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tv   [untitled]    May 22, 2012 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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free. and free broadcast quality video for your media projects a free media. commission and growing student demonstrations in canada descend into street battles with police on the eve of the one hundredth day of protest. the i.m.f. changes its changes saying spending not saving is britain's way out of the economic crisis as fresh protests against cuts further rattled confidence in the politics of a stir. the deadly clashes between supporters and opponents of the regime in neighboring syria spread from its northern borders all the way to beirut.
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and on screen this is r.t. with you twenty four hours a day live from moscow. it's time for britain to come up with a plan b. a new i.m.f. report says if the country is to survive the turbulence continuing to rock the eurozone even though it's not a member the annual summary on the state of the u.k.'s finances also warns that unless britain eases off on a sturdy it could make the impact of future shocks even worse meanwhile in spain everything from elementary schools to universities have shut down as teachers and students strike together they're protesting against the severe cuts they say could deprive thousands of the chance of a higher education let's get more perspective on the euro zone's troubles with someone who's really in the thick of it all dirk leppink he's an m.e.p. from belgium and a former advisor to the european commission or if britain is so vulnerable to a greek exit just how much of a threat is greece to other eurozone members such as portugal or ireland which are
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already in the the bailout club or even spain or italy of course. yes that's right because the core of the problem is agrees the grid is not exceptional because other countries have similar problems like for example spain and portugal and italy and what you see now is that the greek crisis brings contagion to other two other countries that have a similar problems but not as bad as greece's so if the greece crisis is spreading a lot of uncertainty in the european union in particular in the euro zone but also to countries that are not part of the euro zone and in fact nobody knows what's going to happen to agree to i was in athens last week myself and i have the impression that the greek society has no way to go it fell all its slipped in a hole and is unable to get out and it will not recover in the euro zone so this society is in the midst of
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a political vacuum and could explain what life will be like then for greeks in not only just a political vacuum but also in the whole you describe this financial chaos. well all these things come together the greeks want to things that are cannot we reconcile they want to keep the euro where they do want to do away with the austerity package now they have to carry out the structural reforms in order to regain competitiveness which they have lost over the years because they have been living beyond means for over ten years so they want to stay in the euro in the euro zone be part of the european family but they cannot sustain it so what will happen is that we'll have to make a choice one way or the other either stay in and carry out the structural reforms or just leave the euro zone go for do you fault and have a managed default rather of course than a chaotic one but what sort of country would greek greece be then nestled there right in the center of europe what sort of country would it be if it does default. well of course it will have to reintroduce the drachma and there is
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a national currency that will have to regain competitiveness but of course the dangerous thing is there is a political void in greece if next time around they cannot form a government and yet again there is going to be this uncertainty then what are you going to do next so there will have will have to be involvement of brussels and a european union anyway and we have to accompany greece on a way out of the tunnel in the moment there is no light at the end of the tunnel but if greece defaults it's not the end of the problem it's the beginning of another problem and it's going to be very hard to assure good governance in greece because practically greece will become ungovernable but eve being there in brussels you're an m.e.p. from belgium a former advisor to the european commission surely everybody saw this coming and the i.m.f. is now calling on britain to begin working on a plan b. to protect itself from this possible greek exit i mean problem is. the problem here is that nobody is coming up with a plan b.
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everybody says we have to stick with plan a greece has to stay in the euro zone and that is the official line of the european commission of the european council missed of and room point mr barroso but nobody is really looking beyond what's going to happen and that is part of the crisis and part of the uncertainty because this uncertainty is now basically containing other countries like spain and portugal and so on and turn it into a general crisis in the eurozone but we also see is a digital human between paris and berlin and that is really in the heart of the eurozone if if if germany and france do not agree on the line to take then to you is really in trouble and that disagreement of course is based on a sterile against growth what is the answer here people are now talking about growth being the answer is it simple as that how does growth happen. growth is like love everybody's in favor of love everybody. growth but how to bring it out in the
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one hand you need austerity because our budgets are bloated already for a long time many countries have too much debt on the other hand we have to be store competitive nurse make sure that and put a set up companies again and the economy starts growing again but when it enters ship we need lower taxation we need competitiveness and all these things these things we have to do and really in a few years time because you know now we're in a process of internal devaluation we're not develop waiting a currency but we are developing countries and that's a very hard process that may take years but the political and social system are not able to cope with that and that is part of the problem there is no time for the things we have to do don't get epic m.e.p. and former advisor to the european commission thank you so much for your thoughts good to hear from you live there in strasberg. does it i know. the student movement in the canadian province of quebec is pledging to bring thousands onto the streets of montreal to mark a one hundredth day of protest that's after their rally against hikes in tuition
