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we wanted to present. something of. a major antiwar march outside the nato summit in chicago turns violent with a run a dozen activists injured and many more arrested after clashes with police. ecuador's president rafael correa is the latest to appear on june the sanchez interview program the to discuss cruise corruption and the controversy of his rule and just his presidency isn't sitting well with. also this hour the violence contagion the spreads further into lebanon that the street clashes between opponents and supporters of the neighboring syrian regime reach the streets of beirut expert analysis on the short. and that i'm a pretty one vales a new cabinet made up of mainly new ministers but some familiar faces make
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a return to. online on screen this is r.t. with you twenty four hours a day live from moscow fresh nato marches on the doorstep of the alliance's summit in chicago had descended into the worst clashes with police in three days of protest activists say dozens have been severely beaten by baton wielding officers and around sixty people arrested and started charging i was there. today certainly was unprecedented for a week of action taking place here in chicago along the sidelines of the nato summit what we witnessed was a march that lasted a few hours that was overall peaceful that ended with violent clashes between riot police and anti-war protesters hundreds of police clashed with hundreds of outraged
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protesters there were tons being swung by police plastic bottles being thrown by protesters balloons being thrown of violence at least twelve people from what we know have been injured at least sixty people arrested there were several warnings from police coming that they might have to use chemical on the protesters unless they dispersed that had not been the case of violent clashes leading faeces a lot of chaos about one hundred one hundred protesters were really involved in the action whereas many of the majority of the ones marching were able to disperse before violence kick started here on the ground. american and you were to the center of the u.s. government wants to pin the blame for the violence on protest is because it feels threatened by the movement. the very fact that so many thousands of people came out from all across the country here's his war machine responsible for violence around
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the world on drone attacks to. wanting to attack so war in in afghanistan libya syria threats from iran and yet they're calling the demonstrators violent they have spent the weeks and weeks and weeks saturating the media here with wild completely inaccurate cyber catered stories about how the demonstrators are violent they actually have charged young people with terrorism charges a million and a half dollar bail they kidnapped people right off the street to the lawyers spent days trying to find they would not have done that if they did not feel a normally right and that right here in the u.s. there is a denunciation of nato of its wars. nato has meanwhile launched the first phase of its missile shield in europe old despite russia's concerns at the summit in chicago the nonces chief said it now has the basic capability to shoot down
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incoming missiles that is the covering into that final day attention is now on nato exit strategy from afghanistan going to khan keeps across developments. well nato members are coordinating their steps as to how to get out of the very much on popular and resource draining war in afghanistan france has announced that it would pull out earlier than expected american troops are said to leave by the end of two thousand and fourteen but under their new agreement with afghanistan they will remain in certain numbers in a supporting role as they say now as far as supply routes are concerned which is vital for nato operations in afghanistan as well as for the upcoming troops withdrawal through the route through pakistan still remains closed it was shut down around six months ago after a u.s. airstrike killed dozens pakistani soldiers by mistake now the u.s. and pakistan are reportedly haggling over the price the alliance will pay with pakistan demanding many times more per truck than they were paid a year ago at this summit in chicago the pakistani leader of might have felt
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somewhat snob by the u.s. not only was he added to the list of some guest last minute but also president obama refused to meet him so after pakistan shut down the route the u.s. had to rely more on the northern groups and that is a key area of cooperation between russia and nato because russia provides its airspace israel rose to supporting international forces in afghanistan and the other issue of the summit is of course missile defense shield in europe nato has announced that they have reached an interim capability which means that they took the first they took the first step in the deployment of this multi-stage missile shield program the first stage involves mobile interceptors those are the interceptors and radars installed on ships the plan is to have land based elements of a system deployed by twenty eighteen inch entries like romania poland the netherlands those are going to be systems designed to intercept more advanced weapons and by
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two thousand and twenty they'll be able to intercept intercontinental ballistic missiles the missile defense shield that the u.s. is building in this new europe is a very contentious it's been a point of big. russia and the us for many years now russia says the shield has the potential canal said the strategic balance that will make russian take steps to restore that balance that is to deploy more weapons something that russia does on want to do nato is saying the system is designed to counter a potential threat from iran but iran doesn't have the kind of weapons that the shield is intended for so there are lots of questions as to its efficiency and purpose also the us refuses to give legal guarantees that the system will not be aimed at russia some point it seems there needs to be a more consistent basis for cooperation. with nato giving more political role of the legal guarantees that the missile defense system is not aimed against russia and you times roving correspondent pepe escobar says such assurances are not convincing. nobody buys it the russians don't buy it the chinese don't buy it the
