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tv   [untitled]    May 27, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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these are the images. from the streets of canada. for asians rule today. ten thousand canadians rally against a new law banning and sanction protests as the government grows desperate to end months of relentless student demonstrations. you want observers in syria pointed human rights violations from both the regime and the rebels saying that peace plans crumbling well in neighboring lebanon the shock waves of unrest are being felt for a second week running. in egypt early results in the country torn between and islamism candidate and a former mubarak official in the first round of the race of the presidency sparking fears the country could fall under a hardline rule. three
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pm in moscow why mattress and bring you today's top stories in a look back at the week's news a new quebec law seen as a government attempt to finally end ongoing student protests has renewed fury among canadians this week the bill forbids any large protest peaceful or otherwise without prior police approval but far from halting the demonstrations class clashes are intensifying with thousands more joining in to demand that the act be repealed or he's got a report from montreal. it's hard to gauge exactly how many people there are on the streets of montreal but those are thousands of people closer to people banging on their pots and pans expressing anger over what they see as her cunny and measures undertaken by the government to suppress people's right to freedom of assembly and freedom of expression the government of a good because adopted a new law just last week which makes it feel legal to assemble without authorities
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permission and require the precise roadmap of any more chore demonstration planned with the use of they came up with the race this response to that requirement and as you can see that is the map of montreal such offensive response is also provoked by the police action against the protesters last week a day after the law was passed they rounded up and arrested over seven hundred people in just one day it was by all accounts that we've heard of very peaceful protests but it was huge according to various reports the number of people marching on the streets of montreal reached a portrait of a million at some point even many of those who didn't care about to wish an hikes and complained about traffic even though they joined the ranks of protesters you see people from all age groups out there forty year old older people all kinds of people almost everyone who witnessed these massive protests say the canadian media are downplaying widespread is that in the police brutality because they say the
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media are controlled by the government and by those who support the government. you could see how the movement has evolved over the last three months or so it actually in february when it started those are just the students of came back versus the government ok back and those were generally very peaceful gatherings but the police feedback has been overwhelmingly oppressive and if that wasn't enough the government passed this and typo test a lot which is that ok clearing out the protest actually fanned the flames of the movement making it so much bigger than just the student uprising. acadian association of university teachers was among those condemning the law calling it a terrible act of mass repression to suppress dissent kenyan journalist michel boyer says the law will do nothing but further but inspire for the rest below seventy eight which is what that's it's felt and its goal is to calm everything
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down it was established by the provincial government but in canada we have a we have a charter and one of the articles in the charter is the right to protest peacefully and people and protesters now are saying is that certain provisions of this new law are and cringing on the freedom to protest peacefully so people are in fact even the retaliate even stronger we really don't know what's going to happen really until the until the government sits down with the student organization since down to talk. canada's southern neighbor of the u.s. also saw an arrest of its own this week at a nato summit in chicago their national leaders met to discuss the military alliances future as riot police beat back thousands of protesters just a few hundred meters away our correspondent on a stasia churkin reports. she called them under siege. three the last couple of days have seen oceans of
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protesters thousands marching under a blistering sun to vent their anger at the military alliance parables to nato making. this rally fronted by iraq an afghan war vets feeling betrayed by the system growing their little. after a minute of silence for those who perished in the west led wars. all hell breaks loose. like chaos but tons of people shoved and dragged police thrown onto their knees bleeding faces right here one officer stabbed dozens of protesters arrested someday these men made peace or this conduct that they engaged in today unbecoming of the dignity that is demanded of them by their station hundreds and hundreds of police not just in riot gear but military armor
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with guns and but tons that they willingly deploying on people. didn't really or a smaller but louder march also took to the streets it's an ad capital. i'm sure everyone here hopes to start a revolution they're calling it the chicago spring like the arab spring. signs ripped off crowds clashed with police but times and police bikes used to block off the crowds with more blood in the chaos. he drove a million dollars spent on new gear for chicago police were greeks out with no. reached americans fighting for change while the u.s. president is busy hosting the summit and the future of work there. and this is your r.t.e. chicago. you're watching our top stories in a week in review still ahead in the program the world economy wobbles on its axis leaders and economists warn of catastrophe if greece leaves the eurozone as pro and anti austerity factions make their pitch to the greek people plus. tehran's top
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nuclear official defends the discovery in iran of enriched uranium to worrying levels insisting the situation came about because of a technical glitch more details ahead. but first tanks and heavy machine guns were used to power in the western syrian town of houla where more they knew where un observers say more than ninety people were killed by government forces syrian officials say the attack was aimed at stopping terrorist targeting police in the region this weekend un report accuse both the regime and the rebels of gross human rights violations the free syrian army refusing to abide by the peace plan unless the u.n. security council can ensure a civilian safety france has called for an urgent meeting of the friends of syria group which aims to remove president assad and is said to be funding the opposition author and commentator william engdahl says the fact that atrocities on the opposition's part have been acknowledged and using the brake regime change planes on the like. on the significance of the new un report is that for the first time
