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live. feeds technology innovation all the lives developments from around russia we've got the future covered. so you're watching r t the headlines egyptians are set to cast their ballots in the final round of voting in the country's first presidential election since the former . number of former regime officials and is the mists of the main contenders with the ruling military won't give up power. fresh talks a pending on iran's nuclear ambitions it's iran refusing to back out foreign pressure and small. brain centers. says israel have indicated that readiness to attack iran if diplomacy fails to curb its nuclear program. outrages many in
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the s.s. uniform scheme that's true that's true to life here in new york city weapons and ministry countries again under fire for the way to trace its rolling with. me and now washington could be undermining its an economy pursuing its jupiter and especially if you. we're sitting down with quite prestowitz founder and president of the economic strategy institute in washington he led many u.s. trade and investment negotiations with japan china latin america and europe in the reagan administration and served as vice chairman of president clinton's commission on trade and investment in the asia pacific region one of your recent articles is called trading jobs for military bases where you're basically saying that the u.s. sector five this its economic interests in the name of geopolitics. a very very
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good recent example of the obama administration has just announced a so-called pivot to asia so the idea is that the u.s. is switching the focus of us military a geo political activity from afghanistan and iraq middle east to aid to the pacific and to china to the china region and doing that in a way on their minds its ability to continue to invest to be competitive with chinese production or with japanese or other asian production well if we take china as an example we know that the u.s. administration is also going out of its way to persuade china to buy less earing in oil for example. what sacrifices could they possibly be offering to the chinese in your opinion well the try and you're right the u.s. is asking china to buy less arabian oil the us is asking china to put pressure on
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north korea to stop its missile program so we're asking the chinese to do a lot of geopolitical things what we're not asking the chinese to do is to stop manipulating their currency to keep their currency undervalued as a. subsidy for their exports we all complain about that we say fine the u.s. does complain about it their car we don't bashing china no no the administration has not said that china they did no this is ministration tim geithner the secretary of treasury refuses to say that china is been inflating its currency he will not formally say that because formally to say it would then compel him to take some action he doesn't want to take any action because he knows that that would cause a huge conflict with china. but we've heard president obama say that he put together a team to deal with right. the other team to deal with unfair trade practices he
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didn't say currency program remember that. in the world of globalization tree it is handled by the trade representative by the world trade organization trade does not include currency currency is always handled by trades reason ministries of finance and the i.m.f. to separate tracks so when the president says he's dealing with unfair trade he's not talking currency. and when he talks currency he doesn't say currency manipulation because he doesn't want the conflict and he doesn't want one of the conflict because by not forcing the currency issue it makes it easier for the president has the chinese to buy less iranian oil or to ask the chinese through pressure the north koreans to stop their missile. so he doesn't want that conflict because he wants that has them to buy less or when he'd rather ask them to buy less
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or any of oil and he would ask them to stop manipulating their currency which in your view is damaging to the u.s. economy well i think the currency problem is a very significant challenge to the u.s. economy. and i actually think it's more and more of an important challenge than uranium oil also in one of your latest articles you imagine you try to imagine a statement by hillary clinton addressed to china. piece of it so it's quite pressed of it writing as if you were hillary clinton addressing the chinese you see our mutual friends in asia such as the southeast asian countries and japan and south korea want to keep doing business like crazy with you but also want us to be a kind of counterweight so that they don't totally fall under your influence because we're no longer economically competitive our only counterweight tool is our
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military which we are anxious to you know to a guy with a hammer all problems look like nails but we don't really think you are a nail is just that we only have a hammer now that you have pretty much taken all the other tools no tools left really well the u.s. is suffering declining economic component to so we have a big trade deficit we are heavily in debt to china and to the rest of the world i mean we're we have so many areas of expertise left but our major source of international power is not economic its military and we're a lot like actually the former soviet union. soviet union didn't collapse because it lacked military strength it collapsed because it lacked economic strength the same things happening to united states. i think it's collapsing well not not collapsing just yet but it's not on
