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tv   [untitled]    May 21, 2012 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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ten thirty am in moscow these here are t. headlights and tell you nato demonstrators clashed with police near the summit site in chicago with about a dozen injury and more than sixty arrested after one of the city's it biggest protests in years turns of violent. russia's new government led amir putin who returned as president earlier this month due to unveil a team minister. victory for the red machine or ushering games the world hockey title after crushing slovakia in the final to win this year's championship undefeated. updates to the program r t talks with peter del scott
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a canadian poet and former diplomat. a former diplomat a poet and a prominent antiwar advocate peter dale scott is joining us now on r t thank you very much for your time sir. i'm not sure many americans realize that democracy and freedom have become very toxic and often misused words in diplomatic language why do you think such a concept as democracy is being so grossly misused. well i think it's true that specially in the last fifteen twenty years that america has used the slogans of democracy and freedom as a way of expanding their sphere of influence in the world and so you get these color revolutions for example sometimes you can't judge all of them on the same sometimes there is a basis
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a popular basis for example we have these. two foundations one rip democrat one republican doing what the cia used to do putting money into other countries elections that i think is quite inappropriate yes i would like to see more democracy and freedom in the in the world but it has to be or talked to this it has to grow out of the country in question and it's not something that you can sort of blast in and then finally you have libya which is a scandal that was done in the name of the libyan spring but that was totally pushed from outside and from the very beginning it was violent it wasn't a popular movement was a military cadres came in with support and training from both sides so we're seeing a lot of social change and some of it is good and some of it is partly good and bad
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and some of it i think i think that history is going to judge the libyan saying very. from a very negative assessment of what was that against gadhafi i was a little bit just this past december and what i hear heart from many people is that they're waiting in the visage the libyan revolution is that everything the country will stay the same they will get the same social benefits they really enjoy the same standard of living but the only thing that would change is that gadhafi would be gone and i think. sometimes that american foreign policy makers suffer from the same degree of idealism do you think it's really idealism or the lack of any serious analysis or consideration on the part of people who make these decisions to throw for us weight behind any particular movement but i think the big difference between british interventions in the third were in american
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interventions is that the british at least usually knew the languages of the countries they went into they had a certain degree of knowledge i think american policies are usually dictated by amazing ignorance in the case of libya for example i think that the americans who got involved and the french they did with the idea that everybody hated gadhafi and . all you had to do was give a little push to a popular uprising and poof. you would be gone and for duffy had a great deal of support tribal support but not just tribal support because of his social programs which were which were progressive. so the result is. a year of chaos which to which we don't really see at this point and so i think it's the whole thing i am hoping that at some point
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americans will get sick and tired of these nasty interventions which blow up in their face i mean iraq now i think most americans wish they had never heard of iraq syria is now law and have lines and the united states has been very open about its desire to see bashar assad step down what i would like to ask here is it's assume that we all assume that and it's true that syria doesn't have a very long track record the. political pluralism but this is a country that's long been proud of its religious diversity and tolerance and this is also solid say a measure of democracy it's a yearning for the country to have and already we see syria suffering a great deal from islamic militancy and their recent. explosions in damascus is another example of that my question to you is when you consider pragmatically when
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you consider u.s. interest in the region wouldn't it be better for the u.s. interest for the interest of israel to deal with off a chronic but predictable regimes rather than groups that you can absolutely never predict that future actions will have i do agree with you i talk about deep politics about the things we don't see in the newspapers but i've read more than one more than one place that u.s. special forces went into syria as early thinker last december before the before the syrian spring and were already training resistance groups and techniques of street resistance so that america was stirring up the pot you know the. american foreign policy has taken
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a very bad turn since we called nine eleven the september eleventh two thousand and one attacks and we know for a fact that the cheney who was the vice president the power man in the regime donald rumsfeld the secretary of defense their response to nine eleven immediately words we have to go after all of these countries that are in the area and one of the countries that was back in this is septa. tobar in two thousand and one they named afghanistan but they named their rat iraq was number one afghanistan somalia libya and syria. what do all these countries have in common well i think we have to see that at one point in the past they had been states allied with russia in the soviet union and
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that it looked like a concerted effort to replace area of soviet influence with an area of american influence we have a general wesley clark who was in the pentagon in one nine hundred ninety one through two thousand and one and it's he who has told us about there was a plan to go after all these countries which we have now seen being implemented and one of the people who talked about the plan stalker he talked about the window of opportunity now that the soviet union is gone russia will be too confused state to be able to resist so that all of this should be done quickly so it was very sinister play for pure dominance in the world and i don't think there's much popular support in the american people for this it was a group of neo con the say were special clique's. oil companies they had their
