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tv   [untitled]    May 21, 2012 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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welcome back there are a lot of big political stories breaking this week there's paul ryan insisting his budget is not austerity there's donald trump begging republicans to bring up reverend wright and now dick cheney is hosting fundraisers for mitt romney sort of breakdown of all of these stories it's time for the monday politics panel joining me tonight are nicole williams democratic strategist invent senior online editor with the daily caller thank you both for coming right let's get started so we just saw wave elections in europe and people voters just showed enormous disgust for austerity which i think is prompting republicans who are pushing their own austerity in the united states through this kind of political jujitsu as we saw
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with paul ryan here's what he said on meet the press yesterday. the whole premise of our budget is to preempt austerity by getting our borrowing under control having tax reform for economic growth and preventing medicare and social medicaid from going bankrupt that austerity the president his budget the fact the senate hasn't done a budget in three years put us on a path toward european like austerity that's what we're trying to prevent from happening in the first place. so ryan claims his budget isn't. propose a spending five point three trillion dollars less over the next ten years in the president's budget cuts two hundred five billion out of medicare eight hundred ten billion out of medicaid cuts agricultural subsidies by thirty billion calls for spending thirteen percent less of veterans six percent less on science and technology i can go on and on since how is that not us there to well look if one there's multiple dot definitions of austerity and this is you kind of characterize
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it as jujitsu but the truth is in europe austerity looks a lot different than any measure of austerity we talk about me and it does the u.s. european europe targets everybody. else thirty years only for work that's right and austerity europe also includes as clues tax increases tax increases to the tune of nine euros to every one euro spending cuts and that's what europe's been going through and the majority of the countries where they've talked about austerity measures let's look at france for instance they haven't actually put in any cuts into their budgets when it comes austerity they put cuts into future budgets and these are the things what they're doing is and france by the way raised its taxes this is a people who are consistently crushed by both the scale of government and the inability for their for their economy to get going again because government standing away and so when paul ryan says we're going to have cuts these are cuts that are instant you mentioned all these numbers medicare medicaid how these things we touch it we touched over a long period of time and paul ryan saying look this is a warning we don't want to be in the place that europe is now because europe has no
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choice but to make immediate cuts to recover from where it is because of what you jump in here in a second tour but what i see what i see. see here though where you is the difference between european austerity and what republicans are pursuing is you're right austerity is giving everybody including clipping raising taxes on wealthy people here the united states it's only austerity for working people and then a three trillion dollar tax cut for wealthy people is that right that is correct the austerity measures that are in the paul ryan budget unfortunately only a fact public services and benefits that benefit the working class people here in america it's not across the board and fortunately like the measures that she would find in europe and that's the difference between the paul ryan budget as opposed to the president's proposed budget which is a bipartisan budget that would affect all sectors of the economy and not just one sector of the american people but doggedly supporting austerity broadly through europe i think is ignorant to say europe's austerity when examined on his own
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example is an example of what the united states should do if you look at the baltic countries if you look at sweden for instance they've made cuts they haven't made tax increases they've made cuts and now sweden is looking at a five point six percent g.d.p. . yes but unlike sweden i mean with sweeping yes they have they're making cuts but they also have measures to help protect the average american the average citizen within their country they have lot the safety net so that any cuts that they make the average citizen within their country is not affected by what is no doubt europe's different but all i'm saying is that paul ryan in the way he's presented this weekend ultimately is not doing something that's radical he's doing something that is pushing for a slow progress towards actually getting us to fiscal stability i'm not really sure why that that's why that's a hard thing to come around and an approval by the way remember the bowles simpson commission pursued like pretty aggressive cuts the president endorsed this commission they wanted to have the they want you want to have
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a commission to solve our debt crisis bowles simpson comes out with a plan and nobody really ever talked about it over the goal simpson didn't clear the three trillion dollar tax cut for wealthy people like paul ryan's plan which i told you that it's all a gimmick to redistribute wealth from the very bottom to the very very top you're right it was completely different i'm right it's not so much it's different in paul ryan's plan absolutely but it's not so different i mean the fact was it aggressively pursued cuts in a way that president obama could never sign on to unless he was going to disinfect his liberal base is. the full sense of kind of bipartisan plan is something that the republicans though have refused to look at paul ryan even said on sunday on meet the press that he won't even negotiate with himself let alone negotiate with the other democrats in the house and in the senate on coming up with a compromise so that it everyone can benefit through up through this budget republicans have taken a hard line against tax increases there's no doubt and they they just don't see it as the right thing for them is where the economy is now isn't important considering where the economy is right now considering unemployment considering the terrible
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state of our infrastructure or schools isn't important right now to focus on growth rather than cutting budgets or cutting deficits i mean to me that you can't do both of them at the same time well that is of course if you assume that the. what sectors where growth is created and historically spending in the public sector has gotten us out of a pretty good discussion it is absolutely needed i mean our session in his operation absolutely from time to have been a shot in the arm but the fact is republicans are looking at a way to gain traction and hopeful and i think democrats are too but the idea is everyone recognizes that if the private sector does well there will be growth in this country but if you look at austerity in other countries and typically it's also combined with measures that invest in infrastructure that invest in job creation paul ryan's budget does not recommend doing any of those things and that's the difference i mean you want to grow the economy you have to make those investments into the economy investing in our nations and the structure all right i want to move on here are clearly austerity is going to be
