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out of afghanistan and straight into europe it's full steam ahead for nato its missile shield plans as protesters of the alliance a chicago summit demonstrate against what they call a belligerent organization. that could also president rafael correa is the latest to appear on your interview program exclusively here on our teeth to discuss issues corruption and the controversies rule and just who his presidency isn't sitting well with. the bonds contagion spreads further into lebanon deadly street clashes between opponents and supporters of the neighboring syrian regime reach the streets of beirut. and a lot of it britain unveils a new cabinet made up of mainly new ministers but some familiar faces make
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a return to. online on screen this is r.t. with you twenty four hours a day live from moscow and nato leaders have ratified their exit strategy from afghanistan as the alliance is summit draws to a close in chicago under the agreement international troops will hand over command of all combat missions to afghan forces by the middle of next year and withdraw most personnel by twenty fourteen the alliance is also unveiled the first stage of its ballistic missile defense system in europe has more details. nato has announced they have reached an interim capability which means that they took the first step in the deployment of this multi-stage missile shield program this show that the u.s. is building in history europe is a very contentious issue is being a point of big craig between russia and the u.s.
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for many years now russia says the shield has the potential to offset russia's strategic deterrence capabilities that will make russia take steps to restore that balance that is to deploy more weapons something that russia doesn't want to do nato is saying the system is designed to counter a potential threat from iran but iran doesn't have the kind of weapons that the shield is it is intended for so there are lots of questions as to its efficiency and purpose also the u.s. refuses to give legal guarantees that the system will not be aimed at russia at some point instead here is the statement that nato issued in chicago with this regard for you look forward to establishing the proposed joint nato russia missile data fusion center and the joint planning operations center to cooperate on missile defense we've proposed to develop a transparency regime based upon a regular exchange of transport information about the current respective missile defense capabilities of nato and russia well russia has heard that many times but the argument was always it's not just about trust it's also about guarantees as far
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as of ghana's that nato members are coordinating their steps as to how to get out of this very much unpopular and resources draining war in afghanistan france has announced that he would pull out earlier than expected american troops are said to leave by the end of two thousand and fourteen but under their new agreement with ghana's then they will remain in certain numbers in a supporting role the route is through pakistan still remains closed it was shut down around six months ago after a u.s. airstrike killed two dozen pakistani soldiers by mistake this summer's declaration says they're still working on a deal with pakistan and in the meantime the alliance relies heavily on northern routes that's a key area of cooperation between russia and nato because russia provides its air space railroads and other routes to support international forces in afghanistan and the importance of that cooperation was also underscored in this joint declaration. well some u.s.
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troops will stay in afghanistan until at least twenty twenty four to assist local army and police but on to war activists brownback it says this won't be much different from nato current military involvement there. think the nato forces in principle with the united states which is really the anchor of the nato occupation of afghanistan are in the process of rebranding what they anticipate will be a very long term occupation going way beyond twenty fourteen they can call the troops trainers they can call them military bases afghan military bases instead of nato military bases whatever they do however they brand it nonetheless the nato forces in principle of the united states intends to stay as we know from the sit in the strategic agreement street strategic partnership agreements signed with president karzai and obama and then with chancellor merkel and karzai the u.s. germany nato they intended to be in afghanistan a resource rich part of the world strategic part of the world they intend to be
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there for a very long time. tension has been on the rise on the rise outside the nato summit in chicago the latest protest against the alliance is costly wars as descend into violent clashes with police over a dozen activists have been injured with many more arrested clashes unfolded as demonstrators tried to push their way through a police line to the site of the meeting protest is through plastic bottles and pink balloons at police who use buttons in response and you were activist sara flounders says it's significant that there is hostility towards nato right in the heart of the u.s. . the very fact that so many thousands of people saying now from all across the country here is just war machine responsible for violence around the world from drone attacks to blinding to attacks that war in afghanistan libya syria threats from iran and yet they are calling the demonstrators violent they have spent weeks and weeks and weeks saturating the media here with wild