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it's a knowledge that there is atrocities on the side of the so-called opposition the rebel groups of the jihad us and so forth al-qaeda and the muslim brotherhood forces that are trying to create regime change so to that extent i think it's a step forward that it's not simply a one sided genocide by the assad regime washington is playing a double game on syria i think they are trying at this point damage control they failed massively in the operation that the had thought they would succeed in about a year ago the momentum of this so-called arab spring has screeched to a halt. it's really turned into a sunni versus shia. kind of war throughout the muslim world and washington has backed off of the libya style regime change operation in syria it's time to just let the syrians sort out for themselves what they want for a government in their country party sarah firth's but with syria's deputy foreign
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minister he says it's up to the opposition and its foreign supporters to make the first step towards enacting a peace plan full interview in the next hour here's a preview. but actually it is the very strong desire and determination of the syrian government from the very beginning to put an end to violence. is not to look forward to a survey of the government or the sort of people who two zero or two of those who do not want to see peace and stability and security in serbia particularly those who are coolly and declare the every now and then for arming these groups for. smuggling of arms and weapons into the city in total from neighboring countries is. fallout from the conflict in syria is being felt in neighboring lebanon street
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violence has been shaking the capital beirut for a second week running the arrest started after disputes between sunni opponents of the assad regime and its alawite supporters artie's marie if a notion of spoke with locals fearing the beginnings of a new civil war. and all the street protests in beirut. it was sparked when thirteen lebanese pilgrims were kidnapped in syria apparently by groups linked to the syrian rebels the lebanese capital witnessed what it hadn't seen in years and who i am not about here but we're moving to a real war between sunni and shia muslims and this is at least what i see in the last day. the reason the spillover from the chaos in neighboring syria shia muslims here generally support syria's president assad while most sunni's favor the rebels likewise lebanon's ruling calling led by the powerful share hezbollah is process while the opposition backs the uprising the situation is
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getting worse obviously in the region and this is having a spillover effect here in lebanon and where we're having to cope with the consequences of that there's also internal tension that's increasing there's a large flow of refugees and there's a lot of instability all around us. some though believe the problems in lebanon and tony down to the crisis in syria local observers like spanish journalist thomas alcove editor says they are a symptom of a deep divide that's long bubbled under the surface but there's no she does there were many unresolved issues after the one nine hundred seventy five nine hundred ninety seven war like religious division in the authorities didn't sort it out and now they're discovering it again and they kept the situation of instability for many years and that's a good ground for a new conflict like a spark in a powder keg get out of order and the bad news is always plenty of power in the cag for how the recent history of warfare hand makes sure that and means the political and religious rifts i remain more dangerous dollar more liberal no there are so
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many factions now sunni or shia. what's really bad everybody has weapons not only has belarus they may think but everybody in every house and they were thought about the shia and sunni neighborhoods exist side by side in central beirut and recent. it's been a staple peaceful and enjoyment but the spirit in fact means here has now greeks them feel very turned to deadly bloody past which residents here desperately hope to avoid but doing is nothing that is nothing to do with politics so what's happening in their meeting at the moment this is what they musical against violence in lebanon this summer the payroll and the people in the would be a whole lot of pain but this is still happening and how much is seventy he remembers all the major conflicts more than lebanon has come through as a chilling full cost of all to make to struggle sure there are you back what i see no reminds me of the ninety two in two thousand and six israeli wars and the one
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nine hundred seventy five civil war and the two thousand and eight political uprising here i didn't think i'd witnessed yet another conflict in my life. but it seems a worse case scenario would be getting more and more likely this neighborhood in beirut where the violence started is known as the to consist d.d. meaning new roads many fear this road may lead the country to civil war. beirut lebanon will stay with us here on r.t. still to come a doubts over whether london's ready to host the olympics some fear the city's transport system may buckle under the massive number of visitors traveling to the games. but first early election results mean egypt will see a muslim brotherhood candidate in iran off against a former prime minister from the mubarak era this image numerous complaints of ballot violations of the country's first presidential election since the uprising because our policy reports regardless of the outcome many egyptians feel bleak
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about their country's future. it's a result that stunned many and has the potential to split the country into an islamist candidate pitted against a member of the former regime mohamed morsi is the choice of the powerful muslim brotherhood well as much afic was the last prime minister to serve under hosni mubarak egyptians and now have to choose one or the other for the country's top job and no one is happy. mohammed morsi. because he has become. so we can do that of the revolution should we get rid of the remnants of the regime and prevent the country from moving backwards but the muslim brotherhood is tainted by the same accusation and critics fear the group will stay egypt away from democracy into hardline islamic rule already the brotherhood controls more than half the seats in the new egyptian parliament and there are people among poor communities gives them the edge which is why those who took to tell his square last
