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tv   [untitled]    May 20, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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demonstrators clashed with police in chicago where nato leaders are thrashing out about a strategy for afghanistan i would insist report coalition veterans throwing that medals at the convention center in protest of the alliance's tactics. also the sour russia ground of the world ice hockey run out of the national team russia slovakia sixty pouncing all the way through this year's world championship without a single defeat. to go just realized the nation's expressed hope rescan a state of the euro zone but experts paint a very different picture of what's happening behind the. u.s.
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opens its arsenal of weapons to bahrain as a side thing in the state threatens to and seems to grow west i want to get you. and welcome to all t twenty following news live from moscow i'm you know shapovalov with the latest news and a review of the week's about the first day of the nato summit in chicago is marked by serious street clashes as anti alliance protest turns to violence crowds of angry demonstrators out pouring onto the city's streets to protest against the alliance's costly and deadly wars the city has made monitoring the situation as it develops and as the sea is so you've been with the protesters for for a while now how have things developed through the day is this threat of violence growing that. yuliya the threat of violence is definitely growing at this point we
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have heard several many warnings from the police for the crowds to disperse or chemicals arrests and other forms of trying to disperse these crowds will be used we do know that the police have al rouser sound cannons available to use. we're waiting for this we're hearing rumors amidst the crowds that this could happen any moment the police are trying to move out anybody who basically doesn't want to get arrested or tear gassed right now as we speak a little bit earlier we saw clashes between the police and the protesters there were tons flying there were crossed bottles flying there was kicking we just saw an ambulance pass by us so we can only assume that people did get hurt inside the crowd to definitely get did get quite chaotic and violent were waiting right now to see what's going to happen it looks like any minute now the police may end up using the sound cannons or tear gas if the police don't if the crowds don't disperse and it looks like some of the more are some of those who are sort of. involved activists and protesters did not have any intention of leaving we did see
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a couple hundred people leave some of the people still remain in there there are thousands of police and there still police on horses. going. one way or the u.s. we want to get on the island started kicking off after war veterans of iraq and afghanistan basically threw their medals towards the nato convention center where the delegates are meeting as we speak while this chaos unravels on the streets of chicago. and the situation a reporting the line from chicago and it's a see a thank you very much indeed and we'll be talking to you later of course. moving on now russia has tonight been crowned champions of the wild they team beat the vodka six two to take this his title his time boston now reports. russia has won the two thousand and twelve world poppy championships they dominated the game
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against rivals slovakia there wasn't really a wobbly moments in the match and as soon as they raise that cup the streets went wild people here are absolutely ecstatic about the result here malcolm was named man of the match and prime minister amir berdych has congratulated the team on their success it also means this win that throughout the contrast the russian team hasn't lost a single match out of all of the ten they've played and it comes after two difficult years for russian hockey last year the entire club scene local more t.v. was killed in a plane crash and the national team after wins in two thousand and eight and nine were further down the rankings for a couple of years not anymore the international ice hockey federation how do already ranks the russian team number warm in the world and now they've proved it.
