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egyptians vote for a second day but they're still in the dark over what powers the ruling military will grant their new president and whether the winner will respect the people's revolution. this is the police ring. just like a party pooper during christmas lifea is a nursery nightmare is nazi sympathizers or film showing off the real weapons of war in a lesson to kindergarten kids. iran's nuclear talks resume but progress proves that elusive that is tehran says it won't curb its activities without the west reducing sanctions.
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six pm in moscow. good to have you with us here on r t it's the second and final day of voting underway in egypt to fill the presidential seat left vacant since hosni mubarak was forced from power more than a year ago thirteen candidates vying for the job but without a new constitution it's still unclear how much power the new leader will have or whether the military is even ready to relinquish any as artie's polis leader reports from cairo. election fever has gripped egypt with a record number of voter turnout expected in these the first properly contested presidential elections in the post-war barak period i'm standing at one of the schools which has been transformed into a voting station and although there is a large number of people arriving here to cast their ballot they numbers have been drawn by the number of security personnel one hundred and fifty thousand troops have been deployed with regular and military police patrolling the streets and also
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the entrances to these voting stations now this comes on the back of growing concern that the military will not from a true to its would to hand over power once a new president is announced the other concerns are also the role that these lamas will play in defining egypt's future and here interesting enough the islamists have not fade as well in these elections as they did in the parliamentary elections several months ago this is partly because of poor management of the parliament and also because these lamas went back home they would not to field a candidate for these presidential elections but by and large most egyptians do believe that these polls will be fair and this is despite reports of some election irregularities we're looking at some fourteen thousand judges who have been deployed at just under fourteen thousand polling stations now the voting will continue until late tuesday with the counting expected to finish sometime saturday or sunday at this stage though it seems highly unlikely that any of the candidates
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will receive a fifty percent majority which means that they will need to be a runoff come the middle of next month with a final announcement expected on the twenty first of june in terms of who egypt's mix president will be that president will have his hands full he will need to deal with the rampant corruption poverty and unemployment policy r t cairo. those who took to talk her square to usher in change are now finding no comfort in the candidates which they say don't reflect the revolution what's more there is a fear the new constitution could end up being a tool for the generals. the cloud hanging over this whole thing is that. the you know the military wants to retain all the power is this whole thing going to be academic if that new constitution wants to get to temple amended in july or whatever you know what does that look like and right now it looks like the military
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will be holding all the cards once again it will be new boss same as the old boss type of thing with just a symbolic president that has been elected by the people the no ones are that the military candidate is not revolutionary and the rest are trying to claim the mantle that even the islam is you know they're in the opposition they're reactionary they're reactionary to the minors ations the secular realists what the revolution was really all about equality and there's questions whether you know these alarmists are all on the same page is those type of liberal principles and values. we've got the world at your fingertips at r.t. dot com here's what's a click away right now the details of the u.s. is the new weapon in the fight against al qaeda propaganda which is more i teach than g.i. plus. check out the real batman jumping out of a plane without a parachute and landing where only in the record books watch it here it comes up. freefall footage online at our team.