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year are worried i'm sure of the martyrs who are alive they would think that this is all it is just no one chances for elections they wanted to free them now years and monthly massacring that takes place when people throw those who don't even have the right to be listened in a big square how can be released where we stand how last but of which a fixed strong showing also threatens to undo everything mariam and her friends fought for shafiq is deeply hated by many egyptians and was pelted with stones and shoes when he went to vote but for that the fear revolutionaries would be able to field a single compelling candidate in the country's first post mubarak presidential elections . to meet. not change. among. some. but many egyptians expected the monies to be replaced by moderates like i'm almost certain
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the secular list a vice a former member of mubarak's regime and of don't want. bushel tools form a brotherhood member adding to their woes egyptians also fear the military that's been ruling the country for the past fifteen months won't stick to its promise to hand over power and instead will continue to pull the strings even if from a farm a scenario that dr hassan to fall believes would have unthinkable consequences i really think has to be excluded and then they be very very right and there will be on the thought of bloodshed and i think the time is very much aware of this it's very likely egyptians will vote in any islamist president marking one of the most dramatic political turnarounds in history after all it wasn't that long ago that the muslim brotherhood was outlawed and it's members imprisoned now it's mubarak in the dock and the brotherhood almost in the presidency but there's been nothing about the cynics and that's been predictable and until in new constitution is approved it's still not clear what powers the new president will have but whoever
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wins his hands will be full problems here run deep and economic and political frustrations are not that far from spilling over into different protests what is the reality kyra. traces of high level enriched uranium found at a site in iran were due to a technical error according to iran's envoy to the u.n. nuclear watchdog experts say the particles discovered by international inspectors an underground facility are still far from what's needed to create a nuclear device analysts say tehran's version is plausible but the revolution plays into the hands of those convinced that iran is seeking nuclear weapons and weeks today's summit in baghdad failed to put the nuclear issue to bed tehran rejected new package proposed by u.n. security council members in germany saying it makes too many demands will offer him too little in return daniel wagner c.e.o. of country risk solutions thinks both sides are far from a compromise. you know i look at iran and the west as sort of like mars vs venus
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they want completely different things even if the west was inclined to ease the sanctions that are proposed for july they can't simply turn off the spigot and that's exactly what iran wants in the west i think what the west and israel are looking for is something which iran is simply not going to give them they're looking for a complete cessation of enrichment they're looking for a reversal of the process that has gone on for more than a decade now i just don't see how this is going to happen fortunately there's plenty of oil in the world markets and those nations that need to find alternative sources of oil are likely to be able to do so and those nations that have become accustomed to working with the iranian central bank will find other ways to do business with iran if that's what they need to do greek public sentiment once again split with pro and anti austerity factions neck and neck ahead of next month's parliamentary elections it seems parties supporting further cuts are gaining ground
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and they say that threats to a bad an austerity are tantamount to flirting with catastrophe artie's peter all over reports that this time the e.u. is a leaving anything to chance. should they stay or should they go germany's angela merkel is adamant too if you mind is that for my part i would like to say that i think we agree we want greece to remain in the euro zone we know that it's the same for a majority of greek people. but it seems plans are being drawn up in case those hopes fail the german bundesbank says the situation in greece is extremely worrying but isn't predicting the demise of the single currency should the greeks quit the euro a view certainly not shared by all if it would happen if it would become reality then we are really in a mess and it means automatically that this will spill a domino effect of all of europe because then we have also the question of moral
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hazard for example if you overdo it you pull out of the euro zone and every problem is solved nowhere then the others will also begin to start ok it's a very nice solution for us we all sort of adepts for so fast it's easier to pull out of europe or to go i alone i did you know and also spain and italy in fact year zero skeptics feel that drastic german government action may be needed if europe's dominant economy is to avoid being swamped in the economic mire which so called corrects it or greek exit could cause it's not just here in germany that a post greek eurozone is being discussed finance ministers from all member states have been drawing up contingency plans to try and determine how a greek exit would affect their economies european leaders continue to throw their support behind greek single currency membership the country's rerun elections next month the rapidly looking like a referendum on the euro and everything but name france's socialist president
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speaking after the informal brussels summit looked like a man trying to woo the greek electorate with rather softer talk than a sturdy. if. it was mentioned that we would be using the structural fund to support the growth efforts of greece as well so that the greek voters can be confident just want support will come after june the seventeenth. so is the future of greece in the eurozone and is what could be its final act talk the biggest say it's all down to its people let's wait for the people of greece to have their say on the seventeenth of june and we will not let ourselves be derailed by those who want to promote speculative scenarios let's wait i do will of the greek people but it's a wait and see time but with deep resistance in greece towards austerity there's no clear outcome in sight for this crisis these are all other r.t.
