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tv   [untitled]    May 24, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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egyptians vote for a second day but they're still in the dark over what powers the ruling military will brand their new president and whether the winner will respect the people's revolution plus. this is a grenade if you pull this line just like a party popper at christmas live here is a nursery nightmare as nazi sympathizers are film showing off the real world weapons in a lesson to kindergartners. iran's nuclear talks resume but progress proves allusive as tehran says it won't curb its activities without the west reducing sanctions. and in business the rossum markets finished up on a high today that prices climbed and the european markets bounced back to meet
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about twenty minutes time out in the distance that's at. seven pm in moscow i'm mad as a good to have you with us here on r t our top story day to end the final day of voting under way in egypt to fill the presidential seat left vacant since hosni mubarak was forced from power more than a year ago thirteen candidates vying for the top job but without a new constitution in effect it's not clear how much power the new leader will have or the military is even ready to relinquish any as artie's paullus leader reports from cairo. election fever has gripped egypt with a record number of voter turnout expected in these the first properly contested presidential elections in the post mubarak period i'm standing at one of the schools which has been transformed into a voting station and although there is
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a large number of people arriving here to cast their ballot they numbers have been drawn by the number of security personnel one hundred and fifty thousand troops have been deployed with regular and military police patrolling the streets and also the entrances to these voting stations now this comes on the back of growing concern that the military will not from a true to its would to hand over power once a new president is announced the other concerns also the role that these lamas will play in defining egypt's future and here interesting enough the islamists have not feed as well in these elections as they did in the parliamentary elections several months ago and this is partly because of poor management of the parliament and also because these moms went back home they would not to field a candidate for these presidential elections but by and large most teachers do believe that these polls will be fair and this is despite reports of some election irregularities we're looking at some fourteen thousand judges who have been
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deployed and just under fourteen thousand polling stations now the voting will continue until late tuesday with the counting expected to finish sometime saturday or sunday at this stage though it seems highly unlikely that any of the candidates will receive a fifty percent majority which means that they will need to be a runoff come the middle of next month with a final announcement expected on the twenty first of june in terms of who egypt's in express didn't it will be that president will have his hands full he will need to deal with the rampant corruption poverty and unemployment here r t cairo. got a firsthand account now from cairo based journalist now activist some a fozzy so how's the boat going right now and what's the general mood at the polling stations across cairo. actually it's quite positive. who would like to celebrate this important moment in the furthest
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competitive because eventually elections we have as you mentioned in the report we have certainty in the candidates. as a true competitor as is the genuine competitors in this election of course five but that is that i would pick. we do expect that we get the second but on the election . yes of the. a large number of people but it's a bit of the election but we do expect is that this afternoon the number of voters will definitively increase as the deadline is approaching now some activists have been claiming there's no candidate who represents the ideals of the revolution do you think that's the case and if not why are they saying this. there are some kind of this actually presenting that evolution but the egyptians themselves have a different evaluation of the concept of evolution it's of. some commentators
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actually don't consider the islamists this as an evolutionary power in this society since they left the who just quit i'm still if that evolution a few months is a lot of the good they look to the problem and. consider the evolutionary powers as made to look at the top of the security checks and say to business this is not true actually but if you look at some. of the candidates you'll find that. one is the second is was this lemming but does interviews themselves as a candidates of illusions and also other kind of the. old of the gene and. to islamist as themselves and to the deuce. themselves as a part of that evolution and they would like to fulfill that main goals and the
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objectives of the pollution now speaking of the two past regime candidates there are two who are a mubarak's former aides now running against each other as amr move and he's calling out to pull out of the race now why this disagreement when they essentially represent the same era and power elite of egypt. we have we have to acknowledge that both both of them have a strong following in egyptian society to loves extent. after one year of that evolution most of the egyptians or at least i love the numbers or a segment of egyptians. feelings of society is. is. facing insecurity unemployment to some some economic and security companies and there's a link to overcome and the older generation important he could consider the electing good people who have experience with the state operators who have experience with
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the how to manage situation in egyptian society is pitted for the whole estate at this moment now how are people taking the fact that they're voting for a president who's powers are essentially yet to be defined by a constitution which hasn't even been written yet. this is one of the main problem actually when when we. could have a constitution should be for this. most of the egyptians have voted for that we have to get elected parliament for this and then we can drive the constitution but currently most of the people say if we have a president who. would have a constitutional responsibility clear the. constitutional responsibilities that can make a conflict between different political factions and between the parliament and then you president since both of them would be responsible for the new kind of situation
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and that is a conflict of interest of the both of them would like to maximize their power and some people and some analysts this is peak if islamists lose. the presidential presidential seat they may favor to a parliamentarian system rather than a presidential system so leaving leaving is a matter of the constitution until we get a new president. it's a quite good it is and last question i have for you and briefly because we're running out of time the military has had a very strong influence in egypt for decades mubarak came from the military himself do you think it gyptian really expect the generals to pull back from politics when there's about concludes. actually it's quite clear that both of this. over both through the prisoner then the ones once
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he gets elected but in terms of security through in terms of what was that word so you can only situation i think is that the military would we feel a considerable amount of influence in this it's the safety even of the hundred over the bow all right thank you very much for your insight journalist and activist some a fozzy joining us from cairo. remember we have the world at your fingertips at our tea dot com here's what's a click away right now the details of the u.s. is the new weapon in the fight against al qaeda propaganda which is more i ben g.i. . meet the real life batman who jumped out of a plane without a parachute and landed in the record books here he goes. into the record books he goes the free fall footage on line at our team dot com.