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a kindergarten in a lot of you has been dragged into a dispute over teaching tyranny after its toddlers were given lessons by nazi sympathizers including getting hands on with real war weapons first it's a vital schooling about the country's history but it's art he's like say or a chef ski reports from riga their fear is of nursery age indoctrination. this was described as a lesson of patcher it is in a kindergarten in riga. was. the fact that the man wore the uniform of lot of us as sas legion which fought on the nazi german side in the second world war one of the outfits even boasts the notorious under like symbol moreover they let the three year olds play with real nazi weapons this is
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a grinning police ring and buying just like a party popper during christmas despite nazi symbols being outlawed in a lot to be along with soviet emblems no legal consequences have followed so far the owner of this kindergarten who is also a right wing nationalist party member sees nothing wrong. but the most expensive is a history in no way to tell our children who the legion is will we see in this kindergarten and i will decide how will teach our children how we will make them proud of their country and its warriors but the incident has sent shock waves across the land this woman asked us to hide her face fearing nationalists could abuse her after the interview she says her family will now have to consider her four year old daughter's future education little teen with normal it some thinkable things like that must never happen close to children and i'm strongly against it i'm scared if things like that become frequent i'll have to take my daughter from
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the kindergarten and keep her at home in the head of a lot of his anti nazi movement says the incident is not a one off such lessons he claims occur on the regular basis in schools nash and wide. they usually happen on sixteenth of march known as the country's legion day when former assets fighters marched the streets of riga along with right wing politicians and youth supporters similar gatherings happen annually in another baltic state with a difficult history as. a parliament. i remember speaking at the european parliament trying to convince deputies that lafayette is a nazi free country now i have to admit to a great shame that due to the action of some movement neo nazi ism girl stronger here the youth don't understand the horrors of naziism and easily fall into this propaganda since gaining independence the baltic states have been vocally critical of the soviet period of their history calling it an occupation those who fought
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against the u.s.s.r. are called freedom fighters by some here even despite the fact they were allied with a genocidal nazi regime the most murderous in history what concerns many here now is that such lessons of pratchett ism in the long run will not teach history but simply breed a future generation of neo nazis in the heart of free europe this latest incident has once again shown how divided the lobby in society is about its past and while the people here are still trying to determine whether these men were right or wrong many still agree that bringing real weapons to three year old was a major offense at least from a moral point of view. of ski r.t. reporting from riga in latvia. still ahead this hour face flop disgruntled facebook investors who snatched up company shares in record time now filing a lawsuit alleging floatation fraud. and getting for reelection why
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a movie of osama bin laden's killing is the new vote capturing weapon for president obama's marketing machine. but first iran says it won't curb its nuclear program unless it sees some sanctions drop by the west both sides are struggling to reach consensus at talks in baghdad over tehran's nuclear ambitions after no diplomacy for more than a year western envoys offered iran much needed aircraft maintenance and nuclear safety cooperation in return for terror on halting high grade whatever nuclear enrichment iran offered u.n. inspectors visits to a military complex suspected of carrying out a nuclear test but the west refused to budge over an imminent new sanctions that will hit the oil exports the country's main source of income promises more restrictions will make it milled on its nuclear program which it says is only for energy and research political analyst chris bambery from the international socialist group expects iran to hold firm. iran is of course virtually surrounded by american bases not just american presence in afghanistan so they're ratcheting
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up the military pressure in there oh it's associated as well with the tensions over syria and as we were hearing that in lebanon so there is a. game going on here which is a very dangerous game many people who would not support khamenei the supreme ruler would take a position on this because it's an issue of national pride and i don't really think the west understand just how far that goal is and how deep the record of people's memory and understanding of western western involvement in iran is which stalks resentment of the west treating iran is of a somewhat older child and refusing to accept the repeated promises and statements that this is a peaceful nuclear program the military buildup in the gulf is particularly dangerous for those who recall at the end of the one thousand eight hundred iran war the americans intervened on the side of iran iraq when they were seemed to be winning the war and shot down and really in civilian airliner with over two hundred eighty date the ragin up of military tension plus the sanctions creates