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to stay or not to stay that is the question facing greece says political instability catapulted towards an exit from the euro zone however the leaders of some of the world's most powerful economies have gathered for talks in the u.s. publicly declaring it should stay put that behind the smiles and handshakes analysts so concern and a desire to see greece go out he's innocent now has more. camp david was invaded by the europeans over the weekend or at least it seemed that way with almost all of the g eight talk touching the euro zone. there were new faces all focus was on a not so new an ever growing crisis and the million dollar question of could greece be corrupt loose and leave the euro zone practically every financial analyst thinks that greece will leave it has to be an orderly withdrawal from the euro anything else would be disaster the official mantra from a new don't want to fail with us to everything so the greeks are able to stay in
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the euro zone. to remain in the euro and that was once again the united stance of this camp david summit wrapped up but plan b. is already in place officials in brussels have a back up just in case and germany has been hinting a referendum on a euro exit could be greece if that's bad to believe the smiles and handshakes are just damage control i think this is just trying to predict but a pretty face on it is hoped in is over so when the markets open monday they can have some good news to report but the media are more concerned with whether or not a camp david but what was president putin says he's busy with his cabinet this weekend others think he's steamed over the street protests lots of speculation as to why people keep the gate but very little. president putin couldn't really contribute anything to a solution he could say right you have to solve your debt problem germany perhaps
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should in fact extend more danger to other weak members of the european union and so on but basically he'd be a bystander not the case for obama who in an election year can't afford to let euro zone fall out worsen the u.s. economy. as a result on the way to the twenty nine obama. we'll sit down and talk a little bit you twenty focuses on a wider range of issues much more pressing to countries like russia and china who seek to have greater expectations from the broader format especially when it comes to financial turmoil and making sure all global issues make the cut reporting from the g. eight at camp david and he said no way. so soon none of the ones defending chorus calling for greece to stays now a mere chant but a marcus care that first so political economics have the believe institute of technology says that now even a greek exit won't be enough to save the euro. unconditional. euro savers
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as they are now prisoners of their own misjudgments of judgment turn out to be fatal because the crisis about the euro is on far more than just a currency it's about the future integration of europe and we have come to a point where we can no longer solve the euro crisis by simply urging or pushing or requesting greece to opt out and to leave the eurozone because the problems are far beyond that we could have so some two years ago when the crisis was a very beginning so the discussion is no longer about greece the discussion is no longer about whether germany is profiting or benefiting less or more from the you from the eurozone the question is how we can get the problem solved as quickly as possible without damaging the european integration process they aren't kingdom of bahrain is not off america's weapons expert blacklist with
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a gun sales about to resume that's despite often bloody government crackdown on a popular uprising against the ruling want to kate and out he's going and she can suggest that it's in keeping with washington selective approach to just who deserves freedom. that was a meet bahrain's persistent crackdown on protesters journalists and human rights activists washington welcomes bahrain's crown prince and his back to the united states. and pledges to resume arms supplies to a key ally in the gulf. the us had suspended weapons sales to bahrain in the light of massive human rights violations by these sorties there but now the state department has issued a statement saying that american weapons will soon be heading to bahrain again. we've made this decision i want to emphasize on national security grounds we've made this decision mindful of the fact that there remain
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a number of serious unresolved human rights issues in bahrain which we expect the government of bahrain to address bahrain host the u.s. fifth fleet it's around forty ships two aircraft carriers sixteen thousand personnel a major force in the gulf region clyde prestowitz a top economist in the reagan and clinton administrations argues the u.s. has traded principles for military bases that are worth the ruling sunni. regime because of the base of the. in the gulf. and so yeah i mean i think we compromised ourselves in the same statement announcing the resumption of arms supplies to bahrain washington calls for the countries opposition to show restraint. we concerned by what has now become almost daily street violence and we are in this context bahrain's political opposition to call for an end to the violence against police that's
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a stark difference from the u.s. approach towards other countries in the region engulfed in anti-government protests where the u.s. has tacitly or openly encouraged violence against government forces in libya the united states was openly supporting it was open and openly supporting the libyan rebels and their attacks against the state even though this was. an art in the situation that now was the ruling proper board and look and then syria similarly there has been no and there were only four or restrain from by wants by the opposition forces there so it's a little bit r c there's no way in bahrain it's a highly asymmetrical about a situation it's not a case in which. in which there's enormous violence brought by the protesters against the police forces it's clearly by the bahraini state against the civilians the general perception is that the u.s. doesn't want to rock the boat in bahrain because of its fifth fleet there so it's