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a big issue in the elections and so will reverend wright maybe republicans ran like hell way from this report by the new york times of a bunch of well the super pac people planning to use to bring up reverend wright in the in the next election but you know one of the most revered people in the republican party donald trump is embracing the idea here's here's what he said and i think it's fox news. you know frankly if i were mitt and mitt is a very honorable guy he stopped the reverend wright and said he was you know sort of opposed to i do let him go at it because what you really that you're going back into the past mitt has done an amazing job of creating the jury did an incredible job and i think it's very unfair so you know if you're going to if it's going to be game on let it be gable and go after obama so mccain didn't want to use right in two thousand and eight but this is a different election in this election we have super pacs. romney doesn't have to sign his name to any with reverend wright super pacs can just do it so i mean can
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we expect that come september or october we will see the reverend wright come out i think i think reasonably so i think one of the things that is interesting about the way romney reacted this to this specifically is that he spent the whole primary cycle saying hey i will not that i will not say to any super back that they should stop what they're doing when it comes to attacking my primary opponents but as soon as he hits the general which he essentially is in now an attack ad comes out that even the specter of an attack ad comes out about reverend wright he all of a sudden jumps to repudiating something that remember he's not supposed to have any control over as a super pac so it's an interesting juxtaposition i think romney did the right thing in this particular instance i don't think rights should be on the table i think it's tasteless to put it back on the table i mean you know during the primary election there were there were several republican groups who tried to attack romney with regards to his mormon faith and i don't see how this would be any different and i think both candidates had their religion is off the table and i think that it
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should stay off that well i think what's happened is we've become so touchy about our political advertising especially as relates to the personal lives of these candidates that now american politics is moving in a direction where the personal issues that make up who these people are are not even on the table and i think that's a bad trend for american politics reverend wright has become new news of late it's not just bringing back up old stuff he. has and klein the book that he released about obama has questionable value he's questionable history but we do know is that the interviews that he conducted with reverend wright over several hours are all an audiotape and have been released and they show right claiming that one hundred fifty thousand dollars bribe was offered his way to stay silent during the election last cycle that's reasonable if obama's friends are offering that that's equivalent of what john edwards is now being tried for ok well i'm not sure what. whatevers from pretty but it is not it is not a very important thing this is this is all audio reverend wright is saying in his own voice there's no question that this happened ok the president has responded to reverend wright in his association with the reverend and i think that should be
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sufficient to make. any of the way the president's governor the last four years reflected reverend wright you know i mean why would it be brought up as a new issue other than this kind of got your teacher talking about which really has nothing to do with anything in the country now well that represents a corrupt behavior i mean if his best friend if his best friend really does bribe someone to stay silent during the political side of this unity bribery not the controversial words that reverend wright said i attended i think that for the most part reverend wright has been covered pretty hard unless unless further associations come out where obama specifically has associations with reverend wright i think that those have been covered pretty well it's more like beating a dead horse at this point conservatives like to target the reverend wright stuff to the big stick to president obama using bain or is that's not a fair comparison is it i don't think it's a fair comparison i think that they mean is illegitimate because governor romney has gone around the country saying that he is qualified to serve as president because of his record as the of the bain corporation and if he's going to go around
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how do you his record as president of c.e.o. of bain then we should be able to examine that record when he was c.e.o. of bain and examined what he did at that time yeah i think bain should be fair game . my thinking though is we shouldn't be fooled into believing that a perfect attendance record in one. comes to the way that they manage those companies if the lack of perfect attendance will in terms of dealing with those companies is somehow a disqualifier i think we should reasonably think that in the free market and look president obama supports private equity he's taking money from private equity firms we look at we look at you see me go look at romney for what it's worth and we say ok were they malicious in what they were doing were they actually trying to rescue these companies and i think there's plenty of evidence including with the fact that so many companies wanted to work with bain over the years they had a track record of actually being successful so i think it's a reason or so the shareholders and executives want to work with them they're not the ones that are going to get laid now but it's not that it's that bain had the
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opportunity to sell their office they were getting rid of some of these companies and do you think that over however many period a year period that romney was working with bain that every single one of these companies he has this long track record of all these bankrupt companies these bad assets being handed over when it's not true there are a lot of good assets but he's been there and you know there were many claim that he created hundreds of thousands of jobs and now it's gone down to thousands and it will probably be dozens soon so what i think the president what and i think the american public wants to hear what do both candidates propose in terms of job creation that's what the american public wants to hear they don't want to hear about jeremiah wright anymore they want to know will i be able to go back to work tomorrow morning will i be able to put food on my table tomorrow will i be able to feed my children and send my kids off to college tomorrow that's what the american public wants to hear about they don't want to hear about this reverend wright thing again it's old news it's over and done with we're going to have to worry about that . sort of a sort of last word that was not what you. call it is thank you for coming on thank you for coming up the republican party is no longer
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a legitimate political party it is a well oiled machine working for the interests of corporate america and the wealthy elite tom will explain why in tonight's deleted. a lot of american power continues. things are so bad. might actually be time for revolution. where it turns out the procureur drink at starbucks has a surprising him. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you. see some other part of it and realize that everything is. welcome to the big picture.
