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tv   [untitled]    May 22, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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swelling student demonstrations in canada descend into street battles with police on the eve of the one hundredth day of protests. the i.m.f. warns britain to come up with a plan b. against the euro crisis all schools and universities across spain all shut down in protest at austerity. after a deadly clashes between supporters and opponents of the regime in neighboring syria spread all the way from northern border to.
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welcome to life for a moscow we are online and on twenty four seven. the student protest movement in the canadian province of quebec is pledging to bring thousands onto the streets of montreal to mark the one hundred day demos that's after the. spiraled into violent clashes with police protestors ripped large slabs of cement out of the road and hold them of the officers who responded with bombs and pepper spray over three hundred people were arrested and several dozen of the local government sought to stem the protests by adopting a new emergency law to restrict the rallies last week but canadian journalist michel boy who covered the riots says the law will do nothing but inspire further unrest. seventy eight which is what that's it's all and it's goal is to con everything down it was established by the provincial government. in
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canada we have a we have a charter and one of the articles in the charter is the right to protest peacefully and people and protesters now are saying is that certain provisions of this new law are and cringing on the freedom to protest peacefully so people are in fact even retaliate even stronger one of the most extremist groups has publicly said that it is completely going to defund i this new bill and it's going to go against it it's going to continue protesting so it's going to be quite an interesting scene of events here we really don't know what's going to happen really until the until the government since down with the student organization since down to talk. and a lot of us are here on our we report on another outbreak of mass protesting golding the north american continent thousands of activists of venting their anger
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at nato summit in chicago saying they want to tax is spent at home not on costly foreign wars. and in germany rising petrol prices put the brakes on the public's economic optimism and force motorists to gear up for the worst dieter just a few minutes here on our. entrepreneurs in egypt to say the post uprising leaders have discredited the revolution and driven the nations of the verge of economic collapse. it's time for britain to come up with a plan b. a new i.m.f. report says if the country is to survive the turbulence building in the euro zone the annual summary on the state of the u.k.'s finances also warns that unless britain eases off austerity it could make the impact of future shocks even worse meanwhile in spain everything from elementary schools to universities have shut down as teachers and students strike together but they're protesting against severe
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cuts that they say could deprive thousands of the chance of a higher education james at midway of the new economics foundation a think tank says that austerity is only deepening the crisis. if you drive weak economy europe is collection of weak economies if you drive a weak economy into greater and greater austerity you don't make the economy stronger you make it we can still you know really this is one of the mechanisms that helped drive the great depression the one nine hundred thirty s. for germany to be insisting austerity now is leading only to stagnation inside europe it's making the crisis much worse than it needs to be because the only see the short term impacts already i mean if you take the the social impacts in greece it's absolute catastrophic greece used to have one of the lowest suicide rates in europe suicide rates there risen by forty percent over the last year you can see the social. from one end of the continent to the other but if the long term economic impact starts here there are no realistic prospects recovery inside europe certainly inside the euro zone as long as austerity is in place i suspect what will
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happen is that you'll start seeing increasing a log jam or a deadlock at the center of your with no clear agreement to what exactly should be done next. and in portugal international debt inspectors will be checking how lisbon is spending its bailout money wracked by unemployment and recession analysts say that the country has been brought to the brink by austerity but one of the world's most influential investors says it's best to be wary of whatever the creditors tend to say these people always look at the world bank look at the i.m.f. look at everything they've said in the past fifty years for him never write about anything so it's very likely they would you would have that kind of a knock on effect because some politician in some other country is going to say aha i will say i will get us out of the euro i will say all of my poor struggling citizens then somebody would leave and then another politician would do the same and you would lose four or five countries from the euro which would be
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a terrible shock lots of losses would happen in the financial markets but if we survived up the euro much stronger if you get rid of the people who are trying to spend other people's money then the situation would be stronger we'd all be better off you'd have a currency which could compete with the u.s. dollar. and that's the eurozone stagnate scimitar austerity and debt the strongest e.u. nation is also slowing down literally fuel prices in germany are spiraling and as artie's a go to person off explains drivers are having to reconsider how often they hit the auto benz. germany the land of fast cars high speed autobahns and rapidly changing fuel prices. petrol is way too expensive we don't have that much money these days and i think the rich well corporations are reaping a big profit with these prices and making me mad in this day and age when mobility is as important as ever there's no alternative either going on but
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a big part of this money flows to the government i think it's a giant ripoff. prices and gas stations can change four or five times per day both jumping and dropping the first four months of two thousand and twelve alone saw a fifteen to twenty year old cent increase for one liter germany is one of the few places in europe where there are very generous people limits on growth if not all together and so you can drive often pretty much as fast as he lets you but as fuel prices rise being aware worries me german drivers are so proud of could do some serious damage to their pockets a full tank of the cheapest petrol can often cost over one hundred euros and when it comes to big trucks filling them up with diesel could cost up to fifteen hundred euros making them easy bait for thieves during pit stops. for two weeks ago on the twenty fourth highway heading to hamburg they drilled a hole in the tank but the driver noticed and confronted them he came out and got