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a dangerous situation but america and the european union on the road to simply embargo all iranian oil the chinese the indians and the italians that can pick up the slack here. turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe as conflict in syria raises a new u.n. report claims both government and opposition forces are still committing gross human rights violations most of the blame is being pinned on damascus the rebels are accused of executing prisoners and kidnapping civilians for profit amnesty international's lashed out at the u.n. security council for being too slow to act on syria calling it quote increasingly unfit for purpose the world bodies dispassion observer mission to the country where it's thought around ten thousand people have been killed since march of last year. a u.s. drone strikes killed ten suspected militants in northwest pakistan officials say two missiles hit an insurgent hideout in the north waziristan tribal area it's the
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second strike there in twenty four hours at least four people were killed wednesday the mission took place despite calls by pakistan for all drone strikes to halt on its territory. a military prosecutor is demanding the death penalty for ousted tunisian president ben ali over his alleged role in the deaths of protesters in the towns where the arab spring began the attorney also wants maximum penalties for all those convicted over the deaths that ellie's already serving sixty six years in jail for corruption torture and other crimes more than three hundred people died and many others wounded during the tunisian uprising. french president francois hollande has told the press that he may boycott the euro two thousand and twelve championship in ukraine over the case of the country's former prime minister yulia timoshenko he says he loves soccer but the affair of to mission to go who is in jail for abuse of power could prevent him from attending several other you leaders including germany's angela merkel voiced the possibility
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of boycotting next month's tournament. is the case against her is politically motivated and says she suffered abuse well behind bars. when stead of jetting off for his honeymoon newlywed facebook founder mark zuckerberg is fighting to remain the darling of the tech bubble the billionaire his company and a group of major banks are being sued by disgruntled shareholders who invested in the world's most hotly anticipated flotation last friday our correspondent guy has more from washington. a group of investors as launched a class action suit against facebook and several banks now the u.s. securities and exchange commission as well as the financial industry regulatory authority are also looking into a possible fraud on the first day of facebook stock sales last week investors say they lost billions of dollars because the banks which prepared the initial offering price beefed up the price knowing that facebook's latest performance report showed
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we can grow so the claim is that a select group of participants in this i.p.o. which includes facebook itself and investment banks like morgan stanley j.p. morgan and goldman sachs drummed up invest the sport over the social network stock in the run up to the i.p.o. put a price tag on it of thirty eight dollars per share while withholding information from the public about facebook's weakening growth you to facebook's expansion on mobile devices which means that they get to sell less ads those are the allegations needless to say that the shares plunged in the coming days that now stabilize that around thirty two dollars those who lost are those who bought as the initial offering price price put forward by morgan stanley j.p. morgan and goldman sachs as it happens on wall street somebody made a killing certainly not the small investors who believed the assessment of those companies it looks like it's going to be a long process the law here is tricky as to what could or could not be considered as withholding information but many are sure that the excellent lawyers of those
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banks will certainly find a way out of this after all of those banks namely morgan stanley j.p. morgan and goldman sachs pulled off much more complicated schemes the ones that led to the financial crises of two thousand and eight when they played around with mortgage backed securities not only did the crisis hit the u.s. economy but it affected the whole world and nobody was prosecuted for any of that so the facebook i.p.o. was probably like a walk in the park for them analyst. several reasons why corporations can get away with a lot on wall street one of them is the complexity of the operations going on the insiders understand what's really going on and the public can be easily duped and another one the government is not very eager to regulate them potential analysts margaret bogan relief says that facebook's flotation flop won't damage the company but the flows should open investors' eyes. there are pricing issues what we're
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seeing from you know kind of the release of documents and people speaking is what these insiders did is they priced the fee for stock into different weight they said retail for thirty people like you would pay forty dollars a share given the information that that has been released from facebook but inside or institutional investors will only pay thirty two dollars a share and that is arguably where that thirty dollar a share price came probably spoke with actually pretty upset given the you know delay in the nasdaq launching given the technical glitch and i don't necessarily think that that's related to the entire trading but i do think that if anything it's just showing that there's competition between these exchanges i always thought it was a little overpriced i think it's just one of those things that you know everybody knows what facebook gave i think there is that the in doubt you there i think at some point you know social media is going to learn how to monetize you know all the eyeballs that are hitting it every single day i don't think that this is going to
