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it's eight thirty in moscow you're watching our teeth here's a recap of the headlines the un decries a groucho massacre of one hundred eight men women and children in syria as details of the a grisly deaths caused some rebels accuse ations of government involvement. lebanese arms traffickers able love their business just syrian rebels for have to profit and that's lots of spiritual satisfaction. and leaders of the occupy we've been gathered together on julian assange his interview show as he challenges their philosophy of worldwide change. next hour we've got an interview with serbia's
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newly elected president of thomas love me college he spoke to r.t. about the road ahead he envisions for his country facing an economic crisis and striving for e.u. membership coming up next. mr president thank you very much for giving your time for this interview international media see you as a nationalist and right wing however you based your election campaign on good relations with the european union. that is those they are absolutely right i am a nationalist but i'm a democrat as well and as far as european values go we will respect them because of our constitution the constitution the cost to meet certain i wrote together i respect it sincerely i'd like to bring order to serbia the way that germany is organized probably a lot of time will pass until the western press accept me and treats me fairly as
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for many years they've written about me negatively now it's difficult to change that but after achieving victory in unacceptable conditions during an incredibly dirty media campaign it's more probable that the media will change their opinion too moreover i showed that i want to be the president of all the citizens of serbia i've resigned the position as head of the party that i founded only three years ago and i took it to the top of the serbian political scene i left it as if it was a child when now my objective is to make serbia a developed and successful country and for that i need the support of all citizens as not only members of the progressive party of serbia. aunt euphrasia support if you are traditional value to save your european stone but their voices at the store i'm not afraid because europe is a very attractive partner for serbia and our country should meet almost all the conditions that the e.u. imposes this process should stop only if they ask us to renounce part of our territory i'm referring to kosovo and the talk here until now i've been open and
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sincere with the citizens of serbia and i'm going to continue cooperating with the people at the moment they impose such conditions i told people immediately i think that's why i won't give my popularity you know in our country the dismissal of a president is almost impossible nevertheless my term will last five years only if the citizens allow it if they no longer want to see me in this position i will walk away right now i'm convinced that the politics that i've been representing are the only good politics for serbia. in your first statement after the elections you said that salvia will not turn away from the european path and at the same time you've promised to hold a referendum on whether citizens will have to decide if they want to join the e.u. or not we keep this promise. business of the order so that the referendum is going to happen we agreed with the democrats that when all the conditions are fulfilled for serbia's entry to the e.u. we will go to the papers with the question do you want to be in the e.u.
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and they will decide that's how they did it in croatia only a few months ago but only after they had fulfilled all the conditions and when the e.u. had accepted coalitions then they organized the referendum i think it's necessary to cooperate with citizens a lot more than in the past but that doesn't mean that i'm resigned to the european way my only fear is that they'll impose conditions that i personally wouldn't accept but probably the citizens would say that's fulfill it too because we want to be in the e.u. i won with fifty percent of votes and i know that the other half didn't support my ideas that's why i believe that i should ask them to get it to these. and so send them to it and i know when serbia is in a difficult economic situation when the country's unemployment rate exceeds twenty four percent on the other side europe also has its problems and it's becoming poorer day by day so you why do so still want to become members of the here aren't you afraid that the greek scenario could be repeated in your country not to go to
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queerness you know greece is another thing greece is a member of the e.u. which was spending more money than it could afford because then one day it came out that it didn't have anything left over it took advantage of these years which is not a state but a union of states the trust one another one of those serbia is far behind any of the senior member countries who have had a meeting with the foreign affairs minister of slovakia who told me with much concern that unemployment in his country is ten percent i told him that we almost reach twenty five percent and that our debt by the end of the year will probably surpass sixty five percent of g.d.p. which would be a catastrophe for the state or most likely it's not the debt load but the g.d.p. i state that is too low there's that serbia should go on trying to form part of the e.u. which means much more than simply belonging to a union over a well organized judicial system with human rights for. them of expression of the struggle against organized crime of the bribery and corruption of those minority rights all these are achievements of the e.u. will serbia enter the e.u. i don't know first of all they have