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beaten up even duct tape his mouth gas prices depend on state taxes in germany there and on the steepest in europe also on the ratio of the euro to the us dollar in which contracts are signed and of course the oil price itself which hasn't been going through its most stable time what does affect the price is that it's the overall very volatile situation of the middle east and iran in fact we have all these aircraft carrier groups you know sailing towards the persian gulf we have israeli threats of war we have american threats of war so while the middle east uncertainty. prices remain unpredictable many germans. even for a country that worships the wheel it may be high time to rename the course we're going to. germany. and the rapidly was in a situation in the eurozone is now raising questions over whether the bloc in its
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current form can even survive the crisis coming up in about twenty minutes time here on our political risk consultant dr john holzman gives us his view. the problem is they set up a currency without having a country and it's like building a house from the attic down you don't get all the things like federal deposit insurance which means your banks are guaranteed you don't have a common policy where the european central bank can act like the fed and the lender of last resort you don't have all the things that make nations transfer money to weaker areas within countries just as a matter of course instead of germans grumbling about greeks who retire at fifty two and. you have greeks grumbling about germans having dicked it's forced upon them that's because these people are in the same boat rowing in the same direction that's the problem and so they created this weird push me pull you two headed monster. and i right now turning ten minutes past the hour here in moscow you with nato has
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reaffirmed its drive to pull out from a deeply unpopular war in afghanistan in two thousand and fourteen the decision taking place at his biggest summit today that happened in chicago but there are fears that the alliance will still have a significant presence in the country long after the departure deadline and diplomatic route also continues between the u.s. and pakistan of a vital transit routes in the country so he's gone h. can explain. as far as the war in afghanistan supply routes have been a big concern on the summit there vital for nato operations there as well as for the upcoming troops withdrawal the route through pakistan still remains closed it was shut down around six months ago after a u.s. airstrike killed two dozen pakistani soldiers by mistake this summer's declaration says they're still working on a deal on a new deal with pakistan in the meantime the alliance relies heavily on northern routes that's a key area of cooperation between russia and nato because russia provides its
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airspace railroads and other routes to supporting our national forces in afghanistan the importance of that cooperation was also underscored in this joint declaration in their statement nato leaders were focusing on how they are getting out of a van is that because the war has become so unpopular drained so many resources most analysts describe it as a failure but there is a process that many are worried about and that is that nato is taking up a new role which has nothing to do with defending europe but in north america it's becoming an offensive force thousands of people took to the streets of chicago to protest against what they see as an expanding war machine answering a journalist question president obama said he was quite happy with how chicago police handled the protests that raised some eyebrows considering scores of activists were badly injured here's my colleague honest. reporting from the streets of chicago. chicago under
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siege. the last couple of days have seen oceans of protesters thousands marching under a blistering sun to vent their anger at the military alliance wants to know that. this rally fronted by iraq and afghan war vets who feeling betrayed by the system throws away their medals. after a minute of silence for those who perished in the u.s. led war. all hell breaks loose. chaos but tons of people shoved and dragged police thrown on to their knees bleeding faces. one officer stabbed dozens of protesters arrested someday these men may consider this conduct that they engaged in today unbecoming of the dignity that is demanded of them by their station hundreds and hundreds of police
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not just in riot gear but military armor with guns and but tons that they willingly deploy on people. a day earlier a smaller but louder march also took to the streets it's an ad capital. i'm sure everyone here hopes to start a revolution they're calling it the chicago spring like the arab spring. signs ripped off crowds clashed with police but times and police bikes used to block off the crowds with more blood in the chaos. with over a million dollars spent on new gear for chicago police a war breaks out with outraged americans fighting for change at home while the u.s. president is busy hosting a summit on the future of warfare abroad and stacy churkin r.t.e. chicago illinois. holland the alternative news portal net in san francisco says that americans realize the financial woes are simply
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a result of military spending. a lot of discussion we're hearing so much about budget deficits and threats to cut our of our social safety net and i think of the a lot of people understand that there is a certain tradeoff between the military cost the military expenditures that were that were expended on afghanistan and other conflicts and these these budget deficits that we're facing domestically so you know there is a message that we would like to invest in better rather than guns. and i do remember all of our news and updates always available for you on line dot com here are some of the items waiting for you right now for example the hacking group anonymous strikes yet again this time by exposing private data stolen from the u.s. bureau of justice. also online gone in a blink president putin takes away flashing blue lights used by hundreds of officials on the cause we explore what it might do for moscow's horrendous traffic
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gridlock. there hasn't been a thing yet on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact. the source material is worth helps keep journalism we. we want to present. something else.