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iranians don't buy it and most of the developing world doesn't buy the fact is this is neat to expansion in eastern europe it's always been the case for the past stand fifteen years in fact so russia's going to have a response they're going to deploy russian missiles to kaliningrad near the polish border so we're back to the cold war in fact you can take the cold war out of nato but you cannot take nato out of the cold war effect naval like bases in the central asian stance as well this century asians are part of the myriad partnerships that nato has all over the world including all sorts of middle eastern and east asian countries the problem is they don't trust the pentacle just like they trust hundred percent neither the russians or the chinese they want to do it because that stern says factor of diplomacy which is
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a big big power against each other. party live here in moscow still to come this hour old challenges for a new leader. president elect just to keep on course to the e.u. but experts wonder whether he can pull a country from the poverty and corruption scene under his predecessor. also so far just how getting from a to b. in london can be a challenge of herculean proportions with things that the city's transport system a collapse from the surge of visitors as it prepares to host the olympics. he's being called one of the most democratic leaders in latin america's history and a champion of the poor or i could it was president rafael correa appears on whistleblower julian assange to show on cues day exclusively here on r.t. to oust him to strained relations with the u.s. he describes the challenges he faces under attack from the rich and powerful on correspondent norsemen tells us more. tomorrow is the sixth episode of julian
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assange his interview show and his guest is rafael carette who's the president of ecuador he is a controversial figure he's a left wing populist and one of latin america's most progressive leaders and he's actually a beneficiary as you might say of wiki leaks in that one of the cables released revealed that the u.s. had been supporting a structured campaign by a powerful businessman to destabilize korea's government back in two thousand and seven the us embassy cables also reveals that korea is the most popular president in ecuadorian democratic history but of course that popularity doesn't sit well with everybody and in fact there was a police against him back in two thousand and ten accompanied by unconfirmed speculation that the u.s. which of course is never far from politics in latin america was somehow involved let's hear what fred had to say about. the only country that can be
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sure never to have a coup is the united states because it has got a u.s. embassy. in any event i'd like to say that one of the reasons that led to the police discontent was the fact that we kept all the funding the us embassy provided to the police will hopefully soon its key units fully funded by the us embassy has offices in command which chosen by the u.s. ambassador and paid by the us if we did away with all that. after that coup korea kicked out the u.s. ambassador who was there at the time career talks about the arrogance of the ambassador in that time when he when he told her that she was going to be kicked out and of course this is all part of a wider plan for ecuador to pull away from the u.s. part of that also is a career's refusal to extend the lease on u.s. bases that are currently stationed in ecuador there are many reasons for that let's hear him talking about just one of them. but i was not a problem to set up a u.s.
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base and you could do so you can give the go ahead it was always we were granted permission to sort of talk an ecuadorian military base in miami. unlikely that that's going to happen of course but joking aside this this goes back to korea's socialist roots one of the main uses for the u.s. air bases in ecuador is to perform strikes on drug smugglers and has admitted that his father was in fact a drug smuggler and says that far from being a sort of sort of criminal overlords your run of the mill drug smuggler in ecuador is just a man or a woman desperate to feed their families so he wants to help them rather than punish them now that's just a little bit of this program he also talks about the media in ecuador says wants to dispel this image of big government persecuting saying leave journalists and news outlets and saying that actually it's the other way around that the media is often owned by big businesses and rich people who use it specifically to push their own
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agendas you can't have that now though you're going to have to wait until tomorrow at the latest episode of julian. this program is going to be broadcast hare on r.t. at eleven thirty g.m.t. . two people died in fresh overnight clashes in the lebanese capital beirut between opponents and supporters of the assad regime in neighboring syria the violence was triggered by the killing of an anti assad son the cleric in the north of the country well for more let's join jamal he's editor of the newspaper joining us there in beirut why is lebanon feeling the impact of armrests in syria. well the lebanese government has tried to avoid feeling this in lebanon by adopting a policy of what they call the what the prime minister called distancing itself of course that's impossible to do considering lebanon shares about seventy percent of
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its land border with syria that was more of a policy of burying their head rather than dealing with this in itself so the lebanese government tried for over a year not to interfere in what was going on in the relationship between certain political parties and on and the syrian opposition but that seemed to change in a couple of weeks when the lebanese government took some action when it came to try to. stop shipment of weapons that was coming through tripoli they also tried to arrest some people who are allegedly involved in transporting arms to syrian rebels so this create this sort of tension and actually it wasn't was that i mean his government starting to act and starting to be involved would cause this tension and something that they've been avoiding for the past year your there in beirut what is the sentiment among the people what's the atmosphere like since the start of these
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clashes and indeed these two deaths recently. well in beirut. i also would say that the situation in beirut is not completely related to what's going on over online mean we saw what happened yesterday started with some tension in the north and then it spread to believe it but then if you look closely at what's happening in beirut it's more like an isolated incident as settling of scores between the future movement and. we hope is a person who was aligned with them until very recently and then broke off with them so this seems to be completely i mean it might fall under the same umbrella of events but it's really an isolated incident what happened in beirut if you compare it to what has been going on in the north of lebanon but strong sentiments involved could there be a danger it could get worse and indeed are there fears that perhaps lebanon could face another civil war that it saw back in two thousand and eight. well the fears