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a crisis of expansion today it's clear that we will be in during the next ten years at the same time they have the existential crisis the euro is a currency that's turning weaker by the day on the other hand it's a big question how long is germany going to help members of the union that's to say how long should german taxpayer support the countries in crisis i promise to guide serbia to a path where no one could say that we don't want to enter the e.u. but the truth is that the world is a lot bigger is a bit my victory is a victory of the ideology of both the e.u. and russia are not the e.u. or russia. doesn't or that that's interesting you don't see that serbia will have to seize between the e.u. and russia you think it's possible to keep the right balance between them. you have a whole other level i'd prefer not to have to make the choice that i'd like serbia to be a home with two doors one to the west and the other to the east you know serbia simply belongs to the east as well as to the west we have a traditional and deep relationship with russia not only in terms of origin but
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also in religion what's that history customs language that we have complimentary industries that if we've had exceptional economic relations since the second world war unfortunately we ruined our industry with senseless privatisation which led to people losing their jobs never the less we have the education we have the will the power and natural resources to collaborate once again with the russian federation at a much higher level since two thousand serbia has moved away from russia until two thousand and eight when russia signed with serbia and energy israel's allowing our country to breathe more easily now we're already talking about the construction of south string of large investments in hydro and gas power stations we should have done it earlier because the e.u. shouldn't think that it's our unique partner because this way it could impose really harsh conditions for the country should maintain its sovereignty and also have partners in other places and we shouldn't forget about the brics countries or the arab and african world that cooperate very well with serbia so when we open the
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doors of serbia to the world we do so for a prosperous future that's why i'll never choose between russia and the e.u. i know where my heart is and everybody in serbia knows that but i also think that we can be a good bridge between europe and russia and the best partner of russia in the e.u. but at the level of the. it seems like serbia is always having to meet conditions to become e.u. mendis the other candidates have to join nato what if they want to join a team. to. go to serbia will never enter nato as this is the will of the majority of the serbian people and the e.u. will never impose this condition because serbia doesn't have any reason to enter i don't see any sense in its existence but if nato become. as an organization which together with the collective security treaty organization would fight against organized crime of the world then we would have participated in serbia is a small country surrounded by nato members there is no one serbia would start
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a war with we don't need nato to defend us we are militarily neutral and it will stay like that forever are you ready to maintain a dialogue with pristina and with its leader touchy just as they were at the purport of this that i'm ready for dialogue but not with hashem tattoo because there are suspicions that he committed crimes against the serbian able he cannot negotiate until the investigation his case finishes but i will speak with other representatives will there after the bombing of serbia in one thousand nine hundred nine we left nato in the territory of culture of only we gave them civil and military power but we have our administration for communities in northern kosovo and the e.u. has asked us to abolish the serbian institutions we responded that we cannot do that because we have a university there are hospitals schools and colleges i just follow the constitution and in serbia the president is its guarantor our constitution says that kosovo and metohija are part of serbia that it is with both of. those that do you believe that it is possible to divide casa de in this case what would happen to
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the serbs living on the territory acquired by the albanians not to serve southers you're good at this moment and from the point of view of the constitutional it's not possible and one of the citizens of serbia say yes in a referendum i don't know but the syrians who live outside these four communities as north depend on pristina k. four will make a new lazies the international society especially the united nations should guarantee its absolute security and serbia should guarantee a good life and that's something that serbia avoided a bit and i will do my best over the serbs in kosovo can live from their work without waiting for assistance and depending on the institutions of pristina you know because this would start the indirect recognition of loss of those independence of the us it appeared was that they were the booze. so. all the cities in russia as well. very often that the hague tribunal is uncertain so do you plan to continue the cooperation with the chinese be you know initiated by the democrats
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. i've been the team leader who defended voice live show and i struggled against carla del ponte a for many years even personally in strasbourg we had a very difficult conversation in the presence of many parliamentarians of the european council the hague tribunal will exist until the situation in the world changes and people have been convicted their people are dying that but the tribunals has the support of all countries and so far no one has launched a process to stop it anyway it will be closed soon because there are only a few process you're left with and it will close in a fairly negative way for the global justice system as the former president of serbia died in the hague of course the presidents of croatia and bosnia have not been convicted yet it is discrimination of the serbian people began long ago and today nothing has changed in segregation continues to the obviously it's not fair but the serbian government adopted a more wrong cooperation with the hague tribunal and we have to respect that lauren stand boys like we've enjoyed many injustices in this world that i. thank you
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you thank .