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interests in global domination and i'm very disappointed that the american people haven't done more to stop this because it's become very dangerous to the world and as you're suggesting dangerous to the interests the real interests of the americans as well i'd like to ask a question about journalism american journalism and particle act what i find very strange is that on one hand that that idea of the tradition of critical thinking is very strong in american journalism but when you are dealing with the countries who is in. just are not allied with the interest of the united states say whether it's libya or syria russia iran and at least calgon it is very easy and it takes very little time for american journalists to demonize those countries iran ahmadinejad is a very good example get off he was a good example my question to you was the problem here is the lie is is it the lack
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of critical thinking on the part of american media or probably on the part of the american audience who is taking those things so lightly well i think the problem is not the problem of the journalists but there have been structural changes in the american media that are very relevant here there's been a lot of concentration of ownership a lot of overlap between the corporations that the only media and all the other corporations so that then there's a rule of advertising. you don't have when we had the vietnam war we had. american journalists in vietnam we started telling the truth about how badly that war was going we didn't have that in iraq because the journalists were in bed and besides the newspapers had changed so much they were interested. in the rule or
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getting a kind of corporate superstructure american society which the really the financial interests of the defense industry and the oil companies are all part of one huge conglomerate it's very important for the future of the globe to have good communications that means we have to have good journalism and it's a great problem that the american corporate superstructure of the media is is less and less amenable to object. to journalism and finally from asking about the u.s. presidential elections franchise just a few months away and so far we have heard very little if any debate on foreign policy issues and my question is whether it is because american people don't know or simply don't care about what is being done abroad on that behalf
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there is you know in america very a long time tradition of by bipartisan foreign policy the trouble is that right now american foreign policy ought to be very controversial we're doing things which are way beyond what traditionally americans. would do so it should be debated but no but the the it's the same big money that contributes to both parties and there are some issues which you are allowed to debate health care is being debated certainly very energetically but the question of whether we should be in afghanistan is not being debated and it makes me tear my hair because i feel it should be and we even have a big occupy movement in america but even the occupy movement doesn't feel the value. as you well he did of course you know have
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a very strong powerful and he war movement perhaps the biggest at the world had ever seen up to that time we have nothing like that in america now largely because the pentagon has so carefully strategize how to prevent and then to a war movement from emerging thank you very much for a time like you. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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we want to present. something else. nato demonstrators clashed with police near the summit site in chicago with around a dozen injured more than sixty arrested after one of the city's biggest protests in the nearest turns violent. russia's new. government of why we're putting the returned us president earlier this month through the one ministers. and a victory for the revolution in russia or against the world hockey title after crushing slovakia in the final to win this year's championship undefeated. and up next to andrew farmer now with sports and it looks like the good times are here for russian ice hockey again as the russians perfect performance at those world
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championships obviously banishing any lingering bad memories from the last two years they have shown why they are the number one team again and i've got the details that just after this. hello there thanks for watching the sport here on r.t. and these are the headlines simply the best russia rashleigh back in a six two years to climb on ice hockey as world. class euro bloody russian defended his t.v. but as these people miss football's european championships with the injury. and roman athlete sharapova comes from a set and for love and against to retain her italian open title but first russia's ice hockey team have landed back in moscow after being crowned world champions they beat slovakia six two in the final in helsinki to finish the tournament as the only unbeaten side russia were the top seeds and overwhelming favorites for the final
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but they got off to a woeful start against the slovaks conceding a goal to in the first minute however russia then found the net six times alexander schmemann getting a brace for more came from alexander pettish you'll get. pummeled out and the tournament m.v.p. give gainey malkin his rushes first world title since two thousand and nine and they did it in style with ten wins from ten at the tournament because you need to embody yet in all even receiving a call from president vladimir putin congratulating them on their achievement. before that title decider the czech republic clinched the bronze medal staving off a late fight back from co-hosts and the defending champion to finland to win three two. the russian football team have been dealt a blow ahead of the european championships experienced defender the silly but if he has been ruled out of the tournament with injury the twenty nine year old has failed to recover in time from a long term muscle problem he had tried to make a comeback in april but suffered a recurrence it is
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a big setback for the car he loses a central defender he's been a rusher regular for over a decade. those are very. relieved to squat because you still too much but. we also have to think on solving on the club so we decided together with them. after doing. meanwhile the russian squad are still waiting for the arrival of one member sporting midfielder that is model of remained in portugal to play in sunday's surprise one of the feat to academic in the portuguese cup final the twenty nine year old has been in could form for the lisbon side this season and earned his first call up there eight years but he's been given an ultimatum by a big car he says his model of must must be in moscow on monday if he wants to make the squad. i'm not sure if it is into the vision but after the game if you talk with his model. any use of the word and.
