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egypt decides voters head to the polls in the country's first presidential election since hosni mubarak's three decade rule has ended but many say they don't have much of a choice. hundred days of unrest tens of thousands of students march across montreal against hikes intermission the vote is in paris protest restrictions in response. and then tells for the eurozone members to tighten their belts prosperity capital is on the front that's looking up on its own targets for budget.
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around the world and around the clock this is r.t. if i warm welcome to you today well top stories now egyptians are heading to the polls in the first presidential election since the fall of longtime they don't hosni mubarak last year thirteen names are on the ballot including islam ists and a number of barack. polis lir reports many egyptians feel frustrated with the choice they have. they stayed down the police and the military and they won but now they're staring into an answer in future and it's far from clear egypt's revolutionaries are holding the trump card i'm sure of the martyrs where life they would think that this is all his just no one chanted for elections they wanted to free them now there's a monthly massacre that takes place when people protest we don't even have the right to be listened in the big square how can they really support. it took mariam and other egyptian youth just eighteen days to topple a dictator who'd been in power for maybe thirty six years but they haven't been
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able to come up with a single compelling candidate in the country's first post mubarak a presidential election is. people who are going to meet. change quickly so we have. political. support and some water. and after ten of them were disqualified thirteen remain in the race for egypt's top job the front runners include a moose or mubarak insider former egyptian foreign minister and head of the arab league abdel moneim of doing for top former brotherhood leader cairo physician and long time and to mubarak dissident and mohamed morsi the muslim brotherhood's choice who has a respected party and well financed campaign behind him the fact that there are two strong islamised candidates means the islamist voters split although on foreign policy issues they're united the council believe that the two of
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them. try to improve the relation of the expanse of egypt's relationship was the last of. them are going to try to improve the relations was israel. i believe it's going to get more. chances are high that egyptians will vote in an islamized president but this support is no way near what it was in recent parliamentary elections was egypt tough on. civil servants and picked up the surge to consider the status challenges to. many of the thirteen candidates it's expected to top fifty six making it one of. the highly likely but the delays are making egyptians edgy time and again the ruling generals lift out as to whether the elections would even happen and concern is right that the army plans to stay in power or at least pull the strings from
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a far but dr has some a far disagrees a military coup has to be executed and if it is done they thought it would be very very violent and there will be a little bloodshed and i think though it is very much aware of this there's been little about this election that's been predictable and no matter who wins the new egypt is likely to look a lot like the last few months of the old at least for some time the problems in the country run deep and economic and political frustrations are not that far from spilling over into fish protests police here our team kyra but egypt's ruling military council is reportedly planning to publish a new interim constitution which will set limits to the government's influence over the army professor of middle east history at west chester university lawrence davidson says the military is hoping to keep its grip on the country after the election. the fear is i imagine just like you know some twenty years ago
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that if the islamists get in charge they'll never give up power but then if you ask yourself what the military actually does here and its history once it's in charge it doesn't give up power either i think what they're trying to do is create a sort of turkish model where in fact the no terry stands independent and autonomous outside of the government and sensually holds for itself a veto power over the government and so at any particular time if the government does things that the army does and why are the officer corps doesn't like they come back in and essentially create. a military coup. major demonstrations to mark a hundred a day of student rallies have shaken canada tens of thousands killed the streets of montreal to protest against the huge planned rise in tuition fees an attempt to quell the movement local authorities adopted
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a new version see look with restricting protests thank you to the fines of up to twenty five thousand dollars and the group which tried to stop students from. the controversial measures have been fielding public anger over three hundred people were detained in more than twenty injured of the demonstrations spiraled into violent clashes with police on sunday night. they shall. make a federation of university students the government's actions have really made matters worse. trying to understand where he is the guy french going far despite all of that actually. restraint a lot of liberty the view of britain you know the expression manifestation everybody has to see ition so it's very difficult and i was in our pows now because the know what's where is this bill so they are this new bill that the government passes and i actually didn't step back from all of this demonstration that has been
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going on the government trying to make the social piece back in the city of montreal but actually we see several demonstrations going on. since friday so i think it's not working for the government and will be trying to go back today to vote leadership to make sure that this conflict has then you're watching r t you also the head through this hour heightened tensions syria's on the rest of spills into neighboring lebanon with clashes between pro and anti us supporters raising this growing conflict there. bringing about eurozone growth and the solving the escalating problem of greece or dominating. minds of you readers and all makers head of an informal get together in brussels germany continues to advocate a belt tightening and is opposed to joint borrowing but as artie's peace all over has been discovering it looks like the policy bear this foisting upon others isn't