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fees spiral into violent clashes with police protestors replied slabs of concrete out of the roadway and held them in offices he responded with percussion bombs and pepper spray over three hundred people arrested in several dozen injured the local government sought to stem the protests by adopting a new emergency law to restrict the rallies last week for more let's cross live now to a journalist just dealing and he's covering the riots at the moment just in we've seen some pretty ugly scenes of police and demonstrators clashing there montréal what are you expecting to unfold on the movement one hundred. well i was there last night for you know kind of the prelude to today's events and things were eerily peaceful the protesters decided to have sort of march through downtown and then they actually made for the premier's house social sure a is the premier of the province and they basically marched to a pretty affluent suburb just outside downtown where they planned on you know i'm
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sure camping outside of his rather fabulous mansion unfortunately you know the provincial police stopped them before they got there but the protesters seem to really committed to just walking away and not croaking any more clashes i think they're cognizant of the fact that things have gotten out of hand this week and i think there is definitely in the row source of outstaying staying pretty peaceful today but that said there's always a couple of rogue elements in the crowd who do tend to take things a bit too far and who and it once they provoke a reaction from the police then things tend to descend quickly so what you may call without it how many seats in just just to ask you would you make all that police reaction then. it's a mixed bag i think any journalist who's been covering this can tell you that that there is a mix there are those police officers who who do stand around the crowd and they do act pretty responsibly to act with restraint and they do make sure that things don't descend into chaos but there are those officers who definitely.
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take it a bit too far they use the pepper spray too liberally and they definitely have a habit as some of them i know have a habit of being a little bit. quick temper i know i've gotten i've gotten clubbed in the streets before or and it wasn't particularly peaceful or deserved so definitely some of them do act a little irresponsibly at times i mentioned those new emergency laws just being adopted it seems they could have been an increase in violence since that's happened is perhaps this is a sign that protest is a being provoked by this and it's actually creating more support for the demonstrations. well it definitely is so i was out on the day that seventy eight was it was announced and protesters were furious i mean they they you know they very very quickly went to start scratching make me go some of them and many were very very riled up about it but that said the general population has kind of looked
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at this bill and overwhelmingly rejected so before the details of the bill were announced a whole was released that basically said that quebeckers supported legislating away this this this strike then when the details were announced. a good half of the population is doing the law is it force of protesters to notify police in advance of demonstrations on the right so why all protest is so angry about on the face of it seem no different to those we see in other countries well the thing is. that's a bit of its implications so yes the protesters are supposed to announce their route to police but it's the punishment that comes along that's the problem so it says that it basically they don't notify the police or if the protest of years off course that student groups can be held responsible furthermore it imposes really
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punishing fines and possibly registration to student groups that basically encourage or tacitly approved certain students in a block in classes or having. registered protests so a lot of constitutional experts of actually said that this probably goes too far live in montreal thank you very much indeed canadian journalist justin name thanks very much. nato has reaffirmed its drive to pull out from a deeply unpopular war in afghanistan in two thousand and fourteen at its biggest summit yet held in chicago but they're off is that the alliance will still have a significant presence in the country long after the departure deadline diplomatic continues between the u.s. and pakistan over final transit routes in the country as if he's going to come on explains. as far as the war in afghanistan supply routes have been a big concern on the summit there vital for nato operations there as well as for the upcoming troops withdrawal the route through pakistan still remains closed it
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was shut down around six months ago after a u.s. airstrike killed two dozen pakistani soldiers five mistakes some as declaration says they're still working on a deal on a new deal with pakistan in the meantime the alliance relies heavily on northern routes that's a key area of cooperation between russia and nato because russia provides its airspace railroads and other routes to supporting our national forces in afghanistan the importance of that cooperation was also underscored in this joint declaration in their statement nato leaders were focusing on how they are getting out of afghanistan because the war has become so unpopular drained so many resources most analysts describe it as a failure but there is a process that many are worried about and that is that nato is taking up a new role which has nothing to do with defending europe but in north america it's becoming an offensive force thousands of people took to the streets of chicago to protest against what they see as an expanding war machine answering
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a journalist question president obama said he was quite happy with how chicago police handled the protests that raised some eyebrows considering scores of activists were badly injured here's my colleague honest. reporting from the streets of chicago. chicago under siege. the last couple of days have seen oceans of protesters thousands marching under a blistering sun to vent their anger at the military alliance wants to know because . this rally fronted by iraq and afghan war vets feeling betrayed by the system through a their medals. after a minute of so. silence for those who perished in the west and yours. all hell breaks loose. chaos but tons of people shoved and dragged