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a good track maybe someone in the administration behind very closed doors would explain to you that it's how the u.s. is protecting its economic interests through military means what would you say if you heard that explanation let's look at the so-called the the new pivot to asia. we're beefing up our military deployments in the western pacific there's no threat to us the western pacific china is not going to invade the united states north korea's missile can't reach the united states american oil doesn't come through the straits of malacca so what's the threat how is it that this military deployment is protecting our interests i don't see it i mean i think it's an infatuation with empire i think it's an infatuation with the exercise of power it's a legacy of the second world war and of the cold war and we have a big national security machine. and that machine is powerful politically and our
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system and it looks for ways to make itself useful and so that's what it does but it's not clear to me that this is in the interest of united's that the incentives in the system right now are for the production of tradeable gurlitz the provision of tradeable services to leave the united states the united states is not pursuing any of the policies necessary to reverse the incentives because its total focus is on the geopolitical. priority so it's all about military bases in expanding u.s. military around the globe it's all about maintaining the primacy of the u.s. national security establishment you know at. the expense of the u.s. economy yes. in terms of jobs but not the interests of big corporations well some
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of the interests of big corporations why global companies can achieve a short to medium term benefit by moving production to china or elsewhere where they get big subsidies and incentives however typically when they make these moves they also are compelled to transfer technology and what we've seen in many instances of the past is that and this really they seem to do well but as they transfer technology. other competitors crop up and begin to cock it up overtake them and so they do well for five or ten years and then suddenly they're out of business let's go back to to the second feiss and concessions that the u.s. makes in the name of geopolitics as you were arguing the subject that you brought up is very interesting and i want to talk a little bit about the gulf region the u.s. has a vast military presence there and it's building up in terms of let's say political
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concessions one example is bahrain when the u.s. basically has eyes wide shot human rights violations there arguably because of its fifth fleet that bahrain hosts and you were talking about economic concessions don't you think they go hand in hand with the you was breaking its political principles as well oh yes i do you know i mean i think the situation in bahrain is extremely painful to the us. i mean we in terms of human rights we clearly should be on the side of the shiites but we've sided with the ruling sunni. regime because of the base of the of the fifth fleet in the gulf. and so yeah i mean i think we've compromised ourselves.
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so it's not just economic concessions that the u.s. makes but also political well something. you know some kind of compromising of our own principles you know. something i know that in all conversations i had with economists in america at a very high level of concern about china a fear of china's dominance if you will i want to understand what is at the root of the problem is it just money it is just money in the economy one would argue the u.s. and china are very mutually dependent so what is there to be really concerned about though no actually that there's so much fear of china i think there's more fear of the future of united states i guess the way i would say it is this. you know if you i mean if you play the card game bridge. but if you think of globalization like a game of bridge and you say that you know each country has
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a head of cards and you ask yourself which country has the best hand you know if you are playing the game whose hand would you like to have. and if i look at all the cards i would say well the united states still has a lot of good cards i'd probably prefer to play the u.s. hand but in bridge you can have a really good hand and you can still lose if you play badly. and right now i would say the united states is playing very badly we're not playing our cards well we're not playing our cards well because we have focused on this geo political priority on this military national security priority we keep playing the great game we keep putting troops in afghanistan and fleets in the persian gulf. pivoting to asia while other countries like china like brazil like germany are focusing on
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investing and educating and innovate and becoming more competitive but we're not doing and i think that is the source of concern and worry in the u.s. thank you very much ok good to see you.
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well with the. realization is the name of the game when you're saving lives will dissolve most architectural masterpieces laser precision is what matters most the technology of the future so maybe it's your film to acknowledge here on r.g.p. . the future coverage.