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while it's too keen to pursue its self the merkel message to europe is clear that storm good girls by a structural reform is important and necessary but a debt ridden growth would only revive a crisis with one that will not do that. so all sturdy all around however don't expect german belts to be getting much tighter. according to the influential cologne institute for economic research while berlin bangs the drum for spending cuts in countries like spain greece and italy the federal government has made good on less than half of its plan savings as the boomers were young the federal government promised in twenty ten that they would cotton over ten billion euro or year in spending from the budget two years later they've cut less than half of this amount some of this is down to changes in policy making the promised cuts and possible but most of the promise savings just weren't
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made. this will make interesting reading for the heads of the twenty five year a peon union member states who signed up to a fiscal pact in march obliging them to show great it fiscal discipline pact championed by the chief cheerleader of austerity chancellor angela merkel as these are missing it looks as if the german government has relaxed a bit while at the same time telling orders to work harder our deficit goals were reached because of higher than expected tax revenue but the cots were not followed through. so after the government made good on only four point seven billion euro of the eleven point two billion savings that it promised the association of taxpayers came up with a list of areas they suggest should be cut from the budget as part of a spring cleaning plan which could save an extra one hundred and fifty six million euro these include scrapping a quarter of a million euros subsidy for growing organic carrots as well as
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a similar initiative for apple juice all the way through to reevaluating civil servant pensions and the driver service for former presidents of the german parliament. are thirty examples are meant to inspire ideas about how and where the budget can be cut even with a large spending blocks the government should take the goods bring cleaning tradition in the blood to the budget and start saving. there are those who argue that the recent growth posted by the german economy means that they are under no obligation to the rest of the proposed eleven billion euro that it's only those countries posting negative growth that need to trim their spending but the reason why the cuts are not as deep as periphery countries that are suffering the most from the financial crisis is simply the fact that we have a higher tax revenue right now and that leaves room for maneuver so the german economy is showing growth but as the country's debt rises by the second even
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europe's dominant economy isn't out of the woods yet at home or merkel's christian democrats have suffered some major political setbacks most recently a crushing defeat in regional elections in north rhine-westphalia a state seen as a bellwether of opinion in germany the because the theme of the christian democratic party has a tradition of celebrating its victories together it is the same for the defeats this is a common defeat we have discussed this defeat today and looked at length and their duty as we have despite mrs merkel putting on a brave front as a party loses support from the electorate the question has to be asked how can the german chancellor preach austerity to the people of athens madrid and rome when her party's policies can't even win over the people who sold off peter all of her r.t. germany. but teachers and students in spain are returning to work after the nationwide strike action on tuesday schools universities shut their doors angry
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a proposed cuts to education plans include increasing class sizes slashing the number of teachers and imposing longer hours on those who retain their jobs i'm concerned protesters are university tuition hikes could leave many without higher education but government says the cuts are needed to this year's spending targets the prime minister is promising further reforms as the country battles a crippling crisis unemployment of almost twenty five percent. says you need to learn to balance cuts with growth prospects. growth is like love everybody's in favor of love everybody's in favor of growth but how to bring it about in the one hand you need austerity because our budgets are bloated already for a long time many countries have too much debt on the other hand we have to be store competitiveness i make sure that and. set up companies again and the economy starts growing again but we need and we need lower taxation we need competitiveness and
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all these things these things we have to do only in a few years' time because you know now we're in a process of internal devaluation we're not developed waiting a currency but we are developing countries and that's a very hard process that may take years but the political and social system are not able to cope with that and that is part of the problem there is no time for the things we have to do the problem here is that nobody is coming up with a plan b. everybody says we have to stick with plan a greece has to stay in the euro zone and that is the official line of the european commission of the european council but nobody is really looking beyond what's going to happen and that is part of the crisis and part of the uncertainty that we also see is a disagreement between paris and berlin and that is really at the heart of the you know if if if germany and france do not agree on the line to take then to you is really in trouble. ken i think there well iran's nuclear power plant in bashir is