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destroy the company but i do think that we're going to see kind of a pop in both the i.p.o. bubble and just the tech bubble generally stay with us here on r t still ahead this hour a verse brain drain find out why some of america's most promising entrepreneurs could be migrating back to the same countries their parents left years before. the first the european union wants greece to stay in the club but only if it sticks to previous commitments meaning austerity the gloomy future of the single currency was the main topic during an informal new summit in brussels wednesday each euro zone state reportedly developing an individual back up plan if the so-called greek exit does happen france's president to launder urged a shift in strategy from austerity to growth something germany is reluctant to agree on a compromise is being sought ahead of a second greek election in june which could decide the country's faith in the euro john laughlin from me institute of democracy in co-op. he sees trying to force the
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greeks to accept austerity regardless. i think that on the one hand the warning that contingency plans should be made is a realistic one because i think that there is a very dangerous very great danger that the euro or a very great probability that the euro will break up but even though i am a long term critic of the euro in the euro project my view remains that the european political class will do anything and i mean anything to keep it together in other words i think that this a call to set up contingency plans is in fact brinkmanship the european political class by issuing this warning is trying to make it clear to greek voters that they have to choose the euro and they have to choose the austerity program the elections are going to be elections or at least unless there's a military coup in greece which by the way i don't rule out or some other kind of coup elections will obviously decide it the strange thing is that is that the leader of the new left party the man who emerged really is the effective winner of
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the original poll and who may well be able to form a majority on june the seventeenth he says he wants to keep his country in the euro but of course he doesn't want the austerity plan now if he were to be elected and to really go on the austerity plan as he's promised to do then i have to say i think the game would then probably be on the rug would be pulled on the so-called bailout plan and presumably there would be some kind of collapse in greece some kind of default. barack obama's taking his campaign for reelection to the movies a film is in production about what he considers a key achievement of his first term it's a reconstruction of osama bin laden's capture and killing in hollywood getting access to some top secret info to ramp up the authenticity journalist josh gerstein says the white house p.r. department is working at full tilt. it is reason really puzzling you may remember there was a big burst to publish that he had day or two after the seal team raid that killed osama bin laden and then all of a sudden at least publicly the administration put the brakes on and said look
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there's been too much talk about this it's getting out of hand no more information should be put out we're troubled by what's come out already well it turns out behind the scenes they continue to meet with these hollywood filmmakers and to give them at least some sort of pretty interesting special access not just to the decision makers involved but even to some of the secret places that the cia used to get ready for this raid they were just so eager to get this story out because they thought it was such a beneficial story for president obama triumphant president to do it you know killed bin ladin something that his predecessor had not been able to do so there's no question this is a very politically potent story so whenever you hear about secret deals being made to give certain people information in a way that might not benefit the public narrative you do have to wonder if there's some political motivation here piling on the news the u.s. frozen job market debt worries are stopping the country of some of its young high flying entrepreneurs fierce competition from fast growing economies are seeing the
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children of many u.s. immigrants tempted by better employment options in the countries their parents left behind artie's marina porton i reports. karen asia is an american citizen pursuing his professional dream in a country his parents abandoned decades ago the twenty six year old relocated to one of the world's fastest emerging economies seeking the success and security that america just couldn't offer i thought that in india there was more scope to actually break through and do something that was revolutionary rather than just full of the trends the berkeley graduate has launched a health care business in new delhi providing medical services to people of all ages and asia isn't just an entrepreneur he's the face of a growing migration trend which shows highly skilled children of u.s. immigrants moving to less developed lands abroad for a better quality of life if you look at developing countries india especially. there's a very different type of entrepreneur that comes out here there's things that are
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tangible that you can see being fixed and i think that's one of the reasons why people are coming out here there's a different opportunity here you can do something and actually see the fruit of your labor today's u.s. labor market currently offers only one job for every eight applicants. while youth unemployment remains above sixteen percent my parents i always tell them like you know like any kind of security you think you have is completely false because anything could happen and you could lose everything armed with a degree in environmental geography and public policy. hasn't been able to land a secure job since two thousand and eight when i started applying and i just wasn't getting any response i was completely like at a loss i don't know what to do the twenty seven year old will soon be relocating to india where she plans to launch an environmental nonprofit organisation for sustainable living she says the american dream her immigrant parents chased three decades ago has become something of a nightmare one of my main reasons for. not wanting to live here is if i start