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completely inaccurate fabricated stories about how the demonstrators are violent they actually have charged young people with terrorism charges a million and a half dollar bail they kidnapped people right off the streets that the lawyers spent days trying to find they would not have done that if they did not feel enormously threatened that right here in the u.s. there is a denunciation of nato and its wars. altie life here moscow with the twenty four hours a day still to come in the program lissa a looming catastrophe and the leaders in barack obama and economists plead with germany to rein in its zeal for austerity phoring it will otherwise detonates a disaster for the eurozone which could involve the global economy. and just getting from a to b. in london can be a challenge of killing and proportions visit the city's transport system may
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collapse from the surge of visitors as it prepares to host the olympics. he's being called one of the most democratic leaders in us in america's history and a champion of the poor that could always president rafael correa appears on whistle blow june in the psalms a show on tuesday exclusively on a c from coups to oust him to strained relations with the u.s. he describes the challenges he faces under attack from the rich and the powerful london correspondent laura smith tells us more. tomorrow is the sixth episode of julian assange his interview show and his guest is rafael correia who's the president of ecuador he is a controversial figure he's a left wing populist and one of latin america's most progressive leaders and he's actually a beneficiary as you might say of wiki leaks in that one of the cables released revealed that the u.s. had been supporting a structured campaign by a powerful businessman to destabilize korea's government back in two thousand and
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seven the us embassy cables also reveals that who is the most popular president in ecuadorian democratic history but of course that popularity doesn't sit well with everybody and in fact there was a police against him back in two thousand and ten accompanied by unconfirmed speculation that the u.s. which of course is never far from politics in latin america was somehow involved let's hear what fred had to say about. the only country you can be sure never to have a coup is the united states because it hasn't got a u.s. embassy. in any event i'd like to say that one of the reasons that led to the police discontent was the fact that we can't get all the funding the us embassy provided to the police but it will hopefully soon it was key units fully funded by the us embassy whose office is in command which chosen by the u.s. ambassador and paid by the u.s.
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we did away with all that. after that coup career kicked out the u.s. ambassador who was there at the time career talks about the arrogance of the ambassador in that time when he when he told her that she was going to be kicked out and of course this is all part of a wider plan for ecuador to pull away from the u.s. part of that also is careers refusal to extend the lease on u.s. bases stationed in ecuador there are many reasons for that let's hear him talking about just one of them. but it's not a problem to senator the u.s. you know he said we could do we can give the go ahead you know granted permission to sort of talk to an ecuadorian military base in miami. unlikely that that's going to happen of course but joking aside this this goes back to korea's socialist roots one of the main uses for the u.s. air bases in ecuador is to perform strikes on drug smugglers and korea has admitted that his father was in fact a drug smuggler and says that far from being
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a sort of sort of criminal overlords your run of the mill drug smuggler in ecuador is just a women desperate to feed their family so he wants to help them rather than punish them now that's just a little bit of this program he also talks about the media in ecuador says wants to dispel this image of big government persecuting saying leave journalists and news outlets and saying that actually it's the other way around that the media is often owned by big businesses and rich people who use it specifically to push their own agendas you can't have that now though you're going to have to wait until tomorrow the latest episode of julian assange his program is going to be broadcast hare on r.t. at eleven thirty g.m.t. . two people have died in overnight clashes in the lebanese capital beirut between opponents and supporters of the assad regime in neighboring syria the violence was triggered by the killing of an anti assad sonny cleric in