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set to begin operating at full capacity up till now the russian built facility and that is generating electricity has been working at seventy five percent of its potential work at the plant has been carried out under the fusca vision of the u.n. nuclear watchdog comes as iran and the world powers are gathering in baghdad discuss suspicions iran might be seeking a nuclear weapon but agreed in principle to allow others to inspect but if you facilities nuclear weapons might be developed meanwhile washington says they'll be no letup in the pressure on iran as the senate continues to expand sanctions on the country's u.s. congressman and his casino to his own uranium issue washington needs to change its approach to. sanctions are another form of warfare sanctions are just a step away from shooting we're being told we should have any contact with them we're being told that we shouldn't be negotiating with them we're being told. to
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get ready for war thirty six thirty all that is wrong. what we need to do is to have direct negotiation. we need to be talking with her in iran and we need to stop this very glorious notion that somehow we can settle our differences with iran through war we have to believe that peace is possible what we have is a type of thinking coming out of washington that says wars inevitable when you say wars inevitable you actually create of war a self-fulfilling prophecy so you get what we wonder why do we have war because people think in terms of war. and you can hear more from a u.s. congressman dennis kucinich in about fifteen minutes time here on out. now more stories on our website of course dot com. ok so what's there right now made in
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china the u.s. congress exposes a counterfeit electronic parts used by major aviation hope aeration and there is a person of interest threat to security. to read about the controversy of the russian parliament that is to ok a bill to enforce tougher punishments for un sanction protests. and other stories at party dot com of course don't forget to check out the latest videos that's all you tube channel. is.
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the official anti application your i phone or pod touch from the. video on demand. an r.s.s. feed now in the palm of your. on the dot com. conflict in syria is continuing to cause trouble across its border in neighboring lebanon where they've been fresh protests becomes a syrian rebels reportedly kidnapped thirteen lebanese shia muslims returning from a pilgrimage recent clashes between pro and anti are set supporters in lebanon have left a dozen dead over the past few days ortiz or if a national reports. the roster signs of the recent violence here everywhere as you can see bullets car buildings behind me by a blackened walls garbage we were told that there's been some burned cars here but they've been taken away and police and the army have cordoned off the area and on
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patrol here twenty four hours to prevent further escalation of violence this recent round of the clashes here in lebanon was triggered by the death of a prominent lebanese and ardent opponent of president bashar al assad he and his companion were apparently showed. by army troops at the checkpoint in the northern part of the country feel sorties here in lebanon have been very quick to react and investigation is right now and they go in more than twenty soldiers and officers have been detained for interrogation about sunni politicians happily called for prime minister and on the come on the to resign and they also want the death penalty for those responsible for what they see as an assignation similar function erupted earlier this month in the northern city of tripoli claiming twelve lives and they spin disturbance at the border with syria recently how life just how divided the lebanese society is while the country is trying to remain neutral some
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accuse the lebanese army of cooperating with assad regime while all this point fingers at lebanon sunni population saying they are based in the syrian opposition by providing it with all kind of support everything they need including weapons well levanon is actually known as one of if not the most tolerant arab country where different confessions have co-existed for years but this recent incident obviously reveals just how fragile the stability is and fears are growing right now that this situation may boil lebanon's own religious tensions. yes r.t. for financial reporting there from lebanon where people analyst and journalist among the shabby says the western powers may be providing direct support to terrorists which could destabilize the entire region there are some serious internal divisions not necessarily about who supports against it's more internal
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divisions between a group that is the sad how did a group what's called the fourteenth march group that wants to overthrow the government because the government has taken a position a neutral position on the situation in syria the ironic thing is that al-qaeda and the western powers are seem to be in the same group that is defying the lebanese authorities i mean this is this is a very peculiar situation and i think that many european and american allies are warning that this is a situation that the. western powers cannot sustain because these groups these islamic fundamentalists group some of them are affiliated to the movement or they are supporters of al qaida openly i mean no one can actually be denied that and at the same time the united states and there was impossible at the fourteenth march coalition which is really very close to these persons who are supporting al qaida and we have interviewed many of these people and they have openly supported
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the movement. of some of the international news in brief for you know demonstrators have torched dozens of vehicles and set several shops ablaze in pakistan's largest city. it's coming reaction to violence in karate that broke out at a political rally tuesday gunmen opened fire on protesters there killing at least nine injuring in the thirty hundreds have died in politically motivated attacks in the city which is often targeted by taliban and kind of militants. a bomb has been found in argentina's capital a day before former colombian president's visit to the country exposes were hidden in the one osiris theater where alvarado he was to give a speech before it is say the bomb was designed to be treated remotely we've cracked down on drug smuggling drew it is during his two terms as colombian leader raising suspicions thing might have been involved in the plot. by fighters rescued