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here is what i. love and they alone are so they'll get the real headline that none of them are the problem with the mainstream media today is that they're completely disconnected from the viewers and what actually matters to those viewers and so that's why young people just don't watch t.v. anymore if they want news they go online and read it but we're trying to take those stories that people actually care about and transfer them back in t.v. .
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to the capital account i'm learning mr. sorry wrong number some residents of kansas were treated to an unexpected surprise last week when they received a political campaign robo call from conservative sweetheart and quitting governor herself sarah palin on the call palin advised kansas voters to support republican senate candidate ted cruz the only problem is ted cruz has nothing to do with kansas and he's definitely not running for senate in kansas he's actually running for senate in texas take a listen. hello texas this is governor sarah taylor i'm in the u.s. senate race i support ted crudes ted cruz has the stand of the constitution u.s.
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sovereignty and over three million veterans and he has endured a tea party express and dad tried cuba seeking freedom and ted cruz is a conservative you could trust to stand on principle and change the way washington does business today to may twenty fifth please vote early for ted cruz for u.s. senate and again that was a call to go to kansas not texas now these are thing to do here would be to make fun of pale and you know bring up her past flubs about paul revere the rumor that she still thought the queen or in the u.k. government in the laundry list of other ignorant comments she's made remember blood libel but i'm not going to do that instead i'm going to defend palin because i've been a kansas and i know for a fact that on a clear day if you look south you can actually see texas from the border.
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now it's time for the good the bad in the very very. early. good the string cheese incident and of the summer tourist season the band is giving the finger to ticketmaster rather than working through the ticket a retail site that charges fees and jacks up the price of tickets the band is instead selling tickets on their own directly to fans he's mostly a member of the band told the new york times that quote it costs us money to sell the tickets but we are going to eat that cost this summer in order to make a better deal for fans and let them know how much we appreciate them whether you like jam bands or not you have to admire the willingness here to go it alone rather than relying on corporate predators let's hope other bands follow suit and the bad representatives mark thornberry and adam smith thornberry a republican in smith
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a democrat have put a provision into the newest version of the defense authorization bill that would just strike the current ban on domestic dissemination of propaganda material produced by the state department in the pentagon basically the provision would allow the u.s. government to engage in misinformation campaigns domestically much like it already does in afghanistan and iraq the persian provision overturns two laws passed in the one nine hundred forty s. in the 1980's that explicitly prohibited the government from using propaganda on its own citizens according to thornbury current laws quote tie the hands of america's diplomatic officials military and other by inhibiting our ability to effectively communicate in a credible way. course by effectively communicates thornberry means brainwash which is really the only way that our government working on behalf of defense contractors and war profiteers can manufacture consent to continue this. enlist war on terrorism abroad so stay tuned for some good old fashion new speak at
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a theater near you and finally the very very ugly the eagle forum the eagle form a conservative and abortion an anti immigrant group issued a press release friday responding to the report that for the first time ever nonwhite births made up over fifty percent of all births in the u.s. last year the release the release said quote it is not a good thing the immigrants to not share american values so it is a good bet that they will not be voting republican when they start voting in large numbers and quote. because only republican share american values the eagle forum which from what i hear is not made up entirely of one hundred percent native americans and the us has immigrant roots as well as just one of the many races organizations trying to preserve white power in america and by twenty forty whites in america will no longer be the majority whether they like it or not and you can
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expect the eagle forum to be calling for an apartheid government by this and that it's very very ugly. so meet tom donahue he's the president of the u.s. chamber of commerce and the latest high stakes bitter hoop to walk away from this year's election with his very own bought and paid for politician this morning donahue announced that the chamber of commerce fully intends to take advantage of the supreme court citizens united decision that lets corporations and rich people swim in unlimited amounts of money in our elections and he plans to dump more than fifty million bucks into defeating president obama and democrats this year sure if you corporatists democrats will collect some of the chambers campaign spending but if two thousand and ten was any indication when the chamber spent thirty three
