to address bahrain host the u.s. fifth fleet it's around forty ships two aircraft carriers sixteen thousand personnel a major force in the gulf region clyde prestowitz a top economist in the reagan and clinton administrations argues the u.s. has traded principles. military bases we've sided with the ruling sunni. regime because of the base of this of the sicily. in the gulf.
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and so yeah i mean i think we compromised in the same statement announcing the resumption of arms supplies to bahrain washington calls with the countries opposition to show restraint. we concerned by what has now become almost daily street violence and we in this context bahrain's political opposition to call for an end to the violence against police that's a stark difference from the u.s. approach towards other countries in the region engulfed in anti-government protests where the u.s. has tacitly or openly encouraged violence against government forces in libya the united states was openly attacking it supporting it was open and openly supporting the libyan rebels and their acts against the state even though this was. an art and essentially sure that now was the doing proper board and and then syria similarly there has been no eleven there were only four or restrain from bar islands bar the
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opposition forces there so it's a little bit are you see there's only in bahrain it's a highly asymmetrical it's a lot of situation it's not a case in which. in which there's enormous violence of course by the protesters against the police forces it's clearly by the far right extended against the civilians the general perception is that the u.s. doesn't want to rock the boat in bahrain because of its fifth fleet there so it's a case of eyes wide shot that human rights violations it might seem like a normal trade off in the walls of politics but critics say it makes a mockery of america claiming the high moral ground in other countries in the arab wall where political unrest wages company check out reporting from austin party. the resumption of arms sales to bahrain was followed by another come to. herschel announcement that triggered mass protests in the country and bahrain's a ruling family and saudi arabia want to form a union the plan despite being put on hold for now was denounced by protesters as
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an attempt at an explanation the proposed deal also sparked outrage across iran which some experts say has good cause of all our. bahrain's government is enthusiastic for the very reason that the bahraini people are an enthusiastic because it's going to legitimize and systematize the saudi involvement in crushing the bahraini revolution drowning the bahraini revolution. in blood seventy percent of the population are sheer and increasingly actually systematically excluded from any positions of influence power effectively disenfranchised always have been in this regime and you know we have to ask why what's in it for saudi arabia and answering that is crucial to remember saudi arabia doesn't have an independent foreign policy and never has done its foreign policy like those of the other gulf states is formulated in washington and london so we really have to ask why the colonial powers britain france and of course now the us why are they pursuing this
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course and i think we have to understand this in terms of the preparations which are been underway for several years now for an aerial strike against iran which is still on the on the table the crushing of the bahraini resistance is crucial to the war plans against iran because it was the biggest deterrent to an attack on iran is of course the fear amongst the west the elites in israel that actually the sheer population in other countries will rise up. and start to resist that attack on iran so actually what's the crushing of the bahraini revolution is all to do with trying to preemptively destroy any potential resistance to the coming attack on iran while many fear unity with saudi arabia would mean an end to bahrain's democratic aspirations some initiative that the saudis at home have already proved those critics right as you'll find on our website no eleven saudi arabia bans the
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language calling it i'm necessarily practice discover the details at our tea dot com. blast that twenty thousand marched through the streets of ranked third in the latest wave of. hi rage is sweeping europe we've got the latest footage and pictures from the heart of the protests online. this week we saw a game of cat and mouse play out in moscow between opposition activists and police at several approach as a campus continued to spring up in the center of the capital only to be laid to be victim by officers a city court and tuesday ruled to support a lawsuit from local residents who wanted activists shouldn't bricked it from the central square because of noise and littering police moved in after protesters refused to leave several people were detained but others moved to other locations
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and setting up new cans which were also broken up after locals complained the camps were adopted by the opposition movement in moscow following vladimir putin is in another asians as president on may the seventh there were almost one hundred permanent activists who pledged to continue this sort of campaigns indefinitely. over thirty thousand u.k. police officers took to the streets and to protest against salary cuts and job losses amid the grip of the u.k.'s austerity squeeze. bennett looks at the plight of the british poppy. the protest policing itself is a rare sight especially one this big that's because these protesters are the police thirty five thousand officers from across england and wales demonstrating against government cuts they call criminal never before so many bodies on one beat the problem is never again these black caps represent the number of police officers who
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lose their jobs in the carts sixteen fouls and over the next four years cuts they say that could seriously threaten public safety it will have an impact on the public safety not just that perception of the police and its people we'll see if you will this is on the street and at the end of the day people see police to place emphasis on the street they feel safe bitingly presence and that's just not going to happen egypt it was known as the baxter police force in the will and with these consistently it will continue like that the police will be hit hard by government desperate to get more for less over five thousand officers have already been booted off front line policing in the past year alone police pay and pensions will also be slashed in a sweeping twenty percent cuts the thin blue lines about to get much thinner we will be able to provide a service that it's nice to meet and issue to a moment in history is all i would feel. like almost if it was considered to be