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are all is there a. situation in lebanon has never been completely stable. but the indications right now do not show that this might escalate beyond what it has a retread now these incidents happen they happen every once in a while and they were very limited specially since you know not the fault lines i would not have part of the major parties going against each other what we saw yesterday was an example of incidents that involve individuals but and none of the major political parties and political parties in lebannon are going at it against each other and since that's absent then the prospects of a civil war are a bit distant. of course that you mentioned and explain very clearly the link between syria and lebanon what would happen if the sad were to leave to step down
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or indeed if he's deposed what i'm asking is what would be the impact of a sad going in syria on not just lebanon but beyond syria's borders. well there are some political powers in lebanon that are betting on that they're actually they have lost some influence over the past few years and they feel that their only way forward from there is for the toppling of. damascus. the reality of the matter is that much more complex and that this is not automatic that if this charge falls down then. these powers would rise and i'm talking here about. prime minister saad hariri and his allies it's not automatic that that would happen there are powers on the ground that might suffer from who are in power right now in lebanon that might suffer from the fall of the
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regime in damascus but that does not mean that they're going to automatically vanish from the equation and they have a strong presence in lebanon they have strong popular backing in lebanon and. there's a. really. clear answer they're not clear scenario it's wrong for what would happen next of course we're talking here about things that are not happening any time soon or it does not seem likely to happen anytime soon but it's really a complex situation that will not change just because. bashar assad goes on states obviously very difficult to speculate but it's great to hear your thoughts on your perspective on the situation and we thank you very much email and editor at the newspaper. by the way you can always find the latest stories comment and analysis on our website dot com indeed that interview once again if you want to online in addition to that here's what else is there no tweets in pakistan the
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country blocked access to twitter after calling a competition to come up with caricature as a prophet mohammad blasphemous. plus some we've all kind of foreigners border patrol finds nearly four tons of marijuana worth. just floating off the coast. reshuffle russia's got a new cabinet some ministers managed to hold on to their jobs but the majority of new kids on the political correspond surface has the details. out with the old and in with the new with these appointments at the new government seventy five percent of the need ministers and many of the people be taking place in government for the very first time so really a significant shake up in from in large part by the wide scale process we've seen in the save the recent months in the country and much more politically engaged population that have really made their demands very clear and one of those was for a shift amongst the political elite that reflected that simone's well what they
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were calling for and so a lot of people going to be looking very closely now. to see whether this is going to be the government that's going to be cohesive. to working so well so reforms that they've been so loudly cooling for every sometimes loss of lots of. places today we should expect expect to see some of these young mocha liberals the prime minister in the debate is it a bit during his term in the kremlin now as prime minister is expected a lot of people will be taking the post some of the key minutes that have retained that efficient they still don't like a lever of the oldest bar in minutes these events and finance ministers. others and big changes as we said seventy five that even if they get a g minister has been replaced so these appointments now really going to be the thing that. the president needs and the crime and so if. the russian capital and political commentator says that russia's power team now has the right
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people to drive the country forward. from my point to you this is the movies dramatic cabinet reshuffle in the decade and what matters is not only the number of the new faces which is really amazing can you imagine three quarters of a new faces but the qualitative changes that there was an enormous cry all of the all of it presumes a late appointment of the cabinet and more added to the confusion of the story that we didn't didn't go to as you know to the g eight summit in every day so what we see to be is that really a system often blame is isn't working it is quite effective it might be criticized it might be ridiculed by someone but still it is able just to meet all those threats and challenges which are faced by the russian. markets and russia has been flat despite the news of the new cabinet reshuffle more analysis on the way in our business updates with katie. nationalist thomas love nichelle it
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has defeated the pro e.u. candidate and incumbent in serbia's presidential vote voters blamed him for the economic downturn job losses and corruption during his two terms this excessive previously known for his anti western stance says however he won't lead the country from its european path political expert mark against it has told me that voters had simply run out of patience with bodies tonnage. i think the serbs have realized their membership is not a panacea not a cure for all evils in the system and there are many evils in the system i mean ex-president presided over eight years of poverty in which he's oligarchy have drawn all the financial benefits and they created a kind of replaced a kind of communism with a kind of corruption ism which has been very good for them and very bad for everybody else in the country and this really has been the problem for the population has been afraid of change but also have been afraid of further poverty