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gyptian is all set to cost them about it's in the final round of voting in the country's first presidential election since the fall of hosni mubarak the former regime officials and its missile the main contenders who fears the ruling military won't give up power. talks pending on iran's nuclear ambitions to tehran refusing to balance a foreign pressure and. incentives for more u.s. and israel have indicated a readiness to care about diplomacy fails of its nuclear program. and outrages men in uniforms give history lessons to children that bringing religion not simply into the mystery countries again on the planet traces from them
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to. the sport something with oil. thank you very much kerry welcome to the world of sports here is what we've got coming up. strike a light spain's top goal scorer david villa places fails to a cover from a broken leg when a helmet hero twenty twelve his countrymen to defend their european crown. awarding excellence the k.h. els a cream of the crop up all night in the russian capital with munich crowned champions deny moscow taking center stage. clinging to the top rory mcilroy and luke donald are both vying for the world number one ranking ahead of this weekend's p.g.a. championship when one. spain will have to defend their european crown without top
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striker via the barcelona forward has failed to recover from a broken leg in time for next month's tournament in poland and ukraine the thirty year old was awarded the golden boot after netting four goals in austria and switzerland four years ago the fractured his shin bone in december and says he's still not fit to play for spain's all time talks for the fifty one goals in eighty two much is a massive blow for coke. is due to name his final squad on sunday with veteran defender colors also a major doubt or barcelona is understand he has sympathy for his teammate. but he made a bottle i feel bad for dad it's a very tough injury to overcome and he has worked long hours trying to get ready for the end of the season and also to play for spain in the european championships so above all i feel bad for him because he won't be there with us after such an effort. now to ice hockey where the cream of the k h l crop of gathered to mark the
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end of the season with a lavish awards ceremony here in moscow the season surprise package i could go and cup winners in a moscow. in the spotlight. like knock who inspired the blue and whites to clinch their mating. was on it as the best coach but alexander manco was named the best goaltender his teammate. they rediscovered his scoring touch netting fourteen goals in the playoffs which included in the season's best side meanwhile those who had little to celebrate domestically this season but their disappointment to one side to enjoy rushes world championship win on sunday this is a period of over. two years ago i won the prize but my team was defeated in the finals this year it's more special because we won the cup i think all the individuals we've received tonight are because of our great teamwork this season. it wasn't the best season for scoring is we've failed to grab a cup however it's always a pleasure to get a word i'm very happy to be chosen for this season's best team but winning the
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world championships everything. now i want to go for a battle for the world number one spot on for this weekend at the p.g.a. championship with rory mcilroy looking to outdo reigning champion luke donald and remain at the top of the rankings they know the irishman needs to win the tournament to ensure he holds off donald because if the englishman finishes at least as a runner up when worth he'll become the world number one once more well if u.s. open champion mcelroy misses the cart as he did at the players' championship a fortnight ago then an eighth place finish all better would do the job for donald the thirty four year old first amount to get world rankings after winning the show at least twenty one last year but mcelroy is ready for the challenge. here to win golf tournaments you know if i can do that you know ultimately the number one ranking will take care of itself concentrate on myself and just try and play the best that i can you know the guys are going to go and they're going to. play good
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every week which they usually do so you know you just got to go out there and play good yourself. now to the olympics and backers bid to host the twenty twenty summit games has been unsuccessful the azerbaijani city along with doha failed to make it through to the next round of the bidding process is done both tokyo and madrid are the three remaining options madrid still being considered even though spain is the only bidding country currently in a recession we also assess the fact that mad read as good a lot of infrastructure. paid back to the investment as i've done in the past for sport infrastructural but also all the general infrastructure so it's not many infrastructure to build sold the risk of mad read concerning the infrastructure to be delivered is low now staying with an olympic theme and defending one hundred two hundred meter champion you saying bowl continues his preparations for the london games this weekend he's taking part in the diamond league meeting in the czech
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republic will also compete in rome later this month and in oslo in june before returning to jamaica for the national trials and the world record holder in both the one hundred and two hundred meters is confident he'll retain his titles. around . three hundred you know whether we you know for sure. i want to be there to be in better shape for being so. i don't want to say but i guess if i'm in great shape a good start should be over but i don't think it will be this race because i'm just tired of it. now feel the anxiety now because it's early in the season now in the n.b.a. philadelphia have tied their best of seven series against boston in the eastern conference sami's the seventy six is your home win in game six eighty two points to seventy five drew holiday was the top score for the hosts with twenty points at least the series will go to the final and decisive seventh game in boston on
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saturday. now finally back twice ok and as we saw earlier the cake shell is over for another season deny my will be looking to defend their title when the new campaign begins in september but for now a let's look back and enjoy something spectacular moments from the season just gone . lead. the lead the lead. the lead.
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to me. the lead. the lead. him up. the lead. the luck
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and the it. a lead. to. the. lead. lead . live. live.
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live. live live. live live . live
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. that's looking forward to out the new season already that's all the sport for me for now i'll be back in a little under two i was taught enjoying that. sigrid
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laboratory to mccurry was able to build a new its most sophisticated robot which all unfortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and worry this is why you should care only on the r.-g. dot com. here the reindeer isn't everything for the herders and when it suffers people do their best to help go. wrong. but the distances are. and the roads are tough and unpredictable. will the remedy be untidy.


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