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able to provide the service of all the music in the car as a direct result was a little bit shaky most of it's not just police probation officers are up for the chopper to the government wants to replace them with machines expected to look like this removing yet another barrier protecting the public. they're supposed to stop criminals real spending with nothing but a series of yes no questions they'll be trolled first in parts of london but without a lie detector these machines aren't exactly the spanish inquisition nonsense to suggest that a machine could do the job you think there's a real likelihood and the public protection in britain because if these machines are rolled up nationally. do you think if you two should be here you be missed by most people who go on commit serious crimes against the public the government insists the machines to cut costs stating this is
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a misrepresentation the london probation trust is investigating a range of a normative approaches to law professionals to cut bureaucracy and spend their time more effectively with the offenders they supervised public protection will always be our priority not according to those charged with their role it's been four years since police officers last marched on mass three london the next time sure to be sooner than that if the government continues its squeeze on the bennett london let's have a look at some other news making headlines around the world at least five people have been killed and two others injured in farah after a powerful five point nine earthquake struck northern italy in the tremendously registers six point three the same magnitude as the deadly face that it's in the last two years ago killing almost three hundred people. are casting their ballots on sunday in a presidential runoff that pits the previous leader borys a target against nationalists thomas love nicolette both candidates support the
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e.u. membership a bit but the college says it shouldn't be achieved at any cost target who has served two terms in office or serbia captured some of the europe's most wanted bosnian serb war crimes suspect belgrade handed radovan had a ditch and general rather called largest to international. it is at the hague and we've criticized by many serbs target was likely ahead of his rival in the first round of voting two weeks ago facing accusations of fraud by supporters of nicolas which feels a fear of post-election. thousands of cambodians have gathered in the capital to commemorate the victims of comair rouge regime some two million people died during their party's brutal four year rule most notorious was the news of the so-called killing fields where thousands were tortured and executed. clashes between israeli forces and palestinian demonstrators erupted during the all catastrophe day march
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in the west bank the rally remembers the hundreds of thousands of displays after the creation of the state of israel in one thousand forty eight artie's a policy here has a story of one woman who survived another war and kept a secret during the decades of the israeli palestinian conflict. for seven decades hid her secret only now has this muslim mother of seven and grandmother of twenty nine revealed to her family the full truth about her past. i didn't want my children to be afraid for me and be part of my grief we're here all the time in a war between jew and arab so why tell them about another war that another war was in one nine hundred forty two parents were among the millions of jews rounded up across europe and sent to all should stay at a camp by the nazis. who was eight months pregnant with her at the time or like they are part of ritchie again i was born in auschwitz i was a jew i spent three years in auschwitz and i survived only because
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a christian doctor in the camp hit me and my two brothers under the floor in his house my mother and father worked for him and at night they would crawl in with us and give us dry bread soaked in hot water with salt when they are murders and make you. still feels fear when she hears loud knocking at the door i think they are coming to kill me. for the bones the bodies legs hands the people they sparked wire fence i remember terrible beatings in the camp that i cry a lot when i cry my heart is calm. after she was freed from the camp immigrated to israel when she was sixteen she met her husband a local arab man. i was working. in she brought me something to drink. then decided to get married it did not matter to me that she was jewish. but had matter to his family her father didn't speak to her for
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a year and most of her israeli jewish cousins have disowned a young couple moved here to. an arab village in northern israel layla converted to islam she says so that whole children would not have to serve in the israeli army and to now they knew their mother had been through it but they didn't know sabrina holocaust survivor. i did not betray the jewish people i don't hate jews definitely not really any converted from my children i feel completely accepted here if i hear someone say they hate jews i answer them and say you receive right from this country why hate the people who give them to you. now after seventy years his secret has finally come out clearly went to collect a pension money and the clark made the connection and for that we were shocked we didn't know what to say but it was so difficult to hear that we opened our mouths and nothing came out of the guts just survived. his jewish
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name is leah schottky but she hasn't really essence all those years ago when she arrived in israel as a refugee just months before the state of israel was declared him a nine hundred forty eight a date israeli celebrate but one that palestinians mourn is the nakba or catastrophe the displacement of hundreds of thousands. there and sistas them should i'm not happy or sad on this day i understand how israelis feel and i understand how arabs feel and i feel both a lot of people have died for nothing the jewish mother and the muslim of a field is saying paying and it's that pain that palestinians around the world remember today point to syria on t.v. almost one hundred israel. i'll be back with a recap of this week's main stories in just a few minutes of don't go away. and
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. we have to begin to identify goals goals to. push. to look at. just the last. step because.
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as i keep our people don't seem all that bad but it is a bunch of losers but i have a very good job people have jobs here that's all nonsense and they don't have jobs they're losers. caught. my eye. i. did.


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