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and despite promises of a new rose garden even the e.u. governments are very bare at the moment and target is offering looks even more bare as a result. london is in the homestretch for the olympics but there could be one insurmountable final hurdle for the visitors that is either but it explains the country's present tense sports system could be under more pressure than even the athletes with fears that strikes an outdated infrastructure may make it mission impossible for the huge crowds hoping to visit the games. welcome to britain where you'll be greeted by queues longer than many flights to get here the maximum wait for passport checks at london's heathrow airport should be forty five minutes but these passengers were stuck for up to two and a half hours last month as britain's busiest airport seized up why because it rained says the government not exactly the sign of a city ready to welcome the world but the imminent lympics four hour delays are
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predicted and not just at the airports there are huge problems with the transport infrastructure in london as anybody who has visited the city will realize we are basically running on a kind of nineteen fifties infrastructure in terms of airports railways the metro system and so on it is a very out of choosing with the rest of europe three million journeys a day are enough to make even a normal service grind to a halt on london's famous underground never mind the gap it severe delays and impromptu line closures that are notorious here and with a surge of fifteen million journeys on the busiest days of the olympics it's no wonder even transport officials admit you'll be better off on foot this is waterloo station one of london's busiest and the limbic transport hotspots in fact is expected to be so congested here during the olympics that people are already being
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handed maps like these telling them how to avoid stations like this one and advising them to walk to work during the olympics because it'll be quicker and taking the team the advertising may. the light hearted but walking to work is no laughing matter for most commuters especially when that's what over six billion pounds of investment we've got the best transport system in the world without question everybody telling people to work so work because we're responsible organization we're just giving practical advice and god so that they understand the jewish guy yes it's going to be you know we don't we're not hiding behind the back of the network is going to be busy and that's why we give the people that sensible guidance and advice so they can avoid it so the more you compete you and i actually perhaps enjoy actually walking rather than going on the trip and the brakes are on the buses to this london icon may not be seen at all this summer drivers are
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threatening to strike because they're london's only transport workers not in line for a limp dick bonus pay without them it'll leave another six million passengers to squeeze on to the tube if london's buses do come to a standstill because the strike action our members will be forced into this city will be gridlocked nothing will move people won't get to the games the athletes the journalists the coaches and the spectators won't even get anywhere near that when. with barely two months left much of london twenty twelve is on the home straight but in getting from a to b. there are still plenty of hurdles ahead either bennett r t london. come up to twenty six minutes past the hour in the russian capital let's join katie she is at the helm of business for us today so the russian markets had a better day than katie yeah they did they managed to bounce back actually after fright having a weight loss a week which the investors are suffering big
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a loss is and of course though is having a have a way so be for interesting to see how those policies and have answered so let's talk about these any takes on the blog and see who we're dealing with now we've got alexander. nowak become the energy minister up while. still goes to economic development but the imposition of finance minister is still silly wealth. is now deputy prime minister and he's got a wide brief on economic matters for malaysia he was dmitri medvedev presidential aides and he does have a reputation as a reform and our chief economist at morgan stanley jacob nel talks about these changes for us. in total i think it's going to significantly radically change but it's not the only degree and like africa feeling and we may not have noticed the scale radical list of these changes with the church in years to truly government and sweeping change at ministerial level if. you're not going to minister level and
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so i think that the market reaction is skeptical to date as we've heard a lot about the promises made to measure the implementation but if the implementation follows of the risk go for a significant a significant and positive reaction. ok so the reaction over right now is the artist in the myself managed to finish the day on and off is this so far so good let's check out some of those stars and see who's gaining and who's losing in the session today now russia's top mobile phone operator m.t.s. ripples of the first quarter profit of up to fifty nine percent us up to five hundred twelve million dollars topping expectations we've also gone up nearly five percent our roughness was bucking the trend they finished up in the red nearly two percent down if they want to the u.s. markets will say that they too are rebounding from the worst way in at twenty twelve now of course facebook is still eating out the headlines they're dropping around four percent now that's from the thirty eight dollars per share the initial
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public offering price that falls out about his dollar billion and he got married at the weekend of last i'm sure he's a happy man now let's go to the european markets and see how they're forming right now that we don't have a glimmer of hope in the european a region that's after a pall over the week is that there's still a chance that agrees could remain in the us have the g eight meeting at the weekend as well leaders were saying that they want to see grace remain a member of this move on and have a look at the currency rates out of the euro dollar as well so all those sentiments are playing into the traders favorite pair the euro dollar either one twenty seven and sixty seven if you look at the global. performed i guess the basket of cards is today's stock trading now so it was hard as the u.s. dollar against the euro right moving on to the oil prices it's now wising for the first time in seven days there were some really positive sentiments come from china earlier on in the staff said they plan to boost growth i was just encouraging considering that the second biggest consumer of oil in the us markets now but i'll
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be back in about fifteen minutes thanks a lot we'll see a bit later then shortly here on r t will be talking to a former canadian diplomat on the actions the u.s. is taking in its foreign policy there will be after the headlines with me stay with us live this is r.t. .


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