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police thrown onto their knees bleeding faces. one officer stabbed dozens of protesters arrested someday these men may consider this conduct that they engaged in today unbecoming of the dignity that is demanded of them by their station hundreds and hundreds of police not just in riot gear but military armor with guns and but tons that they willingly deploy on people. a day earlier a smaller but louder march also took to the streets it's an ad to capital. i'm sure everyone here hopes to start a revolution they're calling it the chicago spring like the arab spring. signs ripped off crowds clashed with police but times and police bikes used to block off the crowds with more blood in the chaos. we do over a million dollars spent on new gear for chicago police
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a war breaks out with outraged americans fighting for change at home while the u.s. president is busy hosting the summit and the future of warfare abroad and stacy churkin r.t.e. chicago there in. holland editor at the alternative news portal alter net in san francisco says americans realize their financial woes a result of military spending. a lot of discussion we're hearing so much about budget deficits and threats to our our social safety net and i think a lot of people understand that there is a certain tradeoff between the military the military expenditures. that work spending on afghanistan and other conflicts and. these budget deficits that we're facing domestically so you know there is a message that we would like to invest in butter rather than guns in the meantime russia is turning to huge fines to try and make protests a fight here a new bill to see russian protesters paying the privilege of up to fifteen thousand
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u.s. dollars if they breach the floor on demonstrations details coming your way in a few minutes here in ulti. in egypt say the post rising uprising leaders have discredited the revolution and driven the nation to the verge of economic collapse that's later in the program. but first the u.n. secretary general has called on conflicting sides in lebanon to restore order to two people were killed in clashes on monday there's been violence in the country between opponents and supporters of bashar assad's regime in neighboring syria political analyst and journalist he says western powers may be unwittingly providing in direct support to terrorists destabilizing the whole region. the ironic thing is that al qaeda and the western powers are seem to be the same in the same group that is defying the lebanese authorities i mean this is this is a very peculiar situation and i think that many european and american allies are
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warning that this is a situation that the. western powers cannot sustain because these groups these fundamentalist groups some of them are. movement or they are supporters of openly i mean no one can actually deny that and at the same time the united states and the was impossible before the vision which is very close. to that situation on the ground. and that's a very descriptive way of saying it and you can check. for themselves and they can actually see and we have interviewed many of these people and they have openly supported the movement. in the meantime violence continues in syria where five people have been killed by a bomb in a restaurant in damascus the area in the north of the city is no protests against
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president bashar al assad state television blamed the explosion on terrorists a term used by the government to refer to the armed opposition it's the latest in a string of attacks across the country with daily reports of violations of the ceasefire which began last month when puts the death toll from the ongoing violence in the country since last year at ten thousand people. nine people are dead after a gunman opened fire on a political rally organized by a nationalist party in the pakistani city of karachi at least thirty people wounded in the violence which sparked rutting with several carts and shops also burnt the incident is a reminder of the volatility of the city which is home to several political parties with armed wings it's also believed to be a hiding place for taliban and al qaeda militants. smashed a window will ruin the law during a demonstration well get rid of the massive force that is the essence of a new law approved by russia's state duma in the first reading on the surface as the details. most gay protesters could be set to get hit where it really hurts and
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not in the wallets others though which is just part of first reading in parliament proposes raising the fine that could be levied on protesters to hide thirty thousand the protesters themselves on up to nearly fifty thousand dollars for the protest organizers now that's really a massive hike from the current maximum fine which is around fifteen hundred dollars so a huge leap and this has been the first meeting the still team also gave three reception meetings where some of the day a new number was possibly to see those very high amounts in the third reading it will cause him to lower it is going to happen over the next couple of weeks and comes on the back of the continued slowly very consistent protests we've seen taking place around the city now recently those two week long hokie by style can. be pretty parked in moscow and that caused a lot of anger amongst some of the local residents that now the government just the
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during the break out in the military to these types of gatherings you know we've seen incidents in the pas just before the inauguration the protesters take apart one of the stages of withdrawing some of the pieces and in this type of civil disobedience that the government really wants to rein it and they say that this is an attempt this law to bring stability and security to these types of gathering since upon the provocation but of course it may not salute the slums but the opposition he say that it's another me to intimidate the protesters and that in the future this could actually increase civil disobedience at these types of gathering . so further in central moscow more than three million people are jobless in egypt with unemployment rate continuing to rise many are putting their hopes on change after wednesday's presidential election the first since hosni mubarak was swept from power last year and reports economic hardship was not what egyptians expected after their revolution. mohamed some e.u.