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my parents really truly honestly believe that what had happened was as a result of my father's exposure to agent orange i was born with multiple problems . i was missing my leg and my fingers and my big toe on my right foot i use my hands a lot in my artwork i find myself drawing my hands quite a bit to me for my hands you know just as if anyone would. but
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they do tell a story they tell us story of. the ox and. the news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day.
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the un decries a brutal massacre of one hundred eighty men women and children in syria as details of their grisly deaths caused rebels accusations of government involvement. lebanese army traffickers open up their business into syrian rebels will have to profit from the slice of spiritual satisfaction. and leaders of the occupy movement gather together and get in a songes interview show as he challenges their philosophy of world wide change. and now room on brings you the latest sports.
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well welcome to spore an artsy with beat rim on costs for of the headlines first. off and running the second major all the tennis season gets going at a longer ross with good news already former champions blahnik is missile russia. ready for lungs and the russian triathletes make but with him in madrid while the world series crown goes to britain's jonathan brownlee. and high octane scotland said sorry go for an easy claims his third career win at indianapolis five hundred following and nerve racking final lap. ten is first where it's so far so good force that lawmakers and it's all following they kick off of the second grand slam all of the year the russian easing past that mariano and lose each to advance into the second round at rolonda ross twenty six seed goes did so well finding a groove in the opening set hammering the crawl at six one the two thousand and
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nine champion not taking her foot off the gas in the second either being a six one six three victory. australian sam stosur also with an easy out saying on did say barely breaking a sweat against get out of touch on britain's highest ranked player though looking solid in the first set but still sort of helping ground through the adventure to secure the crash six four six love that's one hundred ten runner up now aiming to go one better this year on the red clay so the french open is underway at tournaments maria sharapova has never won it's also the only slam that's eluded the siberian native to date richard and portly now takes a look at her chances. this the title maria sharapova wants more than anything on a quiz that solves one it's as did not leave last year but the furthest a russian number one has ever gone says beset me finals she's moving at home on
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hard courts such as fees but it's claimed which is the twenty five year old's achilles heel however her fifth cup captain showed me a copy ships' says should i put her has every chance of completing our sets by winning all four slams when the game has really improved recently she had problems with her serve but she's managed to improve this after injury if she manages to maintain a first serve percentage of over seventy five she's got every chance of winning roland garros her results on the red clay have been encouraging this season she's already won two titles on the surface in stuttgart where she managed to overcome the current world number one victoria azarenka and also in rome. however a former champion at roland garros you can copy and go this you can see sharp over breaking her dark of the french open this year to be honest i don't she doesn't have. would say passion to win you know between the place we all know that the french open is the hardest major to win
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a. lot of energy and water for understanding how to be successful in the french over there. is no question there is a great example or a fellow darwin in the six times and i see him again or so and i would entitle. have a bit of a dart but i wish her the best i was for the first child will be determined to prove kathleen of wrong and she's russia's only real hope but i like to start on a course with salva and beatrice van are you over out of form because a. number of the russian women have been suffering from injuries and this is the greatest hindrance to any professional sports person because the russians could have prepared as they would have wanted to then i think there would have been a lot more russians who would have a chance of winning roland garros. the world number two will be looking to prove the doctors wrong the british open and if she can manage to win the tournament in just under two weeks' time peace will undoubtedly be the greatest triumph. but you
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don't see. and staying with tennis where in the men's draw juan martin del potro and joel fred tsonga are through to the second round and and erotic became the first big name to exit tournaments the first match in the men's draw so number nine seed juan martin del potro advancing to the second round but he lost the second set so i break before beating spain's albert months on us six to six seven six two six one. number five see joel fred some go ahead the home crowd worried when he virtually handed the first set six one so russia's on break was in itself however to his game and close their eyes and ultimately culpable one six six three six two six four when. while andy roddick fell at the first hurdle in a grand slam tournament for the first time since two thousand and seven after losing to another frenchman six three six three four six six two and that frenchman is of course make a lot more hope and american twenty six seed roddick has nobody to blame but
