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tv   [untitled]    May 28, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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russia once again so only blaming the syrian government for the massacre in the town of houla saying rebel forces bet some of the responsibility for the deaths of more than one hundred civilians. as the syrian conflict drags on our team investigates weapons of trafficking from neighboring lebanon we legal arms dealers are driven by profit and fame. and russia's capacity lab identifies one of the world's most dangerous computer virus is used in cyber attacks across the middle east.
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online on screen this is r.t. live from central moscow twenty four hours a day m to bomb would say let's take a look at the news russia says both of the syrian government and opposition gunmen may have been involved in the deaths of more than one hundred civilians including over thirty children in the town of houla on friday speaking after meeting with his british counterpart in moscow foreign minister sergei lavrov one day games assigning blame for the massacre. got a piece going after has the details brushes calling for an international investigation to be held looking into what happened in poor while the west including the united states and great britain are pointing their fingers at our side while the foreign minister a while roth says that it's too early to make any conclusions since it's clearly the situation is not one sided at all again you're all but you do the un security council on sunday the head of the international peace mission in syria confirmed
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there were signs of artillery shelling but there were also many coops is we've. gone through close distance of a slaughter both sides apparently had a hand in the death. people including women and children this is very is under the control of the militants and it's also surrounded by government troops the u.n. security council has asked the u.n. observer mission on the ground to gauge what exactly happened in houla moscow is not lifting the responsibility from assad for the violence but is stressing that equal pressure has to be applied both on the authorities and on the opposition and it's not only vital for them to put their weapons down and peaceful you negotiate but also for the international community for all the outside where's to reach one unified position and so you are off says only in that case could be peace plan be fulfilled which is currently the only way out of the crisis so you are also outlined that moscow is in contact with both the and the opposition and he says
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that from these contacts with the rebels it's clear that some forces outside of syria but within the region are giving them other signals which are not at fulfilling the peace plan but are actually aimed at violating boosting calls for foreign military intervention the foreign minister has called on these players to make up their minds whether they want regime change or the start of the deaths of people in syria the u.s. in the meantime is a once again warning syria could face an armed intervention america's top military officer one the pentagon is prepared to act militarily if and when it has austine political activists haithem he says the n.t.s.b. is going to once to make the regime appear as bad as possible whether it's guilty of the killings are not. i don't think now there is a quite a lot of incitement they fabricated this massacres i'm not saying the massacres
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didn't take place but yes it took place in the area where it's completely under the control of those coming governments what is so-called rebel or so-called the syrian free army we know there is other groups who has alliance to jihadist to sell or phased to. either maybe but and they are they are quite. i mean they are supplied with. money they have borders open was lebanon they have borders open with turkey so they doing whatever there was coming in and going out there trying to. what do you call it raise the pressure on syria before the visit of coffee and on so the situation in syria. we see in this type of situation before before the security council meeting when
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russia and china use the veto we seen it in every meeting it takes place or was so called the friends of syria or before with our oblique they push through those massacres just to to. for incitement and to turn people against the syrian government and to turn the public opinion or the international public opinion against the syrian government. and while the outrage over the massacre in houla spreads and eagerness to illustrate events in the most harrowing way has misleading in the results. to find out about the b.b.c. story which used images of rows of children's bodies sent in by an activist only they turned out to have been taken in iraq almost a decade ago the photographer who took the pictures and things they are being used for propaganda get all the details at r.t. dot com. weapon trafficking into syria from lebanon has now become a reality with a constant flow of weapons going to the rebels and as our teaser maria for national
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found out for many involved in this deadly business it's a matter of faith not just money a show or shows of his goods. this is five thousand dollars this is thirteen hundred eighteen hundred and two thousand the seven machine guns between two and a half and three thousand u.s. parks shaadi not his real name also has rocket propelled and hand grenades which he showed me in private people come all contact me every day we have a revolution next door. we talking shop his garage in tripoli lebanon on syrian rebels are his major clients are very popular but recently they're looking for really have the stuff we buy from has and they're ours and resell they have a nerve and they're getting it for free and as iran makes their entire story. it
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will take no more than ten hours for this shot he says to reach lebanon's conflict and gulf to neighbor since the beginning of the uprising in syria last march arms prices have rocketed for some items the coast has gone up five and sometimes even ten times and the more the conflict drags on the mall look at if it is for the weapons dealers but money is not the key reason shaadi is a sunni muslim and to him it's his holy do you support his co religious fighters in syria for sure we. will help them topple assad they do it in sunni dominated north lebanon where we meet the arms dealer those who want assad out are in the absolute majority and they are sending their religious brothers in neighboring syria a lot more than prayers. mad twenty nine year old field commander from the free syrian army was wounded during the baba amr siege earlier this spring together with other injured f.s.a.