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the north of the country will for more on these developments let's join middle east culture he's in london why is syrian rest affecting lebanon so much. i think we've heard in the past few days since the clashes started last week in the northern city of tripoli a lot about the spillover effect from syria and there is and out of glee an impact of that because there prizing in you in syria kind of arose many emotions and passions among particularly the sunni population in the north of lebanon which is very close historically inside syria where you need to be careful of this so-called spillover effect because without the ground the kind of the conditions for a conflict in lebanon obviously there wouldn't be any clashes saw that's the first thing to keep in mind now obviously people are kind of keen to support sometimes even members of their extended family is in syria but unfortunately what's making
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the situation worse is even used political leaders from across the political divide haven't actually managed to come together into a kind of coming up with a unified position from deliberating these state towards what's happening in syria and cardinal neutralizing any impact that it could have been in in lebanon so i would say primarily what we are witnessing here is there is a lot of incompetence among the political class in lebanon and the spark has originated in syria but the fertile ground for this kind of for this kind of clashes is undoubtedly internal internally lebanese and if they fail to achieve a unified position on this could it get worse after all we did see a civil war back in lebanon what in two thousand and eight. yes but two thousand ways in two thousand and eight was very limited duration because primarily the balance of military power in lebanon is nowhere near equal and at the
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moment what we've been witnessing actually are clashes there between. members of the sunni community and ilo a community in the north or in yesterday what happened last night where clashes between members of the sunni community that are brought to the syrian regime in beirut now if you envision a scenario in which hizbollah would enter the fray for any reason which i don't think is realistic then the balance of power is so unequal that you're unlikely to see any protracted struggle however what we're likely to see is this sort of simmering tension and with frequent explosions that would kind of slowly drag the country into a state of chaos again political leaders stand completely helpless about doing anything to stop this dynamic or spiraling towards conflict we heard about young son is in tunisia being called on to launch a jihad or holy war against the sat just how much is pure religious zeal to blame
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for the instability in the region as a whole. well i think religious zeal is definitely part of it but what we need to be kind of more attentive to is this is a form of identity politics and it's not necessarily only about their religion and most this lark of if you like political alternative make people subscribe to different ideas about politics than those prescribed by the kind of religion things like that are opening the ground for what's happening and this is a feature that we've been seeing constantly throughout the arab uprising or the arab spring as it was turned where in the absence of any kind of political and ideological framework from which people come participate in say the old style kind of liberal or leftist party is this becomes it's almost becomes an existential aspect if there was about me and my clan and people like me and i i would need to stand with them and unfortunately it's not the healthiest of frameworks through
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which to see these dynamics it's a worrying tendency and it's only likely to become kind of increased the tensions within the area just briefly some are saying that the fingerprints of al qaeda are on the arab uprisings just how much of the unrest is the the terrorists doing do you think. i think unfortunately they can cause a disproportionate amount of damage relative to their actual kind of influence on the population saw in terms of planting suicide bombs or car bombs that takes very few number of people to participate in it but obviously the bloodshed and damage and damages dissipate watch our aim is it can capitalize on failed states in effect i mean what are they trying to achieve. well it took that to ascribe any sort of russian and motivation to the actions of i had i think would be kind of a bit bit foolish because they're not necessarily motivated by a kind of ration of considerations they're obviously operate on
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a different level than. more. rational approach to politics and life so i think that's the problem and it's nice to be solved at the root it cannot be be solved with the kind of the manifestation level good to talk to karl thanks very much culture meddling blogger live there in london. germany's relentless push for eurozone water storage is driving the global economy towards catastrophe so says the british shadow chancellor opposition finance spokesman at balls who argues that someone's got to persuade lyn to change course and james made way senior economist at the new economics foundation think tank says to me earlier that he can't help but agree. if you drive weak economy europe is a collection of weak economies if you drive a weak economy into greater and greater austerity you don't make the economy stronger you make it weak is still you know really this is one of the mechanisms that helped drive the great depression the one nine hundred thirty s.