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live from moscow this is r.t. in just a few minutes the world update but for now the u.n. secretary general has called on conflicting sides in lebanon to restore order after two people were killed in clashes on monday there have been several violent confrontations in the country between opponents and supporters of bashar al assad's regime in neighboring syria i call shero a middle east blogger told us earlier here on r.t. that he thinks the future prospects are far from optimistic primarily the balance of military power in lebanon is nowhere near equal at the moment to what we've been witnessing actually are clashes there between members of the sunni community and ilo a community in the north or yesterday what happened last night were clashes between
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members of the sunni community that are brought to the syrian regime in beirut now if you envision a scenario in which hizbollah would enter the fray for any reason which i don't think is realistic then the balance of power is so unequal that you're unlikely to see any protracted struggle however what we're likely to see is this sort of simmering tension and with frequent explosions that would kind of slowly drag the country into a state of chaos and again political leaders stand completely helpless about doing anything to stop this dynamic or spiraling towards conflict. and in the meantime violence continues in syria where five people have been killed by a bomb in a restaurant in damascus and the area in the north of the city is known for its protests against president bashar al assad state t.v. blamed the explosion on terrorists a term used by the government to refer to the armed opposition it's the latest in a string of attacks across the country with daily reports of violations of the
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ceasefire which began last month at the un puts the death toll from the ongoing violence in the country since last year now ten thousand. and in other world news here on r t the international atomic energy agency chief who's been visiting iran says the country has agreed to an examination of its disputed nuclear program it claims the deal involving u.n. inspectors will be signed quite soon it comes less than a day after the u.s. senate imposed fresh economic sanctions on the islamic republic there are western fears that iran might be trying to develop a nuclear weapon of terror and insists its atomic program is only for peaceful energy purposes. a rail crash in southern india has killed at least twenty four and injured dozens more investigators believe the driver of a sleeper train broke a signal and collided with a good strain of three passenger carriages overturned leaving many trapped inside
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in july last year packed expressed at high speed in the state of killing sixty nine . a massive rain storm has caused flooding and power shortages in northeastern friends with one person found dead in his home downpour equivalent to six weeks rain fell on monday night around with water reaching two meters in some places the city's man has asked for the storm to be declared a natural disaster. damaging a car or smashing a window during a demonstration get ready to pay a massive fine that is the essence of a new law approved by russia's state duma in the first reading let's get some more details on this now and speak to r.t. sara first started your first wife right here in moscow good to see you so what's what's actually included in this legislation and how far is it from becoming actual . well most gay protesters kid beast that to get hit really has not been
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that well is that this bill that's just passed its first reading in the parliament building places increasing the fines that could be levied on protest is to a whopping thirty thousand dollars for the protesters themselves and nearly fifty thousand dollars for the protest organizers now that's an absolutely massive leap that the name is the highest tide that can be given to protesters around two hundred dollars so really a very big increase indeed know it's only past its first reading there are still timor readings it has to go through before it's passed into law the second reading is going to be well some of the changes will be proposed and possibly you could see those very high amounts lowered somewhat the force that passed into law this is going to happen in the upcoming weeks this comes on the back of course of the continued very persistent protests we've seen going on around the city in recent weeks. the week long occupy style protest me taking place in one of the parks to
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christie pretty that really caused some anger among some of the residents that he was happy with. the actions of the right. the government has really tried to find a solution that will calm some of the provocation that will. bring some stability and security to the fights at gatherings but of course not. but the opposition. is just another move to try and intimidate protestors or not surely if it goes through a process it is time oh. the elements that we gather all right. thank you. more than three million people are jobless in egypt with the unemployment rate continuing to rise many are pinning their hopes on change after wednesday's presidential election but it's the first since hosni mubarak was swept from power last year and his arteries are going to school reports economic hardship was not what
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a gypsy is expected after their revolution. mohamed some e.u. has spent most of his life living abroad he returned to egypt just in time to see the rouge unravel in the economy shrivel mommas real estate development business suffered a harsh blow during the egyptian uprising in the year that followed she struggled to keep his company afloat. in the market the people. people just fled out of the country they never came back so. we don't know where they are so we come here. and at the same time we have to continue work so we have to. make money mohamed hopes a new rule would bring in new opportunities for investment but he says the economic policy of the interim government turned out to be almost as bad as that of the previous regime. would like to be treated like. a prince. we both pay the same taxes will pay the same duties dues so our costs of the end of
