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tv   [untitled]    May 27, 2012 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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you know the four year media projects free video down to r.t. dot com. canada so over a new law banning un sanction protests as the government grows desperate to end months of relentless student demonstrations. un observers in syria pointed human rights violations from both the regime and the rebels saying that peace plan is crumbling but in neighboring lebanon the shock waves of the on the rest are being felt for a second week running. and in egypt see the country torn between an islamist candidate and a former mubarak official the first round of the race to the presidency sparking fears the country could fall on the hardliners who. this is ati's weekly news of iran kerry johnston welcome to the program. and you
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quebec last seen as a government attempt to once and for all end ongoing student protests has renewed fury among canadians this week off from stopping demonstrations clashes are intensifying thousands more joining in to give on the repeal critics say the bill for beds any large protest peaceful or otherwise without riot police approval and even association of university teachers describe the north as a terrible act often mass repression to suppress dissent. promised to show that these that this nation into the what inspired this. bill was seventy eight which is well that's itself and its goal is to convert everything down it was established by the provincial government but in canada we have we have a charter and one of the articles in the charter is the right to protest peacefully and people. protesters now are saying is that certain provisions of this new law
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are and cringing on the freedom to protest peacefully so people are in fact even retaliate even stronger one of the most extremist groups has publicly said it is completely going to do you thought i knew bill is going to go against it it's going to continue protesting so it's going to be quite an interesting scene of events here we really don't know what's going to happen really until the until the government sits down with the student organization sits down to talk what kind of as a southern neighbor the u.s. also witnessed on rest of its own this week at a nato summit in chicago then national leaders met to discuss the miniature nonces future as riot police beat back thousands of protesters just a few hundred meters away a correspondent was there. but. she
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called the under siege to be the last couple of days have seen oceans of protesters thousands marching under a blistering sun to vent their anger at the military alliance who are opposed to know because the regime. this rally fronted by iraq an afghan war vets feeling betrayed by the system rolled away their medals and after a minute of silence for those who perished in westwood wars. all hell breaks loose . like the chaos but tons of people shoved and dragged police thrown onto their knees bleeding faces right. one officer stabbed dozens of protesters arrested someday used these men made peace or this conduct that they engaged in today unbecoming of the dignity that is demanded of them by their station hundreds and hundreds of police not just in riot gear but military armor
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with guns and but tongs that they willingly deploy on people. a day earlier a smaller but louder march also took to the streets it's an ad capital is large i'm sure everyone here hopes to start a revolution they're calling it the chicago spring like the arab spring. signs ripped off crowds clashed with police but times and police bikes used to block off the crowds with more blood in the chaos. he dove or million dollars spent on new gear for chicago police a war breaks out with outraged americans fighting for change at home while the u.s. president is busy hosting the summit and the future of warfare abroad and stacy churkin r.t.e. chicago there in. your activists have found it significant that this hostility. wards nater right to the heart of the u.s. very fact that so many thousands of people and now from all across the country here
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is just war machine responsible for violence around the world from drone attacks to . wanting to attack that war in afghanistan libya syria threats from iran and yet they are calling the demonstrators violent they have spent weeks and weeks and weeks such aerating the media here while completely inaccurate fabricated stories about how the demonstrators are violent they would not have done art if they did not feel enormously that right here in me and wow there is a denunciation of nato war and. are you watching our roundup of today's and the week's top stories here on r.t. so ahead for you in the program the well's economy wobbles on its axis leaders and economists warn of catastrophe for greece and these the usa is present thank you mr t. factions their pitch to the greek people. and
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tear on his top nuclear official defends the discovery in iran of bringing the rich to levels sustain the situation pretty bad into technical glitch that. tanks and heavy machine guns have been used to pound the western syrian town of un observers say more than ninety people have been killed by government forces soon officials say the attack was aimed at stopping terrorists talking to police in the region this week a un report accused both the regime and the rebels of gross human rights violations free syrian army is refusing to abide by the peace plan unless the u.n. security council ensures civilian safety. has called for an agent and two other friends of syria group james to remove present i sat and said to be from your position and see sarah ferguson has been covering events in syria it sounds like things has to go on the back burner when people are losing their lives daily. it's
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just absolutely devastating tragedy emanations number those people confirmed killed the children there is no ceasefire to oversee it simply doesn't exist this crisis that was just becoming increasingly militarized and having this devastatingly high death toll and so we actually spoke to the foreign minister in syria he's in moscow just the other day i often read the final responsibility lies what's happening in the country right now the ball is not in the court of the syrian government or the syrian people it is in the court of those who do not want to see peace and stability and security in serbia particularly those who are calling and declaring every now and then for arming the armed groups for. smuggling of arms and weapons into the syrian territory from neighboring countries and also financing be used on the groups there is