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for germany to be insisting austerity now is leading only to stagnation inside europe it's making the crisis much worse than it needs to be you can certainly see the short term impact already i mean if you take the the social impact in greece it's absolute catastrophic in greece used to have one of the lowest suicide rates in europe suicide rates there risen by forty percent over the last year you can see the social impact from one end of the continent to the other but it's the long term economic impact that starts here there are no realistic prospects recovery inside europe certainly inside your as i was always austerity is in place i suspect what will happen is that you'll start seeing increasing a log jam or a deadlock at the center of europe with no clear agreement of what exactly should be done next and at the same time when you look not just to greece but now it's spain where the banking system is in a very serious state a developing crisis no political leadership on how to get out of it no political leadership at least from european institutions. can always find all the latest stories comment and analysis on our website r t v dot com here's some of what's
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there for you right now. no tweets imply the country blocked access to twitter after calling the competition to come up with caricature of prophet muhammad blasphemous. plus a monster we hauled california's border patrol finds nearly four tons of marijuana worth millions of dollars just floating off the coast. reshuffle of the top russia's got a new cabinet ministers managed to hold on to their jobs but the majority of new kids on the political block our correspondent sara firth has the details. so that with the old and in with the new with the appointments of the new government seventy five percent of the new ministers and many of the people be taking place in government for the very first time so it's really a significant shake up and from in large part by the white scale process we see in the savior the recent months in the country and much more politically engaged
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population that have really made their demands very clear and one of those was for a shift amongst the political elite that reflected what that amount will what they were calling for and so a lot of people going to be looking very closely now to see whether this is going to be the government that's going to be ok he's to say to working so well so reforms that they've been so loudly cooling for every sometimes loss of mazzone places a place to stay we should expect expect to see some of these young mocha liberals the prime minister in the debate is his favorite during his term in the kremlin now as prime minister that's expected a lot of people will be taking the post some of the key minutes that have pertain that efficient they still don't like a lover of the role of this forum and it's the the defense of finance ministers. others and big changes as we said seventy five of them even if they get it even if it's been replaced so these appointments now really going to be the thing that. the
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president needs and the crime and. commentators sort of you struck and says that russia's power team now has the right people to drive the country forward. from my point to you this is the movie's dramatic cabinet reshuffle the deck eat and what matters is not only the number of the new faces which is really amazing can you imagine three quarter of new faces but that qualitative changes that there was an enormous outcry or that all of it presumes a later point of the cabinet and added to the confusion of the story but we didn't didn't go as you know. every day so what we see to be is that really a system often blame is working it is quite effective it might be criticized it might be ridiculed by someone but still it is able just to meet all those threats and challenges which are phrased by russian. now some other news making headlines around the world at this stage of the day in our world update a suicide bomber kills at least ninety people during
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a military parade rehearsal in the yemeni capital sanaa reportedly wearing an army uniform blew himself up in the middle of a group of soldiers standing near the presidential palace it's not clear if the assailant was actually taking part in the drill this is the deadliest attack in the capital since a new president was sworn in this february. the second the protest in the pool has turned violent after clashes over an ethnically divisive general strike a three day shutdown called by the federation of indigenous nationalities once proposed state regions under a new constitution to be based on ethnic grounds straight supporters attacked cans of people thought to be breaking the stoppage and there were several arrests violence on sundays all vehicles burned and around fifty protesters in. london is in the homestretch feelin pics but there could be one insurmountable final hurdle for visitors as all of these other bennett explains the country's transport system could be under more pressure than even the athletes with fears that strikes an outdated infrastructure may make it mission impossible for the huge crowds hoping
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to visit the games. welcome to britain where you'll be greeted by queues longer than many flights to get here the maximum wait for passport checks at london's heathrow airport should be forty five minutes but these passengers were stuck for up to two and a half hours last month as britain's busiest airport seized up why because it rained says the government not exactly the sign of a city ready to welcome the world but the imminent olympics four hour delays are predicted and not just at the airports there are huge problems with the transport infrastructure in london as anybody who has visited the city will realize we are basically running on a kind of nineteen fifties infrastructure in terms of airports railways the metro system and so on it is a very out of choosing with the rest of europe three million journeys a day are enough to make even a normal service grind to