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around six hundred people after a blaze ravaged a high rise office building in mexico city twenty people suffered carbon monoxide poisoning with one person being treated for serious burns seven people were evacuated from the roof by helicopter and initial information from the emergency services suggests an electrical fault in the basement may have been to blame. most of america's strained ties with the u.s. commander scrutiny in the latest installment of julius songes show on r.t. the world's top whistleblower talks foreign policy with the president of ecuador korea. the government closed the u.s. space mountain. can you tell me why you decided to close this place because they said that here you know that it would you accept having a foreign base set up in your country julian see you. in any case see you give the
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matter is a simple as i once said you know evening ok it's not a problem to set up a u.s. base in a could do but if we can give the go ahead as long as we are granted permission set up an ecuadorian military base in miami and there is no one issue i think they should agree. what's the latest episode of genocide in just over an hour's time here in r.t. . all the time to get the latest from our business desk now and marina's there for several european leaders are set to meet today said to discuss growth in the eurozone are investors there any more domestic because of that. well karen there's a lot of skepticism on the moments in europe greece is of course the main focus and after the comments made by the former greek prime minister jim but he helped matters because he said that there already preparations in case greece has to exit the eurozone and he said that if that happens it will come at
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a high cost which could lead to an inflationary spiral and the markets have a move reacted very well so that if would take a look at the numbers will see that both of what's in the bags are extending losses losing over old one percent each now a similar picture here in russia as well investors are reacting there only to the troubles in the euro zone but also a decline in oil prices which i'll get to in a minute but as we can see the r.t.s. is already losing over two percent and you saw markets closed in their red began with a pretty much a weak trading session and that's after fixed ratings downgrade of the rating on japan and also i warned that it could have further downgrades if the government doesn't take action and to fix its farland that problems all the news there of course investors were concerned about european issues as well as the mess that the negative at the mess that the data and we had was the japanese government was boarded and there was disappointing the export in performance that there was a drop in certain states which results in a big a trade deficit for the month of april when it comes to try another world bank cut
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its growth forecast for this year and that's why we saw the figures go sharply lower and that's the closing picture now when it comes to oil prices there are heading south for a second day and they're all they briefly escaped this six day losing streak but at the last very long and that's because of the rise in the stockpiles which always were in this price is lower as well as iran make an agreement with the united nations when it comes to currencies the euro is still losing against the dollar and when it comes to the ruble it moves in against both major currencies of the south now in other news the magna coined the term the brics for the emerging nations says that there shouldn't be greece shouldn't be the one in focus so much when it comes to the fate. of the eurozone he said speaking about the need to be london for him jim o'neill. that the growth of emerging countries such as brazil india russia and china is more should be more in focus when it comes to the health of global economies. and the concept of the european crisis for example. fond of saying the
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china is the economic equivalent of another greece every eleven and a half weeks so you could wipe greece off the map and within eleven weeks china's created another one last year the combined g.d.p. of the four brics increased by about two point one trillion dollars so the equivalent of creating another italy every fifteen months. has been and remains the single most important global economic story of our generation. and there's another hurdle for russia second gas pipelines erupt this time there are reports that the sound project has a managed to get the approvals necessary to start work on their arson shore of the black sea in fact media sources claim that the pipeline developers have yet to sort out the necessary documents and i have to do this by the end of the month now and the regulators didn't even receive an application earlier on the government called
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for an earlier start of the project works a move the beginning of the construction to december of this year the south stream gas pipeline is aimed to supply russian gas to europe avoiding transit countries like ukraine but first a lever is planned for two thousand and fifteen. tri-care well next time i'll have a breakdown of the main movers on the my six for you but for now that's all we have for you ok maria thank you more from you later. by the shorter we look at a middle east tension and examine ways to resolve conflicts in the region but before that i bring you the headlines stay with us.
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culture is that so much time in which of course you might want to come to terms of unity of nato many critical roads that summit in chicago this military alliance decided many things in principle like ending the occupation of. the world or the. region is a should is the name of the game when you're saving lives we're designing tomorrow's architectural masterpieces laser precision is what matters most the technology of the future of this old lady at your fingertips technology i'm here on r.g.p. . the future covered. down by the official
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