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has spent most of his life living abroad he returned to egypt just in time to see their ocean unravel and the economy shrivel mama's real estate development business suffered a harsh blow during the egyptian uprising in the year that followed she struggled to keep his company afloat we have a lot of money in the market the people all of us a lot of people just fled out of the country they never came back so where their accountants that we don't know where they are so we can't pay. and at the same time we have to continue our x. we have to put money from our pockets like many mohamed hoped in new rule would bring in new opportunities for investment but he says the economic policy of the interim government turned out to be almost as bad as that of the previous regime. would like to be treated like the big scale the top and we both pay the same taxes wards pay the same duties jews so all the costs of the end of the day would be
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equal at least in terms of what we have to pay to cover the reforms conducted by the now ousted president mubarak several years ago did bring a certain stability to the gyptian economy but since their evolution the country's finances are in ruins their currency is in jeopardy people are jobless and a great and the only way out seems to be in boring enormous loans from the likes of the i.m.f. it's just over three billion dollars that the interim government is asking for but critics of the idea say boring from the i.m.f. means being in debt is not just financially but politically as well we do not like the interventions of the i.m.f. and institutions are like they have their orders and they have their own agenda that are controlled by. superpowers we're not a super power we had a very small power but we can act on our own we have money we'll need that on the presidential elections just around the corner many of egypt's fifty million voters
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are being closer attention to the candidates because on the programs after all for many of them it's a make or break moment in the country's history and in their lives i believe of the good life for. me and my family with a lot of money and. a lot of other things. but i'm looking for i'm looking to do something for my people. in cairo even goes r t. twenty three minutes past the hour here in moscow is case you know on the business desk with all the latest market news katie so most of the global markets have managed to gain today then that's a bit of a change isn't it is a bit of a change go yeah we've seen the markets ready to motorists in recent weeks we've seen some large sharp losses but it all started off in asia we have the nikkei and the hang seng both posting day ins and outs. three into europe which is u.s. stalls and will say that they too are indeed rising they had some good news coming out of the housing department the data that beat expectations and investors as well
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there really feeling the optimism from china and europe because they both said those regions are going to really work towards stimulating growth in the sense of it's really feeding through into wall street rather the dow jones around hope at present out around the same for the nasdaq as well of course that's with facebook is now posted they're losing around five percent they're now set up posting thirty two dollars per share and i remember the i.p.o. the initial almost thirty eight dollars per share that's how it started on friday a lot of investors are saying that they came in too high there were two coreys and how they started living there are that perhaps they would have see a better response but who knows it is going to europe and see how they finished up the day and both the dow jones. for those one and a half percent today well they've managed to assure all go off the. figures coming out of the organization for economic cooperation and development now they have cut
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the growth forecast for the year but they've also said that they would like to see your overall this is what a lot of investors will see as well not of course she was very much against these so we're certainly going to be watching that now there's also going on to the russian markets and see how they managed to form today we're going to check out the euro dollar as well before we have a look at the ruble to. the off yes am i say it's around a quarter of a set up that car is the two actions day that's the common currency on the top they're going to want twenty seven twenty eight through offering a fraction that will those sentiments feed into that also worth a mention the. we also have the i.m.f. chief christine legarde she was also say the u.k. it needs to stimulate the economy as well she said they're not going far enough and that's when inflation. dropped in the u.k. today that was the biggest news coming from the sea i care if we get into the russian markets will see that they actually managed to finish up a fraction about two percent of the artist and the my sales today we were looking
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at two and a half year lows yesterday that oil dropped fifty cents in may which we know has a knock on effect on the russian market and if we get on to the top of the biggest move the shake his head will see the blue chips of gas from one percent by over a percent of ross after they have a new employee and that is of course. now he is known as the soul of the oil world the energy saw that he signifies the country's entire energy said the government and he's going over to us next chairman of the board. last year he was forced to step down from the board new rules preventing senior officials running state companies but said she was not given a government post by putin this week so he's now free to resume his leadership role at the country's biggest oil company. and saying with russian news the highly anticipated privatization program is starting interest beyond the country's borders i'm talking about the london stock exchange they are eager to get some of the
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business and we spoke to the head of the bosses at the new before him in london he was telling us that russian companies are so highly attractive for investors to have a listen. i do expect a number of companies to come here this is a confirmation of the plans already announced over a year ago this is something that we can see even which will be done in partnership with russian capital markets as well as the russian exchange interest is very high for a very simple reason. europe still today has a lot of capital so italy in the private sector three trillion dollars of equity assets managed in london alone but europe doesn't have much growth so russia offers that growth we have the capital the expertise and the ability to make not only these companies richer in terms of capital but to enhance their international brand . or at the legacy of the markets can keep up the momentum in just under two hours
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time thanks a lot see a little later than here on r.t. other mage's addition of joining the songes interview program is just a few minutes away but first i'll be back with today's headlines in just a couple of minutes from now stay with us live this is r.t. .
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada from giant corporations are all the day .


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