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members his now having treatment in lebanon but his not stopped fighting entirely. we have support from syrian ex-pats everywhere in the world people from britain france saudi arabia they also send us money we buy weapons walkie talkies satellites the syrian borders he says every day tons of these aid go through his hands but for him it's not enough as soon as he gets better he'll return to syria. is a sellafield a radical sunni group whose influence in this part of lebanon is growing dramatically. there are demonstrations in favor of the syrian uprising a role so part of the support package everything sounds. we also need some a fish a calmer bakley one of the founders of the band islamic group suspected of links to international terrorism but he says his input in the syrian revolt in sending the rebels the ideas and encouragement to achieve the ultimate goal. may call at the
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overthrow of the government we will make or the scholars speak for against us you will always at issues make them all up lies against the c.i. government and other summer fish a can triple he runs this car parts shop and he confirms that every sunni and especially every salafist here in lebanon is involved either ideologically or financially in what he calls syrian liberation army already helped the tunisian and egyptian revolutions we want syrians now to get rid of this regime shake muslim doesn't wear muslim white robes and keep his beard sacred to every selfie shot so as not to draw too much attention he says everybody sacrifices something these days just to see their mission and assad free syria completed. an r.t. reporting from northern lebanon. russian security experts say they found
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a powerful p.c. virus or that they claim has been used for years or to spy on middle eastern countries such as israel and iran iran has already said that the virus was responsible for reason incidence of mass data loss in the country r.t. tom barton has more expert russian internet security firm kaspersky lab so if they discovered what they're calling the largest cyber attack ever calling the virus flame. they most infected computers have been discovered in iran but israel has also been attacked as has syria and other countries across the middle east it's sort of virus has been operating since august two thousand and ten that both casts perske and other internet security firms say it may have been stealing data from computers for years before that iran has already accused of us and israel of being behind the attacks and say that the virus may have been behind massive data losses that they've had in their computer systems recently because first you say it's too
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early to say who's behind the attack and they say it's unlikely israel would have been behind it because they were attacked themselves but they do add that this is a new stage in the level of cyber warfare across the globe and that cyber warfare itself could become a new level of intensity and that these viruses could become super weapons in that realm the flame virus is likely to go down in history as the third great cyber attack of its kind in two thousand and ten to stuxnet virus attacked iran's nuclear program while the dooku virus was busy stealing data from computer systems around the world flame though is much bigger its code is twenty times the size of stuxnet it and it can make use of a computer's webcam keyboard monitoring and also screen shots to steal data package it up and send it back to the attackers this level of sophistication and also the
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targets hit a what's making kaspersky lab think that this is a government backed cyber attack. still ahead for you this hour falling ratings as a symptom of distrust look at what's causing a growing number of americans to abandon the mainstream news media in favor of the independent of foreign outlets even fictional programs. surely a massage in the occupy movement has much in common they both aren't afraid to criticize government and often condemned by the mainstream media so now for the first time the world's most famous whistleblower and the leaders of the global protest movement come together on our team and the latest of us on is a very own interview programs they discuss the global appeal of the occupied demonstrations. occupy. sort of similar for a while for the first week or two or ten days or something until we watch for. well
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yes i mean what are police more hours but nonetheless for the region up through vocalised violence we need a radical you can record. a nonviolent direct action we went and we occupied a square so we could have a general assembly and starts talk about the world that we wanted to live in which we saw is completely antithetical to the world we're currently living in and the structures that governed it so yeah i mean i guess by being there by exercising directly democratic process we're posing a threat and so the police had to respond when there's nothing that terrifies me american government so much as the threat of democracy breaking out in america. there for to react like. you can catch the seventh edition of julian assange just serious in full later at eleven thirty am g.m.t. here on our team and if you've missed the previous six you can always will watch them online at our son's dot r.t. dot com. facebook fury has forced the head of the international monetary fund to
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express sympathy with greece's financial struggle christine lagarde calls an outrage in a newspaper interview by saying said more sympathy for poor african children than greeks suffering economic problems she suggests that the greek culture of texas basin was the main cause of the hardship problem tens of thousands of messages on her page and green that itself population cannot mix dot com says that a seventy measures can only work if the government stuff spending germans and northern europeans travel immensely when the euro was introduced at that time in fact there are really two thousand germany had its many recession and they were able to underprice greek exports and so they took over the export market. growth suffered tremendously during the early two thousand was. called group and destroyed written about this extensively what they really need is a marshall plan of europe and i'm surprised christine legarde would make comments
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like this at a time when even she believes that austerity is not the answer to their problems she's talked about that in the past oh this is kind of a comedy show to me i mean really you need a marshall plan for europe and there is always a rescue both the euro and the rescue greece we shouldn't be thinking of an austerity measure where everything gets tight once when when the when there's a recession and people can create demand get spending money then the government has suspended. don't forget that all the stories we're covering are also available on our website at r.t. dot com here's what's also there for you right now dead removed the authorities in pakistan threaten six people with the death penalty for allegedly violating tribal traditions by dancing together the details out dot com. splashing the cash or russia's answer to mugs like a bag of founder of the country's biggest social network shows of his