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a lot of b. in kindergarten has been dragged into a dispute over teaching tyranny after its toddlers were given in a lesson by nazi sympathizers including getting hands on with real weapons first some it's a vital schooling about the country's history but as artie's alexei or ships ports the fear is of nursery age indoctrination. this was described as a lesson of patcher it isn't in a kindergarten in riga. was. in fact the man who wore the uniform of lot of us as sas legion which fought on the nazi german side in the second world war one of the outfits even boasts the notorious thunder like symbol moreover they let the three year olds play with real nazi weapons. this
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is a grenade if you pull this buying just like a party popper at christmas. despite nazi symbols being outlawed in law to be along with soviet emblems no legal consequences have followed so far the owner of this kindergarten who is also a right wing nationalist party member sees nothing wrong. but the most expensive is a history in no way to tell our children who the legion is will we see in this kindergarten and i will decide how will teach our children how we will make them proud of their country and its warriors but the incident has sent shock waves across the land this woman asked us to hide her face peering nationalists could abuse her after the interview she says her family will now have to consider her four year old daughter's future education little teen with normal it some thinkable things like that must never happen close to children and i'm strongly against it i'm scared if things like that become frequent i'll have to take my daughter from
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the kindergarten and keep her. in the head of a lot of his anti nazi movement says the incident is not a one off such lessons he claims occur on the regular basis in schools national wide. they usually happen on sixteenth of march known as the country's legion day when former assets fighters marched the streets of riga along with right wing politicians and here with support is similar gatherings happen and you only in another baltic state with a difficult history as. a parliament. i remember speaking at the european parliament trying to convince. the country now i have to change the action of some movements naziism group stronger here would be. the horrors of naziism and easily fooled into this propaganda since gaining independence the baltic states have been vocally critical of the soviet period of their history calling it an occupation those who fought against the u.s.s.r.
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are called freedom fighters by some here even despite the fact they were allied with a genocidal nazi regime the most murderous in history what concerns many here now is that such lessons of in the long run will not teach history but simply breed a future generation of neo nazis in the heart of free europe this latest incident has once again shown how divided the lobby in society is about its past and while the people here are still trying to determine whether these men were right or wrong many still agree that bringing real weapons to three year olds was a major offense at least from a moral point of view. reporting from in la. stay with us here on r.t. still ahead this hour face flop describing facebook investors snatched up the company's shares in record time now filing a lawsuit alleging floatation fraud bus getting for reelection why a movie of osama bin laden's killing is the new vocabulary weapon that president
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obama is banking on or his reelection. but first iran says it won't curb its nuclear program unless it sees some sanctions drop by the west both sides are struggling to reach consensus talks in baghdad over nuclear ambitions after no diplomacy for more than a year western envoys offered iran much needed aircraft maintenance and nuclear safety cooperation in return for a higher grade nuclear enrichment iran offered u.n. inspectors a visit to a military complex. suspected of carrying out a nuclear test the west refused to budge or emitted new sanctions that were. the country's main source of income iran says more restrictions won't make it yield on its nuclear program which it says is for only for energy and research political analyst chris bambery from the international socialist group expects iran to hold for iran is of course virtually surrounded by american bases not just american presence in afghanistan so they're ratcheting up the military pressure in
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there oh it's associated with the tensions over syria and as we were hearing that in lebanon so there is a little being going on here which is a very dangerous game many people who would not support khamenei the supreme ruler would take a position on this because it's an issue of national pride and i don't really think the west understand just how far that goes and how deep the record of people's memory and understanding of western western involvement in iran is which stalks resentment of the west treating iran somewhat child and refusing to accept the repeated promises and statements that this is a peaceful nuclear program the military buildup in the gulf is particularly dangerous for those who recall at the end of the one thousand nine hundred iran war the americans intervened on the side of iran iraq when they would seem to be losing the war and shot down really in civilian airliners over two hundred eighty days the rationing up of military tension sanctions creates
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a dangerous situation but america and the european union on the road to simply iranian oil the chinese the indians and the italians that can pick up the slack here. turning now to some other stories making headlines across the globe as a conflict in syria raises the un report claims both government and opposition forces are still committing gross human rights violations most of the blame is pinned on damascus the rebels are accused of executing prisoners and kidnapping civilians for profit amnesty international slammed the un security council for being to slow to act on syria calling it increasingly unfit for purpose the world body is dispatching observer mission to the country where it's estimated around ten thousand people have been killed there since march of last year. more than five hundred students have been arrested overnight in canada in the latest protest in quebec over higher university tuition fees rallies have been going on for more than