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a proverb that says when you accuse others and the point your finger is accusing others just remember. argues. against you see the rhetoric right from the beginning of the u.n. monitors being there has been now before the plans even reached it's three months and that it's a failure well ok but it's one thing to use this terminology what is what's the alternative to constantly getting these problems without any other solution is only going to lead to further violence and you think you know some of the western countries again continuing right through this peace plan calling for the arming of the opposition we know the answer traveling into the country all of this is undermining massively the u.n. attempts to implement a cease fire which is so important that you know that they're able to continue that work and get that done and i think it's very important. you know politics aside
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human cost of this conflict is devastating and if the u.n. mission that is going to get into. the security council guaranteeing civilian protection that is not going to even attempt to abide by this this is five to one out there in fact you can see the full interview with the syrian deputy foreign minister in about fifteen minutes time here in r.t. . before out from the conflict in syria is being felt in neighboring lebanon street violence has been shaking the capital beirut for a second week running the rest started following disputes between sunni opponents of president assad's regime and it's on a white supporters auntie's roof and spoke to locals who fear the beginnings of a new civil war. and overnight of street protests in beirut. it was sparked when thirteen lebanese pilgrims were kidnapped in syria apparently by
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groups linked to the syrian rebels the lebanese capital witnessed what it hadn't seen in years. between sunni and shia muslims this is at least what i see in a lot. the reason the spillover from the chaos in neighboring syria shia muslims here generally support syria's president assad while most sunni's favor the rebels likewise lebanon's ruling calling led by the powerful share hezbollah is process while the opposition backs the uprising situation is getting worse obviously in the region and this is having a spillover effect here in lebanon and where we're having to cope with the consequences of that there's also internal tension that's increasing there's a large flow of refugees and there's a lot of instability all around us. some though believe the problems in lebanon antone down to the crisis in syria local observers like spanish journalist thomas
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i'll call vettel says they are a symptom of a deep divide that's long bubbled under the surface but there's no she does there were many unresolved issues after the nine hundred seventy five nine hundred ninety seven war like religious division the authorities didn't sort it out and now they're discovering it again and they kept the situation of instability for many years you know and that's a good ground for a new conflict like a spark in a powder keg get out of order and the bad news is the resplendent of power during the cag for the recent history of warfare hand makes sure that and means the political and religious refits i remain more dangerous bowler more the thought of my libyan or not there are so many factions now sunni or shia. what's really bad everybody has weapons not only hezbollah as they may think but everybody in every house and they use them or thought about the shia and sunni neighborhoods exist side by side in central beirut in the recent years it's been a stable peaceful arrangement but this syria in fact means here has now groups them
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feel very turn into a deadly bloody past which residents here desperately hope to avoid but that doing you nothing that has nothing to do the way out of politics or what's happening in the region at the moment this is the thing is settled. against violence in lebanon yes some people. get paid for it. and how much is seventy remembers all the major conflicts more than lebanon has come true as a chilling feel cast about the latest trouble. what i see no reminds me of the. two thousand and six israeli wars and the nine hundred seventy five civil war and the two thousand and eight political uprising here i didn't think i'd witnessed yet another conflict in my life. it seems a worse case scenario could be getting more and more like this neighborhood in beirut where the violence started is now in a static meaning new road many fear this road may lead the country to
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a civil war. beirut lebanon. based on a list on a shabby told r.t. that al qaeda and some western powers have extended their ambitions for regime change from syria to lebanon there are some serious internal divisions not necessarily about who supports us against us and it's more and there are divisions between a group that is the sad how did a group of what's called the fourteenth march group that wants to overthrow the government because the government has taken a position a neutral position on the situation in syria these islamic fundamentalist groups some of them are affiliated to the movement or they are supporters of openly i mean no one can deny that and at the same time the united states and the west impossible for them which is really very close to. a political party that. interviewed many of these people and they have openly supported the
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movement. but just a few minutes here are three lessons in hate footage from that very feels right wing nationalists dressed in nazi uniforms using machine guns as if you raids for young children. early election results mean egypt will see a muslim brotherhood candidate in a runoff against an ex prime minister of the mubarak era it comes amid u.s. complaints of ballot violations in the country's first presidential election since the uprising but as a party supporter slayer found out that regardless of the outcome he gyp's future could be bleak. it's a result that stunned many and has the potential to split the country into an islamist candidate pitted against a member of the former regime mohamed morsi is the choice of the powerful muslim brotherhood well as much afic was the last prime minister to serve under hosni mubarak egyptians and now have to choose one or the other for the country's top job