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million bucks on the midterm elections the republicans will overwhelmingly benefit most from the chambers electioneering blitzkrieg so when we had the chambers two thousand and twelve election spending commitment to the hundreds of millions of dollars promised by karl rove and his super pacs plus the hundreds of millions more pledged by the koch brothers and their political operatives and the republican party has a corporate war chest nearing one billion dollars this year to unleash on progressives all around the nation it's for this reason why it's difficult to even consider the republican party a legitimate political party anymore from where it gets its funding to who or what benefits the most from its political agenda the republican party behaves today is the political arm of corporate america in fact it acts more like a corporation itself selling politicians to corporate interests and using its influence in government to maximize corporate profits at the expense of working people a few weeks ago tom went off on their mergence of the republican party as
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a corporation and it's the subject of tonight's daily tick. so i want to tell you about a new corporation here in washington d.c. that carries a lot more weight than any other corporation you've ever heard of it's a corporation responsible for the core current makeup of our supreme court the power balance in our legislative branch now up until three years ago even the occupant in our white house it's a massive corporation that stretches across all fifty states and even has politicians in every single state who have sworn allegiance to it not even the koch brothers can claim that accomplishment it's a gigantic corporation that has its own wildly popular cable t.v. network sell its products boost its public relations it's a corporation that has spun off hundreds of subsidiaries all around the nation to keep revenues flowing in those maximizing profits for its buddies it's a corporation that can take our nation to war if it wants or condemn tens of
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millions of americans to poverty or kick hundreds of millions of americans out of their health insurance plans if it thinks best the more profitable for them to do it's a corporation that's so big and so influential in large part because it's functional stakeholders are mostly other corporations along with some of the richest people in america who mostly made their money either using the corporate form or inherited it from parents who use the corporate form and when this corporation succeeds in selling its products which oddly are human beings who have sworn to the corporation all the stakeholders in this corporation stand to make massive profits for their own respective corporations it's basically the corporation of all corporations cop bowed to copy it and call it the front corporation of corporate america so what is it what is this all powerful corporation that has a stranglehold on our government what is this corporation. so powerful that it can
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even spit on betsy ross and turn the stars from our flag upside down on its logo it's the republican party and. think about is the republican party really a legitimate political party in america anymore or is it just become a corporate shill like a corporation the republican party is only focused on maximizing profits for its stakeholders or what they call donors and those donors aren't average americans who give fifty bucks or so to the r. and c. like back in the old days instead those donors are corporations millionaires billionaires like the koch brothers foster freeze shelley ailed some reform corporate super pacs to funnel a limited amounts of money into the republican party corp to sell more politicians to voters around the nation republicans have raised eight times more money through
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super pacs than democrats and karl rove and the koch brothers a pledge to put in hundreds of millions of more dollars to defeat democrats this election cycle republican party like any good corporation gladly takes multi-million dollar investments from their corporations and millionaires and billionaires and then compliantly hands back to those investors laws that cut their taxes and increase their profits in fact millionaires are responsible for fifty seven percent of all super pac investments donations so far this election cycle and those super pacs did well for republicans in two thousand and ten catapulting them to huge electoral victories and to control the house of representatives and now just like a corporation republican party inc is working to maximize profits for its stakeholders that means filibustering tax increases on the romney level super rich
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. passing budgets that preserve billions in taxpayer subsidies for the oil baron donors working to defund or wall street regulations that might cut into the profits of their banks donors repealing obamacare and medicare to make their for profit health insurance donors happy republican party is using the perfect corporate body brings in rich investors uses their money to help sell its products which are politicians and the more politicians that are sold to the american people and the more profit republican party has and the more profitable its investors become republican party isn't interested in attracting broad based support like a traditional political party or building a platform is going to resonate with people who aren't members of corporate america it's just interested really in profits just like a corporation and also just like a corporation it doesn't give
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a damn about democracy hence republican party in its efforts to pass voter id laws that will kick millions of democratic voters off the polls and out of the next election plain and simple republican party is no more a legitimate political party and the mafia is a legitimate social club. and that's the big picture for more information on the stories we cover check out our website said tom foreman dot com dot org and. you can also check out our two you tube channel. and this entire show is available as a free video podcast on i tunes and visit thom hartmann dot com to download the audio of our daily radio show and we have a free and i phone and i pad. feedback on twitter. on facebook in our blogs message boards and telephone comment line hartmann dot com and don't forget as always says democracy begins with you get out there get active occupy something tag your it we'll see tomorrow.
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