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himself. i feel like i'm not a motion outs and if you're not so it's tough to get much of much of a flow going you know we don't have much of a flow going in. lines and stuff to sporadic play you know it all adds up and you can't you can't fake it out here you know there's the tournaments in the world and you know it's tough to it's tough to lie out here. so formula one now where a bridge drive from mark webber saw the australian win in want to go on sunday the victory also marking the first time in the sport's history that six different racers how one the opening six races webber clearly finding them all to call the track to his liking having won there in swing states and claiming they saw him out following mikhail schumacher penalty red bull man of the train with with that six finishes right behind second was that nico rosberg and his mercedes while fernando
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alonso rounded off the podium disappointment again patrols russia's person ever at one driver retiring early on due to contact. the rain you know it was a friend or sit in the car coming across the encounter was telling you he was praying for rain it was good come on ryan run into it it's not easy go no no no i don't think it was like introducing me because the first go there was always tricky so amazing day for the team myself. so i'm really really happy to to want to get in here. and to stay with motor sports where scotland said zara zero frankie won the indianapolis five hundred for the third time in his career and fortune the turn of events for him and less so for takuma sato who crashed out in the final lap after a wheel to wheel battle saw the japanese driver spin hard into the wall the fourth time and defending series champions area frank easy claim his thirty first career
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women is now outside with sebastian board day and paul tracy on the all time victories list second place once a friend kitty's teammate scott dixon. was going to about twenty people was in there and tony was amazing really star in annexing tony's. it seemed if you're going to sit down. and it was really timing when you go to the front. car is going to be something that's going to run something to. school. it's a basketball were called friends finals have started as this sentence on a spurs held their nineteenth win in a row asked for a beating at the oklahoma city thunder one hundred one led to gates manu geno but he scored a play of heights when his six points and this first of the series lead and signed the n.b.a. record for the longest winning streak that's the two thousand and one los angeles lakers had on their way to the championship. let's get to the traffic in now were
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the u.k.'s jonathan brownlee made it sue wins out of following his latest triumph in the world triathlon series events in madrid brownlee's surged ahead to win by comfortable thirty eight second morgan over to russians at xander bridge on call and between one ounce keep the claim silver and bronze respects while first and second spots of the podium were decided early on the battle for tops and of course for more intense another russian ebon by syria got the wooden spoon by finishing fourth the madrid title remains in the brownie. money for the fourth consecutive year as johnson's brother add a third brownie had won its in two thousand and nine twenty eight ten and twenty eleven. so i want to get into your eyes you are threatening them with. somebody who isn't even a voice they're going to remember. and then every single time you do you know i'm
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not encouraging. you to do one hundred percent. to the lands of the rising sun now where russia settled for silver of the women's wrestling world cup in tokyo in the final the face the host of the servants and one of the most successful teams in the world japan to prove their global powerhouse status by winning five out of seven ballots against the russians third place went to china who defeated canada by the same scoreline five to. while it's the ends of the pep guardiola erode barcelona as the club celebrate friday's cup as all ray would have come to know the cats alonso thus incredibly notching their fourteenth trophy out of a possible nineteen during the ordeal this four year stint as manager that same will of course be aiming to keep that success rate going when assistant tito vilanova moves up the ranks to take over the top job this summer barcelona missed out on the league and champions league titles this season but had plenty of other
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consolation prizes it seems a record twenty six culpable ray was at the squads for sides all of the year and will go into the same trophy case as the club world called the european super cup and the spanish super cup. i'll be back with another obviates in just under a couple of hours meanwhile some of the stories seen here are also available on you tube at r.t. sports news thanks for watching. question is that so much i'm afraid we're going to make a lot of the play here yeah but me thinking the welfare state while attempting to save a struggling middle class are we reaching the point where society is ripped apart by socialist.
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wealthy british soil it's time to.
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