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a case of eyes wide shot that human rights violations it might seem like a normal trade off in the wall of politics but critics say it makes a mockery of america claiming the high moral ground in other countries in the arab walter where political unrest wages company check out reporting from often hard to . those weapons shipments saudi arabian forces are also said to be have been engaged in suppressing dissent in bahrain and professor sayed moronic and mohammad marandi from the university have to iran says there's only one goal to save a decrepit bite from the regime. this is basically for the survival of the dictatorship in beheading because the dictatorship the king is immensely unpopular the vast majority of the people of bahrain want to go over throw of the regime but unfortunately the west supports the saudis and the only dictatorship and in order
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to crush the revolution he allowed saudi forces to effectively occupy the country it's very interesting that the people about here in despite of this this small country has put up so much resistance and i think this itself shows the immense weakness that lies behind the saudi regime the fact that the united states supports the bahraini and saudi dictatorships also makes them responsible for the both the bloodshed as well as the current situation at large but more than a hard voice is counted in serbia nationalist honest love nicolette chairs winning the presidential election by a narrow margin over the pro e.u. counted boris tadic who's already served two terms in office now that's nicholas has just confirmed the country's to continue moving towards e.u. membership and political acts that marco gossage says that serves have chosen the lesser of two evils. i think the serbs have realized that e.u. membership is not a panacea not a cure all for all evils in the system and there are many evils in the system i
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mean ex-president presided over eight years of poverty in which he's oligarchy have drawn all of our natural benefits and the created a kind of replaced a kind of communism with a kind of corruption is there which has been very good for them and very bad for everybody else in the country and this really has been the problem for the population has been afraid of change but also have been afraid of further poverty and despite promises of a new rose garden even the e.u. governments are very bare at the moment and target is offering looks even more as a result and don't forget you can always log on to our website artie dot com where as usual there's plenty more in store for you including. breaking a record egyptian security forces have made their biggest ever arms smuggling bust go live all the details and. some of the a flashback over five thousand children clad in red ties blood in oscar's rat
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square to join the ranks of the pioneer communist youth league now going to ask the doctor for a glimpse of a colorful parade. a series of blasts took place in syria over the past week killing at least six support people and causing widespread damage there were carried out by suicide bombers targeting security and military facilities islamist militants from al qaeda have been blamed for their tithes and sour fast now reports there's a growing suspicion in syria that a third party is of hearing the conflict. it was a little known terror group the al nasra front they claimed responsibility for last week's massive bombing in syria the blast carried out in a busy residential area designed to cause maximum damage damascus which the so long had been through and then sheltered from the conflict throughout the rest of the country has in recent months found itself the target of an increased bombing
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campaign this latest explosion considered the largest one and you can just see the devastation that is caused. at the scene angry crowds at a quite them as terrorist acts shouting blame at saudi arabia and qatar is playing that many analysts saying these countries actions are undermining the peace process if you. stopped supporting of united states of america. supporting. everything will be finished within. but if they want to continue supporting them they want to be in the region treading amongst the rubble as people show the ruins of their homes and what is one of damascus is poorest neighborhoods there's a real sense of a revolution spinning out of control syria's uprising began as
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a peaceful pro-democracy movement that has splintered into a confusing mix in various groups political a nonpolitical. and the continued instability here has left the country wide open to attacks like this taking place. it's a problem for the syrians that. provided chance for everyone in the world to interfere in this. either by providing arms of providing five songs providing fighters and soldiers and troops as people are left to bury their dead and with the hospitals full the syrian people are once again left trying to rebuild their homes and their lives and the focus has once again turned to the on going peace mission which is looking more and more fragile by the day a wall is now in place around the blast site stark reminder that terror has served
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only as yet another barrier to peace here sara for r.t. syria interruptions about next week in the country's first presidential election since former leader hosni mubarak was ousted but their cause their ballots made a wave of protests against the torture of activists arrested two weeks ago more than one hundred detainees facing military prosecution have gone on hunger strike hundreds of accidents sounded presidential candidate have also declared a twenty four hour strike in protest against military trials of civilians in the country and while they militia leaders seek to broaden the base by preparing amendments to the country's constitution. has. left out of the revolution. it's not just protests the disruptive peace on the streets of cairo just ask taxi driver. it was calm before the revolution one hundred percent
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where in a total mess now i used to drive anywhere wherever they want us came from never refused a customer now i park my car in the garage at six pm and go home i put a special security system on it so it would be harder to steal. robberies car thefts all have become part of a daily life in large cities like cairo and alexandria since after the revolution many people say the police at times simply choose to turn away when a crime is being committed in the mayhem that followed the uprising of january two thousand and eleven many believe thousands of convicts escaped from unguarded prisons a crime wave has followed with egyptian media reporting more than twenty five hundred murders and some two thousand abductions since their revolution yet the police are accused of doing little or the police a lot of respect a lot of. the tools that they had to work with like the weapons the cars.