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one hundred days now quebec's provincial government law speech passed emergency legislation in an attempt to end canada's most sustained student demonstrations ever but the move is only further in a rage protestors leading to violent clashes with police and hundreds of arrests throughout the week. u.s. drone strike has killed tens of specked of militants in northwest pakistan officials say two missiles hit an insurgent hideout in the north was erased and tribal area it's the second strike there in twenty four hours at least four people were killed wednesday the mission took place despite calls by pakistan for all drone strikes on its territory to stop the. french president francois hollande has told the press he may boycott euro two thousand and twelve tragedy and chipping ukraine over the case of the country's former prime minister yulia timoshenko he said he loves football but the affair of timoshenko who is in jail for abuse of power could keep him from attending several other leaders including germany's angela merkel have voiced the possibility of boycotting next month's
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tournament claims the case against her is politically motivated and says she suffered abuse while in prison. one set of jetting off on his honeymoon newlywed facebook founder mark zuckerberg is fighting to remain the darling of the tech industry the billionaire his company to group of major banks are being sued by disgruntled shareholders who invested the world's most anticipated flotation last friday. and has more from washington. a group of investors as launched a class action suit against facebook and several banks now the u.s. securities and exchange commission as well as the financial industry regulatory authority are also looking into a possible fraud on the first day of facebook stock sales last week investors say they lost billions of dollars because the banks which prepared the national offering price beefed up the price knowing that facebook's latest performance report showed we can grow so the claim is that
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a select group of participants in this i.p.o. which includes facebook itself and investment banks like morgan stanley j.p. morgan and goldman sachs drummed up invest the sport over the social network stock in the run up to the i.p.o. put a price tag on it of thirty eight dollars per share while withholding information from the public about facebook's weakening growth you to facebook's expansion on mobile devices which means that they get to sell less ads those are the allegations needless to say that the shares plunged in the coming days that now stabilize that around thirty two dollars those who lost are those who bought as the initial offering price price put forward by morgan stanley j.p. morgan and goldman sachs as it happens on wall street somebody made a killing certainly not the small investors who believed the assessment of those companies it looks like it's going to be a long process the law here is tricky as to what could or could not be considered as withholding information but many are sure that the excellent lawyers of those
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banks will certainly find a way out of this after all of those banks namely morgan stanley j.p. morgan and goldman sachs pulled off much more complicated schemes the ones that led to the financial crises of two thousand and eight when they played around with mortgage backed securities not only did the crisis hit the u.s. economy but it affected the whole world and nobody was prosecuted for any of that so the facebook i.p.o. was probably like a walk in the park for them and released. several reasons why corporations can get away with a lot on wall street one of them is the complexity of the operations when only insiders understand what's really going on and the public can be easily duped and another one the government is not very eager to regulate them. financial analysts margaret bogan recess facebook's flotation flop won't damage the company but the thought should open investors eyes there are two pricing issues what we're seeing from you know kind of the release of documents and people speaking is what these
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insiders did is they priced the fee for stock into different ways they said retail for thirty people like you and me would pay forty dollars a share given the information that that has been released from facebook insider or institutional investors will only pay thirty two dollars a share and that is arguably where that three dollar a share price came probably spoke with actually pretty upset given you know delay in the nasdaq watching it in the technical glitch and i don't necessarily think that that's related to the entire trading but i do think that if anything it's just showing that there's competition between these exchanges i always thought it was a little over fright i think it's just one of those things that you know everybody knows what facebook is i think there is this into our you there i think at some point you know social media is going to learn how to monetize you know all the eyeball that are getting it every single day i don't think that this is going to destroy the company but i do think that we're going to see kind of
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a pop in you know what will in just a tech bubble generally. proc obama's taking his campaign for reelection to the movies films in the works about what he considers a key achievement of his first term it's a reconstruction of osama bin laden's capture and killing and hollywood's getting access to some top secret information to wrap up the authenticity journalist josh gerstein says it appears the white house p.r. department is working at full tilt. it is recent really puzzling you may remember there was a big burst to publish that he a day or two after the seal team raid that killed osama bin laden and then all of a sudden at least publicly the administration put the brakes on and said look there's been too much talk about this it's getting out of hand no more information should be put out we're troubled by what's come out already well it turns out behind the scenes they continue to meet with these hollywood filmmakers and to give them at least some sort of pretty interesting special access not just to the