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and no one is happy. mohammed morsi. because he has become. so become to that of the revolution to make sure we get rid of the remnants of the regime and prevent the country from moving backwards but the muslim brotherhood is tainted by the same accusation and critics fear the group will stay in egypt away from democracy into hardline islamic rule already the brotherhood controls more than half the seats in the new egyptian parliament and they repealed among poor communities gives them the edge which is why those who took to tell his square last year are worried i'm sure of the martyrs who are alive they would think that this is all it is just no one chances for elections they wanted to free them now years and monthly massacring that takes place when people prove that you don't even have the right to be listened in a big square how can be resupplied how we stand how last but of which are fixed wrong showing also threatens to undo everything mariam and her friends fought for shafiq is deeply hated by many egyptians and was pelted with stones and shoes when
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he went to vote but for that that affair revolutionaries would be able to field a single compelling candidate in the country's first post-war buried presidential elections. to meet. change quickly. among. some of the. subtleties. but many egyptians expected the moneys to be replaced by moderates like imo most are the secular list a vice a former member of mubarak's regime and abdomen. name a book for a look book form a brotherhood member adding to their woes egyptians also fear the military that's been ruling the country for the past fifteen months won't stick to its promise to hand over power and instead will continue to pull the strings even if from a form mr noir the dr has signed a far believes would have unthinkable consequences i mean the thing has to be
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executed and then they thought would be very very. and there would be a matter of bloodshed and i think the room is very much aware of this it's very likely egyptians will vote in any islamist president marking one of the most dramatic political turnarounds in history after all it wasn't that long ago that the muslim brotherhood was outlawed and it's members imprisoned now it's mubarak in the dock and the brotherhood almost in the presidency but there's been nothing about this election that's been predictable and until in new constitution is approved it's still not clear what powers the new president will have but whoever wins his hands will be full of problems here run deep and economic and political frustrations are not that far from spilling over into different protests seriously r t cairo. a former israeli ambassador to egypt lebanon these an islamist leader would drag the country deeper into crisis. we have still a lot of time in two and
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a half weeks until the second round we might see offers counteroffers deals statements the collaboration's whatever the basic line is that who of this talk contender is going to win if is going to. do on who was the prime minister the during a time of i think that he only did the kid more for the domestic affairs and then the mistake problems because there are huge only the muslim brotherhood is going to join forces with hamas in gaza and definitely he will support publicly overtly. the palestinian issue and this might put israel and egypt on a track of and pleasant statements between two capitals but as more few on our website at r.t. dot com including plans for schools in texas to track the students every move by getting them to carry microchips id cards. or from the russian grannies
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that only missed out on the european victory last night hundred twenty five million people watch sweden take the top prize. greek public sentiment is once again split with pro and anti austerity factions neck and neck ahead of next month's parliamentary elections it seems party supporting further cuts are gaining ground they say that threats to abandon austerity are tantamount to flirting with catastrophe whereas artie's peter all of the reports this time the e.u. isn't leaving anything to chance. should they stay or should they go germany's angela merkel is adamant if you mind is that for my part i would like to say that i think we agree we want greece to remain in the euro zone we know that it's the same for a majority of greek people. but it seems plans are being drawn up in case those hopes fail the german bundesbank says the situation in greece is extremely worrying but
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isn't predicting the demise of the single currency should the greeks quit the euro a view certainly not shared by all if it would happen if it would become reality then we are really in a mess and it means automatically that this will spill a domino effect all over europe because then we have also a question of moral hazard for example if you overdo it you pull out of the euro zone and every problem is nowhere then the others will also begin to start ok it's a very nice solution for us we all sort of adepts for so fast it's easier to pull out of europe or to go ireland i did here and also spend a notable in fact year zero skeptics feel that drastic german government action may be needed if europe's dominant economy is to avoid being swamped in the economic mire which is so called corrects it or greek exit could cause it's not just here in
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germany that a post greek eurozone is being discussed finance ministers from all member states have been drawing up contingency plans to try and determine how a greek exit would affect their economies european leaders continue to throw their support behind greek single currency membership the country's rerun elections next month the rapidly looking like a referendum on the euro in everything but name france's socialist president speaking after the informal brussels summit looked like a man trying to woo the greek electorate with rather softer talk than austerity. it was mentioned that we would be using the structural fund to support the growth efforts of greece as well so that the greek voters can be confident about support will come after june the seventeenth. so as the future of greece in the euro zone enters what could be its final act top e.u. figures say it's all down to its people let's wait for the people of greece to have
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their say on the seventeenth of june and we will not let ourselves be derailed by those who want to promote speculative scenarios let's wait at the wheel of the greek people it's a wait and see time but with deep resistance in greece towards austerity there's no clear outcome in sight for this crisis these are all other r.t. . all traces of high level enrich the uranium found at a site in iran but due to a technical error according to tehran's envoy to the un's nuclear watchdog experts say the particles discovered by international spector's an underground facility are still far from what's needed to create a nuclear device in the same tehran's version is possible whether the revelation that plays into the hands of those convinced that iran is seeking nuclear weapons this week's two day summit in baghdad failed to put the nuclear issue to bed tehran rejected a new package proposed by the u.n.