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think if you come to morrow. you can state. let's hope he's listening now meanwhile chelsea have enjoyed a jubilant homecoming after winning the u.a.e. for champions league for the first time an open top bus took the team around west london as thousands of fans lined the streets of players proudly lifting the trophy after their four three penalty shootout win over by munich less than twenty four hours before captain john terry was suspended for the final but it was that he was making up for it in the celebrations while oh no man our promotion was also relishing what they're saying that richie finally getting his hands on the cup after pumping one and a half billion dollars into the club since the taking over nine years ago something the fans also appreciated. robert roach postings other top six pack their. backyard for the osbournes or life support chelsea loving every second of the despair holderness now more than. chelsea succeeded surely we started playing
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strategy for it much more than also for the world but just to believe it was the best feeling ever now maria sharapova is known as a bit of a fighter on the tennis court but her victory over lean are to retain her italian open title must go down as one of the greatest ever comebacks after losing the first set six ball the russian looked down and out when she trailed four games to love in the second but somehow she clawed her way back never giving up on a big grand to eventually take it six ball to level the match. then deciding section bravely saved match point i'm forced to type right after hitting a thunderous winner. but just this year after was getting on top of things the clouds rain stop in vogue
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a russian didn't let it upset her written because on her return to the clay she picked up from where she left off winning the toy breaks seventy five for the match an unlikely three set win them for sharapova it is her second times of b. year and she now heads to next week's french open one of the face. to swings because of the weather conditions so you start the match and feel like you're playing really well then you stop and you go off the court you come on and then things just change for some reason you know your opponent starts playing better has time to regroup but this was a situation which you just have a tie breaker to play so there isn't really matter what your coach is there anyone tells you it's just about really focusing on trying to win that over. the last rain has meant men's final has been perspiring until monday top seed and defending champion novak djokovic takes on five time without rafael nadal a little later on. would see him federer as the world number two. the n.b.a. the san antonio spurs have reached the western conference final after beating the
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l.a. clippers one hundred so you point to ninety nine tim duncan scoring twenty one of those for san antonio close out of four little series win with a clip is the only on the side left in the postseason and will face either oklahoma city thunder or the l.a. lakers in the western conference final and in some days of the game i mean hate the indiana pacers to tie their best of seven contests to two apiece miami's bron james and dwyane wade scoring seventeen points between them. nicklaus called thirty's golds world match play champion it all came down to the final hole in spain against northern ireland graeme mcdowell started impressively sinking this eagle at the. and from this point on which the belgian never found himself in a race down did square the match on several occasions including here at the fourteenth when he. could never really down by the last
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hole call science had teapots to win it's his second victory on the european tour and hands him seven hundred thousand dollars and a place in the world's top fifty first time. in such conditions you know when. you know it's going to be very difficult. you know he's one of the most open so he's used to playing into of conditions. it was going to be and this is like. you know i'm glad all that often and it all went down to the final hole in the states to jason dufner making a twenty five foot birdie on the last to win the bar nelson championship beating the pride by single shot to claim just over a million dollars in prize money it was a little bit right and it was downhill the greens were maybe just a little bit slower than we're used to this week so comfortable downhill and i just had a really good feel for that you know been a couple playoffs and i kind of want to close this one. now former champion your renzo is back at the top of the ryder standings after winning the french grand prix
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in style on a wet track at the spaniard started from the second right but he seems to lead to eventually at pace valentino rossi by almost ten seconds but nine time champion rossi delay would take hold of casey stoner on the final lap to claim i mean his second podium finish since joining the county last year stone is one a teammate danny patro started from pole but had to settle for a stone and now trails renzo by eight points in the overall standings. has been difficult because always on with a long race especially when casey was coaching me was very difficult to keep the concentration and not to dry too fast. now it's just over two months to go until the start of the london olympics organizers of the martial art of sambo are hoping the sport will feature future games after a record thirty two countries took part in last week's european championships here in moscow also cut jan care as more. sambo is
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a russian martial arts which was initially intended to be a merger between the most effective techniques of all the others it has its roots in japanese judo international styles of wrestling plus traditional folk styles of wrestling today there are two main categories sport and combat would be a lot to win in sambo you have to throw your opponent to the ground and depending on how clinical the attempt is you get points awarded to you in the case of combat sambo that you can also get points for hitting your opponent for knock outs and knock downs with a guy just like in traditional boxing another martial arts fight is a categorized by their weight which range from fifty two kilograms to over one hundred kilos the name sambo may sound somewhat exotic but it really has nothing to do with rats and dancing is an acronym for the russian words some of our own the best. which literally translates to self-defense without weapons and it was first
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developed by the soviet army in the late one nine hundred twenty s. in order to improve soldiers hand to hand combat russia has dominated the sport since its inception in both the women's and men's competitions doesn't load up every year and the popularity of both port some ball and convert somebody is growing and with it there are more and more people and countries getting involved in. the sport has certainly become internationally renowned and the federations vice president believes it will one day become an olympic event imo sambo that is so popular nowadays that it's the past many i think events by the number of participants already we have over at a federation is around the world with more than a lot of the limbic disciplines here so it's only a matter of time before does seriously consider as in the olympic event that that would be the sport's biggest achievement but while sambo may not have the accolades of being part of the olympics there's no doubt the growing appeal in the martial arts hybrid is set to continue market janko moscow and that is how the sport
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is looking for mine we've got the weather coming up next here a lot. question
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is that so much time in which of course you write on it in terms of you say to me counselor this is what critics call america's banking system again the world has witnessed the specter of a major financial institution reporting. there hasn't been anything good on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. before source material is what helps keep journalism honest we.


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