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of the different people for that this police has been treating us like. this. is nothing to us we are the police. and the minister charged with enforcing the law has a very different view saying the situation is under control. i want to settle about like this i told the members of the people's council look at the results we managed to achieve in record time i'm sure that no one could have done as much as we had a total collapse of everything and stability was nonexistent i delivered all numbers regarding organized crime groups robberies and thefts they were committing and the achievements we've made at that in the meantime until calm returns to egypt ibrahim and others will continue to close up shop early and head home before sunset fearful not only for their property and possessions but for their safety and lives
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in cairo in a ghost go. and let's now have a look at some other news stories from around the world at least nineteen people killed and hundreds of homes destroyed after a flash flood struck in northern afghanistan ten thousand people are said to be sheltering in local mosques and schools rescue missions are underway with about sixty people reported missing so far there is often greater flash floods as heavy rains and run on a mountain snow cause rivers to buzz that one. aftershock has headed north and causing further damage with more buildings collapsing it comes after an earlier powerful ass quake killed at least six people and brought down buildings or several towns terrified residents were forced onto the streets in the early morning hours of walls and roofs from when interest thousand and nine a devastating quake killed more than three hundred people in the central italian city of. five people who died in northwest bosnia after their light
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aircraft burst into flames shortly after takeoff as well as the pilot that was three skydivers and a struct on board preparing to trump the incident was witnessed by families and friends of the victims who gathered to watch their descent. the man convicted for the ninety eight lockerbie bombing which killed two hundred and seventy people has died at his home in libya doubt. he was found guilty of blowing up a pan am flight over scotland in two thousand and one he was released from prison in scotland in two thousand and nine on the grounds after being diagnosed with cancer and returns to leave it where he received a hero's welcome the former libyan intelligence officer had always denied responsibility. but it still rivals hamas and fatah have finally agreed to a new timetable for a power sharing deal entails leaders of the two parties forming an interim
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government within ten days the new joint cabinet will prepare for journal lection and six months this year the fatah leader of the us and hamas supreme had agreed in cairo on reconciliation but that deal wasn't implemented using political controversy the long awaited political unity may help palestinians to protect their national interests this week they remembered the hundreds of thousands displaced after the creation of the state of regime in one thousand and eight. reports even now simplistic families are being literally walled off from their land. a lonely house on a hilltop tells the whole story of palestinian plots of land passed down through the generations now under threat i don't read a number i don't want. i want my gran and for his insistence almost paying the price is small papa she is on the wrong side of the wall tel aviv is building between israel and the palestinians and what was once or more was part of
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a larger village he'll soon be cut off from it and alone on the other side from this i fear for me the. israeli tractors have already for eight months been building the prison or refers to digging up the ground around his house the plan will see his home cut off by a five meter high electrified fence and a tunnel monitored by security cameras will connect him with a larger village after. the experience for. this this this rod and go for in the. gold there is there little village in the side she's got all this done two hundred fifty meter. this does she have a ball for this five million on hundred thousand jekyl just to build this down for just only one for nearly. four decades already israel's been building a wall that cuts through the west bank these raby states for security but
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palestinians complain it saves them from their land and communities the leadership of israel is going crazy and they have no real plan their have no really vision no real vision of a very long term answer because walls will not and will never ever provide security for this one is a good neighbor it's actually provide security and we do not have good neighbors eventually the village of larger will also be completely closed in by the wall the only way in and out will be through this entrance that the israelis will control here too the israelis are building another tunnel this one is so that omar's. neighbors can reach a small family cemetery they'll be electrified fence and the local joke is that not only are the israelis separating palestinians from their land they're separating the living from the dead but with each tilt of the soil most families connection to the land is threatened to be even more polluted for much of. what they can do
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just as i did term future in. this and this for you and this for my father. my grandfather. don't live in the future it's. like a future times against him and with every new brick that goes up the families isolation is cemented policy r.t. the larger village. dubey bach terry cobb the week's main stories for you in just a few miles.
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from. here the reindeer is everything for the herders. and when it suffers. people do their best to help go up. the distances are. unpredictable.
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will the remedy be untied. my married mother would not buy because. truism. and she was very cool. she felt. i was frankenstein's monster. we don't have the problem but every hour i had africa is i'm a i'm the palestinian or in the european side to negotiate an end to the violent attacks against israel which i have no fear of war calling. so long as you have no fear calling the leader of the state of israel one of the main
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terrorists in the world. we are supposed to be seriously examining history but you mention a few words about jewish cover labyrinth and people get so upset this is i'm sorry to say it's a form of emotional blackmail. if you.


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