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security council members and germany saying it makes too many demands are offering in turn wildness see the country risk solutions both sides are far from reaching a compromise. you know i look at iran and the west as sort of like mars vs venus they want completely different things even if the west was inclined to ease the sanctions that are proposed for july they can't simply turn off the spigot and that's exactly what iran wants in the west i think what the west and israel are looking for is something which iran is simply not going to give them they're looking for a complete cessation of enrichment they're looking for a reversal of the process that has gone on for more than a decade now i just don't see how this is going to happen fortunately there's plenty of oil in the world markets and those nations that need to find alternative sources of oil are likely to be able to do so and those nations that have become
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accustomed to working with the iranian central bank will find other ways to do business with iran if that's what they need to do the history of this net a kindergarten in latvia turned into a nazi wartime weaponry display by two got the nationalists the young moody and sware oblivious to the situation the actions certainly caused outrage among parents . this was described as a lesson of patcher it is in a kindergarten in riga. was. the fact that the man wore the uniform of lot of us as sas legion which fought on the nazi german side in the second world war one of the outfits even boasts the notorious thunder like symbol moreover they let the three year olds play with real nazi weapons this is a grinning police ring and buying just like a party popper during christmas despite nazi symbols being outlawed in law to be
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along with soviet emblems no legal consequences have followed so far the owner of this kindergarten who is also a right wing nationalist party member sees nothing wrong. history and no way to tell our children who the legionnaires were we see in this kindergarten and i will decide how will teach our children our we will make them proud of their country and its warning it won't get it but the incident has sent shock waves across the land this woman asked us to hide her face fearing nationalists could abuse her after the interview she says her family will now have to consider her four year old daughter's future education little teen with normal it some think about things like that must never happen close to children and i'm strongly against it i'm scared if things like that become frequent i'll have to take my daughter from the kindergarten and keep her. the head of a lot of his anti nazi movement says the incident is not a one off such lessons he claims occur on
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a regular basis in schools nash and wide. they usually happen on sixteenth of march known as the country's legion day when former assets fighters marched the streets of riga along with right wing politicians and human support is similar gatherings happen am usually in another baltic state with a difficult history a stone. a parliament. i remember speaking at the european parliament trying to convince deputies that lafayette is a nazi free country now i have to admit a great change due to the action of some movement naziism girl stronger here so would you really don't understand the horrors of naziism and easily fall into this propaganda. since gaining independence the baltic states have been vocally critical of the soviet period of their history calling it an occupation those who fought against the u.s.s.r. are called freedom fighters by some here even despite the fact they were allied with a genocidal nazi regime the most murderous in history what concerns many here now
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is that such lessons of in the long run will not teach history but simply breed a future generation of neo nazis in the heart of free europe this latest incident has once again shown how divided the lobby in society is about its past and while the people here are still trying to determine whether these men were right or wrong many still agree that bringing real weapons go three year old was a major offense at least from a moral point of view. reporting from a reader in la. well coming up next hour u.s. military training comes into focus some claim america is on a crusade against the islamic world you kreutz being told to embrace it until recently propaganda. on the topic for all nations of europe have been finalizing their team sheets ahead of the naming your own twenty twelve tournament in a series of friendly warning that in all sports but it's in the best twenty minutes
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time i started back with the headlines. my parents really truly honestly believe that what had happened was as a result of my father's exposure to agent orange i was born with multiple problems
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. i was missing my leg and my fingers and my big toe on my right foot i use my hands a lot in my artwork i find myself drawing my hands quite a bit to me for my hands you know just as if anyone would. but they do tell a story they tell us story of. oxen.


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