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. green creditors notably the i.m.f. an e.u. have also made it clear they're not going to lighten the austerity load for greece but james mean way from the new economics foundation of think tank says that's precisely the wrong move as austerity is deepening the crisis. if you draw a weak economy europe is collection of weak economies if you drive a weak economy into greater and greater austerity you don't make the economy stronger you make it we can still be said to see the short term impacts already i mean if you take the the social impacts in greece it's catastrophic even greece used to have one of the lowest suicide rates in europe suicide rates they have risen by forty percent over the last year and you can see the social impact from one end of the continent to the other but it's the long term economic impact starsky of libya there are no realistic prospects for recovery inside you are certainly inside the or as i think as long as austerity is in place i suspect what will happen is that you'll start seeing creasing. or deadlock at the center of your
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would no clear agreement of what exactly should be done next remember there's always more on our website r.t. dot com including this time plans for schools in texas to track students every move by giving them microchip i.d. cards plus. more from the russian grannies who placed second at euro vision two thousand and twelve last night is one hundred twenty five million people watch and sweden claimed the top prize. this week sub prime minister dmitry medvedev appointed as the leader of the united russia party the country's main political force he promised a major overhaul of the top saying he plans to remove people who discredit the party this after some significant changes were made in the russian government as president vladimir putin unveiled his new team of ministers despite some familiar faces remaining more than two thirds of the cabinet are new appointments political commentator sergei stroke and says putin's team can rise to the political challenge from my point of view of this is the moves dramatic cabinet reshuffle the deck eat and what matters is not only the number of the new faces which is really amazing
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can you imagine three quarters of you faces but that qualitative change is that there was a moment i'll cry with all of the presumed late appointment of the cabinet and more added to the confusion to the story that didn't didn't go through as you know. so what we see to be is that really the system often blame is these are working it is quite effective it might be criticised it might be ridiculed by someone but still it is able just to meet all those threats and challenges which are fazed by the russian london in the homestretch for the olympics but there could be one insurmountable final hurdle for visitors some fear the country's transport system won't be able to handle the huge number of spectators as artie's over bennett explains. welcome to britain where you'll be greeted by queues longer than many flights to get here the maximum wait for passport checks at london's heathrow airport should be forty five minutes but these passengers were stuck for up to two
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and a half hours last month as britain's busiest airport seized up why because it rained says the government there are huge problems with the transport infrastructure in london as anybody who has visited the city will realize we are basically running on a kind of nine hundred fifty s. infrastructure in terms of airports railways the metro system three million journeys a day are enough to make even a normal service grind to a halt on london's famous underground never mind the gap it severe delays and impromptu line closures that are notorious here and with a surge of fifteen million journeys on the busiest days of the olympics it's no wonder even transport officials admit you'll be better off on foot this is waterloo station one of london's busiest and a limb pick transport hotspots in fact is expected to be so congested here during the olympics that people are already being handed maps like these telling them how
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to avoid stations like this one and advising them to walk to work during the olympics because it'll be quicker than taking a team the advertising may be light hearted but walking to work is no laughing matter for most commuters especially when that's what over six billion pounds of investment gets you will not hide behind the fact that the network's going to be busy and that's why we keep the big question shabelle guidance and advice so they can avoid it and the brakes are on the buses to this london icon may not be seen at all this summer drivers are threatening to strike because they're london's only transport workers not in line for a limb pick bonus pay without them it'll leave another six million. in passengers to squeeze on to the tube if london's buses do come to a standstill because of strike action our members will be forced into this city will be gridlocked nothing will move people won't get to the guy just the athletes
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the journalists the coaches and the spec tight says won't even get anywhere near that limping with barely two months left much of london twenty twelve is on the home straight but in getting from a to b. there are still plenty of hurdles ahead either bennett. london and still to come here on our t.v. lessons in haiti footage from last year deals right wing nationalist dressed in nazi uniforms using machine guns as visual aids and teaching young children coming up in the next out. to stay with us here on r.t. i'll be back with an update of the week's top stories in a couple of minutes. the .
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world through the. science technology innovation all the moves developments from around russia we've got the few jerks covered.
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the. line in motion would be so much brighter if you knew about someone from phones to impressions. from stunts on t.v. don't come. more news today violence has once again flared up. these are the images called world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule the day.


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