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a riches by making paper planes out of banknotes find out how much money the board millionaire was throwing away at r.t. dot com. some more world news from across the globe a massive fire at a shopping center has killed at least thirty four teachers and firefighters witnesses say the complex did not appear to have any alarms or sprinklers installed the blaze began around midday at the luxury mall and took several hours to put out the cause is still on. lower income hundreds of people have attacked the campaign headquarters of former prime minister ahmed shafik is setting it on fire and thousands more flooded the square in protest over presidential election results the demonstrators were demanding their shafique who is closely associated with the former regime be banned from running for office two other defeated presidential candidates have demanded a recount alleging voter fraud. former british prime minister tony blair's
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appearance before an inquiry into media ethics has been interrupted by a man shouting war criminal investigation is looking at the issue of phone hacking by journalist blair faced questions about the relationship with rupert murdoch in the news of the world the main newspaper involved as blair's convoy left the inquiry eggs all were thrown at one of his vehicles. the us mainstream news media is rapidly losing its audience with the biggest networks suffering from sinking ratings rising independent outlets and internet sources are increasingly providing an alternative to corporate controlled news and as artie's marina partyer reports the media giants are fast becoming obsolete. but he's the most trusted fictional name in news the lead character of h.b.o.'s upcoming series newsroom is on a mission to tell the truth in the face of u.s.
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corporate and commercial pressures where you are what makes was the greatest country in the world i don't know what i'm. venting their lives and their work in the rules of nonfiction taking morgan holding its annual shareholders meeting america's corporate owned news networks that rarely challenge the status quo might want to take some cues from h.b.o.'s fake show and i report warns last month cnn's ravings dropped to their lowest in a decade hero nominees in march fox lost nearly twenty percent of their viewers and for years and as n.b.c. has consistently remained least popular among all three if you went into the board rooms and the executive suites of these media companies they're in a panic about this. either peter hart is the activism director at fair a us media watchdog group he says an increasing number of americans are abandoning mainstream media for alternative independent or foreign news outlets once people
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shift and say c.n.n. is not for me fox is not for me on this and b c isn't doing what i really want them to do i need them to do that it's hard to get them back how do you convince somebody that your media system works when their experience tells them that it doesn't when last autumn's biggest global story was born in new york city it was largely ignored by most mainstream news outlets but. they are at the store going on as they look for there is one of the protesting nobody seems to know until it became impossible to suppress. this spring the fight against corporate greed is still being waged but at this event in times square demonstrators are surrounded by news tickers but no mainstream t.v. cameras the occupy. movement is it waiting for the almighty powerful networks to show up and report about their demonstrations instead the grassroots group has made immediate distribution all part of its campaign reading newspapers like this one
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which report about political financial and social stories that are either blocked out more rarely addressed by most mainstream news outlets the first amendment just keep shrinking in importance handful of profiteering corporations who don't care a lot about journalism don't care a lot about democracy have taken control reporting the truth means risking all the dangers of digging too deep cost america's legendary newsman dan rather his coveted chair at c.b.s. the trusted journalist was forced to resign after reporting that george w. bush went missing during his national guard service to avoid being drafted to vietnam. because i and my team reported a true story it was a tough story a story a lot of people didn't want to believe it was subjected to but to repeat propaganda barrage to put it to a case in which art is imitating life is becoming. a life now seeing
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more americans turning to the alternative marina port i.r.t. new york i'll be back with a roundup of the top stories in about ten minutes time but before that interview with the newly elected president of said. that's what it is mr president thank you very much for giving your time to this
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interview latest on the international media see you as a nationalist and a right wing however you based your election campaign on good relations with the european union. that is that they are absolutely right i am a nationalist but i'm a democrat as well and as far as european values go we will respect their will because of our constitution and the constitution that tad it and i wrote together i respect it sincerely i'd like to bring order to serbia the way that germany is or goes to probably a lot of time will pass until the western press accept road treats me fairly as for many years now they've written about the negative but now it's difficult to change that but after achieving victory in an acceptable conditions during an incredibly dirty media campaign it's more probable that the media will change their opinion terrible for moreover i showed that i want to be the president of all the citizens of serbia. the launch you're afraid you'll lose the support of your traditional value to save your european stone their voices at their store i'm not afraid
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because europe is a very attractive partner for serbia and our country should meet almost all of the conditions that the e.u. imposes for this process should stop only if they ask us to renounce part of our territory i'm referring to kosovo overtalk it until now i've been open and sincere with the citizens of serbia and i'm going to continue cooperating with the people but the moment they impose such conditions i told people immediately i think that's why i won't give my can article you know in our country the dismissal of a president is almost impossible nevertheless my term will last five years only if the citizens allow it if they no longer want to see me in this position i will walk away right now i'm convinced that the politics that i've been representing are the only good politics for serbia mr beer. in your first statement after the elections you said that salvia will not turn away from the european path and at the same time you've promised to hold a referendum where the citizens will have to decide if they want to join the e.u.