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a halt on london's famous underground never mind the gap it severe delays and impromptu line closures that are notorious here and with a surge of fifteen million journeys on the busiest days of the olympics it's no wonder even transport officials admit you'll be better off on foot this is waterloo station one of london's busiest and the olympic transport hotspots in fact is expected to be so congested here during the olympics that people are already being handed maps like these telling them how to avoid stations like this one and advising them to walk to work during the olympics because it'll be quicker than taking a team the advertising may be light hearted but walking to work is no laughing matter for most commuters especially when that's what over six billion pounds of investment get c we've got the best transport system in the world without question everybody telling people to walk to work because we're responsible organization
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we're just giving practical advice god. so that they understand that you're in a certain tone which i guess it is going to be pretty you know we don't we're not hiding behind the fact that the network is going to be busy and that's why we give people the sensible guidance and advice so they can avoid our support so that annoy you can be used and that i actually perhaps might enjoy actually walking rather than going on the trip and the brakes are on the buses to this london icon may not be seen at all this summer drivers are threatening to strike because they're london's only transport workers not in line for a limp dick bonus pay without them it'll leave another six million passengers to squeeze on to the tube if london's buses do come to a standstill because of strike action are members of a being forced into this city will be gridlocked nothing will move people won't get to the games the athletes the journalists the coaches and the spectators won't even get anywhere near that limb. with barely two months left much of london twenty
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twelve is on the home straight but in getting from a to b. there is still plenty of hurdles ahead either bennett r.t. london. twenty five minutes past the hour now let's join for round up of all today's business news where the main topics that are low there will the main what was probably the russian markets because today of course we have the formation of the new cabinet and there were lots of new faces as far as the economy is concerned investors have been really holding tight to see who is going to make the new governments let's talk about new faces need to it's on the books so to speak i've got alexander novak he'll become the energy minister while on today a bell also of who goes to the economic development but the maybe zation of finance minister is still the u.n. oil for now are clearly dr talk of it is now a deputy prime minister with a wide brief on economic matters formally he was dmitri medvedev as presidential
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aide and he has a reputation as a reform our chief economist at morgan stanley jacob nel talks about these changes for us. in total i think it's going to significantly radically change but it's not the by degree and like a freak feeling and we have to we may not have noticed the scale radical list of these changes with them to choose between a government and a sweeping change at the ministerial level if not at the deputy prime minister level and so i think that the market reaction is skeptical to date as we've heard a lot about the promises move seamlessly implementation so if the implementation follows i think the risk go for a significant a significant and positive reaction and if we look at the reaction from today we'll see the price of figures why do positive we have the artist and the my set up over two percent each would take a look at a snapshot of some of the biggest companies in russia and see how they will react
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saying we have nearly five percent after all the disasters we can last wig and yes as well they managed to post days of over one percent they've had some really positive figures. first quarter profit up fifty nine percent up to five hundred twelve million dollars that was topping expectations were off of though that was a disappointment to two percent down in the red today even on to the u.s. markets they're still trading today and they are indeed gaining nearly one percent for the dow jones and over two percent for the nasdaq that's where facebook is posted now remember as well that coming off the worst week of the year that was last best is on now looking ahead for signs of whether the u.s. economy can continue to recover in the face of all the things that's going on at the moment uncertainty of course about greece spain as well and global growth prospects in general having said that they will have a look at european markets a lot of the sentiment the president was reset by china today the premier was
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saying that he's really get it intervene and get growth moving again because it has been slowing in recent weeks which is really affecting the markets particularly oil as we can say it was a good day for. the dax ok let's move on have a look at the common currency and see how that's performing this hour one twenty seven seventy nine there the traders favorite pair that's how the ruble got up today it was higher against the u.s. dollar lower against the year i mentioned those prices they are indeed gaining and that can someone explain why the russian markets had a positive day as well look at the breadth nearly two cents so they are gaining there's lots of positive going on it's now rising for the first time in seven days eight or four ice this is how the markets look for today marina calls over. time to give you the latest. thanks very much indeed because you have a good evening and shortly will be examining the world's top banks are too big to fail so we're staying with the money. stay with us from rome.
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