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decision makers involved but even to some of the secret places that the cia used to get ready for this raid they were just so eager to get this story out because they thought it was such a beneficial story for president obama triumphant president to do it you know killed bin ladin something that his predecessor had not been able to do so there's no question this is a very politically potent story so whenever you hear about secret deals being made to give certain people information in a way that might not benefit the public narrative you do have to wonder if there's some political motivation here. katie joins us now for a look at the markets from the business desk so the u.s. markets are up and running how does everything look there absolutely well it was kind of a bit of a buzz all stock because i was up high and they then went down and now we're looking at gains about the dow jones and the nasdaq but there's been a plethora of news releases coming out today that may what is probably a jobless claims falling by two thousand added to that we also have a no point two percent rise in all of us to durable goods and on as well and that
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is all happening to these demands and stateside that that just a basis points now the dow jones about a quarter of a percent as i say they why in red territory about thirty minutes the guys that managed to climb back up one of those i want to allow mention face because well because it's now gaining for a second consecutive day but so fourteen percent of the i.p.o. price but i also want to mention here in a package as well because there. to the top guy and today they're rallying for his friends now they have posted better than the estimated profit results but also they're planning to drop twenty seven thousand jobs so much of the people working for that company that's a bit of a blow but as far as the company is concerned it's the top guy you know i kind of movies always see how the european markets are fair and then edging towards the end of that trading day and it's all about dog and hunters today there's nothing out there is cheaper stocks off to we had a slump yesterday said banking and he said it is already being taken on
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a lot so helping to offset about to downbeat data that we had we had private sector output as a whole decline and we had germany including him as well as in the footsie on the coast posting gains in the last kind of hours trying to think companies now ok moving on we're going to talk about greece now it greece does exit the euro zone it could make russia's economy contract by two point one percent in the first kid took the despair by its research team says the so-called great sit will also heat inflated so by seven from the current five percent that's because europe is responsible for all forces that sports mostly energy which is also going to drop in price so with all that in mind we're going to have a look at those russian markets and see that it is those are the closing figures so it was healthy guys who were the all of them i said it's up to the myself as you can see just as to let's see who the biggest gain is on the my six the biggest blue chip eight most i say we have the seven cells that last around a bit below are global so prices are really taking their toll on the company with
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the company's first quarter net profit decreasing by eighteen says stuff like those they had a three and a half percent of gains today linda says it is close to making a deal with a top bank as well as a rough draft as well maybe two percent of the positive territory really helped along by those higher oil prices on staying with the russian markets as much as highly anticipated privatized they should program may soon start with the energy set up. doesn't have to say it is called the energy says i am by ross you have to guess to be so between twenty thirteen and twenty fifteen first you have to guess and seventy five percent of all major works now i'm over ten percent of gas problems as were the stakes in a seventy other energy companies purchase says the state is considering selling. only if there is a dramatic improvement in market conditions. and moving on to see how the ruble finished up today is how it looks against the bars prices dropped against the
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dollar and the common currency in talk about the euro dollar is gaining just a fraction but all eyes are focused on the trade as favorite i want twenty five eighty five it's below that psychological level of say a loss a level one of us to say hi what's happening right now ok let's have a good day for prices and we can see that the russian market is really getting some support from them when they are indeed gaining but they still were my yearly allies that yes there was a light sweet dropped below ninety dollars about the russian markets just. as a result so let's have a talk about china and something different china is rolling out reforms you know to local banks to compete with giants like goldman sachs domestic brokerages which are now trading stocks will be able to expand in futures and derivatives on top of that brokerages will be able to take on twice as much debt it relates to their net. came out so that small case i'll be back in about fifteen minutes all right thanks gary we can look forward to that for that update or in a few minutes more on business matters that are coming twist to report coming your
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way after the headlines stay with us.
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wealthy british style. that's what i'm trying to find. markets why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cons or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our.


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