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a family so i don't want my kids to deal with what i had. deal with in terms of like going to school paying one hundred sixty thousand dollars for an education that didn't really get me anywhere and you know god knows how much it's going to cost you know in the future rapid accidents of enterprising americans may cost the country its economic supremacy and competitive muscle if skilled innovators are chasing brighter futures outside their borders many experts say the land of opportunity stands to become the land of last labor i can assure you from countless talks i've had with big business leaders you in new york. the most large companies that are multinational corporations or referring to the united states these. quote sure economy that's a polite way of saying no growth anymore over the decades india was dreamed of its
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best and brightest as millions fled for a more lucrative life in america today's trend may see that brain drain in reverse . new york. city joins us now with a market update from the business desk so the u.s. markets are open are they following these european games but they were in the first sort of half an hour or so both the dow jones on the nasdaq a recently just get into red territory actually but also surprised since it and we've had some encouraging to messick news coming out including the jobless claims falling by two thousand and added to that zero point two percent rise in orders for durable goods in april so that was all helping to boost some of the end zone but they have quite a bit of a society the dow jones dissed dipping both flock to negative at this hour so we'll see if they can come up trumps in the next hour about want to mention facebook as well because we've been following at now it is climbing about two percent down now
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it's in the early trades now if it does finish on a high that will be for a second consecutive day but it still remains about fourteen percent below the i.p.o. price so for that one for you let's go to europe and see if the momentum is in full swing out in favor of the footsie and the dax all still keeping a firm grip on those gains well as balkan's to be had today they're being snapped up in the banking and the energy sector is not softer songs that we had yesterday but we also had a strong downbeat data as well so they're really demonstrating their resilience so all of that we had private sector output for the eurozone as a whole contrasting german manufacturing in may so as you can see a resilience on screen futures that i. now if greece does believe. it could make russia's economy two point one percent in the first year how the top plan to specify its research team said the so-called great sit will also heat inflation's almost seven cents from the current five percent because europe is responsible for
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a haul for us is that schools mostly energy which is also going to drop in price so with that in mind that check out the boston market is a very big got about ten minutes or so to change their fortunes and it looks like they're going to finish up on a high today which is a relief to yesterday's rather not that woman go up they also has one point six percent to my six i have a two percent impulsive territory they're predicting help to roll by those higher oil prices ok let's see now take out those stocks and see how that service all down around eight tenths of a percent lower prices are taking that selfie with the company's first quarter net profit decreasing a boy eighteen percent oh michael ross now after that is high that's on high oil prices as much as i set out to finish as i have a t.v. set up that i just says it's price of making a deal with turkish company is going to bontoc strength i can now moving almost say . now this is an interesting man rushes highly anticipated privatization program
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may soon start with the energy sector doesn't it who she is calling for energy says you have to be so between twenty thirty and twenty fifty doesn't have to gas in seventy five percent of all major ross nash a more than ten percent of gastro as well as stakes in a seventy other energy companies putin says the state is considering selling the us . but only if there is a dramatic improvement in market conditions which is exchange rates and see that we've got the euro dollar just have a society down a lot of pressure on the traders favor of power want twenty five seventy one so it's really staying near that july two thousand and ten. region for that car is close also look at the ruble as you can see that is indeed losing against the dollar and the year i was also told those four prices continuing to climb off the alarm bells already breaking here across yesterday when they were dropping considerably i can't that small case now thanks i'll have the closing figures fully
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brushwood markets oh hold on i'm going to fight china how could i possibly forget they swap now china is rolling out reforms to the two local banks compete with giants like goldman sachs but also have the time for so that we got it all right we'll look for more about that in the next hour even she said ok let's talk business news as always coming right absolutely c in the next hour well in a few minutes the impact of u.s. foreign policy on its whole economy after an update on our top stories stay with us .
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lines in russia would be soon which brightened if you knew about someone from phones to impression so. these friends don't on t.v. dot com. first.


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