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or not we keep this this plan. misuse of order so that the referendum is going to happen we agreed with the democrats that when all the conditions are fulfilled for serbia's entry to the e.u. we will go to the papers with the question do you want to be in the e.u. they will decide that's how they did it in croatia only a few months ago but only after they had fulfilled all the conditions and when the e.u. had accepted croatia then they organized the referendum the other day i think it's necessary to cooperate with citizens a lot more than in the past but that doesn't mean that i'm resigned to the european way that my only fear is that they'll impose conditions that i personally wouldn't accept but probably the citizens would say that's fulfill it too because we want to be in the e.u. i won with fifty percent of a vote and i know that the other half are didn't support my ideas that's why i believe that i should ask them all to get it to these. as a second to it and i know when serbia is in a difficult economic situation when the country's unemployment rate exists twenty
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four percent on the other side europe also has its problems and its becoming poorer day by day so why do so still want to become members of the point you failed at the greek scenario could be repeated in your country love to go to clearness you know greece is another thing greece is a member of the e.u. which was spending way money then ago duesler was that because then one day it came out that it didn't have anything like that it took advantage of the surveyor's which is not a state but a union it still is a trust one another one of the serbia is far behind any of these in the member countries will serbia enter the e.u. i don't know first of all they have a crisis of expansion or you know today it's clear that we will be in during the next ten years of the same time they have the existential crisis the euro is a currency that's turning weaker by the day on the other hand it's a big question how long is germany going to help members of the union that's to say how long should german taxpayer support the countries in crisis as i promised to guide serbia to a path where no one could say that we don't want to end like you know the truth is
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that the world is a lot bigger. just a bit because my victory is a victory of the ideology of both the e.u. and russia are not the wars syria. doesn't want that was interesting you don't see that sebi a will have to choose between the e.u. and russia you think it's possible to keep the right balance between them. you have a whole other level to i prefer not to have to make the choice of those that i'd like serbia to be at home with two doors one to the west and the other to the east he's the king of serbia simply belongs to the east as well as to the west we have a traditional and deep relationship with russia not only in terms of origin but also in religion what's that history customers language like that we have a complimentary industries the field that we've had exceptional economic relations since the second world war that we can be a good bridge between europe and russia and the best partner of russia in the east because of the other the us it seems like serbia is always having to maintain conditions to become e.u. members of the other candidates have to join natives what if they want you to join
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it to. believe serbia will never enter nato as this is the will of the majority of the serbian period and the e.u. will never impose this condition because serbia doesn't have any reason to enter i don't see any sense in its existence but if nato becomes an organization which together with the collective security treaty organization would fight against organized crime of the world then we would have participated in serbia is a small country surrounded by nato members there's no one serbia would start a war with us we don't need nato to defend it we are militarily neutral and it will stay like that forever so. all the cities that's in russia as well as in serbia you hear very often that the hague tribunal is uncertain so do you plan to continue the cooperation with the chinese the you know initiated by the democrats. i've been the team leader who defended voice live show and i struggled against carla del ponte a for many news even personally in strasbourg. had
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a very difficult conversation in the presence of many parliamentarians of the european council was the hague tribunal will exist until the situation of the world changes and with other people have been convicted that people are dying that nothing but the tribunals has the support of all countries and so far no one has launched a process to stop it anyway it will be closed soon because there are only a few president left and it will close in a fairly negative way for the global justice system as the former president of serbia died in the case of president the presidents of the way sure and bosnia have not been convicted obviously discrimination of the serbian began long ago and today nothing has changed in segregation continues to the obviously it's not fair but the serbian government adopted the wrong co-operation with the hague tribunal a little we have to respect that lower and stand boys like we've enjoyed many injustices in this world with that i. thank you thank you.
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for sure is that so much of me is going to make a lot of people here yeah berkeley thinking the welfare state while attempting to save a struggling middle class are we reaching the point where society has ripped apart by socialist. sigrid laboratory to mccurry was able to build a new most sophisticated robot which on fortunately.


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