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the day would be a piece in terms of what we have to pay to cover the reforms conducted by the now ousted president mubarak several years ago did bring a certain stability to the gyptian economy but since the revolution the country's finances are in ruins the currency is in jeopardy the people are jobless and angry and the only way out seems to be in barring enormous loans from the likes of the i.m.f. it's just over three billion dollars that the interim government is asking for but critics of the idea say boring from the i.m.f. means being in debt is not just financially but politically as well we do not like the interventions of the i.m.f. and institutions and they have their own agenda they have their own agenda that are controlled by. superpowers we're not a super power we had a very small power but we can act on our own we have money we'll need to know who the presidential elections just around the corner many of egypt's fifty million
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voters are being closer attention to the candidates because on the programs after all for many of them it's a make or break moment in the country's history and in their lives i believe all of the good life from. me and my family with a lot of money. a lot of other things. i'm looking for i'm looking to do something for my keep. in karl rove. and overheard we go they are good to see you again u.s. markets they're open now which means water trading for free spoke with the latest on salut lee with us what is looking like so far actually rory we had eleven set losses yesterday we're now looking i know it's early days but five percent losses so far so facebook is now trading at thirty two dollars per share remember it came in at thirty eight dollars on friday that was the initial i.p.o. price the most hyped one i've certainly ever heard of now people are now pointing
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the blame stanley is taking a lot of flack that see lead. on it as well as even the nasa has a wealth of technical glitch to begin with on friday i got a flat half an hour later saying ok but we approached some form of between tech so let's have a look at this now what we're going to show you is the share performance after the first day's trade of the top five tech companies and these were public last year now russia's search engine yandex has lost fifty percent of all social network game developers zynga has lost a quarter of those who bought linked in and now three percent above the water line while investors in chinese social network ran when have lost three quarters of the money so this certainly a trend that we can see right now so let's get over to the u.s. markets because as we say they are indeed trading now in the first hours we see they are indeed gaining. point four percent of the dow jones a point six percent for the nasdaq and the first hour of trading of course that's where facebook has placed its stock and as i say right now it's down five percent
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so it is taking a battering in days that is going to the european markets and now in the second part of the trading day there's all the speculation that china will be surprise as helping to break the feed the optimism that shrugging off the news that york is a sure organization the economic cooperation and development cost is forecast for growth in the year as i say investors. well ok all for today if you look at the common currency they will see that it is a fraction down we've got it one twenty seven seventy four and all saying earlier is one thirty that's the psychological level that investors really look out for and now start wondering why it's not performing as they would hate it what is the most trading currency the ruble that it's set to finish up higher gets us to the euro because they are very shortly indeed as well as the russian markets so let's see how the r.t.s. and the my sense is occurring and it's a mixed and as you go to my stage on the third of percent down the r.t.s. is rather flat but still managing to hold on to those gains if we look at the
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stocks will be able to see ross nast is indeed on the rise two and a half percent you've got there and that's all to the news of a new appointment in that company now more news on this russia so-called energy song igor chin he's a supervisor country's entire energy sector in the old government is going back to ross yet as chair of the board now last year he was forced to step down from the board due to new rules preventing senior officials running state companies but searching was not given to government posed by putin you see in the reshuffle this week so he is now free to resume his leadership role at the country's biggest oil company. more news on russian companies russia's highly anticipated privatization program is stirring interest well beyond the country's borders the london stock exchange is eager to get some of the business that we spoke to the head of the board and you read to before. now he told us that russian companies were still
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highly attractive to global investors. i do expect a number of companies to come here this is a confirmation of the plans already announced over a year ago this is something that we can see then which will be done in partnership with russian capital markets as well as the russian exchange interests is very high for a very simple reason europe still today has a lot of capital certainly in the private sector three trillion dollars of equity assets managed in london alone but europe doesn't have much growth so russia offers that growth we have the capital the expertise and the ability to make not only these companies richer in terms of capital but to enhance their international brand . i can't have the. other four to. the program will go the headlines and then there will be having in interview about
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the future possible demise of the euro zone stay with us. see good laboratory to mukherjee was able to build its most sophisticated robot which.


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